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Best Health (Preventive- Cure) from Farm not from Pharma




             Best Health

(Preventive- Cure)

                     from Farm

(Coarse Grains-Seeds-Leafs)

(Shree Anna-Siri Dhaanya Millets)

(Palm Sugars- Slow RPM extracted Oils)

(Vegetables-Fruits-Plant Based Milk)

      not from Pharma


Contain-Cure Pre-Diabetics, Insulin Resistance, Diabetics

Contain-Cure Blood Pressure-Heart Issues, Nervous Issues

Contain- Cure issues of Cholesterol-LDL-Triglycerides

Contain Under Age Puberty, Becoming Transgender-LGBT

Contain-Cure Ertictile Dysfunction, Impotency, Infertility Issues

Contain-Cure Menstrual-Menopausal-PCOD-Ovarian Issues

Contain- Cure Neurological, Brain Issues, Motor Function Issues

Contain-Cure ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson Issues

Contain-Cure Eye issues, Macular Degeneration, Hearing issues

Contain-Cure Digestive, Gas, Liver, Gall Bladder, Kidney Issues

Contain-Cure Bacterial, Viral, Yeast, Fungal, Parasitic infections

Contain-Cure All Skin Hives, Scars, Eczema, Psoriasis Issues

Contain-Cure Nocturia, UTI, Inconsistence, Prostate, Vaginal Issues

Contain Cure Respiratory Issues Asthma, COPD via Foods-Breathing

Contain-Cure Stress Depression Memory Issues via Food, Meditation

Contain-Cure Gout, Arthritis-Osteoporosis Issues via Food-Exercise

Contain - Cure Any Cancers via Foods and Herbal Plant Decoctions

Contain- Cure Any Health Issues in Any Age Group - Any Gender




Pradeep Kumar Kunche

Think Social Engineering Think Me










This Work is Dedicated to

My Mother K Savitriamma Living in Heven and My Father  K V Ratnam Living on Earth 

This Work is Dedicated to All Farmers, Farm Labour, All Persons Related to Farm Trade



Health Care via Food-Plant -Simple Lifestyle Changes


Low Carbohydrate, High Fibre, Gluten Free Staple Diet- Millets

Replacing Rice, Wheat, Oats with Coarse Grains-Shree Anna-Siridhanya Millets

Educating People on Function & Balancing Vitamins-Nutrients-Hormones

Relacing Animal Proteins with Plant based Proteins, Nutrients

Making Edible Oils-Flours-Batters-Milk Products at Homes- Residential Welfare Associations

Minimising Usage Refined-Processed-Packaged Foods & Oils

Maximizing usage of Palm Jaggery Relacing White Sugar-Cane Jaggery

Regulation of Quantity of Sugar-Salt-Fats-Refined Flour in Commercial and Home Food

Addl. Tax on purchase of White Sugar for Household, Double Tax for Commercial Use

Regulation of Manufacture Sale, Consumption of Alcohol

Alcohol Served only in exclusive bars in limited quantity for Healthy People based on E-health Records with Pre-Booking-Payment, Ban Sale in Wine Shops, Close All Exiting Wine Shops 

Ban on Manufacture, Sale of Colas, Carbonated Drinks

Regulation of Sale, Usage of Caffeine Containing Beverages and Foods

Regulation of Commercial Probiotic Drinks, Mandatory Multi Stain Bacteria, Low Sugar

Ban on Cooking, Sale of All Deep Oil Fried Foods in Commercial Packaged, in Outlets

Ban Cultivation of Tobacco, Ban Manufacture, Sale, Use of Tobacco products 

Regulation of Birth Control Pills, Promotion of Natural Birth Control Methods

Regulation of Manufacture, Import, Sale and usage of Face Mak-up Products

Regulation of Manufacture, Import, Sale of Sex Toys, Legging Clothes to Contain Infertility 

Regulation of Fortification of Foods, only Water-soluble nutrients be fortified   

Ban Iron Fortification of Foods, especially Staple Food (Rice, Wheat) to prevent GENOCIDE

Promotion of Biofortified Foods, Incentives for R&D in Biofortification, Cultivation  

Promotion of Cooking, Storage of food in Mud, Steel, Cast Iron Vessels

Discarding Aluminium, Non-Stick, Plastic usage in Cooking and Serving

Discarding Plastic Usage in daily life -Tooth Brush-Water Bottle-Food Serving, Storage  

Promotion of Plant based Hair Cleaning Over Synthetic Products

Promotion of Plant based Utensil, Cloth, Surface Cleaning Products to Reduce Chemical effect

Marginalising Use of Anti Biotics, Pain Killers, Steroids via Foods, Leaf Decoctions 

All Religious Places- provide daily Free Leaf Decoctions, fresh Vegetable-Fruits Salads, Millet Porridges, Veg- Meals, Curd, Coconut Milk, Oil as free Prasad or at cost to cost

Daily Intermittent Fasting-Eat in less than 8 hours No Food for 16 hours for better health

Promotion of Simple Home Cooked Food over Commercial Foods for better health

Growing Kitchen Gardening, Leafy Vegetables in Homes- Residential Welfare Associations

 Planting Medical Value Trees, Plants in Homes- RWA - Colonies- Public places

Promotion of Daily Consumption of Fresh Green Leaf Decoctions to get phytonutrients

Systematic Drinking of Water-Breathing Air-Eating food for Preventive Health, Cure

 Eating Whole Grains, Sprouts, Soaked Nuts, Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Simple Exercises, Walking, Sleeping, Staying in Sun-Greenery

Marginalisation of Need for Synthetic Medicines & Hospitals

Local Making of Food Products ensure pure unadulterated Foods - Create Millions of Employments

Adopting Coarse Grains as Staple Food- Adopting Palm Sugar Provides Health – Saves Water for Future 

Nature- Cow based Farming reduce chemicals side effects, avoid occurrence of Health Disorders

 Help in Better availability of Nutrients in Food, help get Better Health

Universal Simple Foods to ensure Health Naturally, Ensuring Health for All - Inclusive Growth

Use of Hospitals only for Emergency Care & for Unavoidable Surgeries

Health Care via Default Settings in System ensuring People Adopt Responsible Behaviour  





Why People Should Prefer Food for preventive  treatment and cure over Drugs

Drug induced Nutrition Depletion   


1.     Why Food as preventive and cure is aways the best rather depending upon Allopathy medications; A Practical Guide to Avoiding Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion

2.     Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion- DIND– Correct the Deficiency and Improve Your Life! Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletions: What Pharmacists Need to Know

3.     Hepatotoxicity by Drugs: The Most Common Implicated Agents


Vitamin Deficiency – Health Issues


4.     Vitamin Deficiency common health disorders

A)    Vitamins You Might Be Lacking

B)     Fatigue and Weakness

C)     Dry Skin and Hair

D)    Depression

E)     Easy Bruising or Bleeding

F)     Poor Wound Healing

G)    Predisposition to Infections

H)    Bone Fractures

I)       Skin Color Changes

J)       Complications of Vitamin Deficiency

K)     Causes of Vitamin Deficiency

L)      Common medical causes of vitamin deficiency include:

M)  Diagnosis of Vitamin Deficiency

N)    Best At-Home Vitamin Deficiency Tests

O)    Treatment of Vitamin Deficiency

Root Cause of Diseases

5.     GOI must educate people on the root cause of diseases, in lay language, how to avoid health disorders naturally through food, behaviour changes with PPT/ AV.

6.     GOI educate people on importance of nature-based system preventive measure from health disorders; Why people should live naturally as health is in nature

Food Based Treatment as First line of treatment

7.     Mandatory all doctors (allopathy, ayush) must undergo mid-term training in food as preventive treatment and cure, Health via Kitchen, traditional medicine.

8.  GOI make it mandatory all doctors suggest (Allopathy, AYUSH)  food based or AYUSH based treatment in initial stage of all health disorders/ precautionary medicine.

9.  Mandatory all long-term use medications must switch to food based -nature cure 

10. Mandatory for all doctors suggest natural treatment for all re-occurring diseases


Regional and Seasonal health disorders prevention  through food


11. People should be advised on preventive care measure especially through food and leaf decoctions for all seasonal health disorders and regional health disorders in general and specific to those areas in that season. 


Regulation of  Food and Health advices in social media like You tube


Regulation of self promotion by non medical experts/ researchers experts  propaganda of  health care solutions in social media with  contain catchy slogans, misleading people

12.             Regulation of ayush self-promotion by doctors/ social media influencers, mandatory for them to provide source of information, mandatory all existing social media and new information must provide link description of GOI food-based health care solutions for making people get authorised health care information.

13.             GOI must regulate food content in You tube or social media or commercial foods

14.             GOI make law social media service providers like you tube do not remove any

content sue motto, and removal of content only on request from Govt.

Public information on health care through foods

15. GOI create public knowledge on foods/ traditional medicine / region specific/ tribal medicine in local languages/ local dialects, for common health ailments / used as precautionary preventive measure, with wide spread publicity in all mediums, using ASHAS and in SHG and in educational institutions and employment places

16. GOI create an App, QR code for information on health care through foods, mandatory to display QR code in all hospitals, restaurants, RWA to make people aware of food-based health care to reduce dependence on allopathy medicine/ allopathy hospitals.

17. GOI must provide training to ASHAS / all Health care workers (Govt, Pvt) on health care through foods, eating habits.

18. GOI make food-based health care as part of education curriculum from 5th standard onwards 

19. AI based advisory system on person/ patient specific foods 


Identification of plants, leafs for Nature based health care


20. GOI develop App for identification and usage of home-grown plants which are used for natural health care (plant leaves prepared simple decoctions) 

21. GOI create master nursery of herbal plants and plants used for health care with the help of National plant board and local govt’s line municipal govts and gram panchayat to grow master nursery of daily use plants 

Recording food habits , Life Style habits of people

22. Mandatory Need for creation of system to record the food habits of every family/ individual, patients, especially patents with chronic diseases, who undergone surgery  


Provision debit card to record all food purchases

23. Mandatory provision debit card for every family/ individual for assessment of approximate quantities of food grins/ oils etc used by the family 

Food card to purchase  food in commercial outlets

24. GOI should issue food card by default for every person through Aadhar, mandatory to swipe, read bar code in App for entry, purchase, eat in restaurants, instore or online purchase, even street foods and street tea stalls, limit the quantity for online purchase per person.  

Regulation of unhealthy eating commercial food

Pre Booking Pre Payment of Commercial Foods

Refrigeration of Commercial foods


25. GOI create a National App for pre boking of food in any commercial food joints across India at last 90 minutes before arrival to sit and eat/ get pack with pre-payment of food.

26.  Ban on refrigeration of cooked food ban serving reheated cooked food in restaurants only freshly made food be served


Regulation of Timings of sale of Commercial food  


27. GOI must ban sale / distribution of food after 10 pm, in the restaurants, charity, functions to end the late evening dinner culture e of people eating food after midnight 


Foods to avoid/ take in moderation – quantity- salt, sugar, tea/coffee


28. GOI must educate people on quantity of salt, quantity of sugar intake, and create information of salt/ sugar in local food preparations for daily consumption per piece/ per serving / bowl serving of all snacks and bakery items, sweets


Unhealthy foods consummation

Salt Sugar Fat fixation in commercial foods


29. GOI fix standards for maximum quantity of salt, sugar, fat content in every commercially sold foods; associations of same type of commercial food preparations must check for content of salt, sugar, fat and report, also provide quality ranking.


Caffeine Health effects- Safe consumption of beverages

Regulation of Caffeine  Intake


30. GOI regulate manufacture, sale and use of chocolates, cakes using coca power                      (coca contains caffeine), mandatory  to display the Quantity of coca and caffeine in each  piece serving per pack of chocolate, or cake; ban on adding additional caffeine extract in any food/ beverage preparation,


31. Ban extraction of pure caffeine from coffee or coca’s and ban on sale, use of pure caffeine concentrates on foods and beverages commercial or home 

32. Ban on sale and distribution of caffeine containing chocolates to aged below 21 years

33. GOI must educate people on safe drinking consumption of beverages, why tea coffee should be avoided. Ban on sale of tea/ coffee in all work places, GOI establish herbal tea in all Govt and private offices/ workshops/ shopping malls 

34. What is caffeine, All products that contain caffeine (Green coffee, Coffee, Tea, Energy Drinks, Chocolates); What are side effects of caffeine on health.

35. GOI must ban sale and serving of coffee, tea, caffeine containing products to people aged below 21 years

36. GOI ban sale of beverages like coffee/ tea, colas in office establishments in private/Govt/ in educational institutions, in railway stations, bus stations and airport, promote simple herbal teas with natural sugars like stevia / honey, date syrup etc 

37. GOI must educate people on safe drinking cold beverages, why colas be avoided, take alternatives to carbonated colas drinks, why fresh fruit juices without added sugar are best for health instead of packed juices.

38. Kidney Stones From Drinking Soda

39. Disadvantages of taking tea/ coffee on empty stomach, in excess of over one standard cup, GOI ban selling of tea/ coffee (milk, black, green tea) before 9 am and after 5 pm across India.

40. Mandatory all commercial use of tea preparation only by single use lose tea packs/ tea bags, ban on use of lose tea in commercial tea making shops/ restaurants. 


Effect of tea on Nervous function


41. Coffee and Endothelial Function: Ideal people should avoid / cut down consumption of coffee, tea, caffeine containing products, as regular consumption leads to endothelial dysfunction and plaque formation

Caffeine – Pregnancy- Brest feeding  


42. Caffeine Side effects; Discard consuming caffeine containing beverages, food to avoid miscarriage, stillbirth, low birth weight and/or having a baby who is small for their gestational age.

43. Caffeine – Brest feeding Issues to infant: should avoid cola, coffee, tea (green tea, black tea), chocolates, chocolate cakes, chocolate ice creams to prevent miscarriage, still birth, preterm birth 


Caffeine – Infertility


44. Caffeine and infertility in men and women; In men Caffeine consumption reduces sperm parameters (including count, volume and concentration) and in women reduce capacity to conceive.




Green Coffee – Health affects


45. Green Coffee is bad for health, effects of caffeine on health

Chlorogenic Acid

46. Health Benefits of Chlorogenic Acid and Side Effects

Male fertility – Artificial Sweeteners


47. The Impact of Non-caloric Sweeteners (Artificial Sweeteners) on Male Fertility - reduced sperm count, motility and increased abnormal sperm morphology, including increased sperm head and tail abnormalities, decreased overall normal sperm morphology and increased sperm DNA damage


Water Consumption – Health Advantages  


48. GOI educate on water Consumption- Health advantages 


Water and Health Care


49. Health Conditions that Can be Healed with Proper Hydration




50. Dehydration  causes treatment




51. Overhydration causes  treatment


Water Disinfection

Chlorine – Chloramine


52. Water Disinfection with Chlorine and Chloramine


Copper Stored Water – Health


53. Advantages of drinking water in copper vessel (water stored for 8 hours only)


Reverse Osmosis - RO Water filtration


54. Removal of heavy metals and chlorine and bacteria from drinking water through reverse osmosis RO water filtration

55. Remove chlorin and other heavy metals fand batteries from Water through RO process with UV sterilisation

RO water  drinking supply by municipality

Ban serving / using unfiltered water in commercial food


56. GOI ban serving tap water/ unfiltered water in restaurants/ street foods 

57. GOI ensure every municipality provide Bulk bottled RO filter with UV sterilised water at cost to cost for use by the people in the slums (who ae having tap water facility or not) and street foods to reduce the water borne diseases.  


Regulation of packaged drinking water


58. Mandatory all packaged water manufactures must get register with Govt, Ban on use of ground water / municipal water, only river water / desalinated water, ban on using plastic pouches/ plastic bottles, only glass/ steel, Unique Id / Bar Code for every pack, Bio metric sale, Mandatory all bulk bottle users get registered with Govt., Mandatory all office establishments, RWA poses RO water to reduce dependence on bottled water.

59. GOI ensure municipalities make RO water in bottles and supply to street foods, slum dwellers and remote villages


Clean Water at RWA


60. Mandatory every association must clean the water storage tanks both underground and overhead tanks (municipal & tanker/ ground water) every month, report to govt in app

61. Mandatory for every association to conduct periodic quality tests for water in the underground and overhead tanks for the bacteria, hardness / chemical deposits

Natural Water Purification

Indian Gum Nut


62. Clearing Nut Powder for water purification, as digestive enzyme


Alkaline Water


63. Alkaline Water

64.  Dangers of Drinking Too much Alkaline Water- Alkaline water must be consumed based on the disease and body condition in limited quantality (like medicine say 100 ml etc) at ideal Ph of  9 to 9.5)


Oxidation Reduction Potential  - PH


65. Concepts of Redox Potential and Ph – Alkaline Water  in health care, cancer management


Anti Oxidant Rich Water


66. GOI educate people on importance of Alkaline water or structured water

67. Regulation of serving water in commercial places (restaurants/canteens/ fast food joints). GOI make it mandatory all commercial food places must serve coper stored RO water

Temperature  of Food Beverage – Health affects


68. GOI must ban on serving chilled water, water stored in plastic bottles, mandatory water / all cool drinks must be served at 20 degrees centigrade or more.

69. GOI must ban serving tea/ coffee not more than 55 degrees centigrade in restaurants and coffee shops, people are advised to sip any hot beverages at 55 degrees centigrade,  ban on serving more than 200 ml per day anywhere in India. 


Ice Cubes- Health Issues


70. GOI must ban on manufacture sale and use of ice cubes in India for commercial purposes, ban on use of ice / ice cubes; ban serving chilled water less than 20 degrees in fruit juice centres or in coffee shops.  

71. GOI must ban manufacture sale and use of Ice candies, water mixed with sugar and colour frozen and soled as ice candy in India

72. Is it bad to eat ice? - Why eating  Ice Cubs or drinking juices or water with Ice cubes  causes health issues


Ice cream – Health Issues


73. Health issues of eating ice creams regularly


Advantages of  taking Food Beverages at room temperature

Health issues of consuming Refrigerated Foods and Beverages


74. GOI educate people to take all foods and beverages at room temperature, especially with breakfast lunch or dinner

75. GOI educate people not to take refrigerated cold water, Refrigerated cold salads Refrigerated cold Fruits, Refrigerated cold fruit juices or refrigerated cold curd or refrigerated cool drinks or refrigerated cakes, Refrigerated chocolates, refrigerated  jams, refrigerated Sause at all times, especially just before eating meals or along with or after food; educate not to  make ice cubes at home and mot to use ice cubes at homes or in commercial places, always drink water beverages at room temperature or  warm, eat foods at room  temperature or warm.

76. GOI must make it mandatory to serve freshly prepared un refrigerated un reheated foods in commercial foods with exception to ice creams, curds, water, chutnies be served at room temperature only, ban on use of ice cubes in commercial food serving

77. GOI ban commercial foods serving refrigerated or reheated foods, all foods, beverages   must be freshly prepared and served hot at 55 degrees C/ warm or at room temperature

78. Drinking Cold Water Bad for You? Risks and Benefits

79. GOI educate people to make foods / cook foods fresh every day just before eating (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and not to cook food and refrigerate and eat cold directly from refrigerator or reheat and eat or recook and eat.

80. GOI provide incentives for discarding refrigerator or not possessing refrigerator at homes.


Reheating Cooked Food – Health Issues


81. Foods that turn harmful when reheated

82. Govt ban precooking reheating in commercial foods in restaurants street foods and ban the culture of cooking somewhere else and serving with reheating in outlets

83. Govt ban manufacture, sale usage of ready heat and eating pre-cooked packed foods


Unhealthy Foods - Foods to Discard

Corn – Corn Starch -  Corn Syrup - Health Issues


84. Why people should discard using corn based products, corn starch; GOI ban manufacture, import, sale and use of corn starch and corn syrup in India

85. Why is corn syrup bad for Health- People should discard corn syrup based products


Foods for fast recovery- Foods to eat- avoid


86. GOI educate people on foods to avoid/ minimum use for quick recovery/ good health for specific diseases / to contain life style diseases on war footing bases. 


Whole Grains Health benefits


87. GOI educate people on eating whole grain over eating polished / refined grains.  

Brown Rice better than polished rice

88. The Advantages of Brown Rice over Polished white rice.

Navara Rice (Red Rice)

89. Navara Rice (Red Rice) “The Mother of All Cures” -Health benefits of Navara Rice

Wheat – Gluten- Health issues

90. GOI educate people on what is Gluten; How it will affect health, why people should avoid gluten.

91. GOI educate people on Why should avoid Mida/ all-purpose flour, semolina, how it will affect healthy, why they should take whole wheat grain


Gluten Free Grains- Flours – Glutinous Rice


92. Applicability of Flours from Pigmented and Glutinous Rice in Gluten-Free Bread Baking


Millets -Health benefits


93. GOI educate people on Millets  (Shree Anna-Siri Dhaanya Millets) health benefits




Millets – Siridhaanya- The Super  Staple Diet


94. GOI develop a Stand protocol for use of Staple Food in controlling health ailments Replacing Rice and Wheat with Millets “Siridhaanya” having better Threptic properties - Low Glycaemic Index - Low C/F Carbohydrates to Fibre ratio (Little Millets, Kodo, Brown top, Branyard, and Foxtail) for slow release of Glucose in Blood.


95. GOI ensure millets in India are available to common people at low cost by ensuing more production of millets, ensure every landless farmer be given five acers of land and group farming for integrated farming with millet cultivation as prime crop. GOI buy back entire millet production on notional bases with MSP (more than 50% of input costs), GOI provide standard inputs to farmer.


96. GOI must ban corporates from cultivating millets and selling Raw/ powdered millets in open market, corporates can do captive cultivation only for using millets / millet powers for food processing like biscuits, noodles etc.


Millets – Mid Day Meals


97. Mid-day meals from KG to PG in all govt & private across India, with millet-based porridges for lunch mid-day meals along with lentils, vegetables and fruits, SATTU. 



98. Biofortification to enhance the nutrients, reduce the anti nutrient effect

99. Biofortification in Millets: A Sustainable Approach for Nutritional Security


Whole Vegetables- Fruits – Fibre


100.        GOI educate people on eating whole vegetable / fruits with skin and only certain vegetables and fruits need removal of skin/ seeds, to get all nutritional benefits; GOI must ban use of corn syrup in readymade fruit juices


Pesticides – Health Issues


101.        Why pesticides are danger to health; how to  reduce pesticides effect on health (heavy metals and chemicals ) on farmers, farm labour and people who used the foods

102.        GOI regulate manufacture, sale and usage of pesticides, insecticides and herbicides

103.        Postnatal Pesticide Exposure and Health Outcomes in Adult Females

104.        GOI ban the retail sale of chemical pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides to individuals, organizations (residential, commercial shops, godowns, farmers)

105.        GOI create a separate Govt agency to assess the need for chemical pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides and provide trained manpower with safety equipment for cultivation, and register-trained private agencies for residential and commercial (grocery shops, godowns, restaurants etc at uniform rate. 

106.        Mandatory periodic cleaning of RWA, parks, homes, retail shops, godowns, restaurants, food processing units to reduce use of insecticides and fungicides


Neem Based Pesticides

Cow Based Fertilizers - “Jeevamrutham” 

Vegetable Fruit Waste Based Liquid Fertilizers


107.        GOI ensures rise of neem crops in large acreage to make neem-based pesticides

108.        GOI create a collection system of waste vegetable and fruits from wholesale market yards retailers, make liquid fertilizers, and distribute free or cost-to-cost to farmers and RWA for urban kitchen gardening

109.        GOI collects cow dung and cow urine in villages and makes “Jeevamrutham” and supplies free of cost to farmers in villages to replace chemical fertilizers

110.        GOI ensures VACA System- Village Agriculture Cooperative Associations (Combining 10 to 30 small holdings to make large farm holding of 10 to 20 acres) several VACA for group farming for numerous advantages. 

111.        GOI educate people on who to get rid of pesticides and bacteria on fruits and vegetables before consuming with or without skin 


Balanced nutritious diet in educational institutions office establishments, factories


112.        Mandatory every adult student, every employee undergo cooking training

113.        GOI establish nutritious subsidised/ cost to cost foods for bachelors either students, or employed in collaboration with RWA, door delivery facility to make them. 

114.        GOI must make it mandatory every educational institute, every office establishment, every factory must provide onetime nutritious meal for students/ employees

115.        GOI make it mandatory to register all bachelors living in RWA and provide bachelor Unique ID card (un married/ married and forced to live bachelor for employment)


Standard foods in Hospitals

116.        Mandatory to use standard foods by  in-patents in hospitals and in case of home food details of food be made available to the hospital to avoid interference with treatment


Residential Welfare Associations - Local making of foods


117.        GOI ensure RWA make curd themselves with different types of milks like cow milk, sesame seeds milk, coconut milk etc to ensure fresh curd is consumed, ban on manufacture, sale and use of refined edible oils in India in phased manner.

118.        GOI must ban manufacture, import, sale and use of refined oils in India in fixed time frame (in a decade’s times, in AMRIT KAAL), encourage slow RPM clod pressed oils locally made at every home/ every RWA or every village. 

119.        GOI provide subsidy / incentives of RWA manufacture their daily need kitchen food ingredients like chilli powder, turmeric powder, curd, batters, dough,  sprouts, micro greens  for the house hold in the RWA  

120.        GOI must make it mandatory every RWA must rise green leafy vegetables and medicinal plants in the open spaces or in the terrace. 

121.        GOI create an RWA exchange system for sharing  flours, powders, perishables items like curd/ batter etc  made by them in case of excess production


Sprouts – Super Food- Health Benefits

122.        Educate people on growing and consuming Sprouts, micro greens at home, for anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer and anti-nutrients, easy to get absorb in the body, that can be easily made at home; the ultimate SUPER FOODS of WORLD


Health care through Kitchen

123.        Ban on extraction of essential oils, nutrients from grains, seeds, nuts, spics sold in commercial markets

124.        Ban on extraction of essential oils/ minerals from pulses, spices in India, mandatory to mention in the packed pulses, grains and spices they are whole grain/pulse/spice and not extracted any oils/ removed any nutrients or removed any whole grains / whole seeds, mandatory all grains and seeds, nuts should be sold as whole grains 

125.        GOI must start a programme health care through Kitchen educating people how to achieve health through items available in the kitchen

Gut Microbiota


126.        GOI educate people on what is microbiomes, gut bacteria, their impact on health.  

127.        Gut Microbiome Health and Diversity

128.        Acidophilus (lactobacillus acidophilus) is a bacteria

Gut Health - Prebiotics and Probiotics

129.        What are Prebiotics and Probiotics; What's the Difference Between Prebiotics and Probiotics

130.        Probiotics, friendly bacteria, provide health benefits when eaten.

131.        Health issues with Commercial Probiotics, Why people should discard commercial probiotics and use fresh home made plant based curd

132.        GOI ban Commercial probiotics drinks and curds; as they contain high amount of sugars and single stain bacteria which will dominate the gut and will work only if the same product is taken reportedly after some period of time.

133.        People must be educated to prepare probiotics like kimchi, Surakarta on their own at home or take plain plant-based curd or Curd made from desi cow milk (grass fed)

134.        Why Commercial a probiotic Drinks and curds are slow poison.

135.        GOI must ban single stain probiotic drinks in India.

136.         GOI promote consumed fermented millets prodigies’ for perfect gut health

137.        What Are Oligosaccharides? Prebiotic foods, how they help in achieving health

138.        Oligosaccharides: The Prebiotics that Support the Heart & Gut


Fermented foods – Gut Health   

139.        The gut-brain connection; Gut Brain Axis - understanding of the Enteric Nervous System (ENS)- Central Nervous System (CNS) connection

140.        Creating awareness of health benefits of eating fermented foods, fruits and vegetables (natural pro biotics)

141.        GOI educate on methods of fermenting various fruits/ vegetables

Digestive Health Gut  health- Vitamin B1 – Thiamine

142.        Digestive system disorders, SIBO, IBS, Constipation: Unrecognized Thiamine Deficiency?

143.        SIBO, IBS, and Constipation: Unrecognized Thiamine Deficiency

144.        Thiamine Insufficiency Relative to Carbohydrate Consumption


Indian Traditional Super Foods


145.        GOI must promote Indian traditional fermented / fresh AMBALI / porridges made from different millets and probiotic fermented rice,  for breakfast in place rice based idli / dosa /upma / bread /oats/ maida based poori/ parta etc 

146.        GOI must promote Indian traditional super foods across India like sattu (dry roasted chickpea powder) protein power used for ages for stamina and health of all age groups. 


Millets Gut Health – Over All Health 

147.        Alteration of intestinal microflora by the intake of millet porridge improves gastrointestinal motility

Religion and Health care

148.        Religious worship places promoting nature-based health care, prepare and sale milk, curd, ghee, butter, coconut oils, and also breakfast/ lunch/ dinner.

149.        All Religious places establish wood pressed oil extraction machines for providing fresh made oils (sesame seeds, groundnut, sunflower etc and slow RPM grinding machines to provide freshly made powers (turmeric, chilli, wheat, lentils etc)

150.        Mandatory every religious place use cold pressed oils made in their own premises., mandatory to use freshly made turmeric, powders like basin, wheat, course wheat etc

151.        GOI provide tax concession for donating cow to religious places and temples be used to rise cows and distribute excess milk after using for religious purposes 

152.        All religious places especially Hindu religious places provide free immunity booster, health care leaf based decoctions to the devotes

153.        Regulation of people distributing free food on roads, religious places, ban distribution of precooked food brought by devotees as Prasad in religious places

154.        GOI provide copper storage vessel/ copper plates to be placed in earthen pots stored water to all religions places to make water purified / alkaline 

155.        GOI provide incentives for providing food in organically grown Banana leaf in all religious places and in restaurants 

156.        Religious places also provide subsidized food by book a meal by individual devotes free few meals by lottery for bachelor devotes 

Banana  – Health

157.        Banana vs Plantain 

158.        Plantain leaf benefits 

159.        Banana tree Stem Consumption- Health benefits 

160.     Health Benefits of banana flower

 Common health issues -  Preventive Health Care 

161.        GOI must educate people on pain management through nature cure and reflexology 

162.        GOI must advice people the health ailments like acid reflux, gas, UTI etc should be tried with foods / nature cure

Patient Diet centres with door delivery

163.        GOI establish National disease Specific food - Patient specific food supply agency with branches all over India to daily door delivery food as per time schedules in patient diet chart

Health care through food

Local grown Fruits and Vegetables  


164.        GOI educate people to use Fruits and vegetables available locally as they are given by nature that suits local environment and geography

165.        GOI create data of region based seasonal fruits

166.        GOI must provide micro finance to unemployed youth for establishing exclusive fruit chat / vegetable chat kiosks; GOI should fund unemployed youth for establishing exclusive simple herbal tea kiosks 


Fast foods regulation

Unhealthy foods - Deep fry  oils, pizzas, tea,, alcohol, colas, Refis  P 


167.        Remove wrong notion from people especially youth that eating food at fast food joints as prestige, motivate & make them habituated to meet at home and cook for themselves

168.        GOI must regulate sale of fast foods like pizzas burgers, regulate use of fats (cheese, panner, butter, ghee etc)  in commercial foods

169.        GOI must make it mandatory to register with GOI all manufacturers, retailers, commercial users of edible oils, ghee, butter, cheese, pannier etc mandatory exclusive packing for commercial use.

170.        GOI create exclusive App for buying milk/ curd/ oils/ghee/ butter/ cheese from any manufacturer / retailer by commercial food outlets, mandatory to buy commercial packs. with online bank traction with ban on cash purchase / cash sale of commercial packs. 


Deep fry in Commercial Foods - Health Issues  


171.        GOI ban sale of deep-fried snacks in all commercial foods, especially street foods and restaurants, ban sale of non-vegetarian in street foods, only egg should be permitted in street foods 


Preventive measures of adulteration in commercial restaurants


172.        Mandatory all restaurants inventory be online Realtime app/ web portal of Gov, data stored in cloud, listing out groceries, all purchases only through registered vendors/ suppliers and all payments for inputs through online bank payments.  


Measures ensuring hygene in commercial food preparations


173.        GOI enact law making “public places act” making all places where pubic visit and spend their money and time must be (like hotels, hospitals, religious places etc) answerable to people via govt for ensuring transparency and accountability prevails

174.        Measures to reduce cross contamination in food preparations


Health benefits of vegetarian foods , regulation of sale of non vegetarian


175.        Regulation of sale of raw meat/ non vegetarian, ban on frozen meat / packed meat / packed fish sale in India, ban on sale of raw non vegetarian in super markets, exclusive non vegetarian shops to sale fresh raw non vegetarian with online order for sale with pre booking mandatory for purchase, with online bank payment.

176.        GOI must ban sale of caged eggs in fixed time frame of five years from now, and only cage free bird eggs be sold, to reduce antibiotic resistance in people. 

Food planning  Diet


177.        GOI educate people on food planning for each day quantity quality, what should be eaten daily, at what time, sattvic ideal meal, breakfast lunch/ dinner. 

178.     GOI advice people on what combinations of foods to eat every day/ per week to avoid same type of vegetables/ fruits/ nutrients in breakfast, lunch dinner to avoid dangers of excess vitamins, minerals or proteins 

179.        GOI change definition of balanced diet, ensure diet contains necessary vitamins, minerals, and remove excess vitamins, minerals, from daily diet, ensure hormonal balance  


Diet plans my budget my meals


180.        GOI create my budget my meals / My budget my food concept nutritious balanced diet with choices of foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner for maintaining health for all sections of people


Food eating in limits, regulation of buffet system


181.        GOI regulate buffet food system in hotels and in functions, regulation of number of items served, imposition of tax on wastage of food in buffet system whether in restaurants or in private functions.

182.        GOI educate people to eat in required quantity in measured way not to waste food in plate, ban on refrigeration of cooked food in commercial outlets or residential homes 

183.        GOI make it mandatory to display in buffy food system details of combination of what verities and what quantities provide standard single meal calories i.e 1200 calories to make people eat judiciously in functions.


Amino Acids – Health

184.        GOI educate people on importance of Amino acids, especially Glutamine and Glutamate and usefulness for health

185.        Discard using MSG mono sodium glutamate and products containing  MSG should be banned ( manufacture, import, sale use )


A)             Glutamine

B)              Glutamate 

C)              Glutamine and Glutamate

D)             Monosodium glutamate - MSG 

E)              Everyday Foods That Contain MSG

Dopamine – GABA - Stress

186.        GOI educate people on what Is dopamine, its importance in health apart from stress management.- How to get Dopamine naturally  

187.        Dopamine and Myopia

188.        GOI educate people on horse gram etc for GABA increase to reduce stress; Why people should eat sprouted lentils and nuts which are just germinated.; Side effects of Dopamine synthetic medications like L DOPA etc

 Anti Depressants

189.        Side Effects of Anti depressants

Rose Water – Rose Oil  Anto Stress- Anti Anxiety

190.        Rose water and rose oil – to relive from Anxiety, stress, depression and for alleviation of  various other health issues

Stress Management

191.        GOI ensure necessary measures from GOI to reduce stress in people Stress Management, to keep peoples cortisol under control from school to employment.

Ashwagandha – Cortisol 

192.        GOI educate people on Ashwagandha uses for reducing cortisol, improving sleep, and as adaptogen for enhancing sperm quality and boosting testosterone 


Cleanliness of home,  offices, restaurants public places  AI based camera assessment


193.        GOI create AI based app for assessing the cleanliness of home with hygiene and cleanliness of kitchen, bath room, water tanks in homes/ RWA, useful in creating clean homes, clean buildings, clean market yards clean colonies, clean city/town, clean India.  



194.        Good skin Naturally without need for synthetic creams lotions- Use of Indian Hog Palm


Beauty Parlours – Cosmetics


195.        People are advised to get natural beauty through foods, and not through cosmetics and beauty parlours, which temporary fixing without fixing the root cause of skin issues; Govt regulate manufacture, sale, usage of cosmetics products; Govt regulate beauty parlours




196.        Cellulite causes treatment


Indian traditional  Vastu, Palmistry  for better  health

Vastu palmistry


197.        GOI must educate people on importance of India tradition of putting turmeric to the main entrance door of home and hanging fresh leaf’s of neem or mango and fresh flowers 

198.        GOI educate people to use indoor air purifying plants and also use Indian traditional system of holy smoke (Guggilam / Uddu/ Loban/ Sambrani powder) in the evening sunset time for making fresh air and air free from bacteria’s and virus in the indoors in houses

199.        GOI create “Vastu – Health App” for obtaining details of home plan of patients to get details of position of toilets / kitchen etc to ascertain reality / corelation of Vastu defects and health ailments by linking to e health records.  

200.        GOI create “Palmistry – Health” App for recording peoples palmistry details and corelation with health ailments of existing patients or patients who are undergoing treatment by linking to e health care records, provide advanced warning for people to take care of precautionary measures to specific health ailments, to avert future health complications 

201.        GOI regulate horoscope telling if people to contain people becoming psychopaths, striving to implant the mentions in horoscope remedies to get wealth, health etc  


Ingredients in Food Products

Black Dot on Food Products With Sesame Seeds


202.        GOI must make it mandatory for all manufacturers of sweets/ snacks / bakery products to mention ingredients in them with QR code mention full details

203.        GOI ensure FSSAI develop a BLACK CLOUR DOT CODE for indicating foods, sweets, snacks, hots, bakery products using sesame seeds or sesame oils or sesame paste etc,  for indication to people

204.        GOI must ban giving sesame seed-based foods/ sweets/ hots/ snacks / bakery products as gifts by individuals to other individuals or by business to customers / people during any occasion especially on festive occasions / new year etc


Source of raw material for manufacture, processed foods raw  foods sale  


205.        GOI must make it mandatory to provide source of raw material in the website and on the pack for each batch of processed foods, even for vegetables sold in super markets.

206.        Mandatory labelling of GM/ GE raw material or organically grown, place, name of the farmer, GOI must place GEO mapping of organic farming/ GE & GM farming across India with farm produce details, extent of acreage with unique id of farmers. 


Sugar Health Issues  

Ban colas Manufacture Sale Usage    


207.        GOI must ban manufacture sale and use of colas in India to save health of millions of people these colas are silent killers and dangerous than alcohol consumption

208.        GOI create an App for sugar intake, GOI ensure people take natural fruit-based sugar and reduce processed sugar directly or processed sugar-based foods like sweets 

209.        GOI must regulate serving of sugar in tea / coffee GOI ensure all tea providers use one standard sugar / jaggery powder/stevia power sachet along with tea bag / coffee, ban on using lose sugar in tea/coffee in all commercial outlets  


Tradition food consumption


210.        GOI must educate people on health advantages of eating food / drinking liquids in traditional manner, make people eat with hand and all five fingers, leave habit of eating with spoons/ forks.  

211.        GOI educate people eat on designated place / dining table eating/ drinking of food and ban eating in bed rooms, take pledge from mothers they do not pamper their children serve in the bedroom or allow them to eat on bed


Discard Old Utensils and  Plastic


212.        GOI educate people to discard the utensils after certain period, especially non-stick cook wear, plastic cook wear, GOI ban plastic cook wear, water heaters, RO water with plastic tanks, plastic blenders/ juicers/ mixture grinder jars/ blades with plastic head 

213.        GOI must ban use of plastic tanks for storage of RO water in home RO water plants, make it mandatory to use stainless steel or copper storage tanks in RO water machines, 


Measures to contain alcohol abuse

Regulation of Liquor sale consumption health care


214.        GOI ban sale of liquor in bottles, close all liquor selling shops in India, only bars to serve liquor in limited quantity per person, entry to bar based on bio metric, pre booking seat and pre-payment of bill through bank online transaction, only vegetarian snacks.  




Foods  based on Age Health Condition


215.        Which fruits and vegetables, kitchen items to be taken by which people age, type of  patients etc in the process of ensure safe health without causing any side effects due to food 


Beat way to  eat fruits and vegetables


216.        Educate people on which fruits need to be eaten with seeds and which fruits can be eaten with seeds like that which vegetables to be eaten with skin and which needs to eat skin.

217.        Educate people on health advantages of eating fruits, vegetables naturally, disadvantages of adding sugar or slat or chilli in cut fruits or vegetables or juices 


Ban on pre cut fruits and vegetables in super markets 


218.        GOI educate people on preparing fresh foods by cutting fresh vegetables and not to store cut vegetables or cut fruits, GOI ban sale of packed cut fruits/ cut vegetables.

219.        GOI ban manufacture, sale of pre-cut vegetables in India , GOI educate people to cut fruits and vegetables a fresh and eat them instead of cutting and storing in refrigerator 


Importance of pre washing vegetables, fruits, grains  before usage- cooking/ eating


220.        GOI educate on why raw foods (fruits, vegetables, pulses, grains), need a prewash before use for eating or cooking, how to how to clean raw foods with water, salt, or baking soda and how to risen to get rid of chemicals/ pesticides.

221.        GOI must promote organic farming and ban use of pesticides during harvest period (different fruits, vegetables has different period)  


Artificial colour food health


222.        Ban on synthetic or artificial food colour in any food preparation. ban on manufacturing sale and use of artificial food colour.

223.     GOI must ban use of TITANIUM DIOXIDE used as food colour

224.        What is titanium dioxide; How it is made, uses, in various purposes,  health concerns of Why GOI must ban use in food and cosmetics in India, best use in paints to reflect sun radiation and best use in  making hydrogen fuel from water 


Safe disposal of expiry fruits/ vegetables


225.        Mandatory all retailers of fruits and vegetables must surrender unsold / rotten fruits and vegetables to Govt Collection system for safe discarded 




Measures to ensure commercial foods use only fresh vegetables/ fruits


226.        Regulation of curries points, mandatory to provide details of inventory of raw materials and CC camera in food preparation area, and food must be prepared in the point of sale 


Quantification of  unused cooked in restaurants


227.        GOI create a system to quantity leftover food in all restaurants and street foods /commercial foods / private functions 


Health through foods  importance of soaking nuts, lentils before usage


228.        GOI must educate nuts should be taken only after 4 to 6 hours of soaking to get nutritional benefits, to ensure eating nuts do not cause side effects. 

229.        GOI must educate people to eat all lentils only after soaking 6 to 8 hours and cooking, avoid eating dry / roasted lentil powers or foods made of batters from grounded raw lentils.

230.        GOI must make it mandatory for commercial uses of lentils (sweets, bakery, food processing, restaurants ) must soak the lentils for  at least 8 to 12 hours for use


Anti Nutrients


231.        Key Anti-nutrients of Millet and their Reduction Strategies

232.        GOI educate people on Anti nutrients and how to reduce their effect on nutrients  absorption


Anti Nutrients- Phytic Acid 


233.        What is Phytic Acid (Anti Nutrient), which grains has phytic acid, why phytates be reduced methods of Reduction of phytic acid and enhancement of bioavailable micronutrients in food grains


234.        GOI educate what are Phytases, isolates and how they help in fixing anti nutrient phytic acid in grains

235.        Why GOI should restrict use of Phytases only for soil fixing phosphorus and not use of genetic modifications of grains/ cereals.


236.        Lectins in foods; milk, legumes, night shades,  potatoes, whole grains;  How lectins effect the health, how to cut effect of lectins, how to avoid Lectins in foods.; why people should soak the whole grains before use for preparing foods, why people should eat millets which are gluten free in place of wheat, rice etc

237.        Why people should take plant based and nut/seed based milk in place of animal milk, especially for infants and children.

238.        Why people should cook food at higher temperatures in shorter duration

239.        Lectins and leaky gut

240.        GOI educate on what are Lecithin what are Lecithin Benefits, GOI must ban manufacture, sale, use of Lecithins extracted from soya

Soys Health Issues


241.     GOI educate people why soy products are bad for health.


Animal rising  care reporting of diseases, bites etc


242.        GOI make it mandatory to register with Govt for raise of any animals in home or farm in the process of ensuing good health for animals, and ensuing no animal to human or human to animal disease occurs and spread 

243.        Mandatory to report dog bites, cat bytes snake bites, scorpion bites, rat bites, centipede bites  etc and GOI educate on immediate home remedy and mandatory to visit the doctor  


Anti Tick Powder


244.        Fipronil the anti tick powers and liquid used  for pests care, human health effects 

245.        GOI make it mandatory every manufacturer must provide two QR codes on packing one QR code for weblink on manufacturing plant location, plant and machinery,  along with audio video of manufacturing of  product; the second QR code live feed of manufacturing 


Pre cut vegetables


246.         GOI ban manufacture, sale of pre-cut vegetables in India, GOI educate people to cut fruits and vegetables a fresh just before eating/use in cooking instead of cutting and storing in refrigerator  


Frozen Cooked Food- Health Issues  


247.        GOI educate people on health hazards of frozen ready-to-cook (RTC) and ready-to-eat (RTE) foods safety; GOI must ban manufacture, import, sale and use of frozen meat, fish/ marine products raw and RTC/ RTE in India. 


248.        GOI ban manufacture sale and use of packed precooked ready to heat & eat curies, and snakes, to protect health of people, to protect & promote Indian tradition of fresh cooking &  to save Nation


Home made RWA made Foods


249.        Home Made RWA made food processing to  preserve  phytonutrients values and prevent adulteration





Sodium Bisulfite – Health Issues


250.        Need for regulation of manufacture, sale, usage of Sodium Bisulfite, mandatory to mention quantities used and QR code box warning information on products which use Sodium Bisulfate regarding health  side effects, GOI educate people in general on ide effects of consumption of Sodium Bisulphate

Sodium Sulfite and Shrimp

251.        Why people should aways eat fresh vegetables and fruits and home made foods


Asparagine Foods


252.        Acrylamide compound in foods and products and Cancer Risk

253.        Foods that contain Asparagine that forms acrylamide on heating

Foods that contain Asparagine that forms acrylamide on heating

Asparagine – Acrylamide

Acrylamide in bread and baked products

Formation of acrylamide during roasting of almonds

254.        How Does the Amino Acid, Asparagine, Make Breast Cancer Worse? How to avoid asparagine rich foods as a preventive measure of cancers

Sodium Niitrate

255.        Sodium nitrate used in meet processing harmful for health, people should eat fresh meat nor frozen or purchased in organised shops; why GOI ban grilling, frying of meats, fish and allow only to make curry; GOI ban high flame burners / roasting / charring of omelettes and meats to reduce formation of nitrosamines. And their harmful effects of nitrosamines which are cariogenic

Safe disposal of left over food  Ban giving left over foods to poor


256.        GOI must ban on giving left over food / beverages to servant maids, mandatorily RWA provide herbal tea to all servant maids/ derivers/ workers of RWA  

257.        GOI make mandatory to register in Govt to do servant maid work, Govt provide unique Id and provide an online / in person training how to clean utensils, clean floors, moping without much efforts, using various tools/ Machines, mandatory reporting of servant maid and also employer regarding work/ working environment


Innovative Foods Health Issues


258.        GOI must regulate serving of innovative foods / special foods by modifying traditional recipes by street foods or restaurant to ensure they do not cause health disorders.




Regulation commercial Dough, Baters


259.        GOI make it mandatory all commercial idly / dosa must have at least 50% lentils in the batter, and already made idly/dosa batters must have at least 50% lentils in them. 


Hygienic cooking


260.        GOI make it mandatory to wear appreciate hand gloves for cooks, ban on preparing/ serving food with bare hands, ban on cleaning / cleaning of used plates/ tables by cooking/serving staff, mandatory exclusive staff for clearing/ cleaning of used plates / used table in restaurants / street food joints to maintain hygene 

261.        Mandatory all commercial food preparations  must wear appropriate standard  hand gloves GOI provide specification based on purpose of use,  grading/ different sizes based on hand/ palm size, gender specific/ unisex gloves,  to be used in food preparation whether for cutting vegetables or peeling raw/ boiled vegetables or making dough, or rolling chapatis or sweets


Periodic health check up for all cooks


262.        Mandatory periodic full body health check-up for all cooks and servers in all hotel and restaurants and street food joints and all persons working in food processing industry

263.        GOI educate people on hygienic and safe cooking for all house hold 


Street foods Waste disposal in Street foods


264.        GOI create waste disposal system for street food,  mandatory to street foods allowed to sale in exclusive street food hubs,  responsibility of customers to place it in designated waste disposal bins, AI based CC cameras to monitor mobile vans to pick up street food waste periodically throughout the day 


Ban use of plastic in raw foods


265.        GOI must ban selling of fruits and vegetables in plastic rapped packs, fruits and vegetables must be mandatory be sold in lose allow people to pick up with hand. 


Ban use of plastic in foods  for preparing, cooking, storing serving and parcel  packing  


266.        GOI ban manufacture, sale and usage (serving) in paper plates, paper cups paper boxes and using plastic plates, packing in plastic bags, plates packets/ glass/ newspapers in all commercial food joints

267.        Mandatory all serving be in plates made of mud/ cups made of mud and plantain leaf’s/ sal tree leaf plates or steel plates, all plates must be sterilised in boiling water after washing before serving.

268.        GOI must ban use of paper plates and newspapers for serving and packing of foods

269.        Harmful Effects of Plastic On Human Health

270.        GOI ban manufacture, sale and use of plastic cutting boards and plastic vegetable chop boards; mandatory all commercial users must use steel boards


Disposable Paper plates, Cups


271.        Why GOI must ban manufacture, sale and usage of disposable paper/ plastic plates, cups, bowls, glasses and ready to eat cooked food packaging materials in India 

272.        Disposable Plates Be Making You Fat & Sick?


Return of Plastic Wrappers, Packs


273.        GOI must create a system of mandatory return to plastic rappers, covers, bottles purchased for food items or any other items by residents every month through collection agents visiting their home/ RWA by reverse reading bar code and matching with purchase bar code, mandatory to purchase via online bank traction / provision debit card,

274.        Amount of Rs one per pack should be charged by sellers which should be credited back instantly in their account once they return empty plastic pack, after reading bar code.  



Restaurants/ Street foods rating


275.           GOI rate restaurants/ Steet foods healthiness star rating based on fat content, hygienic content with health warning signs.

276.           GOI must create an App for reporting bloating or indigestion or gas formation or vomiting etc after eating food street food/ restaurant GOI make public the data after verification of such complaints for public awareness


Safety of foods / medicines

Power back up for pharmacy , food storage


277.        GOI make it mandatory to provide generator / inverter power back up for all refrigerators which store medicines by pharma retailers and retailers selling food items which require to store at cold temperatures.  


Expiry date reading in  QR code on packaged foods


278.        GOI make it mandatory expiry date be printed in regular letters and numbers and in bar code or QR code for all items which has expiry date, GOI create an App reading bar code/ QR code of all purchased items at home to give expiry warning alert whether food items.

279.        GOI must create stock expiry app for retailers to provide alerts to retailers to sale stock or surrender stock soon after expiry. Public information through web portal on manufacture and expiry date information of every product with batch number and Govt licence number, along with location of store where the stock is stored. 




Quality control commercial foods

Responsibility  of cooks  quality control in commercial foods


280.        GOI provide “raw material purchase cards” for all small restaurants and street foods to buy raw material and ingredients from registered vendors.

281.        Mandatory all raw material other than fruits & vegetables must be in exclusive commercial packings made by manufacturers

282.        GOI create a system of certified quality controllers by providing training to people who studied degree course in science to inspect the quality of the raw materials used in street foods at the direction of Govt 

283.        GOI must make mandatory responsibility of cooks to declare daily in App about healthy practices and quality of ingredients used, mandatory in-house quality controller for restaurants and surprise quality checks every week for all street foods 


Regulation of social media posts /videos on food , health care advices

Details of nutrients in social media food blogs/ videos


284.        GOI must make it mandatory all social media influencers who are posting videos/ photo discretion about foods/ cooked foods must provide details of nutrients salt, sugar, fat content along with each recipe 


Identification of rotten vegetables.. quality control  shelf life


285.        GOI educate people on identification of rotten/ spoiled vegetables and fruits and grains and when to discard via a web portal and an App with photo identification.  

286.         GOI educate people on increasing shelf life of grains with natural products, mandatory for retailers/ wholesalers to use natural pest control measures to store grains


Age related health disorders Home trement for various disorders

Eye sight, prostate, menopause, arthritis, hearing loss,   etc


287.        GOI educate people on simple home remedies for ENT issues, eye vision, un clogging stuffed nose/ sinusitis / tooth aces 

288.        Measures needed to Improve eyesight naturally

289.        GOI must promote simple hand exercises and simple Tong exercise for activation of brain, simple eye exercises for improvement of eye sight, and simple breathing exercises


Breathing Techniques 


290.        Breathing techniques How Breathing Better Can Improve Your Health

291.        Useful breathing techniques to consider trying


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

292.        Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) Cause – Treatment

293.        Carbohydrates and COPD


294.        Hypoxemia causes and Treatment


295.        Bronchitis cause – Treatment



296.        Pneumonia Cause Treatment



297.        What Is Asthma Cause – Treatment

298.        Nutrition and COPD, Bronchitis, Asthma; The right mix of nutrients in your diet can help you breathe easier.


Oxygen Flow Rate


299.         Oxygen Fow Rate


Cancer management


300.        GOI educate people on cancer patient management and the foods needs for cancer patients. 

301.        GOI educate people on growing broccoli micro greens and GOI provide free, radish and seeds broccoli seeds to all cancer patients free of cost, as abundant of sulforaphane in broccoli micro greens which contain cancer growth.

302.        GOI grow fruit plants like soursop (Graviola) – Lakshman phal / Hanuman phal in India in every district and distribute free distribution of soursop fresh/ dry leaf’s and subsidised fruits (seasonal) to all cancer patients and cancer recovered patients

303.        GOI educate people on goji berry’s for prostate cancer management

304.        GOI educate people on curry leaves in cancer management.


Graviola – Cancer Treatment  

305.        Graviola for cancer treatment; Graviola, (soursop) Natural Cancer Killer

Snoring – Natural Remedies


306.        GOI educate people on causes of snoring and how to fix it naturally, when to visit doctor 



Insulin Resistance - Diabetics


307.        GOI educate people on what pre diabetic condition, what is insulin, and what causes insulin resistance, early symptoms of insulin resistance.

308.        Zinc Deficiency in pre diabetic and diabetics and control of pre diabetic and diabetic mellitus and diabetic peripheral neuropathy with zinc rich foods and supplementation




309.        GOI educate people on diabetics and insulin.

Understanding Diabetes

About Insulin

Diabetic central neuropathy

310.        HOMA-IR: A Test of Insulin Resistance – How to overcome insulin resistance through foods and simple exercises

Diabetics Cure Naturally through Foods

Metformin  Disadvantages


311.        GOI educate people on why they should get diabetics must get treated naturally

312.        Why metformin diabetic medicine  be reduced slowly and discard to avoid depletion of B1 and B12 Controlling Diabetics with millets as staple diet.

313.        Precautions needed if dependent on metformin for diabetic control, to reduce side effects that cause mild to severe health risks.

314.        Measures to cut metformin dependence with natural foods over  period of time.

315.        Raw Jack fruit for diabetics control 

316.     The Effect of Chromium Picolinate Supplementation on the Pancreas and Macroangiopathy in Type II Diabetes Mellitus Rats

Zinc and Diabetics – Obesity 


317.        Effect of zinc on blood sugar control in the overweight and obese population







Artificial Sweeteners Health Issues


318.        GOI must educate people on sweeteners, artificial sweeteners, how much quantity is safe, who should use, what are side effects.

319.        GOI must regulate manufacture, import, sale and use of artificial sweeteners for commercial use and personal use.


Labelling Zero Sugars


320.        GOI must educate people on labelling like Zero sugars,  no added sugars , low salt etc no fat etc about nutritional facts in every food product sold commercially, packed or ready to eat in restaurants/ street foods

321.        GOI educate on units IU, mcg, Mg ,gm etc on labels



322.        The Digestive Process: What Is the Role of Your Pancreas in Digestion


323.        GOI educate on Gallbladder, Gall stones

324.        Gallstones

325.        Gallbladder and Eyes

326.        Mucin (MUC5AC, a Gel-Forming) Accumulating in Gallstone Disease, Is Overproduced via an Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Pathway in the Human Gallbladder

327.        GOI educate people on importance of Bile, Gallbladder,  link between liver function, thyroid function, iodine, stress and estogen in bile production/ depletion and health 

328.        Bile acids and insulin resistance: implications for treating nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Stress – Depression causing Foods


329.        GOI educate people on food habits that causes of stress and depression / mood swings, which foods to avoid. Foods to reduce cortisol levels


Age related health disorders.. eye sight, menopause, prostate,

Prostate Issues


330.        GOI educate people on prostate management, preventive measures, need for taking adequate zinc rich foods as ZINC deficiency directly related to prostate enlargement and prostate cancers, Alzheimer’s, dementia  

331.        GOI create Standard medical treatment procedures in BPH related issues like Low Urine output or n urine output Etc



332.        GOI educate people on cholesterol - LDL, HDL, fats (polyunsaturated, monosaturated, saturated, omega 3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids, saturated -Long Chain saturated, Medium Chain saturated) trans fats, hydrogenation, triglycerides What are their effect on health, on blood pressure, heart, brain. 

333.        GOI educate on statins, cholesterol lowering drugs side effects, and natural way to reduce bad cholesterol 

334.        Which edible oils consumption is healthy, how much quantity is needed for good health. which edible oils cause health disorders

Low Density lipoproteins

High-density lipoproteins


Very low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. VLDL

335.        Why testing of cholesterol levels is necessary ; how cholesterol testing done.

336.        What are statin drugs used in Lowering cholesterol levels; side effects; why people should take natural remedies to avoid / discard statin medications usage



337.        What are Fats, saturated, unsaturated, monounsaturated, poly unsaturated, long chain saturated fatty acids, medium chain saturated fatty acids and trans fats; Wht are their uses and effects on body and health.


Omega -3

338.        Omega-3 fat advantages How to get Omega 3 fatty acids

339.        GOI educate on Dietary Fats, best  dairy fats naturally   

340.        How Fats work in body, long chain, medium chain and short chain saturated fat / fatty acids


Coconut oil


341.        GOI educate on advantages of coconut oil in disease management, Why people should use/ consume only slow RPM extracted / bull driven/ homemade coconut oil ; benefits of lauric acid/ MCT oil


Sesame Seed Oil


342.        GOI educate on health benefits of sesame seeds and Why Sesame seeds oil should be consumed

343.        Which type of edible oils are ideal to consume.


Oils Smoke Points


344.        GOI make it mandatory to use oils with high smoke point like safflower oil, ground nut oil for commercial usage in restaurants and preparing packaged foods

345.        GOI educate people which oils to choose and how much to use for better health, reduced bad cholesterol - LDL, reduced triglycerides and improved good cholesterol -HDL

346.        GOI must ban use of refined oils or hydrogenated (full or partial) oils or fats, and deep frying and low smoke point oils and oils that generate HNE in commercial cooking, Mandatory  for commercial cooking to make public details of oil used, sourced

Reheating oils Health Issues


347.        Why edible oils refined and unrefined should not be reheated / should not reuse after deep fry

348.        Why re-heating of oils is unhealthy; Why foods should not be cooked at high temperatures or deep frying


4-hydroxy-trans-2- nonenal (HNE)

349.        The lipid peroxidation product 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal: Advances in chemistry and analysis

350.        4-hydroxy-2-nonenal (HNE), a secondary product of lipoperoxidation, can form protein adducts and modifies cell signaling.

351.        Regulation of the Inflammatory Response in Aging and Age-Related Diseases

352.        Oxidative Stress and 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal (4-HNE): Implications in the Pathogenesis and Treatment of Aging-related Diseases

353.        4-Hydroxynonenal: A Parameter of Quality and Safety of Vegetable Oils




Local Making of products for Health 

Slow RPM extracted Wood Pressed  oils Making at RWA, Religious places 


354.        GOI educate on why people should use wood shaft slow RPM made wood pressed oils, make oils at RWA locally rather than buying refined oils

355.        GOI must make it mandatory every RWA possess mini cold press oil extraction machines (with wooden shaft and slow RPM) to make fresh oils locally at home.

356.        Religious places possess sloe RPM wood pressing oil extraction machines

357.        GOI make colour coding of commercial  use oils.

358.        Regulation of fat content in commercial ready to eat foods in restaurants

359.        GOI must make it mandatory every RAW possess  pulverising machines to make powders locally, and Idly batter making machines to make batter locally

360.        GOI ensure every RWA posses medicinal value plants

361.        GOI educate people how to make panner, khoya/mawa at home from milk


Pelvic floor Exercises


362.        GOI educate people on importance of pelvic floor exercises to contain pelvic floor disorders


Hygene  Religion  - Home


363.        GOI make it mandatory to provide prasad, tirtha/theertham and satagopam without hand touch in religious places 

364.        GOI regulate taking bath/ dip in holy rivers on special occasions, GOI regulate people hurting themselves with sticks, hunters/ blades etc or walking on fire / live coal with thin ash / throwing babies from height etc in all religions.  


Festivals food care


365.           Regulation of festival eating making of different variety of food ideal to distribute the festive foods for several weeks and make one food every week rather than making 21 verity of food one day on festive occasion and eat them and get unhealth.

366.           Need for rewriting religious texts, especially Hindu religious texts, as far as celebration of festival food, limiting variety of foods offered to a maximum of three per any festival, spread foods every week throughout year to celebrate festivals throughout the year. 


Festive Food Nutrition Value - Health Issues


367.        GOI must assess the nutrition value, fats, sweets, etc on different varieties of festival food every festival-wise, region-wise,  quantity ideal for consumption as per age group





Intermittent fasting


368.        GOI educate people on importance of intermittent fasting, why people should eat dinner before 6 pm (at maximum 7 pm) every day,  role of insulin and  role of glucagon hormone in using body fat




369.        Controlling Blood Sugars - Glucagon




370.        GOI educate people on importance of iodine ;  a Critically Important Nutrient

Iodine, A Need for Optimization

Thyroid Issues

371.        GOI educate on thyroid issues - THYROID issues solutions


372.        GOI educate people importance of Selenium

 Selenium rich foods


Life Style - Personal Care -  Clothes  

373.        GOI educate people to use towels/ bedsheets, rugs, soaps exclusively for every person including wife and husband, ban sharing of personal belongings among friends/ family.

374.        Ban on providing towels, bed sheets, rugs in hotels/ lodges/ guesthouses, hostels, GOI ban hotels giving towels, bed sheets, rugs; ban railways/ air planes giving towels, bedsheets, rugs, people should ask to carry or provide at cost, to takeaway or throw in the dustbin.

375.        GOI create AI based App for auto uploading of cleaning, change of Lenin in hotels and lodges 

376.        GOI ban system of trail of clothes in readymade shops and return policy of clothes in readymade clothes purchased instore or online, advice people to buy clothes and get stitched locally.

377.        GOI create standard dress size, pattern code for India to be followed by all manufacturers in India, Artificial Intelligence based virtual dressing software to trail clothes virtually 


Smoking- De Addiction Naturally  


378.        GOI must ban smoking, chewing gutka etc while travelling in personal vehicles or hired vehicles, public places like malls, roads (public roads, private roads of RWA – residential welfare associations or in balconies/ corridors in apartments/ office spaces), in restaurants, tea stalls, street foods, fast food joints, or in public meetings. 

379.        GOI educate people on natural ways to de addict from smoking, alcohol, caffeine  through plant based decoctions


Cleanliness Hygene RWA  for healthy living


380.        GOI make the RWA reasonability to ensure hyenine and cleanliness in the territory, GOI make it responsibility of all elected representatives of the territory to maintain hygene and cleanliness and litter free / garbage roads in their territory. GOI create a system to send alerts to local govts and RWA regarding litter garbage in the territory. 


Safe disposal of sanity napkins, dippers


381.        GOI create safe disposal of used sanitary napkins, used baby dippers, used adult dippers, used under pads, used condoms in the RWA.

382.         GOI make it mandatory for manufactures to provide self-locking leakproof, biodegradable empty disposable bags along with pack of sanitary napkins, dippers, condoms equal to the number of pieces in pack, mandatory all users must use this self-locking pouch for disposal in exclusive bins created in every RWA


School children health care weight of school bags / distance of schools


383.        GOI ensure weight of school bags get reduced by laminated loose sheets of every page of text books, planned time table in every subject with chapter and page numbers to be teacher on that day students can bring only few pages (or chapter) of each subject.  To ensure children body does not suffer due to overweight. 

384.        GOI must ensure kindergarten schools established less than 2 kilometres in residential habitations, and every RWA / high rise apartment with more than 500 flats mut have a kindergarten facility in the RWA premises.

385.        GOI must fix distance to educational institutions based on the age of students/ class of the students to reduce travel distance of students.  GOI ensure schools are established within 3 to 10 km range from residential habitations for class 5 to class 12 for saving time, for health, better education, to reduce pollution levels/ carbon emission and many other benefits. GOI ban air condition schools / school transport 

Rare Diseases


386.        GOI create data of rare disease, GOI fund to cure the diseases and GOI educate people on needed preventive measures, ban private individuals, NGO’s seeking financial support from public for rare diseases in the media/ social media/ internet advertisement. 


Hormones .. Adultery.. Sexual Health - STD


387.        GOI educate people on importance of balancing hormones estrogen and Testosterone, side effects of higher / low of estrogen and testosterone.

388.        Measures to contain under age /early puberty, contain from becoming LGBT, contain sexual dysfunction, contain adultery, contain domestic violence, contain divorces and to contain Love Jihad through balancing hormones through food.

389.        Natural Measures to reserve erectile dysfunction. 

390.        Cortisol and testostrone levels

Tight Clothes Hormonal Issues  

391.        Tight clothes like leggings and infertility in men and women

392.        Tight clothing, leggings health effects – infertility in men and women and menstrual   issues in women apart from other health issues

393.        When You Wear Leggings Every Day, This Is What Happens To Your Body




394.        GOI educate on transgender and LGBT issues and also issues related physically challenged people. what support family/ society must extent  to reduce stress in them 


Hormonal Therapy


395.        GOI educate people on long-term Side effects of hormonal therapy (Estrogen therapy/ Estrogen and progesterone therapy) for menopausal women (to get wetness in vagina enabling painless intercourse sex); which are against nature.

396.        GOI must ban pharmacological Estrogen therapy/ estrogen and progesterone therapy in India and influence other WHO to ban such pharmacological therapies keeping in view of health of women, to up hold religious and mother nature dharmas. 

397.        GOI promote nature based therapies for perimenopause and menopause women to over come menopause related issues like hot flash, night sweats, mood swings which are caused due to  hormonal imbalance

398.        GOI promote Shajeera seeds (caraway seeds) for estrogen production and Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) plant leaf power for progestron production to address menopause issues (hot flashes, night sweating, mood swings, vaginal dryness)

399.        GOI make it mandatory all pharm medications, supplements especially related sexual health, hormonal issues including menopause issues be sold only on medical prescription.

400.        Vitamins That Can Help Women's Libido; without HRT, as HRT has side effects


Vasomotor symptoms (VMS)


401.        GOI educate women on Vasomotor symptoms (VMS), how to get rid VMS naturally, Health effects of estrogen therapies;  why Estrogen therapies should be avoided

Estrogen Therapy - Aromatase Inhibition Therapy

402.        GOI educate side effects of estrogen therapy or aromatase inhibition therapy , especially wight gain, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes etc

403.        Cruciferous vegetables: Nutritious foods you need to balance hormones

404.        Cruciferous vegetables, Cancer and Estrogen metabolism

Aromatase Inhibitors

405.        GOI educate people what are aromatise enzyme role in estrogen production, why it should be inhibited ; Foods to eat & avoid during aromatase inhibitor treatment


Menopause Natural Care


406.        Menopause; natural care ; regulation of estrogen dominance through foods and life style, use of “Shah Jeera” (caraway seeds) for estrogen production and “Shatavari” (Asparagus racemosus) for progestron production

Shah Jeera

407.        Shah jeera  (Caraway seeds , Sajeera or Kala Jeera)


408.        Shatavari: Benefits, Uses, Formulations, Ingredients, Method, Dosage and Side Effects

409.        Herbs to Balance Menopause, Maintain the Liver, and Support Lymphatic Flow


410.        Saffron :  health benefits of saffron

Mensuration Cycle

411.        GOI educate all girls and women on The Menstrual Cycle

412.        GOI educate on why women need to rest during menstrual cycle days

Magnesium and sex drive

413.        Magnesium Magic: Hormones, Sex, and Magnesium for Libido

414.        Why Magnesium is Critical for Hormonal Balance

415.        How to Boost Magnesium Levels to Rebalance Your Hormones


Sleep and Testostrone


416.        GOI educate Causes of low Testostrone; why 8 hours of sleep in dark is primary needed to maintain adequate testostrone levels; how obesity, high insulin, soya, processed foods, sugars, plastics, stress / cortisol  impact testostrone levels

417.        Erectile dysfunction causes, natural permeant remedy

Side effects of synthetic supplements/ herbal supplements for erectile dysfunction. 

Synthetic Erectile  dysfunction Medicines side effects, Why GOI must Ban them


SHBG Blood Test

418.        SHBG stands for sex hormone binding globulin.





Carbohydrates – Testostrone


419.        Low-carbohydrate diets and men's cortisol and testosterone, Moderate protein and High protein diets and testostrone levels

Nitric Oxide


420.        GOI educate people on importance of Nitric Oxide in body function, how to get NO naturally, for healthy brain, healthy cardiovascular system, and controlling erectile dysfunction, sleep aponia, asthma  etc



421.        GOI educate people on eating Raw onions daily for various health benefits


Endocrine Disruptors – Hormonal Function


422.        GOI educate people on what are Endocrine disruptors how they affect hormonal function

423.        Impact of plastics phthalates and parabens in hormonal imbalance Why people should avoid plastics for hormonal balance Xenoestrogens and Plastic to Protect Your Endocrine Health

424.        These Are the Ways You Absorb Xenoestrogens


Under age Puberty


425.        Containing Under age puberty through regulating foods which produce excess estogen; measures to ensure new mothers provide breast feed for infants till 9 months of age, avoid formula milk and start providing plant-based milk.

426.        GOI educate measures to ensure every girl in normal puberty period (11  to 12 years) to get prefect breast development naturally through foods and exercises; also for new mothers eat foods to provide continuous milk for infants till 9 months.

427.        GOI ensure stringent controls to prevent use of growth hormones for animals like cows and buffalo’s for faster growth than normal growth and also for excess production of milk, as consuming this type of milk, milk powder is prime reason for early puberty.

428.        Childhood pesticide exposure early onset of puberty 

429.        Postnatal Pesticide Exposure and Health Outcomes in Adult Females


Breast Milk

430.        GOI educate women with girl child and girls who are on puberty / teen  reading natural ways to enhance their breasts size, shape (breast development) through foods, yoga and exercises to make them appear more beautiful, attractive and induce confidence and reduce distress and contain implants. 

431.        GOI make it mandatory to report puberty of girls, and mandatory for girls in reproductive age to maintain monthly menstrual cycle days calendar (digital dairy and paper dairy) to monitor their periodicity for advanced prediction of various health disorders like PCOS.

432.        GOI educate women on natural  breast milk importance,  how to grow good breast size , ban breast implant surgeries in India.


Mothers Milk Breast Feeding


433.        GOI educate women, especially pregnant women on importance of mothers milk till 9 months after delivery of baby followed by plant based milk  replacing formula milk and animal milk to ensure child is healthy


Breast Implants


434.        GOI must regulate breast implants/ breast augmentation in India ; only people whose breasts removed due to surgery (cancer) may be permitted to undergo breast implants, with complete ban on healthy women from  implant surgery for cosmetic purposes

435.        GOI educate people on side effects of breast implants, and natural way to improve breast size; GOI must regulate artificial implants of breasts.

436.        GOI educate on importance of mothers milk for day one to 9 months old infants and make it mandatory to provide mothers milk to babies followed by plant based milk  with ban on giving formula milk or animal milk in the interest of child’s health.

437.        Criminal office with life imprisonment for discarding martial relation  on account of mastectomy surgery.


Squat Exercises

438.           GOI educate young girls from teenage girls to women in menopause  on Squat exercises in Schools and colleges and educate all young women on how to do squats and their importance  to get rounded butts to gain  heath and confidence in them


Plastic Surgery


439.        Health Risks related to Plastic Surgery


Delayed puberty in boys

440.        Delayed puberty in boys; Contain becoming Transgender’s/ LGBT through foods and  contain exposure to  fluoride’s via water, tooth paste, etc, contain exposure to  plastics, products releasing nano plastics in food, water, air.


Tooth Heath – Discarding Tooth Brush-  Tooth  Paste


441.        Tooth paste; why people should shed down use of tooth brush (made of plastics) and tooth paste especially tooth pastes containing fluoride’s

Tooth Enamel


442.        Tooth Enamel importance, and protection

443.        How to Reverse Cavities Naturally & Heal Tooth Decay

444.        Oil Pulling and Its Benefits: for oral Health


Love Jihad


445.        Contain Happening of love Jihad through healthy food - habits maintaining hormonal balance for majority population.




446.        Containing Adultery, domestic violence and divorces through balanced food and nutrition containing hormonal imbalance, correction of erectile dysfunction (major cause adultery)

447.        GOI should control adultery to reduce health disorders by making it mandatory to declare in GOI web/ app confirming he/she does not have extra matrimonial affairs or live in relation to continue in employment in Govt/ Private / Do business.

448.        Mandatory to declare in Govt app in case the married women are away from husband, living separately by the husband, failure to do so should lead to loss of employment. 

449.        GOI amend law to confiscate properties of married man if found second marriage / live in relation with another women; confiscation of assets of second marriage /live in relation women for continuing relation with already married man




Legalising  Polyandry  


450.        GOI amend constitution allowing all Indian women (all religions) to marry up to five men in her life, living with each husband separately carting few days in month for each husband, getting children from each husband if she wish, and 50% property from each husband




Measures for Healthy Married Sex Life


451.        Mandatory to disclose current health condition before marriage by both partners, mandatory GOI attached the e health records of person to pre marriage registration, with information on 12 months complete blood picture and treatments undergone by person.

452.        Measures to contain adultery and ensure healthy family life for all newly married people; reduce stress/ depression cases in India.

453.        GOI must make it mandatory to provide information on body  parameters for men and women in the pre marriage registration, visceral fat-  belly in men directly linked to testosterone levels,  mandatory to possess health insurance, and insurance premium linked to three months average blood sugar, to enforce youth take balanced diet and maintain their body 

454.        GOI must enact law mandatory to maintain good health for getting employment and for continuing in employment by linking daily minimum waking and three months average   to ensure health of all organised / un organised employees. 

455.        GOI ban pornography in India, establishment of porn deaddiction centres/ online secessions, GOI educate adults on harmful effects of porn addition.  

456.         GOI Must ban dating apps /Dating web sites, Escort services and home body massage services, in the interest of health of women and men in the interest of Nation.

457.        GOI must bring law that if any man indulged in pre matrimonial sex or adultery/ extra material sex or dating sex with the consent of women other than registered prostitution (which should be officially paid) the women have right to claim and get 50% of his assets/ earning rest of life, earned after the day of sex to prevent happening of pre matrimonial sex and illegal dating illegitimate sex.


Oral sex – Health issues


458.        Oral sex – Health issues


Risks of Anal Sex


459.        Risks of anal sex




460.        GOI must educate people about infertility, and natural ways to get rid of infertility through foods

461.        GOI educate people on Healthy sperm: Improving  fertility



462.        Surrogacy- Govt must ban surrogacy in India


Abortions - Why  Ban On Abortions Needed  


463.        GOI must ban abortions in India totally, GOI must regulate manufacture, sale and use of pregnancy termination pills / abortion pills in India, only to be used by doctors under exceptional rare medical condition and not for general use women at whims and fancies.

464.        Micronutrients for boosting sexual activity- overall health containing sexual dysfunction

Aphrodisiac drugs- Instant sex stimulant drugs

465.        Ban on manufacture, import, sale and use of aphrodisiac drugs/instant sex stimulant drugs ; GOI educate people to how to fix root cause of erectile dysfunction through fixing hormonal imbalance through natural foods like zinc rich foods (pumpkin seeds etc) 



Sex Stimulants - Sexual dysfunction


466.  GOI regulate manufacture, sale, advertisements of products used for enhancing sexual stamina/ containing sexual dysfunction/ improving sexual health; mandatory to register with Govt and sale through Govt App; mandatory to sale via Govt App, Buyers has to purchase through GOI created App, GOI AI System analyse buyers e health care records, permit product purchase or give alternative solution.


Foods for sexual stamina - Sexually transmitted diseases


467.        GOI create App and information on foods for enhance sexual stamina, and endurance

468.        GOI establish exclusive STD clinics  and online consultation linked with diagnostics and photo app which is exclusively meant for STD 


Sex Toys


469.        GOI educate and regulate sex toys, health hazards of sex toys; pantalets and nano plastics Acts as xenoestrogens causing hormonal imbalance, infertility, cancers; Educate people to avoid sex toys,  have legitimate sex 

470.        GOI must regulate manufacture, import, sale and usage of sex toys, ensure sex toys are not made from recycled plastics  

471.        Everything You Need to Know About Sex Toy Care and Cleanliness


Waxing hair (whole body) removal side effects

Public Hair Removal; Health Issues


472.        Waxing hair (whole body) removal side effects ; Public Hair Removal; Health Issues


Vaginal Discharge        


473.        Vaginal Discharge    Cause Treatment

474.        White Discharge and Ayurvedic Treatment

Douche (Vaginal cleaning with solutions)

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)


475.        GOI educate women on side effects of o Douche (Vaginal cleaning with solutions ), to contain pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) that  may cause infertility


477.        Foods that help increase fertility, lubricate and balance the pH of the vagina

478.        The vagina (vaginal lubrication) naturally produces lubrication

479.        Foods for vaginal dryness prevention, ensure moisture in vagina

480.        Food That Serves As Natural Vaginal Moisturizers

481.        Alternative Treatments to Vaginal Dryness and Atrophy



Male discharge – Pre ejaculate and Ejaculate

482.        Male discharge – Pre ejaculate and Ejaculate

Semen smell

483.        Semen, or seminal fluid smell causes treatment

484.        Smelly Penis causes Treated?


Botox injections


485.        Botox injections Health Issues


Bariatric Surgery


486.        Bariatric Surgery Procedures – Health Risks


Hair care -  Chemical free shampoos


487.        GOI must educate people on chemical free soap/ chemical free  shampoo for bathing and natural hair growth at low cost with fruit and vegetables and kitchen ingredients, ban on antibacterial soaps and shampoos .  


Shaving - Har cut – Health issues


488.        Regulation of Haircut, Mandatory to use one time use and discard kits for hair cut or shaving for individual use by people at home or at commercial places, every RWA mandatory possess hair-cut manicure facility; Mandatory every Student, Employee (organised un organised) must have standard hair cut with exception to religious reasons

489.        Mandatory photo in standard App to be operated by hir cut shops / barbers to take photo of hair, face and toung and nails  the phots are directly by default stored in  e health records for analysis by AI based health system


Advantages of Barber at RWA


490.        GOI importance of hair on the body (head, skin, rum pits, genitals) and regulation of haircut / shaving of bread, people thought to do self-shaving, mandatory to use onetime kits for haircut/ shaving (sessors, blades, creams, anti-septic lotion / gel) by barbers.


Hair fall, artificial hair colours, hair dryers,  head bath


491.        GOI educate importance of head bath and importance of drying the hair naturally after head bath, why to avoid hair dryers and hair straighteners etc; GOI educate people on hair fall, how to get rid of naturally. 

492.        Iron and Hair Health






493.        GOI educate people on causes of dandruff and how to get rid naturally . how to get rod ticks in the hair naturally

494.        Why people should avoid Anti Dandruff shampoos, side effects of chemical compounds used in shampoos Methylisothiazolinone and Methylchloroisothiazolinone 

495.        Health effects of chemical used in various personal care products “1, 4 diaxone”

Medical Management Guidelines for 1,4-Dioxane

496.        GOI educate people on cause of Gray hair, Natural trement with Vitamin rich foods not through synthetic chemical based treatment which are Xenoestrogens causing rise of estrogen due to daily use. 




497.        GOI must regulate manufacture, import, sale and usage of parabens, in cosmetic’s products to contain estrogenic effect (excess estrogen production) and cancers 




498.        GOI educate people on causes of excess body hair growth in women - “Hirsutism”, natural permeant treatment of “Hirsutism” through fixing root cause (hormonal imbalance) GOI educate why need to stop using synthetic hair removers, which are Xenoestrogens causing rise of estrogen due to regular usage causing health disorders.


Sopa nut – Reeta


499.        Sopa nut – Reeta for hair, washing in place of chemical shampoos and chemical soaps,  detergents

500.        Soap nuts for washing clothes, dishwashing, shaving cream, carwash, etc


Shikakai  - Acacia concinna


501.        Shikakai  - Acacia concinna health benefits


Head Lice


502.        How to Get Rid of Lice Naturally: 5 Steps & Home Remedies


Hair Growth


503.        Ayurvedic Herbs for Hair Growth







504.        GOI educate people on causes of PCOS, PCOD  and natural treatment with millets Little Millets, Kodo, Brown top, Branyard, and Foxtail) and more uncooked vegetable juices, fruits and sprouts and micro greens in diet


Ovarian cysts

505.        Ovarian cysts root cause , treatment


Cytochrome p450


506.        Understanding the molecule Cytochrome p450



507.        Glyphosate Herbicides and Your Health risks; Exposure to Glyphosate in Your Food

Oily Skin


508.        GOI educate people on causes of oily skin, and natural remedies not synthetic face creams which are which are Xenoestrogens causing rise of estrogen due to daily use. 


No oil – Less oil cooking

509.        GOI educate people on no oil cooking / less oil cooking especially for patients who are having BP, heart, issues for people with high triglycerides to follow till they come to norm levels.

Food  treatment

510.        GOI educate people on who should take natural ingredients/ kitchen ingredients taken as trement   in what quantities and who should avoid.

Foot  Wear – High Heels

511.        GOI educate people on importance protection of foot sole in overall health if the body, importance of wearing correct foot wear, when to when to discard the used foot wear.

512.        Common foot problems caused by shoes

513.        Why Wearing Rubber Foot Wear is Bad for Your Body

514.        How wearing the right shoes affects your whole body - Choosing the right shoe

515.        The Real Dangers of Flip-Flops

516.        Effects of high-heeled shoes on lower extremity biomechanics and balance in females: a systematic review and meta-analysis

517.        Reasons Your Feet Are Peeling Like Crazy And How To Fix Them, According To Experts

518.        Cracked Heels Be Caused by a Vitamin Deficiency

519.        GOI must ban manufacture sale and use of high heels foot wear in India.

520.        GOI educate people to leave foot ware outside home or wash the foot along with foot ware before entering their home.  Designated places in ever house/ apartment to entrance with water facility to wash their feet/ foot ware sole, mandatory to designate a place to keep the foot ware (with closed lid/ doors) and bags brought from outside 




521.        GOI Educate people of gout  in the foot fingers




522.        GOI educate people on bunions and natural trement.

523.        GOI educate people on foot cracks


Gas farts Constipation


524.        GOI educate people on gas formation, farts and how to get rid of naturally, changing eating way of cooking, changing way of eating/ drinking water, life style changes and measures to clearing constipation

525.        Beetroot test to check constipation and days stocked stools in the body


Haemorrhoids -Piles


526.         GOI educate people on natural way to address Anel haemorrhoids / piles 


Auto Immune Disorders


527.        GOI educate people on auto immune disorders and how to get rid of naturally; reasons  for auto immune diseases –, natural cure/ treatment  through vitamin D  and other foods, life stye changes 


Eggs- Fatty Liver


528.        GOI educate people on taking eggs in limit to reduce fatty liver,  diabetics, BP, Heart issues.

529.        GOI educate people on fatty leaver (alcoholic and non alcoholic), and liver fibrosis, liver cirrhosis  management naturally, with  Choline rich foods/with wood apple etc.

530.         Liver health; Foods to Protect Your Liver



531.        GOI educate people on importance of choline, role of choline in fatty liver management and pregnancy





Detergents - xenoestrogens


532.        GOI must educate people to discard the detergents usage in washing cooked / served depletes/ utensil, instead use natural cleaning powers like wood ash and cow dung ash etc. to protect the liver and gut microbiome and various other health disorders


Sleep Health


533.        GOI educate people on why 7 to 8 hours sleep is needed, how less sleep effect the body


Bad Humour – Health


534.        GOI regulate comedy in tv and social media, ban comedy on sick patients and on death


Social Media -  Health Advises


535.        GOI regulate social media advises/ tip/ foods etc for health care, especially sexual health, only qualified medical professionals and researches in health care / health care through foods / natural remedies be allowed to air content backed by scientific evidence 


BP Heart Issues


536.        GOI educate people on reasons for rise of BP, Heart issues due to excess uric acid due to excess proteins and imbalance of PH levels in stomach

537.        Measures to lower blood pressure

Tricky Symptoms  Confusing Health Issues


538.        GOI educate doctors and people for tricky similar symptoms for various health disorders and measures to contain confused wrong diagnoses



539.        The role of pancreas to improve hyperglycemia in  diabetic by thiamine disulfide


Spoiled  Grains – Health Issues



540.        GOI educate people on why they need to  discard stale,  rotten / spoiled grains/ nuts like groundnuts contain mycotoxin




541.        GOI educate on salt in your diet; Choose the Healthiest Salt for Your Kitchen

542.        Sea Salt Health Benefits

543.        Low Sodium Salt Vs. Regular Salt—Which Is Healthier?

544.        Green Salt: A New Plant- Based Salt Type You Should Know

545.        Too Much Salt in food side effects ; Signs You’re Eating Too Much Salt

546.        GOI educate people on bad effect of taking high salts in foods, make a habit of sprinkling salt on food preparations in the end i.e  just before taking out dish from the stove, avoid/ take little pickles for tasting along with curd rice, reduce usage of tamarind or sour to cut salt intake. 

547.        GOI create a standard salt chart in each serving of the food with QR code and App to record the quantity of the food to indicate tentative salt intake 

548.        GOI Advice people to take daily require salt per person and if two family adults then take  gm per person i.e 12 gm per day

549.        GOI promotes daily packs of salt per person 6 gm or per couple 12 gm pack GOI ban manufacture, sale of bulk packs of salt (in KG) for residential house, bulk packs only for   commercial use sourced by commercial outlets. 


Pickles Health Issue  


550.        GOI must educate people on health benefits and side effects of eating pickles, when to eat, how to eat, and who should eat, which combinations to avoid etc  .

551.        GOI advice people to eat chutines more instead of pickles in breakfast or meals or in snacks



552.        Tamarind: A diet‐based strategy against lifestyle maladies

553.        Effects Of Tamarind For Females Health

554.        GOI educate people on restricting the quantity of usage or proper usage of tamarind in cooking

Chilli Peppers


555.        Chilli peppers, Green Chilli: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects and More!

556.        Acute Effects of Red Chili, a Natural Capsaicin Receptor Agonist, on Gastric Accommodation and Upper Gastrointestinal Symptoms and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Patients


Scoville Scale- Scoville Heat Units. (SHU)


557.        Heat rating chilli pepper- Scoville Scale- Scoville Heat Units. (SHU)




558.        GOI educate people Antacid


Cooking Methods


559.        Best Cooking Methods to Preserve Nutrients

560.        Food processing and nutrition

561.              Effect of different cooking methods on the content of vitamins and true retention in selected vegetables

562.        What is the Effect of Pressure Cooking on Nutrition?

563.        Soaking of pulses, lentils  - Health Advantages




564.        GOI educate people on importance of protein in human body, serum albumin, how to get albumin naturally, GOI regulate human albumin 

565.        Here are the advantages of the protein from vegetarian sources lentils

566.        Protein deficiency


567.        Albumin Blood Test

568.        Excess proteins – Health Issues

569.        Low Albumin ; What are the effects of low albumin?



570.        Serum Creatinine Test Normal Range by Age: Complete Values

571.        Medications that can rise Serum Creatinine levels

572.        Kidney Failure Risk Factor: Serum Albumin

573.        Common Habits That May Harm Your Kidneys

574.        The best foods to help lower potassium levels- Kidney health.


Kidney Stones 


575.        GOI educate on kidney stones and lemon juice … serum albumin and kidney failure 


Plant Proteins- Animal Proteins


576.        GOI must educate people to avoid animal based proteins (milk, meat) as most of the animals are injected / fed with Sex Hormones in Meat and Dairy Products


Meat- Non Vegetarian


577.        Mandatory pre order of meat through special app from registered vendors; mandatory online permission to cut animals  / individuals/  at shops, mandatory to cut in designated place in the village/ ward-  ban on cutting animal at home or public places 

578.        GOI must ban sale of non-vegetarian in any form in street foods, only eggs are permitted as street foods in non-vegetarian segment.

579.        GOI ban mix of vegetarian and egg in the street foods, street foods should be exclusively vegetarian or exclusively non vegetarian.

580.        Ban on storing raw non vegetarian/ cooked non vegetarian foods for more than 24 hours in commercial restaurants, including star hotels/ restaurants.

Vegetarian – Non Vegetarian Commercial foods


581.        GOI educate people on importance of preparing food at home rather than going for hotels and restaurants, or getting parcels; Mandatory exclusive vegetarian and exclusive non vegetarian delivery persons for all App based home delivery, ban on same person delivering both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cooked/ raw food


Advantages of vegetarian food over non vegetarian foods


582.        Why Animal proteins are bad for Health

583.        GOI must educate people on advantages of vegetarian food, avoid non vegetarian turn pure vegetarian

584.        GOI educate people on discarding nonvegetarian / meat by adopting meat substitutes  in vegetarian foods  like jack fruit, Amaranthus, beans, cashew,  etc  same taste,  better nutritional values, no cholesterol


Whey Proteins – Health Issues


585.        Why Whey proteins and animal proteins bad for health

586.        Whey proteins, Animal proteins bad for health – cruelty on animal – holy cow and calfs

587.        Why Animal Proteins are causing harm to animal and Cruelty to Holy Cows


Regulation of over growth of  Chicken, Meat


588.        GOI must regulate poultry make it mandatory to show the natural growth and abnormal growth should lead to culling of entire poultry farm  and stringent punishments

589.        GOI Plan to close caged eggs and chicken in 10 years time only cage free chicken and cage free eggs be grown in farm field be allowed to consume and sold commercially


Animal Milk Adulteration Local Dairies - Milk -plant based milk

590.        Measures to contain milk adulteration / contain manufacture sale and use of synthetic milk in India

591.        Mandatory registration of all commercial sale of milk through App with details of buyer and mandatory all payments digitally, Exclusive commercial packing of milk from dairies, Mandatory registration of all milking animal owners (cow/buffalo).

592.        GOI must encourage establishment of local dairies in every village to collect milk and distribute same in nearby areas, discourage large dairies, GOI make it mandatory milk is supplied only in glass bottles. GOI must make it mandatory online real time data of  animal birth, growth and milk for that breed , number of milking days per year, number of years milk yield etc

593.        GOI must educate people on alternative  plant based milk for children for best health



594.        Curd : Daily Consumption of Curd Can Harm You

595.        Plant based curd/ yogurt- non dairy yogurt/ curd

596.        Rich source of healthy fats; A Closer Look at Coconut Yogurt Benefits

Packaged curd preservatives


597.        Packaged vs homemade curd


    Free Millets and Proteins to Target Population- Replacing Cash Benefits by Govt   


598.        GOI must provide medicinal plants and protein foods and millets instead of cash doles  to reduce  free health care by Govt


Plant Leafs – Decoctions - Health 


599.        GOI educate on leaves for health and  uses of Moringa, Curry leaves, Coriander, Mint, Spinach  Gongora- Kenaf, Neem, Pipal, Guava, Graviola  ( Sore Soap) Leaf of Life  etc

600.         Curry leaves

601.        Moringa leaves / power benefits

602.        Wheat grass



603.        GOI educate people on pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sun flower seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds

604.        Pumpkin seeds

605.        Sunflower seeds

606.        Flax seeds

607.        Chia seeds

608.        Sesame seeds

609.        Cheakpea

610.        Coriander seeds

611.        GOI educate on Ajwine uses, Ajwine also used to clear plaque formation, and LDL, and triglycerides

612.        Jack fruit


Bacterial Infections


613.        GOI educate people on bacterial infections, H. Pylori, E coli, Salmonella etc how to get rid naturally

614.        Helicobacter pylori bacteria: Tools for Eradication

615.        Phytochemical Support for Bacterial Eradication Berberine.


Wild Indigo

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra).

Clove (Syzygium aromaticum).

Slippery Elm (Ulmus fulva).

Barberry (Berberis vulgaris).

Myrrh (Commiphora molmol).

Oregon Grape (Berberis aquifolium).

616.        Select Minerals as Beneficial Adjuncts for Bacterial Eradication.

Bismuth citrate.

Bentonite clay.

617.        Sulforaphane inhibits extracellular, intracellular, and antibiotic-resistant strains of Helicobacter pylori and prevents benzo[a]pyrene-induced stomach tumors




618.        Zinc Sulfate in Peptic Ulcer Disease – H.Pylori

619.        Anemia and its association with Helicobacter pylori – H.Pylori

620.        Helicobacter pylori infection and chronic, persistent cough


Yeast Infections – common health issues


621.        GOI educate people about yeast infections and natural remedies


 Tube Feeding


622.        Feeding Tubes

623.        PEG Tube Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) Feeding Tube

Bed Sores


624.        Bed  Sores causes prevention


Cane Sugar Health Issues Plam Jaggery Health Benefits   


625.        Government fix quota for sugar / jaggery per house hold at normal price, above quota price should be thrice cost per kg (300% increase) for house hold; sugar/jaggery for commercial use should be five times house hold price to reduce use of sugar.

626.        GOI Promote palm sugars, 100 % buy back from farmers  by GOI, and GOI Supply palm sugar  to retail market,  GOI supply palm sugars in PDS replacing cane sugar, GOI supply millets in PDS replacing  rice, wheat and refined wheat flour


Palm Sugars- Palm Jaggery


627.        GOI promote palm jaggery, in place of cane sugar and cane jaggery for house hold consumption and for use in commercial food preparations ; reducing the production of cane sugars and cane jaggery, for various health benefits and to save water and to create employment to millions of people


Cane Sugar Health Issues


628.        Why Cane Sugar – White Sugar is Bad for Health and Environment; What Chemicals Does White Sugar Have? Why people should Quit taking cane sugar and cane jaggery, people can consume pure cane juices as a fruit juice in the cane production season.

629.        Natural vs. Added Sugar

630.        Getting Sugar Naturally through Fruits and Vegetables

631.        Which is better Sugar, Jaggery (cane ) or Honey or Palm Jaggery

632.        Here are the compassion  of cane sugar cane jaggery or honey

633.        Health risks due to excess sugars consumption


634.        Why people should eliminate Cane sugar, Corn Sugar, and products made of sugars and cane sugars from their daily diet.


635.        What is fructose

636.        How Glucose and Fruticose effect the body  

637.        What Happens When to stop eating sugars or sweets, or sugar containing foods

Amla Candy Made of Palm Jaggery


638.        Amla Candy – Home made with Palm Jaggery - Health Benefits – better Iron  absorption, thiamine, riboflavin and many  other phytonutrients – daily consumption  replenishes phytates effect of iron mal absorption due to whole millets.


Sugar Alternatives


639.        Simple Carbohydrates vs. Complex Carbohydrates

640.        Starchy Vegetables: Benefits and Moderation

641.        Why Non-Starchy Vegetables Are Key to a Healthy Diet

Blood  Glucose

642.        What are the ideal blood glucose levels?

643.        What is a healthy blood sugar level?


644.        GOI educate on Dietary Fibers

645.        Health Benefits of Fiber