Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Re - Revised What Millions of Farmers, Land owners want from Government, Political class & NGO’s, is addressing ground issues, not Promises, Protests aiming at Political & Personal gain*SOLUTIONS FOR FIXING ISSUES*              


**Uniform norms for Fixing Land Value, Fixed Minimum-Maximum sale price, Ward wise/Village wise in all States based on existing amenities/ economic development, Enhancement of land Value quarterly, half yearly based on progress of socio-economic development activities/ amenities/standard of living in the territory for ensuring over all development of villages/ wards through cooperative efforts of the People Happen to get more value/appreciation for properties in their territories

**All property transactions only through bank payment, all properties transactions above Rs 1,00,000 should get income tax clearance for source of funds to reduce circulation of un accounted/black money



**Bio metric record of land owners details, linking land records to voter id card/pan cards, village wise/ ward wise property owners details on website, the centralised details of properties of all states where by typing name/village/id card number the properties owned by individuals anywhere in country should be visible to public

**Measures for containing property sale frauds on account  of selling same property multiple times to multiple persons/entities, selling properties when they are in mortgage by making it mandatory quoting Unique number in Sale Agreement for entering sale agreement, the Unique number is authorisation/authentication from government for sale of property, which should be obtained by property seller through providing basic details of buyer, transaction on designated Website, linking to property owners data base, centralised Real time updated Unique number on Web for Public Due diligence, Reducing Legal disputes; Standard format for property sale/mortgage for reducing legal hurdles;


**Measures to protect the cultivatable Soil from getting polluted due to discharge of untreated effluent fluids from factories; preventing untreated effluents being discharged in the fresh water bodied which is a deterrent for cultivation &  protecting water bodies likes ponds, lakes, cannels, river streams from encroachments by vested interests blocking free flow of water for cultivation


**Protection of land abuse by use of GE/GM seeds by banning use of GE/GM seeds in Indian soils, development of native seed, and creation of native seed banks in every mandal


**Issue of farmer id card (Linking Soil health card to Farmer ID card), making it mandatory that sale of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides should be through farmer id card for containing crop failure on account of purchase of sub standard seeds/fertilizers/pesticides, useful for better crop insurance, Stringent quality checks measures for containing sale of sub standard, seeds/fertilizers/pesticides, Stringent punishment for sale of such sub standard Agri input products


**Measures fixing minimum support price and maximum selling price of agriculture produce Village/ Wars wise/Mandal/ Block wise/District wise based on fixed mark-up price based on shelf life, transportation cost to that territory, etc sending SMS to Public every day the maximum selling price of commodities; Payments to farmers at market yards though bank transaction; Making online real time data, the quantity of food grains produced, the buffer stock, stock in market for containing hording and artificial price rise


**All the above measures ensures over all development of farming community as costs of land is more stable, more water availability for cultivation, better soil, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides for cultivation all leading to enhanced agriculture production at reduced costs, better rail, road network to carry out the agriculture output, more industries, more jobs, all leading to occurrence of inclusive growth of All sections at All times





Pradeep Kumar Kunche; ;


        It is very sad that in the largest democracy of world, the inequalities among the income group is so wide, all those become rich mainly because of possession of land, So land is the basic substance for growth and happiness, at the same time land is the substance for sorrow for many as the land values getting appreciated irritatingly along the length and breadth of country, which lead to land grabbing and illegitimate means to earn monitory gains, the original owners getting sufferings due to the irrational rise of land value and hard earned properties are under court litigation, also since land value is on rise even in rural areas irrationally due to vested interests in the name of projects announcement by government and creating fear psychosis among the semi literate/ illiterate people that government will take away their land with minimum compensation, where as they can offer better price than government (and grab the land from them at cheap rate and get wind fall gains once the projects commissioned, this is modous-operanda of many land mafias in nexus with political and bureaucratic sections locally), most of the rural land holders (small and marginal farmers selling the land mostly un willingly due to pressure or sometimes willingly to getting migrated to cities due to lack of agriculture activities and turning to urban labour).

        It is high time since all non ruling political parties come together opposing the Land Bill in the present form, millions of people appreciate their concern, however many feel that it is for the sake of political gains and not really intended as, it is very necessary to ensure development occurs due to rapid urbanisation, which requires appropriate necessary infrastructure, for which land is required?, also since India is having largest Youth populations, Jobs are needed, also at the same time need to feed 130+ core people every day by protecting the interests of farming community, which in turn requires creation of infrastructure especially at rural areas in the interest of farmers as well as entire population of the country, the rural infrastructure include POWER, IRRIGATION DAMS, STORAGE GODOWAN’s, TRANSPORTATION OF AGRICULTURE PRODUCE, it is very unfortunate even after 68 years of Independence millions children are malnourished due to lack of proper food, at the same time DUE TO LACK OF PROPER STORAGE FACILITY AND PROPER TRANSPORT FACILITY FROM RURAL TO URBAN AREAS AND DUE TO LACK OF APPROPRIATE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRIES IN RURAL AREAS, MILLIONS OF TONNES OF AGRICULTURE PRODUCE IS GETTING WASTED/ROTTEN, WHICH OTHERWISE LEAVING LOSS TO THE FARMERS AS WELL THE ENTIRE PEOPLE OF THE COUNTY, which can be contained by creating such infrastructure facilities which require land at rural areas, So in such unavoidable situations the cultivatable land for creating infrastructure like High way corridors, Railway lines/Sidings, Power transmission lines can be used, or even Irrigation Dams, if the design creates  optimum route/ cost effective route/project, then the cultivatable land can be used for this purpose, however government should not acquire more than double  the land required for creation of such amenities keeping buffer land for future expansion needs, and in no case government should acquire even one time cultivatable land for any other projects in the name of infrastructure creation, other than the specified above, also government should clearly specify in the bill itself that the definition, categories falling under common good infrastructure projects, never for SEZ’s to give it to private developers/investors for establishment of private industries even industries like which are necessary in infrastructure creation such as power, cement, steel , petro chemicals, fertilizers etc, in order to boost confidence in farming community and for clarity government must clearly specify in the act that no consent of farmers/ land owners required only for common good infrastructure projects and in no case government will allocate the land acquired for this purpose to private developers for other than this purpose.  (COUNTRY WIDE,  VILLAGE WISE/ WARD WISE GEO MAPPING OF LAND USE SHOULD BE MADE ON WEBSITE FOR PUBLIC UNDERSTANDING, CLEARLY MENTIONING THE AGRICULTURAL LAND, ONE TIME CROPS LANDS, TWO TIME CROP LANDS, THE RAILWAY LINES, HIGHWAYS, THE PROJECT CORRIDORS, RESIDENTIAL HABITATIONS ETC, THE DETAILS OF INDUSTRIES,  WHAT ARE EFFLUENT EMISSIONS EACH INDUSTRY DISCHARGE IN THE PROCESS OF PRODUCTION IN THAT VICINITY, THE PLACES OF STORAGE/DISPOSAL OF EFFLUENTS, THE ILL EFFECTS OF SUCH UNTREATED EFFLUENTS, THE RADIUS OF EFFECTS ETC, THE ADVANTAGES OF PROJECTS ETC FOR PUBLIC UNDERSTANDING AND SCRUTINY); Since the % of such cultivatable land lost due to creation of infrastructure on the cultivatable land for common good infrastructure projects is very fraction compared the overall cultivatable land in the country, also the benefits the farming community and people of the country due infrastructure created on such lands is huge compared to the yield value of the lost cultivated land, the government can acquire lands for such projects without the consent of farmers, after basic SEIA, EnIA studies, clearance; it is a hard fact to understand and sympathy for the farmers who lost their land as there will certainly a great amount of pain, agony in the farmers who lost their land, being having emotional attachment for decades with the land which provided livelihood, food, shelter for them; such loss/ trauma cannot be compensated with just one time settlement (suppose the cost of acre is Rs ten thousand, government giving 4 times compensation i.e forty thousand, then hoe come government expect that the family of say 4 of the farmer survive lifelong with 40 thousand?) in order to compensate such loss/trauma, it is necessary to value adequately their sacrifice/contribution to common good,  the government must value sacrifices appropriately, they should be adequately compensated by rehabilitation at choice place, giving another property with similar soil conditions in case farmers wish to do so,, in addition they should be given either salary (job for the eligible in the family if they opt for)/ or lifelong monthly pension based on the average yield per acre in that territory as a permanent lifelong incentive to lead dignified comfortable life, since the land which they possessed otherwise gives them lifelong income which was lost by farmer permanently by giving it for infrastructure development?. For this purpose government must create a special corpus fund, and like any other retired government employee getting pension, same provisions should be applicable here also.

        If the so called POLITICAL PARTIES CUTTING across party lines whether Ruling or non ruling, also all NGO’S, also all so called ACTIVISTS, if any real commitment towards real inclusive growth of all sections of people persists in them, possess real heart/intention towards providing dignified livelihood for the downtrodden, under privileged sections of the society, wish proper infrastructure for better living conditions of all sections of society exists, wish creation of employment to the youth of the country, while maintaining rights of the farmers, they should make sure they will help the farmers in fixing/ addressing ground issues farmers facing, rather than just implanting fear psychosis among the already suffering farmer sections by just propagating only ill effects of the land bill rather than providing solution to the issues, (it is certainly true to a large extent that majority of the people who are doing protests or going to do protests are mediocre about the land bill, and only peril they have that government going to snatch away their land and lively hood, which was otherwise implanted by the vested interest political/NGO/activists implanted?) the issues already existing pertaining to cultivatable land need to be addressed first, as such it is necessary, need of the hour to BRING STRINGENT LAND LAWS &  REGULATE THE LAND PRICING, LINKING APPRECIATION OF LAND VALUE TO THE SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT IN THE RESPECTIVE TERRITORIES (whether commercial, residential, agricultural) in a rational, systematic manner.

        As it is a fact that when so called all non ruling political parties are doing agitation sighting that the proposed new land bill will give power to government grab the land from farmers/ land owners at will in the name of infrastructure projects (since government did not elaborate about the meaning of infrastructure projects, also for which infrastructure projects the consent of farmers/ land owners is not necessary, also government did not assure that the land acquired by government will  be used only for common good infrastructure projects in the larger public interest purposes and will not give it for industry, hospitality/ entertainment /sports development etc etc for private investors, other than PPP projects); but most strangely these political parties and NGO’s ignoring the land grabbing of “Land Sharks/ Land Mafias who are in nexus with political and business class, grabbing the land from the poor and middle class (making it a dispute, and going to court and either languish in court for decades or come for out of court settlement and genuine hard earned money invested in land/property by the poor and middle class being taken away due the the apperception of land value several times, it become a common syndrome in every part of the country, and helplessly the poor and middle class are obeying for the settlement due to the financial inability to bare the legal costs, and also unable to wait till decades  for judgment, also not able to bear the threat perception from the anti social land crabbing gangs, they are settling land issue for less than 50% of their land value of the actual value and selling the land to the persons who are in nexus with land mafias, it is mainly  due to lack of appropriate strength of Judiciary to dispose the case in a time bound manner, also lack of stringent punishments for land grabbing;  several millions of cases pertaining to land are still in trail case for decades. So if the so called political class / NGO’s who are agitating against government for land bill, should ensure positive pressure is created on government to ensure the JUSTICE SYSTEM REFORMS (JUDICIARY, POLICE, OTHER LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES); ensure more number (at least DOUBLE THE PRESENT STRENGTH AT ALL LEVELS) of JUDGES and supporting staff are recruited through creating JUDICIAL SERVICE COMMISSION at State and Central, MAINTAINING RESERVATION FOR SC ST OBC at ALL LEVELS OF JUDICIARY, also creation of appropriate necessary infrastructure, in addition creation of MORNING AND EVENING COURTS to ensure speedy justice happens? And all pending land cases are disposed within a short span, say two to three years, which will relive millions of people who are under acute stress due to their hard earned property is under court litigation, pending justice?

        Also in case the so called political parties and NGO’s who are fighting the government for land bill as if they are fully in service to the downtrodden people of the country, SHOULD CREATE POSITIVE PRESSURE ON GOVERNMENT FOR ENACTING STRINGENT PUNISHMENTS FOR LAND GRABBING, ALL THE LAND GRABBING CASES SHOULD BE NON BAIL ABLE,  SHOULD ATTRACT LIFE IMPRISONMENT ON PAR MURDER CASE/RAPE CASE, THE special act for protecting land of from land grabbers/ anti social elements, should be in place for containing land grabbing cases; since the land value is appreciated several times year after year without any fixed/uniform reason (rational), the poor and middle class, even some of the upper class, invest their lifelong savings to own a property to enjoy peaceful retired life either in urban area (mostly outskirts) or rural area, when the cost is affordable, but due to rapid urbanisation / industrialisation if any projects come near that outskirt area after few years of purchase, which is otherwise far away from habitation at the time of purchase, now become more valued land, then the land mafias are grabbing such land and asking for settlement or sell it at throw away price or price at which it was purchased, in the process the investment made by the poor/ middle class for future with their hard saving, saving on food, health care and decades of hopes is being  tarnished by these land mafias with the indirect support of political class and also some corrupt police.  In case such law is enacted protecting the right/ interest of land owners, the land grabbing cases can be marginalised, This will really prove that the so called POLITICAL CLASS cutting across party lines, NGO’s have real intention of protecting interest of common people and downtrodden sections?

        Also if the So called political class/ NGO’s who are for and pro the land bill should ensure that their party carder and their NGO go around each village in the country and identify the factories which are spreading pollution  fluids, gases (untreated effluent fluids being discharged into soil adjacent to the factory) in the vicinity of the village, which otherwise polluting the soil, ground water table, and ponds/ rivers, which are the source of land and water for cultivation for the farmers and ensure the effluents are treated and no polluted water is left in the nearby agriculture fields and water bodies? Can’t they do it???, as the total yield of cultivation getting drastically reduced in these polluted soils, using polluted water, also the cost of production is on rise due to need for excessive requirement of fertilizers in these kind of soils, also in some cases the land is un usable for cultivation due the soil become poisonous and the yield will not be useful for consumption by humans and cattle, it is a hard fact that millions of acres of cultivation, production of food grains is being effected due to this kind of polluted soils, polluted water bodies; Also another major deterrent for cultivation and loss of cultivatable land is due to encroachments of water bodies, river streams, cannels by vested interests, so  the political class and NGO’s should make their party carder activate and identify the encroachments in water bodies near to villages which are otherwise blocking the water meant for cultivation and ensure the government authorities clear the encroachments near water bodies, cannels, water channels, river streams,  ensuring free flow of water, more water available for cultivation. (GOVERNMENT MUST DO CENTRALISED, DISTRICT WISE, VILLAGE/WARD WISE GEO MAPPING WITH DETAILS OF WATER BODIES, RIVER STREAM, CANNELS AND MAKE IT AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET FOR PUBLIC UNDERSTANDING AND NECESSARY ACTION FOR CLEARING ENCROACHMENTS) These measures will certainly enhance millions of acres of cultivation??;  If all political parties have will to do so, really committed to help the farmers then they can do so, as After all every political party has cadre in every village and most of them have either smart phone or at least camera phone they should video record/ photograph the effluents which are left freely by the factories in their village, in the vicinity of cultivatable land, and untreated water being pumped/discharged into fresh water bodies, river streams, cannels, also encroachments of water bodies and up-load the same to website (a separate web site should be created for this purpose, also ideal to develop a mobile app for this purpose so that the date reaches the concerned state hierarchy in the government to act up on; also the media can go along with them or go to the places where the effect is large ensuring pressure is created on authorities to act up on?, after all, most of the pollutant industries have nexus to local political leaders and also most of the encroachments at water bodies are done by people with nexus to political class or by the political class people themselves?) and  In fact by this way they can save several folds of cultivatable land than what the government going to take away in the name of infrastructure projects through the land bill in the present form? This will certainly save millions of Acers  of cultivatable land, in addition  the yield also more, more agricultural output, means less cost for common people, also in the process they can save millions of live stock which are otherwise affected by the harmful/ poisons polluted waters??  So Rather than just protesting at national capital, gaining attention of national media, and the regional media takes the feed from national media? How far this show put up agitations will solve real issues on the ground at villages faced by farming sections? Is it not time to act on this in order to protect the cultivatable land by all political parties?

        Also the so called political class and NGO’s who are opposing the land in the present form, as if they are only interests in the farmers welfare and agricultural production of the country, welfare of the downtrodden, THEN THEY SHOULD PROTECT THE CULTIVATABLE LAND OF THE FARMERS BEING SEVERELY ABUSED BY USE OF GM/GE GENETICALLY MODIFIED/ GENETICALLY ENGINEERED SEEDS OF FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES, and ensure government bans the use of GE/GM seeds cultivation, especially the contract farming by corporate companies in food processing ho want to make quick profit , more profit in short time and use the GE/GM seeds in the leased lands and use excessive fertilizers to get more yield during the lease period, once they feel that soil is turning to white elephant, they leave the soil (millions of hectors of land being used in contract farming by giant MNC companies and other food processing industries), as the GE/GM seeds once cultivates, after second crop the land will not be useful for conventional/ traditional native INDIAN seeds and only GE/GM seeds need to be used henceforth, also the GE/GM seeds needs tailor / custom made pesticides which are expensive and every now and then the GM/GE seed manufactures alter the structure of the seed and in some cases ensure pest comes after crop grown for certain period and the pest can be controlled by their pesticides only, in addition will consume lot of fertilizers as GE/GM seeds drain away the nutrients from the soil and the soil is life less and the entire  once fertile land becomes useless for cultivation, as in due course the fertilizer cost is more than the cost of production as more quantities of fertilizers are needed crop after crop (SOIL HEALTH CARD PROPOSED BY GOVERNMENT WHICH ARE GOING TO BE ISSUED WILL CERTAINLY ESTABLISH THIS FACT, THE GOVERNMENT MUST START ISSUE OF SOIL HEALTH CARDS IN THE REGIONS WHERE AT PRESENT GE/GM SEEDS ARE BEING USED SO THAT THE FACT CAN BE ESTABLISHED IMMEDIATELY, TILL THAT GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT HURRAY-LY ALLOW USE OF GE/GM SEEDS IN HORTICULTURE AND OTHER CROPS AS ALREADY MNC GE/GM SEED PRODUCES CLAIMING TRAIL RUN  ARE SUCCESSFUL FOR THEM AND AWAITING GOVERNMENT NOD FOR INTRODUCTION INTO MARKET?), farmers will land in debts, also over used fertilised/ pesticides foods on consuming leads to cancers and other health hazards who consumes them?  So if the real intension of the So called political parties cutting across party lines if are really interested in farmers and downtrodden then they should create positive pressure on government to BAN GENETICALLY MODIFIED SEEDS / GENETICALLY ENGINEERED SEEDS (GM/GE), creation, raise of NATIVE SEED BANKS and incentives for farmers for using native seeds.

        Also it is high time to protect the farmers from loss due to duplicate seeds, adulterated pesticides/ fertilizers, which are leaving misery for the farmers, hence government must protecting the farmers from the loss occurred due to spurious, adulterated, duplicate seeds, fertilizers, pesticides sale by the traders, THE CRIME FOR SELLING SPURIOUS, ADULTERATED, DUPLICATE SEEDS, SUB STANDARD FERTILIZERS, PESTICIDES SHOULD BE A NON BAIL-ABLE OFFENCE AND SHOULD BE LIABLE FOR LIFE IMPRISONMENT, AS IT IS NOTHING BUT DELIBERATELY  MAKING FARMERS SUFFER DUE TO CROP FAILURE AS THE SELLERS ARE FULLY AWARE THAT THESE  SUB STAND PRODUCTS WILL LEAD TO CROP FAILURE OF TERRIBLE LOSS OF YIELD? Causing mental agony in addition to economic loss for them, in addition this leads to rise in food costs due to over all low yield of crop, which indirectly taking away quantity food from the poor indirectly due to crop failure due to lack of food several people are becoming malnourished and even few people might be dying due to lack of food?; also it should be made mandatory that sale of seed, fertilizer, pesticides should be recorded farmer wise, Village wise, for this  government must issue farmer smart cards (ideal soil health cards should be linked/ integrated to this), ALL THE FARM INPUT RETAILERS SHOULD BE GIVEN TABLET PC AND ASKED TO UP LOAD ON REAL TIME SALE OF SEEDS, FERTILIZERS,, PESTICIDES ON A STANDARD FORMAT , WHERE GOVERNMENT CAN HAVE CENTRALISED DATABANK AS PER VILLAGE, MANDAL, DISTRICT, STATE AND PRODUCT MANUFACTURER WISE, SO THAT THE ANALYSIS OF DATA ON REAL TIME WILL CERTAINLY REDUCE THE SALE OF SUB STANDARD PRODUCTS, AND GOVERNMENT MUST MAKE IT MANDATORY THAT PURCHASE BILLS FOR THE FARM INPUTS VERY NECESSARY, AT THE SAME TIME FOR EVERY RETAILER SHOULD BE ABLE TO EXECUTE THE SALE ONLY BY FEEDING THE FARMER ID CARD NUMBER AND THE PAYMENT RECEIPT SHOULD BE FROM THE BANK CARD/ BANK CHEQUE OF THAT FARMER, ALSO WITHOUT WHICH THE FARMERS SHOULD NOT BE ENTITLED FOR CROP INSURANCE, FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT HAVE CROP INSURANCE GOVERNMENT MUST NOT EXTEND SUBSIDIES ON INPUTS LIKE FREE/CONCESSIONAL POWER ETC; this can  this will certainly contain the sale of spurious inputs, the chances of crop failure will be marginalised, except due to natural claimants, this measure will certainly ensure increase in production which will enhance the dignity of living of farming community. The so called political parties and NGO’s should work in this direction to put positive pressure on government to enact law in this direction in the interest of farmers?

        Also if the o called political parties cutting across party lines and So called NGO’s are really interested in the well being of the farmers, then they should create positive pressure on government for making it mandatory that farming activity should be done in cooperative manner i.e few farmers whose lands are adjacent to each other form a cooperative association giving some name to it for ensuring the size of cultivatable land is substantial (if 20 farmers join together with average holding of 1 acre each then the farm size become 20 acres) to form VACA Village Agriculture Cooperative Association by some name say (123 VACA or XYZ VACA); in addition the government must make it mandatory that in each VACA should adopt  integrated farming, making ¼ of the VACA cultivatable land should be used for raising horticulture crops like vegetables. Fruits, in addition to raising of cattle /milking cows/ buffalos to hens/ ducks, which will provide daily income to the VACA, also provide vegetables, Milk, eggs for self consumption among the family members of VACA, providing required nutritional food at very cheap rate, as they are rising them, the per capta income will raise substantially in VACA system, the mal nourishment/ under nutrition problem can be fully eradicated due to availability of food with nutritious values due to availability of vegetables, milk, eggs which were produced by them in their farm, (when they are holding 0.75 hectors/ one hector on an average, individual farmer wise all these measures are not possible, and they are stressed due to managing the affairs alone, also the land is not sufficient/ viable for simultaneously doing both horticulture, cattle rising and farming main crop) also this VACA enables the members can take up other activities  during ideal time, as for one acre farming they should be available all day in the farm, where as in the VACA farming  they need to be present once a week or as decided among the members dividing work load, when their rotation comes, also the cost of production can be reduced to some extent due to mechanised farming in places where the availability of trained agriculture labour is shortage, in VACA farming each member can spend more time on their family welfare, marketing of their produce, may even establish  food processing units either Medium, micro or small enterprise, locally to earn more profits etc etc.   Since the benefits are enormous in cooperative farming in every village several VACA should be formed by joining all the adjacent lands with each VACA not exceeding 20 to 50 acres of land depending up on the type of soil, which should be ideal for obtaining more yield. In order to encourage VACA formations government must provide incentives for VACA farming like concessions on fertilizers, concessions on horticulture seeds, concessions on purchase of cattle etc. So that more VACA’s are going to farmed in each village like Self Help Groups (SHG),; in the event farmers want to cultivate individually for what so ever reasons, they can continue to do so without having the advantage of special concessions they are getting on farm inputs. This measure of VACA will ensure more yield and improvement in the life style of the farmers.   So the political parties cutting across party lines should support this measure to be made in the LAND BILL, if they are really interested in the well being of farmers.

        Also if the political class and NGO’s, activists have real concern for farmers, they should create pressure on government to procure the entire agriculture produce each village wise/mandal wise, and then sell it to traders; in this process government must ensure minimum support price for the farm produce (which should be at least 50% more than the input costs including labour costs for arriving MINIMUM SUPPORT PRICE TO THE FARMERS); ALSO GOVERNMENT MUST FIX A CAP ON MAXIMUM SELLING PRICE OF THE FARM PRODUCE BY THE TRADERS AT VARIOUS LOCATIONS, BY FIXING THE MARK UP PRICE BY THE TRADERS on the base price at which government supplied to them (FARMERS ARE AT LIBERTY TO SELL TO GOVERNMENT OR SELL ON THEIR OWN IN THE NEAR BY VICINITY  IN RETAILING, FARMERS ARE BARRED TO SELL IN BULK TO TRADERS IN VILLAGES, FARMERS NEED TO OBTAIN RETAIL TRADING LICENCE FROM GOVERNMENT, IN ORDER TO ENCOURAGE FARMERS SELLING IN RETAIL GOVERNMENT MUST PROVIDE SOME CONCESSIONS ON TRANSPORTATION ETC TO FARMERS) , THE MARK UP PRICE SHOULD VARY FROM DISTRICT TO DISTRICT BASED ON THE DISTANCE OF FRIGHT, SHELF LIFE ETC; also government must make it public the village wise procurement of various food grains, the acreage crops in cultivation, the total buffer stock, stock with traders etc on website ONLINE REAL TIME DATA (ESPECIALLY FOOD GRAINS) and update the MAXIMUM SELLING price of commodities, district wise, city wise (after adding mark up price on basic Minimum Support Price, EITHER THERE SHOULD BE PROVISION FOR SUBSCRIPTION BY INDIVIDUAL MOBILE PHONE USERS OR GOVERNMENT ON ITS OWN SHOULD SEND SMS ALERTS EVERY DALY ABOUT THE MAXIMUM SELLING PRICE OF COMMODITIES (WHOLE SALE AND RETAIL FOR BOTH NON PERISHABLE AND PERISHABLE, retail price based on the distance from the whole sale market yard) which should include, packaging, handing, transportation, margin for traders, whole sellers, retailers, Similar to Pharmacy products which are under government control); ALSO ALL THE WHOLE SALE SELLERS SHOULD BE GIVEN TABLET PC AND MAKE THEM MANDATORY TO UPLOAD THE DAILY STOCK MOVEMENT, ALONG WITH PURCHASER NAME/MOBILE NUMBER, TAX REGISTRATION NUMBER, ALL RECEIPTS ABOVE  Rs 1,000 should be through bank transaction, either though bank card, cheque or online transfer and below Rs 1,000 mobile number of the buyer; ALSO THE WHOLE SALE PRICES/ RETAIL PRICES SHOULD BE GEO MAPPED (WARD/VILLAGE/TERRITORY WISE) ON REAL TIME BASES AND SHOULD BE MADE AVAILABLE ON WEB SITE; THIS MEASURE WILL CERTAINLY CONTAIN HORDING AND ARTIFICIAL PRICE RISE, ALSO PEOPLE WILL GET COMMODITIES AT RIGHT PRICE; THIS MEASURE WILL CERTAINLY GIVE MEANING TO THE EFFORTS OF FARMERS AS THEY FEEL THAT THEY GOT RIGHT PRICE FOR THEIR HARD EFFORTS, AT THE SAME TIME PEOPLE WILL GET FOOD AT AFFORDABLE PRICE.  This will certainly change the Economic dynamics of the country, due to availability of quality food at low costs, the malnourishment problems, anaemia in girls and women problem can be fully get marginalised, healthy children, youth leading to healthy work force all leading to healthy nation.

        Also do these political class cutting across party lines/ NGO’s think/ support some youth of the country becoming rich overnight due appreciation of land value/ land rates increase abnormally over night due to some or other reason, since till date there are no fixed norms/ rational means to determine the market price of the land?, as their parents, forefathers possess some piece of land so some youth become rich, and without doing any substantial work they should live luxury life, where as the other youth who are land less should remain as common man suffering lack of amenities? STRANGE ? How do you justify this?; also some of the crony capitalists acquire land from farmers at low cost and make wind fall gains over night when any project is announced, by trading later, as they gather information in advance that some project is going to come in that nearby are and development activity going to happen, due to the nexus between government officials, political class, which makes poor farmers are losing lively hood where as the crony capitalists gaining like anything.  

        Also one should give serious thought, that When the money in bank earns only 8% to 10% return on savings to the individual (otherwise the same money productively used by various people by taking loan starting business and creating employment to several millions of people), and also investment in the BULLION market (gold, silver) increase in rate not crossing 15% a year at maximum, where as the land getting increased by several times sometimes even 1,000 % the base cost year after year? Without any substantial reason? why?, Because land rate is in getting appreciated/increases several times mostly by the vested upper echelons, lot of vested interests, crony capitalists used this and enjoying windfall gains ether trading the land or mortgaging land in banks and some doing genuine business some even cheating banks by just enjoying the availed loans without repayment? Why should this be allowed to happen?. Also due to this even government want to acquire land genuine development of infrastructure, people are un willing to give their land, anticipating the fear of not only losing their lively hood,  but also hope that their land value may get appreciated several time over a period of time?  As a result several developmental projects are getting stalled??  Also It is due to land value getting appreciated year after year, irrationally, even several families  are  getting disintegrating as some of the family members want to enjoy life without doing any work but selling hereditary properties whose value got increased several folds?  ALL THIS IS DUE THE FACT THAT THERE ARE LACK OF FIXED NORMS FOR FIXING THE SALE PRICE OF LAND / FIXING THE VALUE OF LAND?

        So if the so called political parties have really wish for the good of the people of the country, they should make government of the day will AMEND THE LAND BILL and enact law for FIXING THE LAND VALUE/RATE IN A UNIFORM/ RATIONAL MEANS without any scope for corrupt practise, ensuring the CIRCLE RATE IS MARKET RATE, and MAKING A MEANINGFUL, TRANSPARENT WAY OF DETERMINING LAND VALUE , GIVING PEOPLE  THE CHOICE TO SELL WITHIN THE FIXED RATES rather than a single fixed rate of either circle rate or market rate as various properties has their own advantages based on their location. So the LAND VALUE SHOULD  HAVE MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM SALE PRICE, THE LAND VALUATION SHOULD VARY EACH WARD WISE, VILLAGE WISE, BASED ON FIXED PARAMETERS LIKE EXISTING AMENITIES/ DEVELOPMENT IN THAT TERRITORY, in addition the RATE OF APPRECIATION/ ENHANCEMENT SHOULD BE ON PAR WITH BANK INTEREST RATE PER YEAR which will be fixed either quarterly or half early; once the authority fixes the base rate i.e MIN RATE i.e EQUIVALENT TO MARKET RATE, THEN THE MAXIMUM VALUE CAN BE ARRIVED BY ADDING 20% MORE TO MINIMUM VALUE. The difference of MINIMUM and MAXIMUM rate for the property/land should not be more than 20%, the idea of Min Max rate instead of one CIRCLE RATE is due to the fact that some lands have geographical advantage like  adjacent to roads,  dead ends, corner, near parks, water bodies, beautiful view, vicinity to amenities like education institutions, hospitals or any superstitious reasons seller or buyer believe etc also in some cases due to so called vastu advantages etc etc giving the option to the seller to sell within the MIN MAX rate in case of urban lands, also for rural lands like approach roads, distance from the village centre/habitations, distance from market yard etc, which will also create competition among the sellers and advantageous to the buyers also.  The MIN rate is circle rate/market rate.

        For the purpose of fixing MIN  MAX value of property in each village/ ward, there should be an agency TERRITORIAL LAND RATE FIXATION AUTHORITY in Each District, to determine MIN MAX RATE and the increase/appreciation the land value in villages/ wards in that district.  The TERRITORIAL LAND RATE FIXATION AUTHORITY (TLRFA) should comprise members of Revenue department, NGO’s, Farmers association, all recognised political party representatives and representatives from business/ trade associations, which should initially fix MIN MAX RATE, based on existing amenities at the time of fixing, later on  the TLRFA should assemble every quarterly/half yearly for determining % of increase in the value of property in the respective territories ward wise/ village wise based on developments taken place in the previous quarter/ half year, the rate of appreciation/increase per half year should not be more than 5% of the MINIMUM VALUE, and the yearly rate of increase should not be more than 10% or bank rate of interest whichever is higher.  The MIN MAX VALUE, APPRECIATION OF LAND VALUE SHOULD BE GEO MAPPED WARD WISE/ VILLAGE WISE WITH REASONS FOR FIXATION, APPRECIATION WHICH SHOULD BE UP DATED EVERY HALF YEARLY AND A CENTRALISED GEO MAP DATA SHOULD BE AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE for public understanding. (already some private property dealers are using basic geo mapping of availability of properties at the required specifications, budgests across the country if one feeds the inputs like the budget, specifications etc so the GOO MAPPING of MIN MAX can done easily)

        The bases for fixation of MIN MAX rate should be based on UNIFORM NORMS, IN STANDARD FORMAT throughout the country to determine/ arrival of land price in that territory wise is based on the parameters like development activities happened/happening as on date in that territory, population of the village/ward, per capta income, availability of basic amenities like roads, hospitals, schools, collages, transportation facilities like bus, rail, airport,  sea port, approach roads, distance to highways, distance from market yard, food storage gowdans, etc etc. THIS MEASURE WILL CHANGE THE DYNAMICS OF ECONOMY OF THE COUNTRY.

        THE CRITERIA/ NORMS FOR ENHANCING THE LAND VALUE/RATE (APPRECIATED VALUE OF LAND PERIODICALLY) SHOULD ALSO BE UNIFORM THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY WHICH SHOULD BE DIFFERENT FROM NORMS WHICH WERE LAID FOR ARRIVING AT MINIMUM RATE. FOR ARRIVING AT MINIMUM RATE THE PRESENT FACILITIES AVAILABLE SHOULD BE TAKEN INTO AS BASES, WHERE AS FOR FIXING INCREMENT THE PARAMETERS ARE PROGRESSIVE/ ON GOING/ DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES, IMPROVEMENT OF STANDARD OF LIVING AS BASE;  For arriving rate of enhancement/appreciation, there should be fixed points with fixed rating, i.e creation of approach road, creation of community toilets, maintenance of cleanliness of surroundings (Hygiene of village/ ward), visit of ASHAS, conduct of Gram sabhas should, fair distribution of Fair price shops monitoring etc, no of Self Help Groups (SHG) & turnover of SHG, safety precautions while using fertilizers/ pesticides, and hazardous materials storage/ waste disposal, use of alternative energy like solar power, gober gas plants, etc, reduction of use of wood/ charcoal for cooking (use of smoke less stoves / chulas for cooking etc), use of solar lantrins where no rural electrification places,  the Gram sabha members taking pro active measures of ensuring health care of adult child, nourishing mothers, aged people, no of children being vaccinated, no of children studying (negative percentage in case of school dropouts in coming  half year), creation of play grounds,  communal harmony, no of MNREGA employees & work done, savings in banks, etc, vaccination of stray animals,  administering precautionary medicine in the events of communicable diseases, use of green energy/ solar energy at Gram panchayat office, maintenance of Primary health centre etc, etc many other different parameter to determine the  increase in the land value in the rural areas. (if there are 25 points to be considered, for each 5 points 1% increase in land value can be ascertained, negative points for negative activities like school dropouts, disturbances in communal harmony etc, which will ensure that all villagers can work in harmony, in team spirit and inclusive growth occurs over a period of time, which is sustainable) If some points are in progress then they can enhance the rate by those bases points. Also ideal that the TLRFA should inspect quarterly to inspect the villages personally observe/ record the ongoing development activities to educate the villages for fixing the rate enhancement of value of property, also this visits should aim at build thrust in them for development, inducing in them the need for development activities of the village through cooperation among various sections in the village for enhancement of land rate, if there is no development activities taken place, or unhygienic surroundings, no toilets/ open defecation, stagnation of drainage water etc, then the land rate many remain the same as MINIMUM fixed rate fixed at the beginning, even after several years until unless people understand the need for cooperative team effort for change in the state of territory, creation of basic amenities in their territory.  Due to MIN MAX RATE FIXATION, ENHANCEMENT OF LAND VALUE BASED ON PROGRESS OF VILLAGE, WILL INCULCATE TEAM SPIRIT AMONG THE PEOPLE IN THE VILLAGES, WILL MAKE THE PEOPLE STAND UP FOR THEIR RIGHT QUESTIONING THEIR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES TO WORK FOR THE DEVELOPMENT & WELFARE ACTIVITIES OF THE PEOPLE OF THE TERRITORY, ALSO MAKES THEM KEEP THEIR SURROUNDINGS ALWAYS CLEAN AND HYGIENE (MAKING SWATCH BHARAT A REALITY), THERE WILL BE TOILETS AND NO OPEN DEFECATION, THE DIGNITY OF WOMEN SAFE GUARDED, THE CHILDREN WILL GO TO SCHOOL, LESS SCHOOL DROPOUTS, FAMILY HEALTH WILL IMPROVE, ALL LEADING TO OVER ALL PROGRESS OF EVERY VILLAGE, THUS THE NATION WILL ACHIEVE SUSTAINED INCLUSIVE GROWTH OVER A PERIOD OF TIME. Also the MIN MAX rate and ENHANCE OF PROPERTY VALUE makes private investors acquire land with ease, more private investment occurs due to stable land pricing/value of appreciation, thus more economic development occurs, without the need for banking on government for acquiring land for private business/industry.

        Also it should be made mandatory that ALL THE PAYMENTS IN ANY LAND/PROPERTY TRANSITION SHOULD BE THROUGH BANK CHEQUE ONLY; Also in case of value of TRANSACTION OF PROPERTY IS MORE THAN 1,00,000 ONE LAKH RUPEES THAN INCOME TAX CLEARANCE FOR THE SOURCE OF FUND SHOULD BE MANDATORY FOR LAND REGISTRATION/ sale agreement. All sale agreements must mandatorily get registered within a 24 hours of prospective sale agreement and on registration of sale agreement the validity of the sale agreement should be maximum of 90 days else should automatically get lapsed. 

Also it should be made mandatory that before entering sale agreement with any prospective buyer the seller should feed the details of sale agreement like buyer details, value agreed, the extent of land/property description etc with land registration authority website (otherwise a centralised website for showing basic details to public the prospective sale agreements between land owner & buyer, linking the property owners details should be there), AND A UNIQUE NUMBER SHOULD BE AWARDED EACH PROSPECTIVE SALE AGREEMENT WHEN PROPERTY OWNER/SELLER ENTER THE REQUIRED BASIC DETAILS OF PROPERTY TRANSACTION (PIN NUMBER TO BE SENT ON THE MOBILE NUMBER OF THE PROPERTY OWNER TO BE QUOTED ALONG WITH DETAILS SUBMITTED FOR GETTING UNIQUE NUMBER AUTHORISING THE SALE OF THE PROPERTY OF THE PROSPECTIVE SALE TRANSACTION) FOR ALL PROSPECTIVE SALE AGREEMENTS TO GET TRANSLATE INTO SALE AGREEMENT REGISTRATION, THE UNIQUE NUMBER SHOULD BE QUOTED IN PROSPECTIVE SALE AGREEMENT FOR ENTERING INTO A SALE AGREEMENT, THIS DISPLAY OF UNIQUE NUMBER ENSURES THAT PROPERTY OWNER NOT ENTERING SALE AGREEMENT WITH MULTIPLE PERSONS, MULTIPLE TIMES, OR FRAUDULENTLY SELLING / ENTERING PROPERTY SALE AGREEMENTS FOR PROPERTIES WHICH ARE UNDER MORTGAGE OF BANKS/ FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS ETC WHICH WILL CERTAINLY ERADICATE FRAUDS IN PROPERTY TRANSACTIONS, DUE TO DOUBLE REGISTRATIONS/ SELLING IT TO MULTIPLE PERSONS THE SAME PROPERTY OR SELLING PROPERTY ON FABRICATED DOCUMENTS ETC AND REDUCE PROPERTIES GETTING INTO COURT LITIGATIONS; in this process the persons who are willing to buy the property situated anywhere in INDIA/entering sale agreement  should visit the web site of PROPERTY OWNERS for ETHNICITY OF UNIQUE ID AUTHORISING SALE OF THE PROPERTY, if this number exists then the property can be confirmed that the property owner has not entered the agreement prior to them/property free from mortgage  and their sale can be valid provided all other formalities completed, this measure also ensures who are buying which property, so that buying property in benami transactions, with un accounted money can be reduced to a great extent due to the taxation authorities get ample time to do surveillance on large transactions to unearth unaccounted money circulation in the property transition & availability of data publicly for public scrutiny, ALSO IT SHOULD MADE A CRIMINAL OFFENCE FOR ENTERING A SALE AGREEMENT WITHOUT UNIQUE NUMBER AUTHORISING SALE OF PROPERTY, NO KIND OF MONITORY TRANSACTIONS SHOULD BE ENTERTAINED WITHOUT ENTERING SALE AGREEMENT, IF MADE SHOULD BE A CRIMINAL OFFENCE WITH APPROPRIATE IMPRISONMENT; ALSO IT SHOULD BE A CRIMINAL OFFENCE TO ENTER MORTGAGE OF PROPERTIES WITHOUT THIS UNIQUE NUMBER AND REGISTRATION OF MORTGAGE DEEDS MANDATORY, WITHOUT UNIQUE NUMBER NO CLAIMS ON RIGHTS OF MORTGAGE DEES ENTERTAINED IN CASE THE PROPERTY OWNERS FAILS TO REPAY; Since min max value is their in existence there is no harm for the buyer/ seller, in order to protect the interest of the buyer, once the draft details are entered to get unique id only basic details of the buyer should be visible not the monitory details, ALSO WITHIN 24 HOURS THE SALE AGREEMENT SHOULD OCCUR, GET SALE AGREEMENT REGISTERED, FINAL VALIDITY OF THE SALE AGREEMENT FOR FINAL REGISTRATION OF THE PROPERTY SHOULD BE WITHIN 90 DAYS OF THE SALE AGREEMENT REGISTRATION, TRANSFER OF TITLE DEEDS TO THE BUYER; also only under the violation of the terms of the agreement the sale deed can be cancelled only after 90 days of sale deed registration(primary sale agreement registration), if both parties agreed so the deed can be cancelled only after 90 days of GRANTING UNIQUE NUMBER; IN CASE PROPERTY SALE AGREEMENT NOT REGISTERED IN 24 HOURS OF OBTAINING UNIQUE NUMBER, OR AUTOMATICALLY AFTER 90 DAYS IF THE PROPERTY DID NOT GET INTO REGISTRATION FOR TRANSFER OF TITLE DEEDS TO BUYER, THE SALE AGREEMENT GETS NULLIFIED;  this measure ensures protection of interest of both sellers & buyers; Also the details of sale attempts by property owners should be displayed on the website; ALSO IT SHOULD BE MADE MANDATORY STANDARD FORMAT SALE DEED THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY FOR DIFFERENT TERMS FOR RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL, AGRICULTURAL, INDUSTRIAL PURPOSES ETC, BETWEEN INDIVIDUALS, CORPORATE ETC SO THAT THE LEGAL COMPLICATIONS CAN BE REDUCED TO A GREAT EXTENT, ALSO PEOPLE WILL BE FAMILIAR WITH THE STANDARD CLAUSES.  This measure will certainly increase revenues of governments, as it enhances the rate of collection of land registration fees by various state governments, which means more revenue for state government, as the rates are dynamic rather than statistic (at present once the circle rate is fixed it will be same for few years, ALSO THE scope for ABNORMAL MARKET PRICE do not arise, AS THE MARKET PRICE IS THE CIRCLE PRICE in the MINIMUM MAXIMUM PRICE FIXATION, also since Income tax clearance for more than 1,00,000 value properties ensures more tax collection for the central government (SINCE EVEN IN BANK TO BANK TRANSACTIONS PEOPLE MAY TRANSFER MONEY FROM ONE BENAMI BANK ACCOUNT EITHER INDIVIDUAL OR BUSINESS/ COMPANY ACCOUNT TO OTHER BENAMI BANK ACCOUNT AND THE OWNER OF THE PROPERTY DO NOT HAVE THAT LEGITIMATE TAXI PAID MONEY TO BUY THE PROPERTY), THE BLACK MONEY/UN ACCOUNTED MONEY CIRCULATION IN REAL ESTATE CAN BE REDUCED TO A GREAT EXTENT. In case if any LAND TRANSACTION  deviates MIN MAX value sale, and transacted less/more value than MIN MAX Value then BOTH THE RECEIVER AND PAYMENT MADE PARTIES i.e the SELLER as well as BUYER of PROPERTY ARE LIABLE OF CRIMINAL OFFENCE, which should be a non bail-able offence and should be subjected to rigorous imprisonment.  By this measure the so called distress sale can be prevented, also exploitation of situations by vested interest can be prevented to a great extent; in addition this measure will certainly prevent circulation of black money/ unaccounted money in land and property transactions.

        ALSO GOVERNMENT MUST FIX THE MAX BASIC COST OF CONSTRUCTED PROPERTIES BY PROVIDING STANDARD FORMULA FOR ARRIVING THE COST OF PROPERTY, EACH WARD WISE / VILLAGE WISE BASED ON THE LOCAL INPUT COSTS AND THE DESIGN OF THE STRUCTURE (land cost will be known based on the property purchase document, in addition the construction for basic structure i.e foundation, pillars, slab, and cemented walls and basic provisions like concealed  electric piped wiring, water & sewerage piping etc without fittings), the maximum selling price can be arrived for the property. Also it should be mandatory that the builder must purchase all raw material through bank for this all the building material suppliers (sand, concrete, cement, steel, labour, civil, electrical, plumbic, flouring etc manufacturers/dealers, retailers either local or branded) and the builders need to raise the invoice to the bank, either bank should and bank make immediate online payment or should issue LC to the suppler, which should be encased by the supplier on delivery of the goods to the builder, by submitting the bills and delivery voucher to the bank (ALSO IDEAL THERE FIXTURES AND FURNISHING AT PROPERTY CONSTRUCTION SHOULD BE SUBMITTED TO THE GOVERNMENT AUTHORITY, SAY THE AUTHORITY WHICH IS APPROVING DESIGN, THIS MEASURE WILL FURTHER CONTAIN THE CIRCULATION OF BLACK MONEY IN FIXTURES, AS MOST OF THE INDIVIDUALS WILL PUMP IN THEIR UN ACCOUNTED MONEY IN THE FIXTURES AND FURNISHINGS, IT A HARD FACT THAT IF ONE VISITS THE CONSTRUCTED PROPERTIES/ HOUSES/ BUNGALOW OF MOST OF THE ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, CIVIL SERVANTS AND JUDICIARY OFFICIALS, U FIND THE VALUE OF THE HOUSE DECLARED AND THE FURNISHING AND FIXTURES THE HOUSE HAS NO MATCH, FORGET ABOUT THE VALUE SHOWN/ DECLARED TO GOVERNMENT, THE FURNISHING COST WILL BE MORE THAN DOUBLE OR TRIPLE THE VALUE OF PROPERTY DECLARED TO THE GOVERNMENT? JUST FOOLING THE COMMON PUBLIC BY THIS MEANS BY POSING THEY ARE TRANSPARENT AND DECLARING THE VALUE OF THE PROPERTIES HONESTLY???? This is more or less like “char ana murgi keliya bhara ana masala’ – i.e for a chicken worth 25 pisa, the spices worth 75 pisa are being used to prepare a curry, like this the corrupt declaring properties undervalued and posing as transparent?) . THIS MEASURE CONTAINS THE UN ACCOUNTED MONEY/ BLACK MONEY CIRCULATION IN PROPERTY CONSTRUCTION, INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS TO A LARGE EXTENT. The maximum selling price of basic property and also with fittings can be fixed and the builders are restricted to earn killing margins, also since the margins are competitive, they like to finish the projects at the earlier, also there should be punishments for wrong bills/ undervalued bills, and the penalty should be 300% of the value of concealment. This measure will certainly reduce circulation of unaccounted money in constructed properties, also ensures all the local manufacturers / suppliers pay taxes. 

        Also this MIN MAX pricing, coupled with enhancement of property value on par with bank interest will certainly ensure affordable housing for all sections in urban/ semi urban areas as land costs are fixed and rational means in the housing in urban areas land rate component is more than the construction cost?), it will eliminate the land mafias from the country to a large extent as the rate of appreciation of value is very low, it will not be profitable to the land mafias to get wind fall gains when the land appreciation is very marginal (the cost of land will be doubled only in a span of 8 to 10 years by following bank rate of interest norms); it will eliminate windfall gains for the so called crony capitalists in land, crony capitalist activities can be eliminated to a great extent?. 

        This MIN MAX VALUE of LAND measure will ensure more people in rural areas willingly provide land for land acquisition in case government provides appropriate onetime compensation along with either job or lifelong pension to the people who are given up their land in addition to providing necessary habitation to the people affected by this, as due to urbanization some of the farmers willing to migrate to urban areas  due to education of their children or any other reason, they feel that one the compensation coupled with monthly salary/pension will certainly cater basic living of their family, as they do not be in anticipation that when any project announced/ government acquires the land, they will not regret that their neighbours are going get windfall gains due to appreciation of land, in addition they do not feel peril that they will become agriculture labour in the event of crop failure or due to any other reason?? (at present what is happening)??? Also more people may will deposit their earnings in bank rather than going for land if the land rate is on par with bank interest rate, as they can use the money deposed as and when required rather than finding the buyer and selling at  low rate in case of any emergency needs, to get their immediate needs fulfilled. Also it will ease the industry to start the industry as land rates will be always affordable and uniform more or less, thus the project’s cost is low, due this production cost is low, business will more and more jobs to the people. Also it prevents circulation of unaccounted money, black money in LAND to a great extent, This will bring transparency and ensure maximum accounted money transactions in land and property, also reduces corruption in government and PSU working class, and taxpaying business class.  Also all valuations for bank/ financial institution mortgages/ loans, the land value should be determined based on the MEAN of the MIN MAX value and in addition should take into consideration the increase of the % value enhanced every quarter. This will also eliminate bank frauds which are otherwise prevalent at present due to nexus between some corrupt bank authorities with some corrupt business people to pledge the land with low value in actual showing it as high value in the market and get loan and will not repay and banks unable to recover the loan after auction as the real value even after few years is much less than the principle loan given by the bank to few years back?.

        Also it is very necessary to create DATA BANK OF PROPERTY OWNERS THROUGH OUT THE COUNTRY EITHER VOTER ID CARD LINKED or ADHAR CARD LINKED and make it public in the web, so that just by pressing voter ID card number, name people can know who owns which properties at any part of INDIA,  so that the government, public  can know about who is owning which property, and is subjected to public scrutiny, this measure  reduces corruption, benami properties can be easily identified, also those who obtained properties through unaccounted money can be easily identified, ALSO IDEAL GOVERNMENT MUST CREATE A GEO MAP OF EVERY VILLAGE/ WARD WHICH SHOULD BE AVAILABLE ON THE WEB CLEARLY SPECIFYING THE GOVERNMENT LAND, PRIVATE LAND, DISPUTED LANDS PENDING IN COURT, ATTACHED BY GOVERNMENT AGENCIES (DISPUTES BETWEEN GOVERNMENT & PRIVATE, ALSO BETWEEN PRIVATE & PRIVATE), IN ADDITION THE MAP SHOULD SHOW THE DETAILS OF PROPERTIES OWNED BY ANY INDIVIDUAL IF HIS/HER SURNAME/ NAME/VOTER ID CARD NO ALL OVER INDIA SHOULD BE DISPLAYED. THIS MEASURE WILL CERTAINLY MAKES THE PROPERTY TRANSACTIONS MORE TRANSPARENT AS PEOPLE DO NOT GET CHEATED FOR DOUBLE REGISTRATIONS, BUYING GOVERNMENT PROPERTIES WHICH WERE SOLD TO THEM BY LAND MAFIA CHEATS, ALSO WILL NOT GET INTO TRANSACTIONS WHICH ARE IN DISPUTES AT COURTS/ GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, also this measure reveals the properties acquired by elected representatives, civil servants and Judiciary officials and business people without discloser, at various parts of the country; this measures reduces property matters getting into courts on account considerably saving lot of time of court , also lot of development activity can occur due to clear transactions) Also government departments like income tax and other departments should use the data to know the whether the individual who owned the property has that worth or it is acquired through tax paid money or not to determine the benami properties, all other anti corruption agencies can probe the source of money for acquiring property... and A Voluntary Disclosure Scheme should be made available to avoid criminal in this regard, however in VDS scheme the penalties should be levied. Also IDEAL THAT GOVERNMENT MUST RESTRICT EVERY INDIVIDUAL TO POSSESS NOT MORE THAN ONE URBAN PROPERTY AND MORE THAN ONE RURAL PROPERTY ANYWHERE IN INDIA and the extent of property can be determined based on other parameters like metro city, city, town, rural area etc etc, this measure will enable more money in BANK DEPOSITS, means more money for business and also housing for all families in urban areas, agriculture property for all families will be a reality in future.        All these measure leads government plan for infrastructure development will be a reality, thus more economic development activities takes place throughout the country and more jobs for the youth, the youth energies once channelized in the direction of progress,  peace and harmony prevails in the country. 

So It is ULTRA HIGH TIME, ALL POLITICAL PARTY ELDERS, NGO's, ACTIVISTS, THINK TANKS should exhibit their wisdom in this regard and ensure Government bring THE LAW FOR FIXING MINIMUM MAXIMUM SALE PRICE OF LAND, PERCENTAGE INCREASE OF LAND VALUE PER YEAR ON PAR WITH BANK INTEREST RATE, GEO MAPPING OF PROPERTY VALUES, LAND USE, MIN MAX RATE , ENHANCEMENT/ APPRECIATED RATE VILLAGE WISE/ WARD WISE, IN ADDITION CENTRALISED DATA BANK OF PROPERTY OWNERS, PROVISION OF UNIQUE NUMBER FOR AUTHORISING PROPERTY OWNER TO SELL THE PROPERTY, FIXING MAX SALE PRICE FOR CONSTRUCTED PROPERTIES, PAYMENTS TO CONSTRUCTION RELATED ACTIVITIES THROUGH BANK, all are necessary to remove the existing maladies in land and property, on implementing the spirit of this document, the progress of nation will occur for sure as it leads to sustained inclusive growth of all sections of people, so If the real intention of the political parties for being on streets/ protests is not to exhibit “ONE-UP-MAN SHIP” wasting several millions of man hours of downtrodden people, common people?,  But only and only in the larger interest of wellbeing of people of the country, especially the farming fraternity, Then they should take up this matter in appropriate forms like Parliament, Assembly create positive pressure on the Governments of the day for creation of Legislation in this regard, in case Governments of the day fail to do so, they should take this to streets, in the larger interest of people of the country, especially youth and downtrodden sections, farmers,  to make sure the Governments are compelled take up the issue and make law in this regard for ensuring Real Development occurs ensuring Inclusive growth happens at all times.

Note: Refer my document on "Shelter for All" November 2012, “Simple and effective reforms” Dec 2011, “Food for All” Sep 2012 in blog/ scribd;


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