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·         CONCLUSION


India being the second largest populated country with over 70% of the population is Children and youth, our country being one of the emerging super power nation with fully technologically advanced in every field but  as far as sports achievements, are concerned in the International events India is still lagging behind the poorest of the poor African countries which are suffering with hunger, malnutrition and violence are far more advanced.  It is mainly due to the lack of proper system regulating the sport’s governing bodies (SGB), lack of proper awareness for sports and partly lack of enthusiasm in the governments in promotion of sports (which was reviled in many of the government as well as parliamentary committees on sports) as very miniscule expenditure on sports infrastructure creation and promotion of sports in the last 6 decades by almost all the governments (if the budget allocation for sports are seen it reveals the facts), of course recent  proposal of government to have district sports schools in very district, linking sports attendance to marks to promote sports is very welcoming move) regulating the sport’s governing boards in the country; it is indeed shameful that the most of the prestigious sport’s governing board in the world like BCCI are not under government control and these sports governing bodies act at their will and wish, according to the whims and fancies of the members of these SGB with the presumption that they are above the government, or might be mostly of the presumption that they are government as far as sports are concerned as these sports governing boards  (SGB) are managed by heavy weight all political party/ elected representatives / influential business tycoons, it is certainly a national shame that lacking of government control over these SGB ??????????; it is un doubtely true to the core that these SGB members are having vested interests, as such they are sticking to the sport’s governing bodies for decades????????? thus totally degrading entire sports system in the country. There is hardly any uniformity of laws in the governing the SGB of different sports and the governing laws of the sports boards are changed according the situations that favour the individual vested interests; as such irrespective of political party differences are united in SGB for sharing the board membership and governance among themselves.

Also there exists a big doubt among the common public that what kind of attraction/magnetism which is billion dollars secret in the SGB which is making these political leaders and once become a member of the SGB by any non political individual they are sticking for decades in the positions with rotating among themselves in almost all SGB ??????? Also many people are of the doubt that do these kind of members in the SGB might be of the impression that they are biggest manipulators on the earth and possessing the ability to manage any elected governments and run the parallel / above the governments as far as sports and SGB are concerned???????????????, these kind of SGB are are real root cause of ultra low performance of the sports in India, low penetration of sports culture in the country as hardly any noticeable percentage of population practice the sports/game and get the benefits of the spirit of the games but instead majority of the people wasting several productive man-hours in simply watching, chit-chatting about the sports and games (when most of the crucial games are getting fixed by the vested interests literally cheating the belief of billion people on the players for their self centred inters and few minutes of intimate private enjoyment) and wasting billions of rupees of production (if the time wasted on watching these rotten games the same thought energy if kept on the work in the hand at their job or on research etc will certainly yield billions of rupees of production), also millions of rupees on the mobile bills, television cable network bills, bills in the restaurants etc etc and wasting their mental energies and becoming sick mentally due to loss of their favourite teams, while the so called SGB are mute spectators for happening of corrupt practices in the sports???????????

The corruption and wises of the sports persons in the country are completely degrading the image of the country in the world?????????? Also many people has big doubt that do the SGB are there to promote themselves and few individuals creating a great loss to the nation or to spread the spirit of the sport and the benefit of the sport activity and cultivation of sports activity in every child / youth of the country???????? (every one rupee earned by these SGB are causing over Rs 100 loss to the GDP, in the absence of promotion of sports practice my majority of the youth and working age group people in the country, apart from individual loss of billions of rupees)??????; also in the shameful event of international sports federations are de recognising the sports federations/SGB of INDIA, and being the fact that the population of the country with over 70 % of the population is young with India is having more young working age group with  very young average age of the working class compared to majority of the developed countries in the world, also since the government is committed to eradicate the corruption in general administration in the country should immediately eradicate the corruption in the sporting systems in the country which is prevailing over decades in the country  by dissolving all existing sports federations/ SGB of all sports and bring uniformity in the SGB governing laws and ensure sports are separated from politics by ensuring that no person in the SGB of any sports should not be even a primary member of any political party, nor an elected representative nor an immediate member of any elected representative at any level, also the selection of the members of the sports federation should be transparent and should be open to all common public who are having sports knowledge apart from the sports persons belonging to that sport. Also it should be mandatory gender equality exists in the composition in the SGB as it is a common SGB for both gender in every sport.  Also constructing sports hostels in every district in the country, with strength of the students in the sports hostels proportionate to the population of the district maintaining the gender equality and proportionate representation in the hostel as per the percentage of population of religion, caste and income group in each and every district level, from state and national level purely on the performance at the district and state level performance only. Also construction of sports grounds with facilities in every ward/ gram panchayat by the government, making it mandatory that sports facilities in the residential colonies and apartments to ensure maximum number of people practice the sports and fitness for the benefit of the individuals, their family and the country as a whole.


It is high time that correction of the sporting system should occur. This correction system should ensure new guidelines. The sports systems should get foundation from the very grassroots; as such the SGB should be formulated from the district level. The district level SGB should be first and basic step in the formulation of SGB at the state and National level. 

The district level onwards, the members should be elected from within the district through the online written examination with minimum age should be 35 years and maximum age of 60 years, all the applicants must possess education of minimum degree pass in any discipline, the written qualified has to undergo a lottery system to be selected from the common public quota to serve as board members for the stipulated tenure; the online application for the written examination should mandatorily required to mention the sport in which they are interested and having more knowledge, (every aspirant should be eligible for only one sport examination), their educational qualifications, place of study, year of pass out with roll, the date of birth, the voter ID and PAN card numbers etc;  with contact details of phone numbers, the e-mail ID and social media Ids, annual income (whether income tax assess or not) with the online application form will be sent to aspirants only on e mail request, the  online application form should contain specific code to ensure that no individual will apply more than one time to ensure the applicant is restricted to one sport only, all the preliminary qualified applicants should be provided with a code, with mention of date and time of the online examination, all the aspirants should attend the online written examination. On completion of the examination the qualification criteria in the written examination should be based on the number of general public members in the district level     (out of the total number of members from this quota based on the total number of members in the district SGB which is dependent on the number of mandals/blocks in the district with 50% of the members from the sports persons and 50% from non sports persons of which 10 members are reserved for professionals and remaining members go to the general public)as per income group. All the qualified should undergo interview in person / online video conference / internet hangout to assess the real skills of the candidates (as there every possibility that someone may write the online examination on behalf of others). The interview qualified should undergo lottery system to select for the district sport’s governing body of that particular sport. This process should be done for all sports in all districts in the country.

The district sports governing boards should have 50% of the members from the ex sports persons who played the in the district, in case of more players’ lottery system should be made among the players in each and every sport. In case no retired players in that district who played for the district then the same should go to the general public  non sports persons in the required number (this fifty percent quota for sports persons will certainly yield good results over a period of time as after few years there will be lot of players emerging from the district teams and this measure will certainly make its own impact on the sports in future.)

Also only sports persons belonging that sport only eligible for that sports governing boards SGB (this measure is necessary in order to ensure betterment of the sport as for example some cricket player wishes to be in the sport’s governing body of wrestling or tennis, in which way he deliver 100% justice to the given position?????????? As such in the cricket board only cricketer, in the wrestling board only wrestlers should be made, the same rule should be applied to all sports in filing the sports quota persons for that SGB), in case of shortage of the sports persons the same number of members should be passed to the general public quota by default.

Also all the SGB should have two members from retired judges at the district level and below (one male and one female member, in case of shortage of female retired judges this position should be filled with senior female lawyers who are practising only at the district level of that district), two charted accountants (one male and one female, in case of shortage of female charted accountants in that district then the position of from any accounts education back ground person from any nationalised bank); also two doctors (one male and one female); two engineers (one should have civil / structural engineering back ground and other from either mechanical/ electrical engineering background); two journalists (one male and one female) in that district, in the professional quota except the retired judges all others should undergo a written test & interview in camera for the sports knowledge of that sport which they wish to be part of the SGB of a particular sport from among the panel of four to ten members, the panel members in each profession should be selected by lottery system from among the applicants from each profession. The minimum eligibility criteria from the professional services should have experience 20 years of working experience as that profession service (just holding that degree and doing non professional jobs or non profession related business etc should be barred from selection process, only who are in that profession continuously either working in the government or private organisations are having own establishment are eligible)  For this the sports ministry should call for applications online from each profession from the sports enthusiastic professionals. This measure will certainly be simpler, transparent than any other method.

The district SGB of every sport should have ex office members from the district administration from the serving officials revenue department (RDO rank and above officers), from police (DSP and above rank), educational department (Dy DEO and above) in every SGB of the choice of the officers who are nominated to the SGB by the district head of the department i.e in case of revenue department by the DM, in case of police department by the SP, in case of education department by the DEO. (as sports are promoted in educational institutions)

The district sports governing boards should have the board members as per the number of total mandals/ blocks in that district (this measure is necessary to promote sports in every block/ mandal);

The ration of SGB at the district, state or nation should be 50% 50 ratio of the sports persons and (non sports person) other professionals and general public, in any case the composition should have all the 10 professional members mandatorily in the 50% quota of non sports persons and all remaining number of members in this non sports persons quota should be filled from general public qualified in the online examination and interview. In case of non availability of either sports persons or professionals in that sport the same may be awarded to the general public online written test/ interview qualified persons, also in case of non qualification of female in the general public the same should go to the male and vice versa in case of general public quota. 

All the state level SGB should be selected from all the respective category members within each category of sports persons, (non sports persons) professionals, and general public. The state spots persons quota should be filled from the ex state level players who represented the state, in case of absence of some number of state level players availability then the same number should be filled with general public qualified. Whereas the non- sports persons quota should be elected from among the all district non sports person quota i.e the general public; in case of professionals from each profession of all districts. Here for the state level professional quota the minimum eligibility bay be raised based on years of experience (from 20 years at the district level to 30 years at the state level)

The state SGB should have ex offices from the revenue, police department, with the officials should be secretary to the state government in case of revenue offices are concerned, as far as police officers are concerned IG and above rank, all the secretary and above should be recommended for various SGB by the chief secretary of the state to the state SCB of different sports, where as the DGP will nominate the IG and above officers as far as police officials are concerned.  

The number of members of the state SGB of each sport should be equal to the number of districts in the state. In case of number of districts are odd number like 23, 37 etc then one member more than 50:50 among the sports persons and non sports persons should go to the general public quota.  

The procedure is same for the national SGB of different sports, with total number of board members should be 35 (28 states and 7 union territories), so 17 members from the ex sports persons and 18 members from the non sports back ground, of which 10 members elected from each professional back ground and remaining from the general public non sports persons from different states either by voting or lottery system. While selecting the sports persons for national team all ex players from each state who played for the national team of that sport should be selected, in case of more ex players from any state then lottery system. This method will ensure that the national SGB covers almost all sates for representation in the SGB, as in the lottery system/ voting there is no guarantee that there will be  representation for all states as all the 10 professional might get elected from one or two states. Also it should be made that the selection from the general public quota should be made from the non representation states in the boards after selection of sports people’s quota and professional’s quota.

Also the two members from the legal profession from district state and national level should be nominated from the retired judges in that respective level. In case of district SGB the retired judges in that district one male and one female person from that district from any court below the district secessions court in that district by the High court CJ of that state, where as for the state SGB two retired high court judges from that state high court with one female and one male member in each SGB of each sport by the supreme court CJ, in case of shortage of retired female judges then senior female lawyers who are practicing in the high court or any retired female district judge can be nominated; while for the national SGB of different sports the retired judges from the supreme court should be nominated by the supreme court CJ and in case of shortage of female judges then retired female high court judges or senior female advocates in the supreme court should be nominated.  

All the SGB are unified common governing board of that sport in the country for both genders i.e male and female. This measure is necessary as it saves lot of expenditure; it promotes sports in both genders equally.

Also all the persons who are qualified in the online written examination on attending for the interview who are not qualified in the lottery system from the general public should be  appointed as nominees from that SGB as its mandal / block sports voluntary coordinators (SVC) in that district. They should be provided with ID card and the details of the SVC  in that district each bloc/ mandal wise should be kept in the web site of that  SGB district website; their role should be to promote the sport in that mandal/ block, assist the SGB district teams while playing, also to assist the promotional  programmes conducted by the district SGB in that mandal/ block in the schools, collages, residential colonies acting more or less like bridge between the SGB district unit and the common public. These sports coordinators should have permission to take part in the annual meet of the district SGB and also these coordinators should be given free entry pass for all the district level matches and tournaments of that sport, in addition to the free access to all the inter school, collage, youth sports meets held in that district. They should be provided with the couple of dresses (sports dress) of the concerned SGB logo (like cap, t- shirt etc); they should wear in that free mach view.  These sports voluntary coordinators should be 50 to 100 in number per mandal/block in that district with 50% belong to female members to cover all wards/villages in that block/mandal. This measure will certainly promote that sport locally in that village/ mandal as these sports enthusiasts are getting one designation to be represented in the SGB in their respective territory.

All the district SGB  should convene every month, all state SGB once in two months, all national SGB once in three months regarding the review of the promotion of that sport, regarding the sporting events at the school, collages, university, district level, state level and national level tournaments, etc etc

It is necessary that all SGB should have web site operated in all Indian languages, the website should contain the details of the SGB members, the team members, the sports calendar for the two years, the revenue, the monthly income as expenditure of the district, state, and national SGB and the income and assets statement of all the sports persons (players, empires/referees etc) at all levels.

It is most ideal that the SGB should be common for both genders, however in case of two separate SGB for both genders then the composition of the SGB should be same, but each SGB should have all its members from same gender.

Also it should be mandatory to maintain proportionate representation as per caste (all SC, all ST, all OBC and all forward caste as one unit each in that percentage in the total population in that district) religion in each SGB at each level.

Also the strength of the governing council at the district should cover almost all the mandals in the district; also the strength of the governing council at the state should be minimum strength of total number of districts in that state, also the national governing council should have the total number of states/ union territories.

The district presidents of the SGB should elected from within the board members of that district (both sports persons 50% and the non sports persons. There should be two vice presidents at the district level one should be from the sports person other from the non sports person.

Also the state SGB presidents should be elected from within the members of the SGB with two vice presidents elected from one from the sports person and other from non sports person quota.

Also the national SGB should have the president elected from among the state SGB members with two vice presidents one from sports and other from non sports persons.

The vice presidents from non sports person at the district, state and national should be only from the common public.

The tenure of the president should be one term only, Once the president is elected from one zone the next term should be elected from within other zones excluding the already represented zone. For the purpose of the president election the state, nation should be divided into four zones east, west north south. This measure will bring balance to the SGB

Also need for clear mention of accountability and role for each member of the SGB, since the new proposed constitution makes common people with sports knowledge is going to be members along with some professionals like charted accountants, retired judges, doctors, engineers etc they should be provided with basic training, there should be proper work division among the board members with different skills, and the work allocation should be uniform for all sports governing bodies at all levels.

Also it should be ideal pre condition that since all the SGB members are not full time job, they should receive only honorary payments along with for the travel and stay expenses only on all official tours outside the territory in a uniform manner; also it should be mandatory that all the board members visit their respective territory for promotion and supervision of the game at least once in a month.

There should be sub committees like finance, legal, engineering, medical and media. Each of the sub-committee is headed by one of the 10 professional members in that level belonging to that profession. Each subcommittee should be a five member body and the remaining three members should be selected from within the district (who appeared the written test and interview by lottery) state and national level (from within their professional associations in the state and national units). It should be mandatory that the legal committee at each level should be headed by the retired judges who are members in that committee. 

The tenure for the sport’s governing body members should be three years and can be eligible for second term re-nomination from 50 % of the members by lottery system among the single term represented members every term. Also maximum terms of becoming member at any level are only two terms i.e six years at any level.

Also need for making it mandatory that when India is represented in any international   board only among the board members from the sports background at the national level SGB should be eligible to represent in any international sports governing boards. This measure will certainly bring more glory to the Indian sports.

Also it should be made mandatory that all the SGB should be autonomous are under the control of the constitutional apex body.

Also there should be one anti corruption unit in every district state and national sports governing bodies with two retired police officials in that level, two lawyers in that level, two journalists in that level, along with panel of some retired police officials and lawyers to render services to travel along with teams from state and national level teams when they are playing any official tournaments. All the anti corruption unit members travelling with players should be paid from the SGB on par with players and should be treated on par with them, they should move along with the team at all places at all times, except in the dressing rooms on the official matches.

Also it should be made mandatory that all the events of the state and national sports viewer tickets should be sold online without scope for bias and free tickets for kin and kith of sports body members or any government servants or politicians, only district level games should have free tickets for all the board members and mandal sports coordinators.

Also need to bring absolute transparency in the financial accountability of the SGB and making the monthly financial statements in the public demine in the web site. All the accounts of the each level of the sports body should be kept in the web site, all the expenditure and revenue earning should be fixed in nature, uniform for almost all the sports with minor variations based on special needs for certain sports.

Also the SGB should be brought in the preview of RTI so that any information at any level can be obtained by the common citizens.

Also need for creation of central authority which should be a constitutional body for regulating all sports governing bodies which should have quasi judicial authority and oversee all kinds of disputes in the governing councils, of course no interference in the day to day administration of these SGB which should be autonomous in their functioning following the standard guidelines and procedures.


The important thing in the promotion of sports in the country is to create the sports infrastructure and and then selection process is to select and train children & youth from the age of 10 and provide exclusive training for them in all sports disciplines. The job of selection and training the children in the sports in the residential sports hostels should be done by the government (sports department of the state),

The proposed sports hostels are exclusively for providing in training in sports only not linked to regular education system, the education in the sports schools should be only very basics  of other subjects just for the sake of knowledge more about the science about body, good English, good Hindi and good orator ship etc etc. This measure is very necessary as to excel in sports not possible by concentration on education. (the proposal of sports hostels is somewhat different from the government proposal of district sports schools) as in the sports hostels are full in house training for sports persons from age 10 to age 21 for six years in the sports alone, and all the sports trained persons should be provided with some earnings either employment (for all those whose performance is above fixed agerage) or self employment (whose performance is below average at the time of completion of tenure at sports hostel). Also all the players selected for district teams should be paid monthly salary and on playing the district team for minimum of  6 years should receive pension.

The design and strength of the district sports hostel should be based on the child population of the district. It should be ideal to provide training in the districts in the ration of 1 child per 1000 children (below 12 years of age) i.e if a district having 10 lacks children population should have 1000 children to be selected and trained of which 500 male and 500 female, the sports training in the sports hostels selection should be through basic knowledge about that sport written exam and stamina test in that district with each mandal/ block wise dividing the seats. So that every block/ mandal there should be at least one child trained in the sports hostel. (in case of more than 500 there should be more sports complexes in number should be made in order to maintain the quality in all aspects with keeping one discipline sports students in one complex).

Every sports complex in the district should cover at least 10 disciplines of sports like cricket, foot ball, hockey, basket ball, athletics, tennis, bat mention, kabaddi, wrestling etc based on some local conditions (where water is plenty in those states/districts games like swimming, rowing etc should be trained likewise based on the general basic physical structures of the locally they should be trained in suitable sports.) ; also every district sports complex should have water sports facility for swimming, rowing etc. If 1000 students in the district sports hostel, then 50  to 100 students in every single discipline of sport will be trained.

In the selection process in the proportionate representation as per the caste, religious population in the district while taking all SC, all ST all OBC and all forward castes as one unit each in the Hindu religion composition, and other religious composition as per the population in that district should be maintained. (the applicability for reservations for castes and religion only applicable to the entry of the district sports hostel only and not for the selection of the district team, the selection of the district teams should be purely on the performance of the candidates, from among the best players from the district should be selected for the state team and the best among the players from the state teams should be selected for the national team) Also need to maintain the proportionate to income group in the sports hostels at the district level i.e 30 % seats to BPL families, 30 % seats to low income group and 30% to the middle income group and remaining to the upper income group in each and every category. This measure is very necessary to spread the message of sports to all sections of the society.

Also it should be mandatory minimum 60% of the students in the district sports hostels should be mandatorily from the rural mandals/ blocks in that district.

The admission in the sports schools should be conducted once in three years.  The selection to the sports school should be through simple written test for basic knowledge in that sport and followed by the physical test. There should be minimum standards set by the government to be eligible for entry into the district sports hostels. It will be ideal to pick up kids from the SC, ST welfare hostels as far as SC ST students are concerned.

While training them they should be formed in different teams within the training camps and play matches between them and there should be inter district hostel student’s matches. Those who performed well should be selected selected for the district team. The selection for the district team should be done by the district SGB members’ selection team after watching the tournaments and the performance of the individual players in the hostel at the district level.

The selection team of the of the SGB at district levels should comprise of players from the SGB of that level, retired empires and sports journalist  and the selection team should comprise of three members from the state SGB (one sports person, one general public and one professional).

There should be regular matches between the district teams and there should be state selection team to select from the district team for the state level sports hostel from among the best players from the districts. There should be at least two sets of teams in each discipline should be trained in the state sports hostel. (It will be ideal to have three teams). There should be regular matches among the teams in the state

The state official team should be selected in the lines of district official team to represent the state from among the best players to be selected. The selection panel should be over seen by three representatives nominated by the national SGB.

There should be regular matches between the state teams and the best of them should be selected for the national sports teams and should be further fine tuned and the best among them should be selected for the national team. Also at the national sports hostel there should be three teams strength to be selected for training and selection among them for the national team by the full board of the SGB of the national selection board. The national selection board should be 10 member committee comprising of 6 from the sports back ground and 4 from non sports bank ground and of which 3 from the general public and one from the professional back ground.

The selection process at the district, state and national sports hostels should be done once in three years, and the selection for the district, state and national teams should be done every year to add to the state and national sports hostels, i.e the best players from among the district teams should be added to the existing members in sports hostel list of the state, also similarly from the state teams to the national sports hostel from among the state teams. This will infuse more talent at the state and national every year.

The minimum age for the entry in the district team should be 18 years and maximum age of 22 years where as entry for the state team minimum age of 20 years the maximum age should be 26 years and the entry for national team minimum age should be 22 the maximum age for entry into the national team should be 30 years.

The retirement form sports should be 36 years of age at any level. this measure will certainly infuse more youthful team at the district and perfectly matured team at the national level, with average team age should around 30 years.

Also it should be ideal to induct in the district team 10% new faces every years, 10% new faces in the state teams every two years and 10% of the new faces at the national team every two years based on the best performance.

The ratio of selection for players in the district team (three teams strength all as probable’s) should be 70:20:10 i.e 70 % of the team from the  district sports hostels trained internal teams and rest 20% from the universities/collages teams and reaming 10% from among the local sports clubs (from the madal/ block, private sports clubs from youth assoisations supported by Nehru Yuva Kendras, also by private sports clubs of the business establishments) This measure will create enthusiasm in the students and youth to play some game in their colleges and universities (it should be ideal to making it mandatory that every school, college and university to maintain their own teams to ensure sports are part of education curriculum-discussed elaborately in the coming pages) and among the common youth in the mandals/ blocks, this measure will ensure youth are dedicated to the sports with the hope to be excelled at the district level to be selected for the district team and state selected to the district team sports. The teams selected for the district should be given additional training (for the non sports hostel trained players).

Also the selection for the state team (probable’s up to three times the team strength) should be made in 80:20 ration  i.e 80 % of the selection of probable’s from the district teams and 20 % of the candidates from the services teams. (the government, police, excise, military, other departments, PSU, private organisations should have their teams should have regular matches between their own service team and other service teams at the state level, the meritorious persons from the services should be selected for entry into the state sports hostel level  in the probable’s for the state team only. This measure will certainly encourage sports in the working class.

All the selected players for the district / state teams (all probable’s) should undergo special training in the hostel under the guidance of proven expert coaches and fitness trainers. This measure will yield the desired results in every sports event at any national or international level.

The selection for national sports hostels is purely from the state team’s best performers only

Also it should be mandatory that every sports hostel in the district should possess the state art of equipment of sports, fitness centre and canteen facility along with mandatory in house coaches in the respective disciplines of sports, the fitness trainers, the in house doctors (one male and one female) and a nutritional expert and a yoga / meditation trainer and spiritual trainer (like teaching the power of sub conscious mind and strengthen the payer mentally for inducing confidence in the mind and in themselves making their minds free from any kind of stress and make them move towards goal i.e the ultimate perfection in the game and deliver the best when the time comes)

Also it should be made mandatory that food served the fitness all should be under CC camera surveillance.

Also it should be mandatory that every three months the doctors should record the vital parameters of each and every student for ensuring monitoring of health for maintaining their endurance and fitness.

Also all the sports hostel children should undergo blood and urine tests once in three months so that to ensure that these sports hostel children should not consume tobacco,/ smoking, consume alcohol, and any steroids. The data of the children should be up loaded in the computer so that the history of the sports person will be preserved.

Also it should be mandatory that all the district hostels should be provided with large television screens with video conference facility to get interaction with other players from the state and national level for boost of the morale in the district sports students in that sport, also it will be ideal to show the video recordings of that sport of national and international games where the national and international players used specific techniques for succeeding in the game, with the titles and voice in the local language of the region for better understating of the students in that district hostel of that state.

Also it is ideal that the sports persons should be trained in the Basic English and Hindi language for the betterment of the students of each district sports hostels in every state. This measure will be beneficial for playing interstate tournaments also on selection to the national sports hostel/team. Also all the sport hostel students should be thought about the basic courtesies in life and decent behaviour with no scope for egoistic and reckless arrogance behaviour by the sports persons when selected for a representing the team at any level (which is the common syndrome in almost all present day sports persons)

Also all the sports hostels and training institutions, grounds should be under CC camera survive lance to ensure that sports activities takes place in a healthy atmosphere without any scope for misuse of facilities by others (sports equipment, hostel as well as dining); also this measure will certainly prevent illegal activities and consumption of tobacco, alcohol etc.

All the sports hostels should have dormitories only strictly no to individual rooms (which is costly for construction and also may lead to homosexual culture in the sports person if given individual rooms for two or more sports persons in the hostels, also there might be possibility of smoking/alcohol / drugs consumption / any unwanted illegal activity???????); also the coaches rooms should be built with glass panels (with strict instructions not to cover the transparent glass with any paper or cloth or colour the glass, all the glass chambers should be visible) so that the coaches behave properly without expecting any sexual favours from the students; also there should be stringent punishments (double than normal citizens) for any sexual offence in the sports hostels. Also the dormitory culture will save the space of construction the vertical beds will be space conserving all will save the cost of construction of the hostel facility. This measure of dormitory will certainly enhance the team spirit in the sports persons and may yield better results. 

All the sports personal representing the country/ state/ district should be mandatorily trained from the sports hostels only.

Also it should be made mandatory completely barring the sports persons while representing any level team either district, state or national from commercial endorsements during their active tenure, only they can promote social messaging from the government supported/ sponsored during their active sports tenure; on retirement they can do the commercial advertisements if they get offers.

Any kind of gifts received from any individual by any player should be informed to the sport’s governing council along with the details of the provider of the gifts; all the stay and private visits of the payers should be informed prior to their travel to the sport’s governing council; also all the payers representing the district, state and national should be completely restricted from visiting either in person or as a team for any events/ functions while the tournament is going on to meet any individual or any dinner even by the sport’s governing council person or ant elected representative or any business person or any government function.

Also all the sports persons while representing the team at the district, state or national level should be barred from participating in any entertainment programmes (reality shows, dance shows and music shows or any opening / annual day celebrations of any business establishments etc etc) or television shows of any kind in nature other than social message advertisement both in government and private programmes.

Also all the sports persons in the sports hostels and sports teams should mandatorily practice the sports health code, in case of any sports persons found violating this conduct of health code (indulging in smoking, consumption of alcohol or narcotic drugs etc ) or any moral code (indulging in illegitimate sexual activities), ethical code (indulging in corruption/ fixing deliberate non performance etc)  should be debarred from the sports hostel / sports team and should forgo all the benefits like pension/ financial aid from government and sports concessional canteens etc.

Also all the district, state and national players should get pension after retirement, all the students of the sports hostel should be utilised for sports promotion coordinators in the district sports authorities and sports teachers in the schools and colleges and government, private PSU organisations and also should be eligible to serve in the police or military entry level and rest left over rest can be either eligible for honourable pension or for self employment. Also it should be mandatory that all district, state and national level sports persons should declare their assets in affidavit to the government annually. 

Also government should provide district wise subsidized canteens for ex sports persons for providing the subsidized balanced nutritious food, proteins, and food supplements to be consumed by the sports persons (by providing biometric based ID cards for all ex sports persons and fixing standard quantity per person), also government must provide one at concessional rates the fitness equipment to the sports persons. Also it should be ideal to provide extra ration for all sports persons as in the proposed sorts hostels there are families from BPL, low income group are there in proportionate to population, normally the sports persons require more food. Which is really a difficult for majority of the sports persons in the country (even from middle class sports persons, except those who become celebrities, this financial constraint is one of the reason that sports persons are indulging in illegitimate acts of corruption in sports or earning extra money through liaison or becoming land settlement gangsters / gang members etc etc?????????????).

All the sports persons and ex sports persons should be provided with free medical treatment for any kind of sports injuries.

Also it is most ideal that all the police stations in the country to be provided with standard fitness equipment for maintaining the fitness among the police personal, all the ex sports persons in that locality should have free access to the fitness centre in the local police station. This measure will not only useful for the ex sports persons but also it provides enthusiasm in the police personal to get fitness. Also this measure is more useful in getting citizen police in the locality where the ex-sports persons can be useful as community police organisers in that locality.

Also all private business establishments should own a team in different disciplines of sports to play among themselves, but not for commercial purposes. For earning revenues through matches / tournaments among them in the stadiums, as it is a fact  that all business establishments are after all only for the profit motive and look to maximize their profits by any means???????????? (Best example IPL ???????)


Since our country having more than 70% of the population is youth and children, sports should be promoted by the governments. As such it is most ideal that the sports ministry of GOI to keep in the web site the rules and regulations, methods of play, etc in the literature form and the visual graphic form in their web site available in all regional languages; also all the schools, colleges, universities (both government, private), public libraries should be supplied with the sports literature on every sport for the information. This measure will certainly enhance the sports knowledge among the common public and the youth of the country and there is every possibility majority of the youth can be inclined to play their choice sport on getting an opportunity for them to play.

Also since the ultimate aim/ motto of promotion of sports events in the country is not to win the medals in the events of international and national and wasting the millions of man hours of production as well as creating un necessary stress among the people, but to create awareness among the common public and ensuring every individual in the country should practice some sport of his/ her choice daily so that the fitness of the body as well as mind is maintained throughout the life time with reduced health discords and thus every individual leads healthy and happier life, as such it should be very deal that every ward should have sports facility of some kind, every mandal/ block should have sufficient space for the sports facility, for which the central government should provide  the fund and the state government provide the land.

The government should mark the required space from the government land for the creation of sports facility possibly in the centrally locate area with less traffic and less pollution in the ward/village, block/mandal.

Need for making the sports grounds and sports infrastructure either by the govern on its own through sports infrastructure development corporation or  through PPP mode by the governments (mostly in urban and semi urban areas) which is used by the government/ private establishments, all existing educational institutions where creation of sports grounds and facilities is a constraint due non availability of that much space of land etc; these kind of institutions should have a long term agreement with the PPP sports facility developer or they themselves become part of  the PPP developer to create the ports infrastructure. Or use sports infrastructure developed privately by private owners in private land with private investment. This measure is boon for the all office/ business establishments and educational institutions with space constraint????????

Need for making it mandatory sports (physical activity sports) time for all the office establishments either indoor (like basket ball, squash etc) or outdoor sports of any kind which has considerable physical exercise in every organisation which has more desk job, and mind games like chess, poker, etc in every shop floor, every industry so that there will be a balance of activity in all kinds of work force. Also making it mandatory that all desk job working employees should be provide mandatory 30 minutes break for sports in the afternoon especially for employees working in software and BPO companies as they are under constant mental stress with less physical movements as they perform jobs while sitting in the same place for many hours.

Also since most of the jobs are stress related especially in the police, courts, software etc etc, it is ideal that  all the police stations, every revenue offices, every court complex, every soft ware company, every market yard, etc etc  should have the indoor/ in the compound the basket ball/ squash, tennis/ bat mention etc etc  and other indoor fitness equipment for the maintenance of body and stress relieve for the police personal, revenue officials, lawyers, software professionals, doctors etc so that each and every police, lawyer, software professional, doctor etc etc daily should mandatorily play some some sport, also it creates inspiration for others to do, as such all the concerned head of the offices at that level like SHO, judges, doctors, software company managers etc should initiate the culture of playing a game in the compounded along with all other subordinates, this will certainly relive lot of stress to the individuals and also it improves lot of interpersonal relations and ensures the organisations perform better, also this measure will certainly inculcate the feel to play some sport especially the revenue officials, the doctors can influence a lot the common public; this measure will  certainly improve the health condition of the professionals and employees can get fitness, it also provides some stress relaxation for the visitors.

All the sports hostels, sports grounds at all places in the country should follow the green building norms in the energy conservation and energy saving devices (especially the lighting system as the lights will be used for playing in the night which consumes lot of power), also where ever possible the sports grounds and hostels at all levels should have solar power to save the energy bills and reduce the maintenance expenditure.

The sports centres in the wards/ villages and also all the sports hostels/ training centres /grounds should be fenced by the medicinal trees and plants like Neem trees, eucalyptus trees and other medicinal plants to ensure fresh clean air is available to the sports students and players at all level while in the ground.

Also it is ideal that all the FMCG companies/ pharmacy /agriculture related companies like fertilizer, seeds etc / other private companies / PSU establishments (other than liquor, tobacco, explosives, dangerous chemicals manufacturing companies) can sponsor the sports facilities in the block / mandal level onwards.

The sports purpose sponsored money should be exempted from the tax along with free display of advertisements on the sports facility centre by the company.

Also the sports ministry should ensure that the government make law in such a manner that all the government, PSU and private establishments should spent 0.05% of their turnover on the sports development for maintenance of sports teams and promotion of sports among their employees;  also it should be made mandatory that all residential colonies of the government and PUS organisations like Railways, BSNL, ONGC, SAIL, BANKS etc etc have their private colonies, they should create and maintain sports facilities in their employees habitations, keep constant awareness among the families of the employees by conducting door to door campaign as well as meetings on the weekends, to ensure that every family member play some sport every day.

Also making it mandatory all the spots events held at any level should carry the social messaging, tourism importance of that place where the sports event is occurring; this will certainly get the social awareness as well as tourism promotion of the place indirectly contribution to the revenue.  

All the advertisements of the sports in any media should mandatorily carry some social message.

Also government should provide tax exemption for donations to sports cause to the government by any individuals, also government must make it mandatory that all that all private organisations should spend 0.05% of the turnover as corporate responsibility towards sports in their respective organisations or can pay to the government (in addition to the sports promotion by the individual corporations)

Also government must ensure that all the district sports hostel children (each discipline) should every month should participate in one game in every major block/ mandal among themselves so that it is possible to cover few mandals, so that it promotes enthusiasm in the youth towards every sport in one or other mandal, (ideal to keep the sports in the mandal where at least one child from the mandal is that sport); this measure will certainly encourage more viewers and more youth will attract towards the sports; also it should be ideal to conduct once in three months inter district, one in six months  state level and once in a year interstate hostel students tournaments (apart from the official teams of the district, state, national teams, by dividing each district, state students in several number of teams among the students and putting matches among themselves, and the composition of the teams should be on lottery basis so that there will not be any scope for bias) to bring more practical training among the district hostel students; this measure will certainly bring more perfection in the students in the sports hostels. It provides better scope for selection of team for the district teams, state and national teams. Also there should be performance report for each and every student/player to be promoted for the district, the state and national level hostels, among which are to be selected for the district, state and national teams, all others should be trained as master coaches, empires, commentators, sports promotion journalists etc etc; the admission to sports hostels should be conducted once in three years.

Also ideal that all political party organisations should engage in sports promotion in the country through formation of their own teams from ward to national level

Also ideal that all the political organisations from the ward/ village to national level should form their sports teams so that many people, especially the youth will do some sports activity in different disciplines and will certainly raise the sports consciousness among people, so that they get team spirit and did not treat other political parties as their enemies/ opponents. This should be initiated in the students and youth wings and mahila wings of the political parties at all levels so that it creates enough awareness among the people.

Also ideal for creation of sports awareness promotion boards (SAPB) from village to national level with all elected representatives from GP to Parliament as members to promote the sports awareness among people, working in coordination with SGB, with the funds for sports promotion should be spent from MPLAD/MLALAD; the SAPB should be headed by MP and every parliament segment is one unit in the SAPB, the SAPB should be honorary and nothing to do with SGB as the SGB is autonomous which is regulated by constitutional apex body.

Also complete ban of the elected representatives from the sport’s governing bodies (SBG) in order to ensure the sports bodies function freely without bias and politics however all elected representatives at all levels should be invited for the events of sports in that district/ territory, and for presentation of the trophies should be done by politicians following the protocol, all elected representatives in that territory/district where the event is happing should be invited (member of parliament/ MLA).(After all majority of the politicians are interested in publicity)

Also it is very necessary and the need of the hour to scrap all private sports clubs/ teams in the country In the event of recent cricket fixing scandal government should immediately scrap the cricket format of so called “IPL”; instead the government must make state wise 20 20 teams with 1/3 of the players from other countries to attract the mass viewers. 1/3 of the players from the other states and 1/3 of the players from the home state from the district level cricket. All private sports clubs should be takeover by government immediately and should be run by the government. This measure will certainly be welcomed by the people and there will be more scope for promotion of this game throughout the country as more teams are involved.

Also the government must ask all other sports persons at the national level or represented the country/state/ district to reveal their income, assets, gifts statements in affidavit form and government must must put it in the web site.

Also the it should be mandatory that the sports persons should use the mobile phone SIM cards taken in their name, and disclose the mobile numbers, telephone numbers both land/mobile of the immediate family members; the social networking ID’s, the e-mail ID and the internet connection details etc to the governing bodies and to the government for ensuring fair practice by the sports persons in any discipline.

Also it should be made mandatory that any government should honour with any government titles or providing any nominated positions to the sports persons should be done only after their retirement so that they can do justice for that position.

Also many people are of the impression the governments without verifying the real potential of the sports persons governments honouring the sports persons just because they performed well in one tournament or one game is how far justifiable, as it demoralises other sport persons who are actively playing?????????

Also government should make use of the celebrity status of the already honoured sports persons to make them extensively canvas on the social media and regular media and other public meetings about the social awareness, social responsibilities and health care and social messaging in the country which will certainly be beneficial to many people as to some extent some people get inspired by these sports celebrities words.

Also it is a fact that most of the sports personalities are sponsored by private business establishments just to use their celebrity status to access to the government authorities and politicians to get the deals done in a quick and easy manner.????????????? And this is one or other way of lobbying and leading to un due favour / corruption in the country at the high level with high volumes even though less in number of cases???????????????; also government must ensure strict intelligence on the sports persons visiting the government and political elected representatives??????????; also government must put intelligence watch on the sports persons marrying foreign nationals??????????????  

Also since most of the sports persons are in liaison business informally using their celebrity status and developing rapport, getting proximity with the bureaucrats and elected representatives in getting the works / deals done it should be ideal that government must make every sports person of every sport to revel the income and assets in affidavit, all gifts received from pens to watches to vehicles to properties etc from others; also all the sports persons should disclose their foreign trips and their stay in the foreign; all these details should be obtained from the retrospective effect of ten years.

Also it should be made mandatory that government should stop supporting the sports persons encouraging them individually by providing land etc for construction of sports academies individually, and it is most appropriate that government must retrospectively implement this measure by re acquiring the private academies of sports where government supported and making them run by the government, with the head ship of the academies by the persons for whom the land was allocated by the government.  This measure will ensure that equal treatment for all sports persons without any bias as it is un doubtely due to bias of the government of the day allocate prime properties for the academies construction by the sports persons who in turn mortgaged these properties for loan and constructed the academies where the entry is only for the upper echelons and elite as the poor and middle class cannot afford the fees for joining in these academies????????

Also need for creation of doping testing laboratories in every state also it should be ideal and necessary to create dope teat laboratories in every state and ensure sports persons practice international standards for stamina and physical fitness.

Also government must ensure that at least one male one female sports doctors are available in every district govern hospitals. Over a period of time when sports are spread to every ward/ village after government created required infrastructure and majority public is active in spors/ fitness by that time government must plan to have exclusive sports medicine/ sports injury treatment hospitals in every district.

Also need for promotion of sports for the physically challenged persons (para sports) for ensuring this section of people get some relief; also there should be SGB from only people from these sections.

It is high time to clean up the sport’s governing councils as well as the sports and the sports personalities?????????.


Need for use of SHG’s, ASHA’s, postal staff for promotion of sports and fitness need in the rural areas/ semi urban areas;  it is very ideal that all the self help group (SHG) women should be provided with the basic training on the need for playing sport by themselves and their children through conducting two day workshop in their territorial district; also the SHG women should be thought about the basics of sport /games like shuttle, co co, ring tennis, basket ball etc which are simple  and cost effective play yet provide some physical and mental fitness by removing stress due to the regular work, all the SHG should be provided with basic kits of these sports to be played by them and also encourage them to propaganda and also make them to further motivate their kids and other neibouring women and girl children to play some sport daily.

Also it is ideal that government must provide some monetary incentives like more loan/ loan waver/ reduced interest etc in addition to certain amount of prize money etc by providing a competition/ tournaments among the SHG in the mandal/ district and state level so that this measure will certainly encourage sports among all the SHG women and this will certainly motivate other women. (in case of some women in the group notable to play to form a team due to old age or pregnancy or any dis ability the group can join other women in the event of incentives no SHG should lose opportunity due to unavoidable situations)

Also it is more ideal that all the health workers i.e ASHA’s in the country should be thought of need for sports and fitness for better health of the child, youth and women (this is in addition to creation of sports facilities in each and every health care centre along with banners and literature mentioning the benefits of sports and fitness) ; also the ASHA’s  should be provided with sports benefits literature, all ASHA’s should be provided with basic training in basic sports, fitness exercises, aerobics/ yoga etc and there should be incentives for ASHA’s for propaganda of the sports, fitness in the respective territories and create awareness and ensure more people will adopt these suggestions for better health, of course the labour of the people in the rural areas itself is an exercise but due the routine nature of the work which is done for a cause i.e to earn the bread is certainly creates un known stress in their minds, the sports and fitness exercises and yoga will certainly make them stress free so that they can lead a better living within their resources.

Also it is ideal that all the post office should be provided with basic literature and banners with mention of advantages of playing sports, fitness and yoga. This will be more ideal way to promote sports in the rural areas where the reach of other modes is difficult, this measure is in addition to the SHG, ASHA’s campaign for the sports and fitness need.

Also ideal that all the gram panchayat members and all ward members should be trained in the sports and fitness and yoga through conducting camps for them in the mandal / block head quarters along with all elected representatives at all levels. This measure will certainly yield in sports and fitness promotion in their respective territories, also ideal to create sports meets and tournaments among the gram panchayats, mandal parishads and zilla parishads which will certainly create more encouragement /awareness among the elected representatives locally and thus the people regarding the sports and fitness.

The govern draft proposal for involving panchayat raj institutions (PRI) in promoting sports is a very welcoming initiative, but what is required is the suitable environment for that through creation of proper infrastructure and appropriate training and creation of enthusiasm among the members of the PRI institutions. Simply providing grants for conduct of tournaments or simply providing the sports equipment (without any proper mechanism for checking the standards of the sports goods)is mere waste of tax payers money.

Also it is most ideal that the recent draft proposal of the government regarding the fitness benefits should be thought to the SHG women and the ASHA’s for betterment and training the children in their locality to get the benefits of fitness.  As such all the SHG women and ASHA’s should be provided with the visual literature along with pictures in a laminated  chartds/ cards should be provided.


Also since the aim of sports is to bring more healthy mind and healthy body in all sections of people especially among the children and youth which will occur only and only by practice of sports daily and certainly not by watching the matches in television and do chit chat about the matches which will lead to loss of valuable time and substantial quantities of mental energies ????????, as such it should be ideal to make it mandatory that all students should practice sports daily in the educational institutions especially in class 10, 11 and 12 as it is a fact that all schools and collages especially the 10+2 level where they are preparing for competitive examinations almost all the children are are being stressed in mind due to the sickness in the system that only the % of marks are the criteria for admission in the degree collages; It is most ideal to introduce the system of sports attendance (instead of performance in sports getting marks which is again causes some stress in the already stressed minds to excel in the sports to get more marks??????????) as some % of marks (ideal that 20% of total marks of all subjects clubbed together should be given to sports attendance) ensuring that all the students mandatorily attend to the sports class; it is the duty and responsibility of the institutions to create the sports facilities to all the students either in the compound or in the vicinity of the collages (either owned by the school/ collage managements or through hiring sports grounds and facilities from government/ private providers). The 90%+ attendance to the sports period should be given 20% of weight age, 80% + and < than 90 % should be given 15% likewise below 50 % sports attendance should be provided 0% weight age marks, this measure will ensure that every student will certainly attend the sports class, also it is ideal that all schools, colleges and universities mandatorily has one period each day for aerobics/ sports, also it is ideal to view for the students about the humour and comedy shows for 15 minutes for every three periods so that the entire mind and body are relieved from stress among the students.

Also need for mandatory creation of sports facility by schools and colleges and universities; but the statistics by different agencies revels that more than 2/3 of the schools and collages (with total number of schools and collages numbering over 10 lacks in the country of which 2/3 not having facilities) do not possess the sports facilities / sports ground, also those schools and collages who are having the sports facilities majority of them may not be sufficient for all the children studying in the school/ collages and they are only for the sake of sports facility.

As such in the absence of facilities in majority of the schools and collages  the mandatory sports attendance as criteria in the educational systems by the educational providers and government (which was in the draft proposal of the government) due to constraint / in ability of facility creation for sports infrastructure then the government must adopt alternative systems to reduce the stress in the children and youngsters in the education system to bring down the stress levels in the young budding minds by introducing grading system instead of percentage of marks and ranks in the admission in collages based on lottery system from the applicants to that collage. It is the discretion of the colleges and universities to take from which grade as minimum bench mark.

All the students who got above 70% should be given A grade, above 60% and below 70% B grade and above 50% and below 60% should be given C grade. Making 50% should be minimum pass mark for all students including SC, ST. There should be no special concession even for SC ST Students in the minimum percentage of marks, only there should be minimum age relaxation should be there in admissions to various collages/ universities.  All the colleges and universities (both government and private) mandatorily need to provide reservation for SC ST in the collages on the national average population of the SC ST population, along with fee concession foe the BPL and low income group children with different fee structures for different income groups and the fee structure should be uniform in all educational institutions having the same set of facilities for the students with there should be minimum stands for eligibility to run the educational institution and all schools and collages should up load the video and photographs of the facilities along with the faculty list in the website of the schools and colleges.

All all the admission to the collages should be through the lottery system All  the colleges and universities should be held lottery to form the order of choice to choose from among the students of a specific grade to get admission in their collage/ university, maintaining  gender equality in case of common gender collages or in the same gender in case of single gender collages for higher studies i.e for admission to 11th and also for degree (other than professional degrees like engineering and medicine and law). This measure will certainly reduce the heavy pressure on the young minds to score 98, 99 % to get admission in some collages (also it should be made mandatory to term the collages as prestigious??????? What is prestige???????? Do all the people studied in those so called prestigious collages are really genius?????????)?????????, also this measure will ensure reduced disparities among the students towards the SC ST students as many non SC , ST children feel that SC ST students even though getting 80 or 90% getting admission where as  even though they are getting 97% are not getting admissions (they may not aware about the under which circumstances these SC, ST are getting that much marks even without having the facilities that what other non SC ST are having as majority of the SC ST are from either rural back ground or from low income group of course there are upper echelons in SC ST too exists), this is the reason for continuation of caste discrimination in a veiled manner and formation of low/degrading opinion due to jealously and pain from the young age among other caste students???????????????. But very unfortunately the parents, even teachers are forgetting that all the most successful business and political leaders in India and abroad are average students or collage dropouts???????????? ; the reason that there is no guarantee that all the students who got 90% above are all intellectuals (of course small percentage are really intellectuals both in above 90% and even ain average% students)??????????? as it is a fact that even the engines of a motor vehicle has the capacity to go up maximum speed of that engine in majority of the vehicles but the best fuel efficiency due to best performance of the engine gives at speed between 50 to 70% of the maximum speed limits, over and above the average speed the fuel efficiency will be reduced (in addition long exposure will lead to more wear and tear)??????????? likewise in the students in the budding age once they take too much load on the brain in the pretext of ranks and higher percentage they are definitely losing a lot of energy in their entire life time, their brains are permanently under some unknown stress for rest of their life ????????????, even though they excel in their work they might become perverted or with some wise or reduced health etc etc in their life time???????????. Also there is no great analytical thinking in the education system.

Also for the engineering and medicine and law the entrance examination should be made free from ranking system, but only to ensure minimum eligibility towards that particular skills required for that profession in the students; all the minimum eligible qualified students after the entrance  from within the collages / institutions within the region by lottery system. This measure will certainly reduce the stress to the students to a great extent???????????

There is no way that the higher percentage of marks or the higher rank obtained students excelled in their professional life after they passed out as it is the position that practically demands and there is very less correlation between what they study and what they practice in the modern era especially in the engineering; also the medicine to some extend in the age of internet revolution the general phycians job is more simpler by using the technology support, also only skills required is in the surgery and every surgeon need to undergo post graduate course????????????  Likewise the lawyer with the support of technology they can get the similar case laws from the internet and can easily do the job so why these young budding minds being mentally tourchered by the system of education?????????, because of this there is tremendous pressure on the children from their parents indirectly and directly from the schools and colleges and institutions for getting higher percentage and ranks, for what???????? Do how much R& D happening in India???????? what is that great innovations done in the last few decades in India???????

Shame shame shame that our educational system and society, most of the parents and even some of the teachers are becoming criminals un knowingly committing sins by showing the cruelty on the little budding minds by heavily loading on them completely ignoring the fact that humans has one life and one day passed will not get back and “freedom is the first meaning of life” and the joy of childhood never returns and the age of 11th standards and degree is the turning point of becoming more mature in the human being (getting development of mind) if this stage is stresses the impact of this undue stress remain lifelong in their life?????????????; it is criminal to apply the fact for getting ranks and higher percentage of marks the proverb that the plant need to be straightened at very tender stage to make it grow straight”, this principle should be applied to inculcate good habits life sports, no to tobacco & alcohol and adultery/ illegitimate sex etc ????????????? to infuse moral for ensuring ethical and legitimate behaviour by the children once grown up???????????? ( this measure is need of the hour as most of the youngsters are having easy access to the tobacco or alcohol or sex from very tender age of as low as 9th standard thekds are becoming addicted to this wises as the survey shows that the average age of sex in boys is 17 and girls 18 with some cases the sex at age of 13 with multiple partners????????, very sad?????, also once grown due to technology dominated era most of the jobs are software related, mostly with handsome pay packages, the software people both male and female mostly addicted to some wises if they are working away from hometown, if they are with parents they are becoming misers and perverted???????, most of them late marriages or live-in relationships etc etc ???????? all these are only due to the pressurised mind at the budding stage???????) the beast way is to make these budding minds are relived from pressures is through sports and also reduce the work load, as of now all the higher percentage of students and high percentage of mark achievers and achievers of higher ranks are only through bihearting/ only memorising and certainly lacks analytical skills (except very few percentage of the top scorers in different levels)???????????  As such the young budding minds should get relief either through sports or scrapping the ranking / percentage system and only common grading and lottery system is the only solution.

Also need to introduce more practical and analytical thinking curriculum in the education system at various levels. As such the schools should be provided with analytical thinking education and practical knowledge  (in all areas of education whether science or arts or commerce) by providing more practical knowledge simulators in each and every district in adequate number for creating enthusiasm and interest among the children to think and develop to do something useful to the society in every possible subject in life from the 10th standard on wards so that they choose the discipline of their interest either science, arts, commerce etc etc, also it is ideal that from 10th standard on wards the students should be shown the videos about different professions and their importance and how each profession can contribute for the betterment of the human life especially to the country, this measure will provide the required seed on interest/love in a particular discipline among the children to chose the subject in the 11th standard which they study with more dedication and their study becomes not only knowledge and it brings some wisdom and intellect towards the subject to make them perfect in the chosen subject ??????), as our country not only requires only engineers/ doctors but all other educated people to work for the betterment of themselves and contribute their best to the betterment of fellow citizens.

Also the linkage between sports and education more strong by making it mandatory that all educational institutions/ schools (from 7th standard onwards), all collages, all universities should mandatorily maintain at least one team in each major sport (cricket, foot ball, hockey, basket ball, volley ball, coco, kubbadi etc) apart from sports like tennis, bat mention, swimming, squash etc which are individual centric games. There should be regular games on every weekends among the same level teams i.e all inter school in that city, all collages in that city/ district, all universities in that district/ state. The talented players from the colleges/ universities should get opportunity to be in the district team as it is in the proposed sports law making 10% of the members in the district level team should be from the colleges/ university teams. This measure will not only ensure that sports are patronized in the schools, colleges and universities but also certainly ensure every student will like to participate in the events in one or other  sport, this measure will certainly create team spirit and sportsmanship among the youth, also useful in their physical and mental growth.

Also the govern draft proposal for fitness programmes in schools is very welcoming initiative and need of the hour policy, all the schools and collages must mandatorily adopt the proposed guidelines laid in the government fitness programme draft. Also it should be made mandatory that all the schools and collages should have one fitness trainer, the government draft proposal of one period for sports/fitness should be made mandatory to be followed by all schools and collages even up to degree collages.  Also it is most ideal government provide visual literature along with pictures in a laminated charts/ flxies made in quality rexin material to sustain in all weather conditions should be displayed in all schools and collages mandatorily at the entrance.


As it is a fact even though house wives do more routine labour job in the house but it will not provide the required results as their minds are in unknown stress due to various issues in the family life, may be monitory, or worry for children future, or stressed/strained family relations etc etc, to get relief from these kind of stresses most of the females are addicted to watching the television serials, but in reality the present day television serials are aggravating more stress to them. As such it is more ideal that all the housewives should be thought about the benefit of playing some sport daily in a fixed time among their lady friends/ kitty friends whether neibouers or in the apartment of locality, this will certainly relive them from stress to a great extent making them fit both physically as well as mentally, in addition to reducing their negative energies in the gossips about the family matters or wealth matters, or  any un necessary matter about their neibourers, instead they will concentrate on the sports and games and more chit chat subjects will be sports.  Also it is fact that if the house wives got convinced and practicing sports & games then the entire family is more likely to get involved in some or other sport  as they encourage children and husband and other family members to practice some sport and also there is every possibility of health family life of all the members in the family.


Also need for making the sports facility creation in the residential areas in the housing colonies and apartments is the responsibility of the builders (for all new and forthcoming projects), where for existing living habitations by the residents welfare associations (RWA); also it should be the responsibility of ‘RWA’ for the maintenance of sports grounds and facilities in their respective territorial jurisdiction. Also it should be mandatory that all ‘RWA’ should be registered with the local authorities (municipal); it should be duty of the municipal authorities to verify periodically all the ‘RWA’ colonies and apartments periodically (once in 6 months) for ensuring the existence and maintenance of the sports facilities by the ‘RWA’ in their locations.  Also it is ideal that SGB’s and government and media should conduct awareness camps in ‘RWA’, in thick populated habitations for creation of sports awareness and enthusiasm among the people. Also the urban planning should be in such a manner that the new design of colonies/ townships and every high rise buildings and apartments should have appropriate space for creation of sports facilities which should be sufficient for the size of the people living in that township/ high rise building.  In case of space constraint in the existing ‘RWA’ or new high rise buildings they should pay onetime amount for creation of sports facilities in the vicinity (ideal less than 5 km radius) by the government or should have tie with private sports facility developers and pay annual fee for using the private sports facilities created by the private in the private properties or through ‘PPP’ mode. This measure will certainly ensure maximum number of people utilize the facilities and take part in some spot event regularly as they are paying for the facility.

Also it is most ideal that government make it mandatory that all the residential colonies/ apartments to display all provide the fitness benefit chart / flexies in their respective localities permanently.


Also the government must make it mandatory all the government service people (mostly police, excise, fire, armed forces, all revenue officials), all teachers, all medical professionals working in the government and private establishments should maintain the required physical fitness as per the standards of the height.  This measure will certainly useful in better delivery of their stipulated duties by these section of people as it is a fact that most of the government officials are lethargic only and only due to lack of fitness in them, also it is a fact that the numbness/ slow pace of government offices work culture compared to private organisations can also be attributed to the lack of fitness of the government officials, especially in the revenue, municipal, taxation, police, excise departments where when at the time of entry level joining almost all the staff are more or less fit, but most unfortunately as and when few years are passed they are shape less with most of them like cylindrical shape or with bellies like sumo wrestlers, or even some of them are becoming like sumo wrestlers shape due to excessive consumption of food/ liquor without hardy any physical exercise, or lack of fitness consciousness is mainly attributed to the extra benefits in cash or kind for them in their job or hardly any interest in the job as salary is guaranteed and removing them is a difficult process??????????, all these measures are causes of slow work culture in the government offices, one of the root cause for corruption as in some cases the individuals may not be corrupt but indirectly supporting corruption is due to lack of physical visits to places to make checks at various levels within their jurisdiction may be in the land registration, building construction or education system or excise/ cheap liquor or municipal system for maintaining the higenicity, cleanliness of the habitations or in the hospitals for cleanliness and proper care and distribution of medicine etc, as such it should be made mandatory that hence forth all the government officials at all levels should maintain their physical fitness (within a span of 6 months to one year), else there should get punishment by the nature of reduction in increments and also the fitness should be linked to promotion in their service, will certainly encourage them to be more physically fit, once a person is physically fit it automatically makes the fit mental in most of the cases with some exceptions who are determined to be corrupt, these methods will certainly improve the speed and accuracy in the governance and administration thus it will certainly ensure the better reach of welfare schemes and better utilisation of government revenues (compared to the existence levels) thus betterment of the people. Also these officials mostly in touch with common public, the common public also get inspiration from them to be fit by playing some sport daily. As such there should be mandatory sports and fitness facilities in almost all government office establishments and their residential colonies which should be used by the government officials.

Also it is most ideal that government provide the fitness benefit chart / to be displayed in every office premises.


Also it is ideal that government must levy a sports development cess (SDC) of 0.1% of the turnover of all industries and business; also it is ideal that government levy 0.1% sports development  cess on the petroleum fuels and power tariffs in consultation with oil companies and the electricity regulatory boards and DISCOMS to be collected from all its consumers, i.e all consumers of petrol, diesel and gas in the motor vehicles, all LT connection holders i.e domestic consumers of power from the  DISCOMS other than industrial consumers as  SDC have been charged under the turnover. The above measure of charging 0.1% of  may not be painful for any individuals as if they pay Rs 1000 (one thousand) per petrol or electricity tariff if they are paying only Rs 1 (one only) more (as the petrol/diesel and electricity are getting increased every year more than Ra 1 per litre and per unit of power, Rs 1 increase for 1000 rupees expenditure is not at all get opposition from the people as the same is used for the benefit of their children and themselves which is visible for them in future), which in turn used for betterment of their children in the form of sports development in their locality in a transparent manner. All the funds are collected by the central government sports ministry and will be used in the states with proportionate allocation of the fund as per the total collection of fund from that state, but the funds are spent by the central agency created for the purpose of creation of sports infrastructure.; also it should be made mandatory that both central government and every state government must allocate at least 0.1% of the GDP of the country (apart from the SDC collection), and 0.1% of state GDP for the sports development. It is every much possible that every rupee spent on sports can get benefit of 10 rupees through reduced expenditure on health care by the individuals as well as government, improved health and intellectuality due to reduced stress and increased team spirit as sports can make individuals fit both physically and mentally can make more rise in production thus more rise in GDP for several decades as India is young nation for at least few decades with more average working population.


Also need for creation of central sports infrastructure development corporation (SIDC) at the centre like CPWD and it is spread over all the states and districts; this SIDC will create and maintain the sports infrastructure throughout the country. This measure will be most ideal as  SIDC main job is only to create necessary sports infrastructure and maintenance, they will become experts in the field over a period of time and will certainly able to construct quality infrastructure in minimum time and maintain it properly as it is there routine job.  This measure of centralised agency will ensure uniformity of the infrastructure, and better utilisation of the funds being monitored by the central agency rather than giving it to individual states to develop these facilities. Also since the SDIC is a government company they can rise loans from the nationalised banks for the creation of sports infrastructure as land being provided by the state governments, there will not be any issue of repayment as the central government sports ministry guarantees for repayment of loan to the lending banks based on the irrevocable commitment from the state DISCOMS, and oil companies and the government on the levy of sports development cess for a minimum period till the sports infrastructures are fully developed in each and every ward/ village, later on this SDC can be reduced as the infrastructures need only maintenance and other administrative expenses which are only fraction of total development cost.


Also need for creation of sports education academies (SEA) one in each state to train the sports enthusiasts and sports persons, journalists to become sports analysts, sports commentators, sports statisticians, sports coaches, sports umpires, sports journalist, sports medicine doctors (for MBBS completed doctors), sports fitness trainers etc in the regional language, in addition to training in English and Hindi. The minimum eligibility should be trained in sports hostel in that discipline for six years. This “SEA” will provide certification courses of 6 months or one year with written examination and provide certificates. It should be made mandatory that only certified holders should be eligible for becoming coaches in the district sports training hostels, also in media as sports journalists, sports commentators, also in the tournaments as sports umpires etc etc; also this sea should can earn revenue though charging the fees for the training in different disciplines, also this SEA can get more revenues by training the foreign nationals.


Also needed to encourage the private sports training academies for running sports hostels and training the students to become sports persons, these  private institutions also should follow the same standards and guidelines as the other government supported sports hostels and training institution with only difference that these private institutions are given freedom to charge the  fees for training the students, other youth in the spots, also these private sports training institutions can provide part time courses, up gradation of skills in the sports etc for the existing sports persons at the college, university level and other private sports persons;  also this private sports training institutions can earn revenues through training the foreign nationals in these sports training  institutions. 


Also there is urgent need for promotion of traditional sports especially the tribal sports in the rural India. These sports should be preserved and promoted in such a manner that millions of tourists should be attracted to view the native rural sports in the country. Government must plan in such a manner to promote rural sports as a national events and thus promote nationally and internationally about the sport and the events so that the world is attracted to these sports and the some countries in the world should adopt and practice to these Indian rural sports and over a period of time it should become an international sport.

Also need for creation of sports agency for the promotion of traditional rural and tribal sports agency (TRATSA). This agency will gather all the forms of traditional Indian rural sports from different parts of the country, also this agency will gather the information on all the tribal sports in different parts of tribal habitations in the country. This agency will put all the details of these special sports, their rules regulations, team compositions, the history of the game , the videos of the game, the benefits of these games etc etc; this ‘TRATSA‘ will formulated better guidelines for the rules and bring precession in these sports/ games. This ‘TRATSA’ will do propaganda of these sports and promote and conduct these kind of sporting events in association with the tourism corporation in the government. This measure not only useful in preserving our traditional rural sports and tribal sports but also promoting these games to be adopted by several urban people and other countries too, also this measures encourages the tourism and more jobs and revenue generation and also to some extent useful in the development of rural areas . 

Also it is learnt that tourism ministry is likely to spend hundreds of croes of rupees in the sports like golfing etc for attraction of the tourists (which yields only few % of tourists as the events of golfing etc are only restricted to the very upper echelons of the country and it is an elite sport, of course the idea is better only after promoting the Indian traditional sports and when the golfing become a local game in India then the tourism ministry can spend such monies either in PPP mode or any mode where government contribution either in land or financial investment is made?????????????)


Also need for formulation of stringent laws with stringent punishments for violation of sports laws/ degrading the spirit of sports by any sports persons either payers, or coaches or umpires or any one for that matter. The violations may include sports training guidelines or doping using steroids, or match fixing or spot fixing or betting or any other manner of leaking the team strategies, any inside information before or during the match/ tournament or any other corrupt practices or indulging in illegitimate sexual activities etc etc for any financial or material benefits of any individuals during the active period in the sports. All these sports related offences should be non bail able.

The government must make it mandatory that all sports persons declare their assets, income expenditure, foreign trips, any gifts received from any person including writing instruments (pen), watches, vehicles, properties etc. Any investments made either personally or in their immediate family members to ensure sports persons are not indulging in any corrupt practise either in the field or outside using their celebrity status for fixing the private deals in the government.

Also government must make it mandatory that the all sports related persons till retired from sports should mandatorily provide the mobile phones used by them, their Email and social networking ID in an affidavit form, violating using fake Email/ social Id or mobile phones in others name should be a punishable offence. This measure should be applicable to all teams from district to national levels and the other supporting persons like empires, referees, coaches etc etc in the official teams of the SGB

Also government in order induce moral values and preserve the Indian tradition government should ban culture of cheer girls in the sports events, also government must ban the so called after match parties in the sports system.

Also complete ban of players or SGB from entering sports related business or run private sports academies or promote sports persons at any level or train any sports persons individually as long as they are in the SGB or still playing the game and not retired from sports.

Also making it mandatory that sports person receiving government aid should be barred from doing business or becoming partners or share holders or occupying employment in the private business organisations.

Also the crimes done by the sports persons should be non bail able and should attract double the normal punishments for deceiving billion people for their self centred selfish acts, degrading the image, spirit of sports.

Also government must ensure that every district sports authority should have sports equipment/ goods quality inspection authority to check the quality of sports equipment as well fitness equipment. This measure is very necessary as government is promoting sports in large scale there is every possibility  that sum stand sports goods will surface in the market, there is loss of money as well as there might be ill effects n fitness/ health due using faulty/ sub standard sports equipment. It is ideal to have separate authority for testing and inspecting the sports goods (whether manufactured in India or some other country) which are sold in the open market or supplied to the government run sports hostels. All the manufactured/ imported goods should undergo random sample test for the batch of manufactured/ imported.


It is a fact that there are terrible negative impact of “legalising“ betting activities of any nature either in sports or others in the lively hood of millions of people in the country; it may be appearing lucrative for getting some revenue for the government and government may spent this money  but its impact is very disastrous, (as government earning Rs 1 revenue through betting public will lose over Rs 30 on an average individually, especially the poor and low, middle income group in several ways, ultimately in long run government loose more due to rise of health care disorders and malnutrition chilled and youth and low productivity??????);  it is criminal and disastrous to legalise betting, as till date only few lacks of people are involved in betting and mostly betting of the volumes of cash are black money (very less percentage of cash volume done by low and middle income group people of course larger in number involved, it is more or less like A class items are low in 10% in number but occupies 85% cash, where as C  class items 80% in number occupies only 5% ) by the urban elite; if not curbing betting and instead legalising anticipating few thousands of cores of rupees of revenue will not yield the desired results as in INDIA the law implementation has several loop holes, most of the betting in high volumes is done in black money, second that no black money fellow will do high volume betting’s legally??????????; (when several state governments could not prevent illegal mining and export when several lacks of lorry plying on the roads for several hundreds of kilometres with illegal mining material and the mining material also getting into the sea ports and getting shipped when the royalty payable to the government by the mining operators are miniscule of the per tonne cost of the material excavated and sold???????(which was cited by the Supreme court empowered committee on illegal mining), then how come governments can control the betting by legalising and get revenue?????????????)

This legalising will rope several number of cores of people from middle income and down trodden and the hard earned money of crores of people will vanish which they have to cut in their food expenditure/ health care expenditure as other expenditure  like house rent, vehicle loan or electricity payment etc are fixed in case of middle income group people; where as in the low and BPL families they will use the “direct cash transfer money” un doubtedly in the lure of getting rich over night???????????? In both these income group people  ultimately the family and children are worst effected; their health is spoiled in the stress and due to mal nutrition; they may get trapped in the debts due to betting and this may even lead to trafficking and prostitution or organ sale or rise in suicides ??????????????????????? ;

If government is looking for the few thousand cores of tax the people more specifically the BPL, low income and middle income group who are majority population loose lacks of cores or rupees,  the country may losing over 10 lacks of crores of rupees due to production loss directly or indirectly due to bad health/ low / stressed minded workforce, which will apart from taking back the country to few tens of years back as compared to the other developed countries as India’s main strength is human resources resources which will have tremendous negative impact due to financial crunch in almost every other third family and more stress related and malnutrition related health disorders in adults and children for generations????????????; even government spent for a decade with more than 5% of the GDP in the health care and food for entire population each year for a period of ten years cannot repair the damage that can occur due to one year of legalised betting????????????. As such it is criminal on the part of the governments to legalise betting??????????


Even though almost all forms of media is giving considerable important to sports, but certainly not done enough for creating awareness for the need of sports in every person’s life especially the  children, youth and women except providing the news for the information to the public about the events happed ore likely to happen. In fact it is a common allegation by most of the people that media is mostly focused majority of its sports news/ promotion at any given point of time mostly on cricket and to some extent on bat mention and tennis, also media did not provided required promotion for other sports in India. It is high time that media should take pro active role in inducing the awareness and enthusiasm in sports in all sections of people in the country in different sporting events (it is appreciable that some national media in last few yers are promoting sports to some extent). Also many sports enthusiasts and educate people feel that media is need to focus more female gender sports events, since as of now to some extent promoting sports played by male alone are more in the news, of course media will more projection of games played by the females in the individual events like tennis, batmen ton, as such it is ideal that media should create more awareness & enthusiasm in all sections of people especially in the youth, girl child and youth and housewife’s towards active participation. 

Also media should take proactive role in prevention of corrupt practices in the sporting system from the sport’s governing bodies, and their members activities, to the individual players activities etc etc and ensure absolute transparency exists in the sports system in the country by conducting fair investigative journalism of the sports persons and governing body members income, expenditure and wealth and assets so that the spirit of the sports games is maintained as intended.

Also media should involve so called celebrities to conduct sports awareness camps in almost every district, every university, all major educational institutions and public gathering events in  the country by all media joining together and sharing the responsibility district wise and inviting both national and regional celebrities from film, music, sports etc to the awareness camps, in addition to rigorous campaign the need for and advantages of sports and fitness for different sections of people. Also need to maintain the present trend of promoting the fitness related programmes and infuse the need for sports in daily life by making people understand that one hour of investment daily in sports and fitness will reduce their health disorders drastically, thus less medial expenditure, also because of fitness of body and stress free mind will lead to more concentration on the work and which leads to incentives of some nature to every individual in one or other manner making them to lead healthy and happy life till naturally their soul rest in peace.

Also the media organisations themselves should ensure that in their respective organisations they first provide the sports & fitness facility and ensure that their entire staff first main the body fitness to set an example for others.


Also since every political party is advocating the eradication of corruption and bringing transparency in the governance, then they should bring the transparency in the sport’s governing boards and sports system itself and put checks and balances for ensuring that sports are not affected by the corruption, also promoting the spirit of sports should be promoted for perfect physical fitness and thus stress free mind in common people, by promotion of sports ensuring every person practice sport daily, All the measures mentioned in this document will certainly bring a sea change in the mindset of the people to practice some sport in their life daily will not only improve the health of the people of the country individually but also increase the economic health of the country thus leading to creation of better amenities for the people of the country leading healthier and happier living of the people of the country.



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