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INDIA being the largest democratic nation with more than 120 crore population having vast reserves of natural resources and having rich tradition prevailing from times immemorial, but in pre independence era our country has to succumb to the greed of the then rulers and traders enabling the BRITISH to occupy our country in the name of trade and our country has to struggle for over two centuries to get independence, but strangely even after 66 years of independence with such a vast resources natural and human still the country is lagging behind even poorest of the poor African countries in certain areas of socio economic conditions and basic infrastructure for the people living in the country again due to trade related economic issues. Most shockingly even though two people in the top ten riches in the world are from INDIA, and our country having few lakhs of milliners and billionaires still near about 25% of the population of INDIA are living below poverty line and almost 45% of the children are malnutritional and over 1/3 of the girl children and women are anaemic and more than 40 % of people in the country are still far away from electricity, more than 50% of government schools do not have toilets, more than 50% of the Indians do not have access to toilets, quality health care is far reach to majority of the population, over 93% of the workforce is in unorganised employment.

Even though the government is spending considerable portion of GDP on the welfare schemes to provide basic support for the downtrodden sections of the society even after 66 years of Independence still the reach of the every rupee spent by the government per targeted person is only to the tune of 15 to 35 Pisa only due to lack of systems in place and commitment on the part of implementing agencies as such the rich are becoming richer and poor are become poorer, as many educated feel true it is mainly due to lack of commitment in majority of the elected representatives from Gram Panchayat to Parliament due to the fact that lack of representation of all sections as per percentage of castes, income groups, gender, religions, age groups, as it is evident that more than 75% of members of parliament are elite multi billionaires & milliners and almost in all state assemblies majority of the member of legislature are multi billionaires and milliners both as per official records and otherwise also, also even for the election of ward members or gram panchayat members people are spending crores of rupees, which clearly indicates that politics become most  lucrative business than any other business ???????? strangely most of the heads of the gross root administration in two lakhs odd gram panchayats are elite /upper echelons belong to few castes from independence till date whose population is less than 1/10 of the population of that village and almost all the mandal, zilla parishads and state government was ruled by person whose population is less than 1/10 of the total population; in a country like INDIA in each electoral territory having different sections of people/vast diversities certainly the head of the elected governments at any level has supreme say in the government of that level in framing laws, using discretion powers etc as a result only those caste people belonging to the caste of the head of the government are flourished and rest of them are remained as they were earlier, one reason is even though the elected political parties forming governments secured less than 1/3 of the total votes polled with average votes polled is only less than 70% which means parties who are getting less than 25% of peoples mandate are ruling the government taking decisions for entire 100% population and most of the opposition parties are fragmented. As a result most of the elected representatives with vested interests are connived with the business people to ensure business are flourished in one or other manner, for the benefit of small section of people subordinating interests of majority population belonging to downtrodden and common class?, also strangely the business class has forgetting the basic ethics, only intended in making profit at any cost? 

Also It is really shameful that in spite our country being the birth place of legendry scholars of economics like “KAUTILYA” who wrote ARTHASHASTRA the first book on economics and finances in the world, unfortunately most of the economic thinkers in post Independent INDIA are vouching for only development/ growth of business/ industry neglecting social sector leading to vast inequalities/difference of number of riches and number of poor???? Strangely they are cursing on government to cut down its expenditure on the social sector spending?????, yes of course it is always ideal to make people earn their livelihood/food rather than feeding them in one or other way, but when the conditions for self earning are not prevailing due to various reasons especially due to lack of say in the governance for all sections how come the government can cut expenditure on social sector. yes government can cut expenditure on social sector after few decades of providing equal say for all sections of people at all levels of governance which will for lead to better reach of welfare schemes as such people will get food, good education, good health care to make them healthy in all aspects to compete with other sections in all walks of life, once the desired inclusive growth and sustainable development attains a minimum bench mark from where on its own the systems can bring the desired change. For attaining those circumstance at the earliest government spending at this rate on the social sector is not at all sufficient, at the same time if government enhances the social sector spending from the present rate it has negative impact on the infrastructure creation and overall growth?, as such it is necessary for the elite/upper echelons & private business industries to join with government to support creation of basic amenities for downtrodden sections of the society like creation of drinking water, creation of toilets both in schools and in slums and in rural habitations etc which will certainly create an atmosphere that government focus more on education, skill development health care which will lead to most of youth are educated and get trained in some skill, most of them are potential contributors for production and development of the business as well themselves & over all to country.

The most common factor that is missing in most of the  business leaders and economic experts is lack of realisation of the fact that “MONEY ALONE CAN NOT PRODUCE MONEY” but only through combined effort of healthy human workforce i.e to produce any product the efforts of workforce is required either directly or indirectly, the work force is nothing but skilled, semi skilled, un skilled labour in different sectors contributing directly or indirectly for a common cause, then required is patronize by people which again depend up on the growth of the economy as only when people possesses money then only they will patronize the product, which means that the wealth accumulated by the capitalists is largely because of dedicated efforts of workforce, the patronize of common people directly or indirectly(all consumer, food products by common people directly, all luxury products indirectly as the money for the luxury products purchase for the elite got from the efforts of millions of same common people?????)

In order to have better product output the work force should be well trained, the work force should have better health which means that the education facilities should be quality, the health care facilities should be quality, to have better education and good health of individuals even after possessing proper infrastructure/ facilities unless good nutritious food is required daily for each individual, the good education not possible with poor health due to lack of food if children are malnourished, underweight bodies, low Body Mass Index, weak in characteristics lead to under developed brain, leading to less memory, less capacity for analytical thinking, all these maladies leads to drop out from school and remain as un skilled, semi skilled labourer or worker. This phenomenon is vicious circle it starts from when the adolescent girl child is weak and anaemic due to lack of proper nutritious food, her children after marriage will certainly be weak in vital parameters? In a country with more than 70 % of the population is youth below 35 years of age and largest working age group population in the world, for achieving and maintaining growth and sustainable development certainly necessitates the government spending on “FOOD SECURITY” a basic necessary [many downtrodden people expresses silently in their inner conscious profound gratitude & heartful blessings to CONGRESS PRESIDENT & UPA CHAIRPERSON    SMT SONIA GANDHI for her initiative to FOOD SECURITY, thanks to Congress lead UPA government for making food security a right for all downtrodden sections (as it is a hard fact that even every single rupee expenditure made is painful for downtrodden sections as it is earned through their hard labour shedding their sweat, of course for many elite it appears very silly as they are used to easy money/ effort-less money???; even though of course till date some state governments are implementing better food security measures, but are are not under the ambit of legal right for the beneficiaries, the schemes may change its structure if government of the day changes?], The existing welfare measures should be continued by government for such a period till majority of the each family earn their nutritious meals daily on their own at market rate?.

This requires drastic change in the existing systems, even though the government spending on the welfare measures is quite large, but out of every rupee spent by the government only 15 to 35 Pisa is reaching. Which means that whatever hard earned money paid by 120 crore of people in the form of tax directly or indirectly is being misused and going to the wealth of few section of people at different levels?  In this many elite/ upper echelons feel / under the wrong notion / presumption that it is their generosity that since they are paying income tax or excise duty or wealth tax etc, government is getting revenues as such there so called hard earned money is being distributed by government for rest of the downtrodden? But they should understand that even every other individual living in the country is directly or indirectly paying tax and it is the contribution of such tax in the form of sales tax, excise duty on products, the value added tax etc on daily consumables like tooth paste, soap, detergents, clothes etc etc which are basic essentials for every human being?????only on paying tax and patronizing the product by 120 crore common people the so called elite/upper echelons either the employers or high class employees in the organisations are getting profit/salary and then only they are able to pay the income tax????? As such the contribution of the so called industrialists/ business tycoons/ upper echelons for the exchequer of government in the form of tax is only a fraction and majority of the taxes comes from the common people?

Also the great economists of the country must think that why should government give concessions in various forms to the so called industrial capitalists at the cost of common people? Take example, the asset created on agriculture land by displacing the people who are living on cultivation will forever lose their lively hood which cannot be replaced by compensation (from independence till 2011 over 3 crore small and marginal farms lost lively hood and turned as unorganised labour due to loss of their agriculture land to the tune of over 7 million hectors due to industrialisation/SEZ but strangely the industries did not provide jobs to even 1/3 of population either directly or indirectly who lost lively hood due to industrialisation of agriculture lands)????? Do growth means reduction of cultivation and enhancement of production of goods with over estimation that once people has money they can buy the products at higher cost. Even if in future when indigenous cultivation of food production and demand for food does not match due to rapid reduction of cultivatable land in due course due to rapid industrialisation/urbanisation on cultivatable lands in the name of expansion of cities, near to cities also due to raise of population in few decades, forcing the country to import most of the food needs, which means that the cost of food will certainly on higher side as the control over the food prices not in India, which may lead that our country people should be at the mercy of the foreign supplying nations?????, as such government should take all necessary measures to enhance the indigenous cultivation from the present level, at the same time take preventive steps containing raising of industries and urban habitations/real estate in cultivatable lands even if the agriculture land used  for a raising single crop per annum. 

Also since the major portion of all development activities the raw material is power, steel etc which again the raw material for power generation is coal (since majority of power produced in India till date comes from thermal power generation), and the raw material for steel production is Iron ore, astonishingly almost all the coal fields, all the iron ore mines in our country are situated in thick TRIBAL, DALIT spread in several states (most of the mines are situated in SC ST reserved assembly, parliament constituencies). This means that the supreme GOD/almighty has created wealth for the TRIBALS, DALITS for their hard work for protecting the nature, and for doing cultivation??? as majority of the TRIBALS are directly and indirectly protecting the environment protecting the forests and reduction of Global warming for better rains, balanced atmospheric temperatures for better growth of crops, and the DALITS are mostly agriculture labour doing hard labour for cultivation to feed all 120 crore population (more than 60% of total agriculture labour in country are DALITS)? Which means as per rule of natural law the first rights on these mines (COAL, IRON ORE, Etc, NATURAL GAS) goes to the DALITS and TRIBALS???????? Also as per the government own statistic of 45% children is malnutrition and 25% women are anaemic, shockingly majority of  children and women who are malnuritional and anaemia as per government are belong to TRIBAL and DALITS. But the so called industries who use the coal, iron ore and earn hundreds and thousands of cores of rupees of profits hardly bother to spend anything for those people who has the first right on these natural assets (except providing few class 4 labourer jobs/temporary contract employment to some people in some industries)? As such it is ULTRA HIGH TIME that the government must make it mandatory that all the natural resources situated in tribal, dalit areas the DIRECT SHARE OF PORTION OF PROFITS on the excavation of such natural resources should go the development of these TRIBAL and DALIT population in the country apart from government regular social sector spending; the only way to respect the hard labour of DALITS and TRIBALS in the country for their up lift meant?

It is very unfortunate that most of the business class of the appears to be of the thought that government alone should do all the welfare measures and private business should flourishes at the cost of common people and private businesses are only to enjoy the profits? Since it is true that only wealth will not create wealth, but is is due to the efforts of direct/ indirect efforts of millions of common people? As such there is an acute need for the private to synergize their contribution with the efforts of the government in the larger interest of the people of the country, as well as in the growth of business, which is possible only through creating the basic necessary infrastructure for the people to live like human beings????????, But the strange fact is the so called rich and elite business class in INDIA are very much self centred selfish nature are caught in the whirlpool of self aggrandizement and has hardly any sympathy for the common people when It is an open truth and hard fact that the so called business / industrialists majority of them used the bank loans in addition to their own capital to start/ run the industry???? If one analysis how do banks possess money to lend, it is again contribution of savings of millions of common people????????? Also it is fact that most of business people getting loans, by enhancing the value of land, by taking the land at cheap rate from the common people in one other manner and creating some hype or value addition projects announcement by the government and enhancing the value and pledging the land acquired for obtaining the loans in majority of the business/ industry cases? Undoubtedly majority of the rich in INDIA are become rich only by using common people as stepping stone? It is not true that rich are not fallen from haven all the first generation entrepreneurs who become rich??????? Also majority of the rich in the country existing today become rich after economic liberalisation of INDIA in 1990, it is a fact believed by many experts the rapid growth in the GDP after liberalisation certainly by flouting some rules/ compromising on certain aspects of governance otherwise this rapid rise are of growth per annum of GDP could not occurred???????????.

The fact that most of the rich do not have botherisation about other common people can be observed clearly from the following example which has applicable to majority of rich/elite in all other cities elsewhere in the country. Since Mumbai being the Financial capital where so called industrial giants, rich & famous of INDIA has a bungalow/palace like residence which is worth ranging from hundreds of crores of rupees to several thousands of crores of rupees (they spent that much of crores of rupees for living of maximum of four people in a family of course it is their money and their prerogative to spend as they wish) but in the same MUMBAI exists the largest slum in the ASIA with millions of people living in very pathetic condition in less than 100 se feet of kuttacha unhygienic surrounding without any basic amenities like drinking water, sanitation ???????, but the so called elite Industrialists who are increasing their net worth year after year, who spends hundreds of crores of rupees on gifts for their family members year after year on birthdays and other occasions, which their kin may use these gifts hardly once in a blue moon or mostly kept as monument, in addition most of the elite spends crores of rupees to own several tens of ultra luxury vehicles worth several crores of rupees for just two to four members in a family, when for travelling at max each family member can have one luxury vehicle, they do not have hesitation in spending such expenditure lavishly, where the justification of the money spent/invested cannot be made?????? Strangely they do not have heart to contribute even a small amount for bringing change in the lives of these downtrodden slum dwellers most them serving the city in or other labour?? Is it not possible even if only top 10% of the wealthiest in MUMBAI contribute 10% of their earnings per annum in just less than a decade the entire slum dwelling can be replaced with multi storied permanent dwelling and bring change in the lives of these downtrodden people in their city?; why it should be only responsibility of the government? When most of the top industrialists in MUMBAI are raised to that level undoubtedly through government support by the way of providing concessions for setting up of industries, providing natural resources at very meagre tax collection? The situation is same in all other parts of the country?? Then how come the country will achieve inclusive growth of all sections, with government alone spending on social sector???

Also if the so called business/industrial class who are multi milliners (crore paties) and billionaires (arab paties) whose count is more than two lack population in INDIA if they have some kind of humanity/generosity left in in addition to any kind of minute respect for the country and people of the country and traditions of the country, most specifically respect towards girl child and women of the country in them apart from their excessive self acquisitiveness, self centred selfishness, then cannot they contributed each at least one lack rupees i.e 0.1 million rupees per annum for three years (for many elite which is nothing but couple of business class air travel tickets say between Delhi and Mumbai or one time dinner at five star hotel or stay in a star hotel for a day or two?????) with such accumulated money  can create TOILETS in near about 4 lacks government schools in INDIA (out of 7 lack odd schools already 3 lack schools have some kind of toilet provision may be unhygienic or un usable?) in every remote place in rural area also should have got a toilet facility at least providing some facility for the girl children to continue education (as many girl children are getting dropped from class 7 or 8 due to lack of toilets especially after they become adolescence) which will lead to empowerment of women in future? Also if the same so called elite if extend one lack rupees for three more years, then all the 3 lakh villages in INDIA could have community toilets (out of 6 lack villages with more than 24 crore family dwellings less than 50% having private toilet facility) for use by at least the girl children and women of the country?????? Where do their (elite’s) respect for the country and the respect for traditions, people of the country especially the women and girl child is gone?????????? Do they only bother about only their self growth and growth and growth by grabbing whatever they can from the common people using government???????? Do social responsibility, CSR means just spending some for the benefit of publicity of the brand of business house or doing some namesake programme in the village/ constituency of the political elected representatives who are supportive to them in all aspects to get some mileage out for both of them??? Do business/industrialisation/ growth of economy means earning profit, profit, and profit for them, and accumulation of wealth for their kin & kith, and their associates?? Also do just paying some income tax, excise duty do their role is over??? Also at least do all of the business/ industry is paying all the taxes correctly?????; do all industries/ business possessing/ obtained all statutory licences to run the industry/ conduct business following right procedures laid in the constitution/ rules laid by the government??????????

Do the economists, bankers who are lending liberally the public savings for these kinds of business people are so ignorant that only growth of 8 to 9% will solve all problems without any support from the so called business/ industrial class in fulfilling their social obligations and social responsibilities for creating basic amenities for ensuring existence of healthy workforce? It is like telling that all 120 core people should starve or it is their luck to survive in half full stomach or empty stomach but work hard like a cog in an oil mill for ensuring growth of industry/business to make rich more rich by earning profits and these rich pay little taxes, government will create basic amenities for common people from the tax paid by rich with great heart??? When GOI and other state governments spending on welfare schemes considerable portion of GDP the so called Economists and industrialists blame government for social sector spending, wants government to cut on the social sector and more investment by government on infrastructure /facility creation in addition wants more liberalisation for getting more funds for industrial growth blaming government by using the fashionable word “policy paralysis”????? Do policy paralysis means following rules by government in the larger interest of nation & people of the country????

Also is not fact that most of the business established pre liberalisation obtained the licences & loans as per the convenience of the some political leaders and most business people requirements?????? by the standards of today all pre liberalisation ear polices are scams????? Which was felt by great economists in the country on open platforms on several occasions???? also is it not fact that majority of the industrialists who are running business successfully got loans from banks by pledging the land allocated at nominal cost by the governments to them (sometimes as low as Rs 1 per acre on sale / lease when the government circle rate is over few crores of rupees and market rate is many folds the government circle rate) in the banks at high value and obtain the loans (the loans lended by the banks is the again the funds accrued from small savings of millions of common people in the banks cutting their family food/ health expenditure)????, also is not a fact that hardly any adherence to norms /standards prior to economic liberalisation, even after economic liberalisation these banks extend loans for big projects of private business industrialists liberally, banks will be after these industrialists to lend the hard savings of the common people???? but these banks follow stringent norms harshly for small time loan seekers only???, Also it is not true that the banks are so liberal to so called industrial class when it is an open fact that for lending a one lakh of rupees loan banks takes several tens of security and in case of default few instalments by any bad luck the banks recovery tram drag these small loan availers to court, ensure they are arrested and send them jail after initial their type of treatment by their recovery goons either in personal loan or credit card loans, but shockingly the same banks who lended thousands of crores to hi fy industrials when defaulted for several thousands of crores simply keep dormant????, due to the fact of matter as even after selling the assets pledged by the hi fy industrial defaulters the recovery is not even 10 percent of the amount lended as most of the money lended (many feel that it is due to the fact the loans are lended by over valuing several times the pledged assets  than the actual value to provide more loan amount???) was shown as operational expenses and losses when majority is getting siphoned off by inflating the operational expenses (many educated people are doubtful, that there might be existence of connivance of the bank top officials with these kind industrials in most of these type of cases and may be bank officials do not have courage to adopt harsh measures to recovery from the defaulters except attempting clandestine approach for recovery due the fear for loss of respect in society apart from losing job and getting imprisonment in case these kind of moral less industrialists in a desperate attempt to block the recovery by leaking to media the compromising acts of the bank officials in clique colourful cocktail enjoyment parties when in good times with these type of industrialists enjoying life to the fullest extent with public money)???? Otherwise How come these banks can do two class treatments for tiny loan seekers one set of rules and industrial tycoons one set of rules???? When the money in banks for lending is mostly earned through deposits from millions of common people’s hard savings???? Then where is the morality left in the either the business people, bankers or economists to exhibit, practice their social responsibility/ social obligation???? Do growth of economy means the increase of wealth of some individuals or few sections of people (elite) with almost same state of miserable living of common /downtrodden sections??

Also the so called lobbyists/ hi fy PR agents / some elite middlemen /brokers who pretends doing social service do events of charity by spending lavishly in cock tail parties, fashion shows in the name of collection of charity funds to be spent for the welfare of downtrodden/ sick following the old say “char ana murgi kelaye barah ana masala” which means for preparing a chicken curry with chicken worth 25 Pisa an amount of 75 Pisa spices spent? Like that just to collect the 25 Pisa from the so called hi fy industrialists the so called NGO/associations spend 75 Pisa in the five star hotels is this charity??? Is it not appearing that these five star charity fund collection get together events are only and only to do some business deals, not really intended to do service /charity to the deserving downtrodden? Also do the elite / business / industrialists are not aware that they cannot carry away any wealth with them? Are they are ignorant of the fact that no human being is immortal?

Strangely in deep delusion most elite thinks that the wealth should be accumulated for their future generations ignoring the fact that the wealth earned by them/organisation is due to contribution of many common people and fail to extend their contribution for betterment of those downtrodden common people ignoring their dharma are falling prey to misery in future. Because of this excess self centred, selfish acts, most of the children of the so called business tycoons even though educated in USA/UK in any prestigious institutions for obtaining degree/ masters in business administration, majority of them got the admissions in these prestigious institutions not through merit in majority of cases but only through paying heavy donations to these prestigious institutions, they are ignorant that based on original capacity to receive the signals the instrument can receive the signals likewise human brain also????, so if these weak mined gen next business tycoons kids even though studied in prestigious institutions certainly lacks the nag/ originality (may be knowledgeable but certainly weak in morals, values and full of wises), in the event if they become head their organisations, how come they become successful business people, also it is a fact as per belief of many people in business circles that most of the kin and kith of the business tycoons are having some or other wises like either addicted to alcohol or homo sexuality or womanising or drugs/narcotics or gambling etc, as the free culture is prevailing in the so called elite?? Also most of their marriages are stressed and continuing for the sake of social respect?????? Also in most of the gen next of business tycoons due to excess ego are indulging in “one-upmanship” among their business circle????, in these circumstances after the first / second generation of so called elite business persons retires/ expires, then how come these sick minded gen next kin, kith youth can take forward the business when the present business tycoons in the greed for expansion diluting majority of the promoter shares to the foreign investors??????? It is high time for self introspection of business personalities about whether what they are doing is righteous or not, is it not high time extend their social responsibility for the betterment of the nation and thus their organisation (as it is a fact that god/ almighty balances everything as these business people are snatching happiness of section of common people either directly or indirectly, as such god is snatches away happiness in these business tycoons even though they appear happy but internally not????) [Of course many downtrodden people silently in their conscious express their gratitude for all those elite (only small % of elite are doing real service) who are contributing for the welfare of downtrodden either openly or discretely they being true followers of ‘dharma’.]

Also it should be ideal that CSR by the companies should be used in a fixed pre specified manner by the industries. Also it should be most ideal that CSR should be extended to all industries/ business houses which has availed/used the bank loans for establishing/running the industry/business???(by amending from the recently company law bill passed in which CSR applicable only for industries above 5 cr turnover????). It is ideal that the CSR fund should be deposited in a trust operated either by government or industry body at the instance of government for development of basic infrastructure like community toilets , toilets in schools etc,???????? Otherwise it is most ideal to fix the eligibility of CSR spending only for creation of infrastructure/ amenities like social welfare hostel/ government school/ all government schools in a district/ all government hostels in district, or only creation and maintenance of toilets/ drinking water in all government schools or a village to built community toilets, the community hall, the approach roads, the solar electrification (only non electrified villages should be taken for the purpose of CSR, of course for installing energy conservation devices all villages/colonies in cities), creating safe drinking water for the entire village (first preference to all villages which are effected by fluoride, drinking water has to be gathered from several kilometres etc villages, of course for construction of storage tanks, laying of pipelines to individual houses etc in all villages), creation and maintenance of of advanced diagnostic centres in mandal head quarters,  modernisation and maintenance of primary health centres (PHC) in the mandal head quarters in rural areas (first preference should be in rural districts with thick populated mandals having no access to quality medical facilities) etc should be the criteria. These measures are visible and also creation of permanent assets as well as caring the children/people appropriately. All the expenditure vouchers should be submitted to the government as a proof of claiming the CSR expenditure. Also it should be ideal that Ministry of Corporate Affairs should create a CSR expenditure web portal to provide information state wise, district wise, and alphabet wise of companies, industry segment wise, turnover wise so that people can view the CSR contribution of area wise and industry wise and sector wise?? Also this measure will certainly ensure that all work allocation of the CSR is according to the government fixed norms, in addition will eliminate two companies duplicating same work/ambiguity in all CSR contributors either in selecting the village or school, the CSR should be on first come first serve bases. The above measures will certainly ensure constructive contribution from the corporate utilised in a best possible manner and maximum utilisation of the CSR fund. Also it is fact that corporate can fund based on the profits earned, (for some sectors like petroleum, natural gas, mining, it should be on turnover).

Also it is a fact due to lack of clear guidelines clearly stating the so called market sentiments the companies stocks are in volatile situation, in fact many people feel that it is the market lobbies that control the price of stocks, as a result both millions of common people are losing lacks of crores of rupees of hard earned money over night???????????, also it is fact that again the banks are getting into NPA’s due to fact that the inflated shared are pledged to obtain loans by the company promoters, but after few years the share value is not even 1/10 of the value of the share pledged and loan obtained against , in this circumstances the bankers are helpless but to remain mute spectator for recovery in such cases???????????? As such in order to prevent existing maladies, loop holes, lacuna’s in the stock market it should be ideal to fix a guidelines for each sector to be made public by each and every company the facts about the company on real time bases. Example in a FMCG manufacturing industry the goods produced, the stock at the godowns, stock movement  at each distributors, stock at each dealers, stock at each retailer and its movement on real rime through creating online virtual private network from manufacturer to retailer. likewise in a soft ware company the number of employees , revenue earning of each of the projects on hand, the stage of projects in progress, the future orders / negotiations, the stage of negotiations with documentary proof, etc, like wise in case of construction companies the asters of lands in procession with clear documents, other than in court disputes,  the stage of projects, the future projects, etc etc with the details of employees/ sub contractors etc etc, similarly for each and every sector clearly mentioning the details of each and every company mode of earnings of profits, the conditions which determine the profit (in case of companies using imported components/ raw material, in case of exports the products what is the impact due to rupee dollar fluctuations etc );

Also there should be fixed guidelines for fixing the share value in the private placements for all companies which are not listed, how come people invest just because of some xyz is formed the company and shown the projections that the company is going to do this turnover, this many thousands of jobs are created, is it not either foolish/connivance of the governments to allot the government land for just bare minimum price of as less as Rs 1 (one rupee) per acre when the circle government rate itself is crores of rupees per acre, and these companies just get the land allocation, they  do so hype and pledge the land at market rate and sometimes may do business or sometimes may just keep the land as an instrument o rise their share value to attract more investments from public as well as from financial institutions???In case the company do not honour its word to start the project/ did not provide such number of jobs the public who invested in the company are at the loss?????, government is at the loss???? Also this method leads to favouritism/ bias as some big established companies are buying shares of incubation companies of kin& kith of political elected representatives in government to gain some other concessions to their existing business in ‘quid pro co” making the government of the day compromise to provide land/ other concessions at the will and wish of business and government subordinating the interests of common people????? As such it should be ideal that all incubations companies should be restricted to sell their promoters quota or any shares than fixed value of the share as determined by the standard financial agencies (approved by government) till such time they start the industry/ production/ service, and based on the progress of business their performance should determine the value of the shares of the company???(as it is a fact that many individuals in youth attract to the films/movies and come to city to become hero/heroin in the move but most of them end up in becoming extra artist struggling to earn their own food????? Likewise all companies which just paper projections without any real proven talent how come government provide lands, how come government allow the public to invest money to lose money)  Without which there is every possibility that people may presume that government is allowing “gambling” for the interest of the few sections of people millions of common peoples interests are subordinated??????

As such order to have stable life of all common people who are investing in companies, the above stringent implementation transparent measures to save public are necessary preventing the happing of free fall of shares creating blood bath in the so called ‘dalal street” though loss of several lakhs of crores of rupees over night making the lives of millions of common people who invested in the shares in misery/gloom/jeopardy???? Also it is ideal that government must make law that only people whose annual income above Rs 1,20,000 should be allowed to invest in the share market, in addition only to the tune of 10% of their earnings, like wise there should be slabs that people can invest of their earnings and in no case people should be allowed to invest beyond their earnings after deducting the minimum standard expenses per annum. Also it should be ideal to educate people to keep the savings in banks, instead of buying the ‘gold’ or other ornaments as it will not produce anything and not useful for anyone except for some personal satisfaction that i have this yellow metal, instead if they save in the bank’s the banks will lend the money for growth of business/ industry so that each individual is also a contributor for growth of business and providing lively hood for other fellow citizens in addition they are getting some return on their savings in the form of interest. These measures are certainly WIN WIN for all sections.

Also the statistics of various institutions revelling that reduction in poverty, increase in per capta income??? Did it really means are the downtrodden people really got improved in their life style, and do it means reduction in malnutrition in children/ adults, are these statistics say reduction in anaemia, or do these statistics means availability of nutrition food for all the people in the family at least one time daily, or these statistics means prevailing of standard drinking water, standard toilets or hygenicity of living habitation/ dwelling or do these statistics are simply figures for the sake of statistics?????? Do the earning/ expenditure per person as fixed for poverty line determination, can eliminate all these lacunas/ maladies of the downtrodden sections???? Do any kind of standard of living improved in terms of food, health care etc for the poor?????? Yes there was increase in per capta, but at the same time the cost of basic living, cost of essential food is on rise every day (other than government subsidized food grains by government like rice, wheat, i.e the cost of pulses, the cost of vegetables cost raising rapidly), commodities also got raised more number of times then the per capta, as such what kind of food these section of people are having 60 years back, much less calorie sub standard food these sections are having now????, the addition of mobile bill, power bill, etc taken away their expenditure towards their health care compared to pre independence and now in majority of downtrodden ????? As such it is necessary for the government to ensure nutritious food is available to common people at very affordable prices, as such there is urgent need to enhance the pulses indigenous production bring down the cost of pulses which are basic nutritional supplements (as rice/wheat are supplied at nominal price covered in FOOD SECURITY by GOI), in addition construction of storage facilities for food grains, vegetables and improve the supply chain mechanism to ensure products are available at stable affordable prices for all sections of people (by eliminating middle men and providing right price for both farmers and traders as well as consumers) will certainly improve the quality of life of the downtrodden sections. In this process government must reduce subsidy burden on government and increase government revenues by reducing the extension of subsides to the upper echelons on petrol, diesel, gas, etc, enhancement of taxes on the upper echelons and elite as per the rate of growth of income and wealth (very sad that all those who earn 10 lacks and 10,000 crores in the same bracket, need more tax slabs), on power tariff, the air fares, the luxury charges etc will certainly create balance of revenues for creation of infrastructure for over all development even after sustain revenues are spent on social sector.?

Also it should be the moral responsibility of of those citizens who utilised the government benefits like reservations, concessions and welfare schemes like scholarships for study and obtained jobs through reservation, financial support or some form of concessions for setting up of self employment or business and got settled in life comfortably (self sufficient) whether they may be entrepreneurs, private employees or government employees or elected representatives at any level should mandatorily on moral grounds contribute certain fixed percentage of their earnings (MPLAD, MLALAD, at least 50% should be used for SC, ST development, apart from that all sections at least 5% to 1% of their salary depending up on the rank and salary they are earning, all in business at least 5% of turnover, in addition at least 30% of their employees should be from SC, ST and downtrodden sections) by exhibiting their real commitment in them for the up lift meant of their own fellow brothers and sisters belonging to downtrodden sections in the country through creation of a corpus fund for such activity for ensuring inclusive growth of all sections belong to the downtrodden, which will certainly lead to better lively hood of these downtrodden sections.?????? Also it should be ideal that GOI should provide tax exemption for all donations for such voluntary corpus fund for development of SC ST OBC downtrodden sections. 

Also it should be ideal to remove reservation for upper echelons in SC, ST, OBC in education, in employment in government jobs for all children of SC, ST OBC elected representatives MLA, MP, all government class one officers and above (all gazetted officers), for children of SC ST OBC business persons whose annual income is above Rs 10 lakhs, also for children of all SC ST OBC private employees/individuals whose family income exceeds Rs 10 lakhs per annum (this measure will certainly provide more confidence in the upper echelon SC, ST OBC children as they are competing with upper castes equating them with them since they are having all the facilities that other upper caste children are having?, also at the same time provides opportunity for the deserving downtrodden SC, ST OBC). Also the use of reservation facility for elite/upper echelon SC ST OBC should be withdrawn in electoral system from gram panchayat to parliament (for this all those SC, ST, OBC whose family income per annum is above 3 lakh rupees should be barred from contesting at any local body elections in any reserved constituency of SC ST OBC, similarly for assembly elections all SC ST OBC whose family annual income is 10 lakhs above should be barred from contesting in SC ST OBC reserved constituencies, like wise for parliament elections all SC ST OBC whose family annual income is Rs 25 lakhs above  should be barred from contesting the SC , ST , OBC reserved parliament constituency (family annual income include income earned by individual and their spouse and their un married children, including the assets, wealth accrued as on date of filing nomination) All those SC ST OBC whose income exceeds above said limits should be treated as upper echelon as such should barred from contesting on reserved seats for SC, ST OBC but they can contest as open candidate from any non reserved SC, ST OBC constituencies so that the downtrodden SC, ST OBC will get opportunity to contest and represent the real deprived sections otherwise there is no meaning for reservation in electoral system of representation of people just because born in a particular community,(without which the basic purpose of constitutional provision of reservation for representation of SC ST is being defeated???) also without which hardly any justice for real deserving people from downtrodden SC, ST and OBC?????? But  since they too born in the community which has faced many social deprivations for long as far as constitutional safe guards for SC, ST, OBC should be intact and should be applicable all sections of SC, ST OBC irrespective of income status of the SC ST OBC for safe guarding from any kind of atrocities in the name of caste, acquiring land in the scheduled areas etc, (all upper echelon SC ST OBC can use reservation in political party organisations for securing positions as political party organisations are non government and mandatory constitutional reservation is not applicable) to ensure that reservation provision should be useful for the really deserving poor downtrodden class in SC ST OBC, as the upper echelon SC, ST, OBC who are self sufficient, secured life, possessing all the conditions that are available with the other communities in forward caste to compete with the other open category communities??????(But the present constitutional reservation in education, employment, electoral system should be continued intact, should be continued for at least next 30 years till majority of the SC ST OBC are fully developed, in addition all promotions in government employment as per constitution should continued intact) This measure will certainly bring more talent from poorest of poor in the downtrodden SC ST OBC, without which even in SC ST OBC only upper echelons are getting befits and poor are remaining as poor making the very basic purpose of constitutional reservations for SC ST OBC meaningless???? In addition it should be ideal to make it mandatory that all private business/industry should employ at least 35% of their total employees at entry level, either executive jobs or shop floor jobs from people belonging to SC, ST, and OBC for ensuring real inclusive growth among the SC ST OBC sections???? In addition it should be ideal to make it mandatory that minimum of 15% of the employees at entry level should be recruited from economically backward sections of upper castes who belong to BPL, low income group for bringing inclusive growth & real change in society??

Also everyone has to recollect the cause of struggle for INDEPENDENCE OF INDIA is mainly due to the rich natural resources in INDIA, people from the western countries like BRITON entered our country in the name of trade (EAST INDIA COMPANY) and occupied the country, to liberate INDIA from the IRON FIST of BRITISH it took scarifies of several lacks of people and more than 200 years of precious time, but strangely in the name of growth, in the name of development the excessive dependence on FDI in every sector especially in sharing the natural resources by the giant companies, in retail sector, most dangerously in the agriculture sector is very dangerous to the prospects of the country in the long run (after few decades in case of same pace is or even more aggressive FDI is continued diluting stake of every other private large scale corporate industries producing power, excavating natural resources, in transportation sector, agriculture, food etc which cater basic needs of over 120 core population)??????

Also the agriculture sector which provides lively hood for over 65% of population in the country, badly needs protection/promotion of indigenous native seeds for cultivation to safe guard not only these 65% of population but the entire 120 core plus population??????, but strangely the so called Indian corporates are promoting the mechanised, contract farming and in order to gain maximum profits using the so called KILLER GM/GE seeds and making the maximum profit in the few years say 5 to 6 years of contract period from the land and leaving the soil un usable for rest of the life for native seeds, only to be suitable to use genetically engineered (GE)/ genetically modified (GM) seeds which are monopoly of the west, also excessively promoting the GE/GM seeds in the interest of MNC and few distribution companies in India causing irreparable damage to the country??????? Also it is a fact due to GM/GE seeds already thousands of innocent farmers lost life in cotton crop????????, already GM/GE seeds are occupied most of the cultivation of bringol, cotton, as such it is high time to contain the spread of GE/GM for other crops especially the horticulture, fruits and vegetables to protect the native seeds and future of the country from not going in the grip of of the MNC giants of GE/GM seed producers as these MNC manufacturing the seeds in such a manner that crop get pest during the middle of the crop and the pest will be nullified only with their patented pesticides? Then if the situation is not changed favouring preserving and promoting the native seeds and making severe restrictions on use of GE/GM seeds than there is every danger that INDIA will lose the INDEPENDENCE for food as the entire INDIAN agriculture will go into the same western vested interests, it is only and only due to the greed of the few sections of business class and some section of political class who are connived with the business class subordinating the interests of 120 crore people for benefit of few hundred/ thousands of GE/GM manufactures / distributors /middlemen????, as a result over a period of time once the entire country starts cultivating majority of the GE/GM crops there is every danger and most likely possibility the MNC seed companies enhance the rate of seeds in the name of increased R&D costs, also increase the cost of tailor made  pesticides which are only suitable for one verity of crop for a particular period (as they change the seed internal structure frequently to get different pests for every four or five seasons in order to protect their pesticide monopoly so that there is hardly any scope for low cost indigenous production of same pesticide locally to be used by the farmers to reduce costs???????), also the tailor made fertilizers to suit those seeds for enhancing soil fertility for achieving specified growth and output (may be as a pre condition with seeds to sell seeds ????) all these conditions forcing the Indian cultivations to use these MNC products from seed, fertilizers, pesticides without any option left which will certainly result in cost of production and cost of reaching the food/ vegetables will be abnormal. (already in the field of pharmacy the country is facing the heat from the MNC pharmacy products which are charging a criminal killing profit in by adding 200%  to 5000 % mark up price on the 100% cost of production price to reach out to consumers, which are most essential life saving drugs, without any sympathy for humanity ????? under critical circumstances public are forced to buy these medicine at high costs, which is one of the reason for poor becoming poor as most of the people are purchasing medicine with hard earned cash???; thanks to CONGRESS lead UPA GOI initiative to introduce the ”GENERIC MEDICINE” at least for some drugs to bring the cost of drugs to a very affordable price which are over 80% less than MNC drugs, but the same in case of GE/GM seeds are not possible as these seeds once raised just for two successive crops the soil will be unfit for cultivation by any other conventional native seeds, in addition every year there is acute need for use of more fertilizers as the natural soil fertility is being eroded due bacteria of GE/GM seeds induced in the soil??? Also is it not criminal that so called fertiliser companies making extensive publicity, promotions by giving more profits to the dealers/ agents to promote the use of excessive fertilizers for enhancement of soil nutrients, which is not only enhances cost of production of agriculture products and become a burden for the people especially the down trodden, in addition it also reduces the health immunity for already weak genes of the gen-next youth especially belong to the downtrodden? Do this kind of criminality can be acceptable? So the so called economists and the so called industrialists should think inclusive growth will occur only and only if there is certain regulations both government and self regulation by the so called industrial community as a whole, otherwise like how a few vested industrialists and rulers (the then elite, political class)  made entry to occupy by the BRITISH and made the country in their rule for 200 years, the same manner our country in spite of being the largest democracy in all probability may go into the hands of foreign capitalists (MNC’s) and foreign seed companies and we may have to virtually beg for the mercy of these foreign giant companies for our food and future living?

Also it is very shameful to blame everything on government for any wrong happened in the society as it fact that most of people especially the common public lacks the sense to adhere to social obligations, in  spite of government spending on the creation of basic infrastructure like roads, public transport like railways, buses etc and public parks and greenery to reduce pollution and create hygienic surroundings of the habitation, most of common public do not have respect to use these assets created with hard earned tax paid money of every other person in INDIA properly with care, they spit on the roads, urinate on the sides of roads when public conveniences are in existence,  throw the garbage on the roads when garbage bins are available, all these leading to unhygienic surroundings leading to health disorders and epidemics which again is a burden on the individuals as well as on governments to overcome the sickness??????  also need to reduce the vehicular pollution by using public transport, also make the public transport clean and neat always, also need to maintain their personal vehicles to ensure their personal vehicles adhere to permissible emission norms to reduce vehicular pollution, also to make sure sound pollution is reduced to great extent by ensuring the vehicles are well maintained and reduce the honking of horns especially near the educational institutions, hospitals and residential zones?, also need to adopt to help fellow humans by following the humanity especially when any one deserving in emergencies like road accidents, as it is a fact that many of the people will just walk away in case of accidents instead of helping the victims to save their lives, also it is a fact that almost all the people passing nearby just gather and surround the accident victims and just observe them as mute spectators unless someone great human at least try to pour some water or extend hep to them in some or other manner?????Shame shame shame?????? Imagine if the same accident occurs to your loved ones and tragedy happens what pain you may undergo if at all you are a real human being???; also not to damage the public properties to show up their anger  on any issues to the government demanding for anything under the sky in the name of protest/ ‘bund’, of course every individual is having right to express their disagreement of any government policy but should be done in a peaceful manner without causing any damage to the public property as it is nothing but they are depriving food / facility from their fellow downtrodden citizen as to re construct/ repair the damaged property government has to use the hard tax paid money only by cutting expenditure on other welfare measures as government cannot produce money on its own and it just a custodian of public money and use it in a  better and systematic manner in the larger interest of people only, in order to get more money for repair and reconstruction government has to raise taxes to collect money from same common public????? Then how come these sections of common public ignore the basic fact and damage their property??????? Also since the natural resources are perishable, also most of comforts what we are enjoying are through use of electrical energy, which is produced mostly through thermal power plants by burning coal causing great loss to environment causing pollution and global warming which has many chain reaction adversities on human beings as such in order to reduce the coal burning we all need to adopt to energy conservation and use electricity as and when required???? Also since the the fresh water on earth is only 1/3 of the total water resources in the earth, we need to conserve the water by using sparingly to minimum required, reduce excess use to conserve for future?????? As such in many more ways common people need to adhere to and practice their social obligations for common good.

Also there acute need for creation of respect for our age old traditions and customs ensuring practice of the goodness ‘dharma’s”/ preaching’s of embedded in the traditions and customs such as respecting women and girl children, the respect for humanity, service to human as service to god, the traditional foods, the traditional music, the traditional art and dances etc etc for prevailing of morality and righteousness in the gen-next in addition prevailing of patriotism and communal harmony. It is very shameful that the crime rate is on the rise especially on children, girls and women due to the lack of respect for traditions and customs and also there is rise in the prostitution, with more than 3 million girls and women are in this flush trade mostly forced flush trade as per GOI reports living in miserable  pathetic hell bound conditions with majority of them are prone to contractual diseases like AIDS etc, but strangely the section of sex sick male are visiting them for few minutes of enjoyment and making their life and their family life miserable to due to AIDS and other deadly diseases?????? also over 3 lakh children are untraceable/missing and also more than 30 million people and children are still  in forced or bonded labour especially children working in brick kilns, glass factories or carpet making industry etc are losing their precious future?  Also due to rise in use of internet most of the children are getting addicted to pornography and there is rise in child pre martial sex, and also rise in extra matrimonial sex and also rise in living in relationships disrespecting the institution of marriage and also there are equally number of rise of divorce cases and rise in number of single women. All the children, girl children and women should be liberated from these pangs immediately through collective efforts of government and common public through infusion of morals and righteousness???? As all these kinds of atrocities  are only and only due to failure to create /reinforce in the young minds about the traditions and customs of the country, these traditions and customs and respect for women can be reinforced in the young budding minds through spirituality by providing equal treatment in religious shrines, preaching of social obligations and social responsibility, rational thinking and responsible behaviour by the spiritual and religious leaders and by their parents and by teachers in educational institutions which will certainly make the gen-next behave with more responsibly following moral values and ethics and turn them as great productive assets of nation. Also need to inculcate the financial discipline, spending money judiciously, only on need based and need to save money for future needs will certainly create wealth for all over a period of time.

Also it is a fact that many people who follow the religious beliefs, many who are elite are doing some service in the name of religion/ spirituality, for religion/for spirituality/ for blessings of almighty, but unfortunately majority of them missing the real spirit underlying the spirituality i.e service to humanity is service to god???? As such many of the elite who follows the religion/spirituality do not have any hesitation in spending lakhs, crores of rupees for gifting the god/goddess ornaments etc, spending on charity for various religious functions/propaganda of religion, but fail to understand that the ornaments / gifts given to the deity will just remain as an ornament (being plied up/ stocked in bank lockers), it does not have any purpose except keeping in the lockers after decoration to the deity on auspicious occasions, festivals just being a decorative peace, at the same time the deity never ever asked/said any human beings to spend lacks and crores of rupees in ornaments then only I will bless?????????, in fact blessings for human beings comes from the service to the needy which is gods wish and job of god (all religions) without which there no reason to believe that god will save when one is in need/ trouble, in case religious people does not believe in god wish then the entire theory of religion is nothing but trash, just for the connivance of section of people making entire mankind live in fools paradise??????, but strangely these elite who are religious, do not have heart to spent the same amounts of money (what they are intended/ spending on ornaments/ rituals etc) for creation of a permanent facility like drinking water for children in schools/ villages/ slums, toilets for children in schools/ villages/ slums, which will be used by several hundred’s / thousands of  people daily which will get blessings from the people who used the facilities un knowingly after all children are considered as gods, since they being pure hearted????; also the condition is same for the religious institution trusts running/administering the religious shrines (cutting across religions) which are getting donations from millions of people and the annual income of some of the religious trusts are even in  several thousands of crores of rupees (like TTD Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam trust board of LORD “SHRI VENKATESWARA”) but strangely these trust boards  who are supposed to maintain the “dharma” are in total gloom as far as the wisdom of majority of the trustees are concerned, they do not have basic concern for the common people and spend the public money at their will and wish, whims and fancies for decoration of the shrine, expansion of the shrine, on this special festival that special events etc, in addition  spend money to create gold ornaments, gold plating of the shrines, creation of similar  shrines elsewhere in the country as branches of the shrine, but do not have heart to follow what they preach, which to be followed by them to set example for other religious devotes, but these trust boards make large advertisements “service to human is service to god”, follow righteousness the righteousness will protect you” etc, fail to do real social service by creating the amenities for the needy downtrodden such as creating drinking water, sanitation in schools, villages, slums, taking care of mid day meal preparations,  preparation of food in welfare hostels??????, distribution of blankets to the downtrodden elderly people in the villages, distribution of rain coats to children in schools etc etc. After all the money collected annually by these trust boards are hard earned money of millions of common visitors and the contribution of the elite is only marginal as compared to the common peoples contribution, most of the contribution of elite is in the form of ornaments etc, even here the elite trust boards love to provide royal treatment to the elite/ so called celebrities and slave like treatment for the common people?????????

Also many educated common people have one big doubt in their mind that how come the  religious spiritual leaders cutting across the religions, most of them are certainly enlightened / possessing wisdom in them without which they cannot become religious spiritual gurus /leaders /preachers, but very strangely they  are missing to create social responsibility and communal harmony, most of them are becoming selfish, involved in self propaganda, some appears to be organised, some even give big big lectures on politics and corruption, some of them are getting funds to the tune of hundreds of crores per annum but strangely they too become like business people only profit motive through rigorous publicity of the individual?????, also how many spiritual leaders have united to create basic amenities to school children, when children are considered to be pure personalities like god??????, as it is a fact that to walk a mile the first step and the few steps follows to complete the mile distance, like wise if these spiritual leaders, the religious institutions, elite who believes in religion and spending, if really start taking a few schools, then all schools in a district, then few districts etc then in few years all schools in the country will certainly get drinking water, toilets, like wise in slums, villages ??; Also it is not appearing that all organisations who advocates religion/ promotion of religious sentiments/ as if their organisation is for the protection of religion are fully indulging in centred selfish acts  as they do not have any issue in issuing so called “dikata” (one or other way of prohibition/dictatorship) on women, young girls saying that they should behave like this, behave like that in the village/ society should wear this should not wear like that etc by telling that traditions and customs and religion do not agree, but do such leaders who talks / lectures about respecting women in all such religious organisations do not feel SHAME to hear that their sisters, mothers like girls and women in millions on numbers are felling humiliated daily by going to open areas for excretions of wastes??? Also they don’t feel shame that their children are eating substandard / rotten food in the mid day meal in most of the schools???? Cannot they make their religious organisations sent volunteers in the village to prepare the food/ distribute the food/ observer the preparation & distribution of food????Do they are meant to back only political organisations for making innocent people take it for granted and communalise on certain issues to take political mileage by gaming in the name of religion????? When they do not have basic respect for religious ‘Dharma’s’ when religions advocate respect for women, service to the needy is the primary responsibility of all humans, at least those who follow/advocate religion should first follow these basic principle????? It is high time that every institution which is getting public money in the form of donations should immediately start doing some social service in creating permanent assets to immediate issues like drinking water, toilets, electricity in remote rural villages households etc in the larger interest of people. They will certainly get blessings from the almighty as millions of people bless them unknowingly.      

Also it should be ideal that GOI should constitute an official trust under ministry of finance for collection for fund contributed voluntarily from the individuals for the education, health care of the children. The contribution should be eligible for 120% tax exemption. It should be ideal to introduce a scheme to virtually adopt a child for education or virtually adopt any elderly person, couple, for the purpose of contribution only individuals should be eligible to extend help and get benefit, the scheme should ensure  initial collection or monthly collection of fixed amount per annum Rs  6,000 per child under 12 years and Rs 9,000 per child above 12 years and below 18 years, all intermediate/ degree students aged above 18 and below 25 it should be Rs 12,000 per annum and all elderly single person Rs 15,000 should be minimum amount of contribution per individual child/elderly person, all the amounts contributed should be through bankers cheque or through salary deduction, the amount contributed should get 120% tax exemption. This measure will ensure government will get more funds for social service at the same time individual who contributed will get tax benefit, the individuals who are getting education, health care will certainly be the happiest persons. Since tax benefit is coming to the tune of 120 % at the same time they are getting satisfaction for doing real social service many people will certainly contribute for this noble purpose. Also the scheme should be applicable to all individual/HUF tax payers.  Also it should be ideal to make it mandatory for all employers who employ unorganised workers with salary payment less than Rs 10,000 per month should deceleration the details of employment to the government (employment department), like employing a driver or maid servant, or helper in ‘krans store’ etc, it should be mandatory that all such employers should contribute annually 6,000 rupees towards the education / health care of the family of the unorganised employee such as driver / maid children through government trust by depositing the same amount in government trust, government will provide the necessary arrangements to the state governments to ensure that the amount contributed by their employers should reach the children either in cash in the bank accounts of the parents monthly or in the form of school fees directly paid to the school, (all employers either individuals/ propitiatory/firm who’s annual income exceeds Rs 1,20,000 should only be required to pay for the employees welfare) the uniforms, books, foot wear etc should be supplied by the school. Also it should be ideal that government extend 120% tax benefit for these payments towards welfare of employees so that it will be not a pin for the employer, at the same time it encourages all employers to contribute, at the same time government get more revenues to spend on the welfare of the downtrodden???? This measure will ensure maximum urban poor will be taken care to some extent by their employers; also it leads to security of both employee and employer?????

In addition it should be ideal that ministry of rural development GOI should create a trust create trust to collect the activities and keep the village wise data base of educated people, their employment, entrepreneurship, elected representatives settled across India/globe. A web portal by name like “myvillagemypride” or any such catchy name in English to be created for creation of data base of all villages, the existing amenities, the amenities required, the specialities of the village as per art, dance, culture, tradition, tourism importance etc etc, in addition creation of data bank of individuals hailing from that village / connected to that village either through parents or in-laws who are  educated and employed, or employer or elected representative  settled elsewhere in INDIA/ GLOBE, their connection to the village should be either as a son/daughter of the village or son in law or daughter in law of the village. In order to create the data base of the individuals it should be made mandatory that all employers either government/ PSU/private business who are having more than 10 employees in their organisation, all proprietors/ owners of MSME sectors (including kirana store proprietors/ tea stall proprietors/ cobbler works proprietors/ black smite proprietors/gold smite proprietors/ barber shop proprietors etc) who are having less than 10 employees, all should obtain the details of the employees by their HR department or their drawing and disbursement officer and submit it to the government trust. All other individuals who are not covered in the above (either employees of MSME whose origination has less than 10 employees), or who are settled in abroad should submit the details online to the data base.  For this it should be necessary to provide a simple data collection form to be filled either online through internet or to be collected by the organisation either government or private by the drawing and disbursement officer or HR department from each employee. The details should include the name of the individual employee, the designation, education details, annual income, their native village (in case born in city their parents native village, in case their parents too born in city their grandparents village/ s), their marital status, in case married the name of the spouse, their native village (in case born in city their parents native village, in case their parents too born in city their grandparents village/s), their willingness to visit the village and do something for their near and dear in the village, for the village development at least once in a year/ twice in a year or every quarter. This data should be collected even from retired government officials (who are active preferably less than 70 years). The data base should be segregated based on the education, based on the profession, and based on the income group. In case if any one wish to contribute for the fund of development of village they can contribute through paying directly to the account created by the government or indirectly through authorizing the drawing and disbursement official to deduct from the salary either monthly or yearly, all the contribution should be 120% exempted from tax. The classification of people according to their profession should be displayed at the gram panchayat office with photographs with their details of native villages, how they are connected to the village i.e as son/ daughter, son in law/ daughter in law, grandson/granddaughter, their contribution to the village, when they are likely visiting the village for service to the village, etc etc.

All the professionals should be segregated as per profession and wish to contribute their intellectuality/ hard labour/ time in the village to bring the desired change in the village example all bureaucrats either serving or retired should be given the job to oversee the social audit responsibility and asked to take the evening village meetings/ grama sabha to explain to the villagers about the benefits of various government programmes implemented by the GOI and respective state government, similarly the agriculture related persons should study the present agriculture pattern in the village by studying the practice of agriculture, similarly the animal husbandry doctors/ experts should look after the measures in the animal rising in the village such as mulching cows etc, all engineers to do some constructive work like creation of at least kuttcha roads, the water pits, the housing, the electricity/ alternative source to create lighting etc, the doctors to check the basic parameters of possible number of villagers, the lawyers about various constitutional rights, etc, all women visiting officers should thought  the girls and women in the village about the female issues like precautions during adolescence,, during pregnancy, the child rise issues, overcoming issues during menopause, overcoming family issues, need for children education, nutrition for children, overcoming anaemia, need for savings from earnings for better future etc etc non professionals belonging to the village should be asked to assist these professionals from the village. There should be a week days paid holidays (in addition to regular paid leaves/holidays, these village visit leaves should be paid only on visit and not eligible for leave encashment without actually visiting the village, in case of less than the week days visit including travel to and fro days then only for actual days of stay in village should be taken to account) from the government/ private organisation to visit the village and do service to the native village.
It is ideal to make an online allocation of week days that the official/individual can visit in the year will be determined through lottery in case more than two number of people wish to visit the village at same week. Also it should be ideal that their mode of travel and can take advanced payment from them with condition to deduct the charges as per cancellation terms of the travel facility like air travel, train travel, bus/ taxi, and it will be ideal to book their travel tickets in advance by the travel facility wing of the trust on advance collection of money from their bank account or on authorisation by the concerned individual to get deducted from salary amount. This facility will ensure all air travel, train travel, bus travel, taxi will be booked well in advance so that they can get at much cheaper price, this measure will be helpful for the individual as they are able to travel to the native village in a very cost effective manner, at the same time travel mode like air lines, railways, road transport bus services// taxi travels will get assured business, in addition lot more jobs can be created based on traffic in the route, also this measure creates more business/jobs in other sectors associated with tours and travel like hotels, hospitality industry etc etc

It should be made mandatory for all the class 2 officers of all state government (mandal revenue officer equivalent and and above officers) / group B officers onwards from central government/PSU like banks, armed forces, or any heavy industry (working in any part of the country or in abroad) must mandatorily visit their native place once in a year on the specified dates by the government (choice of most likely dates should be given to the individuals initially online on first come first serve bases, all festival dates and village festival dates should be barred from travel by the officials belonging to that village because of most of the people are busy in the festival work). Also it should be ideal that all leave travel concession (LTC) eligible destination should be restricted only to the native village (of the individual or their in-laws or any of the parents/ grandparents as was provided in the information sheet) for a decade from now onwards. The visiting officers should submit their findings of lacunas in the village; they should convene a gram sabha, gram panchayat meeting, and produce the minutes of meeting of gram sabha. The correlation of data of various officials and data sent by other educated from the village will provide clear idea of what exactly required in the village, what are the lacunas and how to overcome will be determined later. All the officials before going should take a formal web online live video training from government ministry myvillagemypride trust regarding the issues to be looked after, dealing with the people, etc etc, this measure will certainly motivate the children and youth in each village with the inspirational speeches and way of conducting the social audit in the schools, the hostels, touches the life’s of the villagers, also social audit of number of old aged, number of widows, number of school drop outs, etc will get correct picture of data and also since regular visits of various officials the village administration will be alert in functioning thus better reach of government welfare schemes??????????, also it should be made ideal that the village assistants and ASHA should be advised to assist the visiting officers in getting the data along with the gram sabha members, also the visiting officials should initially take a separate meeting with gram sabha members in the village both individually and collectively.  In order to ensure that the employees visit is genuine and report submitted is accurate physical findings by the official on their visit it should be ideal to make them submit the photographs of the gram sabha with their pictures, also each officer should get unique number generated randomly by computer and SMS’s to the individual to be written on a A4 size paper and take photograph at the village gram sabha/ GP office , this in addition to submission of the travel tickets, of course since their mobile phone numbers are already in the data base, their travel can be tracked. This measure will certainly bring responsibility the officers to do real service that over a period of time will certainly being desired change in the lives of the people in the village.

Also ideal to create social networking sites with each village wise circles and the data to be posed which will certainly make the village a global; village as every activity of the village on regular bases to be posted on the web site, all the visiting officials from government should post their visit details and daily activity on the government web site so that the images and activities can be seen for all the villages having internet facility through broad band or through 3G connectivity, for all other villages which are in the no signal zone for 3G or no internet should be allowed to record the events in the mobile video or in the tablet PC. All the government officials should be provide the mobile phones with video recording and also the tablet phones for video recording and storing the data about the village and government programmes etc, also government can sending the updates, this measure will certainly being the desired change as data of every village development almost on the daily bases is visible on the social networking site.  This measure enables to compare the village at the start of this programme and progress of development from time to time.

Also it should be ideal to make the private employees, the students can from as groups/teams belonging to the village should get register in the government myvillagemypride programme to do service to the village, they can avail the travel concessions from the government due to advanced planning as per the government based on the choice dates of the group to get some work allocation/ preferred service wish to render by the groups. Also these groups can take their friends who are willing to visit their village and do service to get concession in addition get some assistance from the village assistance officially do render such service to the village. The services include the cleaning of surroundings of habitations, providing community toilets, creation of drinking water facility, filter water facility, creation of solar electricity, distribution of mosquito nets, distribution of blankets to the elderly/old aged, books, clothes, footwear to the children, sports kits to the youth, training the youth in different sports, setting up of computer centre and training centre/ internet centre in the gram panchayat, educating about protection while using dangerous pesticides etc etc. All the visiting persons to the village using the government myvillagemypride can buy at concessional rate from government handmade khadi caps, bags, over coats, jackets, etc with logo myvillagemypride, they can obtain the identity cards which can be downloaded from their site on application after finalising the travel formalities by paying fixed amount before travel they are provided with unique bar coded ID number, the same can be downloaded from the website and laminate or government can post the same. These card holders on their travel date can get concessions from all food stores in the airports, railway stations, bus stands, handloom product stores etc.

Also in order to improve facilities in villages it will be ideal to conduct every year native villagers meet by making all the educated from the village can gather with their family on the date. They too can plan their travel in advance and get concession from myvillagemypride, this in addition conducting village festivals, village deity festivals and invite all other people of friends in the city belonging to other state or same state other districts to take part in the village festivals. This measure will certainly lead to development of some facilities in cluster of villages or in the mandal head quarters and all other trade and business will get improved. The SHG in each village should be given the job of hospitality of the visitors to ensure absolute hospitality as a sister/ motherly and in addition these SHG will get some revenue for their lively hood. Also there will be good market for the village crafts, handlooms, and other food products like papads, pickles, snacks, sweets etc prepared by various groups in village. SHG. Also it should be made mandatorily the myvillagemypride web portal should display about that village special handicrafts, village handlooms, village foods like sweets etc, this measure will certainly enable the visiting people to purchase for their friends in the city either to show about their village greatness or under compulsion due to request from the friends / colleagues in office or neibourers  at their place of stay etc which will certainly increase the trade / business in the villages which will certainly make the villagers earn additional income. So that in addition to facilities the per-capta income of the individuals also increases?? Also more number of jobs will created in travel, transport and other sectors like FMCG products etc in the rural and semi urban areas to cater the needs of visitors to the villagers.

Also it should be made mandatory that as far as possible all the villages should be free from all kinds environmental pollution/ environment degradation, as such all the travelling persons to the villages should be barred from carrying plastic, polyethylene carry bags, plastic disposable glasses, the alcoholic beverages, the cigarettes, the tobacco products etc. Also it should be ideal to ban use of diesel individual /personal vehicles in all villages, only CNG/electric/battery operated/hybrid vehicles should be allowed to operate. Only diesel operated mass transport vehicles which can carry over 25 persons like mini vans, buses should be allowed till few years till basic infrastructure is created, from then onwards all the villages should have all vehicles run on petrol/ CNG/LPG/Electric/ battery/hybrid only. This measure is necessary to make shure at least villages are near to nature. Also it should be ideal that all village buildings be single stories should be constructed only using limestone and mortar/ less cement.  This measure is necessary to prevent the villages turning into concrete jungles.    

Also it should be ideal to create a permanent infrastructure like stages, mikes, lighting etc for exhibiting rural arts, music, dance, drama etc, there should be permanent artists from among the villagers to exhibit art /shows weekly thrice (on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or excluding the days of weekly bazaar in the village/ mundal in most of the villages usually it Sunday, this measure not only creates enthusiasm will not cause boredom???) with different themes of the village art, to be exhibited to the visitors of the village with every show should begin and end with some social message for different age groups. This measure will not only create lively hood for the rural artists but also creates enthusiasm about the rural culture in the visiting people especially in the children and youth. Also this measure will enlighten the rural population, in addition will certainly make their minds stress free as the shows will certainly provide entertainment as well as relaxation from the days long stress, stain work in the agriculture fields, since daily new themes, and also inter village/mandal cultural exchange programmes people will not feel boredom and certainly visit/patronize the shows. Also it should be mandatory that no kind of so called “cinema/ movie” songs / so called recording vulgar dances should be exhibited in any village art shows, only pure traditional cultural/ arts shows should be played/ exhibited, all shows should start by 6 pm in the evening and end by 8 pm maximum so that villagers daily schedule of early sleep, early raising will not get disturbed. No late night shows should be permitted. Also it should be ideal that the all children in each village should be trained in the rural arts and culture, village sports according the interest/enthusiasm of the village children for preserving the village art, culture, dance, drama, sports for future generations to be carried forward for generations to come????? The performance of the village children should be done on non visitor’s days to encourage the village population to daily attend the shows. The above measures of will ensure more frequent visits by the people belonging to the village who are settled in different parts of INDIA/ABROAD, their children will be able to understand the rural culture, better connected to the rural atmosphere, they can understand the hardships of the rural populations either in cultivation or animal husbandry, dairy, poultry, handlooms manufacturing, traditional arts, etc, also it enables the urban children, urban youth to understand the traditions and customs, the rural folk arts, music, dance etc, village life. It will certainly infuse more values in the gen next. Also the gen next will be connected to the native villages forever. These measures ensure the traditions and customs of the country are intact and carried for generations.

Also there should be annual awards for the best service group in each category to be presented by president of INDIA, so that more people will work more dedicatedly. The bases for selection is best per percentage of improvement in per capta income of each village/ each individual in that village, the best service group, the best individual; from the government from the private etc, best NGO etc. Along with cash prize and concessions in travel lifelong like other awards of government like Padma awards????

In order to bring real systemic change society, there is acute need to bring change in the systems of governance the country there is urgent need to bring change in the political, electoral system, making every section of people part of governance to frame laws for the country by making it mandatory proportionate representation from gram panchayat level to the parliament as per INCOME GROUP (BPL, LOW, MIDDLE, HIGHER) and as per percentage of population of castes in the territories, as per percentage of population of religion in the territory, as per percentage of population of gender in the territory with fixed number of terms of representation of the elected representative and only one in a family tree (father tree from the time of independence) eligible to contest elections at any level, also since rural India the gram panchayat is the basic unit for looking after the welfare of the people, since till date only elite and upper echelons belong to mostly upper caste or few OBC strong hold only are ruling for decades (other than reserved for SC, ST), it should be mandatory that all Gram Panchayas with more than 35% of its total population with people belonging to SC, ST, OBC, such Gram Panchayat should have mandatorily sarpanch from these three sections of society on rotation on lottery bases for ever.

All the above measures of government coupled with social responsibility measures of private business certainly lead to INCLUSIVE GROWTH as it is for sure all the welfare programmes reaches to the targeted sections to the maximum extent with hardly any scope for corruption as the persons who on whom kept responsibility to distribution of the benefits of the welfare schemes are from within the beneficiary sections only, also there exists better facilities for education, sanitation, health care and food production? Since the burden for creation of basic amenities has been shared by private the government can improve more facilities in the R&D in almost all major sectors for developing indigenous technologies for self reliance every sector, in addition to better creation of infrastructure. Also the bondage established between the urban and village through web portal, social networking sites will certainly bring the desired change by enabling the urban educated will certainly has affection towards their native village and make some contribution for development of native village, in addition the frequent visits with children and youth will certainly make the gen next understand the hardships of millions of villagers providing basic raw materials for the processed readymade food products reaching their table and stomach???? Will certainly improve inter personal relations leading to over all development of trade at village, better lively hood possible. All These measures will lead INCLUSIVE GROWTH of all sections of people in the country at all times leads to creation of healthy & wealthy Indians being a country with 2/3 of youth population with young working age population in the world, all measures over a period of time makes India a real global leader in all sectors.

Since leadership is common both in political or business establishments it is ideal that every political leader/ business leader should follow TIMELESS LEADERSHIP principles from BHAGAVAD GITA “In a living organisation, unless the lowest in the hierarchy can be whatever he or she wishes to be, the highest in the hierarchy cannot be what he or she wishes to be”; “knowledge is required to make a living while wisdom is necessary to live a fully functional and evolving life”; “leadership comes not from control of material resources but from serving the very human source that creates those resources”; “the leaders who live ’dharma’ rather than just speak about it understands that the power of ‘dharma’ comes only when you practice it (we cannot see the ‘dharma’ of water with naked eye as water does not announce its basic dharma, but we knew such dharma exists when water just act out its dharma  by wetting whoever comes in direct contact with it); “in truth it is the faith behind giving makes one rich and not how much wealth one possesses”; “the grater the claim that the giver makes about his giving, the smaller the cycle of giving becomes and the deeper his ignorance is”; “when the will of the human unites with will of the god the result is success, peace”.

Note -1: The content expressed in the document are the feelings of common people with wisdom, certainly intended to bring the desired change for betterment of all sections of people in the long run and not intended to criticize or degrade any section / stake holder in the development process but only intended to remand their responsibilities and obligations as citizens of the nation. In case any section of people or individuals (brothers, sisters, elders,) got hurt due the way of presentation of facts, views, suggestions I express my sincere regrets and pray almighty to provide equanimity of mind and good soul to them to become true human beings.

Note -2: This document should be read along with my previous documents    1) Simple and effective reforms for controlling corruption 2) Gender equality need of the hour 3) Measures for betterment of SC, ST, OBC children in welfare hostels 4) Health care for all 5) Need for fixing perils regarding FDI 6) Need for partial de control of oil prices 7) Religious reforms 8) Justice system reforms 9) Measures for safety and security of girls, women 10) Political and electoral system reforms 11) Unorganised employment to organised employment 12) Need for accountability of public expenditure 13) Sports system reforms 14) Safety, security and preservation of nature and abolition of two class treatment in religious shrines. These documents will provide eloquent views and suggestions for fixing the existing lacunas/ drawbacks and means to achieve desired change and results for over all development and growth of all sections.




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