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Think Social Engineering Think Me,

In the event of Congress party’s assent for bifurcation of state of ANDHRA PRADESH for creation of TELANGANA state on 30TH JUNE 2013 fulfilling the aspirations of people of this region by respecting the treaty of 1956 (Gentleman’s agreement between Andhra and the then Hyderabad state) given happiness for over 3.22 crores of people in Telangana region with lot of hope that they will get more jobs and better lively hood, but at the same time the day brought uncertainty in over 5.24 crores of people belonging to Andhra, Rayalassema region of present  Andhra Pradesh state (total population of state as per 2011 census is 8.46 crores) as most of their families/ relatives belong to these two regions are settled in Hyderabad being the state capital.

The demand for separate state of Telangana was originated from the time of merger of state of Hyderabad with Andhra Rayala seema region to form state of Andhra Pradesh, in the spirit of one state for all linguistic Telugu speaking people, (Andhra Pradesh was formed as a result of sacrifice of Shri Potti Sriramulu to make a separate state for all Telugu speaking people and liberating from the the then Tamil speaking  Madras state) but due to various reasons & agitations it is agreed at the time of merging the three regions for formation of Andhra Pradesh for all Telugu speaking people that whenever the state of (Hyderabad) Telangana wants to separation there should not be any hindrance to get separated in future for any valid reasons.

Since Hyderabad city being a capital city of Andhra Pradesh since it was already having some basic infrastructure by 1956 (Hyderabad city has over 400 years of rich history) since then to till date the city of Hyderabad got investments from all regions of the state especially from Andhra and Rayala seema region and constant efforts people from Andhra and Rayalaseema along with support of locals made Hyderabad city the favoured business destination for many national and international business which made the city grow in its size. Even though there were some agitations/moments for separate stood hood for Telangana in 1969, 1972 which were subsided later with assurances of development of the region. It ia fact that The city of Hyderabad experienced rapid growth after economic liberalisation in the 90’s in the country. As such around year of 1999-2000 the massive growth of the city of Hyderabad made the vested interests of some political leaders raked up the dormant demand for Telangana once again stating regional disparities that the government jobs were taken away by other two regions, there is only 10 years the Chief Minster from the Telangana region where as over 40 years Andhra and Rayalaseema region was Chief Minister of the state etc which only reveals that there is an acute hunger for power in the political leaders in the Telangana region (for the self centred selfish motives of some leaders) made the all peaceful steady growing state of Andhra Pradesh  suddenly caught in the agitations of separate state for no big reason other than the so called 1956 Gentleman’s agreement with provision to separate when not interested by the disguised parties?. If the leaders of Telangana says backwardness, poverty etc, the same state of affairs were prevailing in both Andhra region (northern Andhra districts) as well as in the Rayalaseema districts and it is very evident from the PDS cards and MNREGA cards which were more or less equally exists as per population of the region which means same level of poverty, un employment etc exists in all three regions.

In fact the Telangana Rastra Samiti (TRS) party was founded/formed by Shri K Chandra Sekhar Rao (K C Rao) by quitting his long political carrier given by the Telugu Desam party (TDP) the then ruling party in the state of Andhra Pradesh only after he was denied Cabinet minister berth in the Government of Andhra Pradesh by the then Chief Minister of the state Shri N Chandra Babu Naidu due to the reason that Shri K C Rao was already holding the position of Dy Speaker of State Assembly (this was said on many occasions by Shri Naidu babu). The agitations of TRS party made compulsion for political leaders in TDP and Congress party to raise the issue of separate Telangana for their political existence. After few years once people understood the TRS way of working to rise the issues of Telangana occasionally did not yield the result of separate Telangana as the Joint Action Committee was formed comprising of educated people from different walks of life and as a result the demand was intensified, sadly in the process due to excessive emotions innocent downtrodden youth mostly belong to Scheduled castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes ended their lives in misery due to misguidance/misinformation infused in young minds by some of the so called elected representatives, some of the so called elders who raised the demand for Telangana.

In this situation President of Congress party Smt Sonia Gandhi wants to stop/prevent the happening of sacrifices of youth at the very beginning by announcing that the demand for Telangana state will be persuaded by Congress party way back in 2004 and again in 2009. But the leaders of who initiated the movement ruthlessly once again started massive agitations resulting in huge rise in suicides of innocent youth in addition to great damage to the whole development /economy of the region of Telangana, state of Andhra Pradesh as well as country. It should be noted that political class of all regions should have indirect sin in the sad saga of the innocent youth sacrificing their life for the cause of separate Telangana since they being too emotional because of depression cased due to the spread of message by the so called political class, elite JAC of Telangana repeatedly saying that in case of separate state of Telangana not formed their lives will be miserable as Andhra, Rayalaseema region people are snatching away their jobs, etc etc. It does not mean that there is no agitations in Andhra and Rayalaseem region after the GOI announcement of beginning of consultations for providing separate state hood for Telangana region in 2009 December  which created lot of uncertainty in the minds of the people belonging to Andhra and Rayalaseema region who are living in Hyderabad and other districts in Telangana, their uncertainty and apprehensions arised in them are mainly due the so called political leaders of Telangana who created some kind of unnecessary hate rate towards people living in this region by constantly telling that most of the Andhra and Rayala seema people snatched their jobs, done water theft for irrigation etc etc when the government jobs are provided on recruitment by the government based on merit and the private jobs are only on merit and the water from the Krishna, Godavari basin were head regulators are very much in Telanaga caused much worry for the people of Andhra and Rayalaseema region that when in united state the Telangana political class are making this kind of irresponsible/ reckless statements then if separate state is formed they may completely block the waters and the entire irrigation/ cultivation in the Andhra and rayalaseema region going to be effected in the absence of projects like polavaram project which may cater some water needs relief for all regions, also many people whose family members are living in Hyderabad  acquired properties / residential houses through their hard savings from their limited salaries who are mostly working class people in the private firms will naturally has concerned about the security of their properties and lives after all they acquired properties by their life time savings attributed from their salary by cutting their food expenses per month (even though their children are suffering with malnourishment and their girl children/women  are anaemic due to not having proper nutrition food which increase their food budget which will dent their wish to have a shelter for their family which is also one of the basic primary social need) in addition to living for the sake of life without any luxuries or entertainment in their lives as most of these people belong to low class or low middle class or at maximum middle middle class people, as such both the apprehensions  caused natural fear among the 5.25 crore population of Andhra Rayalaseema region that separate Telangana region will destroy their lively hood and also their hard earnings. At this junction Congress president taken a bold/courageous step for formation of separate state of Telangana exhibiting true leadership quality in the larger interest of not only the common people of the state of Andhra Pradesh/Telangana region but entire nation, for ensuring growth and development of the state/country not hampered. Being the duty of a true leader to ensure betterment of all sections of people made Hyderabad as joint capital for 10 years. It is for the region leaders to resolve amicability the issues and ensure WIN WIN atmosphere exists by addressing the concerns of the greifed people.

The decision of Congress party leadership can be justified because the tool down agitation for 40 days demanding separate state hood for Telangana in the year 2012 has caused huge loss to the power production in the country as Singareni collieries coal mine situated in Telangana Region supplies 20% of the coal required for the country’s power production has stopped production during the agitations, which resulted in loss of millions of man hours of production in industry (loss of  several thousands of crores of turnover) especially the continuous process industry, in small and ancillary industry production got effected due to frequent power cuts not only in the Andhra Pradesh but also in Maharashtra, and other parts of country as result the decline of entire countries growth/economy resulting in finances of many industries are stressed as a result  many business especially the in micro, small medium enterprises (MSME) sector went NPA and loss of jobs for several thousands of people as the MSME are mostly ancillary suppliers for heavy industry, the limited finances of MSME may not allow them to own captive power generation for continuing the production in the event of power cuts by the state electricity DISCOMS and once the production has effected in MSME has a cascading effect on the production / economy of the country as the entire supply chain management get affected resulting in loss of economy of the country.

Also the conditions for emerged for demands for formation of other states are not similar to demand for Telangana, as the merger of the then state of Hyderabad was conditional in the formation of Andhra Pradesh; also the Hyderabad is capital city in Telangana region as such the unrest in Hyderabad has tremendous negative impact on the entire economy/people of the country made the congress party to take decision on 30th JUNE 2013 announcing the preparation for formation of state of Telangana after due deliberations and consent by other political parties in the state in writing (the opposition parties in state which got over 60% votes of total votes polled in 2009 assembly elections) in addition to following the Justice Srikrishna committee has submitted its report after hearing concerns of all political parties anf NGO’s. In this the people of the country should note that Congress party President Smt Sonia Gandhi has that courage and boldness in her that once taken a decision in the larger interest (a true leadership quality) she will not retract as she promised the state hood for Telangana way back in 2004 and 2009 in order to bring peace and prosperity in all regions of state and country.

It is a natural fact that most of the citizens of any state in the country wants to be in the capital as state capital has better infrastructure for being  the administrative hub of rest of the state, being so there will be lot of development happens in the capital cities. The capital city of Hyderabad is no exception to this analogy, it is revealed If we observe the state of Andhra Pradesh from 1956 to till date that even during the period of 1956 merger the capital city Hyderabad already having appropriate basic infrastructure, it is the hub connecting to many destinations, there is every opportunity for growth and development, but rest of the districts of Telangana are mostly baron lands and few agriculture due to less fertile soil as compared to total area, but parts of Andhra region is having a very fertile land where most of the years two crops are grown even in some places three crops are grown, in addition the dairy business made the Andhra region people cash rich but at the same time part of Andhra region is most backward, similarly parts of Rayala seema is a rich mineral hub of the country at the same time parts of Rayala seema are most backward, also prone to frequent draught, since some section of people of both Andhra and Rayalassema are cash rich due to hard labour of agriculture they invested their earnings and developed Hyderabad and contributed their maximum for development of the Hyderabad

In the event of economic liberalisation most of the companies engaged in construction, infrastructure development in India are from Hyderabad base and most of the promoters of these companies belong to Andhra and Rayalaseema region. Also most of the investment in Information Technology, software and hardware sector in Hyderabad are from Andhra region, as a result the city has expanded due to lot of opportunities in the skilled and semi skilled sector, many people across the country were got opportunities (if many people got the opportunity, then Telangana people might also got opportunity subjected they are suitable for the jobs and they possess some skill in them as the jobs demand????) as such growth and development of Hyderabad city in real estate and infrastructure is grown rapidly during the period of 1990 to till date on par with other metro cities in the country, as a result once again some political leaders with vested interests got interest in bringing back the agitation for demand of separate state hood of Telangana who sparked the agitation for separate state hood for Telangana for the self centred selfish acts of political class hundreds of innocent people lost their lives and thousands and lacks of people in the state/country lost their lively hood indirectly due the strikes and agitations by few sections of Telangana people who got influenced by the leaders. As many educated people believe which is true that only real estate boom made the vested interests rise the issue of Telangana as the Hyderabad being a capital city which is having several thousands, lacks of acers of government land in the city and the outskirts as a result if the government run by vested interests either they can give the land at throw away price to the select industrialists for self benefit in the name of jobs for few hundreds of people, in addition their private lands in the outskirts will get more price through announcing some projects etc.

But most unfortunately the leaders of the Telangana region portrayed to the people of the Telangana region that as if the entire resources of Telangana were being taken away by the other two region people, in addition almost all jobs are being taken away by Andhra region and hardly any development in Telangana region, as such if the state of Telangana is obtained then all jobs are going to come to Telangana origin people; at the same time Andhra region leaders portrayed as if state hood of Telangana happens then they may be treated as second rated citizens in the state of Telangana, When it is fact that only less than 2% of the total jobs are provided by government and rest of the 98% are from private sector when private sector recruitment for employment strictly go according to merit and capability of the candidate for selection of job as such from every part of the country people are coming to Hyderabad to join in the private sector;  even in case whether Telangana state is formed or not the governments of the day can pass order for those private companies who got concessions from government that certain percentage of un skilled jobs (mostly labour/ class 4) can be provided mandatorily to locals in the respective regions, for this much there is no requirement of special state hood of Telangana, Then how come just with the formation of separate state people get more jobs or how come someone loses jobs?, also once the people processes the voter identity card from the region of Telangana they are citizens of Telangana state in  the event of formation of separate state of Telangana and then how come the any kind of fear for other region people living in the region of Telangana being treated as second rated citizens when constitution off India provides right to equality? What the rights going to be enjoyed by the people of Telangana will be equally applicable for all sections of people in the region, people should remember that after all Telangana state is part of INDIA and constitution of INDIA safe guards the fundamental rights of every citizen of the country.  

Also it is a fact that many central government offices/ factories like DRDO, BHEL, Ordinance factory, etc and educational institutions like IIT, NIFT etc are established in Hyderabad due to the geo graphical advantage being a capital city, mainly due to efforts of mostly Andhra, Rayalaseema and some Telenaga region elected representatives persuasion and effort.

It is high time for self introspection by the people, especially youth of the all regions of Andhra Pradesh? As it is a fact that agitations are done by mostly either by students / un employed youth who were misguided by some political class with vested interests or some government employees for their narrow interests completely ignoring the fact that even after separate state is formed till retirement the employee is government employee and all other rules for promotion applies till they retire, all recruitments has to be open for people living in the region either there are native origin of Telangana or people who settled long back from other parts of Andhra Pradesh and possessing their voter registration card in Hyderabad/Telangana districts and government cannot recruit only people from the Telangana region with Telangana dialect specking people?, if the political class/ employees of Telangana region propaganda that jobs should get in government only for Telangana origin people then the all concerns/apprehensions of Andhra people who are living in Hyderabad and other districts in Telangana region for generations/ decades holds good as many Andhra people fear if  their apprehensions are true than they may be treated as second rated citizens? For hypothetical Presume that in the separate state only Telangana native people are eligible to get recruited in government (which is un constitutional) but the so called political class/ so called employees associations cannot force the private business to forcibly remove Andhra people or other state employees or order to recruit only Telangana region people to continue business/ industry?  then is it not suicidal for people of Telangana who trusted these political class as there will not be any industry / business left in the Telangana region doing business, without any doubt that all industry / business will migrate to other states in such circumstances? Then there is no way that people of Telangana are going to be benefited? It clearly indicated that people at both regions are mis-lead by political class/ employee class with false information/ false notions/appraisal and showing the imaginary future?; Also it is high time to introspect who are agitating for backwardness of their region the root cause of backwardness is only and only due to lack of proportionate representation in political governance as only few sections of society are ruling form independence even though they belong to only less than 10% of the population in the territory and unless there is proportionate representation in political governance even in case of new states are formed the backwardness cannot be eradicated?

Here to mention that because of less/no job opportunities due to fewer skills / no skills some of the youth were attracted towards naxalisim both in Andhra region and Telanga region and the naxal issue exist in both regions. It is partly because of the lack of development of the region / territory by most of the elected representatives of the region in the last 60 years of independence, failure on the part of elected representatives and governments in making skill development institutions/ addressing the local/ territorial/ regional issues as most of the common people believe that since most of the elected representatives belong to the region are more or less like jamindards/ so called ‘dora’’s  as was called in the regions and are interested only in development /growth of their individual self, their own children, their own other family members, their own relatives and their own caste people alone (with feudalistic mentality promoting nepotism, bias, favouritism with very low opinion for other sections in the society especially towards the downtrodden sections, more specifically towards Dalits and Adivasis, feudalism is in the blood/DNA of so called dora’s, also to note that way back in 1947 there were agitations/ movements to end the feudalistic jamandai/ dora rule of the elite mostly belonging to castes of Reddy, Velama by the Communist parties in the Telangana region), the  prevalence of so called ‘dora’ culture is evident even now as almost every elected representative either sitting or ex in this region are in majority from those communities (other than the mandatory reservation for SC, ST representation), these political class are having huge land banks, huge assets and most of their children are abroad educated, their kin kith, relatives and their own caste people are well off and leading comfortable life where as majority of the people in the region belong to Scheduled Caste ‘Chamar’/Madiga community and the poor ‘weaver’ sections of OBC and Muslim minorities and even poor Brahmins are struggling to earn their food for the day. Of course the issue of elite rule is persistence in other regions also, but the Telangana region common people are too emotional in addition to good heartedness which is common among all regions of Telugu speaking people, for that matter most Indians, as a result poor are becoming poorer and rich is becoming richer.

If any one look into the Andhra Pradesh government official web site the reality will be visible, the reality is the official ration cards i.e PDS white cards which were given to BPL and AAY group are 2.05 croes (185.5 million BPL cards + 29.94 AAY cards) i.e  on an average of 4 in a family per card (two adults, two kids) than the total BPL & poor in Andhra Pradesh in all three regions Andhra, Rayala Seema and Telangana region was 8.20 cores where as the entire population of united Andhra Pradesh is 8.46 crores which clearly indicated that over 96% of the population is BPL and poor,  then do people of any region are interested in earning their food and lively hood to lead life or will they bother about  either  separate state of Telangana or united Andhra Pradesh? SHAME SHAME SHAME for citing existence of so called huge sentiment for what so ever politics?  

Also to note here that most of the common people believe  and also it is a fact that in the earlier instances of agitations for demanding separate state hood for Andhra region and separate state hood for Telangana and the recent past agitation for Telangana hundreds of innocent people mostly youth & students lost their life leaving misery for the entire family at the same time the kin and kith of leaders who are instigating the demand for Telangana in the name of backwardness are enjoying life by moving in ultra luxury SUV’s and leading lavish life styles?. Also it is a fact that of which who sacrificed their life are mostly from the down trodden belonging to scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward castes and some other castes also and hardly anyone from the so called elite political class or the so called employee class? The strangest thing is that the fruits/result of sacrifices of innocent downtrodden people, especially the youth are being en-cashed/ going to en-cashed by the political class? Then where is the respect/meaning for sacrifices of youth? SHAME SHAME ? Many educated people feel such state of affairs is more heinous act than parasitism? As such most of the common people wish / feel there is an acute need in the newly forming state of Telangana to provide due respect for the spirit behind the sacrifices of innocent youth. As it is a fact that many political class was completely banked on the sacrifices of lives of innocent misguided youth to get separate state hood, it is high time that sacrifices of these down trodden people has some tangible meaning by providing equal opportunity for these downtrodden class of prople in the Socio- Political- Economics in the newly formation of state of Telangana.

As such it should be mandatory that in all states especially in all newly formulated state every political party organisations, electoral system from gram panchayat to parliament in the region should maintaining the gender equality, maintaining the proportionate representation as per the percentage of population of income groups in the state (i.e BPL, Low, Middle and Higher income people in total population of the region, for providing position of office bearers in political parties as well as  mandatory reservation based on the income group to contest all level of elections in the state from Gram Panchayat to Parliament as per percentage of population of those class people) in addition to maintaining the  proportionate representation as per castes, religions population mandal. District and state wise in addition to maintaining the age group i.e up to 35 age one group. 35 to 50 one age group, 50 to 65 one age group; Also very strictly to  maintain only one member in family should hold either position in party or elected representative ticket to contest, all political leaders pledge that they will stick to this rule and will not put in fray their kin and kith in the election fray. Also the all elected representatives position from GP to parliament should be proportionate to castes, religion, income group etc and also all GP with more than 35% population from OBC, SC or ST individually or combined (these three classes) should be elected only from those SC, ST, OBC should be the sarpanch on rotation bases among these classes in each general elections.

Otherwise there is no meaning for formation of separate state of Telangana (or any new state) as people are not going to benefit only political class is going to benefit, as only elite/ upper echelons and their kin and kith will get elected who are already rich political class will become more rich (like the state of Jharkhand where the Chief Minister is alleged in corruption of Rs 3,000 odd croes and the lives of people are Jharkhand region has more deteriorated compared to present Bihar as per the NSSO statistics?) And the common poor become poorer and there exists every danger of rise of unrest and naxalisim. It is a very hard fact that majority (almost all sections of people expect few thousands of people who arekin and kith of so called ‘dora’s”) in Telangana region wants only and only peoples Telangana governance (common peoples) and not under any circumstances so called ‘dora’/jamandari ruled (elite ruled) Telangana.

As such it is high time that Joint action committees of Students, doctors, lawyers, employees, labour union’s of this region should live up to the fellow common people expectation as such these JAC’s should now demand for their legitimate right to proportionate representation in all political parties as well as in electoral system at all levels in the newly formed state of Telangana, at the same time those Joint action committees of Students, doctors, lawyers, employees, labour union’s demanding the united Andhra Pradesh should also demand for proportionate representation for ensuring inclusive growth in their region otherwise there will not be any meaning for wasting of precious time, energy and wasting millions of man hours of production and depriving the lively hood of millions of poor and there agitations will not yield better living without change in the prevailing systems which indirectly defines democracy means governance by the elite/upper echelons and for the elite/upper echelons? Also if the so called JAC of  the students, youth, employees, labour unions of any region if not connived with vested interests will certainly demand for their legitimate constitutional right of equality in the governance?

Also since the decision for formation of  Telanga state respecting the 1956 agreement has taken it is high time to ensure that people of Andhra Pradesh i.e Andhra region and Rayalaseema region and Telangana region are benefited equally by adopting WIN WIN and equal advantageous measures either in water sharing for irrigation/power ensuring not even single acreage of cultivation is lost in Andhra as well as telangana by ensuring till the completion of projects like ’Polavaram’ others, the present form of flow/utilisation of water for cultivation in Andhra and Rayalaseema region should be continued till such period of completion of new projects ensuring that cultivation in the region is same as was in the united Andhra Pradesh, also it should be mandatory that regulation of water should be under GOI permenantly to ensure no water disputes arises in addition that it should be mandatory for all irrigation dams in which ever part of the country should take approval from GOI as in the case of Minerals excavated from the earth, like minerals in the earth water being a natural resource ? This measure will certainly reduce all interstate between all states in the country), power production/sharing (the present power generation sharing for industry and load shedding for all regions should be continued till sufficient power is produced in all regions - at least till the validity of joint capital in 10 years) in addition establishment of educational institutions like central university in Andhra Rayalaseema region, the IIT in Andhra region, IIM in Rayalaseema region, the proposed Hotel management and culinary University/ Institute by Tourism ministry GOI in Rayalaseema region (which should be near to Bangalore as well as Chennai), setting up of aviation academy in Rayalaseema, setting up of Marine University in Andhra region, setting up of Central forensic science institute etc, setting up of rail coach factory at Warangal (which was long pending from the then Prime Minister Shri P V Narsimha Rao who hails from this region) etc, also setting up of food processing industries in Andhra region, setting up of mineral processing plants in Rayalaseema region either integrated steel plant, cement factories from government or private  due to availability of abundance of iron ore, lime etc or any other factories which does not have much spread of environment pollution and displacement of people and lively hood, all the above measures will certainly remove the perils among people in all regions and also useful in inclusive growth of all sections of people in all regions. In addition all political/ employee class in all regions should address the perils and should infuse confidence in all sections of all regions for uniform, inclusive growth of all Telugu speaking people, the government must ensure till the period of existence of Hyderabad as joint capital for both regions the law and order should be under central government like in Delhi, but the general administration can be under the state of Telangana, in addition government of India must provide sepecial funds for both regions, especially the Andhra Rayalaseema region Andhra Pradesh for creating necessary land acquisition, creation of infrastructure for the new capital city in Andhra- Rayalassma region, in addition to provide single window automatic clearance from all central government agencies for creation of infrastructure in the Andhra Rayalaseema region for construction of international air ports, factories, industries in addition to tax holidays for ten years for all private infrastructure project developments. These kind of measures (above mentioned are only few, need to add more based on the requirements/ asperations of people) will certainly create a positive WIN-WIN atmosphere in all regions.

Also since the announcement of formation of Telangana has once again made hope for all those people who are demanding the separate state hood for their regions due to what so ever reasons, it is high time that people across the country should self introspect what for they are agitating is it for sacrificing their lives for giving authority to the elite/upper echelons may be belong to their region or community or caste or tribe, but in the event of separate state is there any guarantee that their issues are addressed, the administration is so good that all welfare schemes reaches the beneficiaries as intended, there will not be any existence of corruption, there will not be existence of poor in the state as the separate state will bring every other person below poverty line to wealth and make these BPL families lead to have comfortable life? if yes they should show examples of other already formed small states in the country whether such conditions are prevailing even after a decade of their formation, do in the newly formed states       (a decade before) how much percentage of children are mal nourished, how many girl children and females are still anaemic, do there is rise in per capta income in the newly formed states?; the answer is negative (as per NSSO data), it is because that as long as there is no change in the systems of political governance as in the present system democracy means governance by the upper echelons/elite for the upper echelons/ elite in the name of downtrodden people? Also people should understand that the what s the revenue generation for the region/territory thy are demanding for new state, as it is a fact that capital cities and other developed parts of the bigger state generate large share of revenue and this will be distributed to all other districts in the state, in case if the few districts would be clubbed t form a state just because of backwardness or because of belonging to one caste/ rehion/ tribe seeping one language/ dialect will have to suffer as the so called new state will have to be literally at the mercy of the GOI for funds for development as their own revenue generation is very merger, which means the leaders who wish to have separate state in the above manner wants their people should live at the mercy of remaining 121 crore population as the central government tax collected on income tax, excise etc only being given as aid to state ???????? Is it not SHAME to depend at the mercy of others? As such it is need of the hour to establish true meaning for democracy in the states ensuring prevailing of governance by all sections of people for inclusive growth of all sections of people which is possible only and only when there is proportionate representation as per percentage of population of castes, religion, gender, income group and age group in all political party organisations from village level to state/national level in addition to fixation of mandatory proportionate representation in the above lines in the electoral system from gram panchayat to parliament and one family one position either in political party or electoral system with fixed number of tenure and right to recall of elected representatives.

  In order to achieve the above said proportionate representation as per percentage of population the people especially the youth in the states who are agitating for separate state hood in their respective states should synergize their energies towards bring positive pressure on the political parties and government of the day in a non violent peaceful manner without taking any extreme steps, without effecting the day to day life of common people, without loss of man-hours of production by all Joint Action Committees/ unions of students, all doctors associations, all lawyers associations, all employees unions in the government, all labour unions etc in a single voice and demand till the political parties and governments agrees to their legitimate constitutional right to equality and prevailing of true democracy. They should set example for other state people where there is no demand for separate state to do so for prevailing of true democracy and inclusive growth of all sections of people. It is for sure that the desired change will be seen in a period of less than a decade i.e removes the backwardness drastically as till date in the last 60 years of independence in the country the backwardness is still persisting  due to acute corruption in the implementation due to lack of equal opportunity of all sections in the society, if this issue is addressed inclusive growth will occur as all sections in the society are direct stakeholders in the governance and administration which will certainly make all the welfare schemes reach the people meant for and there is little scope for corruption. In case even after a decade of proportionate representation governments fail to bring the inclusive growth then they have legitimate right to demand for separate state hood, but it is most un-likely situation as if proportionate representation as per castes, income groups, age groups and gender group prevails in the governance no question of not happening of inclusive growth of all sections?; but in case after a decade from now in such event of any region people wants separate state hood even after existence of proportionate representation government then the government of India should immediately formulate the second State Reorganisation Committee (SRC) with fixed time frame to deliver its recommendations  (say two or three years maximum) and based on the recommendations of the second SRC should formulate new states. The spirit of this document on practical application will nullify all demands of new states in the country.

Also it is most urgent that GOI should divide the state Utter Pradesh into three or four states in the event of UP assembly has already passed a resolution in this regard, also in the larger interest of common people due for ensuring better administration for ensuring better reach of welfare schemes for all sections of people in addition to maintain better law and order and to reduce the crime rate and atrocities against women & down trodden sections especially Dalits and Muslim minorities.

Also since the leaders who are demanding the separate state or united state in any region, if is really interested, intended for the betterment of fellow common people then they should pledge that agree and adopt a public resolution in the above said spirit along with pledging that those who instigate/ initiate separate state agitations that they will not contest elections either personally or their family members will not contest elections at any level, will not hold any positions in political party organisations or in government in futures and their sole aim is only welfare of people and certainly not intended to acquire power for themselves or their kin in future? (in the absence of this each and every leader who are demanding separate state hood are presumed to be intend to make their own family either spouse, children, kin, kith as elected representatives, at least more than two members and holding key control of the political party and running such agitation parties as their private limited business establishments? In such cases there is no meaning for demand/sacrifices of people for separate state hood for those regions?) This measure should be first initiated by the Telangana political leaders and agitation leaders and they should first initiate and set example for other states through proportionate representation as per percentage of population in the Telangana state which will certainly win the hearts of people not only belong to the region but the entire country as the region leaders become examples for rest of the country as it revels to the world that the leaders who demanded Telangana are in only in the larger interest of common people and not for any self motives as such these leaders will be remembered as timeless leaders with wisdom for generations.

This document prepared only in the larger interest of betterment of all sections of people in all regions, state, country and certainly not intended to criticize any section of people of any region, in case anyone hurt due to expressing true feelings of millions of common people in this document      I express my sincere Regrets and pray almighty to provide equanimity of mind to all those people. To end citing TIMELESS LEADERSHIP SUTRAS from “BHAGAVAD GITA” that every individual/leader should remember that “Hatred does not cease with hatred but with love, also “If leaders identify themselves with their puny ego, they succeed in perpetuating the web of illusion for a while. This power comes from the clamour of greedy followers and the glamour of senses. Yet this power is vulnerable to morality as a dewdrop before a blazing sun. Timeless leaders however derive their power from unselfish service rather than servility to their ego’s demands”.

Note: This document should be read along with my other document “POLITICAL AND ELECTORAL SYSTEM REFORMS..” of DEC 2012 which is available in my blog or my scribd address mentioned in the document.


                         JAI HIND

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