Wednesday, 11 December 2013


What millions of Common people and Suppressed downtrodden people Want
(The inner feeling of majority of Women, Youth, Dalits, Adivasis & Minorities)
(Views & Suggestions for overcoming the issues)


For ensuring Sustained Development, Sustained Inclusive Growth of All Sections at All Times through Empowering the Downtrodden People ensuring prevailing of Social Justice and Social Equality and upholding
True Democratic Values

Think Social Engineering Think Me,;


Since general elections are just few months far away from now, all political parties are busy in making the Manifesto to galvanize the people to gain the power, but in fact if we analysis the previous manifestos of all political parties revels that there is hardly any permanent solutions for the issues faced by the people of the country, especially by the downtrodden sections of the country. As the earlier manifestos do not has plans for Sustainable Real Inclusive Growth & Sustainable Equality of All and prevailing of real meaning of Democracy,  which is possible only through empowering the downtrodden sections by creation of mandatory reservation of seats as per percentage of income group, castes, religion at various levels in the electoral system and in political party organisations as the party originations are foundations of  decision making, influencing by and large the decisions of the ruling governments. Also there is no mention of upholding the constitutional provision of reservation applicable only for the downtrodden, deprived sections of these sections of people belonging to dalits, adivasis and other backward classes with complete elimination of reservation for the upper echelons in for the SC, ST, OBC ensuring fruits of reservation being used by the real downtrodden sections for betterment & up lift meant in the earlier manifestos of most political parties. The above measures are very need of the hour for ensuring Prevailing of Equality of Opportunity for All Sections of People at All Times in every aspect i.e in Education, Employment, Political & Electoral systems Through absolute Transparency, Accountability & Judiciousness by bringing drastic changes in the function of prevailing systems for ensuring Real Inclusive Growth of all Sections of People at all Times Establishing the real meaning of Democracy i.e Government by the People, for the People for ensuring Blissful living of all Sections of People for Generations.

It is Hard fact which is known to all, which was the inner feeling of many people especially belonging to downtrodden sections more specifically the youth, that the existing systems are otherwise predominantly favouring only Wealthy, & Mighty as if it is the Birth Right for these section (miniscule) of People to rule the Majority of population of the State, Country through their Political Parties & Governments and all other downtrodden sections should be in their servitude? Getting mandate in the name of Betterment & Welfare of downtrodden sections, who otherwise predominantly indulging in excessive self aggrandizement and making mockery of democracy by self statements they/their siblings got opportunity for the first time and people voted them, their hard work got them re elected, when it is a fact that by and large people vote for the party with intension of not want to waste their vote. Also it is an open fact that by and large almost all political parties provide tickets with win ability as the only criteria for them and rest all other matters of social justice, social equality, etc etc are nothing but election winning tactics for most of the political parties and only pretend to be in the service of the people?, what all they want is they should form government or part of government to be the custody of the people’s money and fulfil their self aggrandizement?, it is a hard fact that every individual daily wage labourer in the country is also a tax payer in indirect manner and the revenue of the exchequer of the country is a result of accumulation of taxes paid by 1.21+ billion population?.

Also it is a fact that by 2014 general election there about 155 million new voters are going to exercise their vote and it is going to double in 2019 general elections, as we are aware the country has more than 70 % youth population below 35 years of age. As a result almost all the political parties are wooing the youth to join the politics in their student wings and in their youth wings. But strangely all the key positions in the political party organisations as well as the chance to contest election are only for the son /daughter of some senior leader or some sitting or ex elected representative kin, kith only. Many educated people especially the youth feels that when systems are not in place to provide equal opportunity for all sections i.e castes, religion, income group, gender i.e when there is no proportionate representation as per percentage of castes, religion and income group in the party organisations of all political parties, calling the youth of downtrodden sections especially belonging to Dalit and Adivasis to join the student wings and Youth wings of political parties is nothing but conspiracy to suppress them for generations. Also there is very rarely the headship of the respective territory (assembly, parliament, block, district, state presidents of students, youth wings) is given to the downtrodden sections as it is fact that almost all the heads of these territories are either by nomination or elections are occupied predominantly by the children of Wealthy & Mighty even in the dalits and advisi constituencies and only and these downtrodden low income group, non political back ground Dalit and Adivasis youth has to work like Cog in Oil mills to galvanize the votes for their respective party wasting their entire studies as their DNA with their family financial support being weak from their child hood, some studied in government welfare hostels, most of them the circumstances may not allow them to compete with others so many are dropouts from collages, if completed education then also they get low marks as compared to other sections, in these circumstances if they join the students wing of politics, youth wing of the politics just say “ZINDABAD ZINDABAD SO AND SO INDIVIDUAL, SO AND SO PARTY” and work like “worker honey bees, and son/daughter of sitting or ex elected representatives, senior leaders in their party is nothing less than like Queen Honey bees sits in the nest and enjoys the hard labour of worker bees i.e the downtrodden sections youth in the student, youth wing of the political parties,??; and wasting their life forever either depends on their parents or if married on the spouse earnings or their in laws support or either as due to low marks they do not get jobs, if they get also again some low level entry jobs with hardly any growth and the poverty viscous circle is going to continue for generations; the vicious circle of dependence on reservation remains for generations, where as the children of wealthy & mighty become student leaders of the territory, then youth leaders of the territory and then get opportunities in electoral system at various levels and again treating as if rest of majority people born to be at the mercy, grace and disposal of these Wealthy & Mighty otherwise when in  a democracy everyone has equal right??

As such many common people feels that who gave the authority for the so called political party heads (especially the regional parties where internal democracy, election systems are hardly found) to soil the lifes of these downtrodden youth????; why do only son and daughter of some senior leader only should get opportunity in the political party organisations or electoral system (of course they may be intellectuals, may be knowledgeable, may have zeal to work for the people, then they should serve in many ways as party activists)??;do only son/ daughter of some senior leader  just because by chance they become leader by luck should stick to the power forever by their DNA life ong for generations (cutting across castes, religions) ????? Where does the wisdom of the persons in decision making bodies of all political parties gone???; in addition just because some xyz individual got by chance came to meet the persons who takes the final call in the political parties, how can these decision making people should think that only those people who by luck or by managerial skills come to meet them are only persons who are intellectuals, who are capabilities to contest elections and represent the people and get opportunities in party organisations and in electoral system??? Do in politics depends only on luck??

Many young people are feeling that are we living in a democracy or a draconian feudal lord’s rule????is there any rational way of appointments in the political party organisations (almost all parties)  and standards uniform procedure for selection of the candidates to be followed by the political parties to nominate candidature for elections?????; why can’t there be standard uniform guide lines to be followed by all political parties for  appointment of office bearers  and to nominate the candidates for contesting the elections at all levels; also if the political parties are meant for the service of the people why they provide their party nomination only those who are having money power, do politics means only win ability to assume power, not the welfare of people?? Why not proportionate representation as per income group, castes and religion and gender in their respective territory if political parties are truly intended to serve all sections of people and truly empower the downtrodden sections?? It is not true that those who suffer the hunger they knew about hunger not those who are full stomach??? Do these elite leaders feel that downtrodden do not have intellectuality or do they believe it is only the birth right of the elite and their families to rule the respective territories by pretending that they are for the service of the people when they are actually suppress the downtrodden in all possible ways??? Many young people, especially the educated, more specifically belong to the down trodden sections are feeling that If any humanity left in these present elite leaders, wisdom left in them, in these elite sections of political party leaders cutting across party lines, caste lines, religious lines, then they will certainly dedicatedly agree to bring the changes accepting the proportionate representation as per the percentage of population of castes, religion, income group and gender in all territories to bring social justice and social equality and real inclusive growth for empowering the downtrodden sections proving their real interest in politics is service and not self aggrandizement.

Without commitment of bringing Social Justice & Social Equality in the manifestos of political parties, their manifestos are meaningless, otherwise many educated people are of the opinion that these manifestos are nothing but farce, are only meant to mesmerize people for the self gain of these Wealthy & Mighty people.

It is a fact that without giving permanent solutions to the issues, without fixing the root cause of the issues, it is not possible to achieve real sustainable inclusive growth of the people especially up lift meant of the downtrodden sections of the society more specifically the Dalits and adivasis and minorities.

The following provides the fair idea of the points sited in the proposed draft manifesto to be announced and implemented by the political parties:

Since majority of SC ST, OBC people belong to BPL, LOW INCOME GROUP and MIDDLE INCOME group it is of no use to extend reservation facility to elite/ upper echelon SC ST OBC who are in crimilayer having all facilities on par with rich in upper castes. Because of this lacuna downtrodden SC ST OBC are remaining as downtrodden even after 66 years of Independence, only minute percentage of SC ST OBC are enjoying the benefits or reservation defeating  the very purpose of constitutional reservation.

Also it is a fact that every dalit and adivasi and OBC individual should think that why the children of SC ST OBC whose annual income above Rs 10, lakhs or who is a CLASS-1 officer or IAS, IPS, IRS etc or an MLA, MP who needs reservation for their children in education to become Doctor, engineer, to get seat in IIT, IIM etc when they have all facilities to excel in studying completing with other forward caste upper echelons; also why these children of upper echelon SC ST OBC need reservation to get employment in government especially in UPSC or State PSC, when the very purpose of extension of constitutional reservation is meant for the up lift meant of the downtrodden sections of SC ST OBC as it is a fact the majority of the youth belongs to the downtrodden sections especially belong to the Dalits , adivasis and minority community belong to the BPL or Low income group or Low Middle class group, their family financial positions are so weak they just get on for the sake of living with limited malnourished food, most of them are having low BMI, even in case they study in the welfare hostels the food in the welfare hostels so low in quality and nutritious is known to us as it is an open secret that sub standard food is served in the welfare hostels from the schooling to collage run by the governments,  as such they are unable to complete education, school & collage dropouts who deserves the benefits of reservation (at least for next 30 years even if the systems are changed as prescribed in the document otherwise even if reservation facility given for next 100 years majority of SC ST OBC remain as BPL, Low income group) get up life meant in the life,  but strangely the real benefits of reservations meant for SC ST OBC downtrodden sections are being enjoyed by the children of upper echelons of SC ST OBC who enjoys air condition 24/7 at home, travels by luxury cars, have expensive luxury food every day at fancy five star restaurants in the cities, else ordering food at their door steps, eating “pizzas and chicken buckets”, surfing the net or playing video games and wasting time to concentrate in studies getting just a little above the downtrodden SC ST OBC and enjoys the reservation facility to get higher education, higher jobs to enjoy, while the other forward caste people most specifically from the Brahmin community are living in pathetic condition as most of the priestly class did not get salaries on monthly bases and only limited earnings and their children are getting better marks than these upper echelons/ crimalier SC ST OBC children?? Majority of the youth of the SC ST OBC feels that It is Criminal on the part of the political parties and governments to continue reservation for upper echelons of SC ST OBC who are in the crimalier; as such it is high time that Political parties should announce in election manifesto to remove the applicability of reservations to upper echelons/ cremalier in SC ST OBC and fruits of reservation only for the downtrodden sections of SC ST OBC in education, employment, electoral system as it is a fact that these downtrodden sections without reservation are going to suffer further as even in this rocket age still there exists discrimination on the bases of caste in a veiled manner in almost every part of the country.

Also since corruption need to be curbed, also the safety and security of women especially in in the work place is prime focus, these two issues can be best addressed if the surveillance CC cameras are installed. As it is a fact that many surveys conducted by organisations, media reveal that women in most cities are feeling safe due to CC cameras surveillance. In addition there should be bio metric attendance to be recorded at the entry and exit time of the office to get salary for the day; these two combinations in government offices especially in revenue departments, transportation, municipal department, water supply, etc will ensure employees will attend the duties in time and leave the office in time, the CC cameras in the office rooms will ensure that they discharge their duties without wasting time on chit chat or  sleeping, or playing online cards on their systems, if internet is there on their computer systems, or in their mobile phones, some may even watch the prone, or just simply attend the office and vanish the office for their personal work, or come late, leave early etc all these maladies will be reduced drastically;  will yield results making every better work out put, especially in the desk jobs. As such it is necessary to be under the election manifesto to make it mandatory that all work places whether small or big should have CC cameras in the office, in the office, residences of all government servants of class-1 and above rank, all elected representatives from MLA, MLC, MP. This measure will certainly yield the desired results.

Also in order to reduce the occurrence of crime in the hotels and guest houses it should be mandatory that CC cameras at the entrance and exit and reception, all corridors, in addition it should be mandatory that the bio metric finger print devices should be installed at the entrance/reception in every hotel, guest house (government, PSU, private corporate), all the staying guests in hotels, lodges, guest houses should mandatorily provide their bio metric finger print whenever they stay in such place every time when they check in such places; in addition it should be mandatory that all the guests visiting them irrespective of gender should mandatory visit the reception and provide their bio metric finger print  to visit the guest staying in the room if they wish to visit in the room, in case they wish to meet the staying guest by waiting in the lobby, coffee shop there is no need for bio metric finger print any how they are in CC cameras of the lobby, coffee shop/restaurant. This will yield the desired results, as it reduces the adultery, it reduces the high tech prostitution, it reduces the happing of corruption deals in the star hotels by the business, bureaucratic, and political lobbying thug network for the fear of identifying.

Also most importantly there should be appropriate correction in the religious systems to ensure people are treated equally in the religious shrines, to bring the equality among all sections especially in the young budding minds.

In addition since most of the people in the downtrodden sections are in unorganised sector it is high time to bring all unorganised sector employment to semi organised or organised manner to ensure better living, health conditions for these section of people.

Also since physical exercises are very necessary for healthy and happy living, since majority of the population in India are youth, it is necessary for the government to promote sports as a daily activity in the lives of the people of the country.

In order to ensure health care for all at affordable prices, it is very need of the hour to bring the prices of the pharmacy drugs under full control with only 100% mark up price for all drugs, in addition uniform pricing for diagnostics, in addition making rational prescription from doctors, couple with monitoring of sale of medicine to reduce the sale of spurious medicine, and also to ensure all medicine sold are quality standards and tax paid. To make this health care sector reforms are necessary.

Also do create necessary infrastructure, maintenance requires funds, for which revenue generation need to be enhanced, the country Current account deficit should be always made under the lowest possible on account of imports, making the more revenue earnings through exports and foreign exchange earnings through tourism, textile exports, etc. Also most importantly It is necessary to bring systemic changes with disciplined use of fuel, and monitoring the movement of goods to reduce the zero billing trade to boost the revenues, which will certainly enhance the revenues in the country, coupled with creation of central statutory licences authority to ensure all trade in the country for ensuring all business conducted is legitimate and tax paid, in addition creation of banking data hub, will certainly enhance the revenues of the government. In addition there is need for inculcation of financial discipline among the people along bringing appropriate necessary banking reforms to bring transparency in all matters of financial services, income and expenditure of the individuals to enable them to have better healthier, happier living.


1.  SOCIAL SECTOR; Empowering Dalits and Adivasis and the downtrodden sections through making law for ensuring mandatory for political parties to provide proportionate representation in political party organisations, in addition as per percentage of population of income group among these sections in the respective territory.

2.  Removal of reservation benefits in education, employment and in electoral system to all upper echelons in Dalits and Adiviasis and ensuring the benefits of reservation reaches the real downtrodden SC ST, OBC in the country.

3.  Creation and maintenance of permanent infrastructure for kitchens, hygienic toilets in all social welfare hostels, in all schools serving mid day meals, Mandatory to maintain CC cameras in all social welfare hostels, kitchens, making it mandatory that wardens, teachers eat the same food that has been serving to the children.

4.  Mandatory monthly health check up of all welfare hostel children, records to be maintained, with responsibility for the doctors who checked up for health care issues aroused due to negligence

5.  Creation of district wise, mandal wise old age homes at free of cost to serve the senior citizens across the country. Health care of Elderly people responsibility of the government.

6.  EMPLOYEES WELFARE: Providing mandatory ‘provision debit card’ for all employees by deducting 25% of monthly salary only to be useful for purchasing the provisions i.e grocessories  for monthly consumption to make sure all salaried employees spend their hard earned money first on food (possible by making it mandatory that all vendors including street vendors should get registered in government and get free or at marginal cost the electronic hand held billing device operated through mobile internet to provide the bill to the customers on deducting the amount of purchase)

7.  Mandatory health insurance for all working class peoples either organised or unorganised employment i.e daily wage, temporary or permanent employment.

8.  Creation of online data of property (land, agriculture/industrial/barren) and housing of each village/ward, making mandatory disclosure of ownership of residence / properties online.

9.  Payment of rental of the residential accommodation through bankers cheque for all rentals above Rs 5000 per month; all rentals below Rs 5000 should be given on receipt mandatorily by the owners to the tenant in a standard bar coded receipt supplied by the municipal authorities.

10.               Mandatory disclosure of details of stay whether it is the ownership/ tenant of house/property to the nearest police station and municipal authorities; renting without information to municipal authorities, local police as non bail able criminal offence

11.               Making it mandatory that all utility bills like electricity bill, water tax, municipal tax, telephone bill, internet bill, road tax for vehicles etc should be paid online from the bank account of the individual or through bank payment only either through debit card or cheque only

12.               Making it mandatory that all bank loans, credit card payments should be directly deducted from the bank account of the individuals where the salary payment is credited (automatic by the bank)

13.               No individual salary earner should be issued credit card limit or loans with EMI that total recovery per month which exceeds 50% of monthly earnings or 50 % of the total annual income

14.               Mandatory installation of CC TV Cameras in all work places both in office establishments as well as in shop floors either small or big, either government or private to ensure reduction of corruption, reduction of wastage of unproductive man hours, reduction of harassment of  female employees etc

15.               Mandatory bio metric attendance systems for attendance and departure from duty for all government employees; with mandatory maintenance of daily dairy by each employee, especially those whose duties require frequent field visits.

16.               Payment of salary per month on the bases of total hours of attending the work in the month on the bases of presence of the employee in the office along with delivery of work assigned to them for all desk as well as field jobs from Class-3 employment onwards in desk jobs and all work force in case of industries.
17.               Mandatory filing of income and expenditure statement by the individuals above Rs 1,20,000 annual income annually through          e-returns

18.               The governments should provide free housing to all their employees, it should be mandatory for all government employees must stay in the government house even though they possess personal property while they are in service. 

19.               All retired employees will be allowed to retain the house they last stayed or same type of house t the time of retirement in non urban areas of their choice, all retired employees up to class-1 provided either of the spouse do not own a house in the urban or rural areas anywhere in the country; in addition the house should not be saleable, non transferable after the expiry of the both employee and spouse the government will allot the house to others.

20.               UNIFORM DRESS CODE AT WORK PLACE: Mandatory uniform for all educational institutions, all office establishments either government or private, all political party office bearers to wear standard uniform on all working days with option of colour, design, dress material at the choice of the individual organisation; with mandatory wear of handloom/khadi clothes if Saturday happens to be working day. All the Elected representatives should wear only handloom/khadi uniform of either their party common uniform or uniform as decided by their respective house which they are representing.

21.               Complete ban of STRIKES in essential goods like water supply, electricity supply, petrol, coal mining, transportation of essential goods;  Government, PSU Unions are barred from participating in strikes on social issues as a union member. Unions are barred from strikes other than the very purpose of the union within the territory, subjects of the organisation.

22.               HEALTH CARE SECTOR; Creation of online data base of all medical professionals from doctors, to lab technicians, pharmacy assistants, nurseries etc and put on the web with making it mandatory that all hospitals and nursing homes should maintain web site and submit details in affidavit to government about the qualified doctors, qualified technicians so that quality health care is available to people

23.               Mandatory installation of CC cameras in all hospitals in all areas including the ICU, in the diagnostic testing rooms to ensure the fairer treatment is provided by the staff

24.               Mandatory for all doctors to use the bar coded prescription forms to prescribe medicine with some exceptions in emergency cases

25.               Mandatory uniform cost for diagnostic services as per classification of the area, equipment etc

26.              Mandatory health insurance for all sections of people with Mandatory reservation of beds in hospitals as per percentage of income group

27.               Making it mandatory health care of the employee and their family is the responsibility of the employer from hose made to driver to an executive in the corporate office, all government employees also should be covered under the health care

28.               Uniform salary/ pay for doctors with same experience throughout the country for both private as well as government doctors with provision for lateral entry, mandatory for all levels of doctors to serve few years in their carrier in the government i.e in entry level, mid carrier and before retirement especially in rural areas.

29.               Mandatory for the doctors to maintain hand held billing machines in case the doctor charges the fees to issue receipt to patents with patent ID card number and patent mobile number  

30.               Uniform mark up price of 100 % for all medicinal drugs with appropriate additional mark up price for fresh R&D products

31.               Creation of Central Pharmacy network authority to monitor the real time sale of pharmacy products for ensuring elimination of spurious drugs, ensuring all drugs manufactured are tax paid

32.               JUSTICE SYSTEM: Mandatory installation of CC TV Cameras in all police stations with centralised monitoring of movements in all police stations at the entrance of police station, in the room of station house officer, in all rooms & corridors, more specifically high resolution CC cameras in lock up areas and in areas of interrogation to ensure no use of force or abusive foul language or use of third degree methods in interrogation; all violation of basic fundamental rights of the people/ accused should be treated severely, the higher authorities who are mage responsible to suo-mtto register the case on their subordinates else they should be liable for double the punishments for encouraging this human rights violation

33.               Mandatory maintenance of daily dairy by the each and every police personal from constable to commissioner of police to be reviewed by the next higher authorities; Making it mandatory discloser of phone numbers especially the mobile phone numbers of all police personal and their immediate family members, use of non disclosed phone numbers should be attract suspension from the duty; creation of national toll free call centre and national e-mail to register FIR in the events of atrocities on females, downtrodden whom the coming to police station is not possible, do not prefer to come to police station, with facility to register case on recoding the voice call for those who do not have either e mail facility or illiterates. Also there should be 24X7 operated multilingual translation assistance through video conference, available to all police stations across the country. Also making facility for those who cannot write to get video & voice recording of the illiterate complaint, or for those persons from other local language or foreigners can recorded their complaint in any police station anywhere in country in their mother tongue language through video & voice recording facility at the police station which should be uploaded immediately to the call centre for translation and to forward  it back in the local language of the police station from where it received the complaint. This measure not only boosts the confidence in the victims to come forward for justice, the accused can be brought to justice quickly.  This measure will certainly reduce the crime rate as well boost the tourism INDIA.

34.               Creation of State judicial service commission, National judicial service commission to recruit judges for the lower courts and high courts with proportionate representation of judges as per existing reservation policy of the state/ centre respectively like the UPSC and State PSC written test and interview.

35.               Improvement of ratio of judges, court staff at all courts in India to ensure more judges are available;  creation of morning  courts, evening courts, holiday courts ensuring courts work 12 hours a day almost 365 days barring two days i.e National Independence day and National republic day to reduce the pending courts

36.               Creation of arbitration courts in every district in appropriate number headed by retired judges with judicial power in case both parties willing to have out of court settlement

37.               Fixing the Standard fee for lawyers  based on the experience, points for raised during the arguments etc; making it mandatory to  return 50% fees collected in case of loss of case

38.               REVENUE GENERATION; mandatory bio metric finger print for all bank accounts; creation of unified data of all bank accounts to classify the bank accounts as per individual name to remove fatuous accounts, to ensure recovery of payments from the individuals as making it mandatory some of the statutory payments through bank.  

39.               Mandatory to disclose the source of income by the cash depositor, in the nature of relationship with the SB/CA for whom deposit is going to made, online transfers for individuals from bank to bank also should inform the nature of relationship, the purpose of transfer either for business, or non business, or hand loan, or charity, whether deposited/transferred amounts are get return entry or not.

40.               Creation of central petroleum fuels network authority to monitor the sale of petroleum fuels, fixing variable pricing for petroleum fuels based on the type of vehicle like two wheeler, four wheeler, commercial, non commercial etc , i.e type of consumer/ financial status of the consumer

41.               Issue of petroleum fuel cards for all individuals both employees and non employees to ration the petrol/diesel to ensure the reduction of carbon emission through making them use multi mode transport, for all salaried employees the petroleum fuels card enables them to buy petrol/diesel cashless and the amount should be deducted from the bank account of the employee.

42.               Creation of central toll tax network authority to monitor the vehicles movement useful to monitor the movement of various types of vehicles with multi purposes like, taxation, criminal investigation etc

43.               Creation of central materials moment authority to monitor the real time movement of the goods produced in the country for ensuring all goods produced in every part of the country is recorded and tax paid thus reducing drastically the Zero billing trade, thus revenues of the government improves a lot.; Mandatory for all goods vehicles to behave GPRS system.

44.               Creation of central bullion authority to monitor real time online sale of the bullion in the country, making every purchase of gold and jewellery is from tax paid hard earned money.

45.               Creation of central beverages trade monitoring authority to monitor the sale of alcoholic beverages ensure all liquor is taxed, no sale of spurious liquor, no sale of liquor to under aged.

46.               Creation of central statutory licences authority to monitor all the manufacturers, service providers obtain all the necessary licences and all the taxes are paid on time to the actual with safety and security of the employees are maintained etc

47.               Creation of online virtual tours of all important tourist destination by tourism ministry GOI, to enable  internet users to go through the virtual site to visit the tourist places; GOI will provide advertisement in national channels, in BBC, CNN to promote tourism in different states rather than state governments giving advertisements regarding the tourism    for optimal, beat utilisation of money; ministry of tourism GOI should be part of sponsorship (appropriate) on all international events of sports, culture, arts, summits to promote tourism in India.

48.              ELECTORAL SYSTEM; Mandatory reservation of seats as per gender, income group, castes and religious population of the respective territory

49.               Mandatory electoral experience for entry to contest the next higher level in the electrical system with 80:20 ratio of previous experience to direct entry in the electoral system at various levels; i.e minimum one full term or 5 years of experience as Gram sarpanch is necessary to contest election for mandal level election, minimum one full term representation at mandal level experience necessary for contesting MLA, minimum one full term MLA  experience required for contesting MP

50.               Fixed tenure for all levels in electoral system, i.e 2 terms for any individual for gram sabha, sarpanch or mandal level; four terms for an MLA and six terms for MP

51.               Fixed tenure for head of the government, or be part of the government either in the ministry or any nominated position in the government the elected representatives should hold only for two terms i.e two times oath. Also it should be mandatory that their immediate family members should be barred for life time to become head of the government or being a member of the government either from the same party or any other political party.

52.               Also those castes who ruled should till date as head of the government in the respective level either central govt, state govt, or municipal, zilla parishad should be barred from becoming head of the government till such a period that by rotation all other major castes are occupied the head ship for at least one term for the term of major castes those whose population is above 5% of the total population should be treated as a major caste.

53.               Making it mandatory Only one family member in a family tree should be in eligible to become elected representatives either direct election or indirect election i.e nomination to upper house

54.               Mandatory law  the founder of the Political party (including their siblings) should be barred from not hold the President ship or the head of highest decision making body of the organisation for more than two terms in the entire life term of the organisation (after assuming oath, irrespective of years of number of years continued in the position) Making it mandatory all political party organisations head ship should have limited tenure of  5 years, whereas the office bearers should have minimum of  three years with maximum 2 terms extension, removal only on the grounds of mis conduct, the selection should be done in a rational way from among the aspirants for office bearers and complete elimination of mercy of the party founders or others coteries in political parties, a must reform to do justice to the youth of the nation, without which calling students, youth to join politics is nothing but criminal cheating, with self motives and destroying their carrier for  life time to be dependents on other family members or to become thugs.

55.               Mandatory that for becoming an office bearer at all levels except entry level i.e village/block, minimum 5 years of experience in the next lower level mandatory, no direct entry, parachuting in all political organisations i.e for all national parties becoming national office bearer a work experience of minimum 5 years in the state organisation necessary, similarly for regional parties to be state office bearer minimum 5 years experience at the district office bearer is necessary to bring the desired change in the political party organisation function. There should be complete ban that once the office bearer dies in the middle of tenure the same should not be occupied by the siblings, kin, kith of the diseased.

56.               Also making it mandatory that to contest election from any recognised political party the individual should have five years of membership in that party, anyone can contest as independent candidate, but it should be made mandatory independent members should be barred from joining the governments, only they can extend outside support in case they like the policies of the government, in addition it should be mandatory that pre poll alliance is necessary to be part of the government, otherwise only outside support, once outside support extended for one coalition, in the tenure of the house the outside support party cannot extend support to other coalition in case of first coalition government loses the trust vote.

57.               Also making it mandatory that all government servants resigned/retired from service should be barred from becoming political party primary members for a period of 5 years from the date of resignation, retirement, as such they should be barred from being a member or barred from holding positions in the political party organisations, barred from contesting elections at any level from recognised political party symbols, in addition political parties are barred from nominating bureaucrats for the upper house of the parliament, state assembly or any statutory constitutional positions, nominated positions in the government for a period of 5 years from the date of retirement from service; however they can contest election at any level as an independent candidate without any support from recognised political party or even they can float their own political parties. This measure is necessary to prevent the bureaucrats being biased, doing favouritism to the ruling party in the state government / central government, also it is gross injustice on to the party office bearers at various levels who served the party organisation for decades in various capacities being ignored and suddenly some bureaucrat becoming boss to them or getting opportunity, it is nothing but complete undervaluing the decades of contribution of the several dedicated party office bearers. (if the bureaucrats has hone some excellent job he should be rewarded in the service with increment/ promotion, after all it is the duty of the bureaucrats to justice to the positing they are occupying as a bureaucrat as after all all they are receiving the salary, privileges from the ex-chequer of the government which is the contributing of millions of people??? otherwise it is nothing but the ruling parties are adopting & encouraging “spoil system of administration” i.e using the bureaucrats for the self interests of the party by providing key positions to the followers of their personal orders rather than following rules of the government, constitution)

58.               Making it mandatory retirement from politics once any individual attains 65 years of age i.e should retire from  political office bearer or an elected representative position once they attain an age of 65 years after the sitting tenure is over; this measure is necessary India being large population belonging to youth.

59.               INSTALLATION OF CC CAMERAS & in the residence of all elected representatives from in the first phase for all MP, MLA/MLC and in all government servants of class -1 and above residences, in addition to CC cameras in MP, MLA there should be only one entry and exit point and there should be luggage scanners at the entrance to scan the goods brought by the visitors.

60.               CREATION OF PERMANENT OFFICES FOR THE POSITION OF ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE for all elected representatives from Sarpanch to Member of Parliament in the first phase for all MP, MLA/MLC and in the second phase to all mandal level, in the third phase to all sarpanches to ensure all sections of people can feel free to use the office, otherwise in the party system section of people unable to visit the residences of the elected representatives; also every elected representative from MP, MLA office should have office staff and should be open from 9 am to 5 pm on all 365 days with CC cameras in the office. Mandatory entry of visitors list, mandatory acknowledgement of the petitions/ grievances / requests received from the public.

61.               Making it mandatory for all government servants, elected representatives to maintain the visitors list and submit monthly to the government. All elected representatives visitors list should be made available online for public scrutiny.

62.               Mandatory maintenance of daily dairy for all elected representatives from sarpanch to member of parliament, in addition for MP, MLA the hourly mention of events in the day to day life as more responsibility lies on them. And the daily dairy should be made online for public every next day; this measure is very necessary to bring absolute transparency and accountability of the elected representative after all he /she is being elected by the people, it is the right of the people elected should knew how best their elected representative is using his time and whether he/she is using the time for self or public. Also mandatory to provide annual self performance appraisal report by every individual elected representative at all levels.

63.               Making it mandatory barring the establishment of political party offices in residential areas,, also barring establishment of political office in private properties of the individuals either they are party primary members or not, if any political party office has to be established it need to take prior approval from the municipal authorities  for parking, electricity, traffic police etc, the party should own the property or take the property on lease rent only not on charities; All political parties to contest in elections should have a local office at least in the district with standard office bearers, also it should be mandatory that at least full years of office establishment in the territory to take the ideologies of their party to the people for seeking mandate. Without which it is nothing but mesmerizing people and cheating the innocent people.

64.               MANDATORY NOMINATION FOR UPPER HOUSE, to the lower house in case upper house is not in existence, in all zilla parishads the representatives from various unorganised class like drivers, house maids, agriculture labour, quarry labour etc who are more in number in that area, from those who are poorest of the poor in those sections of people with mandatory one term nomination for life time in the family tree of those members.

65.               Creation of multilingual toll free number to register the grievances of the people in all territories so that grievances are forwarded to the local elected representatives in the hierarchy to pursue and redressal, the complaints should include the corruption charges on the elected representatives.

66.               All political parties must pay fixed salaries for the employees as well as office bearers and disclose to the same to the election commission on monthly returns about the source of funds, expenditure on the trips, programmes of the party office bearers as well the cost of conducting such programmes the expenditure incurred on the month. no private individual or no party member should be allowed to be host of the programmes either voluntarily or by any means. Such occurrence should attract de RECGNIZATION of political party.

67.               Mandatory for political parties to pay for the security of their elected representatives or party office bearers through the party fund, to reduce the burden on the part of the exchequer, after all the money paid to the security of the elected representatives ids from the hard sweat of over 120 crore common people? As it become status symbol to have security for the leaders. However police should provide adequate general security at the party office, functions attending by these political elected representatives’ n routine bases. 
68.               Every individual party office bearer of every political party and all elected representative at all levels should submit the affidavit with full detailed description of the assets they possess, the ways and means the wealth has been acquired  which should be made online with public scrutiny; in addition Creation of databank of wealth of all elected representatives at all levels with immediate family trees by making it mandatory to submit the income and assets statements in affidavit form; creation of databank of wealth of all political party organisation office bearers as well at all levels from village level to national level; wrong deceleration should be tried in fast track courts and should lose the position as elected representative in addition barring their immediate family members from contesting the elections in future at any level.

69.               Mandatory for all elected representatives at all levels, all employees in the government, semi government, PSU should declare the gifts received from any individuals to the government for all gifts worth more than Rs 1000, gifts should be accepted only and only if the gift provider produces the purchase bill along with self declaration affidavit that he/she will not seek any favours from the gift taker either directly or indirectly. Gift receiver should provide receipt for the gift received.

70.               ENVIRONMENT: Different timings for offices and educational institutions in different areas in all cities to reduce the traffic congestion; mandatory for all educational institutions uses the multimode transport systems and compete ban on use of individual vehicles to reach to educational institutions, government offices, and also all private offices with more than 50 employees, also extended working hours of banks and financial institutions to ease life.

71.               Creation of multi level parking spaces in all market yards, all  rail stations, all bus stations, all important places where vehicle standing/public movement is large; creation of every shopping area a walk free area with no vehicles movement except battery operated vehicles to ferry old, disabled persons visiting the shopping in all cities, all market yards

72.               Creation of bicycle tracks in every cities, free bicycle stands, free bicycles in all bus stations, rail stations, all metro stations to all students, employees in the government and private organisations; this measure enables people in sub-urbs can come on their personal vehicle to the nearest station from home, get dropped by their parents, family members/ in case self drive park their vehicle take bus, metro, reach nearest point to their educational institute, office and take bicycle and reach their educational institute / office and return back to the station with bicycle and ride return bus/metro and reach their nearest home station, pick up their personal vehicle and reach their home. This measure will certainly reduce the pollution to a great extend, in addition improves the health of the individual bicycle users. In addition to encourage bicycle riding  provide an increment for employee for coming to the office on own bicycle for more than 50% of the total working days from their place of his/her residence to office. This measure is very necessary as the rise of rapid urbanisation, high rate of migration from rural areas, less roads compared to growing traffic, no space for expansion of roads, this measure is real boon for a healthy pollution less city.

73.              Creation of depressions for bus bays in the traffic to enable free flow of traffic in cities, towns; creation of metro, multimode transport in all cities, all tire -1 cities in first phase, in all tire two cities in the second phase; Creation of parking stands for auto rickshaws, taxies, private travel buses, creation of infrastructure for temporary shelter, toilets, drinking water in all high density traffic areas.

74.              Mandatory use of solar power, wind power in all government, PSU, Corporate business establishments to enable at least 10% of their energy should be from alternative energy

75.               Mandatory for all household where the sun radiation is high to use solar water heaters; all housing colonies, apartments should mandatorily install the solar power units to use solar power for lighting in common areas. Mandatory for all the apartments existing and future constructions to come with solar common lighting, water heaters as part of apartment design approval

76.               Creation of eco friendly community toilets in all villages with maintenance of the toilets is the responsibility of the gram panchayat; creation and maintenance of toilets (like in star hotels, international air ports) in all areas in cities where large foot print are happening to enable the shoppers, commuters to use the toilets at free of cost.; Creation, maintenance  of toilets in every school, collage, welfare hostels 

77.               Creation of kitchens in every cluster of schools with CC CAMERA monitoring of preparation of food and also CC camera monitoring of serving of the food to the children; creation of CC Camera in every social welfare hostel to monitor the situation, creation of Videoconference through mobile with every student of the welfare hostel at least once in a month by the monitoring authority; making online the heath parameters of all children in the government schools and welfare hostels on monthly bases.

78.               UN ORGANISED SECTOR TO ORGANISED SECTOR: Issue of identity cards for all working class in unorganised sector like drivers, house maid, electrician, plumbers, carpenters, blacksmith, goldsmith, vehicle mechanics, barbers, washer men, etc making appropriate arrangements to bring un organised to semi organised/organised.

79.               RELIGIOUS REFORMS: Issue of ID cards for priests on qualifying for minimum knowledge to perform the priestlyness in all religions, training the priestly class on human values, addressing the household issues with scientific remedies, providing fixed uniform salary for all priests in every place of worship

80.                Mandatory appointment of financial counsellors in every organisation, every office, in every district, mandal sitting in the MRO office/ post office to provide financial counselling / advice for the individuals to overcome the financial stress/ better use of earnings through savings and investments as per fixed norms/guidelines prepared  by the government every regionally, territory based addressing the local issues.

81.               RELIGIOUS: Compete ban of advertisement of spirituality/cure by individual self claimed godmen, godwomen, complete ban of advertisements of magic cure, cure of diseases through gadgets, instruments in any print electronic media or public hoardings like the case of restrictions on advertisement of alcoholic beverages in INDIA

82.               Compete ban of so called VIP darshan in all religious places, complete ban of collecting fees for the rituals in all religious places, complete ban of private vehicles in all hill shrines, hill top places, only CNG/ELECTRIC operated vehicles in multi mode transport should be used to ferry the visitors from basement to hill top.

83.               Complete ban of donations to individual priests after performing rituals in the religious places/ shrines, especially the Hindu religious temples, instead they can keep the Hundi at the exit of the temple in one corner with no vision to the priests without CC cameras in this area making it should be the prerogative, large heart, philanthropic  nature of  individual visitors to put their offerings in the hundi as a dakshina / donation to the priests, the donations in the personal hundi can be shared among the employees of the temple as well as the priests equally.

84.               There should be religious committees on all temples, churches, masids, gurudwards, etc comprising of proportionate representation of gender, income group, and castes in proportionate number in their territory. And the committees are only to see the smooth function of the religious acts in that particular religious place and not get favours from the people, not for planning for this ritual, the ritual in this month or that month, except that there should be standard rituals that are decided by national level to be performed; the committee should be only for two years, only on honorary in nature, complete ban of printing listing cards claiming that he/she was so and so religious shrine committee member; 50% of the committee members should be retired persons, and 50% of the total should be females.

85.               RAILWAYS: Issue EQ only on bar coded forms to ensure EQ facility s available to all people who deserves emergency journey

86.              Installation of CC Cameras in every railway station, waiting hall, at the entrance of passengers in the each railway bogies

87.               TRAVEL, HOSPITALITY: Bio metric entry for all passengers in all AIR PORTS, all details of the passengers should be handover to the income tax authorities and access to the specific data of specific passengers by all investigation authorities to ascertain the total air travel expenses of individuals,

88.               Making mandatory that purchase of air tickets only through bank debit, credit or online transactions with exceptional cases on cash; mandatory all payments of tickets to the travel agents by cheque or bank online transaction from the individuals account or the person who sponsored the air ticket.

89.               Installation of CC CAMERAS mandatory in all guest houses of government, PSU, private company guest houses, in hotels, resorts, lodges with bio metric recording of guests staying, all guests visiting the staying guests in their rooms (other than visitors to meet in the lobbies, restaurants, coffee shops where CC camera surveillance is must in lobby areas, coffee shops, restaurants); keeping the storage of recordings for 10 years  

90.               Mandatory for installation of CC cameras in all restaurants, coffee shops, all kitchens for food preparation to ensure prevailing of hygienic health conditions; kitchen CC cameras should be web telecasted on real time with the Municipal Health department of the city/ town

91.               Mandatory to conduct physical health check up for all the staff working in the kitchen of restaurants, all staff working in kitchens of bakeries, food preparations, processing of foods in the food processing industry  by the local health department authorities and maintenance of health records of each and every employee to ensure hygienic food preparation

92.               Mandatory for the processed food to issue the expiry date of that processed food; withdraw from retail sale stock left on the expiry date of food and re call and submit it to the health department to ensure safe food is sold, the expired food should be treated as loss in the books of the manufacturer not retailer as manufacturer has to provide fresh goods to the value of retuned goods.

93.               TRANSPORTATION: All public transport should be equipped with GPRS system, SOS button that links to the police stations for ensuring safety and security of all passengers especially female passengers

94.              Creation of multi level parking all cities in residential zones where there is no car parking provision or families having more cars, more tax per month for having more cars per residence.

95.               Issue of multi utility prepaid travel pay cards to pay for public transport that works in metro, local trains, buses, autos, radio taxes, all taxes, with swipe at the entry and swipe at the exit, which automatically deduct the actual costs of travel per kilometre which is more convenient for both commuters as well as the vehicle owners; this should be done with secured bio metric GPRS enabled devices which enables security of the users as well as it enables the amounts on real time gets deposited in the accounts of the vehicle owners.

96.              AGRICULTURE: Mandatory minimum and maximum sale price of raw agriculture produce and processed agriculture produce of certain items which are daily consumables like turmeric powder, tamarind, all powders of spices etc

97.              Creation of VACA village level agriculture cooperative associations in all villages to boost the production of agriculture; fixing the MSP minimum support price of the agriculture produce regionally, district wise based on the local climatic conditions

98.              Mandatory sale of agriculture produce to the government owned market yard and government should sell in turn to the trades at fixed margins

99.              Government should construct the storage silo bins as per the requirement of buffer stock, construction of cold storages in all agriculture clusters of perishable agri produce to reduce the waste of produced agriculture goods

100.           Supply of agriculture inputs like water, electricity, fertilizers, seeds, labour by the government at fixed rates; crop insurance mandatory; mandatory obligation on the part of the seed manufacturers in case of loss of crop due to seed failure; non bail able criminal offence of all agri production frauds to protect the interests of the farmers after all farmers should not be cheated with spurious seeds, spurious fertilizers, spurious pesticides etc; Perennial supply of drinking water, water for agriculture by creating more water reserves through CLOUD SEEDING, conversing the rain water in the rivers through construction of appropriate reservoirs to store the water

101.           EDUCATION: Uniform training for all teaching staff in the primary, secondary, high schools in analytical, simple  way of teaching, uniform salary for all teachers throughout the country both in the government, municipal, private schools for equal qualifications based on the location of the school; uniform fees for all private schools with same facilities based on type of location i.e city, town, rural etc, replacing % of marks with grading in examinations, Creation of data base of teaching staff in all technical institutions and all science institutions at degree and above level to ensure qualified teaching faculty is available for producing quality teachers

102.           Creation of GIANT SCIENCE LABORATORIES in all districts, all cities with miniatures of all that thought in the science lesions in the school books to be practically demonstrated for better understanding by the children and also common people with all school children will be taken to the centre on working days and all common public on weekends and holidays; this laboratories will provide more scope for children to improve their thinking process

103.           Creation of R&D laboratories in every district in every fielded of science and technology, so that any individual can walk in and use the facilities to get engage in the R&D as some brilliant young minds are with ability to invent something useful to the society but they are enable to do so due to lack of support of software, machinery etc which can be addressed by these R&D laboratories; The NKH to be expanded it scope with sharing the info on various field of R&D with the proposed set up of R&D laboratories

104.           GENERAL: SPORTS SYSTEM; Construction of sports grounds in all villages; mandatory for the housing colonies, apartments, offices in urban areas to create appropriate sports and fitness facilities in their area. District wise Sports schools to training Schools and hostels to provide training exclusively in sports.

105.           WATER DISPUTES: Political parties are barred from creating disturbances involving in inter regional, interstate water disputes, with an apex tribunal giving it judgement with judgement binding on all parties and the arguments made public, with no provision for state governments to pass resolution in this regard

106.         LAND & PROPERTIES: Mandatory sealing on holding of properties by individual’s i.e no individual should be allowed to hold more than one residential property in the urban areas and one farm property in rural areas in their life time.

107.         FOREIGN POLICY: Mandatory removal of authority of state governments passing resolution in the state assemblies that effects the foreign policies of the country

108.           SOCIAL MEDIA: Creation of data bank of details of social media users making it mandatory that all social media users should provide on affidavit along with details of ID proof for claiming the ID of the social media like Email, Twitter, Face book.


The spirit of the above measures are very need of the hour to be primary points in the election manifestos of the political parties in order to prove their real concern for the well being of the people of the country, especially the youth, the female gender, the downtrodden sections more specifically the Dalits, adivasis and Minority communities in the country, In order to make the above sections of people believe the real intend of political parties as was claiming that for the service of the people through so called good governance then the political parties should announce and implement the spirit of the document proving that they do not use the Dalits, adivasis, minorities as their vote bank politics just for the sake of votes announcing some or other schemes to make them depend on the governments of the day for generations, but will empower them to earn themselves in a legitimate righteous manner and will not indulge in just mesmerize these innocent sections of people to believe that so and so political party is the only political party to do justice. Without announcing & implementing the spirit of the  document many downtrodden section educated people feel that the political parties are using the Dalits, Adivasis and minorities applying the manner of  “polished call girl-isim ideology, i.e use when required throw/dump them when not required i.e not doing any concrete programs, plans that yield them permanent inclusive growth for these sections of people with criminal intension to suppress these sections forever to keep these sections as vote banks to be at their disposal during elections, with clear cut criminal motive if these sections are really up lifted/ empowered they may not be their vote banks as these downtrodden sections by and large follow the principles of good governance and not help these elite political class to get indulge in self aggrandizement???? Of course some black sheep’s in these sections prevailing, who are used to just use the caste/ religious card to enjoy the benefits and do nothing for the community as they are very much hand in glove with other upper echelons of the society as these black sheep’s in the community are also upper echelons and just pretend they are living for the cause of up lift meant of these downtrodden sections for getting on their self aggrandizement fulfilled. As such the spirit of the views and suggestions in the document ‘The Manifesto’ needs wider discussions in all political party organisations from village level to national level and also in from all gram sabhas to parliament to get ratified & implemented up holding of supremacy of legitimacy.


Note: The document is compilation of my earlier documents, which are results of research, analysis and my personal interaction with various sections of people over years; Please refer my documents circulated from time to time which are also available in my blog as well as in my scribd on the internet for ready reference of detailed views on the above suggestions.

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Reservations in Private sector is our Fundamental Rights, because Bank Loans Money, Materials Mines, Lands, Contracts/Projects & all Resources are Public Properties. If they don't give reservations in jobs, privatisation or projects giving to private sector should be stopped.