Friday, 30 June 2017

My Open Letter to Shri Ram Nath Kovind Ji Seeking His Stand on Issues Pertaining to Dalits, Adivasis, OBC's, Minorities and Women, which are otherwise Ignored Till Date by Successive Governments

                                      Open Letter                  30th June 2017

Dear Shri Ram Nath Kovind Ji
       President Election Nominee from NDA

Sub: Congratulation for getting Nomination from BJP Led NDA for President of India-Election. Request to Express Your Views Regarding Issues of Dalits, Adivasis, OBC, Minorities & Women.
My Heartful Congratulations to Your Good Self for Achieving the Nomination from the BJP Led NDA Coalition, it is indeed a Great Achievement of Yours, because getting a Nomination from BJP party to a Dalit that too for a Highest Position in India when the General Public opinion, especially among Weaker sections is that BJP is Anti Dalit Mindset Party because Most BJP Leaders has Low View for Dalits, My Case is a Classic Example, As Even though what All Reforms Done in Last three Years by BJP GOI are Just Copy, Cut, Paste and Give Name to My Vision, Given as Young Hindu Dalit, Strangely No Value Till Date? when My Vision is being useful to 125 Crore People of INDIA every Day; No Doubt, BJP Realise Soon or Later.
Since Your Good Self has Constitutional Expertise, which will certainly be more Use to the People of the Country, if Your Good Self become President of India. But certainly to become a Perfect President of India to deliver Justice to All Sections of People, President of India Should Have Holistic understating and Vision for Every Section of People and Every Sector, after All President of India is the Guiding the Government of India in every Aspect. It is Because, in case GOI wish to Bring an ordinance in Any Matter, then Without First Hand Knowledge to the President of India, He / She will Just Remain as Titular Head/ Rubber Stamp as popularly Known term used in Media otherwise, after All Ruling parties in general have their own mindset, Which will influence greatly the Govt of the Day, in this Process if President of India Do not Have Holistic Understating of Issues of Every Section of People, there is every Danger that People get Injustice Via the Ordinances, After All Ruling Parties Has Just 20% of the Population Support (as in India the Average voting is just 65 to 70% of total voters with total voters are just 65% of population and with The party forming Government getting just 30 to 35% of votes), and Without Passing the Bill in Parliament and pushing Democracy is in Jeopardy, if President Do not Have Fist Hand Knowledge, Whatever Proposed by the Govt Appears to be Right, after All the Experts Who are Going to Advise are Also Appointed by the Ruling Govt and By and Large, they Go with Govt’s View.    
Since Your Good Self is a Legal LUMINARY and the BJP Led NDA is Doing Propaganda that Your Good Self is a Champion of Rights of Dalits, Adivasis, OBC, WOMEN, MINORITIES,  certainly I Too Believe that What All BJP Led NDA telling is true, Since it is BJP Party (which is otherwise known as Anti Dalit Mindset as per General Public Perception) Spreading Goodness of a Dalit Leaders Contribution; Since Your are About to hold the Highest office in the Country, and  the institution of President is the Up Holder of Constitutional Rights of the People, Millions of People Expect that Your Good Self Should Express your Opinion publicly how you will ensure restoration / protection of Some Fundamental Rights of People belonging to Dalits, Adivasis, OBC, Women, Minorities Which are otherwise Being DEPRIVED By every other Successive Governments till Date, by way of Using the powers/ good offices of the Government for Directly and indirectly influencing Legislative, Executive and Judiciary Appropriately, just to  provide Advantage for select few sections of people by Suppressing majority of People of the Country. 
1)  Reservations for Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims and Enactment of Law to Stream line Religious Conversions/ Change faith Since Your Good Self Came up hard way in Life as per Information Available in the Public Dominie and Hope Your Good     Self is Fully Aware of the Un Touch ability and Discriminations faced by DALITS, which is otherwise Prevailing even today in Indirect Manner in Urban Areas and Direct Manner in Rural Areas and there are Villages Where Dalits Are Still Not Allowed to Entry into  Hindu Temples and if Allowed they were Not Allowed to be seated Along with other caste people and Also Offered Prasad in Separately from all others in a denigrated manner and Degrading human values when every Other Religion, Especially Hindu Religion emphasis on Humanity i.e Service to Human beings is Service to God.. and All are Equal before God, in these Circumstances, Dalits/ Adivasis are Losing faith in the Birth Religion of Hinduism due to Acute Discrimination in that Territory, where the Dalits are Native of that Territory and Cannot move Away Mainly due to their Love for Their Birth Place/ Ancestors place & Also due to whatever Little fixed Assets Earned by Hard Savings they are possess are Existing in that Territory and Also if Once Stared Moving Away from one place to other place then due to fear they May Not Find Any place in India in future, and it will give more Thrust to the few TUGS in Hindu Religion to use these Denigration, Humiliation methods more rigorously to drive away Dalits from the Villages to occupy Lands belonging to Dalits as Land value is on the Rise?

As Such Some of the Dalits  who  Do not want to get Humiliated Every other Day and Live life of a third  rated Citizen in their own mother Land when their (Dalits) contribution as Agriculture Labour is Giving Food for Country, and their (Dalits) Contribution as Garbage Lifters and Sewerage Workers Proving health for People of country by getting clean surroundings, and Also by way of lifting the dead Animals, and Skinning A Dead Animals and making the Foot ware for People of the Country, that too when over 95% of Dalits are Living a pathetic life with insufficient earnings and their (Dalits)  women/ girls are mostly Anaemic and Majority of their (Dalits) children are Malnutritional and More Shocking is that,  Dalit workers engaged in Sewerage Cleaning are Living with an average life span is just 45 years which is far less than the Primitive Tribes living in thick forests in the remote places of World who do not have contact with the outside World, Such Poor Dalits if Opted to Adopt the other Faith like Christianity, Islam, Then in such Conditions How Can they be Deprived of their Constitutional Rights Guaranteed for Dalit’s? Do by Changing the Faith their (Dalits) Blood DNA will change? And it is fact that People Who Changes Faith due to humiliation in Birth Religion are intended only to get Confidence in them, after all Religious Faith is the Driving force for All Human Beings? Then How far it is justified that Dalit Christians & Dalits Muslims be deprived of Dalit Status?

Also if Dalits who are Adopting Buddhism, Sikhism can get Reservations why not Dalit Christians And Dalit Muslims?, Then Why not Presidential order of 1950 should be Amended to Extend reservations to All Dalits irrespective of change of Faith like How Dalit Sikhs and Dalit Buddhists are given benefits of reservation in 1956 Amendment of Presidential order, Also how Come Dalit Sikhs and Dalit Buddhists are Different from Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims, is there any Rational, logic Exists? and is it the Fault of the Gen Next Dalits to get Continuously Humiliated and Discriminated Being born in Hindu Dalit Family irrespective of their income status when Majority of the Dalits are BPL or Low income group, or Just Dalits Should become ATHEISTS and Do not believe in Any Religious faith, All this to get the benefits of Reservation for being Born in the poor Hindu Dalit families for Survival?

Even though Many like Me as A Young Hindu Dalit, are Determined to Promote Goodness of Hindu Religion, but people has Right, freedom to choose their Faith of Choice, based on the circumstances? it is fact that if any person by Birth HINDU intends to Changes the Faith to other religions, which is clear indication that something Terribly wrong happened to those people and All Hindu Religious Leaders in that Territory be Responsible for that? The Case Same with Other Religious faiths also ?

Also when it is fact Many of the Foreign Nationals who are Mostly born Christians are Adopting Hinduism especially in the ISKCON temples, but in those Countries All those By Birth Christians who changed their Faith to HINDU Religion are not deprived of Benefits given by those Countries to their citizens like free health care, etc. Also is it not Logical that if other Religion People Allowed to Adopt Hindu Religious Faith, then Why not people in Hindu Religion can Adopt other Religious Faith? There should not be One way traffic?, If Govt ban other Faith People Adopting Hindu religion, then How Do Govt Expects to Spread Goodness of Hindu Religion to others in India and Globe? Then How Come Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims in India are Deprived of Scheduled Caste Status and Benefits? Is India is So Narrow Minded? National Shame?

Therefore it is Necessary that there should be mechanism to handle this Situation to Regulate Religious Conversions from Any religion to Any religion?  It is ideal that Govt make it Mandatory that anyone who wish to change their Religious faith must Apply to the Government Body (Without need to Mention which other faith they are going to Adopt after they Quit the birth Religious faith,  to protect them from  future influences from other religious faiths; Govt must constitute “All Religious faith Body/Agency” with branches in every District, and there should be A gap of 45 days time to reconsider their Decision to change their birth religious faith, So that Designated Elders from the birth religion Along with the Govt official visit those People who wish to Change their faith, to record the reasons and try to restore confidence in the birth religion of Individuals who wish change their faith, which will certainly reduce Communal tensions in the Country; Also Required is Serious Course Corrections in Hindu Religious systems to Ensure GenerationNext Adopt Goodness of Hindu Religion?

So it is very much Ideal that your Good Self Express OPENLY your views on this issue and Advise Government to do Course Corrections, and Also ensure Govt Enact law in Such a Manner that All those who are Tarnishing the Hindu religious beliefs of Dalits should get Life Imprisonment, for discrimination of Dalits based on Caste or Denied entry for Dalits in temples and Also Practicing two class treatment in Hindu religious temples  by serving Food/ Prasad Separately to Dalits etc, to prevent Change of Faith by Dalits from Hindu Religion to other Religion; By Doing So Your Good Self Win Confidence of All Sections of people, especially All Dalits & Advasis.

2) Abolishing Reservations for Upper Echelons in Dalits, Adivasis to ensure Benefits of Reservation Reaches Deserving Poor Dalits, Adivasis Also Since Your Good Self Expressed earlier that Christians and Muslims are are Getting Reservations under Backward Class category, So the Demand for Scheduled Caste Status for All those Dalits Who Changed Faith from Hindu to Christian or Muslims was Only just to make them eligible for Contesting Elections in reserved Seats, while reacting to the Recommendations of National Religious and Linguistic Minorities Commission to Include Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims in Scheduled Caste List,  perhaps your intention might be that if Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims may Take Away Maximum Reservation benefits from Poor Dalits, and Poor Dalits are Deprived of their Rights granted by Constitution, then How far YOUR GOOD SELF JUSTIFY That Upper Echelon Dalits belonging to Hindu Enjoying Benefits of Reservations in Education, Employment and Electoral System fully depriving the Rights of the Poor/ Deserving Dalits, when Poor Dalits are mostly faces discrimination in the Society, and when the Reservations for Dalits are Mainly designed and meant for Up lift meant of Such Poor Dalits, and it is not Appearing to Your Good Self that the entire Purpose of Reservations for Dalits get Defeated by this Way of Only Upper Echelons in Dalits are the Maximum beneficiaries of Reservation?

Example Why an Group A officer / IAS offer Children Require Reservation in Education, Employment? Why an MLA/ MP belonging to Dalit whose Net Assets are Running into Crores of Rupees Require Reservation for his children in Education, Employment, and For that Matter Why he/she should contest from Reserved Seats when they are on par with Upper Echelons of other Castes in Hindu and other Religions? Why not these reserved Seats from Gram Panchayat to Parliament must be meant only for Poor Dalits? Why not Govt Ensure Reservation Benefits are Fully useful only for up lift meant of the BPL, Low income and Middle income group in the Dalits and Advaisis?

Why not YOUR GOOD SELF must Express Your Opinion as a LEARNED LEGAL LUMINARY in the Country belonging to DALIT in this regard?, and it is very Ideal and Need of the Hour that Your Good Self Must Advise Government for Removal of Reservations for Upper Echelons in Dalits and Adivasis in Education, Employment And Electoral System at Entry Level, but All Constitutional safe guards of Dalit should continue to All income groups in Dalits to protect them to live with dignity in case of Any abuse/ un touch ability or denigration based on the birth as Dalit, By Doing So all those Economically settled Dalits can Help the deserving Poor Dalits which is Real up lift meant of All Dalits  in INDIA?

3) Reservations in Promotions to ensure justice for Meritorious Dalits, Adivasis Employees in Govt, PSU, Judiciary and in Electoral System It is really Unfortunate that till date All the successive governments at Centre and in Almost All states failed to value the Meritorious Contribution of Dalit, Advise and Minority Employees/ Bureaucrats in Government and PSU's and even in Judiciary at All Levels? as the statistics Shows in spite of Constitutional Reservations for Dalits at Entry level in Govt and PSU, hardly there exists less than 3% of total Top Bureaucrats/ positions in Govt or PSU was occupied by Dalits or Adivasis it is mainly because, Meritorious Dalit, Adivais are Deprived, Suppressed by vested Interests for sure? as it is mainly because lack of Mandatory reservations for Promotions for MERITORIOUS OFFICERS belonging to Dalits and Adivasis and it is an open secret that The Upper caste Political bosses and Bureaucrats Discriminate & Suppress these Meritorious Dalit and Advasi Officials at various levels due to Caste Discrimination and Low view for Dalits and Also due to prevalence of “Spoil System of Administration” (Employing those who are loyal to them personally to full fill their corrupt ambitions & Personal Gains, rather than those who vouches for Rule books?)

It is NATIONAL SHAME and Utter CRIMINAL if Any one tells that there is Lack of Merit in Dalit/ Adivasis Bureaucrats / Officers/ Judiciary in All these 70 years of Independence as Such Dalits are Not Elevated in the positions in Bureaucracy or in Judiciary? It is very Ideal and Necessary that Your Good Self must Ask the Govt to put White Paper Every Department wise, Every PSU wise And At All Levels of JUDICIARY regarding Promotions for Dalits, Adivasis And then Your Good Self Should Ensure Justice Done to All Existing Bureaucrats/ officers/ employees of Govt and PSU and in Judiciary belonging to Dalits, Adivasis Ensuring Proportionate Representation or Constitutional Reservations Prevail?

So it is very much necessary that Govt ensure RESERVATIONS in Promotions at All Levels in Govt and PSU’s by formulating a System to Make sure proportionate representation by rotation to top positions from among the meritorious officers belong to All Castes and Religions especially Dalits and Adivasis Should be filled in Govt, PSU & Judiciary without Giving Any Room for so called Discretion powers in the Selection/Promotion process at All levels to Ensure Justice to All Sections? In Addition it should be Made Mandatory that All Governments, Centre, States should provide at least 20 % representation for Dalits and Adivasis at Each level in the Government Viz in the Cabinet Minister Rank, MOS Independent Charge and MOS from Among those Elected from Reserved Constituencies, over and Above it is up the Ruling Govt.? All these Measures will certainly lead to Real Up Lift Meant of Dalits, Adivasis?.

4) Reservations in Private Sector at Entry Level for Dalits, Adivasis, OBC to ensure Creation of Employment opportunity, and Also Ensuring Balanced Diet is served in Welfare Hostels, Mid Day meals, Anganwadi's and Also Creation of Community Student Study Centers for Preparing Gen Next Dalits, Adivasis to Compete with Others and Also Since Government is Privatising Many PSU’s and also Large Scale Out Sourcing in Govt is Happening with Contract Employment at Municipal, State and Central Govt and in PSU’s and Also the BJP Led NDA Govt Slogan is Minimum Government and Maximum Governance, which itself indicated that Govt Jobs are going to Shrink day by day and the Fact is that Entire Govt Employment is just 3.5 % of total Employment and in Organised Private sector is just 2.3% and there is Acute need for Conversion of un organised Employment to Organised or Semi Organised Private Employment, then Without Reservations in Private Sector at Entry Level what will happen to the Educated Dalits, Adivasis who came from poor back ground who cannot compete with others due to lack of facilitates/ lack of quality education in Govt and Social Welfare educational institutions and it is an open fact that most of the Poor Dalit students are Low in BMI and are mostly Malnutritional due to lack of Quality food in 98% of the Social Welfare Hostels and Govt Mid Day Meals, even for that matter Food served to infants, toddlers in the ANGANWADI'S? With Exception where Some DEDICATED Recognised NGO’s are operating Mass Kitchens for Serving Fresh Cooked Food to Students in few hundreds of Schools, with nutritional values, when in India few Lakhs of Schools Exist; So Govt must fix this Issues of Malnutrition in Downtrodden section Children  by Ensuring Mass Kitchens are Operated in every Block/ Mandal in Appropriate Numbers operated by NGO’s ensuring Quality nutritious balanced diet is available / served free of cost by Govt in Anganwadi's, Govt Schools and even in All Colleges and Universities, and Without Proper Food for Downtrodden Children Expecting them to Excel in Education is Meaningless?, in Addition Govt should ensure Regular Periodic Inspection of facilities available in the Govt Welfare Hostels with All facilitates in Govt/ Social Welfare hostels be up loaded on the Public web site every month, in Addition ensuring All teachers are Well Qualified and Trained, in Addition building of “Community Student Study Centers” in every Village/ Slum to ensure Better facility for After School study for day scholar Students Belonging to Dalits  to ensure Generation Next will able to Compete with Others to get Employment on Merit.

Failure to do so may lead to the perception in majority of the Dalits, Adivasis that  the Govt Expect that Dalits who studied hard way should only Engaged in Self Employment by opening a Cobbler Shop in the corner of the village/ ward and Anticipating people to come for Buying local made foot ware / repair of foot ware, when MNC Brands are Flourishing, and Starving themselves for lack of business or Govt Expects that Educated Dalits should Engage in Manual Lifting of Dead Animals without any Safety gears? or Govt Expects Educated Dalits should go down to the sewerage lines to clean the sewerages in All urban habitations that too manually without any safety gears for them (when it is a a BIG BIG National Shame till date hardly there exists any Safety gears and life Insurance for All those 12 lakh Dalits Engaged in Sewerage cleaning with Daily 3 to 5 deaths of sewerage workers while doing the cleaning job due to poisonous gases and 90% of sewerage workers has some or other serious health disorders due to exposure to bacteria enriched filth every day, and  the average life of sewerage workers is just 45 years and maximum number of young WIDOWS in India are from these Sewerage Cleaning Dalit Community??; or Govt Expects that Educated Dalit Youth Should Remain as Agriculture Labour? or Govt Expects that Educated Dalit Youth should Become Pray for Extremist Elements like Naxalites by attracting towards such anti socials due to uncertainly of their future due to lack of Employment due to failure of the System of Governance to provide Employment to them, Govt Spends Millions of Rupees in the Name of Anti Naxal operations without much Accountability?

So is it very much need of the Hour, that Govt Enact Law ensuring mandatory Reservations in Pvt Sector at entry level to do justice for Downtrodden Sections, especially to Dalits, Adivasies, OBC? After All Majority of private Enterprise/Business use Govt Concessions in one or their form or Bank Loans from PSU Banks which is otherwise Accumulated wealth of Hard Earned money & Hard savings of Downtrodden Sections by and large?  The Beginning of Reservations in Pvt Sector should Start from Residential Welfare Associations Staff Appointments, as Change has to come from Home? and it is the beginning of Converting organised Employment to organised Employment, After All Millions of RWA employ few people at their Whims and Fancies mostly belong to Upper Castes or Non Dalits and Non Adivasis as due to lack of Systems in Place for RWA and most of the RWA are Controlled by select few Upper Castes/ Upper Echelons, and there are no Uniform Laws Exists in Managing RWA’s. Without reservations in Private Sector at Entry level, the Many Downtrodden people will be of the perception that the Wise Spread Slogan of Govt i.e Sab Ka Sath Sab Ka Vikas is Just a Slogan and Nothing But, more or less FARCE means Farce.

5) Enactment of Law Ensuring Right to Equality and Equal opportunity for All Prevails in Religious Places, Especially in Hindu Religion and Abolishing Exclusivity for Approximants of Archakas/ Priests  to one  Particular Caste and Providing Equal opportunity for All castes, specially Dalits, Adivasis  to become Priests  in All Hindu Temples Also Since Your Good Self is a Strong Follower of Hindu Religion and Committed and intended to Spread the Goodness of Hindu religion to Every Section of people in India and Abroad, then How do Your Good Self Justify the Hindu religious Education and Employment in Religious places get MATCH FIXED, ensuring  Exclusively for One Sect of One Upper Caste in India are Eligible to do Priestlyness with Narrow Self centred Selfish Interests? Do other people in the Country are DUMB’s as such not Eligible to Learn the Religious Education (Vedas) and Do the DNA’s of All other Castes in Hindus are Lower / Different from the DNA’s of existing Priestly Class?  Or Do Other Castes are allowed to learn Vedas only for the Sake of Hobby or Self Satisfaction? CRIMINAL? SHAM?

It is an open fact that Section of particular Upper Castes ensured Supremacy over others including others in the same Upper Caste and RESERVED LIFE LONG The Employment in religious places for themselves and try to indirectly Dominate /Influence others irrespective of Their knowledge of VEDAS all in the Name of Caste and it is a HARD FACT THAT most of the employees in Priestlyness are MEDIOCRE in VEDAS and only knows very basics of VEDAS and most of them are NAIVE’s Due to lack of Formal Education in Vedas and lack of certifying that they are Fully Qualified in Vedas to Take up Priestlyness (which is the Perception of Millions of People in India) and It is a Hard Fact that most of them Got Priestlyness Employment just because they are Borne in a Particular Sect of that Upper Caste and these sections of People (Whether Doing Priestlyness or other Employment in Government & Pvt Religious Places) Shockingly Consider even the same other Sects of Same Upper caste who are doing service to the departure souls as Lower Strata People, then one can imagine what kind of  pathetic hatred these few section of people possess for Dalits, Adivasis?, and because lack of proper knowledge in VEDAS (as they learn only very very basics and consider that as if they learned VEDAS  fully and wants supremacy over All others in Country and World)  these kind people Fully Engage in Domination of others by denigration and Always try to Exploit others in the name of Almighty to ensure their weaknesses are not Exposed?

It is fact that those Persons who Learned VEDAS substantially are Calm and Composed and Poised as they whole heartedly Pray almighty for well being of All sections of people and they will spread only goodness of Hindu religion and they do not have Caste feelings or lower/ upper Feeling or hatred for Any other religions and treat Equally All Sections, but such people are very few percentage of priests?, and it is basic duty of All Human beings of All Sections to PATRONIZE All such people Who learned VEDAS Substantially and Spreading Good Ness of Vedas, Hindu Religion to All sections of People.

And it is fact that the Existing System of Appointments of Archakas in Hindu Religion is developing the perception in Majority of Youth in Hindus that All Successive  Govt ‘s Till Date are Indulged in Promoting A particular UPPER CASTE to dominate others by Indirectly reserving 100% employment only to a Particular Sect of a Particular Upper caste whose Percent is less than 1% population in INDIA and when majority of them indulged in Priestlyness are Simply Sit in a Pleasant place by and large and enjoy the  life selling the Words, but strangely at the same time Govt more or less Reserving 100% employment for Garbage Lifting/ Dead Animal Lifting and SEWERAGE CLEANING for Dalits to face the filth and dirt every day and Severe Health Risks? Which is otherwise CRIMINAL on the part of the Successive Governments Till Date?, more Shocking is that even SUPREME COURT Up held this 100% Reservations for priestly employment by way of directing the Govt’s to follow the procedure laid down in the AGAMA SHASTRA (the Hindu Religious Texts) as a matter of “Faith of Religion” while  appointing archakas/ priests in TAMIL NADU and Indicating that article 14 of Right to Equality cannot be Applicable in this regard of Appointment of Archakas Via its Judgement in 2015 Dec in the Tamil Nadu Govt vs Others, and when the Matter of Fact is that AGAMA SHASTRA clearly favours only Particular Sect of one Upper caste is eligible to become ARCHAKAS/ PRIEST in Temples. If Govt itself is biased towards one Section of people and Discrimination to remaining Section of people is Un Democratic and Un Constitutional Act? Which may Lead to lose of Faith in Democracy and Constitution in the GenNxt, who otherwise Expect Equality in All Aspects?

As such it is necessary that EQUALITY of Opportunity should exists in Religious Employment, especially PRIESTLY EMPLOYMENT, for all those Who studied VEDAS and Qualified must get Proportionate Employment as per Constitutional reservations, which is possible by Govt Establishing VEDA PATASALA’s in every Mandal/ Block with free education to All with proportionate Representation as per Castes in Hindu religion in VEDA PATASALA Admissions and also Fixed Uniform Salary for All Priests (Govt, Pvt) and Also All Existing Priests Should be tested for their Knowledge in Vedas for Hindus, (likewise Bible, Quran Knowledge for Christian and Islamic Priests) and Given Training in VEDAS for Hindu Priests for those Who Short fall of VEDA KNOWLEDGE free of Cost along with Fixed Stipend during training period for their family survival, and All Priests in All Religions be Provided With Unique Id and Free Health care, Free Ration, Free Housing, Reservation in Govt & Pvt Schools, with Mandatory 65 years Retirement; Also making Priests as Agents of Change by Training Priests Social issues & making Priests to educate people in Transforming people from Delusion to Dynamism and inducing Self confidence to overcome Social, personal, health issues to be successful in Life; this is the only way forward to ensure Generation next Adopt religion, after All in INDIA 80% Of the Hindus Belong to Dalits, Adivasis  & Backward Class, and INDIA with more than 70% Youth population, Youth Demand Equal Opportunity for All and Transparency, Accountability in All Areas, and it is fact that the Gen next will adopt Religion by Self Motivation & Self Inspiration and not by Enforcing?

6) Ban on Triple Talaq and Halala Marriage by Amending Constitution making  Matter of “Religious Faith” Equally Applies to Hindu Religion and other Religions By First providing Justice to Hindus in Priestly Appointment open to 77% of population of India i.e All Castes in Hindus, then provide Justice to 7% of Women in India belonging to Muslims by Banning Make Triple Talaq and Also Halala Marriages  Also Since  BJP Led NDA Govt is Committed to End the TRIPLE TALAQ which is causing injustice to millions of Muslim Women and Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji is Committed to End Triple Talaq and Same was Expressed in the Supreme Court by the Government of India, but STRANGELY Govt expressed in SC That if SC Failed to End TRIPLE TALAQ Govt will Bring Law to End Practice of Triple Talaq to do Gender Justice for 7% of Women of the Country (Muslim women) Indirectly Influencing Supreme Court to Contradict its Own Earlier position on as far as Matter of “Faith of Religion” is Concerned, In Case Supreme Courts Contradicts its Earlier position while delivering judgement of Archaka Appointments of Tamil Nadu as Recently in 2015 Dec, then People of the Country Lose Faith in Judiciary system of INDIA and in Constitutional Justice System?, as Judiciary Can Not have two views for same subject that is Matter of Faith of Religion is Concerned?.

When All the MUSLIM Religious organisations Expressed Govt’s Intention of Banning Triple Talaq is nothing but TARNISHING the FAITH OF RELIGION of ISLAM as Muslims Follow the SHARIAT LAW in the Matter of TRIPLE TALAQ, and the SHARIAT LAW of ISLAM is exactly Equivalent to AGAMA SHASTRA of HINDUS? When the matter of FAITH OF RELIGION is above CONSTITUTION for HINDUS as per SUPREME COURT, and All Govt’s Till Date Could not able to do justice for 99% OF HINDUS as they are Deprived of Right to Equality for Employment in Religious places as PRIESTS?, but Govt Expects to do justice for 7% of Muslim Women by Amending the Constitution, Is there any RATIONAL EXISTS? Do All Religions are Not Same in INDIA? Do Secularism has Any meaning in INDIA? How Come Faith of Religion of One Religion is Different from Faith of Religion in other Religion?

If Govt is really Committed to End Triple Talaq and Do justice to 7% of Women in the Country belonging to Muslim Community (Since Majority of the Muslim women want to end the Triple Talaq which is otherwise not fair way, and it is true that Muslim Women are subjected to injustice for sure) then Firstly Govt should do Justice 77% of the Population in India (i.e 98% of Hindus) by Ensuring Equal Opportunity for All sections in Hindus for Priestly Appointments by encouraging Non Priestly castes  especially DALIT, ADIVASIS, OBC and other Upper castes to get educated from child hood exclusively in Vedas following Religious TRADITIONS & CUSTOMS to become Professional Priests thus Establishing Equality for All and Equal Opportunity for All and then Govt should end the Triple Talaq and Also Ban so called HALALA MARRIAGE in ISLAM to do Justice for 7% of Women in the Country?, otherwise Majority of people in India will come to conclusion that it is nothing but CRIMINAL on the part of the Govt to take two Stands on Single Issue of Matter of Faith of Religion?

So it is necessary that Govt Amends Constitutions and ensures Equal treatment of All religious faiths in every aspect thus Ensuring RIGHTEOUSNESS Prevails in every Walk of Live for every section of people of every faith, which is Nothing but REAL RAMA RAJYA i.e GOOD NESS OF HINDU RELIGION, and for sure this measure will certainly inspire Gen Next, which leads to  Ensuring Gen Next will adopt Goodness of Hindu Religion By Self motivation for sure means for sure.

7) Free Sanitary Napkins for All Down Trodden Women, Especially Belong to Dalits, Adivasis, Minorities, EBC  Subsidized Sanitary Napkins to All other Women and Paid Leave for Working Women During Menstrual Cycle in certain Sectors where lot of Physical Activity is Required to ensure lifelong Better Health for Girls & Women in India Also if Government is Really Committed to well being of Women and Girl Child not only of 7% Muslim women in India, but entire women i.e 50% population of India, especially for Downtrodden Women, more Specifically Dalits, Adivasis, OBC then Govt should focus on ensuring lifelong better health by way of ensuring menstrual hygiene for every Adolescent Girl and women in India , by way of Govt supply Free Sanitary Napkins to All Adolescent Girls and Women in India, and it is fact that Menstrual Hygiene of Adolescent girls determine entire Future health of Women life, and this Menstrual Hygiene will instil Confidence in Adolescent girls & Women, especially Working Women and Also women’s health determine the Quality of upbringing of Children and family well being, and when the Matter of fact that Governments Do not Has any hesitation in Waving loans of BIG INDUSTRIALISTS being NPA’s and Also without much rational so called FARM LOAN WAVER when Institutions like RBI itself are critical about culture of Loan Wavers by the Govt.’(All due to Lack of Proper Planning/ Systems/ mechanism in place in Agriculture to make farming a Viable at all times, like Mandatory integrated Cooperative/ Group farming of Small and Marginal farmers along with Horticulture, dairy, poultry being fart of Group farming in place to ensure Farming is Sustainable and Viable) SHOCKING and STRANGE That Till date All Successive Governments Do not have heart to Ensure Menstrual Hygiene for All Adolescent Girls and Women in India by  Supply of Free Sanitary  Napkins, which Costs just a fraction of Loan Wavers , which will have Lifelong positive Impact on over All development of INDIA.

In Addition it is very much need of the Hour that Govt ensure Paid Leave for All Working Women in Menstrual Cycle (Nursing Staff in Hospitals, Air Hostess, Staff in Hospitality Sector Etc where long hours of Standing Jobs), especially Women engaged in Labour jobs (Construction, Factories, MNREGA, Servant maids Etc)  and Food Processing Industry to ensure better Health for them, as long Stand physical work will further enhance the Fatigue and Stress in them, when their physical stamina is low during those Days by default, and such stress during that time is further leading to long term health disorders in them Which is leading to Cancers etc? and without Paid leave Govt itself responsible for Health Disorders in Working Women in INDIA? So It is High time that Your Good Self Advise Govt to provide free Sanitary napkins to All BPL and Low income group and Subsidized Sanitary napkins to other sections of Women, which will certainly substantiate your Good Self’s commitment for Well being of Girls & Women in India? and for sure Progress of India will be on High notes..

8) Protection of Holy Cow, Ban on Cow Slaughter, Ban on Sale, Consumption of Beef, Ban on Skinning, Manufacture, sale, use of Leather made of COW/Calf Skin in India, Along with Ban on Sale, consumption of Pig Meat i.e Pork, Dog meat in India, as Pig, Dog are also Incarnations of Hindu GODS and Worshipped With Exclusive temples Across length and breadth of India, Non Bail able Criminal Offence with life imprisonment for Atrocities in the Name of HOLY COW  Also Since your Good Self is a Strong Follower of Hindu religion, and your association with RSS Organisation itself Explains how much your good self is Committed to promote Goodness of Hindu Religion, And it is matter of fact  that Cow is Considered as HOLY and Equal to Mother i.e GAU MATA,  even though hardly there exists  temples for Cows in Hindu Temples with exception that very few temples perform GAU POOJA as part of Rituals and of course Cows are mad to Enter the homes first during the House warming ceremonies, and when the fact of Matter is Human life is Better than Any Animal by any stretch of imagination for that matter, and SHAMEFULLY Some Vested interest THUGS in Hindu Religion are Committing grave atrocities on Muslims and Dalits in the Name of Holy Cow in certain parts of India Denigrating Human life less then ANIMALS?, when Strange thing is that these select few THUGS/COOKS in Hindu Religion consider Cow as Holy only in few parts of INDIA and rest of the India people can Slaughter Cow, Sell and Consume BEEF? Thus Tarnishing entire Hindu Religious Faith which is Known for COMPASSION for All ?

Since Your Good Self is a Learned Legal Luminary that your good self must Explain to the people of the Country that, Hindu Religion is Patronized by Over 100 Crore people in every part of the Country, then as per Hindu religious texts, Cow is Holy, then why not Cow should be Holy for the Entire Country?  As such Your Good Self must ensure Ban on Cow Slaughter, Ban on Sale, Consumption of Beef in Entire India?, Also Strange thing is that When Cow is Holy when it alive then Suddenly it become commercial commodity when it is dead, as Leather industry is Controlled by MAFIAS from All religions, who are indulging in extraction of Dead Cows Skins by Engaging Poor Dalits to do Skinning for As low as Rs 100 to Rs 200 per Cow and they Sell it at 15,000 to 20,000 Rupees illegally and this is perhaps one of the reason that like mushrooms the so called GAU SALAS are getting established in the name of taking care of Ailing Cows and hardly there exists any Accountability for the death of the Holy cows in the so called GAU SALAS? And No one knows What Happens to the Cows which are dead in the GAU SALAS and hardly there exists a System of paying Last rights to the Dead Holy Cows? And it is not Appropriate to perform Last rights to Dead Cows if they are by WHOLE HEARTEDLY considered as HOLY COW as GAU MATA?, Will these TUGS /CROOKS ho commit Atrocity on Dalits, Muslims in the name of Hoy Cow/ BEEF indulge in removal their own BIOLOGICAL Mothers Skin if it Fetches money after her Death?

Also if Cow is Holy to Many Hindus, So as the PIG, i.e VARAHA AVATARA of Lord VISHNU and Major temples Exists in INDIA Like VARAHA LAKSHMI NARASIMHA SWAMY Temple in Simhachalm of Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh and the Hereditary Chief Patron of that temple is None other than The Present Civil Aviation Minister of GOI, and Govt Should BAN Raising, selling, Consuming of PORK  in Entire India, And Similarly the DOG is a Pet Animal in majority of the House hold and many people who raise dog considers as their family member and Also as per HINDU RELIGIOUS TEXTS Dog is Considered as KALA BHAIRAVA the Avatara of Lord Shiva and Every Major SHIVA temple in India has KALA BHIRAVA Temple, How Come GOI  Ignore Religious beliefs of Millions of Hindus? then Why not Govt BAN Slaughter, Sale, Consumption of DOG Meat, which is Consumed in Some Stages in North East India? is it because the Pig Skin, Dog Skin do not have value in the Market like Holy Cow Skin, GOI Ignored to Ban Pork & Dog Meat? Without doing All these Simply hanging on Cow is Nothing but Criminal and Trivialising Hindu Religion?

If Cow is Considered Holy by Your Good Self then Please Ensure Govt Ban not only beef but Also Extraction, Manufacture and Sale/Import, use of COW leather Products in India, In Addition to ban on Sale, Consumption of Pork, Dog Meat in INDIA? Every TRUE Follower of HINDU religion Will Certainly Welcome these Measure? Also ensure Govt Impose Nationwide Cow CESS/Animal cess To take care of Ailing Cows and Also to perform Last Rights of All Dead Holy Cows/Animals in as it is Condition without REMOVING SKIN from Dead Cows?  In Addition, make  Stringent Law to Contain Atrocities on Dalits and Muslims by Few THUGS/CROOKS in Hindu Religion  in the name of Holy Cow  they should be booked under Non Bail able CRIMINAL OFFENCE on par with Terror Acts with life imprisonment by Amending Constitution, Else there is every danger that majority of people belong to Dalits and Muslims feel that it is nothing but Govt has lower view for DALITS and MUSLIMS than Animal, as Such Govt itself INTENTIONALLY promoting So called GAU RAKSHS only for Economic Advantage For their Party sympathisers to earn money in the name of Hoy Cow and Also for Political Gains of Galvanizing sections of Hindu religion   towards ruling dispensation for Electoral Gains? Which is otherwise Dangerous to Democracy and Peace and Progress of NATION?  

9) Recognisation of Merit in Electoral system while Appointment to Upper Houses of State Assemblies and Rajya Sabha, Mandatory Representation for Trade Union Leaders of Various Sectors as Independent Members to Rajya Sabha, and Also Only Members from Federations of Sports, Art etc should be Nominated instated of Individuals, Mandatory representation for NGO’s, Students Unions,  In Lok Sabha in place of Anglo Indians by Abolish ion of Representation for Anglo Indians Also it is matter of Fact that BJP Led NDA GOI is really value for merit, and Do not indulge in Making President of India position just a Titular head/ Rubber Stamp, they should give free hand for your good self to Choose and Nominate 12 Independent members for Rajya Sabha and two members for Lok Sabha Purely based on Professional Competence and those who have served the people through their knowledge or expertise in the Work profession, rather than nominated so called Elite/ Upper echelons /so called individuals who become Celebrity / Popular, Earned name, fame or Persons from Ruling Party?
Also to ensure the Expertise of Nominated Members is really useful to All sections in the Society via parliament,  it should be mandatory that At least four RS MP Nominations should be for worker/ labour Unions from Different Sectors, like Agriculture, Transport, Manufacturing, and Service Sector etc, Similarly one Representation for Sports Federation like Indian Olympic Association, like Wise for Arts, Artisans, Theatre Arts Associations, and From Soft Ware industry Association, Hard Ware Manufacturers Association, Energy Produces Association, Builders Association etc Which will deliver Justice to that Particular Field /Sector Rather than just Individuals from these Sectors?

So it is ideal that Govt Amend Article 331 of the Constitution which is otherwise giving provision for nominating two members in State Legislative Assemblies and in Lok Sabha from Anglo Indian Community, when their population is just One Lakh Seventy thousand and All Anglo Indians can use the Christian Reservation/Minority Status in case Wish to Contest Elections in Political Parties of their Choice?? And Out of these two Seats one seat should be Given to NGO Federation (Making it Mandatory All NGO’s should be under a federation), and one seat to Students Associations, which will be of much use, in Addressing the issues and formulating policies?; When GOI and Prime Minister Expresses that BJP Led NDA Govt Scrapped Many thousands of OLD Laws which are Redundant in the Present Context, then Nominating Anglo Indians o State assemblies and Parliament is Also Redundant? 

10)                Accountability and Transparency of Elected Representatives at All Levels to the People via Mandatory Daily Digital Dairy, Online Up Date, Ban on using Tax Paid money for Political Party Work by Elected Representatives by Banning Them from Attending Political Party Works during Official Tours of Elected Representatives Also in order to ensure Accountability and Transparency of not only these 12 nominated members of Rajya Sabha and 2 Nominated Members of Lok Sabha, but All members of Parliament of Both houses and All Members of State Legislative Assembles and counsels and even the Elected Representatives from Wards / Gram Panchayat should be made Mandatory write Online Daily Digital Dairy with clear mention of their Daily Activity, with clear mention of what All places they Visited, Who All they met, Whom they telephoned in the Govt, the purpose, what is the outcome of their recommendations, who all they issued letters, Railway EQ etc and How they Spend the MP/ MLA Local Area Development fund, Also How they are using the facilitates given by Govt like LAD Fund, Air Tickets used for Official Work or for Personal or attending their Political party Work, etc

Also Ensure enactment of Law Banning All Elected Representatives from ABUSING Tax paid money to Attend Political Party Work by Banning All Elected Representatives from  Attending Any Political Party Work during Official Tours like  Govt Opening, Closing, ceremonies, Official meetings  etc, in case Any Elected Representative Attends Political Party Work with Tax paid money,  then they Should Personally Return entire expenditure incurred on travel and security to Govt Within 15 days (Not the Political Party) else Face Disqualification of that Elected Representative, Certainly this measure will save Hundreds of Crores of Rupees of Tax Paid money Across the Country as it is a fact even the Daily wage workers are also paying tax to Govt while Buying Daily needs; In Addition Also Making it mandatory All elected Representatives should Spend for their Travel, Stay, organising Any programme in their Constituent etc from their personal tax paid money or from their political party money with Accountability to Public every Month regarding expenditure incurred and Also to Election Commission with Complete ban on Elected Representatives Accepting or Using any Donations or Sponsorships  from Any others including their own political party workers  for Any of their Personal Travel & Stay (for the Elected Representative or their family or staff of Elected Representatives)  or Organising any Programmes Political or Social and Also And Also Making  every Elected Representative must reveal the Gifts Received from Any one during Any occasion to the Public ONLINE, so that favouritism, bias can be Exposed Easily; this measure will Ensure Elected Representatives discharge their Duties and Responsibilities in Transparent Manner with Accountability to the People. Which is otherwise a Sign of TRUE DEMOCRACY?

So it is very Ideal & Appropriate that YOUR GOOD SELF EXPRESS to people of the Country BASED ON YOUR INNER CONSCIOUS, BEING A LEARNED LEGAL LUMINARY, in the Larger Interest of People of the Country, Especially Dalits, Adivasis, OBC, Minorities and Women? as your good self is About to occupy the highest position in INDIA very shortly in All Probability, By Doing So will Reflects Your Commitment towards These Sections, As I have Expressed All these in the Larger interest of Dalits, Advasis, and All Downtrodden Sections and to Safe guard the Rights of Minorities in INDIA thus Ensuring Sustained Development and Inclusive Growth of All Sections, being a Young Hindu Dalit and Contributed best for Vision for India in various Sectors and What All BJP led NDA GOI in the last three years are Just COPY, CUT PASTE and Give Name to VISION  given by me from 2011 onwards to then UPA-2 as the then Coordinator, All India Congress Committee (each reform wise like JanDhan, Mudra Bank,  Soil Health Card, E Nam etc are Substantiated word to word and Spirit via excerpts from my Documents, Available in Twitter posted to PMO, PM, and Concerned Ministries/ Ministers from time to time in My Twitter ( ) and what All reforms implemented by the BJP led NDA is just a FRACTION of my vision Documents and Still Lot more Vision exists which needs urgent Implementation, and the Documents are Available on the Internet (in my Blog and Scribd) for Public Understating and further simplification of the Ideas.

And INDIA is in Acute Needs of Original thinkers with holistic vision while Planning Reforms  ( ) the Classic Example is the way NITI AYOG expressed solution for pollution control by way of Encouraging TWO MNC based App based Taxi Cabs Sharing Services in year 2017 March, that too in a promoting TWO MNC Companies, When I have Given vision for Pollution Control by way of Regulating issue of fuel by Electronic Swiping of Electronic Vehicle registration and Driving Licence and Issue of Fuel linked to mandatory pollution certification, and Mandatory periodic servicing of vehicles by changing lubricant oils as per vehicle manufacturers recommendations and Also Govt making App and providing Limited commercial permit or All personal vehicles to pick up enroute people for a nominal fixed price during Peak hours to reduce traffic density and reduced use of fuel and Also more Average vehicle speed to ensure Optimal use of fuel and less pollution, which clearly reflects that Top brass at NITI AYYOG certainly lacks Holistic understating of every sector and Section of people, as they are just Experts in their own field like Economics, Administration etc and everyone should value their personal contribution to the field they belong as they possess Expertise in that specific field, but certainly they lack Holistic VISION for the Country for Sure.

If it is not the case Let Govt of India open Debate in Parliament, State Assemblies and in every higher Educational institute of various fields, and in International Media and National, Regional Media about the Vision given by a me as a Young Dalit in various sectors, and let Open the Ideas for testing whether Ideas provided by me are of substance and tangible or not in the Larger interest? Failure to Do is nothing Short of INSULTING the entire YOUTH, Entire Dalits by Suppressing the VISION GIVEN BY A YOUNG HINDU DALIT In INDIA with Low View for Dalits by the Select few Upper Caste/ Upper Echelon Mediocre people, and if it is the case then Country Cannot Expect Any Innovation from Other Than select Few Upper Castes, as if A person from Downtrodden Community like Dalits Who Has Contributed for the Country, and Whose vision is Transformed India in last three Years has no value,  then What other Youth Especially belonging to Dalit, Adivasi, OBC, Minority in the Country Can Expect from the Government?, and there is every danger many Youth may feel that there will be every possibility of theft of Intellect property / innovation By few vested interest Mediocre people involved in Processing of Ideas in India and Youth be under Peril that there exists Every Possibility of selling the Innovation of Young minds belonging to Dalits, Adivasis, OBC and Economically Back Ward sections for their narrow personal Commercial Gains by vested interests? If it is the case It is A Big Big National Shame? It is Utter CRIMINAL if anyone thinks that Vision is the Prosperity of select few Upper Castes/ Upper Echelons & it is ABSURD if Anyone thinks that Vision and Innovation means only outcome of Laboratories or developing mobile Apps and Not the one that Transforms lives of every section via SOCIAL ENGINEERING ?

In case If Your Good self just stating that your earlier opinion holds good or Your Self do not Express Any Views and MAINTAIN Silent on these matters, then there exists every chance that Many sections of People Lose Confidence in the Institution of President of INDIA, As if a person Who is Going to become President of India do not deliver Justice to the deprived sections then Who do People Expect that Your Good Self deliver justice after Becoming President of INDIA? In Addition failure to provide Your Opinion by Your Good Self on the Above Matters, will certainly lead to Loss of Moral Authority to Political parties and the Individual Elected Representatives who are Supporting your Candidature and who voted for Your to ask votes of DALITS, ADIVASIS, OBC, Minorities, WOMEN and YOUTH of the Country in future Elections in case they are Contesting or by their Political Party is Contesting. At the same time  by Providing Answers to All these Issues  Your Good Self is Enabling  All Electoral college Representatives who elect the 14th President of India, belonging to various Political Parties, castes, religions, gender,  especially Belonging to Dalit, Adivasi Minorities Elected Representatives  to Explain to the Public of their Territory That because of these, these  Reasons which your good self expressed to ensure justice to All marginalised, deprived sections that they have Consciously Chosen a Your Good Self as President of India to ensure True Protection of Legitimate Rights of the All Sections. So Hope Your Good Self Act According to Your Inner Conscious in the Larger Interest of People & Nation.

Also Since I Have Expressed the list of Many other Reforms required for ensuring Sustained Development and Inclusive growth and to Bring life and light in very section of People are in my Letter Dt 14th June 2014 to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Bhai Modi Ji, with Title “What I intended to Do as 14th President of India in case BJP Provides nomination to Me to every other Section of People and every sector   (  ), Hope Your Good Self ensure most of them are implemented by the Present Government before 2019 May, by Doing So it Will bring GLORY not only to NATION, But also to Your Good Self, and to the Position of PRESIDENT of India and to the Ruling BJP led NDA Government and to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Bhai Modi.
My Heartful Best Wishes to Your Good Self for Future Endeavours as 14th President of India as Your Win is just a Formality as most of the Parties that Extended Support ensure the Elected Representatives Vote for Your Candidate, even though officially No Whip Exists for Presidential Election. Hope Your Good Self will Ensure Rights of every Section of Society Especially Dalits, Adivasis, and Minorities are Protected at All times And become inspiration to GenNxt.
My Sincere Apologies to Your Good Self to Any section of people, in case if Any of My Expressions Hurt Your Good Self, or Any section of People, as my intention is only in the larger interest and bring out the facts and best possible solutions to issues and never intended to denigrate any section of people as per My Inner Conscious, and Also as a Strong Believer and Strong Follower of the Principles Laid in BHAGAVAD GITA, I can Tell Your Good Self that Truth will Prevail at the End for Sure, and Almighty takes care Appropriately people Who Do not Follow their Inner Conscious, Indulge in Narrow Personal Acquisitiveness by Undermining the Selfless Contributions of Selfless People... Once Again Best Wishes to Your Good Self...
Look Forward...
Jai Hind

Warm Regards

Pradeep Kumar Kunche
Think Social Engineering Think Me

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