Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Open Letter 2 Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji Ideal-14th President of India-My Candidature-Pradeep Kumar Kunche..Request for Nomination From NDA

                                      Open Letter 
                                                                        14th June 2017

Dear Shri Narendra Modi Ji
       Hon’ble Prime Minister

Sub: Ideal Profile for 14th President of India- My Candidature - Pradeep Kumar Kunche
    Since Election Commission has Issued the Notification For Election of Next President of India, and it is Normal Practice that Ruling Party in the Centre will come with Name of the Candidate and by and large will get Consensus to get unanimous Election and Since Most opposition parties Jointly declared few weeks back that they will wait for the Ruling Party to Come with Name and if Proposed Ruling Candidature is Acceptable they will go for Consensus for President election. So it is Ideal that BJP Led NDA to Choose a Candidate Who Contributed for the Nation Building, to Be Acceptable to All Sections of People.
    Since Since BJP Led NDA Govt and particularly your Good self Always Expressed that Uplift meant of Dalits, Adivasis is Paramount to BJP & the GOI, And Also When the Present BJP Led NDA Govt Got Mandate Because they Got Support from the Dalits in 2014 General Elections and other State Elections as Well, As Dalits Once considered As Vote Bank of Congress and Other Regional Parties Sported BJP, and the Clear Example is BJP Getting 71 Seats From Uttar Pradesh in 2014 General Elections and Also 312 Seats in 2017 State Elections.
    So it is for BJP to Show gratitude to the Dalits by Nominating A Dalit for the Position of Prime Minister, which Will certainly boost the morale of the Dalits at the Gross Roots, Who are otherwise Felt that BJP Did not Live Up to their Expectations and over And Above they are subjected to Atrocities in the Name of COW etc in many parts of the Country and Also Many fearing that BJP will End Reservation in Future Due the Statements of Some of the Social organisation Leaders affiliated to BJP, when the Social Organisation is the Guiding force for the BJP and Many of the BJP are once Part of that Social Organisation.
    Since BJP and Your Good Self always Expresses to Harness the Demographic Dividends of India, where 70% of the population in INDIA are YOUTH and It is an Open Fact that Technology Integration to Reforms is Need of the Hour Ensuring Transparency and Accountability and Better Outreach And Better Implementation of Programmes, And ‘President of India’ being A Guiding Force for the Govt, it is very much need of the Hour  to Have a President Who Understands the Technology and Who himself Applied the Technology for Reforms, As it is a Fact that Primary Knowledge will Certainly Ensure Better Plan, Design and implementation of Programmes Rather than Secondary Knowledge.
    Since the World has Stared Harnessing the Power of Youth, the French President Mr Macron is Just 39 years of Age, Which Your Good Self met Recently, Similarly other Countries Prime Ministers And Presidents, Then is it not Ideal that INDIA with 70% Youth Population Should Have a YOUNG VISIONARY as President of INDIA?.
    Since Many times BJP and Your Good Self Expressed that BJP is the Party that made A Chai Wala i.e. a Tea Seller as Prime Minister, And if BJP Stands by that, then BJP Should nominate A Common Man, With No Assets of Any Sort Except Vision for the Country, who Came up Hard way in Life, be Nominated from BJP Led NDA to the President if INDIA.
    Since Many times BJP Party Expressed its Affection to Religiousness of Promotion of GOODNESS OF HINDU Religion to the World, then it is Ideal that BJP Led NDA Govt nominate a YOUNG Person for Next PRESIDENT OF INDIA Who Vouches for Teaching of Religion in Educational Institutions to Induce Moral & Ethical Values in GenNxt, Who Vouches for Teaching of BHAGAVAD GITA Leadership Principles to All Students to Bring Confidence in them to be Successful Persons in All Walks of life And Who vouches for GHAR GHAR ME TULASI MAA to harness the Spiritual & Material benefits of Tulasi Plant to All Indians & and Who Vouches for Protection of HOLY COW as GAU MATA Being SACRED For 100 crore HINDUS In INDIA and Also Who vouches for Promotion of Indian TRADITIONAL Music, Dance, Art, Food and Culture, Native Seeds for Cultivation, To set Example for GENNXT in INDIA to Follow the Goodness of HINDUISM and INDIAN TRADITIONS, Who follows them in Life to Begin With Wearing TILAK on forehead as Symbol of HINDUISM
    It is a Fact that What All BJP Led NDA Govt implemented in the Last Three Years (other than Demonetisation, Defence, External Affairs) is SIMPLY the Vision of YOUNG HINDU DALIT from SOUTH, Born in Andhra Pradesh and Settled in Hyderabad, Telangana. As what All BJP Led NDA GOI Done Reforms in Last three years are no where Mentioned in the BJP 2014 Election Manifesto 2014 of BJP, nor Expressed by Any one in BJP During Elections in 2014, nor Implemented by BJP Ruled States when some of them are State Subjects, Clearly indicates that BJP Utilised & Implemented the Vision of A YOUNG MERITORIOUS DALIT. The Annexure-1 attached here with Provides the List of Reforms, Excerpts are in My Twitter Media and My Documents Substantiates the Same.
    It is A fact Congress Party Given Opportunity for me As a YOUNG DALIT LEADER to Act as COORDINATOR, SCHEDULED TRIBE DEPT, ALL INDIA CONGRESS COMMITTEE, New Delhi, And it is Fact that Congress Party Allowed Me to Express My Vision for Reforms in Every Sector, and  Most of the Ministers in UPA-2, including the then PMO used to Sent the Official Acknowledgements, Quickly for All my Vision Documents in Various Sectors with Some of the TOP Ministers Expressing “Noted Down the Content Their in” But most Unfortunately UPA-2 Could not Implement my Vision during UPA-2.
    My Heartfelt Thanks to BJP Led NDA GOI and Your Good Self in Particular For Giving LIFE to My VISION by implementing my Vision, the Fact is What All the Reforms implemented in Last Three Years by BJP Led NDA are Just a Fraction of My Vision, Still Lot more Need to be Done, and it is a Universal Fact that ORIGINAL THINKERS Required To ensure efficient & effective Implementation of Reforms and to Avoid Future Complications and in Resolving Crises that Arise in the Process of Implementation. Annexure-2  is here with Attached with detailed description on Why Original Thinkers NEEDED, While Planning Reforms.
    It is Fact that My Documents Provide Integrated Holistic Vision in Every Sector, which are Result of Dedicated Efforts for Decades and My Documents are  Simple, Effective, Wider Out Reach, Faster implementation, Acceptable to All and a Permanent Solution, that Yield the Desired Results, that Can Lead to Sustained Development and Inclusive Growth.
     Since BJP Expresses that it will Encourage Merit and only Goes by Merit, then BJP Should Nominate A candidate for President of INDIA Who Possess Integrated Holistic Vision in Every Sector and made available in PUBLIC Domain, will Enhance the Morale of GenNxt to be Meritorious to Achieve Something in Life, rather than Finding Shortcuts to Reach Goals.
    Also it is fact that BJP Led NDA Govt Expressed that Sab Ka Sath Sab Ka Vikas then it is ideal to Nominate a Person as Next President of INDIA Who Vouches for Equal Opportunity for All in Education, Employment & Electoral System for Ensuring Social Equality and Social Justice Prevails, Which are Prime movers for Sustained Development and Inclusive Growth of All Sections of People at All times.
    Also it is fact that BJP Led NDA GOI is for Women & Girl Child then it is ideal that BJP Led NDA Govt Nominate A Person as President of INDIA Who Vouches for Gender Equality, Gender Empowerment and Gender Sensitivity and Who provided Vision For Better Health Care of Girls & Women, Safety & Security of Women and Ways and means to Empower Girls & Women.
    Since BJP Led NDA Govt Vouching for Transparency & Accountability in Systems of Governance then it is Ideal that BJP led NDA Govt Nominate A person Who Has provided Ways & Means to Ensure Transparency & Accountability in Governance.
    Since BJP Led NDA Govt has Vote Share of 5.27 lakh votes with short fall of  20,000 + Votes Short of Majority for Getting Elected the Choice of BJP Led NDA Govt and When Telugu States of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana  Account for Near About 70,000 votes of which majority of them are TDP 31,000, TRS  22,000 and YSRCP 16,000 and All of them has already Given in Principle Approval to Support NDA Candidate So they Will For Sure Support My Candidature being Pride of TELUGU. Also Tamil Nadu State Which has More than 70,000 Votes will Certainly Support For a Person Belonging to South that too from Telugu, when in 2002 The Then TDP Govt of United Andhra Pradesh being Part of NDA Proposed & Made a Tamil Visionary Dr APJ Abdul Kalam as President of INDIA.
    Keeping in View of the Larger Interest of People of the Country it is IDEAL That BJP Led NDA to Propose My Candidature for President of INDIA., there Exists every Certainty that Consensus Will Prevail from All Opposition Parties as I am Politically Neutral After Quitting Congress Party in 2016 May,  and Contributed my Vision for Every Section of People, at the Same time By Proposing My Candidature BJP Can boost the Confidence to All Sections of People, and Re–assuring All Sections of People That they Are on the Progressive Path, by Way of Making A person Who Vouches for their Betterment as President of INDIA, Further this will send a Positive Message to the Entire World that INDIA is For Change, India Will be an Inspiration & Guiding Force for other Democracies in the World to Follow the Ideas of INDIA.
    And this is What My VISION To Do After Becoming 14th President of India for Betterment of Every Sector & Every Section of People Viz  Farmers, Education, Youth, Un organised Employees, Organised Employees, Dalits, Adivasis, Minorities, Backward Class, Economically Backward Class, Child & Women, Reforms in Marriage Laws, Hindus & Hindutva, Shelter for all, Residential Welfare Associations, Health Care for all, Justice & Police System, Water for all, Clean Air, Digitisation & Online, Black Money Recovery  & Financial Sector, Manufacturing & Service Sectors, Transport Sector, Railways, Civil Aviation, Political and Electoral Reforms, Cleanliness & Hygiene, Sports for All, Entertainment, Greenery, Compassion for all Animals & Holy Cow, Indian Traditions Culture & Customs, Defence, Foreign Affairs, with  Detailed Outlines are in Annexure-3, with Full Description of Every Single Point Mentioned in Annexure-3 are in My Vision Documents, which are Available on INTERNET, in My Scribd & BLOG.
    I am writing this Open Letter Asking for Nomination to President of India In the Larger interest of All Sections of People, and to Boost the Ongoing Developmental initiatives of the Present Government.       Hope All BJP & NDA Leaders Follow their Inner Conscious in addition to their Individual & Collective PROBITY & WISDOM in Choosing Right Candidate for PRESIDENT OF INDIA.
    I Will be Thankful to Your Good Self and All in BJP & NDA Parties, if BJP Led NDA Nominates My Candidature for 14th President of INDIA for Ensuring Light & Life in All Sections of People in INDIA. I Assure, I will Live Up to the Expectations of Ruling NDA Parties & All Opposition Parties & All Sections of People, by Upholding Democratic & Constitutional Ethos.

Jai Hind

Warm Regards

Pradeep Kumar Kunche
Think Social Engineering Think Me

What All Reforms Done by BJP Led NDA Govt in the Last three Years are Exactly Same as in My Vision Documents
·        Jandhan
·        Mudra Yojna
·        Soil Health Card
·        Crop Insurance
·        E-Nam
·        Swachh Bharat
·        Make in India
·        Electronic Health Records
·        Medical Tourism
·        Regulation of Use of Antibiotics
·        E-Pharmacy
·        Rashtriya Swasthya Bhima Yojna
·        Senior Citizen Health Insurance
·        Saathiya Resource Kit
·        Free SIM Card for International Tourists
·        International & National Language Help Centers
·        UDAN
·        Paper Less , Cashless, Aadhar Based Railway Ticketing
·        RO-RO (Roll On-Roll Off) Services for Transport
·        Rain Water Harvesting
·        Vahan & Sarathi
·        E-Patasala
·        National Academic Depository
·        Atal Innovation Mission
·        Biometric Attendance in Offices
·        NATIONAL Digital Literacy Mission
·        My Visit
·        Digital Payments
·        Real Estate Regulatory Authority
·        Part of Mining Revenues for Tribal Development
·        Single Emergency Response for Safety of Women
·        Maternal Health Benefits for Women
·        National Skill Development Centers
·        Promotion of Handlooms
·        Electronic Tagging of Cattle
·        Measures to Contain Food Wastage
·        Measures to Tackle Depression

And Many More... Excerpts are in My Twitter Media..Still Lot more Required...

Pradeep Kumar Kunche
Think Social Engineering, Think Me


Why Original Thinkers are Needed while Planning Reforms

1)  Way Forward to Double the Income for Small and Marginal Farmers & Making Farming Viable are Suggested in My Food For All Vision Document 2012.

    Making Farming Viable by VACA i.e. Village Agriculture Cooperative Associations in Several numbers for making Group Farming of Small and Marginal Farmers (10 to 20 farmers making a Single Large holding of 10 to 20 acres by clubbing their Lands), and Making it Mandatory ¼ of Combined Holding should Cultivate HORTICULTURE/ VEGETABLE and Every Combined Holding Given Few Cattle, Few Poultry For Cage Free Eggs and Few FARMERS Given Training in Marketing, And Few Farmers Provided Skill Training to do Entrepreneurship with Farm Produce like Fruit Jelly making, Vermy Compost Making, Etc As 10 Farmers with 20 acre Requires Attention of 2 Farmers for 5 acre Horticulture, 3 Farmers for 15 Acre Regular Crop, 1 Farmers for Cattle & Poultry, 2 Farmer for Marketing & 2 Farmers for Entrepreneurship, Which Will Certainly Provide Regular Income, Farmers & their Family get fresh Vegetable, Eggs, Milk to Consume to ensure Nutritious Diet thus Saving Farmers Families from STARVING and Malnutrition and in Addition their Income Could be Double.

    Just Plain Group Farming by Small & Marginal Farmers Started Only Few Years Back in VIETNAM was a Success, then Group farming with ¼ area with CASH CROPS, Cattle & Poultry, MSME Certainly makes Farming VIABLE.

    But Strangely, Govt implemented my other Suggestions i.e SOIL HEALTH CARD, CROP INSURANCE, E NAM and ignored this VACA measure, had GOI, made it Mandatory VACA i.e Group Farming for Small and Marginal farmers for Cultivation or linking VACA i.e Group Farming to Crop Insurance and E Nam by Way of Proving  Some Incentives/Concessions, then Majority of the Small & Marginal Farmers might Formed VACA’s and done Group Farming.

    This Could Lead to Better Faster & Cost Effective Issue of SOIL HEALTH CARDS, Due to Less No of Holdings & Better & Faster Soil Testing Due to Fewer Samples.

    This Could Saved the Time of Computerisation of Markets (for E-Nam) and better Trading Occurred due to more Effective, Faster Communication, in Addition to enhanced Holding Capacity for farmers in VACA as Regular Source of Income due to other Earnings, Leads to Better Pricing for Farm produce in the Market

    In Addition it could be Easy for implementation of Crop Insurance and Easy for Providing Farm inputs & Procurement of Farm output and Banks could Extend Full Support in Lending to Cultivation without any issue. and Issue of FARM LOAN WAVER Could not Arise? & many other Benefits, As 9 Core Small and Marginal Farm Holding Could be Reduced to Less than 1 Core Combined Holdings?

    But Unfortunately, all these Advantages were Deprived to the FARMERS and People of the Country and COUNTRY Lost Substantial Revenues?,

    All this Simply Due to Lack of ORIGINAL THINKERS Contribution in Decision Making & Implementation, It is a Hard Fact, that BUREAUCRATS are Trained & Meant to Look into Administrative Procedures and The Economists & Financial Experts Trained to Look into Costs and Profit & Loss, Where as Social Engineering Thinkers Have MULTI DIMENSIONAL HOLISTIC UNDERSTANDING & VISION.

    The Above is one of Many Examples Why ORIGINAL THINKERS are Needed While Planning Reforms in every other Sector, After All Hard Earned Money by Every Citizen is Paid as Taxes and Tax money used for Implementation of Reforms.

2)  Way Forward to Reduce Vehicular Pollution to Half the Present Levels was Suggested in 2011 in My Vision Document Simple & Effective Reforms and Also in my Document Measures to Contain Vehicular Pollution 2015, and Certainly Not by Using Sharing of Taxi of TWO MAJOR APP BASED TAXI Services, But by Regulating issue of Fuel, for Which Requires Electronic Vehicle Registration Card, and Electronic Driving Licence and Authentication of Both Cards at Fuel Stations in the Manner of Bank Cards Swiping at Each petrol Station with Centralised Data Bank of Valid Vehicle Registrations of All Vehicles in India and All Valid Driving Licences by Integrating All State Regional Transport Authority Systems in to a Single Hub; and Govt link issue of Fuel with Periodic Pollution Certification of the Vehicle which is done Via Computerisation pollution Check, and Stop issue of Fuel if pollution certification not renewed, Similarly Issue of Fuel Should be Linked to Mandatory Periodic  Vehicle Maintainance as per manual of the vehicle manufacture for that model vehicle, i.e Change of engine oil, other lubricants for every 5,000 km, 10000 km etc and Also Stream lining  use of Lubricants with Mandatory information of USE of Quantities of Lubricants in every Vehicle and Also data of Quantity of used old lubricants drained from vehicle while servicing and Govt make it Mandatory every Mechanic Shop, Service centre Return the used lubricants to a Govt agency similar to collection of bio medical waste, for safe disposal of Used lube oils, in addition Govt can fix the Quantity of Fuel at normal Price based on Per Capita Vehicle Miles Transport or based on the Quantity of Emissions per Litre Based on Per Litre Mileage of Vehicle, in Addition providing Light Commercial Permit for All personal Passenger Vehicles used by individuals with certain conditions to use the Empty Space in the personal vehicle while going to office or other places by picking up en route some one going in the same direction by Govt providing an APP like private taxies, and this will be for two wheelers also will Contain pollution, by reducing number of vehicles and also due to less traffic density vehicle can move faster i.e at optimal speed which improves mileage so that pollution can be further Contained, Fixing Responsibility on RWA for Personal Vehicles & Registered Local Stands for Commercial Vehicles to Ensure Pollution Certification & Periodic Maintainance, Also Linking Driving Habits, Traffic violations, Speed Limit Violations  to Issue of Fuel,  in addition by way of Inducing Vehicular Carbon Credits to incentivise people using mass mode transport and non polluting/ less polluting vehicles like bicycles, electric vehicles by imposing Cess fuels on Personal Vehicles which Travel more than VMT Per Capita Miles, thus Encouraging people to use Multi mode Transport.

    So even Now it is not Too Late, that GOI Must Initiate the Measure of Group Farming i.e VACA, Village Agriculture Cooperative Associations to make Farming Viable, which is otherwise only Way forward to Save Farming, to Ensure GenNxt Take Farming As Profession; Similarly for Containing Vehicular Pollution, Above Measures are Only Best Way Forward not only in INDIA But for Entire World.


My Vision for Every Sector & Every Section of People
To be Done As 14th President of INDIA
Ensuring Sustained Development & Inclusive Growth
India as Guiding Force for Rest of the World

·        Farmers
·        Education
·        Youth
·        Un organised Employees
·        Organised Employees
·        Dalits
·        Adivasis
·        Minorities
·        Backward Class
·        Economically Backward Class
·        Child & Women
·        Marriage Laws
·        Hindus & Hindutva
·        Shelter
·        Residential Welfare Associations
·        Cleanliness & Hygiene
·        Greenery
·        Water
·        Clean Air & Environment
·        Health Care
·        Justice & Police System
·        Digitisation & Online
·        Black Money Recovery & Financial Sector
·        Manufacturing & Service Sector
·        Transport Sector
·        Railways
·        Civil Aviation
·        Political and Electoral System
·        Sports for All
·        Entertainment
·        Holy Cow
·        Indian Traditions, Culture & Customs
·        Defence
·        Foreign Affairs

A.  Soil Health Card       
B.  Crop Insurance               
C.  National Agriculture Market- E-Nam
D. Mandatory Cooperative Group Farming
(Village Agriculture Cooperative Associations-VACA by joining 15 to 20 small farm holding to medium size holding for viability of farming with mandatory Horticulture, mandatory raising of Cattle, mandatory raising  of Cage Free birds, mandatory Agri-based MSME to ensure regular income and healthy life for farmers family)
E.  Accredited Village Agriculture Assistants
(a bridge between farmers and agriculture experts colleting information from farmers and educating farmers as per directions of experts)
F.    Mandatory Digital Payments for Agri Inputs
G. Mandatory Digital Payments to Farmers by Traders to ensure Guaranteed MSP
H. Govt supply Agri Inputs
I.   Govt Procure Entire Agriculture Produce from Farmers
J.   Govt ensure Minimum Income for Farmers
K.  Free Health care for Farmers Family
L.  Free Education for Farmers Children
M. Life Long pension for Retired Farmers
N. Free Health care for Farm Labour
O. Cold storages in every Mandal         
P.  Silo Bins/ Godowans in every Village
Q. Food Processing units in every Group of Mandals

And Many More....


A.  Mandatory Registration of all Educational Institutions
B.  Online display of Infrastructure, Facilitates, Staff details
C.  Uniform Fees for Private Educational Institutes with same Facilitates
D. Mandatory Teachers Training in Simple & Effective Quality Teaching Methods
E.  Uniform Salary for Teachers in all Private Educational Institutes
F.   Reduction of Weight of School Bags
(Laminated Study Material Chapter Wise, Subject wise, and Loose Papers for Writing and file subject wise every day)
G. Mandatory Fixed Time Table
H. Uniform Dress code for Students, Teachers, Staff in All Educational Institutions
I.   Mandatory School Admissions should be within fixed Radius from Home for Nursery, High School
J.   Mandatory Free Mid Day Meals in every School/ Collage Govt. & Private
K.  Free Copper Water bottle for all students
L.  Imparting Leadership Traits for every student from Class One onwards
M. Banning Nomination of Class Leaders
N. Mandatory 1/10 of Students by Rotation act as Class Leaders in every Class every Month
O. Banning Student Union Elections
P.  Mandatory Lottery to Select Student Leaders of the Collage University From Class Leaders
Q. Banning political affiliation of Students Unions
R.  Banning use of Students for using Govt, Pvt functions
S.  Ban on using Students for so called TV / Reality Shows
T.  Banning Corporal Punishments by Parents & Teachers
U. Mandatory Daily Dairy by Students about day to day activities and happenings at home submitted to School/ Collage for Inculcation of Time Management, also for better Counselling of Students/ Parents, for ensuring no Domestic Violence occurs at Home, to ensure Peace prevails at Home for Concentration on Study, Better Utilisation of Time by Students After School/Collage 
V.  Mandatory Online Conduct Certificate by Parents & Teachers to Students
W.      Quality nutritious, Balanced Diet/ Food for Hostel Students
X.  Removal of Caste Names in Educational Records
Y.  Parents Committees to Meet discuss about Students issues
Z.  Mandatory Social Education- Life-Hardships of every Profession
AA.    Mandatory inculcation of Good Manners, Self Confidence in every Student.
BB.    Mandatory Oratory Ship for every Student every Month
CC.    Mandatory Guest Lecture by Audio, Video, live of Eminent Personalities
DD.   Giant Science Laboratories in every Mandal/ Block, access to all Students
EE.     Mandatory audio video of development of science, technology principles to every student
FF.     Digital text books
GG.   Inculcation of innovation thinking in students
HH.   Incubation fund for student innovators
II. Community student study centers with covered room, tables, benches, light, fan, drinking water toilets for after school study for all bpl/ downtrodden students irrespective of caste, religion, gender for better study in right environment

And Many More....

A.  Skill training for youth in the discipline of choice – Skill India
B.  Mandatory all RWA Ensure Periodic Maintainance of Water Storage Tanks, Electric  Utilities like Chimneys, Air Conditioners, Periodic Pest Control, Periodic Cleaning of Toilets, Gardeners Etc Thus Creating New Jobs in the Local Vicinity.  
C.  Mandatory Training of Youth on Basics of Finance, Accountants, Savings Etc, Provide Certification
D. Un Employment Allowance
E.  Low Interest setting up of Self Employment- Mudra Yojna
F.  Mandatory fixed percentage of recruitment from Local Educational Institutions at Entry Level
G. Free Bicylce For Every Youth
H. National free Lance Professional App for Providing Services like Plumbing, Electrician, Drivers
I.   Free Lance Innovation facility centers for exclusively for youth with ideas, zeal to invent with support from experts in the field for R&D
And many more progressive result oriented measures...

And Many More....

A.  Unique id for unorganised employees
B.  Skill up gradation for existing un organised employees plumbers, electricians, mechanics etc
C.  Standard pay structure for all unorganised employees for same nature of work and mandatory bank payments (salary/ daily wage)for all unorganised employees
D. Uniform dress code for un organised employees
E.  National toll free number for sourcing un organised professionals like plumbers, electricians, drivers etc
F.  Mandatory recruitment / sourcing of drivers, servant maids, watchmen, etc from govt employment registry
G. Mandatory information to rwa & govt about employment of un organised employees/ professionals
H. Payments to drivers, servant maids, etc by individual house hold via govt. By depositing in govt.
I.   Uniform working hours for  all un organised employees
J.   Health care & insurance for un organised employees
K.  National taxi app by govt for radio cabs to provide stress free life by self employed drivers, free from pangs of private app taxi.

And Many More....

A.        Unique id for all organised employees
B.  Skill up gradation for existing employees in pvt & govt
C.  Standard designation & standard pay structure for employees for same nature of work for all private employees of same sector and same in govt/psu one designation for same nature of work
D. Uniform dress code for un organised employees
E.  National toll free number/ e mail to complain about grievances for both pvt & govt employees related to nature of work/ wrong happenings at work place with fixed time frame for redressal.
F.  Mandatory recruitment / sourcing of entry level employees from local region for both private & govt
G. Mandatory  online verification of educational qualifications of all employees, exiting & future
H. Provision debit card for all employees with 25% of salary exclusively useful only to buy groceries/ vegetables & fruits.
I.   Mandatory health care by employer for all employees, especially sectors prone to occupational health disorders
J.   Uniform working hours & standard holidays for  all employees

And Many More....

A.  Dignity, safety, health care  for dalits engaged in sewerage cleaning
B.  Dignity, safety, health care  for dalits engaged in dead animal lifting, skinning
C.  Dignity, safety, health care  for dalits engaged in garbage lifting
D. Reservations in promotions
E.  Reservation in private sector at base entry level only
F.  Removal of reservation in phased manner for upper echelon/higher income group dalits to ensure reservations reaches to the deserving poor dalits
G. Quality building, hygienic atmosphere, nutritious food and quality education, health care for dalits, tribals in govt schools & social welfare hostels
H. Online details of  photos periodic inspection reports of all social welfare hostel building, toilets, facilities to ensure quality standards are maintained
I.   All meals provided to the social welfare hostels, anganwadis should be from mass kitchens from standard ngo’s to ensure balanced nutritious diet provided to the poor deserving kids
J.   Periodic health care, bmi, reports of the children in social welfare hostels and maintaining health care records

And Many More....
A.  Mandatory profits from mining to local tribal development
B.  National, international market facility for forest produce  for food & ayurveda products
C.  Tribal university in every tribal district for educating tribals in local language/ dialect
D. Preservation of tribal culture, art
E.  National & international trade fares and marketing of tribal art
F.  Promotion of tribal sports, via tribal sports  meets
G. Rigorous propaganda & educating people living tribal hamlets in tribal dialect regarding the possible health disorders symptoms, precautionary measures and natural remedies and reporting to the local ashas/ village nurses
H. Tele medicine via ashas in all tribal hamlets
I.   Use of drones to deliver emergency medicine in remote tribal areas to be given by the ashas after due re approval from tele medicine authorities
J.   Use of bike ambulances, all weather, all terrain vehicles to carry people in emergency medical conditions placed stand by in every tribal mandal health care centers, in north east and in j&k, remote desert villages, islands

And Many More....
A.  Mandatory proportionate representation in education employment, electoral system to ensure minorities get appropriate representation
B.  Ban on frozen meat sale
C.  Exclusive slaughter houses in every village/ ward to ensure availability of fresh meat and employment generation
D. Exclusive non veg markets to sell non veg raw and ready to eat foods
E.  Mandatory religious teachings of respective religions to the respective religion students in every educational institute
F.  Govt establish and maintain minority religious education institutions like madarsas etc
G. Minority educational institutions like bed, engineering, nursing, medicine etc must get 100% seats reserved for minorities as per percentage of population to be awarded based on merit among minority students, govt fix cap on fee for education which should be uniform throughout the state
H. Religious cess and govt distribute as per religious population for minimum maintenance of religious shrines.
I.   Unique id cards for all prises of minority religion’s and free health care, free ration for priests of minority religion  for preservation, promotion of their religion for well being of all human beings

And Many More....
A.   Setting up of Traditional Artisan Promotion & Welfare Boards with Senior Artisans of every Discipline which will Ensure better Ways and Means to Preserve and Promote that particular Art.
B.   Govt invest 100 % in Establishing such artesian centers in that local area where the Traditions are Continued
C.   Life Long Pension, Free Health Care and Free Ration for All Traditional Artisans who are Retired
D.  Uniform Standard Service Charges for All Artisans
E.   Zero Tax on all Handmade Traditional Indian Products, income earned by Traditional Artisans up to 10 Lakhs Earnings
F.    Mandatory every RWA/ Group of RWA should Possess Provision for BARBER; Stand Rate card for Services of Barbers Across the Country, Govt Pay for Subsidy for Standard Haircut for All BPL/ MNREGA Employees, and School/ Collage Children.
G.  Mandatory Every Collage/ Universe Hostel Should Possess In House Barber Facility and Mandatory Every Student must go for Hair cut once in a Month to the in House Barber Shop,
H.   Mandatory Every RWA/ Group of RWA Should have Washer Man/ Dhobi Facility
I.     Mandatory Every Collage/ University Hostel should have In House DOBI/ Washer Men, Standard Rates for Washing and Pressing Clothes across the Country
J.    Mandatory Every Hospital with Certain number of Beds must have one in house Barber and one In house Washer man with Facilities
K.   Tax Free for Income Earned by Barbers & Washer men up To Ten Lakhs per Annum

L.      Ban on serving Hot/ Cold Beverages like Tea/ Coffee in Paper Cups/ Paper Glasses Across the Country in every Tea Stalls, Restaurant, Outlet, and in Railway Platforms, Rails  and in Airports, Air lines, Mandatory to Serve in Earthen Pot (MATKA),
M.  Mandatory Sourcing of MATKS from within Local Territory of District/ City, Ban on using Imported MATKAS.
N.   Additional Tax for serving beverages in Ceramic Wear in Coffee Shops in Malls, exclusive outlets or in Restaurants.
O.  Free Supply of Earthen Pot to Store Water for Every House Hold.
P.    Modernisation of Fish Markets,
Q.  Govt provide free Safety Gears for All FISHERMEN who are going for Catch in the Waters.
R.   Mandatory Life Insurance for All Fishermen going for Catch.
S.   Mandatory Health Check up for every Fishermen, before going for Catch and After coming from catch.
T.   Mandatory information to Govt by every fisherman going for catch every time, and Re attendance on return every time.  
U.   Ban on Sale and use of Plastic Brooms in INDIA, Tax Free on Indian Traditional Broom made out of Grass/ Shrubs
V.   Govt Provide Free Land for Cultivation of Fodder for Cattle/ Animal in the Village by the Gram Panchayat Collectively
W. Mandatory every Workshop must Provide Safety Gears for BLACK SMITS. Govt provide free safety gears for Self Employed certified Black Smits.
X.   Uniform pay for Black Smits Based on the Nature of Work
Y.   Uniform Pay for All Gold Smits Working in Jewellery Making; Standard Making Service Charges throughout the Country for self Employed Gold Smits
Z.   Exclusive Artesian Markets in every Mandal/ Block for Rural Artisans to sale their Products.                And Many More.....

A. Community Student Study Centers (CSSC) in every village/ ward for all economically back ward class students for after school/ collage/ university  study to get minimum facility of covered room with roof, light, fan, chair, table, drinking water, toilet facility without any noise / disturbance for concentration on study to compete with others.
AA.     Mandatory 40% MP/ MLA LAD should be provided for construction of CSSC, govt make CSSC construction as top CSR initiative, mandatory maintainance of all CSSC given to private agencies to ensure perfect maintenance, with monthly video audit of condition of rooms, furniture displayed on the web
BB.     Free health care for all EBC families
CC.     Mandatory 25% of  beds be reserved for EBC in every pvt hospital to be treated with support from govt/ health insurance
DD.    Mandatory every private educational institute reserve 25% seats for economically backward class in all disciplines from kg to pg
EE.      Mandatory reservation of jobs at entry level for ebc in pvt & govt employment

And Many More....

A.  Gender equality in education, employment (govt.& pvt), and in electoral system
B.  National toll free number for safety of girls & women
C.  Free sanitary napkins for all BPL, Low income, Tax free/ subsidized napkins for others
D. Paid leave for women in menstrual cycle engaged in labour jobs/ food processing industry
E.  Women friendly toilets/ toilets with attached change room for girls/ women in educational institutions, offices, public places
F.  Education about adolescence care to all adolescent girls in schools & villages- saathiya resource kits-saathiya app
G. Marginalisation of Anaemia in Girls & Women, Full Care for Pregnant women, Nursing Mothers
H. Marginalisation of Infant Mortality, Malnutrition in Children, Eradication of Child Labour
I.    Traditional dress code to safe guard dignity of women in travel & hospitality sector
J.   Ban objectification of women in advertisements, Tv, cinema..
K.       Mandatory Formation of Sexual Harassment & Domestic Violence Redressal Committees in Every RWA, Office Establishment, Commercial Complexes for Personal Hearing & Redressal, Online of Details of Committee Members, Training Members for Best Counselling of Victims  
L.        Legalise Prostitution, Fixing Cap on the Age gap between the client and service giver should not be more than 20 years

And Many More....

A.  Mandatory registration of all marriages (existing & new)
B.  National online marriage registration authority
C.  Mandatory online pre marriage registration (verification through national marriage registration)
D. Mandatory registration of live-in-relation
E.  Mandatory online verification of marriage certificates for couples to live in rwa, colonies, renting homes, staying in hotels etc
F.  Toll free pre divorce counselling cells
G. Mandatory to undergo pre divorce counselling
H.  national data bank of divorced, pending divorced persons
I.   Legalisation of homosexuality with stringent laws
J.   Mandatory potency test for men for pre marriage /pre live in relation registration
K.  Mandatory hiv/std for men & women before pre marriage/ pre live in relation registration
L.  Mandatory disclosure of health disorders in online pre marriage/pre live in relation registration
M. Mandatory disclosure of guests for marriage, fixed number of guests
N. Fixed cost of expenditure for marriage based on the income group of the bride and groom
O. Mandatory disclosure of gifts given, received by bride and groom, source of income
P.  Mandatory all payments to marriage expenditure through bank and from the registered vendors for the purpose of marriage
Q. Govt perform free marriages for bpl families and provide mnrega employment, skill training, source of income
R.  Complete ban on dowry in marriages in all forms
S.  National registry of dowry harassment cases filed, convicted, acquitted persons
T.  Ban / criminal office to enter marriage/ live in relation by any one while cases of divorce, dowry harassment cases pending in court
U. Restriction of number of Marriages
V.  Ban Halala Marriages
W.      Ban Triple Talaq by amending constitution ensuring righty to equality prevails in every religion over religion in every aspect  education, employment, personal life
   GOI must amend constitution to end Triple Talaq & Halala Marriages just like ending practice of Sati, Child Marriages which are in Hindu Religious Practices... as Hon’ble Supreme Court in its Wisdom up held the Hindu Religious Law i.e “Agama Shastra” in Dec 2015 while ensuring Priestly Appoints in temples should follow Agama Shstra while disposing 35 years  long pending case of state of Tamil Nadu vs others, where constitutional “Right to Equality” of 95% population of Hindus (over 100 crore people) being superseded by Hindu Religious Text i.e Agama Sharsta as in the Judgement the Court stated that “Exclusion of some and inclusion of a particular segment or denomination for appointments as Archakas will not violate article 14 of the constitution...where court ruled / directed Tamil Nadu Govt that Archaka appointments be made as prescribed in Agama Sashtra  as a matter of essential practices of faith of Hindu Religion... even though Court also stated that while appointments of Archakas that Agama Shastra should not violate Constitution Principles, but is it practically not possible as Agama Shasta clearly favours one particular Caste & A Particular sect of people in that particular Caste in Hindus is well known to everyone

   So in the matter of ‘Triple Talaq’ Hon’ble Supreme Court may not contradict its earlier position in the matter of religious faith as “Shariyat Law” of Islam followed by Muslims is equivalent to Agama Shastras followed by Hindus? (if Court contradicts its own position on the matter of Religious faith, then it may lead that majority of people may doubt the integrity of courts for being Religious & Caste bias towards Hindu Religion and specifically a particular Upper Caste in Hindus? in addition people may lose faith & confidence in constitutional justice system in India?;  so constitutional amendments required up holding “Right to Equality” for all and “Equal Opportunity for All” in all Religions for sections of People i.e all Castes, Sects, Gender, Income Group in every aspect? ; it is true,  the wisdom of Rajasthan High Court (the Justice who directed Govt to Declare Cow as National Animal.. which I Suggested the same to GOI in 2015 June in my Document ‘Protection of Holy Cow’.. as Cow is Sacred Animal for 100 core Hindus in India...  stated that “Religion is not originated from Law, but Law originated from Religion” so Religion is Supreme... However change is a continuous process..People should adopt to change as Time progresses.. Ultimately Humanity should Prevail...Equality is Humanity? Inner Conscious is God?
X.  Restriction of age gap for married couple to 20 years
Y.  Restriction of number of live in relations
Z.  Incentives for re marriage of young widows
AA.    Mandatory joint bank account for both spouses
BB.    Mandatory joint registration of assets in married couple name
CC.    Mandatory online filing of equality planner by married couple sharing the house hold work / responsibility equally
DD.   Mandatory visit for parents homes by married couple once in two years
EE.     Mandatory financial contribution for parents by both spouses for basic needs and health care via govt paying for health insurance.
FF.     Govt construct low cost marriage halls in every village/ ward with all facilities at a single point
GG.   Ban on alcohol in marriages
HH.   Ban on fire cracker burning in marriages
II. Ban on possession, barath on traffic roads, public roads in marriages
JJ.       Skill training in marriage related services,
KK.    Skill training in baby sitting
LL.     Govt construct pre schools in every village/ward
MM.  Mandatory crèches in every office, commercial establishment

And Many More....
A.  Mandatory teaching of basics Hindu religion to all Hindu students from class one onwards
B.  Mandatory teaching of basics Hindu religion to all Hindu students from class one onwards
C.  Mandatory religious cess to be distributed according to religious population for daily rituals in temples
D. Mandatory proportionate representation in temple committees
E.  Fixed tenure for temple committees
F.  Daily mass feeding kitchens in temples, preparations in kitchen be made from all castes in Hindus by employing from all castes
G. Ghar ghar me tulasi maa- for prayer, consumption of tulasi leafs for health
H. Every temple possess/ adopt ailing/ abandoned cows
I.   Flower garden/ herbal plants in every temple
J.   Ban on sale of tickets for rituals
K.  Fixed timings for rituals
L.  Ban on VIP darshan, ban on two class system in Hindu Religious places, whether in darshan or prasad serving
M. Parents pada pooja in every RWA/ school
N. Priests as agents of change Teaching Health Care, etc, Cleanliness etc; Uniform dress code for priests; Uniform salary for priests based on Vedic knowledge/ experience
O. Free health care for priests &  Life Pension for retired priests
P.  Veda schools / patasalas in every mandal/ block
Q. Ban on Self Styled God Men/Women &  Ban on Self Propaganda Advertisements, Collection of Funds in the Name of Religion/ Spirituality by Any Individuals, Govt Close the NGOs Operated by Self Styled God Men
R.   Govt. Patronize All Age old Param Paras Like Shankarachaya Mutts,  100% Tax Exemptions for Donations to  Shankarachaya Mutts & Donations to All Religious Trusts & Gau Salas
S.  No Service Tax on Hotels & Restaurants At Pilgrimage Sites,
T.  Free Water, Electricity for All Temples Across India , Fixed Quantities, with Energy Audit
U. Travel Concession for All Retired Persons, Aged Above 60 Going for Exclusively For Pilgrimage Package Tours by Bus, Rail
V.  Mandatory traditional dress code for visiting temples
W.                Restriction on temporary idols material, height, no of pandals in village/ ward
X.  Concessions for group rituals during annual festivals in RWA
Y.  Mandatory sound boxes in every home in RWA to play religious & spiritual music daily in the morning for inducing religiousness and peace
Z.  Mandatory teaching of Bhagavad Gita leadership principles in educational institute to induce leadership and self reliance and confidence in every section of people, and Bhagavad Gita leadership principles should be treated as religiousness.. And spread of goodness of Hindu Religion to the world.......
AA.             Building Hindu Temples By Govt in All Foreign Country Embassies ........And Many More...

A.  Mandatory data bank of property owners
B.  Mandatory re registration of properties based on bio metrics i.e aadhaar
C.  Online open data bank of all govt properties, all registered trust properties, water bodies ftl limits with geo mapping
D. Mandatory disclosure of family tree by every property owner with their aadhaar numbers
E.  Mandatory online sale agreements before registration, to contain un authorised sale agreements, to contain multiple sale agreements..
F.  Mandatory online rental agreements
G. Mandatory payment of rentals online via govt
H. Standardisation of agreements by govt for various categories to reduce litigations
I.   Value of property base price and annual increment based on human development index, greenery, cleanliness, conservation of water, quality of air etc
J.   Real estate regulatory authority
K.   Registration of all Property dealers, fixed Commission, Online agreements & Pay Online
L.  Mandatory fixed tenure for project completion
M. Mandatory Online sourcing of material from registered suppliers by builders/ contractors
N.  all payments to raw material supplier sourced by builders/ contractors  BY online bank payment
O. All labour /worker payments done via bio metric attendance based on unique id of the labour/ worker, all payments be bank transfers
P.  Incentives for use of eco-friendly material, energy saving devices
Q. Mandatory online inventory declaration of materials sourced, used in the construction by the builders, contractors, and individuals as a record, data base with government for every building either residential or commercial.. With life span, need for periodic maintainance of devices uses like electrical, plumbing etc
R.  Mandatory periodic structural audit of All Buildings by Govt. Structural engineers with online reporting
S.  Mandatory online approval/permission for modification, additions, deletions of any construction
T.  Safe disposal of waste/ debris responsibility of the builder
U. Mandatory every building uses solar power where ever solar days are moderate
V.  Mandatory periodic energy audit of every home/ rwa / office buildings
W.      Mandatory online declaration of possession of power utility devices by every home/office
X.  Govt provide concessions for combined emergency power generators for few RWA/Office complexes rather than every building placing generators with exhaust above nearest building to ensure better quality air in the buildings
Y.  Mandatory declaration of approx weight of every device/ item like furniture etc in every home/ building; mandatory hence forth all items sold, manufactured must declare weight of the item, fixing standard maximum weight for every house hold in high rise buildings.
Z.  Mandatory elevators for all building above two floors. ... many more progressive Measures..

And Many More....

A.  Mandatory registration of all RWA of apartments, gated communities, colonies
B.  Standard guidelines/ rules for RWA governing bodies
C.  Mandatory 20% of house hold as governing body members of RWA with tenure of one year and head ship of RWA will change every year among OC, BC, SC/ST, minority, women  by lottery
D. All recruitment of RWA staff via govt employment exchange maintaining proportionate representation to contain bias, favouritism, nepotism in recruitment of staff by RWA members
E.  Uniform salary working hours, dress code for staff of RWA
F.  Standard maintainance charges for same type of associations
G. Mandatory all maintainance charges be paid online bank payment
H. Mandatory to include electricity, water, new paper, milk charges in the maintainance to reduce work load and number of financial transactions
I.    mandatory online govt visitors entry details via aadhaar, which is stored at govt data bank not at RWA individual computers for more privacy, safety security
J.   Mandatory recording of CC cameras online at govt web video storage and live feed only for security to avoid misuse
K.  Standard designs and approval from govt for installation of CC cameras in RWA
L.  All staff/ individual house hold domestic workers like servant maids drivers etc details submitted online by individual house hold online to RWA and in turn RWA certify and send online to Govt, shared with local police
M. All staff/ domestic workers entry , exit by biometric at security
N. Mandatory periodic maintainance of buildings, roads, & utility devices in every house hold by RWA
O. Mandatory use of solar power, greenery, kitchen gardening,  roof top rain water harvesting,  pipes gas, RO water supply to all staff & all house hold, collection, recycling of gray water for toilet flushing,  collection and use of ac drain water, and collection and use of RO waste water for common uses, common laundry, , in all RWA
P.  Common utility equipment for medical emergency, cleaning purposes in every RWA
Q. Mandatory common facility for RWA/ group of RWA / gated commutates like facility for lifting the bio waste of garden for safe disposal of bio waste
R.  Mandatory common facility for RWA/ group of RWA / gated commutates like facility for laundry pressing/ hair cut to reduce use of personal vehicles and more convenience
S.  Excess food collection refrigerators in every RWA/ group of RWA for providing excess food for the deserving
T.  Used plastic, foot ware, door mats, brooms, sanitary napkins, dippers, news papers, carton boxes separate/ exclusive bins for collection of item wise for recycle
U. Standardisation of cable lines for satellite television, internet broad band etc for every house hold in rwa, service providers for group of RWA  chosen by lottery to ensure minim laying..
V.  Mandatory kitchen chimney in every house hold in RWA, and every exhaust connected in series in verticals to ensure clean air in every house hold and surrounding neighbour hood
W.      Mandatory first aid in every RWA, training for staff, governing body members in first aid
X.  Mandatory fire fighting equipment in every RWA
Y.  Ban on smoking in RWA common place

Mandatory every RWA inform the ownership of the vehicles owned/ used by the house hold, mandatory submission of periodic pollution check, maintainance, daily mileage reading of use of vehicle by the owner in the RWA
And Many More...

A.        Cleanliness of surroundings- Swatchh Bharat
B.  Standard design for placing of mass garbage bins in RWA
C.  All garbage collection, bio mass collection vehicles/ trucks operated by CNG/Manual
D. Mandatory periodic pest control, removal of spider nets etc
E.  Mandatory periodic maintainance of all house hold utilities like plumbing, wash, flush tanks, toilets, electrical equipment/ utilities like kitchen chimneys, underground, over head water storage tanks, in RWA by the RWA from registered certified vendors
F.  Mandatory to conceal  holes made for A.C vents, all holes made for TV, internet, all wires be drawn through concealed piping to prevent seepages/ preventing bacteria/ blue green algae growth
G. Safe disposal, re cycle of used foot ware, used door mats, used brooms, used sanitary napkins/ baby& adult dippers, plastic wrappers, used news papers, used carton boxes etc by every rwa
H. Establishment of bring banks for collection of used water bottles pet bottles etc
I.   Imposition of returnable fixed deposit for water bottles so that all purchases of water bottles return for recycling
J.   Ban on use of carton boxes for e commerce deliveries,
K.  Tax concession for taking all goods purchased in stores without carton box packing for reuse by the manufacturer to reduce manufacture of paper to conserve fresh water and reduce effluents to treat used paper for manufacture of carton boxes 
L.  Bring Banks in Every Village/ Ward For Collection of Used Plastics from House Hold
Z.  in online RTA website for multiple uses.
AA.    Mandatory raw ensure update  of change of address driving licence, passport, Aadhaar card, pan card, bank a/c, etc of new occupants

A.  Mandatory greenery in every RWA , and wards
B.  Kitchen gardening/ terrace gardening using harvested rain water, stored AC exhaust water in summers
C.  Mandatory every student will plant a sapling every year
D. Free training courses for gardening
E.  Mandatory every RWA / group of RWA should employ a permanent gardener
F.  Govt supply free of cost plants like Tulasi, Aloe Vera, Stevia to every house hold for use having medicinal properties
G. ... Govt supply plants / seeds at subsidy like lemon gross, mari gold, need, eucalyptus etc for every house hold/ RWA to rise for ensuring fresh air with medicinal properties, natural  repellents for misquotes etc, especially in slums/ villages
H. Govt supply seeds for kitchen gardening in every house hold / RWA like curry leaves coriander, mint plants, and al green leafy vegetables  etc
I.   Govt online trade exchange for excess produce in the kitchen gardening
J.   Govt provide subsidy for Hydroponics (Soil Less Cultivation, raising plants in water medium)  for growing leafy vegetables in every RWA/ group of RWA, municipal lands on PPP..

And Many More...
A.  Clean water for all
B.  Reduction of waste of fresh water, recycle & reuse the gray water, reduce black water generation
C.  Rain water harvesting, roof top rain water harvesting, earth dams in low lying areas, low rain areas to save preserve rain water
D.  incentives for use of bio detergents for washing clothes; govt provide incentives to encourage cultivation of raw material and manufacture of bio detergents
E.  Mandatory collection & use of gray water generated from bathrooms and washing machines for toilets flushing in every house hold in rwa, especially in high raise buildings, apartments with in build standard designs for this for new projects and incentives for existing buildings for modification / adding piping system for collection and use  of gray water; excess gray water collected from all RWA for use in toilets flushing in office complexes, shopping malls, railway stations, bus stations and other public toilets
F.  Mandatory supply of free RO water in all public places by govt, and all malls by the mall association, all house hold by the RWA and use of RO waste water for ornamental gardening
G. Mandatory for all RWA, all office complexes, malls to ensure all the drain water from air conditioners exhaust units get connected in series   to collected the waste water, store and use for common purpose, gardening
H. Mandatory registration of all tanker water suppliers, mandatory disclosure of source of water,  all tanker should be GPRS fitted and with monitored govt, all tankers (Pvt & Municipal) be sourced from govt web service, all tankers be fitted with water meter.
I.   Mandatory all bore wells be fitted with water meters and govt quantify the use of underground water by ever user and above fixed limit per house hold be charged..
J.   Additional tax for fresh water used in swimming pools in hotels/rwa
K.  Additional charges for using fresh water for grass lawns based on the carpet area
L.  Mandatory use of grey water / filtered/ processed grey water for green laws/ ornamental plants rwa parks, municipal parks, office complexes
M. Fixing quantities of fresh water, gray water, black water generation per house hold... Water credits for using less than the standard quantities paid by those users who use excess than the standard quantities in rwa, hotels, restaurants etc..
N. Water credits be paid by all industry which uses fresh water for processing and discharges the waste water into water bodies/ soils, which is un usable even after treating of water..
O. Standardisation of use of water per crop based on the verity of crop/ type of soil
P.  Mandatory use of drip irrigation for water guzzling crops like sugar cane, cotton etc
Q. Privatisation of supply of water for farming, also collection and supply of grey water for toilets flushing
R.  Mandatory installation of desalination plants in all sea costal districts and supply of potable water to the costal population;
S.  Mandatory all the beverage manufacturers, bottled water manufacturers use desalinated sea water or river water where water is perennial and excess water available even after cultivation, with ban on using ground water or manufacture of beverages.

T.  Mandatory creation of rain water harvesting/ earth dams/ artificial raining by the water intensive industries like aerated soft drinks, alcohol beverages,  food processing industry, etc to generate equivalent fresh water else play additional tax for use of fresh water from rivers.
U. Ban on using ground water for manufacturing bottled mineral water.
V.  Mandatory every bottled water manufacturer registered with govt, source water from rivers/ municipal water and un authorised use of water should lead to life imprisonment for the manufacturers/ investors in that unit
W.      Responsibility of the local elected representatives to inform govt about the manufacturers of water bottles in their territory
X.  Mandatory every bottled water bulk buyer must pay through bank transaction for water
Y.  Mandatory municipalities supply ro water in bulk bottles for individual users in the commercial areas/ slums on no profit no loss bases.
Z.  Mandatory all communication between offices both private and govt by and large digital to avoid paper use, also reduction of news print paper and also reduction in text books printing for schools/ collages by adopting one time lose sheets chapter wise and laminated to re use for few years, marginalisation of use of carton boxes, by banning using carton boxes in e commerce, and also packing of home appliances... Additional tax for using the carton boxes
AA.    Cloud seeding/ artificial raining  as permanent bases year long near river catchment areas/ water bodies to generate fresh water at low cost ensuring all rivers, water bodies are full all throughout the year for multiple uses

And Many More..
A.  Mandatory greenery in ever RWA, public places
B.  Issue of Electronic Vehicle Registration & Driving Licence Cards
C.  Central Petro Fuels Network Authority to issue fuel for all Vehicles across India, Multiple benefits
D. Issue of fuel subjected to mandatory online validity of online data of periodic pollution certification, mandatory periodic serving/ maintainance of vehicle/ change of essential engine/lube oils as per manufactures recommended mileage
E.  Issue of fuel at normal rates up to standard quantities, above standard quantities pollution cess be lived on fuel for all low mileage vehicles/ fuel guzzlers for personal, commercial uses 
F.  Arriving at vehicle miles travelled per capita VMT per capita, and incentives for using vehicles less than VMT per capita
G. Unified smart card for all travel payments whether city bus, rail, taxi, auto, personal vehicle
H. Mandatory disclosure of mode of convenience by every student, employee, citizen every month to the govt. In case use of same vehicle by family members
I.   Introduction of vehicular carbon credits system by providing incentives for people who use the mass mode transport for travel by collecting additional cess from people who are using excess fuel than VMT per capita
J.   Mandatory every vehicle owner send details of opening kilo meters every day before start of vehicle from the RWA for personal vehicles, and stands for commercial vehicles

K.  Responsibility of RWA to collect starting kilo meters and periodic pollution certification, periodic maintainance certification and forward it to RTA online
L.  Responsibility of RWA to report use of vehicles by minors
M. Mandatory registration of all vehicle repair and service centers
N. Mandatory to install cc cameras in all service/ repair stations
O. Mandatory to inform to the rta online by the vehicle owner as well as service station for change of used lube oils/ engine oils, mandatory to collect , store used lube oils and surrender it to govt for safe disposal
P.  Mandatory registration of all spare parts manufacturing adhering to stringent quality standards
Q. Mandatory issue of spare parts by online computer billing by the spare parts dealers against registration number of the service provider and every service provider must account for the use of the spare parts for particular vehicle
R.  All bill payments to service providers mandatorily via online bank transaction. With criminal offence for paying cash or accepting cash in this regard.. To contain use of duplicate spare parts/ adulterated lube oils
S.  Mandatory scrapping of vehicles after 10 years for personal vehicles and after 7 years for commercial vehicles  after book value/deprecation becomes zero, to adopt to new fuel efficient technologies
T.  Mandatory to use vehicle shades / vehicle umbrellas to cover the vehicle when parked in open sun in RWA, offices , commercial spaces.. To reduce use of overheating of vehicle..
U. Mandatory vertical parking in every commercial complex and in all market places
V.  Mandatory all last mile connectivity vehicle be  battery operated / Electric/ CNG
W.      No personal vehicle hours in group of RWA’s territories twice a month
X.  Vegetables, groceries, essential services like hair cut, etc provision every week in every RWA/ group of RWA to further reduce need for use of personal vehicles
Y.  Mandatory all office establishments provide multi mode transport like exclusive bus/van/ metro
Z.  Govt provide semi commercial permit for personal vehicles  to pick up and drop enroute vehicle going to office/ returning from office or by going for some personal work moderately long distance in cities using app with all the credentials of vehicle owners, users be at govt to reduce traffic density, load on multi mode transport and also best use of vehicle empty space (one person in two wheeler and three persons in four wheeler), which not only reduces pollution but also ensures some earning for the vehicle owners, the ultimate game changer to reduce traffic density, pollution.
AA.    Mandatory every manufacturer / industry resisted
BB.    Mandatory quality control and pollution checks by the industry associations of same type of product manufacturers within their registered manufacturers.. And also report any sale of non registered manufactures of same type of products
CC.    Mandatory monitoring, quantifying the generation of air pollution/ exhaust from manufacturers in every village/ ward, making unions responsible along with management for maintaining standards. Also making responsibility of local elected representatives in hierarchy for identifying the industry / manufacturers discharging exhaust smoke/ air in their respective territory, whether they adhere to  standard set by pollution control or not

DD.   Mandatory bar coding of every product manufactured and sold so that people know the non registered manufactures  of spare parts
EE.     Mandatory online registration of all owners of diesel generators
FF.     Mandatory online real time info to govt starting & closing time of diesel generators when used by individual household/ rwa/ commercial centers
GG.   Mandatory all diesel generators should get fuel by submitting the online request number from the govt authority by providing the registered number and usage data
HH.   Mandatory purchase of diesel for power generation by bank transaction only
II. Mandatory exhaust pipes of diesel generators be higher than the adjacent buildings in that vicinity... Standards for placing diesel generators in RWA/ commercial complexes, office complexes
JJ.       Mandatory All House Hold Should Possess Exhaust CHIMNEY in Kitchens, All RWA, Apartments, Gated Communities Must Ensure All Exhaust Pipes of Chimneys Are Vertical, Height Above Nearest Building to Ensure Clean Air inside Home and To Neighbours......

And Many More.....

A.  Mandatory registration of all health care service providers, professionals
B.  Mandatory display of licence from govt to run Hospital/ nursing home/private clinic  with full details of list of equipment, staff on govt website/app search, details of degree by doctors in Pvt clinics
C.  Govt web portal for degrees / educational qualification certificates of all Doctors, nursing staff, chemists etc, Govt issue bar coded certificates after authentication of existing  medical professionals to eliminate fake doctors, chemists lab techniques
D. Bar coded prescription forms to ensure rational prescription by doctors
E.  Mandatory doctor prescription for issue of medicine by pharmacy
F.  Central pharmacy network authority i.e e pharmacy i.e issue of drugs online by all pharmacy retailers and online tracking by govt from raw material suppliers to manufacturer to distributor to retailer to end user
G. Maximum mark up price of 100% for all medical drugs, and govt provide tax concession for manufacturers charging less than 100% mark up price.. Al new R & D mark up price restricted to 500% maximum and once the r&d costs are recovered over a period of time the mark up price will be fixed to 100%
H. Standardisation of rates for medical drugs and medical equipment of same type of manufacturing process 
I.   Govt manufacture essential consumables like needles, cotton, spirits, iv fluids, hand gloves
J.   Mandatory registration of ayurveda, unani, homeopathy practitioners, mandatory prescription of medicine and mandatory registration of all manufacturers of ayurveda products and declaration of source of material, cost of material,  processing costs, fixing maximum of 100% mark up price for retail sale
K.  Mandatory RO water in every hospital, dispensary, hand wash facility/sanitisation and sterilisation facility, use
L.  Mandatory all hospitals  provide online details of sourcing and utility of all consumables, detailed break up of every bill charged to patients.
M. Uniform rate for all medical services in pvt hospitals of same facilities, less rate for using equipment whose book value  deprecation  is zero
N. Mandatory health insurance for all, for unorganised employees, for senior citizens- Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yogana- Senior citizens health insurance
O. Promotion of medical tourism
P.  Regulation of fees in private medical collages, mandatory declaration of source of income by all parents private medical collage students   and mandatory annual tax authorities scrutiny of income of all medical collage owners, directors & parents of students
Q. Target Oriented Plan to achieve 5 doctors & 5 beds per 100 population in 10 years
R.  Medical ombudsman to resolve issues related to faulty treatment or irrational prescription

And Many More....


A.  National judicial commission, state judicial commission to recruit judges based on merit maintaining constitutional reservation at all levels of judiciary
B.  Day courts and evening courts, courts, all courts  operating all 365 days with additional recruitment of staff accordingly with existing infrastructure  to reduce back logs and speedy justice
C.  Fixed number of adjournments in every case to reduce time of disposal
D. Fixed standard fees for lawyers based on grading/rating of lawyers which is based on validity of points raised (irrespective of won/loss of case), in addition experience, winning of case will decide the rating of the lawyer to ensure lawyers work effectively to ensure better delivery of justice
E.  Mandatory only lawyers of certain experience / grading/ rating be allowed to register and practice in higher courts to ensure better, faster arguments, thus enabling quality judgements as pace of the expertise of the lawyer matches the experience of the judge
F.  On the spot bail for non serious crimes (other than drugs, murder, rape, terror, etc) like financial frauds, domestic violence, property disputes,
G. Speciality training for police in various types of cases like crime, civil, finance, narcotics terror, naxal, traffic, basics of computer, cyber security etc to ensure faster, prefect evidence gathering for ensuring speedy delivery of justice by judiciary
H. Special category police to be used in religious places, costal areas, etc
I.   Mandatory 8 hours duty for police, all police stations with 3 shifts duty and standard holidays for all police to work stress free and efficient and effective functioning by increasing strength of police accordingly at every level
J.   Community police for effective information network and better policing
K.  All RWA be connected to local police station for information exchange
L.  Look out notices/ warrants served to RWA to get information
M. Mandatory cc cameras in all police stations, all lockups, complete ban on manhandling, abusing, using third degree methods in lockups/ police custody..
N. Stringent punishments for using force/ involving in extra judicial activities/ settlements in private cases, forcing victims/ accused or acting biased towards some section/ individual
O. National toll free number and common e mail for lodging fir.
P.  In case of atrocities on women, police visit the victim in her place of choice in civil dress and victim should not visit police station
Q. Daily online dairy by police to be circulated in the hierarchy
R.  Mandatory GPRS in every police vehicle, button cameras for all search parties with automatic web recording of audio, video of search operations for more transparency, accountability, better operation monitoring by the seniors, better recoding of confiscated goods in search/raids.
S.  All traffic inland covered with cc cameras, any violation should lead to challan online
T.  Uniform compensation for any deaths of police/solders anywhere in India while on duty; compassionate appointment for family of deceased
U. In cases of extra judicial killing in police station/ fake encounters, suspension first &dismissal from service and the salary, pension of the police involved should be distributed to people who are victims of extra judicial killing, in addition to compassionate appointment the victims family.
V.  Ban on orderly system in police, ban & criminal offence amounting to bonded labour, on using services of lower officials by higher officials in police for personal, ban on using stang’s/ un parliamentary language by police officials on common people, accused, other subordinate police officials  
W.      Paid service for security for functions of private, political parties, and for the security of any other persons other than in constitutional positions
X.  Health care and fitness for all police, mandatory police officials maintain fitness... All police officials with health disorders/ failed in fitness be shifted non field duties /desk work or compulsory retirement
Y.  24/7 playing of stress free soft Indian traditional music in every police station to relive stress of visitors, staff mandatory yoga / fitness for all police.
Z.  Ban on taking / acting oral orders in the police hierarchy, all orders , requests by police officials, political, common people in electronic form, SMS, email.
AA.    North east west south (n-e-w-s) posting in every district/city/state for every police official of standard tenure of two years at every location at every level with with 8 years tenure for lower police at the district and two to 4 years tenure for for senior officers in the hierarchy to reduce bias, more effective functioning of police officials.

BB.    All cases related to political class, dalits, adivasis, minorities, atrocities on women be disposed in time bound manner
CC.    All cases related to political leaders, cases involved in more than one state  be automatically get investigated by CBI, not state police
DD.   CBI should have permanent staff recruited from all state police with 10 years of work experience, CBI be reporting to & work under the monitoring of supreme court not central government, recruitment of officials in CBI be done by courts on merit, all officials work worked under CBI must be elevated in positions or go for compulsory retirement with age of staff in CBI be fixed at 17 Years of Service like armed forces.

And Many More....

A.  Mandatory Digital payments for all statuary payments like electricity, water bills, taxes, salaries.
B.  Digital education for all citizens, especially SHG, MSME
C.  Incentives for Digital payments
D. Mandatory surrendering of used / zero value depreciated computers/ lap tops by govt, pvt organisation for refurbishment and re use for digital education, sale for low cost computers for SHG, MSME, BPL, low income families/ students, for educational institutions for teaching basics of computer, the better way to reduce, recycle the e waste
E.  Digital way for appointments with government officials, via visitors request
F.  Mandatory to make public the visitors list by the govt servants, ministers, elected representatives
G. Online file movement display for public more transparency
H. Digital daily dairy by elected representatives to make elected representatives at all levels answerable common public
I.   Digital daily dairy by civil servants at levels public display
J.   Digital dairy by all police officials to be circulated within the police hierarchy
K.  Digital filing of court cases
L.  Geo mapping of govt lands, water bodies, industries
M. Bio metric attendance in all offices
N. Online appraisal for every employee

O. Digital visitors entry at all RWA with data stored at govt server not at individual RWA computers for more protecting privacy, safety, security, preventing misuse by RWA staff/ governing members and preventing criminals visiting, hiding in RWA, and also reduction of illegal activities/ prostitution in RWA’s
P.  Mandatory cc cameras in all police stations, all rwa, all cc camera recordings at government server  for more privacy, security
Q. Digital text books- e pata sala
R.  Digital conduct certificate by parents, teachers
S.  Digital attendance in schools, collages, universities, instant information to parents about time of arrival, time of leaving Premises
T.  Digital health care information
U. Online sale agreements
V.  Online rental agreements
W.      Mandatory online inventory of electric utility devices by every user
X.  Mandatory info by every house hold regarding periodic maintainance  of all house hold devices, water tanks, pluming devices, energy audit.
Y.  Mandatory online permission for repair and maintenance
And Many More...

A.  Formation sit for recovery of Black Money
B.  Bank account for all- Jandhan
C.  Low interest rate for MSME, - Mudra Yogana
D. Centralised data of All bank A/C’s of all individuals of all banks with Aadhaar seeding
E.  Mandatory both side entry i.e from lender, barrower for validity of cheque bounce cases
F.  Mandatory payment of money via cheque/ online transfer by private Lenders,
G. Central bullion trading authority with all bullion trade under one hub with unique id for all retailers and every sale against aadhaar, voter id card and every payment above twenty thousand via bank only, with online real time sale details at the central server of the central bullion trade authority to contain illegitimate gold and black money investment in gold
H. Mandatory declaration of procession of bullion / jewellery by every individual with certification from authorised jewellers/ banks
I.   Mandatory to mention certification number in tax returns, also certification necessary to lodge police complaint for loss of jewellery
J.   Central beverages trade authority to monitoring manufacture, sale of alcoholic beverages
K.  Mandatory bar coding of all beverage bottles & sale of beverages based on Biometric/Aadhaar..
L.  Mandatory all payments to hotels, restaurants, airlines via bank transaction only
M. Unified travel card to make any travel payment in any mode for all citizens.       And Many More...            

A.  Central Manufacturers Administration Authority the data hub of all manufacturers, raw material suppliers
B.  Mandatory formation of associations by every sector, type of manufacturing across the country
C.  Mandatory to source raw material from the registered suppliers only- gst
D. Mandatory fixing of quantity of inputs i.e power, water, other raw material, wastages as per standards laid by same type of manufacturers association to contain under invoice sale by excess producing & recording as wastage & to ensure products manufactured adhere to quality standards
E.  Random quality check of every bach of product by the competitors of same type of manufacturers by lottery system to ensure every manufacture adhere to quality standards
F.  Mandatory quantification of use of  Electricity for standard production of same type of manufacturing to contain excess production, under invoicing
G. Central material movement authority to monitor the movements of goods from manufacture to retailer to consumer
H. Real time online billing/monitoring  from manufacturer to retailer sale by mandatory bar coding of products, which also contain sale of duplicate products
I.   Central toll tax administration authority
J.    Central Petro Fuels Network Authority to  monitor/ regulate issue of fuel, use of fuels, all fuels purchase bank cards/ pre paid cards loaded via online bank transaction for all commercial/ private vehicles
K.  Petroleum Products, Alcohol Beverages and Real Estate under GST
L.  Govt Provide only Excavation Contract to All Natural Resources, by Cancelling Existing Mining Licences Other Than Captive Consumption. 

A.  Mandatory issue of electronic driving licence & electronic vehicle registration card- Vahan, Sarathi
B.  Issue of driving licence only after 6 months training with more than 100 hours of on road driving under learners driving licence under training from registered motor driving schools, after driving school issues  confirmed certification for perfection in driving for trainee
C.  All heavy vehicles  driving be under practical apparent-ship of 6 months or more than 30,000 km of assistance to full fledged experienced drivers driving heavy vehicles 
D. Restriction of 8 hours duty for all drivers plying on highways, mandatory to inform online real time details of drivers for long journey for passenger and goods vehicles and also details of origin & detonation place & time of starting & reaching  to ensure drivers adhere to speed limits
E.   Govt construct vehicle Parking & Resting places every 25 km along state and national high ways
F.  Speed governors for all vehicles plying in high ways, speed restrictions based on type of vehicles
G. Mandatory GPRS system in every vehicle and mandatory dash cams in all heavy vehicles to monitor the driving habits of drivers
H. Mandatory installation of anti drowsing alert systems in every heavy vehicle , every private passenger transport vehicle driving in high ways in the night
I.   Mandatory first aid boxes in every heavy vehicle, all vehicles plying on high ways
J.   Mandatory training on first aid to all vehicle driving licence holders as part training course for issue of vehicle driving licence 
K.  Air ambulances for treating accident victims in emergency

A.  Bar coding of railway ticketing
B.  Bar coded EQ forms for persons who can avail, issue EQ request
C.  Mandatory elected representatives must quote aadhaar/ voter id card number in the eq form, mandatory 80% of the eq should be given to people belong to their constituency/ territory.
D. Mandatory elected representatives must put on govt website details of issue of eq requests for public understanding, prevailing of transparency
E.  Mandatory railways put daily details on release of EQ on website, who all requested, who all got EQ for more transparency, accountability 
F.  Civil servants can use EQ facility only for the self travel.
G. Mini RO water plants in every rail so that people will get quality water at free of cost/ cost to cost, while on the move, especially long journey trains, nonstop trains
H. Fencing around the rail stations, all railway stations under cc camera surveillance, bio metric/ aadhaar entry to platform, only passengers be allowed in the platforms, restricting visitors to certain point heavy fees for visitors to decongest the railway stations, and preventing un authorised persons staying in railway stations
I.   Mandatory vertical parking at all railway stations, de congestion of traffic at all railway regulation of private transport (autos, cabs), & street vendors in the vicinity of railway stations.
J.   Creation of Railway Last Mile Connectivity Authority with mandatory for all Private Operators of Autos Taxis etc  be registered with Govt and all passengers has to go by Registering to hire vehicle, Criminal offence to offer vehicle by any private operates outside the Rail Stations without Registration with Railway Last mile connectivity authority or without passengers Pre paying/Registering to ensure safety, security, containing over charging.
K.  All payments via card only with Aadhaar details 
L.  Railway built low cost dormitories in railway stations, with entry only to people with valid ticket for travel, which should be non refundable.
M. Prayer halls in every Railway station with Religious spiritual music of all religions (time as per % of population of religion) for passengers in the waiting hall to reduce stress and induce Religiousness
N. Free mobile, lap top charging facility in all railway stations, rails in adequate numbers.
O. Mobile topup facility at all railway stations in all rails for all mobile service providers in single hub.
P.  Smoke detectors in every coach entry, toilets, criminal offence to smoke in rails railway stations premises, criminal offence to sell any tobacco products in the railway stations, rails.
Q. Mandatory only vegetarian food be served in railway stations, rails and mandatory every rail possess one fruit, fruit juices vendors to inculcate habit of consuming fruits, with complete ban on sale of aerated soft drinks in railway stations, rails.
R.  Fixing weight, size of language for railway passengers and excess weight be charged to ensure people adhere to light travel.
S.  Free trolley provision at all railway stations,
T.  Mandatory provision of escalators, lift, to reach out to other platform in every railway station, with generator for lift, restricting lift entry only for wheel chair movement.
U. Free wheel chair provision for all patients, elderly and pregnant women.
V.  Govt make all railway porters a permanent employees of railway and use their services to ferry the wheel chair bound aged 65+, patients, pregnant women (as India with more youth  between 25 to 35 the number of pregnant women will be substantially high) and also infant buggies.
W.      Mandatory every rail has few safai karmacharis to clean train, toilets, as permanent employees
X.  Concession travel for all doctors & nursing staff in railways, with display of details of doctor/nursing staff to be used by patients in case of medical emergency preliminary treatment during journey, Using E Health records With details of patients health history availably online
Y.  Provision of pharmacy in every major railway station, emergency medical first aid in every railway station, in every rail and first aid treatment training for all TTE.
Z.  Baby food products, utilities in every major railway station.
AA.    Mandatory rail tickets be purchased through bank card or exclusive unified pre paid travel card with Aadhaar card for every railway ticket/passenger irrespective of class
BB.    Time bound to phase out general compartments, all compartments be sleeper/ car chair to ensure minimum comfort for all passengers, as younger generation will ensure all family members know maintain cleanliness. .... 

And Many More....

A.  Mandatory aadhaar card/ passport for purchasing air ticket
B.  Mandatory al air ticket payments through bank transaction, ban on cash purchase, including payments to travel agents.
C.  Mandatory every airline deposit 3 months salary of all the working staff and contract employees of the airlines with govt. To ensure no airline employee salary is delayed/ not paid
D. Mandatory all airlines make online roster of crew on duty to civil aviation authority and also bio metric attendance of the crew at the aircraft adhere to standard duty and rest hours for the safety of operations.
E.  Mandatory in time bound period operating in India should employ the Indian pilots, crew
F.  Mandatory all out bound flights from India should fill the fuel from India whether Indian carriers or foreign carriers else pay the difference of price as penalty to ensure competiveness for Indian carriers with foreign carriers
G. All major airports should have MRO
H. Mandatory declaration of ownership of all private jets, details of use of private jets to govt by all private owners
I.   Mandatory standard security scanning, customs check of all out bound and in bound private jets language in domestic and international airports
J.   All cabin crew must wear Indian traditional dress made out of handlooms to ensure promotion of Indian-ness, dignity of women and also keeping in view of health of the cabin crew, especially female cabin crew, as major airlines has s western outfits with skin tight leggings mostly made of nylon, all these leading to health disorders in the long run
K.  Ban on use of synthetic perfumes by crew for personal use on duty, and also by airlines using as fresheners of air in the air craft; only traditional herbal perfumes/ cents be allowed to ensure better health care for crew and also for passengers. 
L.  Mandatory all airlines must sell only Indian traditional food in the airlines; exclusive food storage cabins, service of on veg foods only by non veg eaters from the cabin crew
M. Mandatory every airline must sell merchandise only from handloom/ handicrafts/ Indian made.
N. Connecting the tire two tire three tires-udan
O.  mandatory issue of concessional tickets at the rate of sleeper class train ticket for BPL/ low income group/ solders working in far way places to reach fast to their home in case of emergency at their home.
P.  International & national toll free number for tourists
Q. Free SIM card for foreign tourists on arrival

And Many More....

A.  Mandatory proportionate representation as per percentage of population of religion, castes, gender, income group in political party organisations and also in electoral system from village to national level to ensure social justice, social equality & equal opportunity for all prevails which is otherwise a primary need for  true democracy
B.  Mandatory rotation of head ship of the political party and governments and legislative party heads by rotation among upper caste, BC, SC/ST, minority, women by lottery system every term
C.  Mandatory fixed number of terms for elected representatives to represent – ideal 2 terms for sarpanch, four terms for MLA, 6 terms for MP however to contest election as for MLA one should be complete  one full term as sarpanch, similarly for nomination of mp one should complete one full term as MLA/MLC
D. Only two terms nomination for upper house in the state or Rajya Sabha in parliament.
E.  Fixed maximum terms of two for the position of all constitutional positions like governors, president, and also for positions of prime minister, chief ministers, ministers in central& state governments, and also party heads of political party organisations
F.  One family tree one elected representative at any level & maximum of one position in political party organisation in any calendar term, with exemption to married girls for being change of surname following Indian traditions
G. Mandatory per poll alliance required to join in the government, however can extend outside support, only after getting majority of the party cadre decides to do so in a secret ballet voting by the party cadre of the supporting party (this process is necessary to provide recognisation for contribution, opinion at grass root party supports)
H. Independent members can extend out side support but barred from joining in any government during their term, also once extended outside support should be barred from extending outside support to any other political party during valid term in case government falls in the mid of valid tenure to prevent horse trading
I.    ban on nominating sitting/ ex elected representatives and political party office bearers of any party, especially ruling party/ alliance party for any constitutional positions like governors, president of india to ensure they discharge duties impartially.
J.   Ban on providing political party nomination for any person more than twice if he/ she lost the two consecutive elections at any level in the electoral system, such persons be barred from nominating to upper house of state or centre for loss of public trust.
K.  Mandatory 5 years cooling for ex govt employees / retired bureaucrats for to get office bearer position in any political party organisation or to get nomination from any political party organisation for contesting election at any level or nomination for upper house or for any constitutional position to contain bias, nepotism, favouritism by bureaucrats towards any political party
L.  mandatory maximum age for entry to contest or get nominated is 65 years for all positions in electoral system and also for any political party organisation office bearers position to fully harnessing potential of youth energy
M. Mandatory disclosure of family tree, assets of their family and detailed description of how the assets were acquired or raised several folds to make youth of the country follow same process
N. Mandatory digital daily dairy online by elected representatives at all levels to make people of the territory aware that how they spend time every day, who all they met, called, where all they travelled, out come etc
O. Mandatory hand written affidavit by all elected representatives regarding non use of child labour, bonded labour, not indulged in prostitution, bigamy/polygamy, uses digital payments for statuary payments, never indulged in bias, favouritism, nepotism
P.  Mandatory knowledge of the respective territory and basics of constitution of India for all people necessary criteria to contest elections or get nomination for upper house of state legislature/ parliament
Q. Mandatory every person who wish to contest election or get nomination must do at least 3 times blood donation personally in the last 3 years prior to contesting, in case of having serious health disorders, their immediate family members can donate blood; also mandatory every person who wish to contest must sign for organ donation and file these along with nomination papers. (a person who cannot donate blood, or donate organs after death can do service to the people?)
R.  Mandatory conduct of elections 4 months before end of tenure of the current government and one month training course in legislative proceedings
S.  Mandatory nomination to upper house of state/ centre for trade union leaders of different sectors by lottery from among different sectors to ensure issues of the working class/ labour is raised and get resolved.
T.  Joint bank account with election commission for all political parties
U. Joint bank account for all candidates contesting elections and mandatory sourcing of materials, vehicles etc from the registered vendors with election commission at standard rates for better transparency in political funding, mandatory to add to election expenses of candidates in fray for expended incurred on travel, stay, security etc of star campaigners by the political party
V.  Mandatory to charge the charges for security of the campaigners (SPG, Z + etc) per day during election campaign period
W.      Ban on use of free air tickets provided by govt for mla/mp during campaigning of any elections of municipal, state, central.
X.  Ban on attending government programmes on the campaigning / election rally of political parties by elected representatives in government  to contain gross misuse of public money for the benefit of the ruling parties in state/ centre
Y.  Ban on ministers / cm/ pm attending election rallies while on duty, must put leave, handover charge to others while going to campaign to ensure that work wont suffer due to political party campaigns
Z.  Ban on use of free tickets, amenities by PM, CM, Minsters, Elected representatives   for attending political party programmes anywhere in India, barred from using circuit house and also all security charges be recovered from them  individually or their political party organisation must play... However they can participate via video conference for brief period not exceeding one hour from the office
AA.    Ban on indiscriminate use of banners/ posters, all publicity posters, banner must get approval from ec, and also specific places for display.. Criminal offence to paste, hang every where by any political party, bar coding of posters, pamphlets, banners by ec to prevent excess printing, display.
BB.    All vehicles used by candidates in fray must have gprs fitted with monitoring by the ec
CC.    Ban on display of banners by political party. Party office bearers or party workers during any occasion in public places like roads, public/ private walls etc other than designated place for display or where the programme occurs
DD.   Ban on road shows by political party office bearers/ elected representatives at any point of time,
EE.     Mandatory that political party pay for cleaning of the mess created during the public meetings.
FF.     Mandatory that election commission create grounds for public meetings in every mandal/ block.
GG.   Which are far way from residential & commercial areas to reduce inconvenience and pollution and which can get ample parking facility... Public toilets, safe drinking water, small eateries.. So that people attending meetings can use the facilities.
HH.   Standard dress code for all party active members/ party office bearers of all political parties with mandatory handloom/ khadi made, mandatory providing free ro water/ subsidized tea/coffee and food for all party workers in every party office via coupons provided to every party worker attending party office
II. Ban on using party office provided free by any party worker.. Mandatory party may own or lease / rent the party office, all party offices must have adequate parking facility... Ban on making party office in commercial or residential arrears, else pay additional tax .
JJ.       Ban on putting the photographs of pm/cm / ministers printed on articles distributed to the poor/BPL /students using public tax paid money... Only the stage govt / central government symbol/ mention.
KK.    Ban on advertisements on achievements of government in television, print, out door advertisement, how every the govt should display their achievements in the govt website, social media. The ruling party can do the advertisement with the expenses from ruling party. Why tax paid money be spent on the advertisements?
LL.     Ban on using the photographs of PM, CM, Ministers, Governor, President on the advertisements of opening or closing sermonises in any print or electronic media, social media.. It should be only in the Prime Minister, CM can appear at some, to contain abuse of public money for personal propaganda/ advertisement of   PM/CM/Ministers?
MM.   Govt drastically cut Print & Electronic media advertisement as Govt intended to promote digital, so all communication be provided on Govt website/ Social media sites, when govt expressing digital payments are on rise and also rise of smart phones, almost every Indian has a smart phone?
NN.   Mandatory spending of 50 % working days in the local constituency by the elected representative every quarterly with 75% time per year mandatory to continue as elected representative... Also elected representative must cover all mandals, villages in their respective territory once in every three months and provide details of through every day online digital dairy about the issues of the people noticed, and the action taken, result etc. To ensure elected representatives are available to the people who elected them with trust and faith.

And Many More...


A.  Sports for all age groups for ensuring fitness
B.  Mandatory sports for all students
C.  Exclusive sports schools/ hostels in every Mandal to train exclusively in sports
D. Mandatory proportionate representation in every sports hostels
E.  Govt construct sports grounds in every village/ ward
F.  Marks for sports
G. Mandatory every RWA/ Group of RWA Create Walk Ways, some sports facility
H. Sports meets among  RWA’s to encourage sports
I.   Mandatory sports governing bodies be filled with sports persons and common people with sports knowledge
J.   Sports  coaches, fitness, Sports  medicine, Sports journalism course institutes in every state
K.  Ban on sports persons endorsing any private products (for consideration/ charity) while they are active  in sports, only after retirement from sports they can take up any profession, advertisement endorsement; sports persons can endorse government schemes
L.  Uniform incentives for achievement of sports for sports persons & coaches  in every state/ central govt

And Many More....
A.        Granting ‘Industry Status’ for Cinema and Television Production
B.        Bank Lending for Production Houses under Separate Guidelines, only for Fixed Costs like Salaries, Travel, Consumables, Building Rentals. etc with Stringent Controls for Expenditure, All Sourcing of Materials from Registered Service providers with online payment, with Produces GUILD acting as Guarantors, and Equal Distribution of Loan to All Producers in the Producers GUILD In case of NPA of Loan due to Failure to Get Support from Audience.
C.  Easy Norms Bank Loans for Short Films or Low budget Films with Social Massages Made in Regional Languages
D. Mandatory Fixed Remuneration (more or less like Salaries) for all Artists Based on the Length of Acting and Appearance on the Screen, in Addition to Mandatory Sharing of Fixed Percentage of Profits from the Production House Earned for that Film/ Serial.
E.  Fixing the Profit Earnings Maximum of 20% for all Production houses Before Tax, Remaining Profit should be Shared with All Actors, Technicians
F.  The Ratio of Sharing Among Artists, Technicians Should be Decided based on the Hours of Work, Grading of Actors, Technicians,  Based on by the Experience of  Film Industry, Based on the Revenue Earnings  of the Film.
G. Mandatory Registration of All Artists, Technicians and Creation of National Data Base of All Artists, Technicians to Be Available to All Film/ TV Production Units
H. Mandatory Equal Pay for Equal Work, Equal Rank, for Men & Women Like Any office Establishment, Business Establishment on Granting Industry Status, the Primary Step For Granting Industry Status.
I.   Mandatory All Suppliers of Material for Film production like equipment, technicians making temporary sets etc should be Registered with Government, Industry Body .
J.   Standard Perks for Actors and Actors Based on the Grade of the Actor, Actress and Uniform Treatment by All Production HOUSES Like Vanity Vans, Vehicles used for Transportation, Stay in Hotels, Rail/ Air Travel etc.
K.  Ban on using Charted Flights, Charted Helicopters for Ferry of Actors/ Technicians
L.  Film Industry Audit Group to Monitor the Expenditure and Need / Viability of Expenditure to Contain Wasteful Expenditure/Siphoning.
M. Mandatory Every PRODUCTION House Provide 10% Artists/ Musicians etc from New/Fresh Entry in every Production to Ensure Arts are Patronized by Youth.
N. Fixed Salary for Permanent Employees of All Production Houses
O. Free / Subsidized Canteens for All Artists/ Technicians
P.  Mandatory Production houses Share 5% of profit earnings for the welfare fund of Artists & Technicians
Q. Pension, Free Health Care for All Retired Actors/ Technicians
R.  100% FDI in Films
S.  Crowd Funding / Fund Raising from Public like IPO for Production of Films with Stringent Conditions  for Expenditure on Production and Making the Story of the Film Public with Copy Rights to Make Film for the Production House.
T.  Mandatory every Artist Provide Free time for Social Service, Social Messages for Public Better.
U. Tax Free for All Films using 100% Indian Traditional Dress Code
V.  Levy of Taxes for Shooting Done in Foreign Countries

W.              Ban on Film Based Functions/ Awards/ Success Meets out Side INDIA/ in Foreign Countries.
X.  Ban on Artists Endorsing Tourism of other Foreign Nations via Advertisements.
Y.  Ban on Artists Endorsing Tobacco, Alcohol Brands on Advertisements.
Z.  Mandatory Message by Actor/Actress regarding No Consumption of Alcohol, Tobacco, Sexual Violence at the Beginning of Film/ TV serial and in Intervals, in case the Film/ TV Serial the Actor/ Actress has act like Consume Alcohol/ Tobacco/ Sexual Violence as per the Script, to send a message to the Fans not to Follow them in such Acts, as they are not Real.
AA.            GST on Cinema theatre Tickets Based on Certification of Film, Children Films at Lowest 5%, U certification at 12% U/A Certification 18% and 28% for A Certification and 10% Additional Cess for Foreign Films.
BB.            Govt Create Public theatres in every Mandal/ Block for Performing Arts, Tax Free For Earnings for Performing Arts
CC.             Pension for Retired Performing Arts theatre artists.
DD.           Creation of Trust for Welfare of All Performing Artists in India, 100% TAX FREE for Donations to this Trust.
EE.             Ban on Writing Gossiping by Media without Permission from the Actors or Actress
FF.             Life Imprisonment for Piracy.
GG.           Recovery of Money to the tune of Investment plus Interest on Investment for the Film from Piracy, In case of Piracy Done by Individuals then Recovery of 50% of their Earnings Via Bank Attachments till the Amount of Investment Recovered

HH.           Criminal Offence With Heavy Penalty to Watch Piracy Online/ Downloading, Circulating in Social media, Liking, Sharing.
II. Ban on HUKKA Bars
JJ.               Ban on Discotheques in INDIA
KK.            Ban on Western Music based Live Public Concerts by Indian or Foreign Artists.
LL.             Additional Tax for Foreign Music Albums, Foreign Films.
 And Many More....

A.  Mandatory RFID tagging of all animals, pet, milking etc... (Electronic Tagging initiated by GOI) to assess exact quantities of milk production, identifying ownership of animals to ensure animals are not abandoned when they are ailing/old/ un productive
B.  Nation wide ban on cow slaughter, Also need Nation wide ban on slaughter,  sale, & consumption of meat of pigs (pork), dog (NE states, especially Nagaland) not only as symbols of Hindu Religion as Hindus worship cow as Gau Mata, pig as Varaha Avatra of Lord Vishnu and dog as Kalabhirava but also as compassion for loved animals.
C.  Rural community cow centers and urban community cow centers
D. Govt supply free cows to all bpl families
E.  Mandatory every group farming should raise cattle, cage free poultry
F.  Exclusive vehicles to transport cattle, online sale of cattle, all cattle sale consideration via online bank transfer
G. Mandatory every temple, spiritual mutts must maintain Gau Salas for caring Ailing/ non Milking Cows
H. Cow cess to maintain aged cows
I.   Exclusive cemeteries for animals to pay last rights by govt from cess collected from public
J.   Declaration of holy cow as national animal by govt being sacred animal for 100 core Hindus
K.  Exclusive slaughter houses (Halala meat) in every village/ ward to use animals for meat.. To collect the waste and safe disposal, thus not only preventing animal from exposure of cruelty, also containing manufacture of oils from animal waste which is otherwise prevalent in many places in India, which is the major cause of health discords in many people.
L.  Life imprisonment for who manufacture, work in manufacturing units that make oils, fat out of animal waste and also for those who involved in sale of oils Extracted from Animal Waste and also for those who buy & use oils extracted from Animal Waste.
M. Animals for meet should meat the criteria that they should not be cut when the animal is still child i.e till the animal reaches reproductive age, also no animal without periodic vaccination can be allowed to use for meat, no animal who is aged and lost reproduction, also no ailing animal, any animal with some or other disease, no animal with limped legs/ physically handicapped by birth or by accident,  no animal that died naturally or in any accident.
N. Regulation of quantities of meat  per family per week/ month to ensure more consumption of green leafy / vegetables for better health care by making sale of non vegetarian in exclusive markets, all sale through exclusive cards for purchase of non vegetarian raw/ cooked
O. Ban on sale of frozen meat/ frozen fish in super markets/ non vegetarian markets
P.  Gradual ban on use of poultry eggs, time bound plan for  shifting to cage free eggs to ensure anti biotic free eggs without effecting the quantity of consumption of eggs
Q. Govt advise/ promote vegetarian food habits for living near to nature and healthy life.
R.       Mandatory registration of pet animals, RFID tagging of pet animals, online data with government  for periodic vaccination of pet, history of bites/attacks by the pet in RWA; measures to ensure safety of habitants
S.       Ban on RWA imposing restrictions on raising pet animals by individual house hold; exclusive places for pet animal nature calls in every RWA;
T.Ban on raising large animals (goats, buffaloes, and cows) in the immediate vicinity (500 meters) from the Residential habitations; also ban on cattle movement in the RWA or RWA territories.
U.      Ban on movement of bullock carts / horse buggies, donkeys, camels, elephants etc in Cities  & on cemented/ bitumen roads; ban on using animals for carrying weights, exceptions in mountain terrains, thick forests, with maximum weight carrying restrictions Per animal.
V.       Ban on fun raids for tourists in cities/ concrete/ cemented roads etc on horses, elephants etc
W.     Ban on possessions during any functions like marriages, or religious rituals using animals on cemented / concrete thar roads, however animals can be use for religious purposes only in mud roads under veterinary doctors supervision.
X.       Govt ensure veterinary clines, hospitals within reach of every village/ ward, with mobile clinics for remote villages by increasing veterinary educational institutions and medicine manufacturing to meet the demand; electronic records of all animal treatment.
A. Establishment of BHARATIYA SANSKRITI KENDRA (BSK) in Every State Capitals and All Major Populated Cities in INDIA .
B.  INDIAN TRADITIONS, CULTURE  & CUSTOMS  CENTERS (ITCCC) in All Foreign Countries where Ever INDIAN Embassies are Located, Either in Indian Embassy or At A suitable Place in Persuasion with that Foreign Country
C. Every BSK/ ITCCC Display the Diversity of INDIAN TRADITIONS like Food, Dressing, How they are Prepared, Etc
D. Food Courts of All Sates / Regions at a Single location in every BHARATIYA SANSKRITI KENDRAS (BSK) in INDIA and in All ITCCC Centers in All Foreign Countries
E.  No Service Tax on Food Courts In Every BSK Located in INDIA.
F.  Culture Shows, Show casing of Traditional Arts/ Handlooms at every BSK or in ITCCC
G. Establishment of INDIAN WELLNESS CENTERS With INDIA SPA (Ayurvedic Massage)  of AYURVEDA Medicines  in All FOREIGN Countries.
H. GOI Built HINDU Temple Complexes in every Foreign COUNTRY, Capitals &Where Ever INDIAN Population is Large, and GOI Sponsor for Daily Rituals in every  Temples Located in Foreign Countries
I.   ITCC Cess on All EXPORTS and IMPORTS to Fund FREE Rituals in every Temple Complex Located in Foreign Countries Build by GOI
J.    Mandatory for All STAFF In INDIAN Embassies Should Wear INDIAN TRADITIONAL DRESS while On WORK and All OFFICIAL FUNCTIONS, with Every  Fortnight one Region/State Dress Code (GUJARATI, BENGALI of All States), With propaganda on the Social Media in that Foreign Language Country Regarding the  Fortnight Dress Code, about that Region, that regions culture tradition etc
K. Mandatory All MINISTERS /Elected Representatives on Official Tour SPONSORED from Tax Paid money Should Wear only INDIAN TRADITIONAL DRESS
L.  Mandatory that All Govt officials in INDIA  (other than police, security duty) Should WEAR The traditional Indian Dress of the Choice of the Official (ideal their state regional dress code)During All Official Meetings and All Official Functions/High Tea/Dinners during Any Foreign Country Dignitaries Visiting INDIA
M.                Mandatory All Elected Representative from Sarpanch to Member of Parliament must wear only Indian Traditional Dress of their Choice during All official Meetings and All Official Visits/ Official Functions and during Parliament or State Assembly or Panchayat Meetings.
N. Govt Construct Budget Hotels in Every Foreign Country in All Major Cities in World or Stay, Indian Food at Cost to Cost for INDIANS, Mandatory All Ministers / Officials from INDIA on Official Tour must Stay in that HOTEL ONLY.
O. Govt Built a HOTEL for Stay of All FOREIGN COUNTRY Heads/ Minsters, Important Dignitaries/Celebrities  in NEW DELHI With INDIAN Themes & Names of Regions, With INTERNATIONAL Standards 
P. Govt Establish Indian Music, Dance, Art Learning Centers in every Mandal/ Block
Q. GOI Set up Indian Music, Dance, Art, YOGA Learning Centers in every Foreign Country Capitals and Major Cities in All Foreign Countries with Free TEACHING For All Foreigners & NRI Indians
R. Mandatory All MINISTERS /Elected Representatives who are on Official Tour SPONSORED from Tax Paid money Should Wear only INDIAN TRADITIONAL DRESS For All their Abroad Trips.

S. Mandatory Every SCHOOL (Pvt & Govt) must have one Trained INDIAN MUSIC, DANCE, YOGA Teachers of that Region, with UNIFORM PAY either Salaried or Per Class, Hired Recruited Through Govt. Holding Degree/Certificate issued from Govt.
T.  Mandatory Teaching of Basics of INDIAN MUSIC, DANCE, YOGA in every SCHOOL Till 10th Standard that All School Children Learn Either MUSIC Or DANCE Or just MUSIC INSTRUMENTS of Choice and Every SCHOOL Must teach the Regional MUSIC, DANCE, INSTRUMENTS like BHARATA NATYAM DANCE in ALL Telugu States irrespective of Mother Tong of Students
U. Mandatory All TEACHER In All School/ Collage/University must Wear only INDIAN TRADITIONAL DRESS Code of that STATE/ REGION/Choice in UNIFORM Colour
V. Incentives for All RWA For Monthly celebrations of Food & Dress of every Region in that RWA at monthly Gatherings
W.               Mandatory Every Govt office Establishment, must  Play INDIAN TRADITIONAL back ground MUSIC For Relaxation, Better Work, including in Police Stations, Incentives for Private Establishments, Hotels/ Restaurants Playing Indian Traditional Music
X. Mandatory All Television News Anchors (DD &Pvt) Must Wear Indian Traditional Dress with Display on Screen About the Region For Promotion of Traditional Dress
Y. Mandatory Yoga/ Ayurveda Experts in every Software/BPO Establishment for Training in YOGA and for harnessing No Side Effect AYURVEDA Benefits.  
And Many more...
And Many more...

A.                Even though Fair Idea of What are the Required Reforms Needed to further Strengthening of the Armed forces for ensuring ZERO CAUSALITY on the borders POLICY, and to further strengthen the morale of the Armed forces, but Being Sensitive, Can’t put Views on Public Domain.
B.                Will Ensure Free Hand to the Armed forces to take Decisions Locally by Able Offices of Local Command thus boosting morale of Armed forces.
C.                Will Ensure All International Borders are Protected by Armed forces

A.                Even though Having Fair Idea about Ideal Way of Diplomatic Relations, Since Foreign Polices are Country Specific, and need to act According to Prevailing Circumstances, Mutual Need Based, Can’t put in public Domain.
B.                As Far as Possible Use Diplomatic Relations to Resolve Any Conflicts arise on Boarders
C.                As Far As Climate Change, Pollution, Air, Water Ensure India will Set the Way forward for the Globe to Follow. 
D.                Will Ensure Indian Interests Are Upholded and Ensure World Utilise Indian Talent, and will Work Towards INDIA FIRST, Will Ensure Entire World aware of Goodness of HINDUISM, Indian Traditions, Indian Customs, Indian Music, Indian Dance, Indian Food and Ensure Gennxt in World are Self motivated to Follow the Goodness of Indian Traditions.



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