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Think Social Engineering Think Me,


It is an open fact that majority of the leaders entered/entering politics (cutting across party lines) only to be in power to earn name, fame and money and accumulate wealth and for most of the people and budding leaders leadership means MANAGE- MEN- T (tactfully) with their money power and some sort of manipulation and service to the people especially the downtrodden more especially “dalits & adivasis” are only on the lip and not certainly in their sub conscious mind or in the real love to uplift the dalits and adivasis but only to woo them to gain their confidence; as the chanting of  dalits & adivasis are only to secure votes to get elected in their respective constituencies, as almost all the politicians/ leaders aware that by nature all dalits and adivasis are very innocent, humble and are true human beings and are loyal to the people who offer even little help to them as such they pretend to do (of course some leaders are really doing selfless work in the uplifement and welfare of the downtrodden, especially the dalits & adivasis but the fruits of their efforts are not reaching the real beneficiaries due to lack of commitment and heart for majority of the leaders down in the hierarchy).

 If we analyze the varna system prevailed in the ancient times in our country, in which the “kshyatreas are supposed to maintain the dharma; the “brahimins are supposed to maintain the system alive with their forever truthfulness and advises to the kings; and the dalits & advsais are the real human beings (with humanity) who are mostly cultivators, cobblers, scavengers and protectors of nature; and the other castes (present OBC) for making pots, for cooking, eating, and weavers for making clothes, carpentry, blacksmith etc etc and reaming upper castes use to assist the king in the form of soldiers in the military and some of them in the administration as ministers of the king;

On analysis of the varna system which is till date proved to be truth in which the dalits and adivasis play prominent and vital role for the existence of people in the country, without dalits the INDA is not there as dalits are doing agriculture (agriculture labour) and providing food to all varnas including the so called kshyatrias and Brahmins but the fact of the matter is the hard labours of the agriculture who are providing food to the entire population of the country are starving for lack of food and their children are mostly suffering with malnutrition and their adult females in their families are suffering with acute anaemia and are living in most pathetic conditions in their life style????????; but unfortunately even till date in some places un-touchablitiy is persisting and in the minds of some of the highly educated people in a veiled manner and they still see the dalits as inferior to them, they don’t feel untouchable to eat the food made out of the hardships of millions of dalit agriculture labour (shame to think just sprinkling water / performing religious rituals and offerings to almighty will sanctify and purify their sins, when most of the women in forced flush trade are dalits, adivasis and muslim minorities and the visitors are mostly other castes and there is no un-touch ability comes to their mind in having draconian pleasure by the so called casteist people (in fact the “deva dasi” system are introduced by the corrupt people to have fun & extra pleasure from the ancient times) ???????? Very narrow minded thinking?????), it is not a surprise that discrimination for dalits persists in most vulnerable in politics in a veiled manner?? (Everyone should be answerable to inner conscious).

Also some of the dalits are the cobblers disposing the corpus of dead animals (protecting the surrounding atmosphere from the spread of the bacteria which can cause serious health hazards for the people in the vicinity of the dead corpus if decay by rotenone in the place of living) and making the foot wear and every other varna people wearing them and even now most of the “chamars“ the major are still doing in the cobblers job facing the hardship do anybody thought that what could be state of their life if a chars do not perform their duty or if cobblers exists or do any one has the value of the cobblers when they are wearing their maker of foot wear (even one day can they survive without foot ware) and still they look at them as lower than then ???????.

Also another dalits are scavengers and are taking the hardship for cleaning the surroundings of the living habitations by bearing all the odd situations only to make other people healthy (do any one can lift their stools by their hand and even to remove their Childs stools many people feel awkward?????? Do how many people aware still majority of rural India lacks private toilets??????, also can any once imagine if the scavengers and municipal waste clears do not attend the duty for few days can these people survive bearing the rottenness and smell?????)  

Likewise if the ecological balance is not maintained by protecting the forests to have  better rainfall through maintain the temperature of the atmosphere in a balanced manner through protecting the greenery etc are done by ”Adivasis”; if the advasis are not doing their duty then by this time the world could be starving due to food shortage due to lack of rains  due to increase of temperature in the atmosphere and also there is a danger of rise of sea level due to the rise of temperature in the glaciers and arctic region and some parts of the globe could have submerged in water and it could be a real threat to the entire mankind.

Still majority of the leaders in the democratic set up lacks basic respect for the “dalits & adivasis” and once by change/ manipulation got the opportunity to represent the people then most of these non freedom fighters family leaders certainly lacks commitment and true leadership quality; most of these second generation, third generation non freedom fighters family leaders are self centred, they are acute selfish in nature, are egoistic, are insure to other intellectuals rise especially from the downtrodden and more particularly from the “dalit and adivasis” and and most of their sub conscious mind is filled with only  agendas how to retain power, how rise in the leader of power to acquire more power, how to make money and more wealth, how to protect the accumulated wealth, then once they reach the middle age then how to rise my son/ daughter in the political arena and how to secure position in the party  for them;  then in the electoral system and how both the parents and kids and the family retain the power, as if they are born to rule and make laws and all others are  to be at their disposal???? And if any up rise of any individuals asking for legitimate rights of millions of people then most of the second/third generation non freedom fighters family leaders unite to manage somehow to suppress them???; is it a true leadership quality or a self-centred selfishness???; do majority of our leaders (cutting across party lines) are true leaders, do the people need to patronize such leaders?????; if these type of self centred selfish  leaders does not change their attitude it leaves millions of people a big doubt on the very system of political governance????? so most of the leaders of the non freedom fighters family who become leaders by accident need to do self introspection about their leadership qualities and must rectify there lacking of true leadership qualities to become a true leader, if they does not maintain the true leadership qualities else they should voluntarily quit politics if any shame persists on them?????????. 

A true perfect leader (irrespective of caste, religion) should posses the qualities of all darmans of all varnas in him/her; also for a true democracy all people belong to all varnas should have representation both in political organisations, electoral system and in governments (since democracy is based on majority population support it should be mandatory for representation as per the percentage of population of castes /varnas in the country; also since the present economy made a major division among the people as low class, middle class and high class based on the income and wealth in order to have perfect functional democracy it should be mandatory top have representation of the class as per the percentage of population of the class within each varna; also since in the modern India so many religions came to India and got established as Indian and our constitution is based on secular principles also the democracy should have representation of all religions in India proportionate to the percentage of population)

Also all leaders need to understand the history, economy and sociology, politics of the  block, district, state and nation and also international issues need to understand various subjects like education, health care all developments happing in the country and world, all the government programmes and all the government policies on various subjects and need to a through reading and understanding various subjects and various sector; also all leaders should have a thorough knowledge and understanding of life of various other sections of people from agriculture labour, the farmers, the traders, the milk produces, the suppliers, the poultry, the fishermen, their life, issues the vegetables and fruits cultivation, selling , the gold Smits, the weavers, the dress makers, the construction labour, the production of electricity, the mining, the coal miners issues, the cement industry production, labour issues, the steel industry production, labour issues, the rise of petrol gas etc and the economy, the banking etc , the railways, the bus services, the airlines, the road transport, the municipal worker  issues, even the life of house maids, the washer men, the drivers, the postal operations, the police operations, the basic human rights, the basic constitution, the women’s, children rights, etc etc the function of various government authorities, their responsibilities, their duties etc etc and understand them fully and make others understand to establish the respect for other professions the all leaders need to spend quality time in reading and it should be part of essences of life like food air water etc; a person can become a true leader only when he posses abundance of knowledge and able to understand the issues and analyze the issues in multi dimensional manner in split of a second  to guide the followers in any situation under any circumstances in the larger interest of the people.

Unless one become a true leader in the real sense one does not have the moral authority to take the sides of So all budding leaders need to understand this and spend most of their time in reading the editorials, articles, government policies in different states, in the centre government, and polices of the same matters in other developed and developing countries and how to use the technology to control various lacunas, how to make more people aware of the issues and seeking the collective cooperation from all sections of the people as far as the issues of public interest is concerned rather than taking sides just for the sake of political parties and also most importantly need to express your views and ideas and share in the public domain to ensure that many people get inspired by your views or ideas or based on your ideas things may be developed in a much more useful manner as it makes more people think in the spirit of your idea as it is a fact that no individual is alone cannot built the nation and needs team efforts and collective thinking will lead to more sophistication, more sharper and more useful and more simpler, more efficient and more effective manner the issues can be resolved in the larger interest of the people.


The true leadership qualities one should possess/acquire are

·        Self awareness by knowing own strengths and own weakness and must overcome the weakness
·        Should possess good communication skills
·        Should be honest in his approach, provide the truthful information to his followers
·        Should command respect and provide respect to every one
·        Should be prepared to take risks
·        Should be people oriented
·        Should be a good listener; should have best articulation of ideas
·        Should be prepared to accept responsibility, accountability and authority
·        Should be able to generate and utilise ideas
·        Should lead others by example
·        Should be truthful in every action
·        Should do everything in the larger interest of the followers/ people
·        Should be honest, fair and judicious in  nature
·        Should no possess jealousy and crookedness
·        Should acquire absolute knowledge of various issues, share the knowledge with others
·        Should be a continues learner on every good for doing good
·        Should adopt simple living
·        Should be approachable to people for resolving their grievances
·        Should possess ethics, vales morals
·        Should posses humanity, compassion and generosity
·        Should possess selflessness
·        Should always work in larger interest
·        Should be an example for others through their acts and inspire others to follow


Also everyone should know that one common language every creature in the world is BODY LANGUAGE and it is most used by every human being un-noticeably as a result of sub conscious mind instantly (within fraction of seconds it comes out in the form of gestures and micro gestures) and it may be along with verbal communication or simply non verbal communication (when listening)?????? Also it is very evident from the body language of many leaders (cutting across party lines) what they are expressing verbally do not mach their inner sub conscious mind; also it is a fact that some of the leaders (very few) who practiced the art of body language to fake match the verbal language, but still no one can hid their sub conscious mind and internal feelings expressed by default sub conscious mind get exposed for all human beings through micro gestures (some of the facial gestures which last for a split of second time period which can be observed through slow motion replays). It is like this when you are in frustration mind un knowingly you will tap foot, if you are not sure or lying when telling something you may un noticeably either use hand gestures scratching head or rubbing nose or facial gestures of closing lip or by head nod etc also when you are defensive or not confidant you fold your hands, cross your legs etc etc and you find lot of things your experiencing by default in your life without knowing the real art of body language; in fact perfect body language creates confidence in every individual, it creates positive conductive atmosphere; As such I wish everyone should know the body language and practice it to acquire confidence in you and also in dealing with others and inculcate confidence to others in your acts.

On real practice of both the leadership principles as well as body language you will evolve as a true leader; but in order to practice to the core majority of the present leaders need to create space in their mind for positive energy.


In order to achieve this positive energy is requires as it is a fact that most of the leaders (cutting across the party lines) brains are over stuffed with negative vibrations; as such to ensure your mind create a positive space in the sub conscious mind you need to get conned to the universal forces which are invisible forces which are governing the entire universe and nature; it is possible through practice of simple techniques which has no religion or caste or gender and are universally practicable by all people of all ages; these simple techniques are 

The first simple technique is to perform meditation in sitting posture  with head, heart & abdomen in straight line either on floor or chair or bed by simply performing  inhale and exhale of the breath if wished with a simple chant of your choice of good thought like “ I always believe in good, I always do good” in the mind and observe the breath, breath should be  taken slowly full deep breath and exhale slowly for minimum three minutes; the same should be repeated for minimum three times a day, every day, throughout the life, ideal one meditation in the morning soon after got up from sleep or before breakfast, second one before lunch and third one  before dinner or before going to sleep preferably  either empty or half filled stomach , the duration can be extended from three minutes to more minutes if feel so.

The second simple technique is just to lit a lamp either diya with cotton soaked in oil material or candle twice daily preferably before sun rise and before sun set or any time after got up from the sleep and before go to sleep; bath is not compulsory, but ideal to take bathe before lighting the lamp as it purifies body externally makes way for the energies the body nerves system to be more active.

Purity of thoughts will be achieved through simple meditation as breath activates the nerves system and thus the brain signalling system i.e sub conscious mind is fully active which will be in constant search of goodness thoughts  in your daily duties and remained the individual frequently to act on the thoughts generated by it, lighting lamp will act as positive catalyst to improve the thought process by burning the invisible undesired negative energies in the vicinity of stay & removes the negative  pressures in the minds invisibly and act as energy signal receiver  & transmitter for the universal positive energies to be attracted to the mind & soul for better thoughts

The above two techniques on practice will ensure the thought process is guided better by the supreme cosmic forces as it makes way for cleaning the heart & mind, which enables individuals to acquire, possess clear positive, practical, rational selfless universal thoughts, all other external daily spiritual rituals are only the catalysts, without purity of thoughts all rituals are mere waste of energies, waste of time & waste of money, as it takes more time to get connected to the universal forces through rituals, as their exists little pure mental concentration

All the wishes of every person should be self less, and should be in larger interest, then only universal forces will attract to the individuals. If thoughts are self centred happiness will move away from the individuals internally, they may appear happy externally, but internally their mind is worried with numerous negative thoughts within themselves due to non receipt of the positive spiritual signals

The above techniques on practicing for at least three weeks at a stretch one will certainly can notice a sea change in their life, experience life full of positive energy, good thoughts, all negative energy will start disappearing from them and confidence will be boosted in them, will acquire more determination, will become fearless for negatives in the system by conquering fear in their mind, they get belief in themselves, they will achieve all their positive goals, the happiness is perennial for rest of their life irrespective of prevailing situations as they reach state of equanimity of mind.

Once again to remained & remember that practice of the breathing meditation and lighting lamp should be part of essences in every individuals daily life like food, water, air, certainly not like a habit or ritual as in rituals more physical techniques were involved rather than concentration of thoughts and activating sub conscious mind which is the core of  breath & lighting technique, which are direct universal energy connectors, which was preached & practiced  by many spiritual gurus mentors globally from times immemorial.

In addition to the above two spiritual techniques it is most ideal that every individual should daily perform either yoga, or  walk a mile or do simple exercises at a particular time, also need to eat the food at regular intervals in a particular time period will make the individuals physically fit throughout their life time.

Always you can achieve what you want in the life if you practice the above techniques every day, only un lucky people will feel I don’t have time to practice or I don’t believe in this universal principles, one again to remind that these simple techniques are not attached to any religion or caste, which can be practiced by all students, all working class & retired people whether poor or rich, the truth of these techniques should be believed like the truth told by every mother to her children that he is your father.

Hope you will practice soon after you finish reading these lines, wish you will achieve real happiness from that moment and it go on & remain forever, also wish you will make your family members, friends, relatives, their friends and their relatives and all your followers to follow the techniques for universal good


I suggest you to go through several times  till you feel the content of the book is gone into your sub conscious mind permanently; the books on leadership written by Shri DEBASHIS  CHATTERJEE who  currently director  INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, Kozikod, Kerala; the book with TITLES 1) “THE OTHER 99%” and once you understand the first book then you read the other book 2) “TIMELESS LEADERSHIP 18 LEADERSHIP SUTRAS FROM BHAGAVAD GITA”  and the publishers are “WILEY-INDIA” till all the 18 principles of leadership  are entered in your sub conscious mind and retained there with full memory; every leader must read and practice these principles, on true practice you become selfless;  then you should recommend to your followers, people in your territory and make available these book in the library of all mandals/ districts/ cities/colleges/ universities/ all offices/ all political organisation offices at all levels and places.; you may read any books/literature on leadership of your choice.


I suggest you should go through and practice regularly till you are perfect in your sub conscious mind that you are not faking and genuinely interested in creating positive vibrations where ever you are; the book authors are “ALLEN + BARBARA” and the book TITLE is “THE DEFINITIVE BOOK OF BODY LANGUAGE” and the publishers are “MANJUL PUBLISHING HOUSE” on practice you feel absolute confidence in you; you can create conductive atmosphere.  You may read any books of your choice on the body language. God bless all.


I suggest you should go through the suggested book repeatedly till you master the art of using the subconscious mind to achieve full confidence in you for attainment of perfect health, happiness and goals in life; the book authors are “DR. JOSEPH MURPHY” and the book TITLE is “THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND” and the publishers are “POCKET BOOKS” on practice you feel absolute confidence in you; you can really experience the difference with positive change in your life.  You may read any books of your choice on the body language. God bless all.



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