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Integrated Foolproof Measures For Protecting HOLY COWS & PREVENTING CRUELTY ON All ANIMALS through Default Settings in Governance Systems

Integrated Foolproof Measures For Protecting HOLY COWS & PREVENTING CRUELTY ON All ANIMALS
through Default Settings in Governance Systems
Ensuring No Harm to Any Section of People & Animals; Ban Cow Vigilantes & Promote ANIMAL SEVAKS

August 2016

PART-1; REAL MEANS TO PROVIDE HONOUR TO HOLY COWS PRESERVING RELIGIOUS BELIEVES INTACT FOR GENERATIONS IN HINDUS Mandatory Animal census Village Wise/ Ward Wise, RFID Tagging of Each animal (Per & Stray), Exclusive Slaughter Houses Every Village/ Ward Wise, Mandatory Government online Permission by Animal Owner For Buying or Selling or Slaughter of their Animal; Govt Online information about the Permission to Slaughter {Hen, Duck, Goat, Sheep Etc}; Govt Animal Husbandry Dept maintain the History of the Animal Viz from Birth to Slaughter/ Death like Vaccination, Disease etc; Cow Census RFID tagging Provide Information about Milking Period & Age of the Cow...thus Preventing Animals to Either Get Abandoned or Selling to Slaughter Houses; Complete Ban on Skinning of COWS; Ban on Manufacture, Sale & Use of COW LEATHER in INDIA; Complete BAN on Slaughtering COW, Beef Manufacture, Sale/Export/Import & Consumption of BEEF in ALL STATES in INDIA as Cow is Holy in Entire INDIA; Ban Transport of Animals in Normal Trucks; Mandatory Specially Designed Semi Covered Vehicles fitted with GPS & Speed Governors & Dash Cams with Live Web Casting with Starting point & Destination information & Confirmation to Govt. Along with Online Affidavit from Seller, Buyer& Transporter About the Purpose, To reduce Cruelty towards Animals & to ensure Clear Visibility of Animals Transported Enroute; Mandatory Animals be Transported only During Day time from Sun Rise to Sun set with Mandatory Rest During Night; National Toll Free Number to Complaint About Illegal Carrying of Any Animals; Special Police Comprising of Retried Army personal to Assist Police in Nabbing Illegal Carrying of Animals Especially Hoy COWS;  Animal Cess to Maintain Cow Sheds & Mandatorily  Paying Last Respects for All Dead Animals Especially Holy COWS to Rest in Peace as Gratitude for Serving Human Being. PART-2; MEASURE TO ENSURE COW SEVAKS/ COW SHELTERS DO NOT INDULGE IN EXTORTION / CORRUPTION IN THE NAME OF HOLY COW ; MEASURE TO ENSURE HEALTH OF THE COW IS TAKEN CARE NATURALLY; MANDATORY EVERY HINDU RELIGIOUS TEMPLE & EVERY HINDU RELIGIOUS SPIRITUAL LEADERS/ TRUSTS/ MUTTS ADOPT STRAY/ORPHAN COWS IN COW SHELTERS Mandatory Registration of All So Called COW Sevaks, COW Shelters..Permission to Cow Sheds for Both personal Commercial & Charity should be based on Standard measures like availability of Space, Fresh Water Drainage System.. etc With Govt Determining Min Number of Workers, Staff, Veterinary Staff Mandatory Bank Account.. All Donations through Bank Account with Receipt and All Material Received Against Receipt in Standard format with Complete Information of Donors; All COW Sheds under CC Cameras with Live Web casting, History of Health, Death etc of COWS of Every Cow shed posted Online in Govt Web Site, Ban on Sale of COWS in the NGO/Govt COW Sheds (Stray Cows), All Milk, Cow Dung, Cow Urine Etc sold at Standard Rates to Institutions, and Govt Cow Sheds Milk Supplied Free of Cost to AnganWadies, Old Age Homes, Welfare Hostels in the Vicinity of Stray Cow Sheds; Govt Provide Tax Concessions for Donations to Cow Shelters, Mandatory Every HINDU TEMPLE in every Village / Ward Adopt One Stray Cow in COW Sheds, Provide Support for Caring that COW; Also Mandatory All HINDU Sheers/ Spiritual Trusts Adopt Stray COWS; Temples, Trusts Adopt One Stray Cow for every One Lakh Income or Minimum 5% of Annual Earnings PART-3; GOVERNMENT MUST PROVIDE COW TO EVERY BPL FAMILY AND GOVT CONSTRUCT COMMUNITY COW CENTERS IN RURAL AND URBAN AREAS PART-4;BAN SKINNING OF ANIMALS; BAN MANUFACTURE, SALE, AND PROCESSION OF LEATHER PRODUCT MADE OF COW SKIN/ OTHER SACRED ANIMALS IN INDIA PART-5; GOVERNMENT OF INDIA ENSURE COMPLETE PROTECTION NOT ONLY HOLY COW, BUT ALSO ELEPHANTS, PIGS, DOGS AS THEY TOO ARE HOLY FOR HINDU RELIGION ELSE NO BAN ON ANY ANIMAL PART-6; ENSURE COMPLETE BAN MANUFACTURE, SALE & USE OF POLYETHYLENE/PLASTIC BAGS OF ANY MICRONS IN INDIA NOT ONLY FOR ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION BUT ALSO FOR SAVING HOLY COWS FROM PREMATURE DEATHS ON ACCOUNT OF EATING PLASTIC/ POLYETHYLENE BAGS. A REAL SWATCH BHARAT/CLEAN INDIA. PART-7; THE ENORMOUS BENEFITS DUE TO ANIMAL CENSUS, RFID TAGGING, AND EXCLUSIVE SLAUGHTER HOUSES AND GOVT PERMISSION TO CUT ANY ANIMAL FOR MEAT. Contains Adulterated Milk & Meat, Contains Manufacture, Sale, Use of Oils Extracted from Animal Waste; Ensures Reduction of Health Hazards due to Stray Dogs Due to Vaccination & Sterilization of Stary Dogs; Creates More Employment Direct & Indirect  Due to RFID tagging, Periodic Vaccination, For Cutting, Lifting Waste, Converting Waste From Slaughter Houses to Dog/Fish/Poultry Feed etc PART-8; GOVT BAN FROZEN MEAT SALE & CONSUMPTION IN INDIA...BAN ON SALE OF NON VEG IN SUPER MARKETS/ GROCERY STORES; GOVERNMENT MUST PROPAGANDA ADVANTAGES OF BEING VEGETARIAN, AND CONSUMING MORE VEGETARIAN FOOD FOR NOV VEG EATERS Much More Detailed Measures in The Document.

Pradeep Kumar Kunche www.pradeepkunche.blogspot.in             www.scribd.com/pradeep_kunche 

It is ULTRA HIGH TIME That GOVERNMENT OF INDIA take immediate Measure to CONTAIN /Prevent Excess of so called self proclaimed COW VIGILANTES.. It is an open secret most of them are ANTI SOCIAL Extortionists in the Name of HOLY COW PROTECTION, Which are otherwise EXERCISING Extra CONSTITUTIONAL Powers in Connivance with the Local POLICE & Patronize by Section of Political People Tarnishing the INDIAN CONSTITUTION, Tarnishing the beliefs of BILLION HINDUS in the Country... Causing a serious threat to the Social fabric of the Country by indulging in Violence/ Atrocity on the MUSLIMS, DALITS in the name of COW when the real motives are not COW, but taking their AGE OLD RELIGIOUS/ UPPER CASTE/ UPPER ECHELON EGO/ARROGANCE TO THEIR CORE vengeance/ low view/un-touch-ability for these downtrodden/ hard bread earners (who are otherwise sacrificing themselves for giving better life for entire people living in the COUNTRY ... by way of doing Lifting of Garbage & Dead Animals, Lifting Human Excreta & Cleaning the Latrines /Manual Scavenging and also Cleaning Sewages with average life of Male in their families is 45 years and suffering with several health disorders All to ensure Hygienic, and working as Agriculture Labour and providing food for billion people when they themselves and their children are Starving) in the name of COW PROTECTION....Do Any HUMANITY Left in the So called COW VIGILANTES or in those POLITICAL & SOCIAL ORGANISATIONS, in those POLICE Who are Indirectly supporting these self proclaimed COW VIGILANTES ????? One should Hang their Head in Shame for Being born as Human Being DNA for this ATROCITY on Innocent Dalits??

As such Govt must Adopt such a System in GOVERNANCE that by Default settings in the systems/ law Ensuring HOLY COW is PROTECTED not only from PREVENTING FROM SLAUGHTERING giving respect to Religious beliefs of Majority Hindu Population as a True Democratic Nation, But also PREVENTING any one in INDIA from Consuming the BEEF/ COW MEET due to Default Settings in the System of Governance in a systematic transparent Manner, Thus ensuring No kind of Atrocity Happens on Any Section of People, Especially on Dalits, and Muslims due to the fact there is no Scope for Any Suspicion due to Transparency and Accountability in the process.. with Complete ban on the so called Self Proclaimed COW Vigilantes and Govt Promoting only Cow Sevaks Who are Really intended to Do service to the Ailing Cows in the Cow Sheds publicly, Ensuring every COW is treated like a CHILD in their FAMILY, also Worshipping the Holy COW (up to the individual HINDUS to do Worship and Govt / NGO only advise the spiritual advantages of worshipping Cow) and also all DEAD COWS After Natural death should be given Last respects by Government / NGO, as a Gratitude for Serving human beings like A MOTHER by providing milk, dung, urine ensuring Humans are Healthy etc so that the Blessings of the HOLY COW remains on all sections of people living in INDIA Especially on HINDUS, as INDIA being a MAJORITY HINDU STATE..

Real Means to Provide Honour to Holy Cows Preserving Religious Believes Intact for Generations in HINDUS

[1] Mandatory Animal census Village Wise/ Ward Wise, RFID Tagging of Each animal (Whether Per Animals or Stray Animals), Exclusive Slaughter Houses Every Village/ ward Wise, Mandatory to get Government online Permission by Animal Owner For carrying the Animal (Hen, Goat, Sheep)  to the Exclusive Slaughter House within their Territory with Govt Online information about the permission to Slaughter House in that Vicinity of Place of Rise of the Animal, or Where the Animal owner Wish to Get Slaughter of the Animal, Will Certainly Reduce Illegal Animal Slaughter.. Especially Holy Cows Cannot Be Slaughtered in INDIA..

[2] Also Govt Animal Husbandry Dept maintain the History of the Animal Viz from Birth to Slaughter/ death like Vaccination, Diseases etc; Also this measure enables that what is the time period that COW provides milk and When tentatively it stops giving milk or when the Cow is Gravely Ill and un suitable for Milking ... so that it Enables to have a watch on the Owners who are Possessing the Animals... and Get the Animals from them to the NGO/ Govt Cow sheds to feed them and to ensure All Ailing COWS  Attain natural death in COW Sheds... otherwise in the absence of this data most of the Cow owners who feel that the COW stopped Giving milk or Cow is un suitable / non profitable (feeding is more costly than the milk produced by the COW) and since their heart is nor permitting them to sell for the Slaughter Houses they  are leaving the COWS on the Streets as such there Millions of Stray Cows are in INDIA. So with Animal Census and maintainance of History of every COW will contain these Stray COWS and also every Owner of Every Animal must be Answerable for the COW/animal till it attains Natural death and cremated in Govt Animal Cemetery.

[3] Also there should be online permit from the Govt for Selling & buying the Cows, and Online permit for Transportation of the COWS ... so that there will not be any ambiguity or scope for malpractice is marginalised...

[4] Also it Should be Mandatory hence forth that All the Vehicles that are Carrying Animals be specially designed as per standard designs approved by the Government and all vehicles carrying animals especially COWS Must be Semi Opened (Not More than three Feet Height Covered at sides... and that too with only Wide Mesh on the Sides So that what all inside should be Clearly visible... And specifying Maximum limit of carrying number of Animas /COWS of Different Types within a Specific Covered Area of the Vehicle / Vehicle Type Ensuing No  Cruelty of Stuffing Animals in Small Area of Vehicles...and such vehicles must have be kept near the Ramps and COWS must be allowed to easily step into the Vehicles, with Complete Ban on Pushing the Animals/ Cows forcefully into the Vehicles

[5] Also it should be Mandatory that all the event of loading & unloading of COWS/ Any Animals into Vehicles must be VIDEO GRAPHED and made Available online Real time... Ideal under CC Camera live connected to the Govt website to prevent CRUELTY towards COWS and other Animals by just crushing the animals in limited space thus causing great trauma both mental and physical for the COW/ Animals... Also complete ban on carrying animals especially Holy COWS in Any Other type of vehicles other than designated specially made vehicles inspected and permitted by the government, it should be a non bail able criminal offence on transporter...

[6] Also it should be Mandatory that the special vehicles designed to carry the animals especially HOLY COWS must be loaded with sand At Least 1 Feet of the Vehicle Should be Filled with Sand and then Covered with Hard cloth Tarpon Cloth So that While Transporting the Vehicle The Animals are Not Subjected to much Shocks due to Vehicle Moving on the bumpy Roads.. as  animals get relevant cushioning so that they can Stand without Much Pain and also the animals can Sit / rest on the Covered sand bed in the vehicle in case possible...

[7] All Vehicles Carrying Animals must be fitted mandatorily with GPS and DASH CAMS inside the CABIN and on the loading space of the VEHICLE and the same should be online real time web casting... (in the lines of Petroleum fuel carrying TANKER vehicles to prevent pilferage of OILS from the tankers) Also All Vehicles Carrying Animals must be taken appropriate necessary measures/care to cover the vehicle to protect from Sun Radiation, Rain and Winter during Summers/Rainy Season/Winters.

[8] Also All the Vehicles Carrying Animals must have Speed Governors of 40 Km per Hour... And All the Vehicles Carrying Animals must Mandatorily Carry Water, Provide Water for Animals in the Transport..) And in case of found Illegal Animals Carrying get Impounded then the same should be Recorded with Online Real time Information in the Govt Web Site and Should Be Kept in the COW SHEDS/ Animal sheds in the Village Where the Animals get Impounded Should be Displayed in the Govt Site with RFID Numbers and Photos Animals Impounded with immediate attention of the Animal husbandry department and the welfare of the Animals must be the duty of the Govt. under the Local Elected Representative and in case of Theft Animals the same must be returned to the Owner on Identifying the RFID number... in Case the Owner Do not Want the Animal then the same should be sent to Animal Orphanage Centers ...

[9] Also all the Vehicles Carrying Animals should be Mandatorily Ply on Roads, only During day time, After Sunrise and Before Sunset.. and be stationed in the nearby Village after Sunset with information to Govt online (during Rainy Season and Winters) and the COW/ Animals must be unloaded from trucks and be allowed to rest on the Ground during break in the Journey.. it is Cruel and In human to keep the Animals in standing position for Hours together indefinitely that too without Food, water

[10]             Also Mandatory that All Vehicles Passing through the Toll Booth/ Check Post must Get Checked Physically under High Resolution CC Cameras for the Goods in the Vehicles, Also only under Video graph the The Highway Patrol Police can Stop any Suspicious Vehicle and all the Police must possess Button Cameras on their vest coat to record the Conversation online connected to Web, also Video Graph the Inspection, All inspections must be under Govt knowledge/ information... In addition required is installation of CC Cameras in All Police Stations and the CC camera feed is recorded and monitored among all levels of Police Hierarchy in the LAW and order.. In case of Any excess or negligence entire hierarchy of the police should be made liable.

[11]             Also required is National Toll Free Number for Registering any Complaints about Any suspicion, Specific Information about Illegally carrying the Animals, Especially the Holy COWS... along with separate Teams (working in tandem with local police) for preventing CRUELTY on ANIMALS especially HOLY COWS in every District, Every Highway (State & Centre) the High Way Petrol with Retired Army Personal/ Retd Police Forced, With Patrolling Vehicles to Petrol the High Ways to Catch any Suspicious Vehicles Carrying Animals Illegally.

[12]             Also ideal to form Special Fast Track Special Courts operated by Retired JUDGES to assess the PRIMARY FAULT/ Resolve the issue RELATED to ANIMAL THEFT, CRUELTY within A Week Time, with information Gathering online from All POLICE STATIONS / Special Police meant for Preventing Cruelty on Animals especially HOLY COWS across the COUNTRY. Otherwise it is really not possible For the Regular Courts to Take up this Animal Cases ... as Already over 3 core Cases Criminal & Civil cases are Pending in Courts... And without these Special courts and Delivery of Justice Within fixed Short time... it is really not possible to deliver Constitutional Justice to People... Also People lose Faith in Constitutional Justice... As it was Stated by Some section of So called Cow Vigilantes that if they go to police and courts the delivery of justice for one case of Illegal Transport of   ANIMALS take several years .. where every day there are several instance in some part of their Districts and if it is the case of Years to get justice for one illegal transport of Vehicles caught red handed to get justice  then entire Year and decades for them to handle the cases of the Illegal transport of the Animals Especially Holy Cows and they may not get justice in their life time of Average Indian life Span????? A classic Example is that the Nature & Animal lovers/ protectors  in Rajasthan namely BISHNOI  are fighting to get justice in the infamous BLACK BUCK  case for  near about two decades and wasting their time money energy?????... What every may be the  Judgement ... but judgement must be delivered in fixed time frame and in case the Aggrieved party feels that Justice not delivered to them they can appeal in the higher courts???? As such it is very necessary that Special police and Special courts with Fixed Short time frame to deliver Justice is very need of the hour ... if Govt is really Serious to Protect the Holy Cows and prevent Illegal Slaughter of Animals and Respect Majority HINDU population Beliefs then they should Immediately Make Law in this Regard.

[13]             Also Govt must Levy Severe Punishments for Violation of Any norms either By the Animal Owners or By the Buyers Or by the Transporters or By the Slaughter Houses or By the So called Self Proclaimed COW VIGILANTE with Equal punishment for violation of Govt Norms in Protecting COWS/ Animals  or Causing HARM to the Holy COWS/ Animals  or negligence in taking care of HEALTH of Holy COWS in COW SHEDS whether they are individual house hold or private/ NGO  or Govt COW SHEDS  to reduce occurrence of Violations...

[14]             Also It should be a non bail able Criminal office on the lines of NIRBHAYA ACT to prevent ATROCITIES ON HOLY COW/Cruelty on Animals with Life Imprisonment for persons Steeling/Theft of COW or Illegally CARRYING / TRANSPORTING COW or SELLING BEEF or Cooking BEEF or eating BEEF or Even exhibiting BEEF in COOKING Television Shows.

[15]             Also Government of INDIA Must Ensure All States implements the COW laws / Animal Cruelty Law Equally Else it is nothing but State itself Promoting Violence in the name of COW... As in INDIA for All HINDUS Cow in every State is same, and Holy every where?????it is really STRANGE,  That  in some States Cow is Holy and other States People Cut the Cow sell the Cow meant in Open Markets and Serve the Cow meat dishes for Consumption publicly is Nothing but Violation of CONSTITUTION??? Equality of Law Should Persist either Impose ban on Cow Slaughter All States or Lift Ban on All States... But Since INDIA s MAJORITY HINDU State it is ideal to impose COW SLAUGHTER in All States in INDIA.

[16]             Govt must create a Designated CEMETERY in every Mandal for the last rights of the All Dead Animals, specially Dead Cows as per HINDU RELIGIOUS Norms to ensure their Soul’s Rest in Peace, After all they served the Human being by providing Milk, dung, urine and Contributed for the Wellbeing of Human Being like a MOTHER so it is the basic minimum humanity for the Human beings to Provide Last respects with Dignity to rest in Peace for Holy Cows.. and it should be made MANDATORY that All HOLY COWS on Attain Death due to any reason must be CREMATED as it was in the same condition at the time of Death without Dissecting the body of the HOLY COW for Skin, meat, etc, which is otherwise inhuman, also nothing sort of gravely flouting religious beliefs...

[17]             Also ideal that Govt Impose Animal Cess/ Cow Cess on Petrol and electricity Bills.. And the Amounts Generated must be used to not only feed the Cows in Govt COW SHELTERS... But Also providing Cows to the BPL Families Across INDIA and Construction and Maintainance of Community Cow Centers both in Rural Areas and in Urban Areas and to Raise the Grass and other Food for these BPL owned CCC... Also for Vaccination of Stray Animals Especially the Stray Dogs. Also for Lifting of Dead Animals from the Streets and Habitations and for Creating the Animal Cemeteries and paying last Respects for the Dead Animals... All these measure ensure Not only providing Milk proteins or the Malnourished BPL children and BPL Mothers, But Also providing Milk extracted from the COW Shelters for the Anganwadis and Old Age Homes and Social Welfare Hostels... in Addition preventing the health hazards like Rabbis due to bites of Stray Dogs as they are vaccinated and Sterilised due to RFID tagging and Also getting All the Dead Animals lifted every day so that spread of Communicable Diseases are Controlled to a Great Extent in addition paying Last Respects to Animals will provide Lot of Peace to Al Sections in INDIA

[18]             Also it should necessary that Government provide All safety Gears like Hand gloves, Apron, masks and Disinfectants etc to the staff who are engaged in lifting and disposing of the Dead Animals... and also there should be separate designated vehicles to carry dead Animals in Adequate number in every Mandal/ Block... All the Vehicles Carrying Dead Animals must be Fully covered And designed in such a way that no king of liquids from the dead animals will drain out from the vehicles vehicle transporting to the Cemetery from the place of dead... Also it should be mandatory that All the Vehicles Carrying dead animals must be washed and disinfected every day.. and the All the vehicles cleaning etc should be under CC camera Monitoring... Also Government must ensure Mechanised lifting of the dead Animals as far as possible so that govt ensure gradual reduction of manual lifting of the dead Animals... Also govt must Engage on regular Employment bases for clearing of the Dead Animals.. and there should be at least 2 Employee in every village / ward to lift the Dead Animals... Also govt must provide Full health care insurance and periodic health check up for the Employees Engaged in lifting the Dead Animals... Also ideal that Government provide Alternative Employment for those Dalits Who are Relived from lifting of Dead Animals  either through Skill Training in any field of their Choice or provide Fertile Agriculture land  for Cultivation....Also Govt must provide Toll Free number for informing the Government About any dead Animal so that within few hours the Dead Animal is lifted from the Spot Safely...Also it should be the responsibility of the Local Elected Representatives, RWA, Patrolling Police,  to inform to the Govt Toll free number regarding any dead Animal found in the streets or in the habitations... Also it should be mandatory responsibility of the individual house hold to inform o the government toll free number for dead of any of their pet animals like dogs, cats etc  the Government   And in case the Animals are Living in the habitations which are otherwise RFID tagged and in the Animal census ...(of course the RFID tagging of all animals in the habitation and Animal census will certainly know about the Approximate life span of the Animals that are Raised in the individual house hold depending up on the bread and every house hold should be answerable for the Animal in case the animal is Disappeared/ Missing ... in case the Animal is lost they should complain it to the Govt online within 24 hours of Incidence so that Govt will Help in Tracing the Animal {living or found dead anywhere in that vicinity} and Also this measure ensures illegal killing/ Slaughter of Any Animals Raised by Any section of People)  or any how All the Animals in the Dairy Farm or COW Sheds etc are RFID tagged as such Govt Dead Animal lifting Employees should read the RFID tag of the Dead Animal and put on record the details of the dead animal and remove the dead Animal.. Also All the dairy farms, Cow  Shelter must be Answerable for Count of the Animals so that they cannot cremate or Dispose of any dead Animal on their own... it should be mandatory to inform about the dead Animals to the Government and All dead Animals must be lifted and cremated by the Govt Staff engaged in this regard...violation of this norm should be Non Bail able Criminal Offence... this measure certainly reduces illegal slaughter of Animals..  Also this measure reduces the Health Disorders in Millions of people... Also this measure Reduces Spread of any Communicable diseases due to bacteria/ viruses generated out of the rotten dead Animals lying in the Habitations without notice. in addition this measure ensures All dead Animals are Safely Disposed with paying Last Respects And thus reduces contamination of the Water bodies or Soils in the vicinity of the Habitations to a great Extent.


Measure to ENSURE COW SEVAKS/ COW SHELTERS Do not Indulge in Extortion / Corruption in the Name of Holy COW;

Ban on COW VIGILANTE/ GAU RAKSHAK, Non Bail able Criminal Offence to Run Gau Rakshak Dal

Measure to Ensure Health of the COW is Taken Care Naturally

Mandatory Every HINDU RELIGIOUS TEMPLE & Every HINDU religious Spiritual Leaders/ Trusts/ Mutts must Adopt Orphan COWS in COW Shelters

1)    Govt must make it Mandatory that So called COW SHELTERS Maintained by the Govt./ Private/ NGO must get registered with Govt... Govt should fix the number of COWS in Any Shelter Based on the Availability of the Water, Space, Sheds... Men to Clean the Cow Dung etc also by Animal Husbandry Dept permission and Periodic Vaccination... and also Ensure None of the Cow Shelters Adjacent/ Middle of the Residential Habitations... and and Must get inspected by the Govt Dept to Run the COW SHELTER periodically to ensure no Cow Shelters Flout the Stipulated Basic Norms...

2)    Govt Implement Strict Ban on So called COW VIGILANTE or GAU RAKSHAK DAL’s Across the Country... Complete Ban any private organisation or individuals chasing vehicles, harassing individual’s n the name of Protecting Cows should be a Non Bail Able Criminal Offence Along with On proven Charges should get Life TIME Life Imprisonment for trying to cause Violence in Society... And Govt Suspend All Police Who Act in Connivance with these Anti Social MAFIAS ... It should be mandatory for the Police to Register a Case / Act on information only if the individual is Identified as Gau Sevaks Registered with Government... How every in every Check post Police Can Check for Authenticity of the Animal, origin, destination RFID numbers of Animals as per Govt Permit etc can be verified to prevent Illegally carrying Animals by Smugglers or by thief’s  or the Illegal Slaughter Houses. But no individual or no private or Social Organisation is Allowed to be Part of the So Called interception of vehicles etc ... If Police get information on Chasing the vehicles or from non Registered Gau Sevaks then Police should take them immediately into custody and file a case Against them... Also in case police found that the Registered Gau Sevaks misled the police then case should be registered on the person for wasting time of police.   

3)    Also all the So called COW SEVAKS/ COW SHELTER staff Govt must provide Bar Coded Unique ID card with their details Made available on the internet and Mobile App as per Village wise/ Ward wise and their territorial limits of so called COW SEVAKS for public info and also for info for the Vehicles Carrying the Animals.

4)    Also it should be made mandatory that so called COW SEVAKS must do daily (at least twice in a week) cleaning in COW SHELTERS in their territory to be eligible to become a Volunteer COW SEVAK  recognised/ registered by Govt, under CC Camera Recording with Live Web casting.

5)    Also Govt must take an affidavit from the So called COW SEVAKS/ COW SHEDS STAFF (including the so called Special COW Ministries in Govt’s) Swearing on their Living Parents, Swearing on their Siblings, their spouse and their Children that they will not indulge in any acts Tarnishing Believes/Sentiments of BILLION HINDU PEOPLE and innocent HOLY COWS NEVER EVER be used for their Criminal crooked earnings for their personal enjoyment while causing severe pain to the Holy COWS in this process, nor they never ever indulge in CORRUPTION in the Name of HOLY COW to earn Money in the name of HOLY COW...All this is necessary to at least  contain these section of people morally not to indulge in Extortion/Corruption in the name of Holy COW.

6)    Also it should be Made Mandatory that the So called GAU SEVAKS, NGOS must declare in an Affidavit their individual, family and also their organisation income... their Assets fixed & movable.. Source of income to purchase the assets... any foreign tours made... etc he same should be made online in the web site for public scrutiny...

7)    Also an Affidavit must be taken from all so called COW SEVAKS, COW SHED NGOS / COW SHELTER STAFF that either they themselves or their family members never purchase or wear any items made of COW LEATHER, or never eat any items which are made DEAD COWS / BEEF FAT in INDIA or in ABROAD... (only permitted to buy, use is COW URINE, COW DUNG made products)  All such Affidavits must be displayed in the Govt Website for Public understanding and Scrutiny.

{as it is a fact that Many MNC Company FAST FOOD JOINTS SERVE even VEGETARIAN FOODS Like POTATO CHIPS/ FINGER CHIPS Fried in BEEF FAT oil for taste which is prevalent in foreign countries... doubtful whether they do the same in INDIAN Outlets ????? as such As suggested in my Doc “Measures to contain Food Adulteration” 2015 July that All the Ingredients used in food preparation must be made visible on the MENU, in addition on their web site and every restaurant/ packed food processing must be under the CC camera with live web casting and also every food processing unit/ Restaurant must have one QUALITY control person to certify the quality of the INGREDIENTS used in the Food processing .... All these measures necessary to prevent use of oils/ fats made of BEEF used in INDIA By the MNC fast food joins or MNC food processing products manufactured in India/ imported and Sold in INDIA}

8)    Also it should be made Mandatory that COW must be transported only after the Seller & Buyer sends an ONLINE Along affidavit that the COW is not meant for slaughter and only to Care, for Milk, For Religious Purpose etc (with RFID number of COW so that Health History of the COW is known to the buyer as well as Govt whether Cow is still giving Milk or Whether Cow is Sick etc )... as specified in the Govt to permit the Cow Transport... with Complete Address of the Seller & buyer without this transport should be Illegal.. in Addition the Transporter also must Provide online Affidavit to the Govt to get Permit to Transport the Animals / Cow...after Providing details of seller, buyer and vehicle intended for Transport of Animals (Specially designed vehicle Permitted by Govt ) etc..

9)    Also All the Animal/COW transport must be online registered with the Govt. With starting place and destination place and Route they are Going... so that All the Local Police will be Informed about this COW/ Animal transport.. and any so called Registered Cow Sevaks get Any inform from any one that COWs are Transported Illegally they should alert the Police/ Online Complaint, and it is the duty of the Authorities to intercept the vehicles and inspect the vehicle under video graph in the presence of Local territorial So called Registered COW Sevaks.... in case Wrong information then the So called COW SEVAKS must be penalised for wasting the time of the POLICE. 

10)                Also Govt must get an online Affidavit from the so called COW SHEDS/ COW SEVAK VOLUNTEERS either in Govt/ Private that they will not indulge in any illegal activities with list of illegal acts mentioned in it and also care the Cows and any negligence by them in the event of any death /Harm to the COW they are individually and Collectively responsible and liable for CRIMINAL OFFENCE of causing ILL HEALTH/ INJURY/ DEATH Of HOLY COW thus causing SEVERE PAIN to BILLION PEOPLE.

11)                Also govt must Fix the type of construction of Cow Sheds (covered area), the minimum area per COW... the Cow food storage area/ Fresh Water Storage area... the Wash area for the Cows, the cow dung collection/ storage area, the minimum number and maximum number of trained labour to care the Cows and cleaning the area, the number of supervisory staff.. Uniform Minimum Salary for the Staff, the number of veterinary doctors/ staff to care the COW’s the daily updates on the  internet regarding the activities and also live CC camera recordings of the COW Sheds premises 24/7... And more or less the COW Sheds should be like a DAIRY FARM operations...

12)                Also it should be Mandatory that All Cow Sheds should be very Natural i.e Natural Soil Covered On the top and Sides to few feet... Also the entire Compound/ fencing of the Cow Sheds area should be planted with NEEM trees, EUCALYPTUS trees and Also TULSI trees ... Also every Cow shed should have Tulsi trees and Lemon Grass grown in Rows protected with Soft Wire Mesh in the Cow sheds across length, breath, and in the middle of Cow Sheds where cows are Residing ... to ensure that Flies, Mosquitoes and other insects are naturally Repel due to the fragrance of TULSI / BASEL plant and also due to LEMON GRASS... So that Health of the Animals Taken Care to maximum extent Naturally

13)                Also Government must ensure Maximum reduction of use of Chemical Cleaning agents for Cleaning COW sheds and instead Govt must make it mandatory that All cow Sheds must be Cleaned with Natural pesticides like grinding the Neem leafs, eucalyptus leafs and mixed in the water Daily... so that the COW are not Affected by the Chemicals in the Daily cleaning agents... Also at least once in two weeks that every COW/ Animal should be Given bath with water mixed with Turmeric power to act as Natural Healing Agent for Any wounds and also to reduce effect of any fungus/ bacteria formation on the Animal Skins...Also all the Soil in and Around the COW sheds must be treated Periodically with Natural Insecticides like DIATOMS EARTH to prevent formation of mites/ ants/ any fungus, etc on the surface of the soil where Cows are Residing or moving... Govt must make these procedures mandatory for even individuals who are Raising COWS/ OX Etc in their home/ Agriculture Field ... Also the same should be Adopted by the DAIRY FARMS

14)                Also Govt must Do GEO Mapping of all the So called GAU SHALAS/ COW SHELTERS, every details of the Cow Shed and its Employees must be made online, also the details of Health of the Cows any Health issues/ injuries and Disposal of Dead Cows, Reason for Death of the Cow in the Sheds must be Recorded by the Govt Animal Husbandry Doctors.... and Immediate Disposal of the Dead Cows

15)                Also Government must Raise Animal Food Grade Grass in Empty Barren lands Belonging to Govt/ PSU... either Govt on its own or Allow People/ NGO / Gau Sheds to Raise as A part of Rain feed Cultivation... and Provide the Feed free/ nominal cost to All the Govt/ Ngo Operated Stary Animal/ Cow Shelters.. in Addition to the Community Cow Centers meant for COWS belonging to BPL families...   This measure Will certainly Reduce the Load on Conventional Grass Food cultivation for Animal feed.... Also Govt should ban Cultivation of Grass / Animal food / Source Animal Grass/ Food raised in BLACK WATERS  or Raised in the vicinity of the INDUSTRIES.. As they are fully polluted and by eating such grass/food there is every possibility Animal / Cow is subjected to Slow Poison due to harmful chemicals and pensions passing into the Body of the Animal/ Cow through eating such food.. and the same is transmitted to Humans .. especially the Children through milk harming the Children.. in Addition in other Animals like Goat etc through their meat... As such govt must impose Ban on cultivation/ Sourcing of Food raised in the BLACK WATERS/STAGNATED waters or near the water bodies of the Industrial Estates or Big Industries... Also it should be Mandatory that All the COW sheds and Dairy farms must mention online the details f Sourcing of the Food offered to the Animals/ COW in order to make sure they will not feed such poisonous, harmful feed to the Animals/Holy Cows.

16)                Also govt must ban taking the Animals especially the Holy Cows and Milking BUFFALOS near to the contaminated Water Bodies and allow then to graze near the Contaminated/ Black  Water Bodies or near t the Industrial Zones and Also complete ban of Cleaning/ bathing Animals/Buffalos in Water Bodies whether Fresh Water Bodies or Black water bodies. Also Govt must put sign boards at several locations near the Water Bodies regarding the level of Dissolved Oxygen in the Water Bodies and the same should be made online in the Govt web site by Geo Mapping the water Bodies.. and also propaganda in the village Panchaysts and Wards regarding this and also through local radio the dangers of taking animals in these Low oxygen content  Contaminated water Bodies ... Also govt must ban Animal owners allowing to make their Animals drink the contaminated Waters....Also it should be made mandatory whether the NGO operated Cow shelter or the Dairy farms or Individual own the Animals the Source of water for feeding the Animals and Also the Quality of the water they are providing should be made online daily in the Govt website as it is a fact that Quality of water intake decides the Quality of the milk produced as consumption of impure water by the milking animals leads to traces of these chemicals in the milk and consuming such milk is harmful to the health of the people who are consuming. 

17)                Also all the Milk Extracted, All the Cow Dung, Cow Urine etc from the Pvt Operated/ NGO operated COW SHEDS (from stray Cows) must be sold under Record and the same amounts should be deposited in the Trust Account., all by-products (used for preparation of medicine or natural pesticides for agriculture ) must be sold at the Govt fixed Local Rates only by All private / NGO operated COW SHELTERS  (for All ORPHAN COWS)

18)                Also the Milk Produced by the Govt Run Cow shelters should be distributed to AnganWadies, old age homes, to Social Welfare Hostels or the Govt run schools in that Vicinity or even to the Govt Hospital Patients after due testing for their quality.

19)                All the So called COW SHELTER should have Bank Account and All the So called DONATIONS Amounts towards Protecting COWS should be received through Bank only with Monthly information to Govt... GOVT Must provide TAX Exemption for Donations for COW RISING in the COW SHELTERS for STRAY COWS; Also the Amounts of Salaries to Staff of Cow Sheds and Feed Suppliers  must be routed through Govt ... to Ensure Staff are Paid Salaries every month... Also the Animals are Provided Adequate Feed Daily. As such it should be Mandatory that All COW SHEDS should have a Joint Bank account with Govt (only to get information of Transaction.. however the Cheque power should rest with private/NGO)... But All Salaries must be Deposited in Separate Govt Account.

20)                Also in case of any individuals/ organisations wish to provide in Kind / material for COW SHEDS / SHELTERS for COW SEVA they should be only by taking the VOTER ID & PAN number of the person who is providing the MATERIAL/PROVISIONS in KIND, every material received should be issued a proper Receipt by the COW SHELTER Administration and ALL details of all donations in cash or kind against receipts must be made online for public scrutiny

21)                Also All the COW SHELTER premises (including office where the  material received in KIND of both Govt run and Private / NGO run ) should be under CC Camera Surveillance with Live Web casting for Public Scrutiny  

22)                Also Ideal that Govt makes A scheme for Adoption of Stray Cows residing in COW SHELTERS by the Individuals or Institutions (by Private temple trusts like Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam... Shirdi Sai Sansthan .. Gurudwaras ... etc and All Animal protection NGO’s and all the Religious Mutts like Kanchi Mutt... Shri Satya Sai Baba Sansthan Etc.... (in addition to their own Cow Shelters if at all maintained by them) and there should be Minimum Expenses to be borne by the Adaptor for Raising the COW in the COW shelters... Otherwise it is a SHAME on the Part of the So called HINDU Religious Trusts to Say any Word about Hindu Religion when they Do not Have Heart to Adopt Stray Animals especially Holy COWS??? Do only COWS raised inside their Premises are considered as GAU MATA / Holy COW and all Stray/ Orphan COWS are not Holy for them??? Is this What HINDU Religion is in their View????If it is the case there is no moral authority with them to Preach About HINDU RELIGION to Any section of people, or anywhere in the Country/Globe and Govt must Ban them from preaching Religion and Cancel the licence of their Trusts and Barred from Receiving Donations from the Public.; Also All the Payments made to Adopt & Protection of Stray Cows in any Cow Sheds (operated by Govt or Private or NGO) by these Sheers should be Mandatorily Routed Through Government.

23)                Also it should be Mandatory that every Temple in INDIA Must Adopt at least One Stray COW and the Number of COWS that one Temple should adopt should depend up on the annual Income of the Temple obtaining from public money with every one lakh income earned by Temple at least one Cow they should Adopt.. or minimum  5% of the turnover of the temple should be used for COW adoption/ Raising of the Stray Cows (by All Temple trusts either in Govt endowments department or Private run temples situated in INDIA) Failure to Adopt at least one Stray/ Orphan COW by every HINDU temple in India is nothing Short of insulting the HINDU Religious texts by these HINDU RELIGIOUS TEMPLE TRUSTS...Since HINDU RELIGIOUS Texts Depict that HOLY COW is A symbol of 3 CRORE (30 Million) Gods & Goddesses (which was propaganda by GAU BHAKTS, GAU SEVAKS and also so called self styled COW VIGILANTES), if Every Single Hindu Temple Do not Want to Adopt a least one Orphan/Stray COW then Govt SHOULD ban propaganda of COW PROTECTION and COW WORSHIP in INDIA ??? Religion should not be applied as per Convince for Earning in the Name of religion without doing Any tangible hard productive work/ following What was Depicted in Ancient SACRED/HOLY HINDU RELIGIOUS TEXTS?????? Otherwise it is nothing short of EXTORTION in the name of RELIGION promoted by the STATE????? Which is Also violation of Constitution???; Also All the Payments made to Adopt & Protection of Stray Cows in any Cow Sheds (operated by Govt or Private or NGO) by HINDU TEMPLES should be Mandatorily Routed Through Government.

24)                Also All the data of the Hindu Religious Temples and Hindu Religious Spiritual Trusts and Spiritual Leaders must be made available in the Govt Web site every village wise & ward wise in addition their Income and Expenditure Statements must be made available to the public and also the details of orphan/ stray COW/ Animal Adopted by them from among the Stray COWS staying in COW shelters operated by Govt or Private Trusts... with RFID number of the Cow and their Monthly / Annual Contribution towards the welfare of the COW should be made Public through providing details online in the designated Govt website for Public understanding and scrutiny...

25)                Also Common citizens can also adopt the COWS in their Local territory and Govt Provide minimum Standard Tax Concession for Adopting A Stray COW/ ANIMAL..... Another Scheme to Adopt the COWS by providing their time/ service for feeding the COWS, cleaning the COWS and COW Sheds etc... All such people Should be felicitated by the Government for doing free service and by contributing there had earnings for religious causes 

26)                Also it should be a criminal offence to Sell the Cows in the COW SHELTERS to any one, which should be a Complete Ban...; in addition it should be criminal offence to Transfer the COWS from Cow shelter to another individual or another COW SHELTER without informing the Govt...

27)                Also ideal that All the COW Shelters must Permit the Worshipping of COWS in their Premises on Designated Time and Designated Days and in that process they can get Earnings which were Voluntarily offered by the Devotees...

28)                Also it should be a CRIMINAL OFFENCE to rent out the COWS in the Cow Shelters for Any activity by any individuals or institutions such as for Go pooja in individuals houses on any occasion including the New Housewarming ceremonies etc or for for ay Cinema/ TV Serial Film shooting purposes etc.... However under Govt permission the Private individuals Who own the Cows or any Dairy Farms can rent their Cow for Pooja/ Film Shooting which should be a non harming one and All Stray Cows taking shelter in the COW SHELTERS should be strictly barred from such commercial Acts... In case of Any injury or Harm due to Film Shooting for Any Holy Cow anywhere in INDIA, the Entire team engaged in that film shooting should be liable for Criminal offence for Harming HOLY COW for their personal profit & negligence.


Government must Provide COW to every BPL Family and Govt Construct Community Cow Centers in Rural and Urban Areas

Ref My Doc Health Care For All .. Sep 2012 Page 79 to 82

In order to ensure that the supply of milk will take place for the welfare hostels, Anganwadi Kendra’s and the old age homes the milking cows should be supplied by the government in appropriate number based on the strength of the children, old aged people, which are to be maintained at the community cow centres to be operated by the Gram Panchayat. It should be the duty of the Gram Panchayat to maintain the Rural Community Cow Centres (RACK) and provide the milk and the accountability of the milk supply etc. It the responsibility of the Village revenue official (VRO) and Mandal Revenue officer (MRO) to monitor the supply of the milk to the welfare hostels, Anganwadi Kendra’s and the old aged homes, also ensure the RCCC is maintained hygienically etc. Also the government must provide free veterinary service for all the community cow centres. There should be proper accountability of the milk collected and supplied by creating accountability to the Gram panchayat and with proper checks and balances.

Also the government must ensure milk production at all the places are improved substantially. In order to ensure the milk supplied is genuine and original and pure, government must make it mandatory that all the milking supplying units to get the registered with the government Milking Cattle Information Centre (MCIC), through the help of the animal husbandry department at each and every village and the dairy farms. Government must maintain mandatorily the cow census to arrive the population of the milking cows and the total natural milk production in the country based on the average milk production of each cow, in order to achieve this cattle should be given a specific number tagged with Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) tag which cannot be duplicated locally as each tag has unique number which can be read only by the electronic reader (this will help the cattle owners to identify their cattle when it is missed), All the cattle owners (more than 12 million) shall be given a electronic card to be swiped at the village dairy cooperative societies (over 1,10,000) while delivering the milk to record the milk provided by the individual owner of the cattle. All the data of the milking cows should be separated and the average milk production can be arrived. All the dairy milk suppliers should mandatorily supply the milk in the packs only. All the milk supply should be registered in the MCIC about the collection details from the individual cattle owners and the dairy from. This will ensure that over production of the milk supply is natural, safe pure milk is supplied to the consumers. Also this will ensure fair price for the milk is paid to the owner of the cattle. Also this will ensure that the milk production enhancement by artificially by injections of banned oxytocin (The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals- PCA Act of 1960 has made indiscriminate use of oxytocin, a punishable offence of Rs 1000 fine, 2 years jail) to the milking Cowes will be drastically reduced as the original data of the cow is known to the MCIC and will asses that which breed of cow will give what quantity in normal circumstances on an average. Also due to mandatory prescription of the doctor to deliver the medicine at the pharmacy centres will ensure such medical drug injections which will boost the milk production temporarily will be curtailed totally. Also government must bring stringent law for the adulteration of milk in what so ever manner.

Also government must make a long plan to achieve the milking cattle at each BPL population, can be achieved with providing the milking cattle to each BPL family in the villages to be maintained in the Rural community cow centres (RCCC).

In order to provide the cattle with nutritious feed to yield good milk production the government must provide the free seeds of high nutrient grass like Napier etc which has posses high nutrient values and resistant to pests (there is an acute shortage of green fodder over 60% and dry crop residues over 20%, as such the government must mandatorily allocate / reserve over 100 acres of land in every village for the cultivation of fodder to the cattle.) to the CCC to be maintained by the Gram Panchayat. The cow ruminants (cow dung) should be used to produce the goober gas and the slurry can be used as a fertilizer to the nearby fields. As far as the urban poor are concerned the government must form the Urban Community Cow Centres (UCCC) in the villages adjacent to the towns and cities. All these UCCC should cater the needs of the children in the slum dwellings and the Anganwadi Kendra’s in the towns and cities. The maintenance of these UCCC should be the municipal administration as well as the group of the slum dwellers on rotation bases.

These Measures ensure Every BPL family in the Country get some proteins in the form of Milk, Curd etc and certainly reduction in infant mortality rate and also prevent malnourishment in children, also improves health of the girl child, pregnant women and nourishing mothers, in addition also improves health of the aged people in the BPL families... in addition may get some additional income to better use for various other purposes to improve quality of their life. All leading to Health GenNxt and thus Over All Sustained development of INDIA occurs n Due Course.


Ban Manufacture, Sale, and Procession of LEATHER PRODUCT MADE OF COW SKIN/ Other Sacred Animals in INDIA

1)    It is UTTER HYPOCRISY, CRIMINAL on the part of the PEOPLE to tell that only when the COW is giving milk it is GODDESS and HOLY and it should be protected and once COW Stops giving MILK it should be sold to the SLAUGHTER HOUSES for SLAUGHTER for USING Holy COWS Flush FOR MAKING BEEF and exporting to other countries??? or once COW is dead whether it is a either STRAY or PET Cow in the homes or DAIRY Farms then they can be USED to get money out of the HOLY COW DEAD BODY By selling the SKIN For MANUFACTURING of Leather Articles?? HOW FAR these acts are JUSTIFIABLE?? Especially for those so called self proclaimed COW VIGILANTES/ COW PROTECTORS??? And none of the PEOPLE With Minimum Religious Belief / Humanity will never ever JUSTIFY THIS HYPOCRISY??

2)     As such Govt must ban SKINNING of Dead COWS to ensure that believes of 100 core HINDU population Who consider COW as HOLY,  Skinning of Dead HOLY COW is nothing short of Ill treatment of HOLY COW and TARNISHING of HINDU RELIGIOUS BELIEFS??? As such compete ban of Skinning of HOLY COW/ any other dead animal, were consumption of their meat is banned in INDIA (whether Wild Animals or pet animals) like OX/BULLOCK, TIGERS, ELEPHANTS, CAMEL, Etc etc); However Skinning of Goats, sheep’s that are PERMITTED LEGALLY TO CONSUME FOR MEAT, can be permitted for SKINNING that too only on the online approval of the government for Doing so.

3)    Also Govt must ensure Closure of Tanneries Engaged in Using Dead Cow Skins in INDIA (However permit all those who process Goat or Sheep skin) ... Also govt Must ban All tanners near the Water bodies and Complete Monitoring of the water use and discharge of Processed water from the TANNERIES .. Ensuring all processed water from the Tanneries are Treated well before discharge.. and Also ensure no water from tanneries get discharged into fresh water lakes or Rivers as every river is HOLY for HINDUS ????? also to contain fresh water CONTAMINATION on account of these animal Skin flesh processed water from the tanneries polluting the fresh water bodies where the water is used for cultivation/ drinking by the humans????...

4)    Also govt must make it mandatory that All industries engaged in manufacture of Foot ware / Lather articles like wallets, bags etc  must get Registered in the govt  and mandatory to print the Information about the type of leather and source of leather used for manufactured.. In addition also All the leather article manufactures Must provide Online daily account of quantity of leather used and waste generated and disposal of the waste generated... Also govt must make it mandatory that all the Employees engaged in the Leather processing in the tanneries or employees engaged in the processing of Leather and manufacture of leather based products like foot wear bags etc must get health care from the Employers .. in addition periodic health checkups and maintaining records of all the Employees health care individually and by the government .. in order to ensure they are not subjected to health disorders on account of prolonged exposure to the leather and also using the chemical additives in wile making the leather products... Also government must ensure All the leather processing units or leather product manufacture units are fully ventilated and ensue the quality of air is fresh and more oxygen available for All the employees and Govt must make mandatory fixed number of employees per given space in the processing unit... and All processing units must be far way from living habitations/ industrial zones to reduce the contamination on account of leather processing.      

5)    Complete ban on sale, use of the Leather Articles like BAGS, PURSES, and FOOT WEAR Etc made up of skin of banned Animals Skin like COW/ CALF, TIGER, ELEPHANT, CAMEL etc...  and Govt must ban imports of any articles made of such banned Animal leather; Also Govt ban Advertisements in print and Electronic and Social Media about Such Items Made of banned Leather.

6)    Also govt must ban import/manufacture/export, sale, use and procession of any articles made of Animal remains like HORNS, TUSKS bones of Any animals in the INDIAN TERRITORY.

7)    Also Govt must make it Mandatory to File online affidavit from people Already possessing such articles to declare to Govt; Also ideal that Govt must impose heavy fine every year to get retain such Leather articles by the people... in case failure declare Affidavit to Govt, or failure to pay the annual tax on such items, in case found possessing or wearing/ carrying should attract non bail able criminal offence with rigorous imprisonment, else they can surrender the items they possess and get destroyed in presence of the Govt  or sell those items in the foreign countries to avoid paying Annual tax.


GOVERNMENT OF INDIA Ensure COMPLETE PROTECTION not only HOLY COW, But Also ELEPHANTS, PIGs, DOGs As they too are Holy for HINDU Religion Else No kind of BAN on Any Animal???

1)    Also Govt of INDIA must ensure all ANIMAL SLAUGHTER under Central Government.... and impose Ban of COW Slaughter/ Ban Eating BEEF in All States Across INDIA otherwise it is nothing but Tarnishing HINDU religious beliefs by GOI as Cow is holy across INDIA and not in selected States??? Also at the same time It is UTTER HYPOCRISY that If Cows are only Holy not other Animals...After All INDIA is a Country with Various Diversified Religious beliefs in HINDU Religion????, As Such Govt must impose Ban on Slaughter of All Such Animals which are Considered as SACRED By HINDUS and other Religious people living in INDIA or else Lift Ban on COW Slaughter???? But Since INDIA i.e BHARAT is Majority HINDU populated State Govt should Not only IMPOSE ban on COW Slaughter but also on other Sacred Animals Whose AVATAR or incarnation is Worshiped in HINDU RELIGION.

2)    Also Govt must Ban Raise/ Slaughter/ Eating PORK/ Pig MEAT as PIG is considered as VARAHA The Avatar of Lord VISHNU as per HINDU Religion, especially for SOUTH INDIANS as Shri VARAHA LAKSHMI NARASIMHA SWAMY Temple Situated in SIMHACHALAM of VISAKHAPATNAM District of Andhra Pradesh State was Major Deity for Millions of People living in Andhra Pradesh & Parts of Orissa.... Also Shri VARAHA NRUSIMHA SWAMY is the ASTANA DEITY of Tirumala Venkateswara (BALAJI) Temple, where First Prayers and Darshan should be offered/Done to this Deity who is residing In front of the Lord Venkateswara, which is a Custom Practiced by TTD and MILLIONS of VISITORS daily as per AGAMA SHASTRA / HINDU RELIGIOUS TEXTS....if Govt Allowing People to CUT & EAT PIG is nothing Short of STATE INSULTING the Majority Population i.e HINDUS in the COUNTRY??? As such selective BAN on COW SLAUGHTER is meaningless???? So Govt either BAN PIG Slaughter and Consumption of PIG meat in INDIA or lift Ban on COW SLAUGHTER... but Since INDIA is a majority HINDU Country and in any DEMOCRACY Majority peoples opinion/ wish should PREVAIL.. So Govt must ban Slaughter of COWS In addition Also ban Slaughter of PIGS.

3)    Also Govt must ban DOG Slaughter/Eating Dog Meat across India as DOG is considered as GOD KALA BHAIRAVA as per HINDU religion, and MAJORITY of the House HOLD in India Irrespective of religion, caste RAISE PET DOGS and they raise the PET DOGS with UTMOST CARE considering them as their CHILD and FAMILY MEMBER for the reason that DOGS provide UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to the family members and a BIGGEST NATURAL STRESS BUSTER for the family who raises DOGS  and it is fact that Many of the HEALTH DISORDERS IN THE PRESENT ERA are Stress Related...; If DOG Slaughter/ Eating DOG MEAT is not banned in INDIA which was otherwise prevalent in some parts of INDIA especially in some NORTH EAST STATES... then it will lead to huge LAW and order Problem like HOLY COWS as there is every danger that in case pet dogs in MAIN LAND suddenly missing then people do Suspicion on the NE people living in that vicinity.. and every possibility of causing attacks on them possible??? Similarly if any Govt or Private Employee who raises pets like Family members transferred to NE state (where Dog meat is Consumed), then if their DOGS suddenly disappear, for the reason of thief’s or Strangers  catch the PET DOG and Cut and Cook the DOGS meat and enjoy?????? Then do any one who treats the DOG as family member will leave the issue without TAKING REVENGE with suspicion on their maid or on neighbours etc???? After all the Local police may be due to callousness  may not deliver justice to them in such cases as in the NE state Eating DOG meat is allowed in the absence of LAW banning Slaughter and Consumption of DOG MEAT??? As such these pet DOGS owners may take same stand as so called present COW VIGILANTES are stating that if they go to police and courts the justice will be delayed so they are taking law into their hands. As such Govt must Ban DOG Meat Consumption in INDIA

4)    Also Govt must ban Slaughter of Bullocks/ Ox's as Ox is considered as Sacred by majority of the Hindus who are Lord Shiva Devotees and almost every Temple in South India possess the Statues of NANDI the Sacred Ox, the beloved Animal of Lord Shiva and prayers are Offered to NANDI in almost All the HINDU religious Rituals ... as such Government must Ban the Slaughter of OX (male Cow)... Also Govt must ban Skinning of Dead OX and ensure All dead OX's given last respects as per Religious rituals

5)    Also Govt Ban Chaining of the Elephants, Keeping Elephants in Temples or using Elephants for So called SAFARI RIDES for Tourists is CRUEL and insult to the HINDU RELIGION after All Elephant is Considered as LORD GANESH where the First prayers in Hindu Religion is Offered to Lord GANESH to remove Obstacles... But strangely these Elephants are subjected to cruelty in HINDU temples in the Name of Religious Customs... as these Wild Elephants are tortured by the Trainers to install fear in the Elephants to make them tune to the Trainers... Also in the places to Attract so called Tourists ELEPHANT rides/ Safaris done on the Concrete/ Cemented Roads in Hot Sun, in order to ensure the Elephants bear the Heat on the CONCRETE Road/ Cement Rod they burn the PAWS of the ELEPHANT to get HARDEN so that Elephants lose Sense in their PAWS so that they travel any lengths irrespective of Heat on the Roads.... Which is Cruel, inhuman and nothing short of TARNISHING HINDU RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.. if Govt do not ban of Raising Elephants in Cities/ Temples in Any part of INDIA and ensuring  Elephants live naturally in the Forests or Zoos Also Govt Must ban Skinning of Elephants or Making any Articles out of TUSKS of the Elephants or Selling or Holding such articles is Illegal and subjected to severe punishments for such illegal acts.

Ensure COMPLETE BAN Manufacture, Sale & Use of Polyethylene /Plastic BAGS of any Microns in INDIA;  Not only for Environmental Protection but Also for saving HOLY COWS from premature Deaths on Account of Eating Plastic/ Polyethylene Bags..Responsibilities of CITIZENS for REAL SWATCH BHARAT

[1] Also Government must Ensure every Street / Village has Adequate Size Garbage Bins/ Garbage Rooms... installing CC cameras Adjacent/focusing to All Garbage Bins or Rooms connected to a Local Municipal Authorities as well as Web casted for Public view ensuing  Daily Lifting of Garbage... and the Local Elected Representatives made Responsible for Non lifting of Garbage or Spill of Garbage.

[2]  Also All street commercial establishments like Street food joints or  Restaurants or Grocery shops or any Individuals throw garbage or papers or plastic on the Streets or any place other than Garbage Bin or Spill the plastic/ Polyethylene bags or papers or rotten food or leafs outside the garbage Bins they Should be liable for severe punishments.

[3] Also govt must ban use of Plastic bags or Polyethylene by Manufacturing units, Retail units like Garment, Clothes etc or by the Grocery Shops or Super Markets which are otherwise the Largest generators of Polyethylene Bags. If any commercial out let uses /issues Polyethylene bags then Govt must impose heavy fine and Repeated office should lead to Cancellation of Licence of the Commercial out let.

[4] Also ideal that all the Market yards every street must be under CC camera Surveillance... in case any Commercial establishment uses/ spills the plastic covers or paper covers or any garbage their Commercial licence must be suspended for first time and repeated offence should lead to permanent cancellation of their licence....

[5] Also all the restaurants / food eateries and food messes must dispose of their leftover food or food served in banana leafs or the Banyan leafs or rotten vegetables or cut over vegetables mandatory in the separate dust bins meant for them to convert them to vermin compost, Violation should lead to cancellation of restaurant Licence.

[6] Also all the market yards for vegetables must be totally clean every time and no kind of garbage including the green garbage should be spilled adjacent to their shop or outside the the garbage bins / garbage rooms, Violation should lead to Cancellation of Vendor Licence... All Market yards must be under CC camera Surveillance.

[7] Also govt must fine people carrying plastic bags/ polyethylene bags with them... Also fine people in case they throw any plastic rappers of any food items or any other items after use on the streets or any other place other than the dust bins. Govt must ensure All market yard security observe the users of the Polyethylene bags  and impose fine instantly for Carrying plastic bags in that territory so that they will be fined instantly in that locality by the Security people of the market yard.

[8] Also it should be the responsibility of the Temples to ensure daily used pooja flowers/ items are disposed as Bio mass ... to convert it into vermi compost... Also complete ban of throwing the used flowers or coconut shells etc into the dust bins... separate dust bins should be provided near to the temples and places of worship... Also complete ban on use of any kind of bags both plastic/Polyethylene or paper bags in the vicinity of Temples or places of worship and Also All the temples and places of worship ban the entry of any items carried in polyethylene bags or plastic bags or paper bags... All the pooja items must be brought in a steel try or plastic tray or basket and all liquids like milk etc should be carried in vessels only so that the same can be carried with him in case they brought from home or else return the same to the vendor from whom they are purchased... this measure will contain Lakhs of cows from consuming polyethylene bags for sure.

[9] Also govt must ban packing of ready to eat foods in plastic bags or polyethylene bags in restaurants or fast food joints or messes and all food must be packed only in food grade plastic tin or steel tins or those who wish to packs must brought their own tins to get them packed.... this ensure also saves lot of COWS from eating plastic bags as most of them throw away in the dust bins or on the roads after using them...

[10]             Also complete ban on manufacture and use& throw plastic glasses, with ban on use of plastic glasses for public consumption

[11]             Also complete ban on use of plastic bags or use and throw plastic glasses in mass gatherings like marriages or any functions or political rallies or religious possessions on the roads.

[12]             Also lifting of the garbage within the vicinity of the public Meetings should be the responsibility of the organiser whether it is a social organisation or political organisation, in any designated places like grounds or on the road shows, and they should be penalised heavily along with imprisonment for failure/Violation

[13]             Also all the Marriage Functions Halls & Caterers must be Made Responsible for the Garbage generated after every function... failure to clear the garbage within the same day should lead to heavy fine coupled with rigorous imprisonment for the management of the function hall....

[14]             Also in order to reduce the use of plastic bags for packing food items by the food processing industry like chips manufacturers etc.. Govt should give concessions for packing in tins...  In Addition Govt must impose Rupees one on the plastic packages and which should be returnable to the customers on exchanging the used empty plastic rappers in any of the sale out let of that processed food so that people will not throw one rupee and will certainly majority of them return to get one rupee back...Also ideal that Govt Add one Rupee cost to each milk packet so that People will return the same every next day used empty pouches of milk  to the milk vendor to get back their one rupee.. failure to do so should lose Rupee one per Pack of 500 ml and Rs 2 for One litter pack... this measure ensures Majority of the people return the used milk polyethylene pouches for safe disposal/ recycle.

[15]             Also Govt must establish Bring banks in every Market yard across the country to collect the used papers, used plastic food packs (Chips, etc), plastic bottles etc

[16]             Also Government must construct Compound walls/ fencing on the So called DUMPING YARDS and All dumping yards must be under CC camera Surveillance ad No stray Animals must be allowed to enter the dumping yard especially Holy COWS in order to prevent the COW eating the dumping yard Garbage...

[17]             Also It should be the duty and responsibility of the Local Elected Representatives to inform to the Govt department for any stray animals roaming in their locality So that govt Animal husbandry dept on its own or through NGO’s catch these animals, put them in the stray animal houses or COW Shelters in case of COWS, etc ; under no instance Stray animals should be allowed to roam free in the Roads in the villages or in the cities

[18]             Also Govt must ensure strict implementation of bio medical waste disposal and ensure All the hospital surroundings must be under CC camera surveillance and All the Hospitals, Nursing homes must mandatorily dispose All the bio medical waste generated in the designated bio medical disposal bins .. All information about the bio medical waste generated and disposed must be daily up date online in the Govt web site by the Hospitals or Nursing homes which should be tall with the consumables quantities in that hospital in that day as per their usage of daily consumables in that hospital;  Also Govt must impose Stricter punishments for the hospitals for violation of bio medical waste norms and spilling the bio medical waste in garbage or in the Hospital premises....

[19]             Also government must establish separate Collection bins in every Apartment / individual house for the disposal of used sanitary napkins / baby / adult dippers.. And all the used sanitary napkins and dippers must be disposed as bio medical waste ... this will certainly reduce the spread of various health discords in the stray animals especially the DOGS and COWS which consume these wastes along with other plastic papers/ polyethylene bags and other food items from the dust bins....

All these measure certainly not only reduce environmental degradation by making maximum amounts of packing items are eco friendly, degradable.. in addition maximum amount of plastic packaging items are recycled... in addition ensure clean surroundings ... in addition reduces chances  of animals consuming the waste/ plastic  especially by the Holy COWS...


The Enormous Benefits due to Animal Census, RFID Tagging, and Exclusive Slaughter Houses and Govt Permission to Cut any Animal for meat.

1)    It Ensues Compete Marginalisation of COW SLAUGHTER

2)    Also the Census of Milking Animals Like COW, BUFFALO, along with RFID Tagging Ward Wise, Village Wise ensures that  Govt Aware of How much Milk Each Animal is Producing, as RFID data provides Type of Breed, age  of Animal, Milking Period (200 days to 280 days in year) etc

3)    Also making it Mandatory that All Payments made to Milk producing Animals owners through Bank only, and also All the Milk Collection centers must collect only Registered Animals Milk only.

4)    Also making it mandatory for the Animal Owners to provide Details of buyers of the Milk, and mandatory for the buyers to provide the details online the quantity of Milk procured from Whom (purchased or in their own dairy farm), at What Rate.. whether individual Household use or Commercial use or for food Processing use they should specify the source of the Milk, Also all the Commercial (Restaurants, Tea Stalls, Sweet Manufacturers, Bakery & Concessionaries) & Food Processing (Biscuit’s Chocolates, Ghee, etc) Bulk should provide details of quantities used in the normal processing to prepare End Product, and the sale of the End product should match with the Milk used, milk wasted... this measure certainly reduces milk adulteration to a great extent.. Contains use of artificial chemical milk for commercial and food processing... also reduces sale of artificial/ adulterated milk for Public Consumption. All leading to ensure People of the country especially children, old aged are not subjected to health discords on account of consumption of adulterated milk and due to availability of quality milk proteins GenNxt will be Health and productivity of the Country is on the Raise;

Even Hon’ble Supreme Court very Recently directed Govt to take Stringent Action on people who are Adulterating Milk and Milk Products to Ensure Containing Such Adulteration of Milk to Avert Health Disorders to People of INDIA especially Children. ANIMAL CENSUS & RFID tagging provides complete Solution to Contain MILK adulteration.

5)    Also RFID tagging ensures Periodic vaccination of animals, especially the Health of HOLY COWS being taken care... this measure of Periodic vaccination of Animals (Hen Got, Sheep etc ) not only ensures Healthy meat, but also provides more employment in Animal Husbandry, Pharmacy industry and its related Employment..

6)    Also the Exclusive Slaughter Houses Provides not only Employment directly for Slaughter the animals (Hen, Ducks, Goats, Sheep’s Etc), but Also it ensures that all Animal waste Remains are Left in the Slaughter House... and create Employment for lifting the Animal Wastes as Bio Medical Waste, but also using the same for manufacture of manure/ Food products for Animals Which Require Non Veg Proteins/Feed like Poultry, Aqua Culture etc...other products... also prevents Contamination of Water bodies and Soils, thus Reduces the Bacteria/ Virus Growth and Ensure Communicable Diseases are Reduced in the Villages/ Slums.

7)    Also this Exclusive Slaughter houses contains Manufacture, Sale & Use of Oils Extracted from the Animal Wastes, as it is an open secret that in most parts of the country, especially in Suburbs this Oil Extraction from Animal Remains become an Illegal Cottage Industry, and Most of this Animal Extracted Oil are Used by the Non Veg Restaurants, Fast Food Joints across the Cities, especially in the Out Skirts, in Most of the so called DHABAS.... and there are incidences that in one of the Southern Sate that State Govt PSU Oil Manufacturing unit Adulterating/Mixing the Edible oils with Animal Extracted and selling in the sealed containers as normal Edible oil which passed Stringent Quality Control Checks... Then one can understand How far this MAFIA of OIL’s Extracted from Animal Wastes penetrated and operating.... and it is a fact that Consumption of Animal Oil as Edible Oil causes SEVERE HEALTH HAZARDS to people...leading to Loss of Billions of Man-hours and thus Productivity Due the fact that INDIA having 70% of the Population Young with Working Age...  So All these Can be Made with A simple Reform?

8)    Also RFID tagging of  Animals Especially Stray Animals such as DOGS will Ensure that All the DOGS are Vaccinated (Either Pet or Stray) ... and Also ensure Sterilisation of Stray Dogs to prevent giving Birth to produce further Stray Dogs in the Habitations.... Also this measure of Complete Vaccination of Stray Dogs Drastically Reduce the Chances of Spread of RABBIS Disease... and Several Millions of People are saved from fear of Stray Dog Bites Causing RABBIS in them.... Also in general it Contains Spread of any DOG bite Related Health hazards to Humans....



Government Must Propaganda Advantages of Being Vegetarian, and Consuming More Vegetarian Food For Nov Veg Eaters...

However the freedom of Choice of Food should be INDIVIDUAL Human beings Choice and no kind of any pressure from any quarter including their own blood related family members, in order to ensure GenNxt consume Vegetarian Along with Non Vegetarian food for Good Health.

[1] Also government must ban import of Frozen meat (from any foreign country or from within India from any part of the INDIA), Storage of Frozen meat (cold storage godowns, cold storage deep freezers in any market.. commercial place), Sale of Frozen meat (in super markets, in meat shops etc) and Use of FROZEN meat in Commercial Establishments/ Commercial Storage/Use...(in restaurants, functions etc)

[2] As it is a fact that there is no guarantee that the quality of the Non Veg food is not Known Especially the Imported one as it is Stored for several months before Shipping into INDIA???? also What meat they Will mix, adulterate or do intentionally send BEEF in the name of other meat  on the labels...and also the frozen meat is stored for several months before it is imports to India and soled in India for consumption... also the distributors, retailers and consumers store for months in INDIA in addition there is no guarantee that the storage is done as per standards.... all these leading to severe health disorders in many of the Non Vegetarian food eaters especially who are consuming Frozen Meat... And many people in the Urban areas especially in Cities use these Frozen meat as it is processed and ready to Cook,  so time saving for them.... Also this frozen meat sale is taking away substantial percentage of jobs from the INDIAN meat producer Community, youth are losing Jobs, also if Govt bans Frozen meat in INDIA then there will be substantial increase in the jobs both directly and indirectly  as the INDIAN Poultry/ Animal husbandry will be on the rise for want of Chicken / goat meat and as a result the poultry feed produces,  will be on the rise leading direct and indirect employment and also live chicken/ meat cutting shops also increase and thus more employment is generated...

[3] Also govt constructing Exclusive slaughter Houses in every village/ ward will further increase the Employment for the youth who are engaged in meat cutting.... Also this measure ensures no adulteration of meat and fish healthy meat is consumed those who wish to consume the meat/ chicken in India (India is basically a Non Vegetarian Eater country with over 95% of the population are Non vegetarian eater by birth with more than 93-94% population consumes non vegetarian); and it is a fact that Nov Veg food is the biggest cause for various health Disorders... in case if the Non Vegetarian food is sub standard or Adulterated then the damage to health will be more, so in order to reduce the health risks in the GenNxt and majority of the people of the country Govt should ban FROZEN MEAT Sale in INDIA...

[4] Also Govt must sale of ban Frozen fish/ sea foods either in exclusive stores or in Super markets.. it is ideal that as per Nature that Foods should be consumed fresh and sea foods must be Consumed by people living in the Vicinity of the Sea shores, All people living in the land locked areas should consume Fresh Water River Fishes if they wish to Consume.

[5] Also govt must ban sale of processed / Tinned non veg foods (like chips, powders, dried, pickles etc) in super markets.. however Processed/ Tinned Non veg by products can be permitted to sale in Exclusive Non veg stores... and that too only INDIAN Made packaged ready to eat Nov veg and with complete ban on imported ready to eat non veg foods... and all the ready to eat non veg food made in India must follow the stringent guidelines and all the Manufacturing must be under open CC camera live web casting, with periodic Quality Control Checks/inspections.

[6] Also Government must Do propaganda of Vegetarian foods in Schools, Collages and in every Village / Ward, RWA, and also propaganda the Advantages of Taking Green vegetables Along with Non Vegetarian Food So that Health of the Non Veg eaters be taken care to some Extent by Adopting the Govt Advise Voluntary for their Self & their Family Health as it is a fact the Entire World is Looking towards Advantages of Vegetarianism, but GenNxt in India are Turning pure Non vegetarians.. without consuming any vegetarian foods / Green foods (as most of the foreign countries even though consume a lot of non vegetarian but equally they mix the same with vegetarian greens in their diet to balance their body requirements, but the case of INDIA the non veg dishes are prepared using fully spices and lots of oils without any greens/ vegetables leading to health disorders for prolonged consumption of non veg foods)

[7] It is really Pathetic and Un Ethical, Un Holy to sell the meat in Packs stored in Deep Freeze in the Super markets/Grocery Stores, and the Items collected in the same CARTS and Billed in the same Place Along with Vegetarian Groceries, and the Staff irrespective of their personal Food habit Belonging to any religion/ any gender they are indirectly Forced to carry/ handle/ touch the Non Vegetarian Raw Meat of any Animal in the Store to carry, Bill to the Customer... Also the same people will bill the Next Customer Who purchases some Vegetarian Items, including the Items used in Daily Prayers (HINDU POOJA)... by any Caste persons who are Pure vegetarians... which is considered as inauspicious???   As such in order to ensure Dignity of Labour of the staff, also to protect the Religious sentiments of HINDUS who Do not Touch non vegetarian with POOJA ITEMS... and also will not touch non vegetarian in specific days...Also as far Health issues with Frozen meats are concerned  it is necessary that Govt. Ban Sale of Frozen Non Veg items in the Super Markets or in any Grocery Stores

[8] Also Govt must ban sale of Non Vegetarian in common markets.. all Non vegetarian stores which sell fresh meat should be in one designated place/end in the market yards in every village/ ward and there only meat should be permitted to sell..

[9] Also Govt must ban serving Non Veg food in all flights/ trains in INDIA however Non Veg Food should be allowed to serve in INTERNATIONAL Carriers after they crossed INDIAN syk’s in such case also there should be separate storage for Veg and non Veg food and designated staff who consume non Veg only should serve the Non Veg food.

[10]             Also Govt must make strict provisions for all food stalls/ restaurants serving the Non Veg food must make it mandatory to reveal the source of obtaining the meat that was prepared as food in the food bills of every bill and also must provide CC cameras at the Food processing and Daily storage Of the Raw Non Veg Food... also ideal that Govt must provide Exclusive Space in every village/ Ward for Non Veg Street food restaurants  is concerned... and only in that designated places any non veg street food can be allowed to sold...

[11]             Also govt must make it mandatory that even in the multi cuisine restaurants which are serving both vegetarian & non vegetarian foods must have two separate Kitchens, Exclusive staff to prepare & serve veg food and non veg food and also there should be two separate  enclosures for Veg food and Non veg food... Veg food only for veg eaters and non veg area even veg can consume veg food along with non veg food eaters...

[12]             Also it should be mandatory that one qualified & Registered Food Quality Control person in every restaurant small or Big to certify the Quality of the Raw Food and Cooked Food... and these Quality control persons are liable for certification of Quality of the meat in the restaurants along with owners of the restaurants in addition the Cooks who are preparing the food also must be liable for cooking the stale meat or adulterated meat as they are pretty well aware of what type of meat they are cooking.

[13]             As far as street food Non veg is concerned Stringent Quality checks should be in place to prevent any adulteration or use of sub standard non veg food as many of the BPL/ Low income/ Students/ Young are consuming street foods, and it is an open secret that almost all the small eat non veg restaurants follow hardly any quality standards and since most of them serve in the evening hours/ rush hours and mostly in small light, they take advantage to serve the adulterated meat/ stale meat mixed with some aroma essence spies to not to know the rotten smell of the non veg food and millions of people are a prey food severe health disorders .... and also most of the non veg street foods are adjacent to the so called liquor/ alcohol shops/ permit rooms thy do more adulterated meat to gain more margins as most of the alcoholics they need some r other non veg food to munch that to at low cost... and it is a fact that either BEEF or Buffalo meat is mostly adulterated with mutton (goat meat), even the vulture meat/ crow meat is mixed with Chicken meat...which is heinous and causing severe health disorders... All these illegal un ethical, un hygienic non veg food can be contained with Animal census, RFID tagging and Exclusive slaughter Houses, in addition preserving the Holy COW from getting prey into Non Veg Eaters...

Also it is IDEAL that Government of INDIA Declare COW as NATIONAL ANIMAL for being considered as SACRED by 100 Crores HINDU Population of Country.


All these Measures are necessary to Ensure No Cruelty towards Animals Occurs in INDIAN SOIL and Also these measures prevents Cow Slaughter... Also ensures what are Legally permitted meat of certain animals like Hen, Goat is fresh & healthy,  non adulterated thus providing required Proteins to the non veg eaters ... Also Banning Skinning of COWS and ban on sale and use of COW leather reduces Cow Slaughter in Addition Contains Illegal Consumption of Beef ... Also Cow Census ad RFID tagging of Animals ensures Milk is not Adulterated; Also every section of the society including the BPL families get milk proteins through possessing a COW provided by the Govt etc all leading to Healthy GEN NEXT without any disturbance to the social fabric of the county in the name of Cow at the same time people of India getting their Religious Beliefs are INTACT All  leading to over all Sustained Development of Country..

{For promoting Veg Food Ref My Docs 1) Food For All 2012 Sep, 2) Measures to Contain Food Adulteration June 2015 and Also 3) Education sector Reforms 2015 Oct And 4) Water For All Jan 2016}

Note: The Expressions mentioned in this Doc are not intended to Hurt Any individual or Institution... Sincere Regrets if hurt any individual or institution sentiments ..... All efforts are only in the Larger interest...

Pradeep Kumar Kunche
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