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UNIFORM STANDARD BY-LAWS & REGULATIONS FOR ALL ASSOCIATIONS OF APARTMENTS, GATED COMMUNITIES & RESIDENTIAL  COLONIES             To End Domination of Few Upper Castes/ Upper Echelons, To End Corruption, To Up Hold Constitutional Justice,  To Enforce Rational & Responsible & Disciplined Behaviour by People, To Ensure Social Justice & Social Equality, Gender Equality & Gender Sensitivity, Transparency & Accountability; To Induce Balanced Diet, Yoga, Sports, Physical Fitness, Health; Financial Knowledge & Savings; Habit of Re-Use & Recycle; Conservation of Natural Resources; Environmental Protection &  Disaster Preparedness; Hygiene & Cleanliness; Minimize Waste & Waste to Wealth, Joy of Giving; Compassion & Caring, Good Samaritan; Humanity & Harmony; Preservation & Promotion of Traditions & Culture; Absolute Nationalism & Religiousness; Leadership Traits & Awareness; Digitalised Governance & Dignity of Labour; One Nation One Law Prevails in All Habitations, Applicable for All Sections of People in INDIA through Containing Scope & Occurrence of  Bias, Favouritism, Nepotism, Dynasty, Monopoly & ‘Larger than Life Behaviour’ of Governing Members of Association and Containing Them from Indulging in Discrimination, Denigration of others Living in the Habitations, especially  People belonging to Dalit, Adivasi, OBC, Minority Religions & Single Women and Tenants;  Protecting All Sections of Habitants from Becoming Prey to Irrational By-Laws ‘aka’ Personal Laws made According to Whims & Fancies with Perverted  Mindset by Select Few Governing Members of Every Association which are Advantageous to them, By Eliminating Monarchical Autocracy & Dictatorship of Few Upper Caste/ Upper Echelon Feudalists in Association Governing Bodies And  Preventing Living Habitations Turning into ‘Micro Private Kingdoms’ / ‘Mini Private Republics’ of Select Few Upper Caste / Upper Echelon Association Governing Members; Re-Establishing True Democracy, Ensuring Constitutional Laws Prevails in All Habitations Through Default Settings in Systems Of Governing of Associations Through Mandatory every Association display Property details like Layout Map, Plans, Built Up Area, Statutory Setbacks, Permissions from various Govt. Authorities; All Association territories must display details of various Associations in that territory, common roads, parks, drainages, street lights, emergency response phones, Mandatory Disclosure of Details of Ownership of Properties; Mandatory Online Declaration of Details of Every Person, Animal Living in Every Household in Every Association , Immediate Information on New Additions in Households;  Mandatory Marriage /Live in Relation Certification; Ban on Elections in Associations; Mandatory 1/5 of Association Households every Year become Association Governing members, Rotation of Headship of Association Every Year Among FC, OBC, SC & ST, MINORITY & WOMEN with fixed tenure of One year; Every Transaction Online; Ban on titles like President/ Secretary and Replacing with Association Coordinator, Member be Replaced with Association Service Provider; Mandatory all Properties Sale Through Online Agreements after due authentication of Property Ownership as per Govt. Records & Creditworthiness of buyer through Previous Income Tax Returns, Online Confirmation of Bank Loan, to Eliminate Multiple Sale Agreements of same Property /Fraudulent Sale of Others Property; Ban on Paper Agreements; Fixing Value of Property, Yearly Increase based on Human Development Index of Association/ Territory & Various other Parameters like Cleanliness, Greenery, Measures Adopted to Conserve Water & Electricity, Pollution Reduction etc to ensure Hygiene, Health & Inclusive Growth; Ban on Sale of Property more Value than Incremental Value for Second Sale to Contain Wind Fall Gains; Mandatory Online Rental Agreement, Fixed Uniform Rent for Properties based on Fixed Amenities,Location,Maximum 40% Annual income Allowed to spend as Rent by Tenants, Maximum Deductions for Any loans including House Rent should be 60% of Earnings; All Rents Paid through Govt.; Mandatory All Vacant Properties be displayed in Govt Rental Portal, Registration of Property Dealers, Fixed Brokerage fees for  arranging Lease/ sale of Any Property, Ban on % of Sale Consideration or % of  Annual Rent as Brokerage; Common Maintenance be paid by Property Owner; Maintenance Charges for Vacant Properties, Mandatory cleaning of Vacant Plots; Mandatory Meters for Water, Electricity, Cooking Gas, Actual usage charges be Paid by Occupants, in addition all Daily utilities like Milk, New paper, Cable TV, Garbage be paid online through Association Maintenance to Save Time; Salaries of Employees/ Staff/ Security be Paid Online through Depositing in Govt; Mandatory RO Water, Storage & Use of Water from RO Drain, Rain Water, Air Conditioner Drain, Rain Water Harvesting; Storage & Recycle Grey Water in Association Household for Toilet Flushing & for Use in Public Toilets; Water Credits for Conserving Fresh Water, All Bulk Users of Fresh & Ground Water Buy Water Credits; Automatic Flow Controls & Over Flow Alarm; Periodic Quality Testing of all Stored waters; Periodic Cleaning of Underground, Over Head Water Tanks, Sewerage Lines; Mandatory Mini Sewerage Treatment Plants; Mandatory Geo Mapping all Associations, Territories  with History of Water Logging, Submerging in Water; Mandatory Installation of Transformers, Ground Water Storage Tanks, Diesel Generators, Garbage Bins Above 10 Feet from Ground to Reduce Contamination, Damages in Water logging Associations; Construction of Large Underground Pipes on Common Properties to Avoid Demolition of existing Constructions on Encroached Water Bodies if such Constructions has Govt Approvals, to Save Hard Earned Money Invested in Acquiring Property; Mandatory Fencing for all Transformers, Mandatory Solar Power for Common Lighting, Standard Guidelines for Installation of Street Lights in Associations; Electrical Devices must be Energy Efficient, Mandatory UPS to All Homes for Emergency Light; Weekly “Earth Hour” in Association Territories ;Self Luminous Emergency Exit Signs in Dark; Street lights Operated by Sensor based Automation; Mandatory Online Declaration of Electric Utility Devices, Water Utility Devices, Fire Hazardous Devices in Every House hold; Mandatory Piped Gas for Every home; Smoke Detectors in Common Areas, Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hydrants in every Association, Mandatory Online Permission to Procure Fire Crackers, Fixed Quantities of Fire Crackers per House Hold based on Pollution Emission Limit per Household with Online Payment, To Contain Elite  & Upper Echelons Burning Huge Quantities Causing Excess Pollution, Criminal Offence to Store & Burn Fire Crackers after Festival /Permission Date & Time;  Mandatory Audit of Financial, Structural, Energy, Water & Fire Safety of Association & All House Hold; Mandatory Periodic Maintenance of All House Hold Electrical & Water / Plumbing  Utilities for Energy Efficiency & Preventing Leaks from Water Taps by Association; Mandatory Cleaning/ Dusting of every home every fortnight to remove Dust, Spider Nets, Clearing Bird Nests; Mandatory Periodic Pest Control, Spray of Disinfectants and Fumigation in Every Household and Association Common Areas; Mandatory Concealment of All Wires/ Cables used for Telephone, Broad Band Internet .Cable/Dish TV in Pipes running Externally or Internally, Closure of A.C holes; Mandatory Heat Insulation for Fresh Water External Pipes to Prevent Water Wastage, Sun Shade  for Terrace & Buildings, Standard Guidelines For Air Conditioner Installation & Usage, Default Settings of   220 Minimum Temperature for Air Conditioners to Conserve Electricity Mandatory Elevator for Above Two Floors, With Generator to operate during Power Failures, Ban on Closed Elevators, All elevators be Transparent Glass or Grill Type, Criminal Offence to restrict use of Elevator use for carrying Garbage/ Pets/ Household loads during Joining/ Vacating home; Ban on using Residential Space of any Commercial Activity in Associations/ Territories including Professional services like Palmistry, Astrology, Numerology Legal Services, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Sale of Non Vegetarian, Ban on Beauty Parlours, Massage Centers, Guest House, Service Apartments, Boutiques or Any Business/Offices Including NGO’s, Govt Offices; Mandatory Facility for Sale of Vegetables in Associations/Territories by Farmers;All Recruitment of Staff, Security through Employment Exchange on Providing Training & Skill Certification with Unique ID, Allocation to Every Associations By Govt Maintaining Proportionate Representation as per Percentage of Population of Castes, Religion, Gender to Contain Favouritism, Nepotism Bias in Recruitment by Governing Members of Associations, A Game Changer Measure of Beginning of Reservations in Private Sector; Uniform Pay for Same nature of Work PRADEEP KUMAR KUNCHE Think Social Engineering Think Me                                 Cont....Page-2
One Year Tenure for Staff/ Security in Every Association to Contain Corruption by Governing Members in Connivance with Staff, Uniform Dress code, Special Dress for Servant Maids to Ensure Dignity of Women Prevailed, Mandatory for Associations to Provide  RO Water, Daily Refreshments like Tea for All Staff/ Security/ Employees of House Hold, Toilet Facility, Heath Care; Ban on use of Mobile Phones during Working hours by Staff/ Security; Ban on Watchmen Rooms, Ban on Permanent Employees in Association, Ban on any Staff/ Security or their Family Residing in Association Premises; All Employees of every Household like Servant Maids, Drivers etc, Registered with Govt. to Get Unique ID Card, Maximum 8 hours Duty & Online Bio Metric Attendance for Staff/ Security/Employees at Association, Holidays as per Govt Calendar; Mandatory Paid Leave on Monthly Menstrual Days for Female Staff/ Security/Employees of House Hold; Mandatory Govt Permission for Installation & Location of CC cameras, All CC Cameras Recordings at Govt Server Online, Criminal office to record, exhibit illegally any CC camera Recordings, Mandatory Online Real Time Digital Entry & Exit of Visitors with AADHAAR with Details Recorded Directly at Govt Server for Safety, to ensure Privacy of the Visitors, Preventing Misuse of Visitors Details & CC Camera Footages by Association Members/ Staff; Ban on Door to Door Sales in Associations, Ban on Door to Door Garbage Collection, Ban on Rag Picking & Begging /NGO’s Seeking Funds for any Charity in Associations & at Religious Places in Association Territories; All Daily Essentials like Milk, News Paper, Grocery Deliveries/ E commerce Deliveries (food/various Goods) only at designated points in Association, All Household Should Pick up from that location, Mandatory Trolley per Household to carry All Material from Common points; Mandatory Online Details of Vehicles Household Wise (Ownership/ Using Third Party Vehicles as Personal Vehicles), Online Govt permission for using Third Party Vehicles; Mandatory Periodic Maintenance of Vehicles, Pollution Certification Details Submitted Online to Association & Govt; Vehicle Cleaning Facility at Every Association; Ban on Honking in Association Premises, Convex Mirrors in Blind Turnings, Ban on Running Vehicles with  Malfunction/ without Silencer; Mandatory All Vehicle manufacturers Establish Authorised Service Stations /Repair within 5 Km radius Gap in Urban Areas to reduce Travel Distance/Fuel burning to get Periodic Serving/Repair; Mandatory; Mandatory Association Staff/ Security/ Employees use Bicycle or Multi mode Transport  to Reach to Association to Reduce Traffic/Pollution/Parking Issues; Fixed Periphery for Commercial Autos & Taxies (5Km Radius for Autos, 20 Km for City Taxi from Stand), Restrictions on Using Personal Vehicles for Education / Employment; Mandatory  to Record Mileage of All Vehicle Every Day  before Exit of Association, for Determining  Use of Fuel; Levy Pollution Cess on Excess Mileage above Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT) per Capita; All measures to Contain Air Pollution by Enforcing people to Use Multimode Transport, Introducing Vehicular Carbon Credits (VCC) to reward using Multi mode Transport further reduce Vehicular pollution; Depressions for Bus, Auto Stands; E-Auto, E Rickshaw, E Cars to ferry from Multimode Transport to Internal Roads in Association Territories; Weekly No Personal Vehicle Hours in Association Territories; Mandatory to Use Sun Screen when Parked in Open Sun by All Vehicles to Reduce Fuel Wastage & Pollution; Mandatory All Goods Delivery Vehicles to Associations use CNG/Electric; Every Association/ Group Poses Truck to Carry Bio Mass, Ban on Bio Mass Burning in Association Territories; Mandatory Cemented or Bitumen Roads in Associations/Territories, Standard Guidelines for Speed Breakers Installation in Associations/Territories; Mandatory Sign Board Indication of Manholes; Ban on Additional Constructions, Increase /Decrease  in Height, Width of Compound Walls in Association/House hold, Standard Height of Compound Walls for All House hold & Religious Places in Association Territories Mandatory every Association possess Tool kits for Electrical, Plumbing, All Garden tools, Vehicle Repair Tools, Emergency medical Equipment, Wheel Chair, Structure, Thermo meter, Blood Pressure Recording Machine, Weighing Machine, Giant Washing Machine, Automatic Roti Making Machines & Idly/ Dosa Batter Machine for Common Use & Convenience for All households; Mandatory every Association must subscribe News Papers, Library/Reading Room To Reduce Household Subscriptions; Mandatory Common Hangers to Dry Clothes in open Sun & Hot Air blower to Dry Clothes During Rainy Season & Winters; Hand Dryers in Common Toilets, Wash area; Mandatory All Associations have Facility for Hair Cut & Hair Styling for Men & Women, Clothes Pressing by Added Standard Charges in Maintenance to Ensure all Habitants Use Facility  to reduce travel & bring Confidence in them; Mandatory Greenery, Kitchen Gardening, Rise of Plants/Trees with Medicinal Values, Like Neem, Eucalyptus; Mandatory Govt. Distribute Tulasi,Aloe vera & Stevia Plants to Every House Hold for Nature Cure & Preventive Health Care Through Associations by Programmes Like   “Ghar Ghar Me Tulasi Maa”; Mandatory All Associations must Rise Lotus Flower Plants in Every Water Body, Municipal Parks as a Symbol of “National Flower”;Mandatory Walk Ways in every Association, Conducting Yoga, Breathing Exercises; Mandatory Minimum 300 Days Yoga Practice for Validity of Health Insurance for Aged Above 30, Mandatory Associations Pay for Health & Accidental Insurance for Staff, Employees & Family Members of All Household by Collecting in Maintenance Ensuring Health Care For All; Basic Para Medical Training for Association Staff & Governing Members for Emergency First Aid; Mandatory to Declare Habit of Smoking, Consumption of Alcohol by Every Individual in Association; Ban on Smoking in Balconies, Association Common Areas, Criminal Offence to Smoke, Consume Alcohol/ Chew Tobacco  by Staff/ Security/ Employees while on duty in Association Premises & in front of Children, Pregnant Women, Old aged by House Hold; Mandatory sale of Alcohol Only to End Users through Bio Metric AADHAAR ID to Local Residents within 5 Km Radius & Online payments & Limited Quota; Mandatory to Declare Place of Consumption, Return Empty Bottles; RFID Tagging for Pet Animals, Criminal Offence to Ban/imposing Restrictions on Pets in Associations, Special Places in Association / Association Territories for Pets Nature Call; Ban Raising & Movement of Large Animals in Association Territories; Mandatory every Association have All Religious Symbols for Daily prayers, Mandatory Installation of  Sound Boxes in Every House for Daily Playing Religious Chants & Spiritual Music by Association After Sun Rise & Sun Set to Induce Religiousness Spirituality,Peace,Reduce Stress in Individuals; Ban on Loud Music in All Religious Places, on All Events in Association Territories; Ban on Self Styled God Men & Religious Satsangs in Associations, Ban on Staff/ Security /Employees Wearing Religious Dress on Duty;  Ban on Non Traditional Music/ Dance in Associations Religious Festivals; Limit Max Decibels of Sound in House Hold; Mandatory every Association Conduct Every Month Food Festivals, Dance, Music of All Regions of Country,  All Major Festivals of All Religions, All National Days be celebrated in Associations To Carry Traditions for Generations, Mandatory  Every Association Conduct Parents & Grand Parents Pada Pooja Every Year for Inducing Respect towards Elders & ensuring  Family Values Prevail; Mandatory to Conduct Children’s Meet, Women Meet, to Discuss Related Issues; Mandatory to Conduct Sports Programmes  Minimizing Waste & Waste to Wealth By Establishing Unused Leftover Cooked Food Collection Refrigerators, Un Used Just Before Expiry/ Best Use Before Packed Food Products Collection Bins, Unused /Half Used Medicine Collection Bins to Collect from Association and Distribution to Needy; LED Screen Display in Every Junction in Association Territories for Local Advertisements to Reduce Paper Usage; Ban on Pamphlets, Wall Posters, Hanging Banners, Writing on Walls in Associations /Territories; Mandatory All Communications be Digital to Reduce Paper Usage; Ban on Use of Carton Boxes for  E-Commerce Deliveries & Mandatory to Use Reusable Box Packing; Mandatory To Return All Old News Papers Every Month by Every Household & Association for Recycle; Mandatory for All House Hold to Deposit in Exclusive Bins  All used Polythene Covers & Plastic, Paper/ Card Board Packing Discard able Clothes & Discard able Foot Wear, Discard able Brooms & Door Mats for Recycle; Exclusive Bins for Collection of Sanitary Napkins, Baby & Adult Diapers disposed as Bio Medical Waste; Joy of Giving Mandatory Free Sanitary Napkins Female Employees; Mandatory to Provide Rain Coat, Footwear to Employees, Support Child  Education, Provide 1 % Value of Property or 5 % Maintenance for Constructing Houses for Economically Backward Classes; Mandatory to Display Contact Details of All Govt Officials, Elected Representatives, Display & Circulated All Govt Orders/Reforms in All Associations; All Public Opinions &  Re call of Elected Representatives through online Voting in Associations; Online FIR/Court Summons to Associations for Nabbing Criminals; All Voter ID Cards through Association; Mandatory All Associations Rise National Flag & Sing National Anthem & Pledge for Practice of Social Equality, Social Justice, Gender Equality, Transparency, Accountability, Compassion, Communal Harmony, Good Samaritan Behaviour Every Day to Induce Nationalism & Responsible & Disciplined Behaviour  in All Sections of People ; Many More Measures with Details for Transforming All Habitations into Mini Paradises on Earth & Centers of Blissful Living  in this Document........JAI HIND......
PRADEEP KUMAR KUNCHE Think Social Engineering Think Me

[1] Introduction 

Ownership of Properties & Association Formation

[2] Mandatory more than four houses with different door numbers/ registrations of ownership in same registered land should form an Association and all Associations must registered with Government online

[3] Measures for creation of Associations, Association territories for various benefits  

[4] Mandatory every Association must display the plot layout, building permissions and floor plans, land conversion etc at Association entrance, on web site; Association territories must display lay out maps of every Association property, Government roads, parks, water bodies, Government vacant lands, drainages etc

[5] Mandatory online data of property owners in every Association

[6] Mandatory Government for every house hold in every Association to disclose details of every living creature in each house hold human beings, pet animals & trees

[7] Mandatory disclosure of income of family (source of income for living in case own house, paying rents in case of tenants living in rented properties) & assets by every house hold in every territory. 

[8] Mandatory disclosure details family (marriage registration/ un married/ single declaration), mandatory marriage registration/ live in relation registration certification to live in Associations. 

[9] Mandatory for the Association to file the details of people living in their Association every month; with immediate up date of new joining in the Association;

[10] Norms for formation of Associations of Apartments, Gated Communities, Residential Colonies for ensuring prevailing of social equality, the very primary gross root step in democracy with mandatory proportionate representation in Association members as per percentage  of population of caste, religion, gender in that territory 

[11] Ban on elections in Associations, mandatory representation for all housed in Association by lottery with 1/5 of house hold as Association members; fixed tenure for members and head ship of Association

[12] Mandatory that head of the Association with one year tenure rotation as per caste, religion, gender in that territory (district as unit)

[13] Mandatory meeting of Association under video record and circulation among all house holds

[14] Powers of Association only limited to administration of staff and ensuring standard guidelines (uniform throughout the country) are maintained 

[15] Ban on designation of president/ secretary of Association, instead use of word “Coordinator” replacing President/Secretary and all other members as “Sub Coordinators” to make them understand their role and bring them to live on the ground and not imagine them they are heads of the private republics. 

[16] Mandatory all Association should have standard office, office equipment based on the number of house hold in that Association; mandatory all meetings should be at the Association office only; ban on calling staff to home for any official/ personal work

[17] Mandatory every Association maintain land phone facility, all conversation with security/ staff only on internal phone 

[18] Mandatory every Association must have grievances cell for addressing all types of grievances

Property Sale & Rentals

[19] Mandatory all sale agreements be online in Government property portal before registration, and registration should occur online after sale agreement to reduce paper use, to contain fraudulent sales

[20] Property values be determined based on the human development index in that Association, in addition health and cleanliness etc

[21] Ban on higher per capita income groups purchasing property in lower per capita income group territories to prevent artificial increase of value of property

[22] Mandatory geo mapping and classification of territories and Associations that are prone to water logging, seismic vibrations

[23] Mandatory every Association must put the history of incidents in that Association/ households

[24] Mandatory online rental agreements in standard format across country by abolishing paper agreements to contain malpractices/mischief’s, to reduce paper use; mandatory all rentals payments to property owners through Government 

[25] Fixed rent for properties on rentals having similar specifications based on fixed parameters; fixing the upper limit of 40% annual income (individual/ family) as annual rent

[26] Ban on rental security depot for properties where rentals are less than 12 lakhs per annum for all residential habitations

[27] Mandatory  property owners provide cleaned, white all repairs done property before giving on lease every time 

[28] Mandatory every property get audited by charted engineers for health the fixtures before giving lease

[29] Mandatory history of the inventory of maintenance with online details of all fixtures installation, repairs in online rental agreement

[30] Mandatory to provide a video clip of all details of power points, water connections how to operate water pumping  what valves need to be closed/ open etc of all properties that where rented out for quick understanding & easy operation 

[31] Mandatory that 5% of annual rent should be spent by property owners towards repair and maintenance by else the same should be deposited in separate Government account and use it when required

[32] Mandatory to inform Government online real time the details of shifting home from within the district, state, by any individual or family for any purpose like study, work, holiday etc

[33] Mandatory details of vacant properties on Government website; mandatory to inform the Association about the date of vacation of the house by tenants through owner to that Association, 

[34] Fixed fees for property dealers; ban on system of percentage of property value as brokerage, all brokerage only through online bank transaction

[35] Ban on listing the property before the property got vacated/ still the tenants in occupancy by property owners or the property dealers or prospective tenants

[36] Mandatory for every adult in the house hold reveal details of contacts social media ids and the id cards issued by Government and cards issued by banks;  Mandatory automatic up date of address of individuals on all statutory cards like driving licence, bank cards,  mobile phones, data cards, AADHAAR card, passport etc

[37] Criminal office on property owners for setting any additional conditions other than Government stipulated regulation like only for vegetarians, no pet animals etc

Maintenance, Accountability & Transparency 

[38] Measures for fixing monthly maintenance charges 

[39] Mandatory fixed optimal quantity of water, electricity per house hold at regular rate, additional use is charged extra to ensure every house hold use resources judiciously.

[40] Mandatory responsibility of property owner to pay common (fixed) monthly charges & tenants pay only user charges; fixed maintenance should be included in monthly rentals

[41] All future constructions must collect one time fixed maintenance charges at the time of registration of the building so that the income generated out of fixed deposit can be used to clear fixed maintenance charges  

[42] Mandatory that all permanent repairs and replacements / maintainance/ demolitions/ additional constructions by the Associations should be charged from property owners not from tenants

[43] Mandatory maintenance charges from all vacant plots in the Association premises (Gated Communities & residential colonies); levy of additional charges to clean the plot (unwanted grass plants and bushes (which are breading grounds for various insects) 

[44] Mandatory all the vacant plots in the Associations should have compound wall/ fencing with gates and ban on using the vacant plots for any purpose by any individuals other than property owners or use only with owners written consent for any kind of use; incentives from Association for allowing vacant plot for raising kitchen gardening etc for consumption by the Association

[45] Mandatory banks fund/ provide loan for full house till with standard fixtures like cub boards etc.

[46] Online data bank of Associations, builders in every territory 

[47] Mandatory responsibility of builder for any construction faults

[48] Mandatory to inform the Government for any modifications or alterations in any property either rented or owned done by the tenant or property owner and only on the Government approval the property must be renovated/ altercated

[49] Mandatory to sale any building material only after obtaining approval number from Government for any repairs/ renovations/ replacements

[50] Mandatory every Association maintain online inventory of material procured in Government website for common maintenance with guarantee/ warrantee period

[51] Mandatory every Association collect and deposit all failed electrical and plumbing products, all  failed before the guaranteed life cycle of products be replaced free by manufacturer, all other failed parts for recycling.

[52] Mandatory that all the service providers for maintenance/ construction must get registered with Government to perform within Associations

[53] Mandatory all building material suppliers registered with Government, territory wise; online sale inventory of all hard ware materials from retailers, manufactures, only on end use the items must be sold

[54] Mandatory for service providers for shifting homes, new fixtures get registered with Government

[55] Mandatory periodic maintenance of home appliances

[56] Mandatory all standard wirings/ cables and exhaust pipes of chimney etc should be provided by service providers, they should remain in the property / houses even after the house hold vacate / shift

[57] Ban on hanging wires/ cables for any purpose within the Associations territories or in the vicinity of the residential Associations. 

[58] Ban on hanging pots / additional / extended hangings or grills in the balconies of house hold  in Apartment / independent homes in the Association territories

[59] Ban on installing statues, photos etc / glow signs of individuals or commercials in the Association habitation or territory internal roads

[60] Mandatory monthly cleaning of every house hold in Association to remove dirt

[61] Mandatory periodic pest control treatment for every house hold in the Associations

[62] Mandatory fumigation /fogging and disinfect spreading every month in the Associations 

[63] Mandatory every house hold must conceal all the holes created for air conditioner drainage or holes created for running cables wires to prevent seepages and mold formation

[64] Mandatory clearing of birds nests in every Association and households, ensure no room for birds to stay in the buildings; and bird droppings be cleaned every day

[65] Ban on storing of building material for any new construction in the Association premises or for repairs and maintained or existing house or common property and ban on keeping the debris in the common passage in the Association habitations.

[66] Mandatory to dump the used building material in the designated places by Association or house hold using registered trucks meant for carrying debris

[67] Mandatory list of priority nature of works in the Association to minimize inconvenience and prevent any accidents, large leaks/ wastages; mandatory online request for repair and maintenance 

[68] Mandatory daily digital dairy by the service providers like plumbers, electrician in the Associations for more transparency

[69] Mandatory online data sharing of details of common maintainance collection, expenditure by the Association to all house hold in the Association

[70] Mandatory to disclose details of electricity, water use by Association governing members to all Association members; mandatory periodic energy audit 

[71] Ban on manufactures service providers to use Associations in their advertisements


[72] Mandatory every house hold in the Association must have a digital account for information exchange/ communication; mandatory to all circulars from Association be in English with translation of communication in regional language of households for convenience of different mother tong people

[73] Mandatory every Association must pay all the bills for procurement of material, utilities only through online bank account with automatic credit in the service providers from their account.

[74] Mandatory to pay for all daily utility bills like news papers, milk, cable operators, garbage collection, internet connection etc and also salaries for servant maid, driver etc by online bank transfer / auto debit. 

[75] Mobile app to report violations in  Associations

[76] Mandatory standard annual maintenance contract rates for the computers and cc cameras across the territories preference to the shortest distance service providers, and service personal must travel shortest distance to reach their office 

[77] Mandatory computers of every Association must be surrendered to Government after depreciation / book value becomes zero, for refurbishment and training every citizen in basics of computers 

[78] Mandatory disclosure of internet connections (wired/ wireless) by people living in Associations to Government online


[79] Mandatory water metres for every house hold and every Association for inflow and out flow, and for municipal water, tanker water or bore wells

[80] Fixed quantities of fresh water per house hold; levy of double water costs for excess use than the standard quantities of fresh water

[81] Mandatory measures to conserve fresh water by way of recycling of grey water, storing rain water air conditioner drain water; Government provide incentives for reduction of use of fresh water 

[82] Mandatory all future constructions must make arrangements for storage and circulation of washing machine water; also provision for storage and circulation of RO water to 100 litres each capacity

[83] Mandatory every house hold must fix electronic / DIGITIGAL meters for the taps situated at the wash area; every house hold and maids must be educated/ trained in optimal/ judicious use of water for cleaning the utensils or manual washing of clothes

[84] Mandatory every house hold and every servant maid be trained in using the mop for wet cleaning of the floors in house hold and common areas

[85] Mandatory every Association / house hold must rise kitchen gardening

[86] Mandatory installations of big RO water facility by the Associations to supply RO water to every house hold

[87] Discourage use of bottled mineral water in the Associations, complete ban on carrying the bottles by steps to other than ground floor by delivery boys. 

[88] Mandatory every Association must clean the water storage tanks both underground and over head tanks (municipal & tanker/ ground water) every month

[89] Mandatory for every Association to conduct periodic   quality tests for water in the underground and over head tanks for the bacteria, hardness / chemical deposits etc

[90] Mandatory Government must fix the rate of water tankers, and all supply of water through tankers whether municipal or private must be registered and under GPS and even private water tankers be sourced through Government online request

[91] Mandatory creation of rain water harvesting in every Association/ every independent house

[92] Mandatory that all bore well must be registered with Government whether in the Associations or in the agriculture fields or in the industrial areas; all bore wells must have water meters to quantify the water extracted 

[93] Water credits/ H2O credits for water conservation to save fresh water, and for offsetting the use of ground water by commercial users

[94] Earth dams in the low lying areas in the Association habitations vicinity in every ward/ mandal to hold/ store he free flowing rain water;

[95] Mandatory Government conduct periodic checking of quality of water in the earth dams/ water bodies by checking bio dissolved oxygen content. 

[96] Ban on dumping religious material or immersion of any items including the idols of God/ Goddess in the lakes/ water bodies within the vicinity of any residential areas to contain contamination of water bodies, restricting the number of idols/ size of idols / material of idols in every Associations

[97] Ban on sale of artificial colours and ban on public celebration (Association common areas/ internal roads) of rangoli festival, festival should be celebrated using nominal quantities of natural colours among the family to prevent wastage of water

[98] Mandatory to raise plats like Lotus in water bodies in Association territories as symbol of National Flower, other plants along the circumference of water body

[99] Mandatory every Association must install water fountains in the Association and also in the Association territories

[100] Mandatory every water pipe lines storage etc as per vastu science

[101] Mandatory to inform the Government about the swimming pools in the Associations ; Mandatory periodic testing of water used in the pools

[102] Mandatory every Association must keep the bird baths in their Association, Mandatory municipalities install birdbaths in Association territories/ parks 

[103] Mandatory to cover external fresh water pipes with insulation material during summers to reduce water wastage

[104] Mandatory installation of automatic electronic sensor based flow control devices and ball valves; in addition over flow alarm devices 

[105] Mandatory provision for excess water flow should be re-circulated to underground tank from over head tank by connecting the excess water pipes to underground storage tanks in case of electric sensors or ball valves fail with alarms

[106] Penalty for Associations/ independent houses in Associations for over flowing/spilling of water from the common water tanks/ the individual tanks into roads/ common areas

[107] Mandatory measure to ensure the kitchen sinks or utensil washing drains are not chocked

[108] Mandatory every house hold with aged/ senior citizens should have provisions of holding bars, anti slip flooring 

Sewerage Treatment 

[109] Standard guidelines for drainage lines in Associations and Association territories; mandatory all drains are covered, ban on parking vehicles, keeping articles for commercial, non commercial purposes by traders

[110] Mandatory periodic cleaning of drains in every house hold near the wash areas, sinks/ bath rooms to prevent over flowing of drains, also mandatory to get disinfectants sprayed

[111] Mandatory every Association (large with more than 500 household) / Association territory must have mini sewage treatment plants

[112] Government fix maximum amounts of sewerage water an individual home/ Association can discharge to ensure judicious use of water, and above the maximum limit the Associations has to pay accordingly for every 100 litres of additional discharge of sewerage water. 

[113] Mandatory Government identify and geo map the low lying water logging areas as per the history of total rain fall in Association territory and take measures to ensure no water logging in future.

[114] Ban on demolition of properties constructed with Government permission on water bodies/ flow cannels; construction of underground large pipes for draining excess water flow

[115] Mandatory every Association territories in the low lying areas / history with water logging/ submersion follow special measures to reduce loss to property/ valuables 

[116] Mandatory all Associations situated in low lying areas / having history of water logging must install their electric meters and power generators, transformers, water storage above 10 feet height; ban on underground water storage

[117] Mandatory  that immediate neighbouring Associations/ Association territories must support the humanitarian aid for the submerged/ water logging Associations/ Association territories for rescue and relief operations


[118] Energy efficiency code for all Associations, use of alternative energy like solar, wind for Associations/ residential colonies, additional subsidies for more use above minimum standard use

[119] Mandatory regulation on use of electric motors in every Association, house hold

[120] Mandatory online declaration of all house hold having air conditioners with details of tonnage

[121] Standard guidelines for installation of air conditioners in Association house holds

[122] Mandatory Government fix the minimum temperature 220 degrees centigrade by default in all air conditioners manufactured in future for use in residential purposes 

[123] Mandatory every Association ensures all air conditioner drain pipes are connected in series and drain water collected and use for various purposes thus reducing use of fresh water/ ground water to that extent.

[124] Mandatory declaration of electric heaters, electric motors in every house hold; ban on use of radiation electric heaters in house hold, mandatory to use radiator/ convection heaters 

[125] Mandatory every Association must use energy efficient lighting systems

[126] Mandatory every household should have circuit breakers to prevent electric shock

[127] Mandatory all Association administrative office buildings & staff waiting rooms and security rooms are maximum clear glass, design in such a way to get natural ventilation to reduce use of electric lights in day time/ morning hours

[128] Mandatory installation of solar power /tress in every Association & every individual house in every Association; mandatory solar power for   Association common lightings; net metering of excess solar power generated in Associations/ houses 

[129] Mandatory every Association must have emergency power back up/ inverter power back up with every house hold provided with one light, one fan in common living area and in room used by elderly/aged people;  mandatory power back up for elevators with more than three floors buildings 

[130] Mandatory all diesel generators operated at Association habitations must have its exhaust pipe height at least 10 feet longer than the height of the same or immediate adjacent buildings

[131] Mandatory every Association must be accountable for operation of diesel generators, their fuel used, time of operations online real time data with Government

[132] Mandatory night self luminous path signs on the common areas (corridors, internal roads) in Associations.

[133] Mandatory to install street lights in all Association habitation vicinity approach roads; mandatory all open areas in the vicinity of Association territories be fenced 

[134] Mandatory all municipal street lights be automated and remote monitoring to reduce downtime of failed street lights; mandatory every Association should install sensor based automatic system for common lights on and off

[135] Mandatory every street light has number which should be displayed on the pole with bar coded stickers so that in case of street light failed/ not functioning the same can be easily identified and reported

[136] Mandatory all Associations must place street lights according to coverage of maximum light in a scientific manner by the approval of electricity department and not according to likes of governing members

[137] Mandatory weekly earth hour in Association territories with one day at one territory (group of several Associations) on all working days

[138] Mandatory measures from Associations to reduce heat in summers for reduced use of electricity by 10 to 15 % on account of air conditioner and best use of terrace space

[139] Mandatory fencing/ mesh around the transformers, grills in the electric control rooms; safe collection & disposal of used transformer oils

[140] Ban on restricting use of elevator by Association for shifting luggage by house hold or carrying the garbage; mandatory all new constructions must have separate elevators for goods carriage & passenger carriage

[141] Mandatory all elevators must be transparent and visible or grilled and ban on closed lifts and criminal offence to operate closed lifts in the Associations

[142] Mandatory ramps at lifts for easy passage of wheel chairs for physically challenged/ old aged/ injured in every Association; every Association must have one standard wheel chair 

[143] Ban on installing mobile towers in Associations common areas

[144] Mandatory every mobile signal tower installed in the Government property or private property in Association territory must use solar power/ wind power as regular power supply to a maximum extent

Piped Gas

[145] Mandatory supply of LPG cooking gas for residential purposes only through pipes, ban supply of cylinders to individual house hold

Fire Safety

[146] Mandatory fire extinguishers at Associations

[147] Ban on establishment of sale of petroleum products, petrol pumps, gas agencies, and any explosive nature products, chemical godowns etc in the immediate vicinity of residential Association territories.; ban on storage of any petroleum products (except diesel for power generators) in Association territories

[148] Mandatory installation of smoke & fire detectors in every Association 

[149] Regulations on use of fire crackers in the Association habitations; mandatory responsibility of Association to monitor use of fire crackers by the household; ban on lighting fire crackers from  balconies / terraces of Association household buildings

[150] Mandatory restrictions on quantities of fire crackers based on pollution emissions from every house hold on the deepavali occasion

Financial, Structural, Energy, Water, Fire Audit

[151] Mandatory every Association, every house hold disclose online every year about details of electrical devices, water utility devices and fire hazardous devices 

[152] Mandatory every house hold must scrap their energy consuming devices like electric motors, fans, etc once book value is zero to energy efficiency modern compact devices; Government provide tax concessions for purchase of new one with more energy efficiency.

[153] Mandatory financial audit 

[154] Mandatory structural audit for all properties, fixed time frame depending up on the age of building the more age more frequency of structural audit.

[155] Mandatory certification of health of fixtures by qualified and Government certified charted engineers for all plumbing, electrical and other structures of the building before property is given on rent.

[156] Mandatory energy, water audit in every Association

[157] Mandatory fire safety audit in every Association and houses

Banning Commercial Activities  

[158] Ban on fast food joints/ restaurants/ bakeries within the premises of Associations including the so called coffee shops.

[159] Ban on establishing/running so called beauty parlours or spas/ massage centers in residential Association habitations.

[160] Ban on selling raw Non Veg in Association territories

[161] Ban on any kind of commercial activities / so called professional services in residential Associations like vastu, palmistry, numerology gemmology etc. 

[162] Ban on establishing offices by the lawyers or doctors or engineers in residential Association premises. 

[163] Ban on guest houses/ service Apartments in Associations

[164] Ban on commercial/ promotional exhibitions of any nature in Associations 

[165] Mandatory sale of vegetables directly by farmers / farmers representatives to every Association or cluster of Associations once or twice in a week 

[166] Ban on establishing Government offices in Associations or Association territories

Employees & Staff

[167] Mandatory all staff of Association recruited through employment exchange with govt allocation maintaining propionate representation of all castes, all religions, genders as per percentage of population of castes, religion in that territory; 

The real beginning of reservations in private sector

[168] Mandatory two years tenure for employees in the Association and also n-e-w-s transfers for all employees in the Association

[169] Standard uniform working conditions for all staff working in Associations across the country;  standard uniform dress code for all staff in the Associations (as per geographical location), bio metric attendance, and holidays as per Government

[170] Mandatory bar coded unique id cards issued online by Government for all servant maids, drivers, helpers, baby sitters, cooks etc working in the individual homes in Association

[171] Mandatory every Association, & household must provide rain coat, foot wear for the staff/ security/ employees

[172] Ban on smoking/ consumption of alcohol by staff/ security/ employees on duty

[173] Ban on use of mobile phones on duty at Associations by staff/ security/ employees, mandatory to deposit their mobiles at entrance.

[174] Mandatory that every house hold in Association pay monthly fixed amount towards the health insurance of the staff/ employees ; mandatory holidays for house hold employees

[175] Mandatory provision refreshments like tea/ coffee in Associations for staff/ security/ employees of household at every Association

[176] Mandatory every Association & every household must provide payment for multi mode conveyance or a bicycle for their employees

[177] Mandatory separate toilets with change rooms for females working in every Association

[178] Standard norms for employing servant maids

[179] Online work performance certificate by employers and treatment of employer certificate by servant maid online to ensure perfect out put 

[180] Mandatory to create semi covered shades within compound walls for all independent houses, side cover/shade for all Apartment balconies where the servant maids wash the utensils/ clothes from protecting them sun radiation and rain

[181] Mandatory installation of cc cameras in the entrance living room of homes with bachelors else mandatory two servant maids jointly work to contain sexual exploitation/ adultery/prostitution 

[182] Mandatory every female staff/ employee/ servant maid be addressed as sister/ mother in the regional language by all men (house hold & other male staff/ employees) in the Association 

[183] Special dress code for females working as servant maids or sweepers or construction labour

[184] Government  amend criminal law to make it mandatory that females or males who are subjected to any atrocity of sexual violence / molestation must report within fixed time frame of such incidence for validity of the charges in case the victim living in their regular place of living  after the incidence 

[185] Mandatory holiday for the servant maids must be provided monthly paid leaves during menstrual cycle


[186] Standards for security personal in Association

[187] Mandatory registration of all security service providers with Government basic security training for all security stationary security jobs to physically disabled persons

[188] Mandatory Government maintain data bank of all security at every Association, also at local police;  bio metric real time online daily attendance; 50% security get transferred every year 

[189] Ban on using security staff or any staff in Associations for personal work by the Association members; ban on security personal doing odd jobs

[190] Mandatory gender equality in security personal recruitment  

[191] Ban on any data access to security staff like visitor like contact number, address etc. Ban on security personal using mobile phones, all internal communication be through wireless

[192] Ban on security personal wearing any religious dress on duty, mandatory to wear uniform 

[193] Community policing in every Association

[194] Ban on watchmen living rooms in Apartments/ Gated Communities and ban on families staying/living in the so called watchmen rooms in Associations ;  ban on permanent employees in Association

[195] Mandatory service assistants in every Association 

CC Cameras 

[196] Mandatory cc cameras in every Association at multiple locations with Government  permission for installation, periodic audit  of the cc cameras in the Associations by Government for ensuring no deviations, no misuse & no inconvenience to habitants 

[197] Mandatory regulations on use of spy cameras; mandatory to declare online regarding owning of spy camera with reasons for owning; mandatory permission from Government  to use spy camera ; criminal offence to share spy camera recordings in media/ social media 


[198] Mandatory online digital entry for visitors with recordings of details at Government web data base, ban on manual book entry of visitors at Associations

[199] Online real time video access of visitors to responsible persons who are away for employment  

[200] Mandatory that only authorisation from the house hold the visitors be allowed to household in the Association;  Mandatory bar coded warrant for the police/ law enforcement authority to enter any house hold in any Association for search / arrest etc

[201] Mandatory online return entry by the visitor for exit on confirmation from household for safety 

[202] Mandatory restriction of number of visitors in the Association habitations 

[203] Visitors entry restricted only to authorised homes, criminal offence to visit/ trespass/ do work in other than entry done homes

[204] Mandatory entry of vendors / suppliers of e commerce/ eateries are restricted to ground floor in Apartments, to Association entrance point in case of Gated Communities/ residential colonies.

[205] Ban on door to door delivery of daily supplies like milk, news paper, and bottled water. 

[206] Ban on door to door sale, door to door spiritual / sooth tellers or any service providers in Associations  

[207] Ban on NGO’s, charities going door to door to collect donations in Association for any charity 

[208] Ban on door to door collection of garbage in Associations; Mandatory every house hold in the Associations must deposit garbage in the common bins. Mandatory provision of wash basins with automatic water dispenser taps, liquid soap and hand dryers near the common garbage bins for clean and hygiene.

[209] Mandatory every Association has to place common garbage collection bins as per standard guidelines, not according to whims & fancies of Association governing members 

[210] Mandatory installation of exclusive bins to get dispose used sanitary napkins & baby/adult dippers in every Association

[211] Ban on door to door delivery of postal letters/ couriers; mandatory letter drop box at the entrance of the Association for ordinary post/ courier - bar coding for ordinary post & couriers;

[212] Ban on recovery agents (Banks, Pvt Finance, vehicle) entering any individuals homes in Associations ; ban on cash collection/ cheque collection for any loan repayment/ recovery, all loan repayments must be bank online, auto debit 

[213] Integration of data of bank accounts of individuals across the country of all banks for healthy financial management of individuals, banks, country

[214] Ban on private tuitions in individual house hold, all private tuitions in Associations at a designated place in the Association community hall

[215] Ban on so called medical treatments at home except on record recommended by doctors to have bed rest/ treatment at home to contain so called massage/ sex for pay at home by hi-tech prostitution agencies


[216] Mandatory to inform details of ownership of the vehicles, by every resident to the Association and Association in turn online to the Government; mandatory all third party vehicles to provide online information to Government about their approval use the third party vehicle. 

[217] Mandatory online affidavit by vehicle owners that they will not allow the vehicles to be used by their minor children

[218] Mandatory every Association vehicles must have a bar coding sticker downloadable from the Government, and every private taxi must have bar coded sticker 

[219] Criminal offence to posses vehicles without parking space in Association; criminal offence to park vehicles on common roads; Government creates a vertical parking space or allows private vertical parking

[220] Mandatory sun screens for four wheelers in Associations to reduce inside temperatures to reduce use of air conditioner to save fuel

[221] Mandatory all delivery vans should be CNG or eclectic operated

[222] Mandatory creation of exclusive covered area in Associations for vehicle cleaning

[223] Mandatory every Association must possess the tyre inflator equipment to ensure standard tyre pressure maintained to prevent vehicle break down on roads, also to improve fuel efficiency. 

[224] Mandatory every group of Associations must have a truck to carry the bio mass, own & use wood chipper & shredder machine, pay for the bio mass generated.

[225] Mandatory conducting education class for all drivers in the Association once in every three months; online grievances recording facility in all Associations

[226] Mandatory measures to decongest vehicular traffic in Association territories; reduce vehicular pollution

[227] Mandatory restriction of movement commercial passenger vehicles to fixed radius; measures for promotion of e rickshaws / battery operated vehicles in the internal roads leading to Associations

[228] Mandatory that every house hold in Associations must provide online information to Government regarding the education details of their children, employment details of house hold

[229] Mandatory depressions in bus bays and auto stands in the vicinity of Associations 

[230] Mandatory ‘no vehicle hours’ / ‘no vehicle half day’ on every Sunday in Association territory

[231] Mandatory every Association record the kilometres done by every vehicle moving out for the day to account for use of fuel, amount of pollution generation from every vehicle user

[232] Mandatory Government make inventory of travel of every individual every day/ month/ year by all types of motored vehicles to determine vehicle miles travelled (VMT) per capita; pollution cess for above VMT per capita, incentives for using multi mode transport 

[233] Introducing Vehicular Carbon Credits  (VCC) for using multi mode transport instead of Personal Vehicles, A game changer measure to reduce Vehicular Pollution

[234] Mandatory all home goods (home shifting, home appliances new /used delivery) carrying vehicles & and all e-commerce delivery vehicles be CNG or electric operated, registered with Government & mandatory online information origin and destination

[235] Mandatory that every vehicle manufacturer must establish vehicle service centers for regular service and minor repairs, including painting of vehicles within 5 km radius of every Association

[236] Mandatory that every house hold must purchase goods/ articles from the nearest store in the vicinity of their habitation any household goods;  mandatory every consumer goods retailers must keep their godowns, service centers in multiple places and delivery from nearest place to the household 

[237] Mandatory all the students whether school or college/ university must reside within 5 km radius; all mass transport to ferry children be operated by CNG or electric; Mandatory for the students in the Associations must put attendance when they go out for educational institute & return home 

Internal Roads

[238] Mandatory every Associations has cemented/ concrete internal roads and all internal roads should be perfect without any potholes and designed with banking for easy turnings and free flow of rain water, also installed fire hydrants

[239] Mandatory standard guidelines for installation of speed breakers in Association internal roads 

[240] Mandatory that all gates of entry and exit gates must operate 24/ 7 in all Associations 

[241] Mandatory that Government make that all Associations provide through fare for other Association vehicles to reduce travel distance & pollution in that Association territory

[242] Mandatory installation of drive way convex mirrors for safety, security at blind turns/ spots to prevent accidents in all Associations; regulation on use of horn in Association internal roads.

[243] Mandatory indications of caution sign boards about the exact parallel location of manholes on the internal roads in the Associations/ Association territories 

[244] Mandatory emergency communication facility in every external road leading to Associations

[245] Ban on additional construction in any Association buildings / compound walls of Association or individual homes in Associations

[246] Ban on erecting temporary shelters /tents outside the homes in Association premises

[247] Government restrict the height of the buildings in the empty places in Associations, Association territories to prevent blocking of sun light by high raise buildings in front of other houses

[248] Mandatory parapet walls on terraces and balconies, and mandatory compound walls for every independent homes & Apartments 

[249] Concession for Associations adopting vastu/ vastu colors outside or inside their homes

[250] Mandatory standard measures for grave yards situated in Association territories 

Equipment, Tools, Facilities for Common Utility

[251] Mandatory every Association must have stainless steel carts for carrying groceries and iron carts for carrying out door waste/ bio degradable material 

[252] Mandatory every Association must poses all the standard equipment / materials like tables, chairs, music system, lights, utensils etc for conducting the monthly festivals, functions 

[253] Mandatory every Association must possess tool kits of all kinds for use by Association and every house hold

[254] Every Association must possess thermo meter; the blood pressure checking equipment and blood sugar checking equipment

[255] Mandatory first aid training in every Association for all the security and Association governing members, mandatory first aid kits and mandatory stretcher in every Association.

[256] Mandatory every Association must have library and order standard news papers and magazines

[257] Mandatory every Association must have digital weighing machine and manual weighing machine 

[258] Mandatory every house hold in Associations must have electric chimney in the kitchen and all exhaust pipes connected in series in Apartments

[259] Mandatory every Association of Gated Communities, Residential Colonies must have bicycles for use by the staff/ security to move inside Association premises for performing duty 

[260] Install automatic / semi automatic mass roti makers 

[261] Large idly/dosa batter mixture grinder 

[262] Common giant washing machines in every Association

[263] Mandatory creation of common provision for drying clothes in open sun ; hot air blower room heaters for drying clothes in rainy season and winter season

[264] Mandatory common clothes pressing/ dhobis in Association premises; mandatory to use solar power electric iron to save substantial power

[265] Mandatory every Association must have facility hair cut & beard shaving for men & hair styling for females

[266] Mandatory every Association territories (group of Associations) must own one mortuary van

[267] Mandatory every Association/ Association territories must running play schools in Association premises

[268] Mandatory the computer systems in the Associations can be utilised after office hours for computer literacy education provided by trained / qualified persons in the Association to non computer literates either old aged or women or men

[269] Mandatory every Association or Association territory must have old aged gathering centers/ facility

[270] Mandatory every Association must organise old aged pilgrimage once in a year for a month


[271] Mandatory to raise plants & tress with medicinal properties in Associations

[272] Mandatory promotion of raising tulasi plant, aloe vera plant in every home by Government with program like “Ghar Ghar Me Tulasi Maa” & “Aloe vera in every Home” distributing tulasi plants, & aloe vera plants to every house hold through Associations

Health Care

[273] Mandatory yoga in every Association to be attended by all those above 30 years of age for claiming health insurance and life insurance

[274] Mandatory every Association provide copper tumbler stored water 

[275] Mandatory every Association or group of Associations must conduct breast cancer awareness meets once in three months

[276] Mandatory every Association establish facility for physical activity/ sports like walking tracks, basket ball etc

[277] Mandatory every Association to collect health insurance and accidental / life insurance charges in the maintained charges a measure towards universal health care, a game changing measure

[278] Mandatory self declaration by every adult about smoking, tobacco consumption, and alcohol consumption habit; ban on sale of tobacco products in the Association territories

[279] Ban smoking in the balconies of Apartments or outside the home in case of independent homes in Gated Communities / residential colonies.

[280] Criminal office to smoke in the vicinity of pregnant women & children below 18 years in homes in Association territories

[281] Ban on sale of liquor in the Association premises &  territories;  criminal office to consume alcohol/ move around after consumption of alcohol in front of children below 18 years in homes in Association territories

[282] Mandatory to provide AADHAAR card with bio metric sale for any alcohol beverage (by liquor shops, bars); ban on sale of alcohol to persons living more than 5 km radius of the sale point.

[283] Mandatory for buyers of liquor to provide online self declaration to Government about the place of consumption; mandatory to return the same bottle for purchase of new bottle else penalty, limit of sale of liquor to individuals per day/ per month

[284] Ban on sale/ serving or consumption of alcohol, smoking, gambling in Association club houses / premises, mandatory to inform to Government about guests occupying guest rooms in Association club houses


[285] Pet animals

[286] Mandatory registration of pet animals, RFID tagging of pet animals, online data with Government  for periodic vaccination of pet, history of bites/attacks by the pet in Associations; measures to ensure safety of habitants

[287] Ban on raising large animals (goats, buffaloes, and cows) in the immediate vicinity (500 meters) from the Association habitations; also ban on cattle movement in the Association or Association territories.

[288] Ban on movement of bullock carts /tangas, horse buggies, donkeys, camels, elephants etc in the Association territories & in cemented/ bitumen roads


[289] Mandatory installation of all religious symbols at the entrance/ prayer room in all Associations 

[290] Mandatory every Association install sound boxes in every house hold to provide daily religious, spiritual, medication, peace music; Government provide incentives for Associations for installation of sound boxes 

[291] Criminal office to play cinema/ western music/ dance during traditional festivals in the Associations, to save traditions and preventing the Association stages turning into vulgar recording dance sets on the spiritual/prayer occasions

[292] Ban on conducting so called satsangs in residential Associations; ban on of self styled god men/women

[293] Mandatory teachings of principles of BHAGAVAD GITA in every Association to make every section of people understand and follow the principles of leading own life in meaningful way by overcoming all difficulties  

Loud Music, Noise

[294] Mandatory Government fix the maximum decibels sound any house hold/Association can throughout the year; ban on loud music/speakers during any occasion especially during religious festivals in Association ; ban on producing noise beyond certain decibels in every house hold after 10 pm

[295] Ban on loud music in temples / mosques/ churches etc situated in the Association territories

[296] Ban on movement of vehicles without silencers or sound generating ;  ban on movement of vehicles which are over polluting

[297] Ban on playing horn & loud music in the vehicles in the Association, Association internal roads.

[298] Restrictions on timings of repairs and maintainance in the Associations

[299] Ban on performing any kind of construction after 8 pm or before 8 am adjacent to or in the immediate vicinity (1000 mt) of the residential Association habitations

Culture, Tradition 

[300] Mandatory every Association must conduct training classes for Indian traditional music, dance (irrespective of religion, of that region/territory)

[301] Mandatory that standard festivals of national importance & all religious in India should be celebrated in every Association 

[302] Mandatory every Association must conduct some games once in a month according to availability of space   

[303] Mandatory all Associations must conduct children & youth gathering & all females gathering every month

[304] Mandatory that all Associations conduct once in a month quiz programmes in the Association for the children on all subjects, general knowledge, current affairs, health care etc

[305] Mandatory every Association must conduct training/ gyan classes & sharing of their experiences for all the children/youth regarding elderly care in their family. 

[306] Mandatory parents and grandparents pada pooja once in a year in the Association territories

[307] Mandatory every Association must organise exclusive lunch/dinner for all staff members & their family members in Association once in a year

[308] Mandatory every Association governing members participate in the cleaning of the common areas and toilets once in three months 

[309] Mandatory every Association territories must conduct community service every fortnight 

[310] Ban of caste/ religious meetings in the Associations or Association territories

[311] Mandatory to organise food festivals every month in every Association with one region cuisine/foods every month (Andhra, Guajarati Bengali, Punjabi, Assami etc) 

[312] Mandatory to conduct cultural programme of Indian traditional dance, traditional music of different regions every month in every Association

[313] Mandatory every Association must conduct Financial services day,Legal Services Day every three months

Waste Reduction Measures  &  Waste to Wealth

[314] Establishment of leftover cooked food collection centers 

[315] Establishment of just before expiry packed food collection

[316] Special soft ware to detect the expiry date, retailer and bill number of the product

[317] Establishment of un used before expiry medicine collection centers, all expiry medicine centers

[318] Establishment of re-usable, old/used clothes collection centers 

[319] Waste disposal in Associations

[320] Establishment of Bring Bank bins in every Association to Deposit  plastic covers and used/broken plastic bottles/items, mandatory every house hold deposit them for Recycle

[321] Mandatory to surrender all old news paper every month by Associations, all house hold who subscribes news papers

[322] Establishment of collection of used foot wear in every Association and Association territories

[323] Establishment of collection bins for used brooms in the Associations

[324] Establishment of collection bins for used door mats (separate collection bins for jute/ cloth/ rubber)

[325] Mandatory all e-commerce deliveries be made on re usable plastic containers; ban on paper / polyethylene/ carton boxes delivery of e commerce

[326] Ban on putting posters/ banners etc; ban on distribution of pamphlets/ putting pamphlets along with news papers; measures to reduce paper use in Association  

[327] Government create large screens “local screens” for commercial advertisement as well as Government advertisements locally in every junction for publicity to earn revenues and contain pamphlets, paper poster, banners, writing on the walls

[328] Incentives for painting outer compound walls with land scrape sceneries/ cultural paintings etc  “Paint My Wall”

[329] Ban on using so called wall papers in homes for beautification of walls

[330] Ban on rag pickers in the Association territories; ban on the profession of rag picking

Joy of Giving

[331] House hold may contribute Rs 1000 for offering dress for the children of the employee

[332] Every Association, house hold must contribute for sanitary napkins for the female staff, security, employees working in the Association

[333] Every Association contribute towards building low cost housing for the staff/ security/ employees of Associations  


[334] Mandatory display of contact details of local Government officials, elected representatives (present & ex) of that territory; mandatory grievances cell

[335] Mandatory that Government provide/ circulate information all Government reforms/ Government orders through e mail to all the Associations to share among the habitats once in a week for more understanding and clarity

[336] Mandatory Government sent a look out notice to Associations where the person living or frequent visitor to home in Associations for identification and report to police in the event of fir and searching for the accuse and it should be the duty of Association to report to police about such persons

[337] Government must make voter id cards of every voter living Associations ; mandatory to swipe before going to polling booth at Association to prevent mal practice in polling


[338] Mandatory that every Association must raise a national flag every day and close in the evening and every security of Association must participate 

[339] Conclusion

Continuation from PART-1  (Point No 1  to 215) 



Also it should be mandatory on the part of the households to provide online affidavit to the Associations of Apartments, Gated Communities, RESIDENTIAL COLONIES about the details of vehicles used by them in the Association territory including the details of driving licences in their family and Drivers in case they employed a driver in a standard format and the data will be up dated in the central transport department server automatically by the Association; also it should be mandatory on the part of the individual house hold to provide the pollution check certification, taxes paid receipts, periodic maintenance details  etc online; it should be mandatory on the part of the individual household to inform to the Association regarding the vehicles used by them whether they own the vehicle or using their friends, relatives, hire purchase etc, must submit the vehicle RC, Driving license details of all even third party vehicles to the Association online. 

Also there should be online permission for use of the third party vehicles for commercial or non commercial use, in case the relatives or friends provide the vehicles for use,  but the same should be informed each time/ daily through mobile app the person who given the vehicle to his relative/ friend, the relation/ period of acquaintance should be made clearly in an online format and strictly mention whether for commercial purposes or non commercial, in case commercial all payments must be uniform as per Government  guidelines in a separate agreement for commercial use of third party vehicles and all payments should be online bank transactions; also the person who is giving vehicle for friends/relatives must give undertaking that he was aware, got copy of driving license of the person whom the vehicle is given for use, in addition the person who is giving vehicle must take responsibility in case the vehicle met with accident and the same charges should be applicable to the person who provided the vehicle to his/ her relative/ friend this measure further ensures the vehicles are not given on un official lease/ rent,  this measure ensures no benami vehicles will be in the Association, as most of the Government Employees uses Benami vehicles for themselves, their family members earned through corrupt money, also all luxury vehicles which are purchased by house hold with un accounted money be in the benami names.

This measure ensures vehicles are periodically maintained, also it ensures all the dues and penalties for any traffic violations will be collected easily from the traffic violating drivers, also it improves driving conditions due to careful driving in the streets for the fear of caught as every vehicle details and driver details are with Government, also ensures no drunk and drive. Also this measure reduces vehicular pollution to a great extent due to periodic submission of pollution testing and also submission of periodic maintenance (change of lubricants, filters, general servicing as per the vehicle manual); also this measure ensures reduced corruption by the Government servant’s ad elected representatives using luxury vehicle by them. 


Also all vehicle owners must provide online affidavit to Association / that they will not give vehicles to their minor children, and only after becoming major the vehicles which need license be allowed to drive by their children only after getting professional driving training and on obtaining the valid driving license whether it is two wheeler, those vehicles which require driving license and all other four wheelers etc; however those vehicle which do not require license can be allowed to use by the non license holders certainly by not the minors. 

Also it should be a criminal offence in case the children caught driving the vehicles in the gated Community, RESIDENTIAL COLONIES or taking vehicles out of the Association without valid licenses, also in case the security/ Associations management failure to inform the same to the police immediately after noticing the same either physically or in the CC camera footages,  also be a criminal offence on the part of the security & Association in the event of  any fatal accident committed by the minor, then not only the minor, the parents, also the security and Associations governing members will be booked for criminal charges; This measure certainly contains minor driving vehicles. 


Also Government must make it mandatory that every vehicle in every Association must have bar coded sticker/ RFID tag pasted on the top right hand from glass from inside drivers side so that on entry into the Association the vehicle can be bar code readable online instead of writing the details of the vehicle, with complete ban on noting the details of vehicles of visitors and only bar code reading online Government data base to ensure privacy of the house hold. 

All bar coding stickers of the vehicles in the Association should be distributed by the Association to all vehicles in that Association after downloading the stickers from Government website by providing information about the vehicles (only Association can download based on affidavit submitted by house hold about the details of the ownership/ use of the vehicle in the Association and not the individual vehicle owners/users); also all the vehicles of the Association must have auto focus reading of bar coding sticker entry; so that no need to write the details of number plate or must have bar coded stickers to get read the bar coding every time they exit, entry the Association compound; this measures every vehicle entering/ leaving Association must be recorded. all the relatives/ visitors staying overnight in the Associations must inform the Association and get temporary stay number permit online real time; this measure ensures no criminal accused can hide in relatives/ friends houses, also this measure reduces all kinds of illegal and illegitimate acts in Association habitations to a great extent 

Also all the commercial passenger vehicles either radio cabs, all taxi services or autos must be provided with bar-coding stickers in the standard format provided by the Government and all the Associations must have the standard mobile app / computer operated bar-coding reading machines, to record the bar code of the radio taxies, the same procedure should be applied to the E commerce suppliers/ delivery; this measure is very secure and only authorised persons only enter the premises of the Associations also the details of the suppliers like E commerce vendors, door delivery service providers will get recorded every time they enter the compound of the Association of Apartment, gated Community, RESIDENTIAL COLONIES. 

This measure not only eliminates human errors in noting the details of the vehicles, but also saves time of the security staff and also ensures only authorised persons only enter the Association, in addition for more security that once the booking was made for the radio taxi or taxi, the taxi operator must provide the details of pick up location of the of person in that Association of Apartment/ gated Community to the Government department and the Government department forward the details through GPS location just few minutes (two to three minutes) before reaching the entrance gate of the Association  Apartment/ gated Community/ RESIDENTIAL COLONIES security, so that the Association security can re match/ authenticate the same bar-code of the vehicle with vehicle numbers, and persons residing in that Association or persons visiting in that Association in automatic manner and directs them internally if required and it should be made mandatory for the people living in Association to provide exact address/pick up location in the Association, in case of third party pick up by any friends, relatives using the radio cab the normal procedure of bar code reading must be followed, in addition the person form whom the radio cab/ visitor vehicle is coming to pick up must also inform to the Association via mail/ SMS the details . Also this measure saves lot time for both the taxi services as well as the e-commerce delivery services and also for the individual users/ residents due to waiting at the entrance gate to manually write the details in the log books of the Association with illegible writings of different persons, and the not readable mobile numbers/ wrong contact details, deliberately writing wrong details of vehicle etc.


Also Government must make it a criminal offence to possess a any vehicle without parking space, also criminal offence to park the vehicles other than designated parking places including visitors parking place and parking on internal roads of the Association or outside their Association on Municipal roads in the Associations territories it should be criminal offence; Government should create vertical paring in Associations in Government properties or allow private people to create vertical parking in private spaces in the Associations. 

This measure will certainly reduce the traffic congestion in the City to a great extent thus reduced pollution also reduce the lot of inconvenience to the residents in the Association, in the absence of this measure it is a common syndrome each house hold in Associations buying two three four vehicles in congested roads and parking in roads, in addition every visitor to each house hold parks the vehicles on the roads and causing heavy inconvenience as well as traffic jams in the by lanes in the Associations and this is going to increase day by day due to rapid Urbanization and more Urban habitations creating in the already congested Urban spaces with road to vehicle ratio is on decline with less roads and more vehicles 


Also Government  must make it mandatory that every vehicle owner must carry with him/ her as part of vehicle accessory the vehicle covers, and sun screens for all four wheelers mandatorily, and every Association must ensure that every vehicle in the Association poses the sun screens and also the vehicle covers, so that all vehicles parked in the Associations must be covered with cover at the end of the day so that if the dust is accumulated it will get accumulated on the cover which can be removed and dust removed through vacuum cleaners of the Association, Also the sun screens for the vehicles especially the four wheelers should be mandatorily placed in every vehicle and use during the parking of the vehicle in the afternoon to prevent heating of the inside cabin of the vehicle in the hot sun thus reducing the need for use of Air conditioners in the vehicles, which otherwise a common syndrome that people will park their vehicles just like that in the hot sun and run the vehicle ideal to get cooled for few minutes at high AC so that fast cooling occurs especially by the driver driven vehicles, or just like the make high AC and take the vehicle out, it will create un necessary  burning of substantial burning of fuel, this is a common phenomenon in all seasons throughout the year with many places of India with average sun radiation of over 300 days leads to huge quantities of fuel burnt, causing that much quantities of pollution, and waste of money for the vehicle owners, Also it is  fact that there will be some percentage of loss of fuel through evaporation due to high temperatures in the hot sun especially for petrol vehicles; Also it is very dangerous to health as the temperatures inside the cabin of the closed doors in the vehicles are very high and human body cannot suddenly adjust to such temperature differences and will certainly effect the health of the people who are setting in such vehicles,  So keeping in view of all negative effects of high temperatures in vehicle cabins due to placing of vehicles in hot sun, to reduce these negative effects, Government  must make it mandatory that every four wheeler must have sun screens and they should be placed mandatorily whenever they park the car in place which was not having covered sheds/ covered parking from morning 6 am to evening 6 pm, and Government  should levy penalty for violation of this norm and parking of vehicles in any open places and also Government  make law to deny entry for parking in open parking  places in the market yards or commercial centers or in Government  offices etc for all four wheelers without the provision of the sun screens on the front and back glass, this measure is like use of seat belts, and same manner of violation of seat belt attracts penalty violation of non placement of sun screens should be penalised; this measure saves lot fuel, pollution and ensures health of the people.


Also it should be made mandatory that all the delivery/ service vehicles/ trucks used within the cities whether for supply of tanker water or collection of garbage or supply of any goods/ e commerce delivery vehicles/ supply of eateries must be battery operated or CNG operated, incentives should be provided for those persons who deliver the goods like E commerce, Daily supplies like Milk, News Papers, or Posts / Couriers on bicycle/ battery operated vehicle, in case of using bicycle person / delivery boy should travel more than 30 km of circumference/ overall length of travel per day by cycling to deliver goods/ letters/ parcels beyond this limit they should be provided with electric scooters or electric vans to deliver the goods/letters.


Also Government must make it mandatory that every Association must create an exclusive vehicle cleaning area in a covered space so that every vehicle gets dry cleaning / pressurised wet cleaning in that designated area only and banning cleaning of vehicles in the common areas like the basement or ground floor parking area or in the common roads leaving the mud water and dust from the vehicles thrown in the common areas, Also every Association must have mini pressure cleaning equipment for cleaning of the vehicles & common floors with minimum water and effective cleaning; the measure of exclusive vehicle cleaning areas with pressurised water facility will saves millions of litres of fresh water as the water used for the pressurised cleaning of the vehicles is very less compared to normal cleaning, also when cleaned in exclusive areas the used water be collected from the rain water or the air conditioners exhaust condensed water by and large, this saves fresh water usage, also  this measures saves fuel burning and pollution to substantial amounts as just for cleaning of the vehicles people take / send vehicles to the service stations which are far away from their place of residence, also this creates millions of employment to the unemployed youth to work in Associations for cleaning the vehicles, this measure is more convenient and effective way of cleaning / maintaining the vehicles (periodic servicing however need to be done at the authorised service stations where the entre vehicle including the engine are cleaned). This measure ensures no fine dust or mud water is spilled in the Association common areas and all mud waters drained properly. That Association which do not have space for creation of exclusive vehicle cleaning room (small Apartments with more vehicles) they can have a tie up with other Associations in that immediate vicinity in that area for a nominal pay for the vehicles wet cleaning.


Also it should be mandatory that All Associations having more than 50 Vehicles in the Association must possess one Compressor Operated type air fillers so that the vehicles in the Association will fill the air in case they find their vehicle tyre pressure is less before starting of the vehicles which is otherwise a basic step before moving the vehicle out as per the driving licence rules, as such every Association must possess one tyre inflator;  all other Associations with less than 50 vehicles must possess manual tyre inflators. 

This measure saves lot of fuel consumption, reduces air pollution from vehicles, reduces accidents on account of tyre punctures, Reduces inconvenience to people travelling in vehicle get stranded or wait for some other mode of transport or walk several kilometres for getting another vehicle or getting the tyre inflators, Also this measure prevents accidents and traffic jams in the roads as the sudden tyre punctures or break down of vehicle in the middle of traffic on account of tyre deflation will lead to accidents and also this kind of break down in peak hours in traffic creates traffic jams and heavy pollution in several territories;  Also saves people from emergency like medical emergency etc if they are carrying patients to hospitals, the tyre gets deflated then they get stranded on the roads etc etc, so this measure is certainly be more advantageous with small investment by the Association habitants.


Also Government must make it mandatory that every gated Community and RESIDENTIAL COLONIES must own themselves or be in group to own a tractor or truck with men to lift the bio mass generated in that gated Community or RESIDENTIAL COLONIES from the green trees like the fallen leafs or dried branches or pruning of the trees and every day by moving around the Association common roads. This measure will be cost effective, also generate employment and ensure absolute cleanness in the Association territories and Government municipal authorities must provide a designated space in the nearest area in that territory to ensure the collected bio mass waste is dumped to be used for power production in bio mass power plants in most of the months, and to convert into vermin compost during the rainy season as most of the bio mass is wet during rainy season; the municipal bio mass dumping grounds should be within 5 km radius or the nearest possible neighbouring Gated Communities and RESIDENTIAL COLONIES Associations so that for picking up of the bio waste the travel distances and time should not be less to ensure less fuel costs. Also Mandatory All large Associations / Group of Associations must Own & Use “Wood Chipper & Shredder Machines” and “Chaff Cutters” to cut/ chip the tree trunks, tree branches, tree leaves, tree hides etc into small pieces of 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches diameters so that these can be packed in sacks for easy transport in large quantities, less trips, less fuel rather than carrying loose, as carrying loose tree branches etc occupies more volume in truck trips to dump the bio waste, more burning of fuel.  

Also all bio mass carrying must be design should be in such a manner that the vehicles should start carrying from one Association to the last Association in that group with shortest route in series and exit the group to reach general municipal bio mass dumping ground in the shortest distance, this measure reduces the fuel consumption and reduces the pollution, all the vehicles must be fitted with GPS and all the fuel readings be digitalised and online record, ideal that these trucks / tractors run on CNG to reduce pollution in the Association habitations, also the cost of the maintenance of the vehicle be recovered equally from all the individual household as part of monthly maintenance in the Association group so that very meagre or nominal cost will be incurred on the habitations, this measure saves burning of bio mass in the Association territories and large quantities of bio mass based power production happens thus reduces lot of health risks associated with the smoke of burning of bio mass to the Association habitations, also this measure reduces the bacteria/ virus and insects growth due to piling up of bio mass in the Association territories especially in the rainy season and winters. Government may provide interest free loans for the Associations to buy the vehicles and the vehicles EMI can be shared by the habitants in the group Associations in the monthly maintenance so that hardly any kind of burden on the Associations in this regard.

Also Government must levy charges on the bio mass generated in the Associations, as bio mass need to be carried for far away distances either to use for vermin compost or for bio mass power generation and these vehicles carrying bio mass for long distances causes air pollution due to burning of diesel or petrol (ideal that all bio mass carrying vehicles in cities must be CNG operated); also the bio mass creates some amount of smoke while use by bio mass power plants and also it is a fact that people just like that cut the tress for so called beauty so in order to reduce cutting of branches of trees Government must levy cess on the bio mass generated in the Associations based on the quantity of bio mass generated.


Also Government must make it mandatory that every Association must conduct the classes for safe driving, fuel efficiency driving, following of traffic rules, how to act in case of accidents/ emergency, how to drive safe in mud roads, in rainy season, in flash flood like situation, in the winters in fogs, in steep corners, in uphill and downhill,  in congested roads, in school zones etc etc, what to do in hot summers if the engine over heats etc in audio video presentation so that they can refresh themselves to identify their mistakes and rectify themselves in every season. This measure is necessary through bio metric online attendance of the vehicles owners/ drivers who drive the vehicle in general/ all the driving licence holders in that Association.

Also there should be online grievances / observation registration facility in every Association for registering grievances by every vehicle driver any obstacles encountered vehicle driving their vehicle in standard routes like going to work place from home or dropping the children to the school etc the conditions of the roads, the pot holes, the spillage of water/ drains, any stray animals, any encroachments of the road or bribe demanding by the police etc or failed street lights or fallen trees/ electrical poles, cables or problems in renewal of licences etc also that these grievances can be received directly by Government report dept for immediate rectification. 


Also Government must make it mandatory to implement the Odd/ even Scheme in the Association territories where the road to vehicle ratio is less to reduce the vehicular traffic and de congest the small internal roads and reduce the pollution within the Association territories, also Government must create a mobile app/ web app for the vehicle pooling in the Association territories so that it will certainly reduce the traffic movement from the Associations. 

Also Government must ban movement of large vehicles like lorries/ buses on regular bases in the Association territories, Also use of Battery operated vehicles to ferry the people from the main roads to the internal roads in the Association habitations, Also Government ban the diesel autos in phased manner and make then switch to e-rickshaws /    e-autos or e-mini cars to ferry the people; Also Government make mandatory all the Autos etc should be booked through mobile app or through phone call to the call canter and restrict the movement of autos to fixed distance; mandatory all Government/ Pvt employees must use multi mode transport for going to work place; these measures certainly reduce the pollution to a certain extent also de congest the traffic to a substantial extent.


Also Government must restrict the use of vehicles movement in the Association territories and City, for both private commercial vehicles and also personal vehicles; All the manual labour rickshaws  should be limited to 3 km from the stand or starting point; All e rickshaws should be fixed distance of 5 km from their stand and restriction of movement of E rickshaws only within the Association territory and ban on moving in the Main roads, similarly for the manual Rickshaws; every e rickshaw should have GPS and permit should be given to drive within that 5 km radius from their stand defining their territorial limits,  Violation should lead to heavy penalty and regular violations should lead to cancelation of permit; This measure of restriction of E rickshaws is to ensure availability of last mile connectivity from the bus stands/ metro rail stations to homes in the Association territory. 

Also all the autos must be registered with Government as per the stand/ permanent parking, based on the residence of the auto driver/ auto owner and the distance from the auto stand to home of the auto driver should not be more than 5 km distance (to reduce empty travel)  Also every auto must have GPS Fitted, Also the maximum distance an auto can travel is 10 km radius from the auto stand for business/commercial use, all auto travel should be online booking and online payment through pre paid cards or mobile transfer and destination entry should be mandatory for starting of the auto.

Also all the City taxies (all app based taxies) should have maximum 20 km radius whether it is app based taxi and no taxi should cross the 20 Km radius from the stand, All the App based Taxi operators should live within 5 Km from the Stand that they operate, And every app based taxi should have stands in every 5 km operated by Government  or private For parking and No app based Taxi or Auto should park in the Roads when Ideal; Also ban on parking in Associations, however they are permitted to park in the Common public parking in any Government  operated Markers or Private Commercial Complexes; All app based taxies must move only within 20 KM circumference and in case moved from one point to other they should again come to the nearest stand and from there the booking should start , so that while booking the taxi the tax app should not book for any destination above 20 km from point to point location; also for regular taxi services the outer limit of 30 km radius should be fixed, however the kilometres done can be 80 km 8 hours or more kilometres or more hours there should not be any restriction on kilometres done, within permit for that taxi of 30 km radius from their stand; these measures will certainly make people who which to use the app based taxi  for more than 20 km will use the multi mode transport and use the vehicle from the nearby distance; Also all the people who use the regular taxi will move only if required. 

Any violation of the permit kilometres radius for additional kilometre travel a cess of Rs 10 per Km for E rickshaw above normal rate and Rs 20 per Kilometre above the normal rate should be levied in case of Autos and Rs 50 per Kilometre for every Additional kilometre travel for the app based taxi and Regular taxi so that people will automatically get discouraged to use beyond the limit.  

Also all the visits of the hospitals etc should be within the 20 km radius of the taxi limit thus enabling people visit hospitals within their Association territory or within 20 km radius, also if there is any medical emergency the nearest ambulances can be called to reach to hospitals etc so this measure will not be hindrance for medical emergencies.

Also it should be mandatory that every auto/ taxi must submit to their auto stand and Government regarding periodic maintenance and pollution certification, fitness of the vehicle, this further ensures that all the private vehicles emit less pollution.

Also all the personal vehicles used for going to office should be charged Rs 5 km per Kilometre for any additional travel beyond 5 km distance o make the people use the multi mode transport or office common transport; Also mandatory every School, Collage, Employer must provide mass mode transport service like bus/ metro. 

Also Government  must make it mandatory that all bookings of private Commercial vehicles like Autos, Taxis should be via mobile App; also Government  provide a Prepaid card / number where they can load and pay for any transport whether it is city bus or metro rail or e rickshaw or auto or app based taxi or regular taxi; Also Government develop mobile app and monthly cards for the E RICKSHAWS/ E AUTOS/ E TAXI within the Association territory to be swiped by anyone living the Association habitations or enter the pass word of the house hold to get an exclusive E vehicle in that territory, also in general they may use shared e vehicles but without cash payment and the charges will be fixed and the charges will be deducted from the bank account by the Government and pay it the e rickshaw or e auto or e taxi by the Government, this measure reduces the issue of change/ cash transactions and commuters / auto / rickshaw standing for few minutes every time they off load the passenger for getting payment charges due to the cash change issue, this measure saves of time and contains the worry for both the passengers as well as the e rickshaw / auto operators, and since the Government pay the user charges after collecting from the users, or monthly swipe card which is prepaid, there won’t be any issue of payment , even in case the user bank account has nil balance at the end of the month/ beginning of the month when Government is supposed to deduct from the user, Government will pay previous month user charges, collect the same from the user at a later date with interest from the house old of the users. 

These measures are necessary to handle the growing population of vehicles and increasing pollution levels in the Country; this measure certainly reduces traffic density, pollution to a great extent in the cities and improves use of multi mode transport to a great extent; also this measure provides more employment to the people, also ensures even earnings for every vehicle owner.


Also Government  must make it mandatory that every house hold provide details of education of their children in an online affidavit to Government  every year like which school/ collage they are studying, the mode of transport, the timings etc, Government provide a mobile app for pooling of school/ collage children in every territory/ group of adjoining Associations to ensure children go together for same school/collage/ Enroute School/ collage of same time to pick up and drop, This measure reduces the fuel burning and time for several millions of people every day, Also reduces traffic density due to pooling (this measure should be implemented till Government make it mandatory that all education institutions maintain van/bus to pick up & drop students almost same manner); also Government must provide a mobile app for all employees going for employment from Associations should do vehicle pooling (two/four) or picking up & drop from the adjoining Associations/ en route to reduce pollution, traffic density, fatigue in driving for millions of people.


Also Government must make it mandatory that all the bus bays in the Country, especially in the vicinity of the Association habitations and Association territories main roads should have large depressions with adequate shelters to stand and wait, also in case of seating ban on benches only chair type seating otherwise it is a common syndrome people, especially who are in the trade of begging using this bus shelters as their shelters and sleeping on them and making a mess out there and making people to keep away from these shelters, as such only bucket seating not benches be installed in few numbers to ensure elderly or people with arthritis will be able to sit and wait in the bus stands; also this shelters give shade in the summers or rainy season, all shelters to be clear glass with daily maintenance of the shelters by the Government ;  Also Government  must make mandatory E pass for bus / metro travel to enter the bus/ and cash tickets should be triple the cost of normal ticket, all buses entry and exit under CC camera recording. This measure ensures all payments are correct, in addition safety and security of people travelling in bus as e pass is issued only after verification of identity of the person viz AADHAAR card.

Also Government must create depressions for the e autos/ E rickshaws/ e cars to stand in the Association habitations to ferry the people from main roads to their Association, and most useful last mile connectivity for people using the multi mode transport system from the bus/ metro to their habitations by creating stands in the depressions so that no kind of standing of vehicles on the roads which is an obstruction to movement of regular vehicles in that territory. 


Also Government must make it Mandatory that every Association territories (Group of several Association in the ward) must implement weekly once No personal motor vehicle moment hours (from 6 am to 6 pm) on the Sundays, this means that within the internal roads of the Association territories no movement of personal vehicles motored either two wheelers or for wheelers, including the electric operated personal vehicles, and the residents can use the bicycle or bare foot or use the commercial Electric vehicles to move within the Associations internal roads or to reach out to the main road to catch metro, multi mode transport or any motored commercial vehicle or personal vehicle of others, (Only during medical emergency needs people can take personal vehicles and for this they should inform online the place of visit of the doctor or hospital); this measure will certainly reduce the pollution, burning of fuel to certain extent as substantial amounts of burning of fuel is reduced every month across the Country and that much of pollution get reduced, also this measure improves personal health of  every family due to less pollution and also to few in every family due to walking or bicycling that also it generates employment and revenues to the e-rickshaws e-autos etc within the Association territories, Mandatory Common territory Sunday markets in that territory to ensure more people avail the market by walking/ bicycling; Since monthly Once Community dinners of every region in the Country at every Association at weekends i.e. on Sunday, and monthly once traditional cultural programmes of music and dance of every region of the Country in the Associations and almost all the Sunday evenings people will stay in the Association territory by and large  so that the number of vehicles going out in the evening hours on Sunday gets reduced, this measure will certainly further reduce the traffic density and also reduce the burning of fuel and pollution in that  territory due to traffic decongestion, Also this measure ensures Sunday leave for the drivers employed by the house hold in the Associations.


Also Government  must make it mandatory that every vehicle in the Association must record the details of mileage of the vehicle of every house hold online every day when the vehicle moves out of the Association gate/ territory, and the the day be counted once the day turns i.e. 12.01 am midnight, which means any vehicle going out of the Association territory after 12.01 am the vehicle belonging to the Association with the bar coded sticker of the Association must  get the mileage recorded at the Association through first reading the bar coding of the vehicle sticker, the vehicle owner / driver who is in the driving seat must enter the vehicle mileage meter reading in the Association hand held device/ tablet PC, this measure has several advantages, as it makes the owners to get reminded about the next periodic maintenance as per the vehicle manufactures manual, also this measure ensures that what is the consumption of fuel by the vehicle every day/ every month and per annum; Also to determine the cause of low fuel efficiency of the vehicle based on the average standard mileage of the manufacturer, whether it is lack of periodic maintenance or lack of proper driving habits etc, and Govt RTA will test the vehicle and driver to ascertain the reason for improvement of fuel efficiency to reach to manufacturers standards at that age / total kilometres travel based on natural wear and tear of engine and other accessories, Also this measure makes every house hold understand what so the amount of fuel they are using and also what is the average kilometres per litre of fuel their vehicle is giving, as it is a fact that most of the vehicle owners hardly bothered to note the average mileage, especially the four wheelers and simply fill the fuel when the fuel meter shows near to empty and as a result they are un ware of the reason for low mileage in case mileage is gradually getting reduced over a period of time, also they are un aware whether the oil is pilfered, by someone, somewhere where they park the vehicle regularly either at Association or work place, or also it ensures the drivers to make the fuel full as was suggested by the vehicle owner and also no score for less fuel filling or excess driving for in accounted trips by the driver; all these kind of menaces can be fixed through daily recording total kilometres done by every vehicle every day online. 

Also it should be mandatory that All the Commercial Vehicles whether App based Taxi or Auto or bus or metro, rail, air, sea, all should have a common payment card for every individual, and very time they use they have to provide the AADHAAR card number or use the Travel payment card, in case of Group booking also they should provide the travel card number with Zero payment or payment equally distributed. This measure is necessary to record the total kilometres travelled by people for various purposes thus causing pollution without owning a personal vehicle, also this measure makes how much expenses without owning a vehicle 

Also this measure discourage people using their vehicles (two wheelers or four wheelers) for every small thing taking vehicle out for buying a groceries or hair cut or pressing clothes or buying flowers or fruits etc etc and every day taking the vehicles for several times for small distances that to without planning when in  single trip everything can be covered if planned to improve mileage and also reduce total number of kilometres done; Also persons who owns both four wheelers and two wheelers may use two wheeler instead or four wheeler or else when they can just go for walk (2 to 3 km) they go by foot or use E rickshaw; also person who owns only two wheeler can use E rickshaw, also others who do not own any vehicle use e rickshaw or E autos instead of using the So called App based taxies. And daily taking the vehicle several times causes pollution within the Association, Also to discourage long distance travel in cities which is otherwise take more time to travel and more fuel burning due to traffic density and traffic congestions coupled with traffic jams.

It is a common syndrome that most people use personal vehicles for long distances in city when it is really un viable both fuel consumption wise, time of travel wise and also personal fatigue wise, still they take their personal vehicle especially in peak hours, when the same can be covered in less than ¼ of the time by the metro rail (example when travel from their home to relatives home which was situated at a distance is 30 km onside then up and down be 60 km, and the travel time in normal day without much traffic be 60 minutes with average speed of 30 kilometres per hour, when they travel in peak hours then the time to travel will be 90 minutes or more  and the same if travelled in metro rail the time of travel of 30 km is just 20 minutes and the cost of the ticket is  less than 30 rupees, where as considering that the vehicles gives 15 kilometres per litre the coverage of 30 kilometres costs 2 litres with average cost of petrol vehicle 160 rupees, for onside, and return will be another 2 litres which means 4 litres of petrol was burnt in addition 150 minutes of time, when the same if used the mass transport along with E vehicles for last mile connectivity i.e. from home to metro and to destination metro station to relatives home, the time for travel their relatives distance will be just 30 minutes, 10 minutes e rickshaw (5 minutes + 5 minutes) and 20 minutes metro for  a total distance of 30 kilometres and the cost be less than Rs 50; and they can spend quality time of additional 90 minutes with relatives; similarly for offices, educational institutions etc 

Also it is a fact that many people who owns the four wheelers, especially the mid size and luxury vehicles uses their vehicles to go outstations and return to the regular place of living on vehicle  very frequently, as if the the entire country is their own property as such they can cause any amount of pollution, as each time a vehicle travels 300 km distance with 20 km high way mileage for mid size comfort vehicles, where as average of 12 km for luxury vehicles and to 9 km or less for super luxury vehicles, so for 300 km travel  by comfort car 15 litres fuel, and luxury car is 25 litres and super luxury car 33.3 litres, which is onside journey, where as they have to return them the amount of fuel used is double, which means so much of pollution created by each vehicle, whether one person travelling or 4 persons travelling  excluding driver; and it takes not less than 5 to 6 hours t travel to that much distance from their home in city as crossing the city itself takes at least 45 minutes to one hour in normal time; when the same if performed by multi mode transport like bus/ train the same can be done within or less than the same time and much reduced fuel burning, which not only saves time but also fuel, pollution, expenditure and also reduces tediousness of the person travelling, also reduces the risk of accidents and also over all benefit of decongestion of traffic on the roads. So By taking daily kilometres reading of the vehicles when it goes out of the Association and also details of when the vehicle arrived in Association etc will make people to judiciously use the vehicle when absolutely necessary when no other mode is available. 

So Government  must fix the average distance per person for all sections of people so that if persons uses less the personal vehicles and saves fuel burning than the average permitted he/ she be rewarded, all also additional use should be penalised;  Similarly Government  must fix the quota of fuel use by every individual vehicle owner based on per capita vehicle miles travelled in INDIA Which determines average fuel quantity one vehicle can use and beyond that quantity of fuel any excess to pay additional cess for creating more pollution. These measures will be certainly a game changers to contain vehicular pollution and for de congestion of traffic.      


Also Government  must make a mobile app etc making it mandatory that every organised employee to provide the details of daily travel by various modes of travel, using motored power vehicles like personal vehicles like two wheelers, four wheelers or private commercial vehicles like autos, taxi, city bus, metro,  and also e rickshaw, car etc to reach to office/ educational institute or any other purpose; Also since Government  making it mandatory that All private commercial transport and all public transport only through using Pre paid card or through Online bank truncation through Mobile App and also the Central petro fuels network authority (to issue petrol on authentication of vehicles identity and drivers identity and storing data of vehicle wise issue of fuel across the Country, as suggested in my Doc Simple and Effective Reforms for Controlling Corruption 2011 Sep/Nov) in case implemented will know how much fuel is consumed by the individuals vehicle and the total distance travelled by every individual for work, education and in case people uses multi mode transport or e vehicles they will more points and the more the points, Government  provides incentives for reducing the pollution. And Govt determine the Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT) per Capita by way of total annual miles travelled by vehicles and the total pollution, and all the motored vehicles should be allowed to use fuel at normal costs till the VMT Per Capita, and any mileage above the VMT per Capita should be penalised for causing excess pollution, and Pollution Cess should be levied, the pollution cess cost should be uniform throughout India, However the VMT per Capita can be determined based on the city / town for more convenience of people.


Also Govt. Must introduce Vehicular Carbon Credits (VCC) system in India, and for every 100 miles of use of multi mode transport one VCC (for example), and all the common users of the multi mode transport will get credits for their journey, and all the people who are owning vehicles and who crossed the maximum permissible limits as per VMT per Capita, they should buy these VCC from the individuals in the Country through Online through creating an Exchange like the Stock exchange can trade their earned VCC  by using Multi mode Transport; for this Individual Adult Citizen who is in the working Age group of 18 years above and below 60 Years (retirement age) should be provided Travel Card / travel Account which should be mandatory to Quote AADHAAR card number for travel in any multi mode transport, and also based on the payment card for E autos, E rickshaws and all E cars so that they can earn VCC based on the total distance travelled; Also all exchange of VCC should be online only, so that vehicle owners who crossed the VMT per capita limit can buy these VCC to obtain  the excess fuel above the VMT per capita for their individual Vehicle. Also there should be different values for VCC, all those who own a vehicle and still use the multi mode transport should get little more value of VCC so that they reduce the  use of the vehicle to go to office or educational institute or every now and then taking vehicle out etc so that substantial amount of fuel burning can be reduced, also this measure is a real justice for common people who are using multi mode transport, as they are being suffering due to vehicular pollution caused by the upper echelons, especially those who are using  SUV/ Luxury vehicles which are fuel guzzlers emitting large quantities of fuels for short distances; Also this measure can be applied to All the E commerce deliveries making them use CNG/ Electric vehicles for deliveries, else buy VCC. This is a Game Changer measure for Reduction of Vehicular Pollution and providing Justice to people who are using Mass Multi mode Transport by way of incentives to them for their contribution for reduction in vehicular pollution by rewarding them with Vehicular Carbon Credits (VCC) to earn some money.


Also it should be made mandatory that for transportation of goods of house hold for shifting of homes from one place to other should be registered with Government. All vehicles shifting homes should get special permits, only those special permit vehicles should be allowed to enter Association premises to shift the goods, ban on carrying the house hold goods for shifting on non registered vehicles or passenger vehicles. Also it should be made mandatory that all the house hold goods transport for shifting from one home to another home should be done online after getting permission from Government after due filling of the details along with permission number from Government by the individual house hold for shifting of their home from that place the designated destination place, without this number shifting permit for the home goods shifting will not be generated and without permit shifting will be illegal and a criminal offence. 

Also all house hold goods/ large home appliances transport vehicles must transport the goods after informing online Government  the authentication of sale, the pickup location (store/ godown) and delivery point (house number in the Association territory)value of the transaction; Also Government must make it mandatory that all the home goods carrying vehicles be CNG operated or Electric operated either for carrying shifting of homes or carrying home appliances new or used from one point to other point within the city/ district. Also Government  must make it mandatory all home shifting for inter district or interstate with  up to 300 km (other than same city/ same district) can use diesel vehicles road transport and for all distances more than 300 kilometres, mandatory use of railways or water ways to reduce fuel burning, and Government  establish logistic support in this regard. Government provide additional concessions for using this facility, also in case the individual wants use road transport by road ways for faraway places then they should pay additional cess for all those extra kilometres above the 300 kilometres. This measure further saves substantial amount of fuel burnings, as every year millions of people move from one city to other city or one state to other state for various purposes; Also all the home goods carrying vehicles from one location to other location should be colour coded to have clear distinction at the Associations on the roads by the security and people.

Also it should be mandatory that all the E commerce Deliver must be through CNG operated or battery operated electric vehicles, as the E commerce is growing like anything and in order to take the advantage of E commerce to reduce the pollution it is necessary that e commerce delivers do not create immediate pollution in that territory, as such using the two  wheelers or three wheelers or four wheelers or six wheelers for delivery of e commerce if run on CNG or battery will certainly save lot of conventional fuels like petrol/ diesel thus reduces  pollution to a certain extent in the Association territories. 


Also Government must make it mandatory that every vehicle manufacturer must establish vehicle service centre in the nearest vicinity of the Associations operated by the manufacturer or its authorised dealers or its partner service stations within  5 kilometres radius in the Association territories in every block for servicing of all types of vehicles (passenger vehicles, two / three/ four) of all manufacturers, this measure saves lot of fuel burning and thus reduces pollution, as it is a fact that the so called vehicle dealers of every type of vehicles by every manufacturer established their service stations in far way places, as a result the millions of vehicles travel several kilometres to and fro empty to go the service station and also to get back the vehicle from the service station, as a result millions of litres of petrol/ diesel getting burnt for empty travel, thus causing unnecessary pollution, in addition people use the other private commercial mode of transport like taxi, auto for coming from the service station to their work place or home as they cannot wait at service station from morning to evening, also they cannot waste their office working/ employment , which is again additional burning of fuel, also since going long distances is a big issue in their busy schedules,  many people misses the periodic maintainance of the vehicle and do not take the vehicle for service station till some major repair occurs, as a result the vehicle efficiency get reduced as a result mileage is getting reduced due to more wear and tear of the vehicle and emissions are more than normal vehicle,  So this measure of having one authorised service station for every 5 km radius or based on every 5000 vehicles every type of vehicle in the Association territories there should be one vehicle service station (in the event of making it mandatory that every vehicle must get periodic maintenance as prescribed by the vehicle manufactures to move the vehicle out of Associations or get fuel as suggested in my documents o reduce vehicle pollution). 

Since all the vehicles population and type of vehicles, age of vehicles and kilometres done is known from the Association it is easy for the assessment of type of vehicles and thus establishment of vehicle service stations, Also it should be mandatory that every vehicle in the Association territory must go for servicing in the nearest service station authorised by the manufacturer in that nearest territory, this measure also generates millions of employment for semi skilled & skilled labour.


Also Government must make it mandatory that every house hold who purchases any goods like electronic items like television, refrigerator washing machine or furniture like chairs, tables, etc from their nearest from the home or within 5 km radius, else they have to pay additional tax of 1% of the value of the product or 1000 rupees whichever is higher to the Government. For this Government  make it mandatory that every purchaser of certain type of home appliances the purchaser must mandatorily disclose the place of use/ installation address, and this should reveal whether they purchased in far away store or not, when the same band and same model is available in the nearest store to their Association vicinity; Also the Additional tax will be applicable on all gift items in case the end use place is more than 5km from the sale point  This measure ensures reduced travel by the house hold in search of products of that brand/ type when such product/ brand are available nearest to their present living home; Also it should be mandatory that even though the consumers purchases from any store More than 5 km radius from the home address, the retailer or dealer must transfer the purchase/ sale to the delivery unit/ godown/ service centre that is nearest to the house hold address of the purchaser/ delivery location as suggested /recorded by purchaser in that territory so that transport distance will be minimized.

Also Government must make it mandatory that every manufacturer of the products who is selling the product in various territories must keep multiple godowns in the district/ City so that the godowns should be within minimum distance reach to deliver the products to the retailers or to the consumers. Also All E commerce service providers must have their godowns located in multiple points to transport the goods to the customers. This measure saves millions of kilometres of travel by the goods carriers and fuel consumption should be reduced to a great extent thus reduced pollution.

Also Government must make it mandatory universal service centre for any products purchased anywhere in India, gets service during guarantee/ warranty period in the nearest service centers to their present address / place of stay, as such the product is purchased in their old home and shifted to the new home in the same city or different city / different state in India they should update their address and the warranty and guarantee be availed in the service centre which are nearest to their new address/ their present address in the warranty / guarantee period; this measure saves lot of travelling/ transportation by both the consumer and service providers for any claims or settlements or for service, this measure reduces fuel burning and pollution to certain extent and ease of convenience for the consumers.


Also Government must make it mandatory that in order to reduce the travel distance to the children to reduce fatigue in the children and also give them more time to play at home territory after school and also to sleep little more time rather than getting up early every working day morning to travel long distances to go to educational institutions and also to reduce the fuel consumption by transport of children to long distances either by individual vehicles or mass transport vehicles and reduce pollution on account of number of personal/ private vehicles of individual dropping children to educational institutions thus causing severe pollution, traffic jams in the vicinity of the exit and entry of the educational institutes Government must make it mandatory that every child must  educated in schools/ collages/ university which is nearest to their home or a maximum distance of 5 km radius from home, in case no school/ collage/ university within 5 km radius the nearest possible distance, and also since as suggested in this document that details of every house hold in every Association about the education of their children should be provide to Government through Association, the school/ collage/ university bus/ van operated on CNG/ Electric battery must be designed in such a manner that all the children in the nearby Associations are cared to minimize the distance and travel time, this measure will be of great boon to the children... in case the parents own a house they want to join their child in some particular school/ collage/ university or they get admission in that university/ collage they must shift their residence to within 5 km radius of the university/ collage/ school, in case of rented premises they should shift near to the educational institute of choice or else join in the nearest home to their residence, and it should be mandatory that either the school or work place should be within 5 kilometres radius to the home.

Also ideal that Government must make it mandatory for All students Especially up to 12th standard to put attendance in the Association while going to school/ college from home and while returned from school/ college, which should match the attendance in the schools, every parent must be answerable for the children not going to school or absent, missing (whether really missing or parent sent them for child labour in some other place other than their place of residing illegally to work as bonded labour in some other residences or farm houses or in factories); this measure will put positive pressure on parents to sent their children to schools and not as bonded labour to work in homes or factories at other places,  this measure will get substantial change in the BPL RESIDENTIAL COLONIES and Slum RESIDENTIAL COLONIES as this measure enforces them to change their mindset, send their children to schools instead of sending them to  work. 

Also this measure of Double Check of attendance by all the School and College going children at the Entrance of the Association will certainly ensure that every child especially the 7+ and till 12 th standard who are minor children by and large will attend the School/ college in time and also will return to home in association from the school/ college will certainly put them under constant vigilance and ensure every child will adopt disciplined living by and large as the scope to bunk the classes or going too much early or going to school/ collage during holidays in the name of extra classes or  spending time out side with friends in bakeries, ice-cream parlours or coffee shops or going to cinema or going to video games or some other place and telling lies in the home to parents in the name of special classes or extra classes or bus is late or some other excuse so that that parents will not get any doubt on them, and by the time parents notice that their child is not regular to school/ college the child get already addicted to smoking / alcohol/ drugs/ pre matrimonial sex or some other ‘vices’ and almost the child’s carrier gets spoiled, and the parents and child feel miserly for rest of life, Since India is young working population in country, most of the couples are working couple in future in urban areas so the concentration of every day what the child doing, what time he/ she going/ return to school/ college cannot be ascertained; so in order to avoid all these things this  measure of mandatory attendance will certainly induce good, ethical behaviour in children/students for sure.



Also it should be made mandatory that All Associations must have either cemented roads or concrete roads and no Association should have mud roads, Also all the internal roads must be prefect without any pot holes, in case of pot holes occurred due to heavy rain, or digging roads for any purpose like repairing / replacing the pipes/ cable ducts etc then the Association must get them repaired within 48 hours of lifting of rain warnings/ completion of such works/repairs and All Associations must choose the contractors who are registered with Government and the rate contact should be same each territory wise for same type of works.

Also it should be mandatory that every Association must report the internal road pot holes and get it repaired  in the stipulated time and it should be criminal offence not to report to Government or non rapier within the stipulated time period, as it is a fact that every pot hole if un attended  increase in size causing serious threats to the safety of the commuters and vehicles especially the two wheelers and also most of the people get back pains/ neck pains due to sudden shock of vehicles falling into pot holes while driving even in the internal roads of Associations or in the Association territories; also it should be mandatory that every Association must report it to the Government in case pot holes found outside their Association i.e. in the vicinity of Association territory were the roads lead to the Association and it should be responsibility of the municipal authorities to get the roads repaired within 24 hours after getting such report about pot holes.; Also in case of mud roads exists they are most dangerous roads for driving any vehicle or even walking on foot,  as such these measure of mandatory cemented roads / concrete roads is a must in all Associations for the internal roads in that Association; all Associations must have reserve pool of money to built the roads, in case Associations do not have such money then they can approach Government for building such internal roads and collect the expenditure in instalments from the owners of the property; Also Government  must ensure that the municipalities convert the mud roads into cemented roads/ concrete roads in Association territory roads/ approach roads to the Association; Also it should be mandatory that every Association must design their internal roads in such a manner that the water will naturally Flow to the low lying areas where the rain water are storage facility is established or rain water exit pipes are place to clear the rain water to move towards earth dams created for rain water storage in that Association. Association territory; also all Apartments must construct their ground floor flooring in such a manner that always south west is higher and north east is lower in slight slope/ 1 in 10 taper to follow the Vastu and natural flow of water without stagnation any where all the water is collected in the north east.; Also every internal road in the Associations must have Fire Hydrants placed in appropriate Strategic locations as per standard guidelines of Fire safety measures to ensure availability of the water to douse the fire in case of any fire accident.


Also Government  must make it mandatory that all speed breakers in the Association internal roads be placed as per standard guidelines and mandatory online approval from Government  for installation of the speed breakers by providing the design/ lay out map of the Association buildings and internal roads to decide the location of the speed breaker and also the height of the speed breaker and the sign board indications of speed breaker and also the natural florescent night time indicators in case of power failure / sudden dark to show that speed barker is ahead; this measure is necessary as majority of the Associations governing members construct the so called speed breakers according to their whims and fancies without any rational and they do not follow the height restrictions or distance restrictions and without any indication of sign board that speed breakers are ahead and also without indicator lighting and without florescent lighting in the Associations thus causing severe inconvenience to the habitants as these speed breakers effect only select few as they are designed by the Association governing members due to irrational design and placement of sped breakers in the Associations the vehicles wear and tear gets increased also it is causing severe back aches for the two wheelers and three wheelers as these vehicles suspension is low thus resulting in permanent damage to some of the habitants; As such there should be standardisation and regulation of speed breakers in Association territories especially in Gated Communities & RESIDENTIAL COLONIES


Also Government must make it mandatory that all the Associations must keep the entry and exit operated 24/7 and ban on  entry/ exit time restrictions ; as it as a fact that some places the Association entry and exit have few kilometres of circumference and some people staying in the Associations the exit route is near for regular use, where as some people the entry  gate is nearer, Also when people reaching from some places one gate is nearer / shorter root and other is longer by few kilometres, also when the private vehicle they take the near root to reach the Apartment/ gated Community/ RESIDENTIAL COLONIES and when it is closed due to whims and fancy decisions of the so called Association Governing members (for saving few thousands of rupees on the salaries of the security guards) the personal and private vehicles has to take entire circumference to travelling few kilometres mostly in the dark / isolated areas  to reach the other gate of the Association which is opened, and also there is no standard timings of operating the entry and exit gates in Associations situated in same territory, in one Association the entry and exit may operated till 11 am and close some gates, but the neighbouring operate till 6 pm and the close some gates etc.. so there will be utter confusion for new comers in addition causes not only inconvenience but cost escalation, pollution increase due to extra fuel burning  as restrictions on entry of some gates increases the fuel burning to substantial amounts compared to all gates entry and also compared to expenses of keeping security on all gates three shifts;  and also serious security threat if private vehicles are hired especially by women/ girls, Also this measure is security threat for others too, So Government must make it mandatory that all gates of all Associations must be opened all gates 24/ 7 throughout the year.


Also ideal that Government conduct survey and make the compound walls of some Association break open and keep a gate to give through fare for the other Associations to reduce the travel kilometres as in some areas when roads are in such a way the walls on the back or side of one Association if opened to allow through fare along with the other Association common road then the distance of travel of vehicles will get reduce by few kilometres per vehicle like that  several vehicles in every Association and also several Association in that road if get this kind will save millions of kilometres of travel and burning of fuel every year thus reduces pollution to great extent due to cooperation of all Associations and also in the event of Government making a Mobile App for the Association vicinities for vehicle pooling this measure will certainly reduce the pollution and traffic density to a great extent. Since all the Association vehicles are registered with the Associations and Government, this measure will not be a security issue, Also since Government  forming Association territories with a group of Association to ensure various facilitates and restrictions of commercial polluting vehicles and to increase the last mile connectivity e-vehicles, this measure should not be a hindrance to any single Association that are giving through fare; Also keeping in view of security that only the adjoining Association personal vehicles which are permitted only should be allowed through this short cut through fare of neighbour Associations, all visitor & private vehicles must follow regular route only, only medical ambulances must be allowed through fare at  any time.


Also it should be made mandatory that all the Associations must mandatorily install the Convex mirrors at all the blind turns or spots in the drive way of the vehicles moving in the turnings or corners in the internal roads by the Association and in the external roads in the Association territories with the help of Government. This is in addition to installing speed breakers on all roads near the junctions, cross roads.  This measure is necessary as there are many internal bends mostly sharp 90  bends in the Association drive ways and also in the internal roads all leading to sudden movement of vehicles in the T junctions etc leading to situation of near accidents,  as such in order to avoided accidents by knowing the movement of any vehicles or animals or humans from that sharp bends can be viewed in the convex mirrors placed at bends at appropriate height (by the experts based on the drive way height etc) so that accidents can be contained to a great tent thus prevent loss of lives/ valuable property/ damage to the vehicles. Also all the licence holders and vehicle driving should be trained in using the convex mirror.; Also Government regulate use of Horn in the Association internal Roads or in the Association territory internal roads, only under very emergency circumstances the driver can use the horn, else the situation should not arise in the internal roads. This measure is necessary as without sense several vehicle drivers just like that honk every time, also in case they are waiting for someone in the vehicle whether the personal vehicles or the so called Radio cabs, they just like that play the horn continuously thus disturbing the peace for several households not only in the Association but in the Association territory, all this should be penalised in case of violation of this norm. there should be standard guidelines that which kind of situations they can use the horn and every Association must conduct training class for all persons who are driving vehicles (licence holders owners/ employee drivers) regarding what situations they can use the horn and how to use the convex mirrors to avoid horn etc to ensure safety of driving & peace 


Also Government must make it mandatory for all the municipalities to install a slow sign board and a red & yellow strip light on the road sidings parallel to all So called MANHOLES situated in the roads and pavements indicating the commuters as well as vehicle drivers that there exists a MANHOLE look and drive, Also there should be advanced indications of few meters before the Manholes that in this much meters distance a man hole exists, this measure of advanced information ensures that every commuter and every vehicle drivers especially the two wheelers be aware of the existence of manhole and drive carefully by avoiding the manhole, especially during the rainy season or any spillage of any drains/ water/ sewer logging etc, As some times when the man hole cover may rise a little up which itself cause fatal accidents for two wheelers if they are driving with speed without noticing the manhole cover slightly raise on the surface of the road, and also it is practically not possible some times to identify from distance regarding the rise of cover of the manhole and in such cases the chances of accidents are high, so in order to avoid this kind of situations the sign board will caution the vehicle drivers that so and so distance man ole exists in that direction/ distance so drive slow, this measure contains happening of accidents by an large on account of manholes This measure saves lot of accidents, injuries, including deaths, as it is common syndrome that millions if people are affected with severe injuries due to Manholes and even some lost life due to Manhole accidents, So this measure saves lot of lives for sure; Also Government must make it mandatory that every Association and Association’s territories must put similar sign boards of existence of manholes in the internal roads in the Associations and Association’s territories to make the habitants aware of the manholes.

Also it should be mandatory that in case of repairs and maintenance of Manholes should be done only during late evening and before sunrise and cordon that manhole / that portion of the road so that all vehicles moving in that road will move slowly or traffic get diverted, Also it should be mandatory to inform people living in those Associations territories through Association, and also placing a caution boards near to the manholes about the repair and maintainance of such and such manhole so avoid that route or go slow and cautious.; Also it should be the responsibility of the people living in the Associations territories to report to the Government immediately if they observe any spillage/ over flowing or opening (practically or fully or slight dislocation), or cover of man hole raise above the surface level of  any of the manholes, and local Municipal authorities ensure the same is rectified within an hour of report, in addition soon after receiving of such open/ deviated manhole complaint by the responsible citizens, the local municipal authorities alert the near Associations security to visit and cordon, put attention divert boards to prevent any accident before local municipal authorities reached with men and material ; Also in order to ensure citizens discharge their basic responsibility, Government must make failure to report by the residents and by passers will also be penalised, and all Association territories which uses the road will be penalised for ignoring responsible citizen behaviour, also in case of any accident occurs due to non reporting of deviations in manholes in their territory all the individuals who passed through the road should be heavily penalised for negligence and rash driving based on the mobile GPS data of the vehicles and mobile phones moved in the lane of deviated/ open manhole, after all everyone who driving the vehicles should mandatorily observe the road and drive and not to drive blind, and in case observed, found man hole opened/ deviated/ over flowing still not reported to the Government is a crime for negligence to report as responsible citizen, This measure certainly ensures citizens are more reasonable and makes the Government machinery to act immediately in a time bound manner.


Also every internal road must have toll free dialling single button emergency  number in case of emergency dialling (just by lifting the handset / standing in front of the emergency device) on all external roads that leads to the Association territories / Association internal roads within a gap of every 1 km on either side of the road should have this facility,  just by lifting the hand set or standing in fort of the device, the  capture the video/ audio & transmit  live (which should be recorded) at the toll free call centre; the devices should be connected to national single emergency response toll free number in multiple language so that immediately after hearing the voice language the call should go to that regional language of the voice and the call centre employee should conversation with them in that regional language why they called, what kind of help they require, this measure will certainly be of great help to the women, children old aged, tourists, other language people staying in the habitations in emergency to contact and get immediate help, as based on the GPS location the Emergency response team alerts the nearest security of the Associations in that territory to reach and extend the required help before police or medical teams arrives. This measure is a great relief for many in the time distress / atrocity/ accident etc.


Also Government ban construction of any additional walls or rising height of walls or covering any walls with plastic sheets or meshes in any Association outer compound wall or between one independent house with other independent house in any Association, as it is a fact that once the design is approved and construction is made any addition will change the vision for the other neighbouring homes, as it may cause loss of ventilation/ free flow of air to other houses/ Associations etc, also it is not auspicious for others whose compound wall is blocked by the increase of height or by laying the sheets / mesh etc as per VASTU in certain directions, as someone increasing height in south or west of one house which is otherwise is a north or east to other adjacent neighbour Associations or homes,  in order to have balanced life for all in every Association and also all Associations in the Association territories Government should make it mandatory that all houses should follow standard height of the compound walls to eliminate all kinds of disadvantages to any section, the standard heights must be approved along with the building permissions and increase or decrease of height of compound wall  or  entrance and exit gates of the Associations or independent homes should be a criminal offence, all existing Associations and homes must rectify the height of the compound wall according to this standard height which should be uniform across the Country irrespective of Caste/ religion all the compound walls of all houses in Associations and Association territories including the compound walls of the religious places irrespective of religion should maintain the national uniform standard height, and remove all existing additional constructions or covers or sheets etc. violation of the norm should be a criminal offence and Government penalise heavily and remove the additions/ height to level to uniformity.


Also Government must ban erecting any temporary sheds or tents for any reason especially for the security personal especially by elected representatives or bureaucrats or for the private security personal if maintained by the private individuals in the Associations or for any business or any purpose by the Associations or house hold in the Associations,  as it is a fact that many of the political class and elected representative live in Associations, they erect temporary sheds and tents outside their premises in the common areas in the Associations for keeping their security/ for seating of their visitors/ followers causing utter inconvenience to the residents, Government must ban such un authorised construction/ erection  in any residential colonies,  in case elected representative or bureaucrat lives in the Associations they should live with the Association security and in case they use their additional security the additional security must be kept within their home premises in case of flat in their home, in case of independent house within their home/ Within their compound wall and no way they allowed to occupy the common property of the Association and it should be a criminal offence to do so. This measure relives inconvenience to millions of households in several households as many of the political and bureaucratic class and some elite / Upper Echelons maintain the so called security using the common property of the Association causing inconvenience to the all others living in the Association, Also Government must ban erection of temporary sheds/ tents in the common properties or internal roads of Associations for any exhibitions or for any religious rituals by any faith / any religion in that territory.


Also Government  must restrict the height of buildings for any new constructions in the empty plots in the Associations or Association territories, also for any additional constructions height on the existing buildings,  it should be made mandatory Height restrictions on the empty plots in the Associations so that new construction building heights be restricted to a particular uniform height in every Association  in each territories to ensure no high rise buildings will block the morning sun rays to other homes, however new ventures in large open plots where till date no habitation occurred within 1000 meters of the proposed new building can be allowed to construct high rise buildings, so that it will not be a disturbance to existing households in Association. 

As it is a common issue in most of the Associations where ever open places are in existence, they are becoming multi stories high raise buildings are raised in the limited spaces due to rapid Urbanization, and not only constructing that high raise buildings takes more than 3 to 5 years, with all that years the people living in that territory/ vicinity has to suffer with pollution due to construction, which particle PM10 are common pollutant dust particles due to construction which cause health disorders or various kinds in the habitants, in addition, the high raise builds obstructs the morning sunrise for all other house which are already in the Association territory and also the high raise buildings in the middle of Associations is a privacy issue for many other households in the Associations thus further depriving of all other existing Association habitants from the vitamin D occurrence naturally, (as people stay in the morning sun is beneficial), as such Government must make sure every Association buildings heights are uniform, and all new constructions must be given permission only after ensuring the height of the buildings do not obstruct morning sun rise for others already existing in that Association. 


Also Government  must make it mandatory that every house hold in the Associations must construct the parapet walls on the terraces and balconies and no constructed property should b left open, As it is a common syndrome  in most of the properties especially in the low income group and middle income group households that they just leave the terrace or balconies open without any parapet wall with the iron rods and wires which are reinforced in the slabs left open/ hanging and also some them just leave the stair cases also open without side railings or parapet walls, all these are become a threat to people living in such homes as these are inviting fatal accidents for the house hold, especially for the children who are in playing moods simply forget that there is no parapet wall  to protect them, and more vulnerable are neighbours Children in whose houses the parapet walls exists in case they come to play in the homes without parapet walls they become prey for this criminal negligence of the property owner, Also the exposed iron rods will be a regular threat to the house hold people with regular bruises while going up and down for what so ever reasons, also there is every danger that whatever stored permanently lie flower pots or un used house hold goods or temporarily like plates. Vessels used to sundry the food products will fall accidentally or due to heavy storm, also many people during the festivals like kite festivals, deepavali or rangoli will go the traces to pay and also in the events of any possessions etc people go the traces and are inviting fatal accidents and loss of life in some cases, leaving grief in the family, as such Government  should make it mandatory that every house hold in the Associations must construct parapet walls in the terraces and balconies and also on the steps and Government  must provide standard guild lines for construction of the parapet walls/ grills to ensure safety of the children is assured.  And violation should attract penalty, and in case they not rectified, the Association should construct the same and recover the expenditure from them through government.


Also Government must provide concessions for all Associations and house hold for adopting basic vastu in the Association or homes for having natural benefits which are scientific in nature ; It should be mandatory that all the Associations must raise greenery/ plants and flower tress according to vastu colors to provide the VIBGYOR colors to the house hold in the Associations, within the compound wall, the plants must be raised either on the earth or in pots; also it should be made mandatory that outer colors of all households in the Associations should be white only (this will ensure reduced heat inside the home).

Also Government must provide concessions for installing color coded door and window curtains as per vastu in the homes by every house hold to ensure VIBGYOR colors are displayed in the homes in the form of door curtains and concessions are provided through the Associations; as the different color door and window curtains / wall hangings ensure all the people living in the house hold daily see all the colors every day which will improve the eye sight, concentration, reduce the vision related disorders, it also provides some positive energy by making them active by seeing different colors at home rather than seeing single mono colors’ of the walls and curtains every day throughout the life time; Also placing door curtains reduces the dust coming to homes as it filters the incoming dust ridden air to some extent, also placing door and window curtains ensure privacy to a great extent in the houses especially in the Urban habitation, more specially in Association habitations of Apartments, Gated Communities where the homes are very near to each other, visibility  of all inside premises through doors and windows occurs in the absence of door and window curtains and also it is fact that most of the house hold uses door, window curtains, so by making them use different color door and widow curtains so that not only vastu benefits but also real benefits of eye sight) also this measure of following vastu colors bring prosperity to households who believe in the vastu color’s.


Also Government must make it mandatory that all the grave yards situated. Located in the vicinity / adjacent/ opposite/ beside/ behind to the Association habitations must mandatorily get covered with high walls, in addition entire grave yard is planted with large trees and fragrance spreading all season flower plants, so that the grave yards will not be visible to the habitants, also the grave yards provide the best fragrance to the nearby habitants, in addition it is mark of respect towards the departed souls to have fragrance spread in their place of soul resting; this measure ensures no grave yards are visible to any household in the Associations, as it is a fact that most of the people do not prefer to take homes in the vicinity of grave yards, also daily seeing grave yards by the house hold will make them sick feeling.

Also Government must ban processions of dead bodies on the common roads in the Associations and also in the Association territories, and also ban on DRUM beating/ spreading flowers on the internal roads or in the grave yards entrance, flowers can be spared at the place of death on the dead body and at the grave only and not any other place, this measure ensures silently departed souls be given honour silently and by make noise and thus causing indirect grief and fear in others which otherwise certainly a disturbance to people living in the habitations as the sound generating possessions of dead body creates fear among the children and old aged living in the Association.  



Also Government must make it mandatory that every Association must poses carts (stainless steel carts for groceries & iron for carrying dump/bio mass outdoor), this measure is necessary as almost every Association some amount of waste is generated out of repair and maintenance of the building or bio mass etc and to carry these by hands / individuals is a big issue, by using the carts with minimum efforts the workers lift these disposables; In addition basic building material carrying baskets to lift the building material debris etc.

Also every Association buys groceries/ monthly/ weekly groceries etc which weights a lot and carrying them by hands is painful or require several trips by walking in case of independent houses or using elevator in case of Apartment (to carry from common point to elevator and from elevator to their home/flat), and it is difficult to carry long distances internally in the internal roads of the Gated Communities or in the corridors and till the lift from the lift to their home, so in order to reduce the stress / strain of lifting weights regularly, which otherwise cause spine/ shoulder/ neck disorders to those who are carrying the material as such in order to avoid these kind of unnecessary heath disorders it is ideal and necessary to use the carts (stainless steel carts like in supermarkets), as such it should be mandatory that every Association provides one cart of standard size that fits into the elevator should be provided to each house hold in that Association which are in general placed in the Common point, where the materials are kept. Also all the carts must have large rubber wheels as far as possible so that with less strain people can push the cart on all surfaces like concrete, marble and even the concrete roads of the internal roads of the Association just like the baby buggies.

This measure is more convenient for people to carry their goods from the entrance/ car parking etc to their home with less stress/ strain, this measure is a boon for the females in the family as they carry the house hold goods every day.  Also since as suggested in this Document that ban on door to door delivery of all E commerce materials whether groceries or food or any other materials, and mandatory to drop at a common point in gated community independent houses and also at the base/ ground floor in the Apartment/ high rise buildings by the e commerce delivery persons and it should be the obligation for the house hold to carry the material from the common point to their homes. So this measure of carts for every house hold placed at common points will certainly a big boon and relives house hold from strain and fatigue due to carrying the material from the common point to their homes.


Also every Association celebrates various functions, (also there should be standard functions every Association must conduct as suggested in this document for common good for preservation of traditions, customs , culture, cuisine of various regions in the Country and to celebrate national days) so in order to cater the needs for gathering like seating for all the members living in the Association and the the public address systems and also arrangements for refreshments  tables and utensils for serving the food and preparing the food, this measure if necessary as every time hiring from the private is a costly and also laborious and also transportation causes pollution as millions of Associations need every month several days these arrangements, as such it is necessary that every Association own these standard material required for smooth conduct of every kind of festivals in the Associations. Government must list of the required standard equipment/ material that every Association should posses mandatorily, and the quantities and capacitates deepened up on the size of the Association, the number of house hold, and the area of the Association premises etc. And also Government may provide one time incentives for acquiring all these standard equipment or material.


Also Government must make it mandatory that every Association must poses the tool kits for electric (like Drill Machines, cutting players, voltage/ current testing equipment, screw drivers), civil (basic masonry work tools, plumbing tools), gardening (plant cutters, etc)  and vehicle repair kits (jockey, wrenches, spanners, hand/ compressor  tyre air inflator etc) and also ladders, thick long ropes,  air blowers, water jet pressure cleaning equipment  etc for the common purpose use; mandatory that these toll should be used for doing any related work in the common properties; also these tools should be given to perform repair and maintenance at the house hold by recording the same and mandatory to return same soon after the work is over in the same day. 

This measure ensures lot of convenience for the house hold in the Associations as even to drill a hole for putting a nail/ screw to hang a painting or wall clock etc need a drilling machine and also the screw drivers etc for which they need to depend on someone to do the hole and put the nail/ screw driver, similarly to keep any item on the shelf or to remove / replace the failed lights needs a ladder etc , so these kind of common needs can be done by the house hold themselves or by someone who knows the work but do not have the tools,  Also this measure reduces additional investment on acquiring these tools by every house hold which are otherwise used rarely, and also the storage on these tools will be an issue and occupies substantial space in every house hold, So by each Association owning these kind of tools through Association common maintenance money, which can be used by all in the Associations for their needs. 


Also Government must make it mandatory that every Association must possess human temperature measuring Thermo meter and Blood pressure checking Equipment as well as Blood Sugar Checking Equipment and also every Association governing member and at least one of the security staff must get trained in using the blood pressure recording machine and also using the blood sugar measuring equipment the audio visuals must be shown to them and given training to them by Government , through medical staff on how to use these equipment, this measure will help millions of people as immediate necessary measures taken in case of someone living in the Association especially elderly people who are mostly suffer with Blood Pressure and Diabetics or the children and infants, suddenly fall ill or the staff is ill, then the trained persons in the Association can act as Para medical agents using electronic measuring equipment  and record the temperature, record the BP  and Record the sugar levels whichever is necessary based on the type of the patients so that immediate necessary emergency medicine can be given to them after consulting the doctor. 

As most of the BP  patients and Diabetic patients their BP  or Blood Sugar  levels fall suddenly or increases suddenly due to various factors in their day to day activity and food intakes and that will affect them very quickly and the doctors while prescribing the regular medicine for them (which they have to use for lifelong) they prescribe  them with the emergency medicine to use in cases of abnormal high or low BP/ Sugar levels, so the emergency medicine will be available with the patients in general or in case they short fall of the medicine the Association should source from the nearest medical shop in the quickest time and ensure the patients get medicine and while giving medicine the Association para medical people should inform the responsible persons in the house hold whether they are in the Association house hold at that time or or out of Association premises due to employment or any other reason, as the family members are more aware of what to do in these high or low readings of BP/ Sugar. 

This measure saves millions of lives as INDIA being the Diabetic capital of the world and also the BP patients are on the rise in INDIA and also with 70 % youth population and 50 % Urbanisation in next 20 years then many elderly people live alone in homes or live with children, most of couples are working as such most of the day time old aged are alone at home with small children or school going children, so this measure of calling the Association by one of the aged people or the children and get checked for BP  and SUGAR in case of emergencies will be very much useful and necessary move. 

Also the House hold can get every month monitoring of the BP and Blood Sugar and maintain the record every month with paying actual cost of the Sugar Measuring Strips so that this will help in improving their health due to taking necessary precautions.


Also it should be made mandatory that every Association must possesses the first aid box and also get trained in the first aid in various kinds of health disorders or accidents like heart attack, how to treat any injuries like brushes / wounds/ cuts/ burns etc or in case of any one falling from height or any motor vehicle accident within the colony or any burn injuries etc, also all the Associations must have strictures to provide first aid before the ambulance reaches And an audio visual be shown to them and also given practical simulation training by the Government .  This measure reduces the intensity of the impact of the burning or bleeding etc on the persons, Also the first few minutes of care will reduce the life risk in case of accidents / heart attacks etc, as such the emergency first training should be given to all the staff, security and all governing members so that over a period of time every house hold is aware of emergency response/ first aid. So in case of First Aid Kits and also stretcher so that in case of any fire accident or any accident/ slip in the wet floors etc the injured can be easily lifted using the stretcher 

Also all Associations must have use the services of nearest ambulance of any hospital or nursing home to call in case of emergency and all the nursing homes and hospitals in every territory must have ambulance service and must be connected to the GPS like radio cabs and every Association must have this GPS and it should be mandatory on the nearest ambulance to visit the Association to pick up the patient/ injured in emergency condition to the choice nearest hospital in that locality and after the full first aid the patient may be shifted to the hospital of their choice this measure will certainly save millions of lives due to first aid.


Also It should be mandatory that every Association must have a library facility either exclusive or within the Association office, and it should be mandatory that standard news papers as decided by majority in the Association for that year which should mandatorily include one regional language news paper, one English regular news paper, one English business news paper, one magazine in regional language and one magazine in English language and Kids Story books of choice and it should be mandatory all the news papers and magazines must be read in the Association library or within the Association office only and ban on carrying home, as CC cameras are installed carrying home can be identified and penalised, also cutting/ tearing of news papers should be penalised, all the maintenance of Association library is through common maintenance charges, as such majority of the people living in that Association use the facility and reduce ordering/ subscribing individual house hold wise, as a result the printing of news papers get reduced and resulting in lot of savings on the paper and greenery and water and environment in a cascade, however the sales of the news papers won’t be effected much as it should be mandatory that every Association must order at least one set of news papers of regional language and English, more or less the volumes are same as at that time, but the increase is very nominal, however the reader ship of every news paper increase drastically, also it is a fact that most of the news print papers are running in losses and only serving on the advertisements as the cost of news papers is too high compared to what they offer to the customers/subscribers by subsiding the cost with advertisements, still majority of the news papers are running loss, with rapid digitalisation and digital advertisements are the easy way forward for all advertisers, so the news papers must get reduce the volumes any how due to acute loses or increase the rate of new papers to the original cost of paper which is several tens of times the normal cost of the present news paper, so this measure of one set of new papers per Association is really boon to publishers as in spite of charging original cost of the print of the news paper the Associations can afford to buy as they are charging from all the house hold, and in spite of heavy cost in the event of no advertisements or less advertisements, the Association can subscribe to the news papers and this measure ensure life for many publishing centers and scribers, and the tradition of new paper reading must be continued for future generations as real news papers provides in-depth analyses of the issues whether political administrative or investigative matters  or finance as the scribe journalists have ample time to do the homework and time to analyse the issues, unlike the electronic media just give instant news/views of some fixed Few Upper Caste/ Upper Echelon socialists/ power brokers/ spokes persons of various political parties.


Also it should be mandatory that every Associations must own weighing machines on electronic weighing machine for weighing the quantities up to 5 kg, like groceries, monthly news papers, etc etc, and the other manual heavy weighing machine for measuring the weight of gas cylinders, cement bags, etc used for construction etc etc by Association for common supply of piped gas and also for common civil repairs,  also one weighing machine for use to measure weight of the human beings to record monthly weight by the house hold to decrease/ increase weight if they are overweight or under weight and take necessary exercises and food intakes. This measure of owning weighting machines of different types will certainly streamline lives of the house hold directly & indirectly.


Also Government must make it mandatory that all house hold in Associations must have chimneys in kitchens; All future constructions the kitchen chimney should be part of the construction; all existing house hold must get installed an electric chimney in a time bound manner like the Government made Digital set top box for cable connections for viewing television programmes from cable operators.  

Also ideal that Government must make all the house hold including tenants to leave the electric chimney exhaust lines and only take with them the chimney unit, so that the new tenants / occupant should connect only the chimney unit to the exhaust pipe lines; Also every Association must ensure every house hold poses exhaust chimney, and also every fortnight the kitchen chimney is cleaned for the oil deposits in case the chimneys are not auto cleaning facility (which are high cost) ; Also Government  may provide interest free loans to buy the kitchen chimneys for every house hold through Associations. 

This measure is necessary as the Indian food preparations in general produces lot of fumes as most of the Indian foods associated with oils/ fats and deep fry and every day so called Thadka for all the preparations which causes more dangerous for respiratory system, which are mixed with oil, salts and other verity of spices and these fumes are the main cause for several health disorders in the females in India, especially the cancers, as the kitchen fumes contain carcinogenic mutagenic compounds which are cancer causing elements;  Also the kitchen fumes which are less than 0.1 microns are more dangerous to lungs as they get deposited in the lung tissues while inhaling them, and these fumes less than 0.1 microns are generated out in millions in numbers due to so called thadka in every kitchen which is a daily phenomenon in the India Kitchens; as such these kitchen fumes causes  various breath related/ chest infections not only women who are in the kitchen most of the times but also to the children and old aged, other family members in homes as most of the urban houses are compact and the kitchen fumes enter all over the house and stay for some time and it prolonged exposure of kitchen fumes causes them health disorders. 

Also it should be mandatory that all the kitchen chimney exhaust systems be connected in services in all the Apartments and the exhaust pipe should be above the height of the buildings so that adjacent house hold in the Apartment and also nearby Apartment households will not get the kitchen fumes from the households; Also in case of independent houses the exhaust is ensured discharged in the height above certain height to ensure no fumes enters others homes.


Also Government must make it mandatory that every Association of gated Community/ RESIDENTIAL COLONIES must have at least four bicycles, of which three gents bicycle and one female friendly bicycle, and all the staff/ security must know how to ride a bicycle and for all trips inside the Association common areas/ internal roads  the staff/ security can use the bicycles, and this measure is very necessary as most of the Associations of the Gated Communities and RESIDENTIAL COLONIES spared in few acres and the internal roads total length / circumference more than few hundreds of meters, and moving several times for attending some or other work or for security purposes especially the night patrolling is a tedious job, and inhuman to expect the security to walk all along the internal roads several times... this is one of the reason that most security, especially the night security will just make name sake rounds and make some sounds/ vigils one time and get tired due to walking and fall asleep, and as a result there are breaches of security in the Associations and theft/ atrocity are happing in the Associations. So by providing bicycles, they make more rounds with less strain, more vigilant (for all those security or staff who uses multi mode transport to reach Association for performing their duty).

Similarly the bicycles can be used by the other employees like plumbers/ electricians as these staff has to move from house to other every day as some or other issue in every other house and moving from one house to other hose bare foot in the Associations is very tedious, so by using bicycle the fatigue get reduced to a great extent and they can perform more work also and attend more complaints. Also in the event of putting a ban on the use of any motorised personal vehicle by staff, this measure will be certainly of great help; otherwise it is a common thing that every staff uses two wheelers to come to Association office duty from their home and the same two wheelers they move several rounds inside the Association premises thus causing substantial pollution, in addition due to use of personal vehicle for attending duty of various households in the Association, they are spending some amount on fuel and also the vehicle periodic servicing as over a period of time the mileage on account of this additional kilometres done for moving inside the Association premises, most of them recover this expenditure in the form of white collar corruption of collecting excess money for this part that part, this wire that switch etc from every house hold when they call for work, in addition even though they bring purchase bills from the retailer of the material, still they get not less than 10 % of the bill as commission, So All these can be contained if the Association itself provide few bicycles for the moving from one place to other in the Association premises. This measure will not only contain pollution, but also reduces corruption and also healthy for the staff/ security for dally doing bicycling for some period of time.  


Also ideal that every Association must possess an Automatic or semi automatic roti maker to get hot readymade roites within the Association (roties for lunch/dinner) operated by the Association at cost to cost bases without any profit, so that the house hold will not have burden of roti making and get roties at the same cost as was prepared at their home and it saves lot of time, physical efforts for household women, and they can use the time saved in making roties for taking rest or spend with family members rather than sweating in hot air near the burning stoves or hot plates in the kitchen, this is a big boon to many women, in addition a big relief for millions of people especially working couple and on return from their office they can pick up from the Association kitchen and take home and consume them with vegetables preparations made in the morning and stored in refrigerator or simple make some fresh vegetables, as the readymade hot roties at their home will save substantial time and energy for the readily stressed strained working class people;  also for  the bachelors and forced bachelors it is like their mother giving them home made roties, and also very health for entire family, especially in the south Indians as the staple diet is rice and eating one time roti every day will keep their blood sugar levels in control in addition to reducing the weight of the body; these automatic or semi automatic mass roti makers  will ensure healthy homemade hot roties within their habitation without any effort. 

Also every Association who owns a roti making machine must provide two hot packs for each house hold with numbers placed on it, so that one will be always with roti maker staff and all the roti making should be in a limited time of Two hours at maximum, and they should pack the roties in the hot box as per the required number of the house hold, and since all the roti making and packing under CC camera there will not be any issues of adulteration or wrong doing by any vested interests. 

Also this measure of Automatic or semi automatic roti makers in every Association is very useful in the event of periodic gatherings of the Association members for dinners (at least monthly once as suggested in this doc), so this roti maker is a big relief in the food preparations.

Also this measure provides employment to millions of people directly to operate the roti maker in the Association and also indirectly for manufacturing and periodic servicing of the automatic or semi automatic roti makers. 


Also it should be ideal that every Association to a large idly/ dosa batter making mixture grinder for common use by all households in the Association, As it is fact most of the people living in south India and most of the South Indians living in other parts of the Country consume daily the Traditional South Indian Cuisine like Idly, Dosa for beak fast/ dinner, and is is a time consuming process as the green gram/ urad dal need to be soaked for three hours minimum and then need to do wet grinding. So in the urban areas especially the young couples has no time to do all these they are buying the so called readymade batters packed in plastic covers, and the quality cannot be guaranteed and also the shelf life is an issue, and lot of wastage or excess food prepared and eating to avoid wastage due to short shelf life of readymade batters, also there will be certainly some preservatives added to reduce the fermentation of the batter, All these leading to unhealthy-ness, Also eating fresh batter is always very healthy nutritious and tasty; So in order to ensure that every south Indian being happy All the Associations in South India and Also in North India where ever South Indian population is more, and also if interested all other Associations can install the Idly/ Dosa batter making grinders, so that all Association house hold people will get the batter readymade in their Association every day fresh in the required quantities and also the quality is assured as they are made under CC camera in their home place, the house hold simply need to steam for fresh Idly or use the pan to make Dosas. This measure is really a big boon for entire south Indian population. 


Also it should be mandatory that all future Apartments, Gated Communities must have a common clothes washing facility that uses mild detergents and the most of the time water from the rain water collection and air-conditioned drains can be used to wash these clothes using bio detergents, So that this measure not only saves lot of water but also ensures fresh & healthy Lenin always, in addition the grey water generated out of the washing clothes can be of best use for recycling for flushing toilets both in the Association house hold and also for collection by the Government authorities to supply for the toilets in commercial complexes, malls, large Government  office buildings and public toilets flushing; this measure is useful at least for washing large fabrics like the bed linen, the door and window curtains, the heavy clothes like towels, etc of every house hold; also the individual house hold can use the large machine individually or in group and pay user charges as per the common user charges either per cloth etc; ideal that every Association must collect the monthly charges fixed based on the number of beds, windows, so that ever house hold in the Association will at least once in a month wash their door and window curtains and their bed linen; Also it should be mandatory that all the individual household in the Apartments and Gated Communities must use only organic detergents for washing clothes, for ensure better grey water collection and re-usage.  Otherwise it is common syndrome that most of the house hold who are having the door curtains and widow curtains they do not wash these even once in three months, and also most of the house hold do not wash their bed Lenin even once in month, and all the dust from the air get accumulated and even though it may not look dirty but still it is dust ridden, this is mainly because their washing machines are limited load of 5 kg or 6 kg which will wash only two or three bed sheets or two or three door curtains for one wash and for whole house it may take three to four washes and people do not have time to operate washing machine every month, Also they may not have sufficient water to operate the washing machine for that many times in a single day, Also even though in case water is available then they may not have space in their balconies to  dry these the large clothes ; So all these leadings to delay in washing the bed Lenin and door and window curtains which are leading prolonged breathing discords due to accumulated dust being staying in the rooms and being inhaled by the habitants , in addition some skin and other allergies to the people, So all these can be avoided by having Giant washing machine in Association, where all the bed Lenin and all the door and window curtains can be just finished in a single wash of about 60 minutes to 90 minutes and they can be almost 90% dry in the machine itself, so they can be easily dried in the Association terrace; this measure is a big boon for many house hold especially the working couple; Also this measure saves substantial fresh water from getting wasted in washing clothes, as the water used for giant washing machines is rain water or Air conditioner drain water , and the water is pure and soft as such with less detergent better cleaning occurs, and in the event of making t mandatory that use of bi detergents for washing large clothes in the community giant washing machines it further reduces the use of water, and also the water discharged is eco friendly. And since stored rain water is available for at least two to three months in every Association, and also Air conditioner water in summers for at least two months, the quantities of water required for remaining months can be from fresh water supply from the municipalities, this measure saves fresh water as well as cleanliness and hygienic in every house hold.


Also mandatory that every Association must create provision for sun dry of clothes in the terrace in every independent house and also a common provision for all the Apartments and high rise buildings in the Apartment terrace with designated space for every house hold in the Apartment so that people can use the terrace clothes drying facility to dry clothes in the terrace to unleash the power of drying clothes in the open sun, Also some provision for shade in the terraces for drying clothes in shade under the open sun for drying clothes which required be dried under the shade; is measure will certainly reduce lot of health disorders as the sun dry clothes has natures energy embedded in it and are fully free from bacteria / viruses; in addition since most of the house hold in the Apartments dries their clothes in the balconies whether they washed clothes manually or by the washing machine, and most of the time due to compact construction in the urban habitations there is hardly the sun radiation falls in some balconies in most of the homes , and also most of the times the door/ windows leading to the balconies will be open and the moist ridden air comes into the homes and most of the people in the Apartments especially the females ad elderly in the family inhale the same moist ridden air, also all the clothes are not perfectly 100 % dry and as a result due to some percentage of moisture left in the clothes and the same clothes are stored in the cub boards  and used at a later date, all creating to rise in some bacteria in the clothes, Also the case is more or less same in the independent homes, as most of the independent homes keep drying their clothes in the back yard of the building and most of the houses has some plants/ trees and there is certainly some shade occurs and in case the clothes are dried in the noon time by the time (which is otherwise the usual time ) the clothes are about to dry the sun fades away in the evening so some moisture is always left in some clothes which are heavy like jeans trousers, heavy towels etc, Also they run the wires or cables hanging in directions to dry their clothes which will take away the beauty of the homes, sometimes they are dangerous as they may cut hands/ neck bruises and mostly touches the hair after some time due to elongation of the plastic wires due to weight of the clothes; All these leading to some or other health disorders or skin allergies etc, all these disorders can be completely eliminated due to sun dry of clothes.

Also it is common syndrome that most of the house hold, especially the females feel hesitation in most houses to dry their under garments in the shade inside their bath rooms or only in the balconies when it is very much required the under garments especially lower under garments required sun dry / radiation dry to ensure they are free from bacteria to ensure perfect health, as a result most of them wear some or other moist/ bacteria ridden under garments as a result it has some other effect on the health of people especially the females, And it should be advised that all the under garments should be sun dried to ensure perfect health, Also educate the people especially the women regarding the befits of sun dry and issues of shade dry of under garments, in addition make sure house hold spend some amounts on the under garments every year so that perfect quality under garments are used, as it is a fact most of them do not dry the under garments in sun / open as most of the under garments are not perfect conditions with some distortion / fading of fabric or some stains or small holes, loose in the elastic etc etc all due to excessive wear and tear for using the same under garments for years, still they use the same under garments for years when they spend several thousands of rupees every year on other non necessary luxury items; Also ideal that all house hold be advised to wash their under garments with bio detergents for more health rather than the chemical ridden detergent soaps/ powders.

But since sun dry not possible in the rainy season and winters where the sun radiation is meagre, in such cases there should be provision hot air blower drying in every Association common to every house hold whether independent homes or Apartments, As such it should be made mandatory that every Association especially the Apartments and Gated Communities must create an exclusive room/Covered Area for drying clothes during rainy season and winter and this room must be equipped with hot air blower electric heaters, and separate hanging facility for each house hold created in that room like a hangers etc and one exhaust fan/ small ventilation on the top; and his should operate in a fixed time period of say two hours per day during rainy season and during winters  and all the habitants who use to use this facility to dry their washed clothes must get their clothes and hang up  by that time and once the time of operation starts by switching on the hot air blower the room must be closed till the period of one hour/ two hours depending up on the clothes load so that all the clothes get dried 

This measure will be of great help to every house hold and the operation charges for electricity should be charged in the common maintenance, so that every house hold will utilise the facility, this measure reduces the several health disorders in the house hold especially to the children, pregnant women and old aged due to moisture of the clothes when dried inside their homes  as many of the homes in the Apartments/ independent homes has limited balconies or during rainy season the balconies are also wetted forcing the residents to keep the clothes inside their living rooms or bed rooms which is a common phenomenon  across the Country in almost all Urban habitations, as a result many of them are subjected to colds and other breathing and neurological discords.

Also most of the People use the electric iron box to dry their wet clothes during the rainy season and winters at home, with almost same  operating hours to press the clothes which are daily essential such as clothes for office dressing, school uniforms, and also other dresses to go to work place especially the under garments and shoe sock’s etc wasting substantial amounts of electricity in addition risking for getting electric shock due to pressing wet clothes if there is any lose contact or exposed wiring as most of them press while the electric plug is on in the electric switch board, but still some moisture is left in the clothes all leading to some or other health disorders. 

Also the moisture retained in the homes due to hanging the wet clothes inside the homes develop mold/ green/ black fungus on the furniture in the household and not only spoiling the furniture’s, but also causes serious health hazards. 

So this common room to dry clothes with hot air blower eclectic heater in every Association especially the Apartments, Gated Communities will be a big boon. As it is not only saves individuals from doing hardships to dry clothes but also it is very economical as with the same current for two house hold electric hot air blower, almost all house hold in the Apartment (say 25 Apartments)  can dry their clothes, as it is  fact even though fully automatic washing machines with 100 % dryer are available in the market but their market share is very very minuscule as they are costly and most of the Indians (over 99%) who use washing machines are only semi automatic or automatic with just 60 to 70% dry, and only very few % of Urban population owns washing machines, and 100% tumbler dryers users for drying washed clothes is miniscule,  and majority still use the hand wash, so this measure is very necessary to get their clothes dried in the rainy season and winters, especially in the northern States where winters are severe with temperature below 20 degrees, touches minus degrees in some places.

Also this measure will certainly reduce the peak load demand for power in peak hours as most of the people who does the iron/hot pressing of the wet clothes does in the peak hours in the evening after they come from the office to get ready their clothes for next day morning as early morning they are busy in preparing them self to get ready for school/ collage/ office/ kitchen preparation for breakfast etc which rises the peak hours demand of electricity more (ex in an Apartment of 25 houses even if 10 house hold use the iron box for one hour with 700 watts  making a demand of 0.7 kwh x 10 = 7kwh in peak evening hours, where as two  hot air blower heaters of 2000 watts capacity of each is used in the afternoon in the common Association drying room then the current will be 4 kwh still not only saving on power  but also reduce the peak hour demand to the DICOMS to a great extent which will reduce power cuts in other areas.  

Also ideal that in order to distribute the load evenly Government may provide some concession to Associations for construction of this clothes dry chambers to be operated only in the rainy season and winter season and complete ban on using in summer season with CC cameras monitoring outside the room and Government regulate the use of the hot air blower heaters territory wise with timings for each territory wise in the non peak hours so that every Association in that territory operate the hot air blower heater during that time, with online real time information to Government  regarding the operation of the hot air blower,  so that power demand and supply is matched every territory wise in that district/City so that lesser power cuts/no power cuts in the cities and small towns.


Also it should be mandatory that every Association or group of Associations keep facility of pressing the clothes like table and iron boxes of standard companies for common use of the Association habitants by creating exclusive clothes pressing rooms exclusively meant to do the pressing of the clothes belonging to people living in the Association, by the habitants themselves. 

Also ideal that every Association must engage one Washer man in the Association premises, all Washer man/ Dhobi's must get registered with Government, all clothes pressing must be done using electric iron presser and complete ban on coal fired clothes pressing in Association premises.

Also there should be professional training and skill certification for all those in pressing various types of clothes how to use less time and press clothes and appropriate temperatures for different types of clothes and how to identify different clothes etc  Also the professional dhobis can be given training in using various types of equipment used for pressing clothes like steam iron etc; Also As suggested in this document for possessing an common giant washing machine for clothes in every Association or group of neighbouring adjoining Associations then the same washer man can be use for the washing of clothes using giant common washing machine, with training in operating washing machine.

Also it should be mandatory that not more than 8 hours press including one hour rest by any person pressing clothes should be allowed or fix maximum number of clothes once can press per day should be fixed, also based on number of house hold in the Associations the number of persons to press clothes should be increased and there should be separate storage facility from the Association for every house hold in a separate cub boards, also a separate electric meter for Clothes Pressing room and based on the lottery system Government must allocate the washer man to every Association from among the registered certified washer men/ women; and every year the dhobis should get shifted from one Association to other Association so that no one will be a permanent in the Association. Also ban on using the open common spaces, parking spaces for the dhobis tables and pressing the clothes, if there is no space for creation of pressing room then the same should be created in the terrace where the clothes during facility is created. Also ban on dhobis staying/ living in the Association premises or bring their family/ children during the working hours and using the Association premises as their private place. 

Also this Dhobi facility can be used by individual household who wish to press their clothes on their own or when the dhobi is off/ left the Association for the day in the evening or before arrival of the dhobi the individuals can press their clothes free of cost using the common facility. 

Also Government decide the rates for different types of clothes and also the dhobis must maintain a digital dairy for clothes given and returned each house hold wise and ideal that the amounts be collected by the Association along with maintenance charges and deposited in the bank account of the dhobis. 

Also ideal that every Association must pay fixed amount every month for keeping the Dhobi as employee in the Association and the dhobi will press fixed number of clothes per family per day, so that no amount of piling of clothes for the Dhobi to press / to take over load on some days and almost no work on some days, also this avoids that house hold will not dump their clothes after holiday trip or pilgrimage trip etc, it is up to the Association to decide whether they use dhobi as employee or dhobi as professional charging per cloth in that Association. 

This measure of Dhobi in every Association is a great relief for many people, especially the working people who should wear perfect clothes and it saves lot of time and energy for the individual house hold especially the working couple from pressing their clothes; Also this is provides great relief for women in the house hold, as most of the house wife’s do the duty of pressing the clothes of husband and children, also this measure of Dhobi in every Association makes the women more happy as most of the women wearing Indian dresses like Saree and stalwart suits require lot of time and skill to do press perfectly, especially the cotton and handloom garments, also the school and collage uniform, which are made perfect iron/ press by the professional dhobi of the Association. Also this facility saves substantial amount of electricity as the Professional dhobis uses the perfect temperature required for that clothes and also the expertise, skill makes then to do pressing quickly so that the use of electricity by house hold and the professional dhobi will be more than 30%, so this much of electricity on account of keeping pressing clothes can be saved in every Association using professional Dhobi. 

Also Government must make it mandatory that hence forth all professional dhobis must use the solar power for pressing clothes which will further reduce the power consumption, and also it should be mandatory that all Associations using Dhobis services in the Association premises must provide Solar Power Pressing Iron so that substantial power can be saved in INDIA. This is several times more power saving than LED lighting in the Country as one hour of pressing consumes almost 0.75 kWh as all electrical pressing irons are 750 W; and almost every house in the Country does pressing of clothes for use by employees/ students. So this power saved is huge by using the solar power electric Iron especially by the professional dhobis; Also Government must provide concessions/ subsidy for using buying solar power electric iron by individuals house hold in India like the LED bulbs. 


Also Government must make it mandatory that every Association (or group of Associations in case small Association) must have the facility for hair cut, depending up on the number of household the facility should increase, and every day or weekly some days especially on Sundays and National holidays, trained, certified professional haircut /barbers must visit the Association to perform the hair cut at fixed rate. 

Also ideal that Association collect the monthly charges from every household for monthly hair cut facility for the children and male members along with monthly variable maintenance charges thus indirectly making every household to do hair cut every month at the Association only, and this measure has lot of advantages as it is a fact that all students need hair cut once in a month, all the employees need hair cut at least once in a month, and most of the employees feel to have shaving regularly, also most of the old aged and elderly men in the Association get hair cut monthly and at least once in a week need shaving and Babar coming home is big boon for them as the old aged cannot walk long or cannot wait for hours at barber shop and also one of the house hold has to take the old aged along with them to the barber shop and wait till the hair cut and shaving is done, also most of the household travel at least 5 km every month to get hair cut done for their children and themselves by using the vehicles, and those who are having four wheelers use the four wheelers for hair cut, so in an Association with 100 household they spend 500 km of travel for hair cut, where as if the barber comes to the Association who travels only less than 5 km if he comes for  8 days with dally 25 hair cuts on an average will travel only 40 kilometres, that to mostly on two wheelers or bicycle, so that amount of burning of fuel saved every month, also if the barber does hair cut at Association, the individuals need not wait at the hair cut place in the Association, they simply stay at home and get an internal phone call when the other person is about to get finished or the approximate time based on the lottery for every household, Also all the employees by having regular hair cut feel good, feel confident at work. 

Also the Association barber/ hair cut facility can be made available to females in the Association for hair cut exclusively some days in a month or one Sunday for some time to be performed by trained female hair cut/ hair style experts, so that even female employees can get their choice hair cut, also the house wife’s can have hair cut of their choice and need not required to go for the so called beauty salons and spend heavy amounts, when the the same can be done with less than 10 % of the cost at the beauty parlours for hair cut/ hair styling, as all facilities are available at the Association, only professional charges are paid in the form of per person or per month as employee, and all the consumables for hair styling should be brought by the individual house hold for Hair styling according to the requirement.  

Also this measure provides more freedom for the house wises as they need not depend up on their husband to take them to the so called beauty parlours for hair cut and every time take the permission or opinion of the husband for different hair styles; in addition this measure provides self confidence in women and also reduces stress in them to certain extent. Also this measure improves more family relations among the spouses as the females look more attractive with different hair styles, this is the reason that most women try different hair styles to look attractive s that more attention comes from their husband, Also this measure reduces prostitution and adultery as most of the men confined to their house wife’s rather than going for some women just because she looks attractive due to hair style. 

Also this measure itself saves lot of travelling by females in the house holds using the two wheelers, four wheelers to reach to beauty parlours every now and then for hair cut/ hair styling, o that much of fuel burning and traffic density get reduced by placing the professional female hair cut/ hair styling in the Association premises. So there are numerous advantages of having hair cut facility at Association, So Government must make it mandatory that every Association must have Hair cut facility like standard chair for hair cut, the scissors and other tools etc not only in the interest of the Association house hold but also the territory as a whole as it reduces pollution, traffic density due to the barbers/ hair cut professionals visiting the Association premises.


Also Government must make it mandatory that every group of Associations with average of 25,000 house hold / 1,00,000 population  must have one Mortuary van facility with three shifts drivers. And the main purpose of mortuary van to carry all people who are expired due to natural death or accident or suicide in that Association territories must be carried from the hospitals to home to grave yard or brought from bus/ rail/ air port to the home to grave yard or from home to grave yard at the common expenses of the Associations in that territory. This measure is a great relief for many people who are in grief; in addition the blessings of departed souls will be there on all the people in that territory as they share the grief and express their regards by contributing for carrying the departed soul body. Since 1/3 of the Country is aged daily some where one death takes place and instead of depending on e Government or private mortuary or hospital ambulances, paying some money by household who are in extreme grief is certainly a noble cause.


Also Government Must make it mandatory that  every Association with more than 300 house hold must have a permanent crèches in their premises; also all Association territories must have  play schools into hat territory to cater the needs for the working couple and also to impart first leaning to the  small children within the shortest distance possible (as this measure reduces the travel distance and reduces use of motored personal vehicles to carry their children to the play school/ crèches) and it should be mandatory that the crèches/ play school in the large Associations must admit other neighbouring Association children in case they have vacancy, the maximum number of children per crèches in Association should be thirty (30) so that in case of vacancy that year in the crèches the neighbouring Association children can be admitted, All the crèches must have qualified/ certified teachers/ trainers/ ayas to take care of the children in the crèches in the absence of their parents and make the children learn the basics.

Also the crèches should charge nominal amounts with no profit no less bases from the household / couples admitting their child in the crèches / play school and all the crèches employees should have uniform salaries across the Country; the water, electricity should be at the Association common charges; this measure reduces the burden on the young working couples as the cost per child is less than 10%  of the cost in the cruces operated by the private operators, where almost 20% of the earnings on an average go only to the crèches for the hard earning working couples; So this measure is necessary as India having more than 65% of the population youth and rapid Urbanisation and more nucleus families and more young working couples,  also in case of elderly parents staying with the new couples with children, they may not be in a position make the child lean and cared for that many hours in the absence of parents, where both parents are employees and working somewhere. So the crèches are a big boon.


Also Government must make it mandatory that all the Associations must allow the use of the office computer systems for basic learning of computer to non computer literates to use the computer for creating documents, internet search, e mail, e commerce purchase etc banking, fund transfer etc, where they can use their own personal computer/ lap top/ tablet pc or smart phone at their  home after learning the basics of computers, this computer learning classes should be only after office hours for the Association habitants only by any one of the staff who knows computer operations or who is a qualified computer learner in that Association or anyone who learned computers well in that Association, since all Association offices are with clear glass and under CC camera monitoring there will not be any security issues, Also since only qualified people are teaching the computer operations there will not be any issue, also every day data entry be up dated in the Government Cloud data bank there will be any problem of crashing the data for any reason, this measure certainly the best way forward for total digital India, majority of the citizens get digital education and thus more e commerce, conservation of time, fuel and reduced pollution.


Also Government must make it mandatory that every Association must have common facility in their premises for the old aged people to gather and spend time happily, for this they should have easy chairs, some recreation like television with comedy, devotional programmes or classic cinemas should be played for them, this measure will certainly make the old aged to gather in that centre and chat with each other’s and watching the comedy shows, devotional programmes, classical music, classical feature films and relax themselves, by chit chatting with others recollecting their childhood/ younger times or their earlier employment or socio political issues or village issues etc etc making themselves kill the their time best way rather than feeling lonely at the home with negative thoughts and taking away peace of mind of the children/ grand children due to stress of loneliness by asking the same questions repeatedly, or some keep totally silent or finding fault with every other thing done by their family members because of loneliness, as it is a fact the old aged expects that people spend time with them listening them but in most of the urban habitations it is difficult for their children or grand children to spend time with  elders in the home the way the elders in home expect.

So this old aged gathering  makes every elderly people  company of other same age group  to which make them lively; so this old aged gathering in Associations is a big boon and making the old aged live happy and healthy due to reduced stress; Also there should be a care taker for the old aged facility and the old aged facility should be free for all the residents in that Association and the charges should be collected from the monthly maintenance charges from all house hold,  all the  new constructions must have old aged facility centers.


Also Government must make it mandatory that every Associations or group of Associations in the Associations territories must organise once in year pilgrimage tours/ simply site seeing tours  for the elders in the family and all the pilgrims must be educated about the place in the audio and visuals and also all details about the health care needs for the old aged be noted and the care takers should be aware of all the emergency response needed to be given to the old aged in case of medical emergency etc, also there should at least one care taker for every 5 old aged people, this measure certainly ensures a great relief for the old aged to visit the pilgrimage places/ tourist destinations of choice and almost all their worries get relived, after all they have lot of wishes to visit such places during their life time but was not able to do so during their younger times due to financial conditions not favoured them mostly or due to no time from the work in the process of earning and educating their children and taking the daily needs of food shelter for their family. 

So this pilgrimage tours or tourist destination will certainly make them feel so happy for fulfilment of their lifelong dreams till that time Also these tours enable then to  keep recollecting their experience in the household after return from the tours with their age group for few months so that they feel happy and forget about complaining that their daughter in law done like that like that, their son / son in law behaved like this like that, their servant maid done this done that etc and un necessarily getting BP another stress in the mind  get contained greatly by this measure of pilgrimage and also it reduces to the worry to other members of the household, and also in the absence of elders in the family n account of pilgrimage tours / visiting tourist destinations  the young couples learn to lead life in the absence of the elders in the family, also in one way they get some kind of space for so called personal enjoyment, at the same time the old aged get relief from the Urban concrete jungles to the places of spirituality, also this measure provides direct and indirect employment for several youngsters  for pilgrimage tourism.



Also it should be made mandatory that every Association must raise plants plants with medicinal values like basil (Tulasi), Stevia, Aloe vera plants at least two plants(minimum) per house hold whether in Apartments or in Gated Communities or RESIDENTIAL COLONIES, in the Apartments the plants must be raised in the common areas  at ground floor or in the terrace under green shade with provision for regular watering & care, Also all Gated Communities must raise plants like neem, eucalyptus, at least one tree per house hold of each, in addition must rise the plants, Tulasi, basil, aloe vera, stevia, plants like curry leaf, lemon and mango trees must be gown, the same is the case with all RESIDENTIAL COLONIES, and also Government provide subsidy to raise kitchen gardening like raising green leafy vegetables like  coriander, methi, spinach  etc in the Associations with volumes depending on the space in the terrace and balconies of the houses with at least two big pots of at least 3 verities of leafy vegetables per each house so that some or other fresh vegetables will be consumed by the habitants form their designated pots. 

The greenery in the Associations and Association territory provides fresh air especially from neem and eucalyptus plants fresh air with medicinal values, Also the plants like aloe vera, stevia can be consumed on regular bases for good health; as stevia is alternative sweetener for all diabetic patients, etc and take the neem bath,  apply neem paste for healing, also use the mango leafs at least on the festive occasions,  also ideal to raise lemon gross and rose merry plants in the slums and all the gardens / in the compound wall along so that the misquotes get repelled naturally.

Also all the parks wither in the Gated Communities or RESIDENTIAL COLONIES or in municipal areas must be fully plated with plants with medical values like basil, eucalyptus, neem, lemon gross so the people who come to sit in the parkers for a while also get some fresh air with medicinal values; also all the area of the child play must be planted with basil plants, eucalyptus, So that children get fresh air while they are playing. All these leading good health for all people living in the Association habitations due to eating greenery, getting fresh air with medicinal values and also getting healing from the plants, and good health leading to reduced expenditure on medicines and hospitals, also improved productivity at work place.


Also Government must promote raising of Tulasi plants & Aloe vera plants in every house hold for getting health benefits... for this Government must distribute to every house hold through Association one Tulasi plant and one aloe vera plant in the name of “GHAR GHAR ME TULASI MAA”  & “ALOE VERA IN ALL HOMES” this measure will not only ensure health of every house hold but also for all the Hindus,  religious spirituality get develop in majority of Hindus as every Hindu Consider Tulasi Plant as Maa Tulasi, however this programme of distribution should be religious neutral as the main intention of distribution of these plants is Health and Happiness, as Eating Tulasi leafs Daily will benefit the health and also consuming Aloe vera/ Applying Aloe vera for Skin is good for health and skin, irrespective of religion they should eat/ consume (also irrespective of religion many food preparations uses the basil leaves and dry basil powder)  and for Hindus in addition to Eating they can perform Daily Prayers, if they wish and Also this measure ensures Daily routine Activity of Watering these plants will provide some sort of Exercise for some in every house hold. Taking small mug/pot of water every time and making several trips from sourcing of water (kitchen or wash area of bath room, which is far from placing of plants as far as Apartment is concerned also the case should be same for independent homes) to the plants will provide good exercise to some people in every house hold especially the females.


Also it should be mandatory every Association must conduct once in month group discussions among the house hold regarding the  health care, hygienic surroundings, how to prepare nutritious food from among the locally available vegetables and other seasonal health discords, how to overcome naturally, preventive measures, exclusive female health care, how to monitor the Childs health, behaviour changes, psychical and physical observation of the children, old aged etc for individual & common good by exchanging the views and ideas and get some gyan and clarifications for any doubts among themselves. 


Also it should be mandatory that daily 30 minutes yoga/ breathing practices must be conducted in every Association, so that who every person in the house hold in all households join and perform yoga in group, also it should be made mandatory that all the adults aged above 35 years must regularly join the group yoga every day and the attendance be recorded through online bio metric with Government and also the health insurance and life insurance must  be linked to practice of yoga,  with 300 days yoga in a calendar year every year  a  must for claiming the health insurance/ life insurance in general; Also all those who have health insurance/ life insurance irrespective of age must attend 300 days of yoga in their Association, in case travelling they should attended yoga in the hotels/ guest houses etc (Government  must make it mandatory that every hotel, lodge, guest house must organise daily yoga in the early morning after sun rise in the hotel premises) ; this measure will certainly improve health of majority people, reduce health disorders to a great extent and reduced insurance claims, improved productivity of the Nation. Also it should be mandatory that the Yoga be conducted in such a open places in every Association where early morning rising sun rays fall naturally for at least a brief period on those who are performing yoga. 


Also Government  must make it mandatory that every Association must possess one large copper tumbler to store the water over night and for providing over night stored water from copper vessel to every house hold/ at least adults who visits for yoga in the Association to consume at least few standard glasses (250 ml each glass)  of water in the early morning, which will have enormous health benefits; the benefits include prevents all water borne diseases  as copper effectively destroys bacteria, keeps the digestive system healthy, stimulates brain, also it helps in weight loss as it regulates body fats, boosts hearts health, promotes healthy skin, reduces arthritis due to anti inflammatory properties, slows down gaining and so also it is ant cancer. As such Government must ensure every Association posses one large Copper Tumbler for storing water, Also ideal that every house consumes water stored in copper vessels in appropriate quantities in the early morning, based on the advice of the ayurveda experts, which itself contains several health disorders and drastically reduces the health care expenditure and ensures prevailing of healthy body and health mind.


Also it should be Mandatory that all the Associations / Association Territories must Conduct break cancer Awareness among all the adult women aged Above 30 years, the way to identify and the required tests needed, this measure will certainly save Lakhs of life’s in future as early detection reduces life risk, also awareness about the precautions needed, the foods that need to take, the foods that need to avoid etc etc to ensure females are not prone to breath or any other cancers.


Also Government must make it mandatory that every Association must create a walking track (including Apartments along the circumference), also in every Association territories, so that People can walk around the circumference of the apparent or gated Community or the RESIDENTIAL COLONIES or exclusive walk tracks in the Association territories municipal parks with lots of medicinal plants in the municipal parks. This measure certainly make many adults people walk in the walking tacks for few minutes to ensure some physical activity if not daily at least weekly few days to make themselves active.

Also it should be mandatory that every Association must have some or other sports facility and every gated Community/ RESIDENTIAL COLONIES should have play grounds for the children with standard equipment like basket ball or squash etc so that children will be able to have better physical activity every day

Also ideal that every Association territory must have a common sports /play ground with trainers and all the Associations in that territory must pay a nominal monthly maintenance for the sports grounds creation and maintenance meant for children and youth in the Apartments, where they do not have much facility for playing some or other sport for improvement of their physical and mental stamina. 

All the Associations which are having Fitness centres/ Gyms must have standard equipment and the fitness trainers must be registered with Government and Uniform pay for the in-house fitness trainers or part time fitness trainers or fitness consultants. Mandatory to use fitness equipment only after trained by a qualified fitness trainer in the Association and every Club house should be under CC camera monitoring, these measures ensure fitness is fine without any fitness related accidents.


Also Government must make it mandatory that every house hold in every Association must pay fixed amount per person in the house hold towards health insurance and also towards life insurance (integrating with GOI initiative of accident insurance and life insurance), this measure ensures all major health disorders can be covered and almost free treatment for every person in the Country even in the private hospitals due to every individual is covered under insurance, and it will act as universal health care in one or other way, this measure ensures major relive for millions of people as they need not required to worry about the health care expenditure as the health insurance will cover is taken care along with monthly maintainance charges.

However this Universal health care should be made applicable provided the individuals adhere to good health practices like non smoking, non consumption of alcohol and not indulged in pre matrimonial sex, adultery, prostitution and also linked to mandatory yoga/ breathing exercises / Surya Namaskaras / jogging/ playing sports/ consuming adequate quantities of overnight stored water from copper vessel, eating green vegetables (mandatory at least once in a week green leafy vegetables should be consume, ideal that Association supply green leafy vegetables to every house hold), fixed limit of quantities of white sugar and edible oil/ ghee per house hold, and eating of seasonal fruits and also advised to consume the Tulasi leafs, aloe vera, stevia (for diabetic patients) as they are mandatory to grow in every Association two plants per house hold in every Association common areas, and also mandatory to grow kitchen gardening of coriander, methi, curry leafs in every Association. This measure will certainly reduce the need for visiting the hospitals.

Also every Association territories be planted with medicinal value plants like  eucalyptus, neem, lemon, etc will certainly help in giving more fresh air, also periodic maintenance of house hold contains health hazardous on account of pests, bacteria, fungus, virus in every house hold, in addition cleaning / waste disposal in a systematic manner will ensure every house hold is clutter free and free flow of air occurs, also since every Association has a common hot air blower heater for drying wet clothes in rainy season and winters to prevent moisture in the homes due to putting wet clothes for drying inside homes where all house hold including the infants live, and all other measures certainly improves the heath care of people and reduce the burden on the insurance companies and the improved health of individuals will directly linked to productivity as productivity of the Country will get enhance due to more man-hours available for working, also healthy person will always do better and quick, and more work, as such GDP growth get enhanced and thus more revenues for Government for doing more development work. 

It is criminal on the part of the people just paying some minute amount as Health insurance premium per annum and indulging in chain smoking and consuming excess alcohol, and eating several times more white sugar than permitted white sugar (32 gm per day) directly and indirectly, eating deep fried oil foods, fat rich fast foods, and sugar rich bakery items, Also eating excess protein rich meat, and hardly eat any green leafy vegetables or hardly consume fruits, and hardly any exercise / walking, no regular and timely eating of food or timely sleep and watching late night movies etc, over and above no measures as responsible person to contain air pollution and get exposed to air pollution/ traffic vehicular pollution by very day using the vehicles for every other small requirement without planning  and thus naturally prone to several health disorders, and even when they are aware that something is wrong in their health, still do not visit the hospitals for regular health checkups  and expect that when the diseases reach final stage and urgent and expensive treatments are required then Visit the hospitals and expect the health insurance company to pay several times more than what the premium paid by these individuals for health care cover and clear all medical expenses by the insurance company?? Is this Rational and responsible behaviour on the part of the citizens????? How far it is appropriate and justifiable for this callous and careless attitude of the individuals???? Strange that Majority people indulging in MORON THINKING, as far as Health insurance is concerned???? So  to make people behave responsibly and ensure they follow the measures of natural way of protecting their health and ensure stay healthy, Government  must link certain basic conditions for health insurance applicability, however must charge for health insurance from every person in the Country, so that enforcing good habits on all sections of people in INDIA.   

This measure is a GAME CHANGER for Sustainable Development and Inclusive growth as till date Majority of the people in India lacks Health insurance and Life insurance this measure will certainly be a great success and boon to almost all sections of people in INDIA.


Mandatory every adult person living in every Association house hold, and every employee and staff and security must provide self declaration about their habits of smoking, consumption of tobacco products, and consumption of alcohol, in addition all those who given declaration about having habit of smoking/ consumption of alcohol should given declaration online every month that they did not indulge in smoking within the vicinity of pregnant women or in front of their children nor old aged or in the he Association common areas or in moving vehicles in the Association common areas, nor create any nascence after consuming alcohol.

Also Government must ban on sale of tobacco products in the Association territories, Only in designated commercial places the Tobacco products be sold Compete ban on sale of cigarettes by road side pavements or in the so called PAN SHOPS, Also ban on sale of lose Cigarettes, and every cigarette pack should be bar coded and every sale of cigarette pack should be online Government  record, and every sale should be with AADHAAR card and also sale of cigarette pack only to end consumers who declared habit of smoking in the Association, Ever cigarette pack purchases by default gives declaration every time when he/she purchases the pack that he/she only consume all the cigarettes and will not share with others nor give the pack to others nor sourcing the pack for others, and he/she is fully aware of health consequences and he/she will never personally claim health insurance. Also it should be a criminal office for violation of these norms by the retailer or the purchaser of the cigarette box, Also This measure will certainly reduce the habit of smoking cigarettes in many individuals, 

Also it is the responsibility of the Association or Association territory to inform the Government  about any illegal sale of tobacco products in the Association or Association territory or Consumption of cigarette or tobacco products by any individual in the Association common areas or in the Association territory internal roads or common properties; And there should b mobile App to be downloaded by all security/ Governing members of All Associations mandatorily, Also other hose hold can download the App and take pictures of violation, which will be automatically up loaded in the data  bank of law enforcing agencies which will penalise for violation of the norms.


Also Government ban Smoking in open places in the Associations especially in the Apartment and a criminal offence to do smoking in the balconies of the Apartments, also ban on smoking in the independent house outside the building viz in the compound wall of the building (to prevent smoke enters the neighbor independent houses) , this measure is necessary as the secondary smoke is very dangerous and millions of people especially children, elderly and patients and pets are prey to the secondary smoke, Since many the people do smoking in the balconies of the Apartments and independent house outside the building within their compound wall to ensure their family members not effected by their smoke, but they do not have common sense that the other neighbors get effected as most of the flats in the Apartments and also most of the house independent houses in gated communities are very near to each other hardly less than 6 feet gap between one home to other, as a result  smoke exhaled by the cigarettes by the persons smoking in the balconies will fully enter the Upper floors or adjacent homes causing a severe health hazardous to the other neighbors in that Association. So in order to prevent this kind of side effects of smoke on the other house hold in the Associations Government must ban smoking in the balconies or outside their building in the independent homes in all Associations. 


It is a fact that millions of people smoke in their homes causing serious health hazardous to the pregnant women, infants, children and old aged due to secondary smoke, as millions of people are facing one or other kind of health disorders due to tobacco smoke even though they never every consumed tobacco or never ever smoked; Since the so called people who are addicted to smoking do not have any sense, only thing that they should smoke to fulfil their urge for the tobacco smoke taste, they are least bothered that it will affect health of their family, children in case they smoke in front of them, or it will effect neighbours if they smoke in the balconies.

So in order to reduce the ill effects of tobacco smoking to the non smokers and to reduce the consumption of tobacco smoking, Government must make it a criminal offence to smoking in front of the pregnant women in the house hold whether wife, daughter in law or daughter, or any relative or any other family member; Also ban on smoking in front of children below 18 years in the homes in the Association habitations; Also ban on smoking in the homes when aged above 60 years are living in the same homes; this is in addition to ban on smoking in the balconies; violation should be a heavy penalty and repeated violation leads to imprisonment. This measure certainly reduces the smoking by individuals; in addition it will reduce ill effects of secondary smoke on other family members.


Also Government must ban establishment of liquor shops in the Associations buildings or Association Territories or opposite to the residential habitations in the Commercial Areas or enroute to the residential habitations (same road leading to habitations no liquor shops should be allowed to establish), these measure are necessary as most of the people who wish to buy liquor / alcohol are perverted in mind, easy access / near access will make them to consume frequently and more,  and some of them even open the bottles and consume the liquor their and then and enter the Association habitations in drunken stage / inebriated  condition as most of the liquor shops has so called permit rooms to sit and consume alcohol. 

Also it is a common thing that where ever liquor shops exists very adjacent or in front there exists non veg street food / fast food joints or small vendors selling the cooked non veg food, which further causes severe air pollution in that vicinity,  all these leading a big mess and nuisance value to most of the resident in the residential habitations and also most vulnerable are girls & women who are moving in the roads to go to their habitations or shopping as they may become prey for atrocity on them by the inebriated people who consume alcohol, also there is every possibility the students, children and youth get attracted towards liquor out of curiosity to taste first and become addicted to it  and spoil their education, carrier etc, So Government must ban the liquor sale in the residential Associations and in the vicinity of the residential Association territories. 

Mandatory that every adult living every house hold in Association must given deceleration of habit of alcohol consumption; and all people with alcohol consumption must mandatorily give deceleration online every month that they did not indulge in consumption of alcohol in front of their children below 18 years also do not consume alcohol in front of their adult female unmarried child, also do not consume alcohol with friends or Strangers when children/ wife are present in their home, will not drive vehicle after consumption of alcohol and do not cause any disturbance or walk / wander/ create nuisance in the Associations common areas or at home after consumption of alcohol. As it is fact that numerous incidents of violence, sexual assaults, adultery, unethical sexual relations etc, due to consumption of alcohol in the homes in front of their children, especially the adult female unmarried child as their own father indulging in sexual acts on the daughters, and hardly some cases come into police reporting due to fear for loss of reputation, and many young girls even do not share with their mothers also for the fear of violence in the home, as a result these kind of worst than animal fathers do repeat the sexual assaults on their daughters for years, till they get married.

Also it is a common thing that many male who are addicted to alcohol consumption do consume alcohol in their home with friends and expect their house wife to provide the so called munching of non vegetarian food or egg omlets etc and definitely this is the main reason for adultery/ sexual assault on the females (wife and young daughters) and also leading to adultery relation with the husbands alcoholic company friend, as the alcoholic habit makes the men to underperform/ non performance of sex and at the same time the other friends of the husband who gives company in consuming alcohol  most of them  always try to be in relation with the wife of the alcoholic friend,  as such they  bring alcohol and serve more to the husband so that every day the husband is totally inebriated, so that he can attract the wife of his friend for sexual favours/ adultery by pleasing by spending time in the absence of husband by providing money, gifts etc and seduce to have sexual relations, and this is leading to divorces, killings etc, Also some perverts even eye on the adult young daughters of their alcoholic friend, Also in case of family alcohol consumption, i.e. consuming alcohol by husbands in front of their wife’s then the immoral culture of wife swapping is happening,  So in order to Avoid all these menaces, Government  make it a criminal offence to consume alcohol in front of the children below 18 years, or calling friends and consuming alcohol when wife and children are at home.

Since the so called people who are addicted to alcohol do not have any sense, only thing that they should more consumption to fulfil their urge for the drowsiness and they lose sense after consuming alcohol and do atrocity / sexual acts even on their own children, Also the children below 18 years if daily see their parent/s consuming alcohol will certainly get curiosity to taste the alcohol, also moving in the Association common areas like corridors, internal roads after consumption may be fully un safe for the other habitants especially the girl children, women and even male children (due to LGBT) for sexual assaults by the persons who consume alcohol in homes and move freely, as the alcohol makes their thinking of fear for law will get vanish and make them focus more on the urge for senses. So in order to prevent all these kind of crimes happening, Government bust make moving in the common areas after consumption of alcohol is a criminal offence. Also it should be a criminal offence for the staff/ security/ employees working in Associations to consume alcohol while on duty or in the Association premises, or brining alcohol/ cigarettes or any tobacco products to any house hold. Also ban on delivery of tobacco products/ alcohol by e commerce delivery boys or supply by order by door delivers, if found someone ordering/ deliver on proven charges should attract life imprisonment.    


Also Government must sale any alcohol only by taking bio metric finger print after swiping AADHAAR card, and also Government must ration that liquor sale, also liquor/ alcohol should be sold only to end consumers, and ban on gifting alcohol to anyone including blood related persons, it makes every person who wish to consume alcohol must go the liquor shop personally and buy alcohol.

Also mandatory all alcohol sale only though bank online transaction and complete ban on cash transactions or separate pre paid cards issued at banks for purchase of Alcohol either at the liquor shops or at the bar and restaurants, also all bar & restaurants must supply alcohol after they swipe the AADHAAR card with bio metric authentication for authenticating personal attendance of the individual in the shop. so sale of liquor in shops or serving liquor in bar & restaurants for residents within 5 km radius of their home place based on the address of the AADHAAR card ; Also mandatory sale of Alcohol only to persons who declared they consume alcohol to Government by online declaration. 

This measure reduces the consumption of Alcohol, also reduces the dangers of carrying of liquor in the public transport and personal transport vehicles, Also this measure reduces boot legging and supply of Alcohol illegally by the alcohol / liquor shops through third party purchasing and carrying the liquor and delivering to the end user, Criminal non bail able offence for violation of any norms by any one.


Also Government must make it mandatory that every time the liquor bottle is purchased by the end-user he/ she should give an online declaration at the liquor shop (kiosk) about the place of consumption of liquor, Also mandatory that the online Data bank of buyers / sale should be maintained in centralised data bank of total quantities consumed by each person in general by the purchase records of alcohol whether bottles or lose in bar and restaurants and once the monthly permitted quota is exceed they should make the alcohol shops and bars to stop issue notice online (Ref my Doc Simple and Effective Reforms 2011 Sep/ Nov, Central beverages Trade Monitoring Authority); Also there should be weekly maximum permitted quota for every alcohol consumption person and the cumulative monthly permitted be taken so that no will able to purchase or consume beyond certain limit. 

Also it should be mandatory that all those who purchased alcohol, individuals as well as restaurants or parties should return the empty bottles for purchase of new bottles. This measure not only ensures incised accountability, also reduces duplicate sale of branded liquor/ spurious liquor in the branded bottles, also reduced violence by the liquor consumers of alcohol, especially in the slums and low income groups. Also this measures enables better recycling of glass and also reduces accidental cutting by the garbage lifters, also contains rag picking as most of the rag picking is mainly for empty liquor bottles, also this measure reduces crime rate in each territories.


Also Government must make it mandatory that all Associations Having So Called Club Houses must Mandatorily Inform the Government about the Detailed Facilitates, Activities in the Club houses and Charges for every facility in the Club houses; Also Government must ban the sale / serving / consumption of Alcohol or use of alcohol in food preparations within the Association club houses or Association territory, Also ban on preparation of non vegetarian food in the Association club houses, (the individuals living in Association can cook the non veg food in their homes if they wish to consume, else they may visit non vegetarian restaurants.)  
Also Government must ban Smoking in the Association club houses and in the Association territories; also Government must ban Gambling/ Playing Cards etc in the Association clubs and Association territories.

Also it should be Mandatory to inform to Government by online real-time for the use of Guest Room facility by the house hold or their acquaintances or relatives situated in the Association premises/ Association Club houses, this measure is necessary to Contain Adultery/ prostitution / sexual exploitation by the Association governing members or Association staff or security or the house hold in the Association, in addition containing criminal accused / absconders from hiding/staying in the Association guest houses.



Also Government must provide standard guidelines for raising pet animals; it should be the choice of the individual house hold to raise a pet or not, and it should not be the discretion of some few select Few Upper Caste/ Upper Echelon Association governing members to decide whether they can allow the raise of pets in the house hold by the individuals in the Association or not, and also in case allowed to rise pets then preventing the Association governing members from laying rules of their own; It is a fact that pets are stress busters as they provide un conditional love to the family who raises the pets, especially the dogs and cats, also it is very necessary that each house hold should have one pet in the Urban areas after all most of the people in the Urban areas are subjected various health disorders ranging from diabetics to cardio discords all due to acute stress in the hectic life in the Urban concrete jungles starting from the home  to visit to the work place facing acute traffic,  the work load, along with just to live sufficient earning at all income groups by and large at their level; with no time for relaxation and rejuvenation living in congested rooms/ homes; in these circumstances it is nothing but criminal on the part of the Government of the day to allow the so called Few Upper Caste/ Upper Echelon Association governing members of to decide that whether to allow pets or not to grow in the Associations or do not give the property for rent to people having pets by the property owners; how come these so called few narrow/sick minded, compassionless Few Upper Caste/ Upper Echelon so called governing members of the Association curtail the freedom of healthy living of others in the society??, also indirectly causing health disorders for many people living in the societies?? Is it not violation of fundamental rights of citizens guaranteed by the constitution of India ?; so Government ban so called Associations framing its own laws in any issue, especially relating to freedom of the individuals in the Association;  and making it mandatory that all Associations must allow the pet animals to rise by the individuals who are interested to rise them without any irrational restrictions on them; however there should be some uniform guidelines throughout India for raising pet animals by individuals living in Associations as well as outside the Associations.   


All the pet owners must get registered with the Government, also all the pet animals must get RFID tagging done, with unique ID for each pet animal; and mandatory periodic vaccination which should be recorded in the history sheet of the each unique ID of the animal from the birth to death; also the history of the pet biting any one etc, and it should be mandatory on the part of the pet owners to inform their unique ID to the Association, so that the Association along with Government will remind the pet owners to get  periodic vaccination done, so that even in case pet animals by accident bites any of the residents, there will be no side effects on the health of both the resident human being or any other animal in the Association or to this pet animal; also the Association can access the data of vaccination from the Government data bank of the unique ID of the pet animal living, so that in case the periodic vaccination is not carried out by the pet owner the same can be made immediately by the Government  veterinary department professionals, in addition Government should impose heavy fine on the pet owner if the pet animal bites any human being in the Association, or outside the Association or any other animal during the lapse period of periodic vaccination date, then the pet animal owners must get heavy fine as compensation for the victim who received the bites, in addition to simple imprisonment, along with all medical expenses for rabbis vaccination to the victim; in case if the victim succumbs then the pet owner must get rigorous life imprisonment; in case if any pet animal bites the human beings/ another pet animal in the Association during the periodic vaccination period, still the pet owner has to make the health care expenditure of fixed cost for visiting the doctor by the victims, in addition the cost of anti rabbis vaccinations. 

Also every Association must have contract with one of the veterinary doctor / veterinary service provider in that nearby territory to visit the Association periodically to look after the pets, also to attend the pets in case of emergency in the Association premises, it is an option for the pet owners to use the service of the person/ organisation engaged by the welfare Association however minimum payment for monthly visit of the veterinary doctor should be paid by the pet owners, also it should be mandatory that there should be fixed  monthly service charges for such door service of pets, and it should be mandatory on the part of the pet owners to pay to the Association/ Government fixed charges per month for periodic care, as well as vaccination charges in that year in advance, else Government  deduct from bank on auto debit from the pet owners, this measure ensures by and large all pet animals get periodic vaccination, healthcare for sure.

Also Government must make it mandatory that in case any pet dog/ pet animal attacks, bites, injures anyone (human beings or animals) in the gated Community, Apartment then the liability of all standard medical expenses should be paid by the owner of pet/ recovered from the owner through Association on showing the proof of CC camera Video of the Association(not private videos shot from mobiles or cameras) Also such pets should should be allowed to stay in the gated Community/ Apartment only when the pet owners makes sure to install/ wear mouth guard for the pet dog/ pet animal when every they bring the pet out of their home into the common areas, otherwise such pet owners must get evicted from the Association within 60 days from such incidence else they should keep the the pet animal shifted from the Association, the CC cameras will record the violation, first few violations attract the penalty fourth violation should get evection notice automatically from the Government in this regard, as all the CC camera recordings are with Government. This measure provides safety for all habitants including all other pet animals.  

Also it should be mandatory that all the pet animals like Dogs must get basic training for proper behaviour (sit, stand, stop etc) and the basic training certificate number should be provided to the Government as well as to the Association in case of Association; in case of Associations, there should be fixed time slot (90 minutes in the morning, 90 minutes in the evening)  for taking out pet animals, in addition in that time slot  each pet animal have some slot, so that in that time slot only the pet animal must be made to take for walking in the streets in that Association, gated Community/ RESIDENTIAL COLONIES, in case they miss the fixed timing, then they should inform the Association for another next possible nearest time after speaking to the other pet owners in that time slot, to ensure no two pet animals fight each other or trouble others in the Association during brining down the pets in the lifts/ elevators or through steps etc, or do barking each other which non pet lovers  may feel inconvenience; also this pet movement slot must be uniform throughout the Country, and by lottery system among the residents  having pets in the Association; also this pet movement time must not clash with general morning walking time/ evening walking time of the residents in the Association which should also be fixed time one hour in the morning, one hour in the evening for general daily  walking hours of the residents;  Also incentives for the pet animal owners to get train their pet animals to do the urination, stools in fixed designated locations in the soil / grass, special places with soil adjacent to the internal road pavements/ walk ways of the Association territory; in case if the pets exert the stools on the road / walk ways/ pavements then pet owner liable for penalty, in addition it is the responsibility of the pet owner to get it lifted and cleaned that small portion of area, and the penalty amount should be paid to the Government/ Association, this measure ensures no kind of in convenience to the residents in any manner.  


Also Government must ban raising of the cattle or large animals like sheep’s, pigs, cows, buffalos in the Association habitations or vicinity of the Association habitations either for personal raising or commercial meat or milk; also Government ban movement of the cattle in the Associations or in the vicinity of the Associations, as it is fact that most of the Urban areas are expanding every day and once the out skirts are turning into prime residential areas, but still some pockets people who do not want to Urbanisation/ still love to do the farming, or the disputed farm lands and court cases are pending so they could not sell the lands for the builders etc still keeping pockets of land and raising the dairy, cattle like buffalos or cows or even sheep / goat and pig raising, poultry raising in the vicinity / middle of the habitations and also some of them make their cattle move in the habitations freely as they cant tie the animals forever in that limited area, all this causing huge traffic jams,  in addition the smell of the animal dung and also the animals / birds may develop some viruses / bacteria / insects that effect nearby habitants especially the children, old aged, patients so in order to avoid all these kind of issues related to heath directly and indirectly, Government must ban raising or cattle/ movement of cattle in the Association premise or habitations, and there are several ways of inconvenience to the habitants as the smell of the animals droppings by several animals in the same limited area causes inconvenience, also most of the animal farms are un clean and thus generate several bacteria or viruses, such as bird flu etc in the poultry which will affect the habitats, as they are not professional risers they do not really bothered about health care or periodic vaccination nor they do not know the cause of the death of birds till it spreads in the vicinity of the habitations.

Also it is fact that most of the small dairy farmers or people who raise the cattle in the middle of the Urban habitations or in the out skirts of the City, they leave the cattle to go out of their sheds after the cattle ages and  Stops giving milk, or if the cattle has some serious health issues which heath care is costly or non curable, in such cases  they do not want to sell the cattle for the slaughtering (otherwise mostly sell their cattle for slaughter after it sops giving milk) such cattle owners simply leave it on roads, so the stray animals move in the Urban habitations, if they are not cared by the Government, they are the at risk of going into the hands of anti socials for killing them for meat/ skin and in the process the innocent Dalits and Muslims may become victims and Communal and Caste harmony will be severally effected. Also large Cattle moving in the streets causes traffic jams, also sometimes even leads to accidents and loss of life or severe injuries die to sudden movement of the large animals on the busy roads, as such in order o avoid all these Government must ban movement of the cattle in the Association habitations.

As such Government must ban raising of large animals in the vanity if the Associations, in addition Government must make it mandatory for the Associations to report to the Government immediately if they notice any movement of any animals or any cattle in the Association premises or vicinity so that immediately Municipal authorities catch the same and fine the owner along with moving the cattle to Government free cattle shelter (as suggested in my previous documents  and in this document that all animals must be RFID tagged and animal census must be done, so identifying the owner of the animal is easy) 


Also Government must ban the use of bullock carts, or horse buggies or using donkeys or elephants or camels or any other animals in the Association territories as these slow moving animals cause traffic jams, in addition it is inhuman to make the animals carry weights in the cemented roads or bitumen roads, as suggested in this document it should be mandatory that the Association territories approach roads from the main roads and all internal roads must be cemented roads or concrete bitumen roads and moving on these roads by these animals pulling the weight is criminal inhuman as the animals are not meant for running on the that bitumen roads/ cemented roads but only on the soft mud roads and moving on these cemented or bitumen roads will hurt the animals, with weight on them will hurt more, so whether for carrying weight or for exhibition or for fun or for any religious purpose no animal must be made to walk on the Association territories, whether it is for the so called marriage baraat/ processions or for any house warming ceremony or for religious festival processions or carrying the of clothes for washing by washer men or parading by some local police using the animals, However only in deserts, forests etc animals can be used but not in cities; it is a fact that huge quantities of pollution is generated for allowing large animals movement, a small example is so called baraat, which is a common phenomenon that the groom ride on the horse and travel  on the main roads to reach the marriage venue, which itself causes severe pollution with thousands of vehicles are forced to move slow and most of times there will be traffic jams, and in the marriage season the pollution levels are high in the cities, in addition wastage of fuel and precious time for millions of people, and since India having large pollution below 20 years, which means millions of marriages every year, especially in the Association territories so there will be huge pollution thus causing severe health disorders, So all these can be avoided by just banning movement of large animals like horses in the cemented roads or bitumen roads.  

Also it is criminal on the part of the Government to allow this in human act of cruelty on animals in the name of tradition / custom/ honour to use large animals in the bitumen roads causing severe pain to these innocent creatures and torturing the animals. Also in the name of tourism causing severe injuries to the large animals to make hen walk under hot sun even in extreme summers in the name of tourism promotion by making the animals paws made hard/ senseless by repeated burning / injuries and hammering nails and  iron plates, very  pathetic, All those who allowed all these years this kind of  in human acts for earning so called revenues for the Government  in the name of tourism is really SHAMEFUL act, Also the vehicular pollution in the urban areas is a serious health hazardous for these animals. 

So it is high time that Government must ban large animals moving in city / on cemented roads or bitumen roads for what so ever reason, humanity should be above all other reasons. So in order to avoid all these Government must ban any type of animal carries in Association territories.



Also it should be mandatory that All Associations must install All religious symbols (all major religions with more than 0.1 % of Country, and even if a single house hold/ employee is following a religion that was not covered in major religion, then that religion symbol also should be placed), in standard symbols, as approved by the Government after approval by all religious organisations, the symbols such as Om, Cross, Crescent, Kripal etc at the entrance in standard sizes with all symbols more or less equal size.

Also it should be made mandatory that every Association office morning and evening lighting of oil lamp by one of the Association member /staff, if there exists some flowers from the Association garden then they should place flowers near all religious symbols, in addition All Associations must play spiritual instrumental music or religious chanting of All Religions based on the religious population of the habitations/ or population of the Country, This measure of no idol or photo of any particular religion but all symbols of all religions with lighting of lamp and offering flowers will certainly make every faith person,  living in the Association, especially the Association governing members, staff, servant maids, etc will certainly make their offerings before starting their days work in the Association, this measure creates communal harmony in addition creates positive vibrations in the habitation as Good spirits exists in every Association habitations  for common good of all habitants.


Also ideal that every house hold in every Association must be provide/ installed a sound box of the music system with dedicated cables connected to the Association office music system, and every day morning prayers and evening payers for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening (6 am to 7 am, and 6 pm to 7 pm) be played at the Association office music system, either no chanting only music of spiritual nature from instruments or all religious chanting/prayers  of different religions (according to the percentage of pollution of religions in that Association/ Association territory/ ward) , the music played at the music system in the Association should be transmitted to all house hold via the speakers attached in every house hold and the same can be heard in every home,  this will be truly a religious affair and certainly this measure develops religiousness in all sections of people, in addition develops  communal harmony,  it is up to the individual house hold to increase /reduce the volume or mute the chanting at their home in case if they do not want to listen to any chanting of other faith.

This measure will certainly benefit a lot ensure gen next adhere to religiousness, especially the Hindus religion will flourish as majority of the people living in Associations (80%) are Hindus as India having 80% Hindu population; as a result most of the people get rise in the morning to pray / meditate and also put oil lamps (diyas) in the evening and also the music will certainly bring positive vibrations not only in the house hold but also in every individuals in every house hold, ideal that the Associations music boxes are connected to internet and Government will provide the music and songs to choose from the lists so that there won’t be any confusion or issues for any section of people.

Also in addition to traditional religious music daily one hour from sun rise and one hour after sunset and the same sound boxes can be used  for providing patriotic songs during National days and also on festive occasions of all religions the relevant music, Also entire day from 7 am to 5 pm and 7 pm to 10 pm the Association may play light music/ spiritual for peace and happiness so that good mood and good vibrations persists in every home which relives lot of stress very human being in every home, as a result good health prevails in general in every household as the stress will get vanished in spite of any situation like tight position of finances etc; Also this spiritual instrumental music improves concentrate on the study, their memory power gets enhanced, youth will channelize their energies in a positive way without getting their attention diverted to bad thoughts or negative thoughts, harmony exists between family members all leaders to better decisions & more work output and more productive and over all development of the Country can happen.


Also it should be a criminal offence on the part of the Association to play non Traditional/ Non religious Music/ Dance and indulging Playing Cinema Songs dances and western songs and dances during religious festivals. as it is common syndrome that even in festivals like Gnash Chaturdi, Krishna astami,Dussara Pooja etc Usually fist few songs will be Religious songs from the cinemas, after wards entire songs and dances are so called Raunchy numbers with double meaning vulgar gestures more are less like erotic music and dances with adulterated double meaning and direct meaning content in the songs and dance moves which are played and dances getting perform by the children on these auspicious occasions when the actual sense of doing / celebrating this festival in masses is to spreading the message of spirituality, religiousness and inner themes of the morals ethics embedded in the stories that are depicted by ancient texts for the understand of the masses is the main motto of celebrations, but contrary to that the Associations indulging this festivals to promote trash? Tarnishing the religious believes? Strange and shocking is that their parents enjoy their children dancing vulgar moves on the stage during religious festivals, SHAME SHAME?? Wondered where are the so called Religious outfits who proclaim that they are for protection of Religious dharmas / Principles as such they will go any extent to protect their birth religion (otherwise who are indirectly openly threatening other faith people), could not contain these nasty songs and dances on pious religious occasions, If any Real Commitment for religion and real faith in the almighty then they should ensure that these kind of acts of  cinema songs and vulgar dances on religious festivals anywhere in the county without violating constitutional norms by putting pressure on the Government  to ban such acts of vulgar-ness during religious festivals.    

So in order to prevent all this non sense acts and to ensure traditions are intact and carried forwarded for generations to come in future Government must ban playing of non religious/ non traditional music/ dance during any occasions in the Associations organised functions and making it mandatory that all Association functions should be recorded live at the Government web site.

Also most of the Association’s functions play loud music, this high volume loud music of cinema/ western music of so called items songs causing disturbance to people who are suffering with various health disorders or for the pregnant women, infants, old aged, pets and also for students who are preparing for the examinations feel acute nuisance value?? As such in order to avoid all these negative effects of loud music Government must ban loud music beyond certain level of decibels in the Association premises and once make it a criminal office for violation will certainly contain use of loud music in Associations.


Also Government must ban the so called Satsangs /doing religious prayers/ rituals /  speeches of so called Self Styled God men/ God women in the Residential Associations; it is a fact that most of the Association governing members are Few Upper Caste/ Upper Echelons and also most of the so called self styled self proclaimed GOD MEN and GOD WOMEN are almost all are Few Upper Caste/ Upper Echelons irrespective of religions, so these so called god men & women has some link with the Association governing members as a follower/ business promoters etc, as such in order to promote themselves they are using the platform of Associations to expand their followership/ business as it is a fact most of the so called God Men will squeeze the money from people if people are little inclined to them in the spirituality, as they mesmerize people by telling tales that relatives or friends or within Association got miracle from them and they tell testimony, as such people believe and become followers, once they become follower they tell them to do this ritual or that ritual or contribute for this charity or that charity organised by the so called GOD MEN/ WOMEN or waste their time and attend to where ever the so called GOD men programmes to be part of Show of strength to further attract people,  after wards these GOD MEN may start their own brand of so called EASY ROOT i.e. AYURVEDA products and start selling among their followers first and then use these followers as promotion agents, also simultaneously these so called GOD MEN and WOMEN develop contact with various political leaders and Elected Representatives in that territory and these political class also give lot of weightage to these self styled GOD MEN as lot of followers in the Association habitations and the political class get votes by patronizing the GOD MEN and all again for a commercial thing and these GOD MEN become direct middle men in getting the postings and transfers of bureaucrats, as bureaucrats revolve around the god men as the elected representatives of the ruling party are very dear to the God men, Also these God men indulge in alternative to Constitutional justice by poking their hand in civil and criminal disputes out of court settlements, fixing tenders etc to earn easy money since both law bureaucrats, ruling party, opposition party elected representatives and party office bearers are the so called followers of the God men,  and it is a fact that most of the GOD MEN doing business are nothing but converting their un accounted black money to white money in the name of the so called FMCG products and when their exists huge gap of real turnovers and book turnovers  for example if products are 10 Lakhs turnover they claim on their books they crossed 10 crores, and thus convert that much black money into white money by circulating them among various groups in the name of supply of raw material etc, and in this process the GOD MEN are becoming biggest BLACK MONEY CONVERSION AGENTS and in that process developing so called devotees/ followers abroad and doing the HAWALA transactions and also some alleged to be indulging drug traffic and drug trade and some of them indulging in sex trade, and once reach international level they conduct so called cross Country cultural or spiritual programmes with some or other international organisations to expand their base/ to get popularity internationally, and to their luck the national level political leaders cutting across party lines and Governments attend these kind of event as the so called self styled God Men organising international events, and all permissions get just like that in spite of shortcomings of various nature in organising the events whether safety of visitors of security or environment or fire etc etc, and once the national level elected representatives / important persons in Governments attend, then these self styled God men are fully out of control and try to meddle in foreign affairs ?? Are these self styled God men are Trained Diplomats of the Country????? Strange / Criminal on the part of Government to allow this kind of culture of Self styled God men Culture in INDIA, all just for getting few more seats in elections due to so called followers of some self styled God men, and for getting some funds for elections from the God men or their business flowers?? Political class in INDIA cutting across party lines and Governments allowing extra constitutional authorities to rise in the name of self styled god men by not containing them and even some of them become disciples and also some of them endorsing them is certainly a big National Shame????  High time that Government must regulate Self Styled God men/ women in India to instil faith in constitutional law & religious believes in Gen next in INDIA 

So in order to avoid all these things Government must ban the so called sat sangs in the Associations especially by the self styled GOD men & women, Also Government in order to make transparency and accountability make it mandatory the accounts of the so called self styled GOD men and women public and also if really GOD men & Women are not above Constitution of India and if they are law abiding and fully straight forward and their life is an open book then they should voluntarily them self disclose full details of their income and expenditure every rupee donation received and expenditure to public, receive all donations only through bank traction even single rupee also, and make every act in the so called ashrams be under CC camera recordings with live streaming for their followers/ public scrutiny, if they do not do voluntarily, Government make law to ENFORCE Every so called self styled God men to revel their financial dealings and day to day acts online following the new law of Government in the larger interest of people of the Country, Also Government  must mandatorily Conduct blood tests randomly for all self styled god men/ women for finding out any traces of alcohol/ drugs consumption and also for any sexual transmitted diseases (these measures are necessary to prevent the self styled god men cheating the followers with good behaviour but in reality as some of them consume alcohol/drugs and some of them indulge in sex with their disciples or followers),  and also if the Self Styled God men are pure they should voluntarily undergo NARCO TESTS once in a year, in Addition ensure every other Close Aide/ Personal Staff of the So called Self Styled God Men/ Women be made to under Go voluntarily the Narco Tests and All details be made online for public understanding, and the standard format questioner for NARCO Questioning. 

Also it should be mandatory hence forth that every religious organisation irrespective of religion, and every other religious leaders like Shankaracharya's, Yoga Gurus or people who teach Scientific breathing Exercises to make their financial accounts public in online web access.  

Also Government must not provide any Government funds for any of these self styled GOD MEN & WOMEN as they are private citizens not public servants and Ban on Ministers, Elected Representatives visiting with public money or donating public money or airing their programmes in Government radio/ television or share dais with any of the so called Self styled God men in any of the Government programmes or in private programmes with Government money and Government security/ using Government transport  after all why should hard earned tax paid public money be used by the Ministers or Elected Representatives of all faith people be spent by Government spent on limited followers so called self styled GOD MEN & WOMEN  of a one faith?? By spending public in the form of money spend on the travel by air/ train/ cars and security arrangements and cost for the security as salary for the security is also from tax paid money only, also most important the valuable time of the ministers????, if the ministers or elected representatives are disciples or followers or like these kind of self styled god men then they should go in private capacity using their personal money buy the air ticket from their salary account (not from Government ), use their personal vehicle, do not take Government  paid security, leave the security at home  and can visit them, and ban on media coverage for personal, private visits, and ban on sharing the elected representatives or ministers private visits on social media by the elected representative / ministers or the self styled god men or any of the flowers????? Which is real transparency and accountability of Government to the people who voted for them???????

Also it is a fact that FAITH is the individual choice and a Constitutional protection and by indulging in allowing the Associations to be used as platforms for the self styled god men women is causing severe mental pressure on non believers of same religion or other religions, and also spoiling the people of one faith especially the youth/ gen next children, as these self styled God men try to impose their own thoughts about religion to these innocent budding/ not fully maturated minds as the self styled God men are not ether fully religious nor saints like the Shankaracharya's nor like Pope nor Imam Khatib, nor even like People who preach scientific measures to ensure health of the people assured on practice by people following their health initiatives like teaching yoga, breathing exercises etc, and it is a hard fact that  most of the self styled god men/women who popped up in every other nook and corner in INDIA more or less mediocre as far as religion is concerned and they appear great to their disciples/followers/ believers, as these followers are un aware of the illegal acts of the so called self styled god men, and also for most disciples of self styled god men follows the say that “when there are no big trees in the village, castor oil trees which are huge trees for the people in that village”?? Due to deep ignorance by people. 


Also it is ultra High time, that Government  introduce the Self Confidence believing measures like the Power of Sub Conscious Mind, Positive Thinking, How to inculcate Determination by everyone themselves from the School education onwards, and also the Body language to make everyone their  body postures to attain positive and also understating others sub conscious mind of others to make the next moves, and also the principles of BHAGAVAD GITA from the high school to college  to university to all work places so as to instil the self confidence and determination  and how to lead a meaningful life, as BHAGAVAD GITA Principles are UNIVERSAL which shows the path of “how to overcome difficulties of various natures, in various situations by various sections of people in life with ease” in their day to day life whether students or employees or business people or political class irrespective of age, gender caste religion. 

So Government must make it mandatory that Every Association must teach the principles of BHAGAVAD GITA in local regional language every weekend, and also must mail every week what all was discussed on that weekend about the principles of BHAGAVAD GITA so that people who missed the personal preaching’s can read that in the mail/ social media, also the same can be made in the Association music system to ensure every house hold listen to the same in their home. Also there should be standardisation of method of preaching of BHAGAVAD GITA in every Association, these measures will make every individual a leader in his/ her life and thus makes them to take able decisions in a positive manner to ensure happiness prevail every time in the homes and individuals life.



Also Government must fix the maximum decibels of sound that one can make in each house hold, in the Association, in the vicinity of the residential habitations by the individuals, organisation on all days, especially during the festival days; and complete ban of loud music after 10 pm in every Associations/ in the vicinity of the residential habitations; on any occasion, whether it is Association cultural events or any occasion of festivals either in the Association or in the streets / vicinity open places or private parties by individual house hold in their homes in the Association territories and no music should be more than certain decibels as such it should not be more than than home premises to that limited territory where the function organised; violation should lead to heavy fine, repeated violation should lead to imprisonment. 

This measure is necessary that most of the house hold play loud music in the homes, especially the working class will make the loud music or the TV sounds in high volumes every other day, especially by the bachelors and new couples where they do parting every week end in some or others home and they play loud music till late evenings and chit chatting with loud voices/ noise; also most of the old aged has some or other hearing problem and the house hold neglect them to get the regular ear treatment/ cleaning or placing proper instruments to ears, as a result the old aged people keep big volumes of television or music systems which is otherwise several times more than normal sound, so all these can be fixed by Government making maximum permissible decibels than be heard from any house hold and also banning loud music after 10 pm will certainly be a great relive for all other households in the Association and neighbouring Associations. 

Also Government must make it mandatory that every Association must ensure every elderly person in every Association health care is take care so that all the old aged got periodic heath care for ENT so that not only these issues are taken care naturally but also the health of the old age is taken care. 

Also Government must ban producing/ creating Noise of any kind after 10 pm in the Association habitations beyond certain decibels... as it is a disturbance to all the immediate other neighbouring household, as by doing some carpentry work by machine cutting, or drilling holes using the machine, or doing the grinding work in the kitchen to do pulverisation of some eateries etc or using the television in high volume or playing loud music etc causes severe inconvenience to the neighbours as these noises disturbance to the sleep of the neighbouring people and thus causing loss of health and also to loss of some productive work in the next day as disturbed sleep will lead to loss of concentration on work the next day this effecting the develop of the organisation and Country as a whole.. also regular loss of sleep will deteriorate the health of not only the people who are doing such noise but also the neighbours as such in order to prevent all these negative things Government must ban creating noise in every house hold beyond certain level of decibels, above that limit creating noise or violation should lead to criminal offence, as it is a common syndrome that most of the people who joins the homes on rent or occupy the homes try to shift their articles as such they use the drilling machines for making holes to keep the nails to hanging of articles or making holes to place the curtain rods or drilling for fixing the air conditioners or geysers, etc 

Also most of the people who are working couples mostly young couples has the habit of sleeping late so they try to do the cooking  in the late hours after 10 pm and they use the mixer grinder, and certainly almost all the mixer grinders generate such a volume of sound that it is heard in almost all the flats in that Apartment, and with neighbouring Apartments and Association with less than 10 feet distance will get more sounds and also the kitchens of most of the house hold are the just back side of the master bed room of the others houses in the Associations it causes sleep disturbance for not only for the adults/ elderly people but also to the school going children who are sleeping by that time. Also in case of some functions in the house hold the house hold will keep the doors open and generate loud noises and voices.

So in order to avoid all the negative effects of these kinds of sounds Government must ban making any kind of noise beyond certain decibels and ban operating the mixture grinders / drilling machines etc The list must be standard and uniform across the Country


Also Government should ban on using Loud Speakers and Amplifiers and Mikes in All Religious Places situated in the Associations territories irrespective of Religion (as nowhere in Religious Texts of any religion told to use the electric mikes and amplifiers?), as it is a fact that people belonging to various faiths live in habitations and sounds of one faith may not be liking for other faiths, so they feel irritated by sounds of  other faith in such high volumes especially early morning and evening when every faith person does their own religious prayers in silence / meditation; also it is a disturbance for those who are studying in that hours as the volumes of these religious sounds whether their own religion or other religion, but certainly any sounds of other faith will certainly distort them, as a result peace is disturbed resulting in communal harmony get disturbed over a period of time. 

Also there are certain religious fundamentalists and vested political persons make use of loud speakers in the religious places by becoming trust board members, and their real intention is not spread of the religious faith, but try to gain brownie points by claiming that they done this festival, that ritual this grand that grand  and disturb other faith people with noise of their religion, so as to gain politically by galvanizing their own religion people through disturbing other faith people,  and this is a common syndrome in all religions and almost all political parties, which is a serious threat to the social fabric of the Country as communal tensions will escalate across the Country with a little spark in one place in the Country, which will become wild fire in no time and peace in the Country is a mirage and without peace sustainable development and inclusive growth is not possible and over all development of the Country will be on the downward trend, In order to ensure Communal harmony and peace prevails in all living habitations Government must ban use of Loud speakers in all Residential Association territory vicinity; Also Prayers should be done in silence not by loud voices????? in case of any festival gatherings in the religious places situated in the vicinity of the Associations there might be exception to use mikes but certainly the volume should not be more than fixed decibels so that only the gatherings should be able to hear the voices/ music and the sounds, and other than this no sound should not he heard outside the premises of that religious place for any occasion, even to the commuters on the road adjacent to that place should not get voices / noise of the religious places, as it is fact that in every Association territory there are several religious places whether Temples or Mosques or Churches or Gurudwara's etc and in every Association territory various faith people or no faith people live, and if one religious organisation makes sound which is disturbance not only to other faith people but the same faith people, so when several religious organisations make sounds throughout the year with each religious organisation making this festival that celebration etc to earn money for their religious trust throughout the year using the mikes / amplifies for making religious songs for hours together is certainly not religiousness but self centred selfish criminal acts, they are not religious people but pseudo religious persons with making money in the name of religion????????? So Government must ban use of mikes/ amplifies in Associations and in all religious places irrespective of religion in Association territories and ensure every house hold in every Association live with peace of mind.


Also Government must ban the movement of vehicles that create huge sound due to removal of exhaust pipes or fault in the exhaust system in the Association habitations and Association territories; as it is a fact that in general some of the perverted youth in the habitations intentionally remove the exhaust system so that vehicles create huge sound and they raise the accelerator intentionally to attract the by passers especially the females attention, also some of the vehicles silencers get wear and tear as such the huge sound is produced still they run the vehicle without immediately getting it repaired, Also some of the private vehicles like diesel autos etc (which should be banned to enter Association internal rods as suggested in this document only Battery operated autos/ e rickshaws should be allowed to enter the Association internal roads) cause huge sounds; so in order to avoid the sound pollution generated due to the vehicles it should be mandatory that Government Ban the movement of such vehicles causing huge sound in the Association territories, It should be the duty of the Association where the vehicle resides to inform Government in case such sound generating vehicle is moving inside the Association or moving out of the Association so that Government advise them to rectify the fault/ repair the vehicle to become normal function and generation of sound as per manufactures prescribed limits within a stipulated time, failure to inform Government by Association or moving in the sound generation vehicles should be a criminal offence, Also failure to rectify the sound generating defects, running vehicle also a criminal offence.

Also similarly ban on movement of vehicles which are generating huge smoke while starting or while running in the Association territories, and the Association has to inform the Government about such vehicles and such vehicles must get repaired immediately or put their vehicle in shed. Moving of such vehicles without information by the Association or running such vehicles should be a criminal offence. These measures will certainly reduce noise/sound pollution as well as the air pollution to e habitants.


Also Government Ban plying Horn in the Association internal roads, inside the Association as it creates sound pollution / disturbance to the people living in the Associations, all vehicles must move slow in the Association territories and must use the convex mirrors placed in the blind turnings/corners and also must follow the speed breakers place near the cross roads to slow down.

Also Government must ban loud music in the stationary vehicles or in the moving vehicles in the Association parking/ common internal roads or in the Association territories internal roads; Also Government must ban keeping any music systems/ sound boxes beyond certain decibels in the vehicles, and all vehicle owners must disclose details of music systems in their vehicles and the maximum decibels the music system generate in their vehicles online data bank. Government must Enact Law fixing a CAP on the maximum sound any music systems in the vehicles can generate; this measure is necessary as many people, especially youth who are driving the vehicles use the loud music which will distract the concentration on driving and may lead to accidents and also a huge disturbance to people living in the habitations. So in order to prevent accidents and loss of valuable life of humans, cattle, and property and GDP of the Country Government must ban put a CAP on the Maximum sound that the music systems in the vehicles can generate. Installing/ playing beyond such levels of music should be a criminal offence. Also violation of any sound norms should be criminal offence.


Also Government  should ban all kinds of repairs and maintenance in Association habitations or common areas after 10 pm and before 8 am in the day, as people are going to bed by 10 pm in the night and going to get up at 6 am and doing the mediation /payers etc till 8 am, so this time there should be complete ban on repairs and maintenance that need drilling, that causes sounds, hammering, breaking of walls or doing carpentry work or dismantling any tiles or flooring etc by the Associations habitants on their own, an Government ban professionals working after 8 pm in the Associations for any kind of repair and maintainance, except in emergency situations like leaking of the main water pipes or failure of electricity and such emergency repairs by the professionals can be listed out. And heavy fine should be levied in case of violation.


Also Government must ban the all types of construction activities for any new construction after 8 PM and before 8 am in the vicinity of 1000 mt/   1 km from the Associations or in the Association premises or adjacent to the Associations whether digging/laying of foundation, to making pillars or making slabs or laying bricks on the walls or doing carpentry work, or laying of tiles or plastering or painting etc.; as it is a fact and most common syndrome that construction of buildings in any residential territory, especially newly formed colonies is a continues process till all the vacant plots are got construction and once the first building is raised in the large open areas then several other buildings follows and there are hardly any rules followed and all that builders need is to quickly do the construction in this process they are using the heavy sound producing machinery like the JCB, Poclainers, cranes etc and also the concrete mixtures, pulverises etc and also men work day and night, in this process they are not only causing the environmental pollution due to the construction dust to the neighbouring residential habitations but also causing severe sound pollution and literally disturbing the peaceful sleep of the people adjacent or within the vicinity of the new constructions, as it is a fact that sound sleep is most required for good health and without sound sleep the stress will raise in the minds that causes lot of health disorders, as such in order to contain all these disturbances Government must bam any type of construction activity after 8 pm and before 8 am in the morning.  



Also Government  must make it mandatory that every Association or group of Associations must have a joint facility for training the children and  all age group people to lean the Indian traditional music and traditional dance of the region / territory; and Government  must provide concessions for acquiring the instruments for the learning of Indian traditional music or dance; this measure will instil value for Indian traditional music, dance, especially the local regional music/ dance/ instruments and this measure enables that Indian music and dance will be carried forwarded for generations, not only in India, but also across the Globe. 


Also Government must make it mandatory that all Associations must celebrate all national days and also all festivals where Government declared as holiday  mandatorily in the Associations as per Government calendar and the festivals include republic day, independence day, all major religious festivals of all religions like Hindu, Islam, Christian, Buddhism, also father’s day, mother’s day, women’s day, children’s day, etc,  world yoga day, diabetic day, cancer awareness day, etc  etc in all the Associations by gathering of all the Association members to explain the reason behind celebration of such day in standard format of information as an audio video approved by Government exhibited in the Association functions followed by breakfast for the gathering who attend (bio metric attendance under CC camera Recording in every Association for counting who all are attended for that function) , and Government allow the Associations to download free these audio videos for each festival, so that the all the children, people in the  Association understand the essence of the function accordingly and uniformity of the details regarding essence of functions/ history/ tradition etc can be presented to all sections of people of that State or Country or religion, ensuring no kind of different concepts for same festival or same traditions in different Associations exists, which otherwise leads to confusion among the people especially youth who share everything on social media  which is boundary less; this measure not only makes the habitants educated about various aspects of life, especially the children across the Country are aware of essence of each function same and uniformity in understanding and act accordingly; this measure ensure better health care, better religiousness,, better communal harmony, better care for elders, better inter personal relations etc.

Also Government must make it mandatory that each household in Associations should contribute/pay some amount mandatorily along with variable monthly maintenance for celebrating various functions in Associations, so that people will attend the festival because they paid the money; also Government must make it mandatory that all the Associations must video record through CC cameras the happening of the functions, also all the members must attended the functions in case they are at home, in case they are not able to attend they should send an online reason by selecting from among the reasons laid down in the online exemption from  the reasons include sickness, due to outstation, due to work in the office, held up in traffic etc etc ; there should be fixed timings / date for celebration of any function in the Association across the territories so that there will not be any scope for ambiguity.


Also it should be mandatory that all the Associations must conduct games (indoor as far as the Apartments are concerned in case of space constraint, or a group of small Associations), outdoor also for Gated Communities and RESIDENTIAL COLONIES) very month one day, on  public holidays as far as possible, Also sports facilitates must be created in every Association uniformly (in case the Associations are small then group of Associations can conduct such games) for ensuring some physical activity for habitants especially children and women to begin with walk ways and basket ball etc every Association and making the teams on lottery system every year from among the residents, and games for children, women, men should be conducted separately for inculcating of playing a game every day by every family members for ensuring healthy body and healthy mind.


Also Government must make it mandatory that every Association must conduct monthly once gathering of all the children and youth in the Associations and make them speak on some or other topic of their choice and let them share their thoughts on different subjects like science & technology, history, politics, on latest developments how day to day things functions, conservation, environment etc s that every child and youth will develop knowledge in various fields and prepare themselves up dating on different subjects, and very other child and youth is aware of every other development in the Country and world.

Also Government must make monthly gatherings for all the women present in the Associations so that they can discuss about the women health related issues, marriage, divorce laws, rights and protection of women, child upbringing, effective ways of cooking nutritious food & balanced diet, issues of monitoring of teenage children etc etc these measure not only provide more knowledge but also provide them confidence in them to tackle issues.


Also it should be made mandatory that every Association or group of Associations (in case Associations are small)  must conduct the quiz programmes for the children / students up to 10th class on general knowledge, current affairs health care etc, So that all the kinds get up dated about their knowledge and reasonable rewards for the monthly winners and over all winners at the end of the year, this measure makes team sprit inculcated in the children, concentration on education current affairs, with each sector has its own weightage of marks like current affairs, health care, history, economy etc etc so that over all development of every subject is assured. This measure will definitely make a big change in the behaviour of the children as it provides healthy competition.


Also Government must make it mandatory hat all the Associations must conduct once in three months the children and youth meet in the Associations to make them learn how to treat the parents, grandparents, what are the difficulties they face, how important they are to the children, they living with their family etc etc, also make very child share his/ her experiences and the way of treating their parents, and grandparents, and any issues that their parents have, grandparents health, their issues etc, this measure induces compassion in the children to do service to the parents and grad parents and help their grandparents in all aspects like giving them timely food, ensuring them they take medicines on time, accompany them to wash rooms, also clean the washroom/ rooms in without waiting for the maid servant comes till next day in case their grandparents drop urine or spit accidentally due to urgency and uncontrolled urine, and also and also this measure ensures children understand their parents hard ships to earn money as such they will not demand for luxury and they also use the money judiciously; Also this measure indirectly ensures every parent will live harmoniously as the children will share every details with other children any issues their parents have, also the parents of the children will not abuse their parents i.e. grandparents of the children so good atmosphere prevails in  every house hold in the Associations.


Also in addition every Association must conduct parents pada pooja in the Association premises once in a year, also once in a year parents pada pooja by the children and also the parents of the children do pada pooja for their parents i.e. grandparents of the children. this measure instils respect & love for the parents by the children as the children grandparents are done pada pooja so they carry forward the traditions; also the old age parents of the house hold feel extremely happy for receiving the pada pooja in public i.e. inform of all other old aged parents and young parents and young grand children. This measure also provides enormous amount of blessings to the children by the old aged people. This parents pada pooja should be done irrespective of religion living in that Association, if any other religion other than HINDU religion has any reservations for the chanting of Hindu Religious prayers, they can do with their religious faith chanting or simply touch their elderly parents feet and simply take blessing in that audience of the Association. As it is a fact irrespective of religion old aged elderly people feel happy if they are honoured/ Felicitated in front of all others.


Also Government must make it mandatory every Association must organise a family gathering and dinner for the staff & security & employees of all house hold once in a year; this measure boosts the morale of all employees as the Association governing members, house hold knows about their family, discuss their issues etc and also serving food in traditional manner and showing regards for their family by the employers a sign of equality. 


Also it should be mandatory that all Association governing members must clean the Association common properties including the common toilets and also the garbage bins, and all the Association governing members must do by lottery in sharing the work and ensure every governing member do all the works like sweeping the roads, moping the common floors, lifting the bio waste, cleaning of toilets, cleaning of garbage bins, doing gardening etc once in a calendar year. This measure ensures every Association governing member is aware of the difficulties involved in every labours job and learns to give respect to the labour for their hardships in making the Association habitants life run smooth. This measure ensures dignity of labour for the staff/ employees who are UN skilled or semi skilled and since every house hold becomes governing members in the Association one in 5 years, every house hold will do the same, so by Association governing members doing this job every quarterly will not be considered that only Association members are doing this jointly where as other house hold are spectators.


Also it should be mandatory that every Associations territories must conduct Community service programmes twice every month by the participation of all the Association members or volunteers from each Associations in that territory to do sweeping of the common roads, the surroundings, to clean the sewages to remove the bio waste, cleaning of Community toilets in the Association territories etc etc a common list of nature of works should be prepared by Government. So that the Community service makes them responsible about their territory and this measure ensures all Associations territories are clean every time.


Also Government must ban the conducting any Caste (Few Upper Caste/ lower Caste) based meetings or any religious based meetings in the Association common properties or any political party meetings or any NGO meetings or any official gatherings on behalf of the Association, using Association funds or property, however there should not be any restriction of meeting their own Caste or own religion people in private personal capacity in their individual homes following the restriction of maximum number of visitors per house hold without using the Association staff security for any sort of service to these meetings or using any of the Association common facilitates except parking of vehicles in the visitors parking in case visitors parking space is available. These measures will certainly reduced Caste/ religious discrimination in Association territories.


Also Government must make it mandatory that every Association must conduct food festivals of every region once in every month so that all the habitants are know about the food culture and taste of foods of different regions of INDIA, Also in order to ensure discipline and ensure all families in the Association gather in more or less same time there should be restriction on timings for these food festivals, as such the food be served for a brief period of 90 minutes to 120 minutes so that every other house hold family wish to have food will visit  in that time so that it will raise the harmony in the habitations, Also Associations must charge per household  based on the number of adults in the house hold along with monthly maintenance in advance for these monthly food festivals,  so that most of the house hold will present for such food festivals as they have paid money for their food; mandatory the food them of the month should be from each State every month by lottery such as Tamil, Kerala, Karnataka, Guajarati Rajasthan Delhi etc one time continental one time Chinese of different types ad only vegetarian should be served; This measure ensures every citizen know about the food of different parts of India and there will be lot of scope for raise of food industry in India across the Country And ideal that there should a standard audio visual presentation / about different foods of that region.


Also Government should make it mandatory that every Association (or group of Associations in case the Association is small) to conduct Indian Traditional Cultural programmes like traditional classical music or traditional dances etc of every region with  complete ban on cinema dance & music (it should be criminal offence to play cinema dance and music) so that everyone living in habitations,  especially gennxt children aware of our Indian traditional dance and music and some of them will patronised by learning the same by joining in the training classes conducted in the Associations or Association Territories; It should be mandatory that every Association should post the details of conducting of such events every month with mandatory bio metric entry of the habitants to such events. 


Also Government must make it mandatory that all the Associations / group of Associations (in case small Associations) must mandatorily conduct one day every three months the Financial Services Day, and all the local bankers and Government authorise/ certified financial investment experts will visit and explain to the Association habitants about the account maintainance, home budgeting, ways and means of saving the money, how to increase returns by investing the money, what are the offerings by major banks, financial institutions for saving and growth of money, all about stock market, mutual funds, etc how to safe guarded themselves from any fraudulent business enterprises/ investment proposal etc should be thought in detail. 

Also during the final services day mandatory for every household to do some amount of saving online by contributing Minimum 500 Rs to 10,000 and multiples based on the average income of the Association households to save every quarter, which will be invested for 20 years which should be used for retirement pension for the house hold along with same amount of contribution by the Government or else the amounts be invested in stock market for gains and there should a system that protect principle amount in any eventuality so that people will not lose their money for nothing.

This measure will be of great boon for many people as they get regular source of income after retirement. Also this measure ensures financial discipline in people especially the young working couples as they get educated of what is the need for savings, and how to use the money earned judiciously and contain wasteful expenditure; also due to increase of savings in the banks and investment in stock, the Country productivity will get enhanced due to more liquidity at the disposal of banks and also businesses to expend, all leading to more employment.

Also it should be Mandatory that every Association must Conduct Legal services Day once in three months in every Association or Group of Associations with the Help of lawyers residing in that Association or Association territory and Educating the people about the Constitution of India, and the Rights of people, Also discuss individually about any legal issues with the Lawyers in that Association or Association territory or neighbouring association territories so that every section of people are aware of the basics of Constitution Law and know their Rights and duties as Citizens and Protection from the Constitution and also they can easily understand the injustice done to them of any nature and easy to discuss with the Lawyers in that Association / Association territory, and it will be a WIN WIN for both people and the entire Lawyers. 



Also Government must ensure establishment of cooked Leftover food collection centers  in every Association territory and  Government must provide free electricity, water, packing material to run the centers with the help of NGO or as CSR by the restaurants, Food processing industries etc, and leftover food centres will collect the excess food  from every house hold daily in the late night from the Association territories in case the individual house hold calls them to collect (through mobile App) , also the excess food / unused leftover food collection centers will collect the food from the restaurants, hotels, etc in that territory, otherwise there should be a refrigerator in every Association to put the un used left over excess food for that day in the designated refrigerator in standard packs so that the collection centers will collect the food in the night, test for the quality of food and if it not rotten/ foul smell and will not harm if consumed  then they distribute the food at the slums so that people who wish to consume can consume and collect the same. 

Also in case the food is not distributed/not consumed before next day evening the same should be sent to waste disposal by the waste food collection centre, the waste cooked food should be used fermented to convert into fertilizers etc. this measure relives lot of hunger in the Country, also provides lot of blessings and satisfaction for many people in the house hold as millions of house hold in the Urban habitations do cook some excess food left over every other day for what so ever reason,  since there is no proper utility of the food they them self un willingly keep in the refrigerator and try to consume in the next day or coming days as their hearts won’t allow them to waste the precious food, mostly women will consume these leftover food for days thus they are subjected excess deposits of fats/ cholesterols etc for eating the stored food for several days throughout the year this is the main reason for development of various health disorders in house hold females like obesity, diabetics, and also several other health disorders, and as a result not only wasteful expenditure on the hospitals and suffering for rest of life consuming the medicines and also need to maintain food restrictions on the self, also some of them who are healthy even after consuming such refrigerated food because they spend thousands of rupees of money every month for the so called fitness centers or gyms and perform hours of gym fitness, also in this process they are cause some amount of pollution and traffic congestions due to the fact that they go to gym/ fitness centers on their personal vehicles. 

Also some of the people who do not like to eat the stored food are simply throwing in the dust bins, Also most of them give it to the house maids in case they consume for several days, also some of them provide the same to the stray dogs or simply throwing in the garbage bins and because of  non proper storage/ water/ fluids in the cooked food gets spoiled over a period of time, if thrown in the garbage bins in the vicinity of the homes start foul smell and emit bacteria / viruses in the air thus spoiling the health of the people living in the vicinity of the  garbage bins in the Association habitations, All this leading to mess in the Association house hold and un healthily atmosphere.

So ideal that Cooked unused leftover food should be distributed same day or next day to all those who are suffering with hunger and who lacks any shelter to prepare food or who are living in poverty to consume somewhat best food, so the leftover food collection and distribution centers are of great help not only to the people with hunger but most of the household, relieving stress in the mind of household regarding what to do with the leftover food, in addition saving them from becoming fat/ diabetic or other related health disorders due to regular consumption of left over foods, also provides them satisfaction and joy of giving the food to others without getting waste, Also ensures safe disposal of spoiled food in case the food not consumed next day of collection.

In order to ensure that no one will give contaminated food or stale food those who are donating the food should pledge every day that they donating the food which is not stale, which is not contaminated as per their inner conscious swearing on their children, otherwise there is every danger that in case of the food is contaminated by using some contaminated water or falling of insects like spiders, cockroach, lizards or rats, food / milk/ curd eaten by the cats or dogs, or some other warms seen in the food after cooking etc or such foods they added excess salt or chilli or charred and some potion from the Upper layers taken out or any such nature or after storing the food for several days in the refrigerator and after they feel that it is stale so giving such food, all these may cause serious health hazardous to those if consumed, but still are getting donated with a feeling that poor will not get affected as they used to eat such food so in order to contain such foods being donated and ensure people donate only such food that they can consumed in the same day morning or evening and excess was left and nothing wrong in the food and only with good intention they are giving good food, this measure of every day pledge before giving is necessary.

Also Government ban storing the cooked food in the refrigerators in all the commercial food out lets, only such foods that can be served only after refrigeration/ required to refrigerate can be specified and such foods should be exempted and all the foods served in commercial outlets should be cooked a fresh and served fresh, all commercial food joints must mandatorily donate the leftover cooked food same day in the late night before closing the kitchen for that day. 

Also Government must make it mandatory that every eatery / sweet stall must maintain online inventory of the raw material as well the finished product manufactured and sold and the shelf life of the products, any products not sold before the expiry of the standard self life the products must be mandatorily withdrawn from the store this should be applied to all bakeries, sweet shops, all out lets that make products for any commercial use. 


Also ideal that Government must make it mandatory to establish the just before expiry food collection centers in every Association territories and the individual house hold can deposit the same in the Association designated bin in that Association, so that the same can be collected every day by the just before expiry collection centers  and they examine the content and if they are before expiry and properly used they will distribute the same or  discard it completely if is not properly stored as per instructions of storage my the product manufacturer by the first user like perishable goods, non perishable goods etc, this measure will be of great help as things in case things like curd, milk juices if the packs are not open then then be sent for distribution after opening the same and conducting the testing, else should be discarded, where as for the packed foods which are non perishable like suji, lentils, oats, powders etc they can be tested for fungus, bacteria or warms etc and if they found  no such elements and no harm for consuming, then they can be distribute the same to needy people.

Even packs like tooth paste, jams, baking powders etc etc if they are sealed and un used they can be collected and distributed for the poor, this measure will certainly reduce the wastage of processed food to at least some extent if not to the substantial extent to begin with, this measure will be of some use to poor and and also great satisfaction for many as they feel that their heard earned money purchased product do not going to dust bin but useful for some others.

All these measures are through digitalised manner by transparent measures of collection and distribution and no kind of adulteration / mal practices in this regard, all this in coordination with FMCG product manufactures CSR and Government and NGO partnership so that the costs incurred in the collection, testing for quality and distribution can be made easy, effective and efficient.


Also it should be ideal that Government make a soft ware in such a manner by reading the bar coding of the pack of any product by the retailer or the collection centre of the before expiry date product should immediately give the details of the date of manufacture, batch of manufacture, the shelf life, the expiry date, best before use date, possible changes that occur in case of damage/ the product get started spoiling etc in addition the retailer details, in addition the bill number of the purchaser, this measure ensures best use of the before expiry date products and also by reading the bar coding by the collection centre indicated the product is already sold once and about to discard and cannot be resold in any retail outlet / mom & pop store or unofficially by any individuals. (As suggested in my Document ‘Measures to contain food Adulteration, June 2015) 

Similarly all the stores that are selling the packaged perishable products must withdrawn from the stores at the end of the day that the ‘best before use’ date is expired and the same should be distributed to the poor through just before expiry collection centers and the stores can write off the products and manufactures also write of the products and the bills are adjusted accordingly and in no case the write offs should exceed 0.5% of the total sale of such single product of each product volume, else the provision of write off should be ineligible, as it is a fact that there might be damages in the transportation, storage etc which can lead to spoiling of the products. Still they keep in the store (ex curd packs, tetra packs of the fruit juices, milk etc) and try to sale or write off against free distribution, so to avoid all these the ceiling of 0.5 % of the volumes should be fixed, Also this 0.5 % write off availed only after real withdrawal of the product from the stores and real hand over of the products to the NGO/ distribution centre and on realisation of the distribution, all through online tracking to prevent misuse of this facility. 


Also Government must make it mandatory that every Association must have un used medicine collection centers and every Association territory must have the un used medicine collection centre, this measure ensures that people who brought excess medicine can donate the medicine but the date of purchase/ expiry date must be visible on the tablets/ bottle.. As these bottles once opened must be used within 30 days after opening of the bottle, but most of the medicine prescribed are only for 3 days 5 days or 7 days or at max ten days, So once the course is over the Medicine is wasted So by establishing collection centers for this kind of medicine and distributed a lot of waste can be saves and also a great help for millions of poor and BPL families, as such to ensure these medicine usable and not expired, every person who donates these kind of medicine should provided with date of purchase of the medicine and bill number, so that  date of expiry can be automatically extracted, then the half used medicine bottles can be collected and distributed to the BPL/ Poor patients who need the same medicines, similarly all the half used strips of the tablets/ capsules can be collected and ascertained the date of expiry and then the same can be distributed freely/nominal price to the people living in the slums or in the Government hospitals, this measure will save billions of rupees in addition health to millions of people. And for this Government  must make it mandatory that all medicine Sold through Bar Coded Prescription through Central Pharmacy Network Authority (a suggested in my Document Simple and Effective Reforms for Controlling Corruption 2011 Nov) so that every detail of date of perception, who purchased ad manufacture and expiry will be clearly known even if purchased in any part of INDIA also at the same time that it prevent sale of spurious medicine or duplicate brands or misuse of this un used collection medicine being sold to anyone.


Also Government must ensure every Association establishment collection centers for Re Usable Old clothes in every Association and the individual house hold who wish to discard the un used clothes or tore clothes can deposit the same in the bins meant for collection of the un used & re usable clothes and  tore and discard able clothes in separate bins once in a month on a designated date in that Association territory, so that every month on that day the bins are opened and the material get collected by the collection enters and the same can be do some washing and darning / stitching / repair tailoring if needed for any minor repairs for the re usable used clothes so that they can be distributed freely in the slums especially  clothes like bed sheets, the curtain clothes, saris, chudidars etc etc which can be  sized or washed and reuse, also the clothes like trousers, shirts, etc where they last long but get shorter due to growing children etc can be donated by every house hold in Associations, rather than sale / exchange for a small steel vessel or some chick peas lentils, So this measure provides proper clothes for everyone.

Also the un-usable tore clothes and used dirty clothes (considering as rags) can be collected from (All habitations whether buildings or the slums with nominal amount for the slum dwellers for sharing the un usable tore clothes) and sent for recycle by segregating the cotton and polyester clothes and making waste cotton for the vehicles cleaning / vehicle repair degreasing or mops etc and the Teri cotton can be converted into some or other by products, this measure saves environmental pollution to a great extent, at the same time giving some clothes to the under privileged. 

These measures reduce the solid waste land fillings, as land space is expensive, and also reduce pollution as even though textiles are bio degradable but due to prevailing circumstances of the land fills the biodegradation takes much longer periods, also reduces the water and electric power and man hours went in manufacture of the clothes from the growing of the cotton to the manufacture of the textile to the manufacture of the apparels and to the show rooms by giving more life to the clothes all this precious resources can be saved by reuse/ recycling of the un used usable clothes, this measure reduces carbon foot prints to a great extent.

Also this measure ensure good amount of space in the house hold as the un usable clothes getting piled up is contained by donating them, thus the homes look more spacious or the spaces can be better utilised for other purposes (as most of the urban spaces are compact and cost of space is more) . As it is a common syndrome them almost all the house hold store their un used clothes just like that in their homes, very few exchange the clothes for household utensils etc in the outskirts, more in rural areas/small towns, so most in the Urban homes keep the old clothes just like that, it becomes volumes / Hercules job for those who are staying in rented properties/ transferable jobs/ employment as they carry every every time they move to new place, and the language of the unused clothes occupies substantial volume and moving such language is added labour & transport cost, Also it is not auspicious as per spirituality or VASTU to keep the unused clothes clutter in household, as it will prevent good luck prevailing at homes. So by discarding or donating used clothes they are doing some favour to some others directly and indirectly, thus definitely it will give some good luck irrespective of believe of VASTU or any other spiritual sayings.


Also there should be standard guidelines/ norms for waste disposal in each Association of the Apartment/ Gated Communities and RESIDENTIAL COLONIES, and the waste generated should be mandatorily segregated by the individual household into degradable, non degradable, e-waste, recyclable waste to wealth teams and there should be standard exclusive bins and also specific timings for waste disposal collection for certain wastes which can be converted to wealth in each Association. 


Also Government Must make it mandatory that every Association Territories must have bring banks and every Association must have bring bank bins for every household to deposit all the used plastic covers, plastic bottles, polyethylene papers, also all broken plastic items of any nature in separate bins so that once in a week or daily the bring bank collectors from that Association territory will pick up the plastic, polyethylene and waste papers for use for recycle. This measure will saves environment as lot of plastic gets recycled. This measure generated additional employment in the form collection of plastic through bring banks and converting the plastic into various articles as this recycling & converting used plastic will be used to make low cost articles. 


Also Government must make it mandatory that all the Associations which uses the news papers and all the house hold which uses the news papers must surrender all the used news papers one in a month, (all magazines once in 6 months or once in a year) and ensure that the volume of the news papers by weight must be same or – 5% should be allowed to store any important articles in the news papers or using for house hold use etc by the house hold or the Association, anything less than 5% of standard weight of the news papers weight for the month of returned news papers will be penalised with penalty equal to cost of one month news paper subscription, Also All the news papers  monthly weight must mach 95% of the weight of collected last month news papers as far as Associations And households is concerned; as far as commercial, business and educational institutions are concerned they too need to surrender used news papers once in 3 months/ 6 months once in a year with 95% supplied weight, and the Association has to collect the penalty and pay to the Government. 

This measure ensures that all news papers are used for reading the news and after reading the news they were placed/ stored properly  and use judiciously if required for any other purpose, and not throw the news papers for cleaning/ wiping any articles/ glass etc, and also do not use news papers for laying in the almirah or cub boards etc, as till date it is a common practice that every other house hold uses the old news papers every day,  and almost every other house hold people not aware how, much quantities of water being used to make the news print paper, and these new print inks are also chemicals, by packing cooked food and eating also causes health hazards, So to avoid all these and ensure every news paper is recycled properly to reduce making new papers by cutting trees, Government must make it mandatory every one surrenders old news papers every month. 

Ideal that Government  must make that news paper suppler agencies should collect the used news papers in portable Electronic weighing machines carried to the Association, (alternatively every Association must possess one electronic weighing machine for multipurpose use by the Association and also by any house hold)  and all the Association house hold most visit that common point on that date to provide the news papers of previous months else Association must collect from very house hold the previous month used news paper and make mass disposal o collection of all house hold used news papers of previous month to the news paper agency after weighting from each house hold; and there should be nominal pay for surrounding the used news papers 

This measure ensures that the scope for storing the news papers is reduced as every month they are cleared, in addition the dust formation get reduced, also this Measure yields nominal revenues for the house hold at the end of the year or end of 12 calendar months or after ending subscription of the news papers, and all payments/ transactions online bank from the new paper vendors collecting old news papers or to the Association or to the house hold, as many house hold wish to sell the used news papers, but find it difficult to call these used news paper buyers in the Association premises, also some feel that they will get substantial amount after they pile up for months to accumulate volumes, in the event of making it mandatory that every Association has to subscribe news papers for their members in the Association office, with millions of Associations, millions of news print papers get collected and recycled; So by making it mandatory every news paper subscriber surrender the old news papers every month provides solutions to all issues related to newspaper, recycling.. A Real WASTE TO WEALTH measure.


Also Government must make it mandatory that all the Associations must conduct the ‘used foot wear discarding day’ every month (same day of the ‘used clothes disposal day’) so that people in that Association may discard their tore-d or un usable or used reusable foot wear, so that collection centers agents in that Association territories can collect the same from every Association in that territory to collect and sent it for recycling /refurbishment units to distribute free / at nominal cost to the poor and recycle the rubber, leather, rexine, PVC, cotton, etc so that it reduces environment pollution to a great extent.

Also it is a common syndrome that some of the household do not even discard the unused foot wear as a result the foot ware gets piled up and due to weathering develop molds/green/ black bacteria patches, or bacteria / fungus in the piled up unused foot wear and thus causing severe health disorders unknowingly,  and also as per spirituality or VASTU keeping un used foot wear at home is brings bad luck so definite whether people believe in spirituality say about un used shoes, but keep it home is default negative, so discarding it and giving direct and indirect life to others will certainly bring good fate.

With average one shoe / sandal per person discarding in one year with 125 core people in India with presuming only 50 % population use shoes/ sandals/ foot wear, then 65 core shoes are discarded every year,  so if these are collected then several thousands of tones rubber, pvc and rexine can be recovered and recycled and reduce the fresh production and environmental pollution get reduced, also able to supply low cost foot ware by using recycle rubber, pvc, rexine foot wear and ensure every citizen in the Country wears foot wear (all sections including BPL and dally wage labour and all their family members) to protect their feet and thus health. ....... A Real WASTE TO WEALTH.


Also Government must make it mandatory that every Association must keep bins for the collection of discarded brooms in the Association house hold and there should be a collection centre to collect all the discarded brooms from every Association in the Association territory. This measure will collect lot of soft wood/ plastics, and iron from the brooms, as billions of brooms are used every year in the Country by the individual house hold as well as the Association common areas cleaning every year, so by collecting the brooms the sticks, woods and plastic behind the woods can be separated and can be used for recycle and the wood/ sticks can be used for bio mass power plants, also plastics can be recycled.

As the volume of the brooms is huge, as every house hold, every establishment commercial/ non commercial / religious (other than house hold) uses the brooms to clean/ sweep the dust in their space. With over 25 crore house hold with every house hold discard at least 2 brooms on an average per annum (every conservative estimate otherwise at least 4 brooms in every Urban house hold per annum) leads to 50 crore brooms and 6 core business establishments in INDIA as per Sixth Economic census of INDIA, and every one even if they discard one broom per year the volume will be 6 crore, will be more than 56 crore brooms with average weight 350 Gm of new one with discard one average weight of 200 Gm the volume of the discarded brooms weight should be 11 core kg i.e. 1.1 lakh tonnes if the same is used for bio mass power production, which the used brooms being dry, so these can be used for bio ms production in the rainy seasons where the bio mass generated from the trees/ parks  / Associations is generally wet, Also by converting all brooms to  for bio mass power will save that much quantities / volume of land filling, saving expensive space in the Urban areas for land filling, also it reduces the volumes of piling up of garbage garbage land filling territories in the Urban areas. 

Also the plastic recovered from the brooms heads will be of several thousands of tonnes, so that much volumes of plastic getting to land fill saved and recycled; Also since as suggested in this Document for making mandatory collection of bio mass from the plants waste from every Association and dumping by the Association tucks meant for the bio mass collection the same trucks can be used for carrying the used brooms after separation / recycle the used broom grass/ sticks/ bio mass from plants can be made as pallets and get reported to the nearest Bio mass generating unit in fact during the rainy season, the wood/ bio mass generated from Associations is wet during that period the pallets made from the used brooms can be used to ensure continuous production of bio mass, also Government must provide land for free dumping of the bio mass from Associations and also used brooms to segregate and recycle and make pallets of bio mass to be used in bio mass power generation plants, Also the bio mass dumping yards pallets manufacturing and the bio mass plants be very optimal distance at the same time should not cause any pollution to the people in the cities or nearby habitations. Also ideal that municipalities must install bio mass power plants with 200 kwh to 500 kwh in all major cities or districts to reduce the transport of the used brooms for bio mass power plants, the measure certainly reduces  the volume of land fill and to convert the volumes of waste into energy, and also corresponding amount of other fossil fuel like coal burning can be reduced, also some water is conserved in hydel power  generation, same water can be used in peak times/ summers to generate more hydro power....


Also Government  must make it mandatory that every Association establish Separate Bins for collection of used door mats, in the lines of used brooms collection, and the collection centers in the Association territories will segregate the used door mats according the material like Rubber, Cotton, Jute / Coir/ PVC etc and ensure they are sent for recycle.  As the average  discarding of used door mat per household is at least one per annum, which leads to 25 core door mats per annum similarly 6 core door mats from business establishments so average collection of door mats should be 30 core per annum in INDIA, so millions of tonnes of coir/ PVC/ Rubber is recovered, the used coir can be sent for bio mass production and rubber be recycle and used for various other purposes; so that this measure will certainly ensure maximum material get recycle to reduce the land fillings and also reduce the manufacture of fresh rubber/ pvc/ coir and also reduce burning of rubber along with garbage/ dumps. 


Also Government must make it mandatory that all E commerce Deliveries be paperless & plastic less as far as groceries/ ready to eat food delivered  is concerned by using the returnable plastic reusable containers/ trays  this measure will save millions of tonnes of paper/ card board/ corrugated papers boards and thus billions of litres of fresh water saved in addition containing millions of litres of fresh water turning into effluents, and ensuring saving of millions of litres of effluents from getting discharged into fresh water bodies in addition saving millions of tonnes of plastic being used as it is a fact from fruits, to vegetables to freshly prepared eateries like pizzas, to bakery items like cakes, pastries etc are packed in the paper boards and delivered, instead if they use the returnable, reusable after simple wash hot boxes to deliver then huge amounts of savings. Also it should be mandatory that all e commerce delivers should be sent as SMS or E mail to the purchaser/ customer instead of using paper to print the products delivery list, this measure saves millions of tonnes of paper use in the E commerce delivery or alternatively all the e commerce delivery be given Tablet PC and the order delivery be made by marking of items brought valued and delivered.

Also the case is almost similar for other e commerce consumer goods are concerned, ideal that all the consumer products be delivered in reusable sealed containers and that on delivery of the goods the container needs to opened in front of the e commerce  delivery person and return the empty container, else the consumer need to deposit certain amount towards retaining the container and on returning the empty container at any of the bring banks the amount get back,  this measure saves use of paper/ card board and billions of litres of fresh water, all the water saved can be used for various other agriculture and industrial and domestic purposes. (as suggested in my Document Water for All 2016 Jan)


Also Government must Ban putting up of banners or posters in the Associations or in the vicinity of the Associations by any one private or Government departments, also complete ban on sticking/ pasting the printed posters of business or cinema or political etc on the inner walls or our walls of the Associations in the residential habitations or Associations territories, also Government must ban writing on the walls inside or outside the walls of the Associations or in the territory of the Associations  as it is a common syndrome that most of the political party/ so called leaders or social movements or   NGO spending few hundred or thousands and printing banners or posters in the their name, glorifying their name on the birthdays, anniversaries etc or on ay festival days etc and also by the business people for their business especially the clothe merchants, the educational institutions certificate training courses, even the rental agencies are also printing the advertisements and pasting on the walls or writing on the walls or hanging banners everywhere and thus creating un pleasant look and also potential threat to the commuters as the banners hanging may suddenly fall on them/ moving vehicles thus creating injuries/accidents also banners hanging to the trees/ electric poles causing potential threat of falling of the tree branches/ poles on the people/ vehicles, electrical wires getting cut and threat of electric shock. 

It become a syndrome with  various political parties with leaders in every villages/ ward / habitation to put the banners on their birthdays and wishing people on any occasions/festivals which is otherwise a common thing to get publicity by putting banners/posters with wishes on festivals/national days by way of posters / banners hanging in that territory and more competition among the groups in the same party in the territory that if one person puts 100 posters of this kind or wishing senior leaders, the other person who is competing in the same party for same position will put 200 posters and all other parties similarly putting their own leaders posters, with several political parties this became a mess;  Also in case of by national leaders or State leaders or district leaders visiting the territory or passing that territory then these local leaders putting their posters and the banners in their territory and also pasting these posters everywhere or writing on the walls; also in the event of any exhibitions or strikes’ the agencies putting the strike notices etc on the banners or printed posters; similarly even the religious places in the vicinity are putting posters and banners in that territory irrational for publicity of ay rituals to make people participate by paying money to collect money for the rituals (by spending Rs 2000 for printing 1000 posters or 10,000 pamphlets they make publicity by putting the ritual cost of Rs 200 and even 100 people in that vicinity pay for the rituals then they are collecting Rs 20,000 where as the actual spending of the ritual is less than Rs 2000 the cost of printing the posters, this is one way the religious places are serving and religion become a big business with over a million religious places of all religions in India this kind of paper/ poster/ pamphlet publicity literally wasting thousands of tonnes of paper and millions of litres of water for making paper, thus creating water scarcity for some section of the people;  Also all these posters and pamphlets are thrown on the streets/ dust bins and are causing unclean-ly-ness and also most of the Holy cows are Suffering because of eating these removed posters which contain Chemical Adhesives. All these kind of acts causing direct and indirect loss to common people, as such Government must ban these kinds of advertisements/ publicity tactics in residential habitations to begin with. 

Also Government must ban the distribution of so called pamphlets by any individuals or organisations in the residential Associations by any individuals or through news papers etc, as it is a fact that most of the small traders in the vicinity of Associations and in Association territories and also educational institutions, nursing homes etc put their advertisements through the pamphlets distribution either in person or through putting in the news papers and it is fact that not even 0.1% of the people bother to read the content of the pamphlets and this way of pamphlets not only creates the uncleanly-ness as they are spilled all over... but also the paper for these pamphlets one kg of pamphlets  paper manufacturing require about 2000 litres of water and also cutting the trees that much, so in order to reduce the waste of water and paper and ensure substantial cleanliness Government must ban circulation/ distribution of paper pamphlets in the Associations. 


Also ideal that Government must install large screen in every junction (opposite to traffic islands) for public commercial advertisements and also to send the Government messages, this measure will reduce the use of paper pamphlets paper posters, cloth banners, polyethylene banners or writing on the walls, Government must keep the rates low and will do advertisement for few seconds on the large electronic television screens in every locality in that district,  with rates of advertisement depend up on the number of screens the advertisement shown spreading across the Associations territories so that advertisements are localised, as some commercial establishment located in one territory wish to do advertise through pamphlets, where as that advertisement is irrelevant in other territories as such commercial is available in other territories, so this local advertisement in the local screens will be of great help in attracting the customers and publicity locally.  

This measure will certainly be more convenient, effective, reduces  wastage of paper, PVC/ rexin / clothes  to a great extent, this measure reduced the unclean mess, reduced threat of accidents and more people able to use these large screens to get advertisement about their local products or services in that territory, the local leaders or followers can extend their wishes for their publicity on any occasion and lottery system should be adopted to give whose advertisement must come first in the order in that slot; this measure also earns substantial revenues for the local Governments, Also this measure ensure substantial reduction in the volumes of local news print papers as many will advertise in the local large electronic screens rather than in the local news papers thus Millions  of litres of water saved on reduction of substantial quantities of new print papers every year this measure conserves precious natural resources like water, and also electricity and also reduces environmental pollution.


Also Government must provide incentives for painting the outer compound walls of the Associations with some scenery or some religious epics etc making the beautification of the territory with regular maintenance of the paintings,  this measure not only provide pleasant atmosphere in the Associations to view the paintings, but also it ensures that all those who lost employment on account of banning the posters or writing on the walls, all such painters can continue in their art and profession by beautifying the walls of the Associations; Also it should be mandatory that themes that are going to get pained on the outer compound walls of the Association must be selected from the Government website and the theme once painted must stay for at least one year to change to other theme, this measure ensures no controversial paints/ art be done that creates tensions/ hate of other faith etc etc be contained totally. Also Government may initiate the programmes like Paint My Compound Wall so that even Individual houses in the Associations can get their outer Compound walls painted, and All these painters must be registered and Have equal pay for the work for similar nature of work as the themes are from the Government approved list and every painting based on the size of the wall should have Equal pay and All payments must be online through Government. 


Also Government must ban manufacture, sale and using so called wall papers in house hold in INDIA as the wall papers manufacture require huge quantities of water and also the adhesives are chemical based which has harmful effects for the people who are living in the wallpaper houses and removed wall papers are big issue as they contain chemicals; Also due to seepages in the walls due to internal pipe leaks or sewerage water leaks or rain water or moisture due to hanging wet clothes or due to moisture in winter seasons the so called wall papers spoil easily and also cause molds and bacteria/ fungus which causes severe health hazards un noticed and disposal of these treated wall papers is an issue, so In order to reduce all these negative effects Government must Ban manufacture and use of Wall Papers for pasting in the Walls in the Rooms in the House Holds or in Commercial Spaces.


Also Government must ban rack picking in India, Especially in Association Territories, since all the plastics, re usable, recyclables etc be separated at the Association for collection in the exclusive collection centers , and also making it mandatory to return the used alcohol glass bottles So hardly there is any scope for any rag picking, Also Cleanliness Drive is very much in ensured in all Associations  by the Government, So it is high time that Government must ban the Rag picking in not only in Association Territories but in INDIA, Also Government must ban begging not only in the Association territories including the temples/ religious places situated in the Association habitation territories but in INDIA and every person if physically & mentally fit / young, must do some or other activity to earn food, no kind of free food for any one simply begging and enjoying life, if they are able to do some work and earn their bread Ideal Government  provide training to Rag pickers and People in Begging profession to become professionals in segregating the wastes collected from every house hold like segregation of door mats based on the type of material or segregation of used clothes based on the type of material, segregation of used covers, plastic items etc So that they can earn their food right royally through hard work, no mercy required in this regard of free food without work; however  for all old aged or completely disabled who are in begging at present for such people Government must provide shelter and provide free ration/ food for them lifelong in that shelters.



Ideal that every Year every Association Association may Collect  Rs 1,000 from every House Hold Annually to Provide non formal dresses and other house hold utilities for the Staff/ Security/ Servant maids for One Festival of that faith people which should be uniform throughout the Country or on any National Day like Independence Day or Republic Day so that the Staff/ Security/ Employees in the Association get some Joy for getting bonus for their hardships/ services rendered to the household in that Association. Also Association may present Daily Home need articles like for the employees as a recognisation for their service to the Association. So that basic items like pressure cookers, bed sheets, rain coats, Etc will be provided as a gift to employees with Association funds.

This measure should replace staff/ security/ employees expecting from every house hold some gifts/ monetary and visiting every house hold, similarly the employees asking for festival bonus etc can be contained and what all gets it should be equally shared among all the staff/ security/ employees on this occasion.


Ideal  very Association must collect the required amount from all the house hold through maintenance charges for providing low cost sanitary napkins for the female Staff, security and female employees of the house hold/ servant maids if they are in the menstrual age group, Also ideal if the House hold can contribute an additional amount as joy of giving by providing low cost sanitary napkins to the girl children (who are not employed) of the employees/ servant maids; this measure is a real noble cause, as sanitary napkins prevents lot of female related heath discords and the health of the female in the house hold determines the up brining of the children and well being of the family; Also by giving free sanitary napkins additionally to one or two daughters of the staff/ security/ Employees will really make them confident to go for school/ collage and pursue their education.  


Ideal that hence forth that every Association of new constrictions must pay 1% of the value of the buildings to Government for creation of EWSB economically weaker sections buildings in the vicinity of the Associations territories for the security/ staff/ employees of the Associations, also all the existing Associations must pay Rs 300 or 5% of the monthly maintenance towards the EWSB  to the Government and Government compensate the same equally for all the EWS working in the Associations who don’t own a house and staying in the rented premises, this measure of rental compensation of Rs 300 or 5% of the monthly maintenance equally distributed along all the servants belong to EWS irrespective of Caste, religion, gender with one person per house hold (servant/ domestic help) whose family monthly earnings may not be more than 10,000 Rs per month (both spouses and children earnings put together), Also Government may provide a nominal rented houses to EWS who do not own a house to rent out houses in the vicinity of the Association territories and the houses constructed by the Government, this measure reduces the journey time and tediousness of the servants/drivers and also reduces pollution due to reduced number of trips of the public transport or reduced use of motored vehicles to cover long distances to reach out to the place of work. 



Also it should be mandatory hence forth that all the Associations should mandatorily display in the Association’s board for Apartments, Gated Communities and RESIDENTIAL COLONIES and also on the Website the details of the all the concerned local Government offices like municipal, electricity, water, pollution control, police, transport, Fire, Etc in addition also the contact details of all elected representatives from ward member/ sarpanch/ corporator, to Mandal/ block elected representatives (MPTC) / District level elected representatives (ZPTC) to MLA to MP of their territory of Association, their address and their contact details of Sitting and also Ex, so that any one wish to contact them should be able to do so, in the event of Association do not responds or in case of any personal or official works with Government officials and elected representatives; and even Associations can be easy to contact the officials or elected representative for any issues related to the Association. 

Also there should be grievances cell that should directly connect to the Government grievances cell, so any e mail/ call made from the Association will get noted and fixed accordingly; Also the Association must have contact details of all local reporters/ journalists and other general media contact numbers/ e mails should be displayed in the Associations and must be circulated in the Electronic form i.e. e mail, social media whats app etc (by and large should avoid circulation by papers to save paper & trees); this measure will certainly improve the quality of living and quicker grievances redressal.


Also Government must mandatorily circulate all the Government reforms, Government orders that effect the population of the State/ Country must get circulated for display and internal circulation/ discussion in the Association habitations (once in a week) so that all sections of people understand the reason for the reforms, how it will benefit various sections of people etc, like need for increase in price or decrease in price, levy of tax, providing subsidy or enforcing some law for maintaining law & order etc etc So that citizens understand the Government and extended their support or express grievance to Government  in case they feel that the Acts of Government are not fair for reconsideration by Government  for evaluation of the Decision taken by Government . Also this measure will be useful in gathering Public opinion through Associations for getting public opinion before making any law / amendments in the Constitution.



Mandatory on the part of Government, Police, Law Enforcing Agencies to send the details of the FIR to the Association where the person resides, also where the person frequently visits, in case the accused did not surrender after registering the FIR, it should be mandatory on the part of the Associations to report to the police, law enforcement agencies, if they found that such persons are residing/ hiding in their Association house hold; Also Government must send copy of notices sent to individual accused  to  Association to ensure the accused in case living in the Associations respond to the Government whether in civil cases or criminal cases or violation of Government rules like traffic Chillan’s etc; all these correspondence should be in electronic form through e mail among the Government and Associations, and all the responses from the Associations should be in an online affidavit form considered as legal response, and all the Association responses should be made by the head/president of the Associations and at least three of the Association members as witness to the response after physical visit & enquiry of the family members of the accused house hold living in their habitation; so that in case of the Associations head/president and witness gives wrong information, or conceal the info they too are liable for punishments for joining hands with the accused.  

This measure will certainly ensure faster disposal of criminal and civil cases, in addition this measure reduces crimes/ atrocities, for the reason they will be easy caught by the Government agencies, also improved collection of fines/ taxes by the Government.

Since the details of every individual house hold living in the Associations are up loaded in the central data base of the Government, any law enforcement agencies can access the data to identify the accused.


Also Government must make it mandatory that issue of voter ID cards and verification/ re-verification done based on the data of every Association; Also it should be mandatory that every Association must read the bar coded voter id card of the people with voting rights to get swiped in the Association before Government preparing the voter list  this measure ensures no citizen is deprived of voting right and also this measure eliminates fake voters, voters who shifted their base due to employment will not lose voting rights, as al Associations online are connected to Government  in the Central Data base. 

Also it should be mandatory that every citizen before voting in the polling booth should swipe his/her voter id card at the Association where they are living so that it will be double check that all people who are living in that territory vote (100% voting) In case any citizen failure to vote should be penalise, Only exemption is people in hospitals etc and such cases if they are in a position to vote they can be able to do so, this measure contains duplicate votes or rigging etc.

Alternatively instead of creating polling booths Government may use the Associations to turning into polling booths by electric voting with online selection of candidate in the bio metric manner within the Association premises under cc camera (which was already mandatory that every Association office should have standard high resolution cc cameras) so that lot of money, time of the citizens be saved And large percentage of polling certainly occurs with hardly any scope for duplicate votes or rigging etc or alternatively the Associations / group of Associations must have one polling booth in walk able equal distance as far as possible and the poling staff must be used in every group of Association from among the Government officials who are living in the same or nearby habitations or the shortest distance; This measure eliminates lot of travel of the polling staff or the voters and certainly voting will be large, reduces election expenditure, Also with double swiping of voter id card one in their Association before coming out of Association, other at the polling station so that scope for any rigging is completely eliminated.

Also All the Associations can act as referendum centers for call back of elected representatives for non performance.



Also Government must make it mandatory that every Association (Apartment, gated Community, RESIDENTIAL COLONIES) must create a provision for hosting the national flag daily in the Association premises and it should be mandatory that every day morning the flag should be raised and evening the flag should be closed in the same time across the Country; this measure is necessary to inculcate NATIONALISM and PATRIOTISM in every citizen of India (ban on raising national flag by every single house hold, only ONE NATIONAL FLAG per every Association in the appropriate designated location of common open space and certainly not on any individuals private property, and the size of the flag should be uniform throughout the Country for every Association.

Also while raising the national flag the National Anthem must be sung every day, in addition pledge must be made for practice Social Justice, Social Equality & Gender Equality, Promotion of Transparency & Accountability, End corruption,  Ensure Communal Harmony and Humanity prevails and Protect the Environment, Territory and Country, and it should be mandatory that every Association governing member must present while hosting the flag if he/she was in that Association premises (only exception is if bed ridden under medical prescription) since as suggested in  this ‘vision document on Associations’ the tenure of Association members is one year and with total strength of Association is 20% of the total house hold and also every year there should be rotation of the Association governing members, this measure ensure every house hold will do flag hosting some days in one calendar year in every five years and sing the national anthem; Also in order to ensure no Governing members of the Association skip the flag hosting and national anthem Government must make it mandatory every Association flag hosting and national anthem be under CC camera live and recording in addition also bio metric attendance with online record at Government central server; Also it should be made mandatory that by lottery every day one of the Governing member of the Association do flag hosting in the Associations to ensure every governing member in the Association get chance to host the flag for few days in a calendar year, and also every house hold get chance to host the flag every five years for few day when the house hold represent the governing council of the Association, Also it should be mandatory that at all Governing members who completed their one year term and awaiting their turn after few years also be present or make at least one member of their household preferable children be present mandatory during the Daily flag Hosting.

Also it should be made mandatory to visit the flag hosting and sing national anthem in INDIAN traditional dress or decent full length dress code for men and women and certainly not on shots, night dress etc and also ideal to advise them to come bathing rather than coming just getting from the bed with all symbols of overnight activities visible on their garments, Also ideal that All the School children and college going Students be motivated to come and attend the flag hosting in the morning and this become a common daily routine every household for rest of  their life time and patriotism and NATIONALISM is prevails in the DNA naturally.

A Real Measure to Ensure NATIONALISM is instilled in PEOPLE


Since Sustained Development and Inclusive Growth Should the Prime Focus in any Democracy and All Democratic Governments in general work in the Direction and the Present Government of India is Advocating the Agenda of “Sab Ka Sath Sab Ka Vikas”, which requires participation of All sections of Society in a systematic manner, which requires equal opportunity for All sections of Society, for which Change in the Society is very much required and it is a fact that Change should begin from the individuals, home and for that all living Habitations, as these living habitations of Associations of Apartments, Gated Communities or Residential Colonies are the centers of Change in All Aspects in Society, as every individual citizen can made to be responsible by inducing Default Settings in System of Governing Associations, then it is very much necessary that “One India One Law” should prevail for overall develop of the Country; but Strangely and Shockingly the existing Cooperative Law which is the bases for Governing of Millions of Association Habitations of Apartments, Gated Communities and RESIDENTIAL COLONIES given freedom to frame their Own laws in the name of By-Laws, leading to people of the Country ruled by Millions of so called Laws in the name of By-Laws, with lack of uniformity in governance, lack of collative measures in Associations & Association territories where several issues are inter connected, is the major draw for sustained development in the Country; As the freedom to make own by-laws are otherwise completely misused/ Abused by the Few Upper Castes and Upper Echelons making a mockery of Constitution of India guaranteed Laws of Equality, by framing such a laws which are according to their Whims and Fancies with no rationality, which are no larger interest of well being of either all individual households or well being of the Country, as they are made out of narrow Perverted Mind set of select few individuals in every Association which are advantageous to only section of few people, thus converting the every Association as their Private kingdoms and Mini Republics and they themselves as Monarchs, as most of the Associations conduct Elections only for name sake and almost all the Associations have the so called Governing Members and President/ Secretary are staying for decades in that positions or rotate positions among the few select Few Upper Caste/ Upper Echelon CARTELS and indulge in Corruption, autocracy, humiliating others, which is otherwise an OPEN SECRET, most Surprise/ Shocking is that No Government till Date has ever Try to Rectify this Constitutional Blunder, Also due to Lack of uniformity in the Bylaws and Standard guidelines for All Association Country is losing in several grounds whether it is water conservation or reduction of environmental pollution or recycling of waste products or reduction in vehicular pollution or cleanliness or ensuring health care for all. 

Since Government of India made Once India One Tax made a reality, which will primarily dedicated to the Business in India, and thus over All development of the Country indirectly through rise in business, tax revenues to some extent  due to reduced scope of Corruption at the Government official level, through GST which is otherwise did not become a reality for decades, now become a reality, and till date No Government attempted for “One India One Law”/ “Uniform Civil Code” trying to rewrite Religious Personal Laws to bring a Uniformity in the Country, but the Present Government  is determined to Bring uniform Civil Code as far as Religious laws are Concerned to ensure Equality of justice for the Females in the Country cutting Across the Religions, then it is very need of the Hour to Make All Associations having Uniform Laws and Every Section of People having Equal opportunity, without which what all rest acts for sustained development, environmental protection etc  is will not be meaningful and will not yield any substation results for sure, after All Association Habitations are Nerve Centers for All other activities in the Country /Globe and Transformation of Associations has a direct impact on Education, Health, Environment/ Climatic Conditions, Natural Resources, Religiousness, Communal Harmony, and Nationalism which are basic substances for Sustained Develop and Inclusive Growth of the Country; which is Nothing but Real Sub Ka Sath Sab Ka Vikas.

So by Government Scrapping Existing Cooperative Law making Uniform Standard By Laws for All Associations of Apartments, Gated Communities and Residential Colonies to bring in practical implementation of Social Justice, Social Equality, Transparency and Accountability and to End Corruption at All Levels and enforcing rational and responsible behaviour of people through default settings in the governance of Associations, by banning the so called Election system in the Association Governing members and making mandatory 1/ 5 of Association house hold become governing members every year by rotation ensuring Social Equality and in addition every year by lottery one person from Forward Castes, Other Back Ward Castes, Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribe, Religious Minority, Women become head of the Association ensuring Social justice so that in a span of 5 years every caste/ religion get opportunity become head of the association, which makes the true equality and development of leadership in all sections. 

Also making it mandatory that value of the property be fixed based on Human development Index of the Association/ Association Territory or the ward/ Mandal along with various other parameters like cleanliness, conservation of water, electricity, reduction of air pollution, and greenery etc will certainly make people participate in all these aspects to ensure their property value get enhanced every year due to improvement in these factors year of year, Also making every sale agreement of proper made only online on Govt web site contains the fraudulent sales and also all the payments made online reduces black money transactions in property, also online rental agreement at govt web will ensure details of all rentals, also online information of all human beings and animals in every house makes who all are living in every house hold  which can be useful in several ways by Government from security, and also making various polices in the larger interest of people Data Bank of every house hold ownership, how they acquired property, in case rented who are paying rent source of income and Details of who all are living in the house hold, what all movable and immovable assets they possess, mandatory marriage certificate/ live in relation certification and allowing only 40% of earning of family can be paid as Rental income All leading to Transparency and Accountability for every Transaction by every House hold along with legitimacy in relations. 

Also making All recruitment of Staff and Security recruited through Employment Exchange and All staff/ security be registered with Government and given basic Training and certification for their Skills and Government Allocate the Staff / Security from Among the certified staff/ security from the nearest to the Association maintaining proportionate representation as per percentage of pollution of castes, religion and gender in the Country which is otherwise real beginning of RESERVATIONS IN PRIVATE SECTOR, which will also the End of the culture of Bias, Nepotism, Favouritism in the Recruitment of Staff/ Security by the Associations.

Also by digitalising the Associations and standard format for all administrative and Financial and Maintenance, Also making All the Visitors entry and exit through online Digital bio metric with personal details of visitors like contact number, address etc recorded only Govt directly so that security is assured and also privacy of the visitors with ban on manual entry at Associations reduces scope for misuse of personal details of visitors, also mandatory permission and location approval from Govt for installation of CC cameras and al CC Camera recordings at Govt server online Directly with only live visible at Association to prevent misuse of CC camera recordings and also containing scope for tampering recording, all ensuring alertness of security staff, in addition all people behave responsibly as the recordings are with Govt, and no scope for tampering occurs., Also all staff/ security/ employees working in households who are provided with unique id card and uniform pay to Staff and All payments to Staff routed through Government by making Associations to deposit salary amount in the Government account ensuring dignity of labour is prevailed and no scope for over extraction of work from staff with 8 hours Duty and uniform dress code in Addition bio metric online Attendance of Entry and Exit of Staff Contains  corruption in Associations.

Also making it mandatory all the payments for maintenance and all essentials  bills like electricity, water, piped gas and consumables & utilities like milk, new paper, cable TV, garbage collection be paid through Association online debit from bank accounts of house hold through Govt, and also all rental payments through Govt, all measures certainly bring financial discipline in individuals.

Also all Payments received and paid by Association only online and every details of Accounts, Acts informed to All house hold to ensure prevailing of Transparency and Accountability and making it mandatory that all the maintenance details like sourcing of material, replaced material, service providers be through online to increase the responsibility on manufacturers, service providers and also Associations to be accountable for the life time of the material used with details of manufacturer guarantee working period, and details of all parts failed, replaced etc online by making mandatory to inform online to Govt for any purchase, repair, replacement of any house hold fixtures, which Contain Corruption to a great extent, in addition mandatory Financial audit and Engineering Audit, Energy Audit and Water Audit will further reduce Corruption and Improve Accountability; Also periodic maintenance of all house hold appliances and mandatory disclosure of all electrical utilities and scrapping of utilities after Book value becomes Zero will certainly ensure efficiency of the Appliances ensures conservation of energy & water, also this measure provides employment to millions of youth. 

Also Conserving Natural Resources, optimal & Judicious use of Resources, through Re use and Recycle of Grey water for toilets flushing, conserving water through storing Rain water, Air Conditioner discharge water and using them for Common cleaning, gardening; Also introduction of WATER CREDITS to encourage people to conserve fresh water by various means either using less water than the average per capita consumption or creating earth dams for storing of rain water etc and also making it mandatory for the bulk users of ground water to buy the WATER CREDITS to offset their withdrawal of Ground Water will certainly change the dynamics; Also making it mandatory to have Chimneys in Kitchens which  are connected in series, All Diesel Generators exhaust made above buildings height, banning smoking in Association common areas, Balconies in homes and in front of children, old aged and Pregnant women, will certainly reduce the effects of indoor pollution crested by households thus ensuring better health on account of better breathing.

Also making it Mandatory periodic Maintenance and Pollution certification and submission online to Govt and to Association enforces the vehicle owners to get periodic maintenance and pollution reduction measures so that their vehicles can move out of Association territories, Also making it mandatory only  Use of E Rickshaws, E autos, E cars for commuting in internal roads for last mile connectivity from multi mode transport, will certainly further reduce pollution in the Association territories not only on account of reduction of diesel / petrol commercial vehicles, but also more people use the multi mode transport due to better last mile connectivity, Also fixing the maximum radius of commercial passenger vehicles like autos, taxis from their base stand in every territory will certainly make more people use multi mode transport, also introducing No vehicle hours banning personal vehicles on every week end, also introducing POLLUTION CESS to impose on vehicles which are doing more mileage than the Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT) per capita so that ensure people use the multi mode transport to reduce vehicular pollution, also introducing VEHICULAR CARBON CREDITS (VCC) for all those who are using Mass Multi mode Transport to Reduce pollution and making them exchange with people who wish to use the personal vehicles above the VMT per capita Limit so that people who are using the Mass Transport get reward, and pollution also get reduced; also making it mandatory to use solar shade by all vehicle users especially the four wheelers when parked in open will further reduce the burning of fuel  due to parking in open sun; Also making it mandatory that people stay within 5 km radius of either educational institute of children or employment will further reduce the travel distance and reduce pollution, and also mandatory attendance of students while going to school / college and on return at association will certainly ensure children adhere to disciplined behaviour;  Also Mandatory shade nets cover on outer walls of all buildings, Mandatory solar panels or Greenery on terraces to reduce the internal temperature to reduce use of Air conditioners  and also making default minimum temperate in air conditioners ne fixed at 220 centigrade to conserve power and ensure the temperature is best suited for human body; making  Solar power/Alternative Energy for Common lighting all leading to Reduced Pollution, Ensure Clean Air, Clean Water, Electricity for All, in Addition levy of tax on bio mass generated Reduce Global Warming through More Greenery due to Reduced Cutting of Trees.

Also ensuring more Heath due to Creation of some or other Sports, Physical Fitness through Walk ways, Indirectly making Yoga Practice as Daily activity by Linking Yoga to Health insurance, Improve Balanced Diet/ Nutrition through Kitchen Gardening and more Leafy vegetables intakes, Preventive health care through home remedies by using Tulasi. Aloe vera, Stevia at every Home by Government distributing each home one plant of each type to grow through Association. Also providing Health insurance and Accident insurance through Association will ensure every individual in every house hold is covered health insurance and reduced burden on health care a game changing measure of UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE. Also measures to reduce smoking and consumption of alcohol by individuals through various restrictions like Mandatory to declare online about the habit of consumption of tobacco. Alcohol/ smoking by individuals, restrictions on smoking in common areas and balconies and in front of children and pregnant women, also all sale of alcohol, tobacco products only through AADHAAR bio metric to end users and also sale to only locals within 5 km radius and also all payments to buy tobacco and alcohol by bank transaction/ mobile cash and also validity of health insurance linked to smoking and consumption of alcohol will certainly contain habit of smoking and alcoholism to a great extent thus ensuring health of millions of people improved.

Also measures to Minimize Waste through distribution un used leftover cooked food, just before expiry food, un used medicine in an organised manner ensures the money, efforts invested will be best used by some on needy, Also Creating Wealth from Waste through mandatory deposit of used Polyethylene covers, plastic bottles/ tins, used brooms, used footwear, used door mats, used clothes, will certainly reduce environmental pollution and also more materials recovered for recycle thus scope for cheaper products and also employment to millions of people;  Joy of Giving by distrusting clothes/ daily utilities once in year to their employees by house hold in Associations & paying for health and Accident insurance for Staff and Employees and distribution of free sanitary napkins to females working the Associations.

Also making mandatory installation of Sound boxes in every house hold with Association playing the Religious/ Spiritual music at Sun rise and Sun set and other light instrument music throughout Day improves the Religiousness, spirituality and reduces Stress to  gear Extent, Also mandatory rising of Lotus Flower plants in every Water bodies, municipal parks, public places where ever water exists to symbolise National Flower and present look and giving them meaning of Rise from Murky waters Still pure in nature in addition giving message of peace and inducing Nationalism through making daily hosting of National Flag along with Singing of National anthem and pledge with Commitment for Social Justice Social Equality, Responsible and Disciplined Behaviour and be a Good Samaritan, at All Associations by One of the Association member by Rotation making every one Committed towards wellbeing of  Each other and Nation, All leading to Good Health of All house Holds, which leads to Sustained Development and Inclusive Growth of All Sections of People at All times.

Ref:  All My previous Documents, especially 1) Simple and Effective Reforms for controlling Corruption 2) Shelter for All  3) Health care for All  4) Food for All 5) Religious Reforms              6) Reforms in Marriage Related Laws 7) Measures to Contain Food Adulteration 8) Measures to Contain Vehicular pollution 9) Water for All  10) Regulation of Explosives & Fire crackers

Note: This document pointing out the existing lacunas in the system,  provides ways & means to rectify the lacunas thus ensuring Social Justice, Social Equality, Transparency, Accountability in Systems which will lead to Sustained Development and Inclusive Growth; The wordings and expressions are in the larger interest of people, especially the downtrodden sections who are otherwise sufferers due to lacunas /failure of system; The content is not indented to demoralize, denigrate any section of people, only meant to bring the change in the systems and make sure every human gets Dignity, Honour through Equal Opportunity; In case any section of people/ institutions sentiments are hurt due to the content of this document, I express by sincere regrets, along with prayer to the almighty to provide equanimity of mind to all such people. 


List of Documents By The Author

1) Simple and Effective Reforms for Controlling Corruption (Dec 2011)

2) Gender Equality Need of the Hour (April 2012)

3) Measures for Betterment of SC, ST, OBC Children in Welfare Hostels (Sep 2012)

4) Health Care for All (Sep 2012)

5) Food for All (Sep 2012)

6) Need for Fixing Perils regarding FDI, Decontrol of Oil Prices (Oct 2012)

7) Need for Partial De Control of Oil Prices (Oct 2012) 

8) Railway Sector Reforms (Oct 2012)

9) Civil Aviation Sector Reforms (Nov 2012)

10) Shelter for All, Land Reforms (Nov 2012)

11) Religious Reforms (Nov 2012)

12) Justice System Reforms (Dec 2012)

13) Measures for Safety and Security of Girls, Women (Dec 2012) 

14) Political and Electoral System Reforms (Jan 2013)

15) Measures for Acquiring True Leadership Qualities (Mar 3013)

16) Unorganized Employment to Organized Employment (Mar 2013)

17) Need for Accountability of Expenditure on Advertisements &Publicity by Governments (May 2013)

18) Sports System Reforms (June 2013)

19) Safety, Security and Preservation of Nature and Abolition of Two Class Treatment in Religious Shrines (July 2013)

20) Measures for Achieving Inclusive Growth.( Aug 2013)

21) Measures for Strengthening of Economy (Sep 2013)

22) Media Regulations (Sep 2013)

23) The Manifesto (Dec 2013)

24) Absolute Accountability & Transparency of Elected Representatives, Civil Servants & Judiciary Officials to Common Public. (May 2014)

25) Uniform Norms for Fixing Land Value (Feb 2015)

26) Reforms in Marriage Related Laws (Mar 2015)

27) Role of Media & Reforms in Media for Providing Space/Voice for Dalits, Adivasis, OBC 
(April 2015)

28) Measures to Contain Food Adulteration, Hygienic Food Preparation (June 2015)

29) Educational Sector Reforms (Oct 2015)

30) Measures to Contain Vehicular Pollution (Dec 2015)

31) Measures Ensuring Clean ‘Water For All’ (Jan 2016)

32) Regulation of Manufacturing & Use of Explosive Materials & Fire Crackers (April 2016)

33) Integrated Foolproof Measures for protecting Holy Cows (Aug 2016)

Pradeep Kumar Kunche
Think Social Engineering, Think Me  ; Tweet @pradeepkunche


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