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For ensuring Safety of Human Beings, Animals, Properties & To Contain Accidents, Loss of Life & Property
For Pollution Free Environment, Healthy Living

APRIL 2016

It is a fact that there is no accurate data with government/s regarding the quantities of raw material processed, used in the manufacture of explosives used for mining, industrial purposes, military applications, & also in the manufacture of fire crackers, related application in INDIA; also government is nor having accurate data of the storage, stock location, conditions of storage of the raw material, finished products of the explosives fireworks (including the individuals who purchased in retail and stored at their homes for festive occasions, which were left unused after that festive season/ occasion, which are otherwise lying for months at homes/ establishments till the next festive season, usually Deepavali, a potential threat for fire accidents at residential habitations; similarly due to lack of uniformity in storage, quantities of storage of explosives causing potential threat for not only blast accidents, but also serious threat of explosive material going into the hands of terrorists. Anti social elements) as a result there exist potential threats to loss of lives, property, resulting in stagnation/ decline of development of the country.

Also serious health hazards for humans & animals due to excessive pollutions caused (sound, air, water) due to indiscriminate use of fire crackers every nuke and corner of India, every now and then, in the name of some or other occasion like birthdays, marriages, victories, opening and closing ceremonies etc in addition to Deepavali and other festivals in the religious places resulting in prolonged illness and loss of working age group people due to health disorders, if there is no regulation from now onwards the situations will be out of control in future causing irreparable damage to the future generations, productivity of the country & development of the country.

As such government must regulate the manufacture, use explosive materials and also the fire crackers, with complete ban on use of fire crackers within the city limits, in all public places, in religious places, etc by ensuring that  all activities related to explosive, fire materials  from manufacturers, suppliers, users, and time, place of use must be within the preview of the government, and government must maintain the data bank of all the activities in the larger interest  by using the data in multiple ways.

The first step in this direction is creation of central unified authority for maintaining integrated data bank of all explosive material & fire work related acts across the country, followed by these exclusive measures to ensure safety prevails in the larger interest.


[1]                                  Government make stringent norms for providing licenses for excavation, processing, supply, storage of raw material of explosive in nature, used in explosives manufacture, and there should be uniform procedures across the country, and there should be standard procedures & design for transportation and storage of raw material; all storage godowns must be be far away from the habitations.

[2]                                  Mandatory registration with government by all end users of explosive raw material & fire cracker raw material, the quantities, the details of the suppliers. Also government must make standardisation use of different types of explosive raw material for different applications  for various uses like mining, construction, military etc

[3]                                   Mandatory that procurement, sale of raw material for explosive manufacture through online government department, in addition online real time sale/ dispatch of quantities by the manufacture, suppler with real time information to end user & to the government, with GPS tracking by the manufacturer, distributor, government, end user the movement of raw material and finished explosives till it reaches end destination for storage, use ensure exact quantities & quality as intended delivered without any pilferage/ wilful adulteration, theft  enroute.

[4]                                  All the raw material and finished products of the explosives transportation in covered vehicles with electronic locking, so that ensuring unloading at designated locations (like petroleum fuels transportation) with CC cameras mounted on the vehicles to record the vehicle driving, as well the electronic locks and entire vehicle, all the explosive material transport vehicles must be owned and operated by the manufacturer, else exclusive hire transport vehicles specially designed as per standards, meant only for transportation of explosive material which are registered, inspected, approved by the government.

[5]                                  All the drivers/ staff in the exclusive explosive material carrying vehicles must be teetotallers, non smokers, non consumption of any kind of tobacco products, non drug addicts, and periodic surprise checks by government under camera, online real time data storage, it should be non bail able criminal offence to indulge in alcohol consumption, smoking, drugs consumption or indulging in sex/prostitution while on duty/driving the vehicle carrying explosives, and it should be mandatory that breath analysers installed inside the cabin of the vehicle, and every time the driver before switching on the vehicle ignition, must undergo self breath analyser which records the data online real time. This measure prevents the accidents on account of alcohol consumption
[6]                                  Also it should be mandatory that all vehicles carrying Explosive material must be equipped two DASH-CAMS inside the cabin one focusing the road from the steering wheel to record the driving pattern of the driver, one focusing the inside of the cabin from the driver door side to know what all activities happening in the drivers cabin of the explosive material carrying vehicle. The Dash Cams provide the real time video streaming online remotely. This measure ensures perfect driving by the drivers of these vehicles by and large.

[7]                                  Complete ban on carrying mobile phones / use of mobile phones within the cabin of the vehicles carrying the explosives; soon they enter the vehicle all the staff/ drivers must deposit in the mobiles in the designated space in the vehicle cabin; also there should be online real time communication with a national call centre with the transport vehicles for any communication; they can do communication with fixed number of family members through calls routed through the call centre during rest period.  And all the mobile phone service providers in association with national monitoring centre for explosive material carrying vehicles should deactivate personal mobiles temporarily for the driving period of 10 pm to 6 am, of the driver and all staff in the cabin of the vehicle, all the communication through call centre only (This measure should be applied to all vehicles carrying Inflammable materials like Petroleum products, Chemicals etc);  This measure contains accidents to a great extent, as it become a common syndrome that most of the drivers use the mobile while driving, also most of the cleaners watch the so called films, songs, Pornography,  on the mobile phones which will distract the driving and causing accidents. (DASH CAMS, MOBILE DESPOT, DE-ACTIVATING DURING DRIVING, ALL EMERGENCY CALLS THROUGH NATIONAL CALL ENTER WHEN THE VEHICLE IS STILL/ NOT RUNNING is very need of the hour measure that should be implemented on all heavy vehicles plying in the high ways )

[8]                                  Mandatory that government standardise the methods, quantities and types of explosives  for mining activities and other activities where explosives are use for blasting/ collapsing the structures etc based on various parameters like soil condition, vicinity to habitations, amount of dust/ sound/ shock/vibrations generated out of the explosion  etc etc so that maximum safety is assured.

[9]                                  All the end users must specify the details of need for use of explosives in their place, so that before providing the permission to use explosives the government experts assess /analysis the need, type, quantity of explosive raw material enquired  through data submitted by the end user, also carry out the physical inspection by the government experts to assess the need for explosive materials as well safe use of explosive material ensuing no accidents/ damage to any other structures/persons within the vicinity of the place of explosives use and ensure the end user procure the same from authorised manufactures/ suppliers of the explosive material in the required quantities and qualities in their territory.

[10]                              Mandatory that all explosive raw material and finished products of explosives carried/ transported to manufacturing units or storage units in different destinations in a separate transport vehicles which should be  specially designed to withstand impact of shocks due to head on collision accidents (under normal conditions), also with stand the fire/ blasts (certain extent) like mine proof vehicles, also with separate colour coding of the entire vehicle, with night vision paints all along and flags for easy identification of other vehicles/ commuters to understand that these vehicles are carrying the explosive materials, with all vehicles drivers are specially trained to drive safely, with minimum number of year of experience in driving heavy vehicles in these specified territories/terrains, and it should be mandatory that separate horn/ siren for all explosive material carrying vehicles and mandatory at least 100 mt distance / gap maintained by other vehicles when the explosives material carrying vehicles ply on the highways.

[11]                              Also it should be mandatory that all explosive carrying vehicles play only during the period of less traffic i.e. after 10 pm and before 6 am even in high ways, so that the risk of accidents can be reduced, not only due to less traffic, but also due to less temperatures / heat on the roads in the nights in all seasons. All the explosive carrying vehicles must be mandatorily equipped with douse /nap detection & alert devices so that the driver will not fall asleep while driving.

[12]                              Also all the explosive material carrying vehicles should be checked for full fitness before it leaves the sight for destination, in addition must carry the trained mechanic, helper and also spare parts in the vehicles to get repair it in case of breakdown of the vehicles; Also all the explosive material carrying vehicles must possess fire extinguisher foam, one kilometre length water carrying pipes with spray guns and also the full first ait aid kits.

[13]                              Also there should be exclusive specific designated places for halting the vehicles carrying the explosive material, with mandatory follow of 8 hours duty by the drivers of the vehicles, and mandatory rest period of one day every vehicle driver.  And also must follow specific designated roads only to carry the explosive material to minimize the accidents, safe transportation.

[14]                              Mandatory that all the explosive raw material manufactures and explosive material finished products manufacturers, transporters, must deposit at least 1/5 of the projected turnovers or full value of the material/ Rs one crore which ever is higher, as deposit with the government as security deposit (simple bank interest for the money deposited to be credited to the account of the manufacturer), in case of violation of any norms the manufacture must forego its deposit.

[15]                              Mandatory all the explosive material users must deposit a fixed amount of 1/10 of the turnover or 1 core rupees as a deposit with government explosives department in case they procure the raw material/ finished  products and they themselves use the material with their employees.

[16]                              Also government must enhance its staff / trained manpower for to safe use of explosives for different productivity purposes, and provide them on hire to the required, like mining operation or any other place where use of explosives is required, in such cases there is no need for fixed deposit from the end users, only the material and user charges are required to be paid by the end user, as the operations for use of explosives is carried out by the government trained experts, this facility can be use only when the end user do not apply / possess permission to purchase, hold stock of explosive raw material.

[17]                              Mandatory that all in-house users of explosive raw material for blasting in the mines or in any other place, all the explosive material users must be qualified/get required certification from the government for understanding the nature, quantities, method of use of explosive material, and for obtaining the certification in use of explosive raw material,  there should be minimum education qualifications,  and all such certified persons must work only in registered organisations/ industry in a permanent employment (with complete ban on working on freelance/ temporary bases, it should a non bail able criminal offence to work temporary bases/ in un registered organisations)  and all those certified persons in explosives use should be under constant monitoring of the government, and must report their where about to government, also must get their licences / certification to get renewed every year.

Also all the in-house users of the explosives like all mining / excavation agencies both private and government must built the storage capacitates of explosives that are just sufficient for  one month operations on an average, with every 15 days the stock should be procured to  fill the balance buffer stock. All the storage places must be under high resolution CC camera surveillance, all the storage and handing should be done under CC camera recording. The PESO –Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation, should have full-fledged data with quasi judicial powers to work in tandem with local police to contain any deviations; all the licences details of all category users must be online with information, update online real time to local police, about storage, transport, usage of explosive material.

Also it should be mandatory that all the explosive material used in the defence, military should be under joint accountability of military as well as explosives department of civil administration; and every single gram of the explosive material and every single single weapon used for testing/ routine military exercises’ must be accountable, recorded in the CC cameras, all the storage, issue of the material should be online, and the fire safety of the explosive material should be joint responsibility of military as well as central explosives department (more accountability of the military to CFEES of DRDO- Centre for Fire, Explosives and Environment Safety rather than advisory & supportive role.. in order to ensure no scope for any pilferage/ corruption.

In a nut shell as far as Explosive material used for industrial and military purposes, Government should have data bank of the users of explosive material (raw material, finished products to be used to detonate) like mines etc; also online real time data of the stock piling of explosive raw material quantities and qualities with each of the end user establishments/ industries; also it should be made mandatory before use of the explosive material there should be online real time permission from the government for the use of the  explosive material (whether the end user is private, PSU, Govt. Dept), need for use, place of use, quantities of use, safety measures etc; also government must use the Geo Mapping of all the sites where explosive material is used and Satellite Imagining of the localised territories of explosion/ blast to monitor the mines/ explosives use in the open sites 24/7, so that all  explosives used can be identified with intensity of the blast, contain all illegal, illegitimate use of explosives; in addition it should be mandatory for the explosive material users must record the use of the explosive material blasting from preparation of the material to explosion on the high resolution video recording and up loaded to the government website online real time, in addition all mining explosives operators must install electromagnetic equipment at fixed distance from the explosions site to record the sound decibels generated, also to record the impact, intensity of the explosion/blast earth vibrations in that vicinity territory etc with online real time data flow at the central servers of the user and government authorities  to ensure only required quantities as approved by the government as per standards, as per pre approved online permission to use the explosives are followed by the end user; in case of violations severe punishments should be given to the end user for violation of safety norms.; also daily audit for the quantities of  explosive material manufactured in the country, stock with the distributors/ end users should be made (including in the demesnes establishments, with data of the defence use concealed, made as classified data), with monthly once surprise checks for on field stock positions at all locations of explosive material related organisations (including defence establishments); also mandatory that all explosive users in the mines and construction must adopt the dust control measures to minimize the dust pollution in the vicinity of the blast/explosion. Also it is a fact that due to explosive material being used indiscriminately by the mining operators across the country, causing severe pollution in the vicinity of the mines, causing life risks for the mining labour, in addition causing severe health discords to the mining workers, also loss of billions of rupees of revenue to the government public exchequer due to illegal mining activities, as majority of the mining activities requires use of explosive material, All these can be avoided/ marginalised.   

These measures ensure safety of the use of explosive material, prevents illegal mining/ illegal use of the explosive material, also it contains that explosive material being diverted/ used by the anti social/ terror groups for creating terror activities in the country.


As far as the fire crackers manufacturing and use is concerned

It is a fact that Deepavali is the occasion that fireworks display is a custom/ tradition followed in India from ancient times as a symbol of victory over darkness and leading life towards light, even though no were in any religious texts mentions that one should celebrate Deepavali with chemical fireworks/ crackers/ sound generating bombs disturbing the environment, causing health hazards to people, causing trauma/loss of life for other creatures like animals, birds, also to the ecology, still it being practiced as a custom, may be continued. Ideal that if all religious leaders endorse only lighting of oil lamps i.e. deepa’s (diyas) during the Deepavali festival or any other occasion as a symbol of bringing light to the lives from darkness/ ignorance, and for prosperity, happiness of the people, rather than burning the chemical based so called fire crackers, also endorse to practice lighting of a oil lamp every day at home as a symbol of light in life.

In the last few decades it becomes a fashion to use the fire crackers/ display of fireworks on every other occasion, especially in the marriages functions, since India is having over 65% youth population with average age of marriages is 25 to 35 years, and as of now over 10 million marriages are occurring every year in India, and most of the marriages fire crackers used/ fireworks display (the quantities may vary depending up on the financial status of the married couples families income). Also it is a fact that most of the cities are becoming concrete jungles and urban population on the rise due to migration from rural India to urban India all due to happening of developments, and most of the habitations are thickly populated and hardly any sufficient open spaces. Also it is fact that road to vehicle population density is very less in India with more vehicles on less roads, also it is a fact most of the marriage venues are within the city limits and people take procession from their homes to marriage function venue, along with display of fire crackers on road side, also display of fire crackers at the venues is a potential threat not only to the bystanders/ passers on the road/ at function places, but also to the household in the vicinity of the function halls with potential chances of fire accidents, accidents due to lack of safety measures/ precautions following in display of fireworks; In addition  also causing heavy amounts of pollution due to traffic stagnations on the roads on account of burning of the fire crackers on the roads leading to health discords in millions of people commuting/ plying on the roads, living in the vicinity of the territories, in addition to heavy pollution due to noise as well as chemical gases, dust/ waste from the burning of fire crackers, with hospitals, within the vicinity/ en-route the marriage function places &  Procession of the marriage function (so called Barath), as India having millions of cardiac patents, Millions of aged elderly people, millions of infants/ young children due to millions of new marriages, are getting affected due to indiscriminate use of crackers, which certainly disturbing/ deteriorate the harmony/ health of the vicinity of the population in every territory;  All leading to loss of productivity of the country, developments activities will effect due to loss of millions of  man-hours, due to loss of millions of life’s directly and indirectly due to non regulation of Fire crackers manufacturing, also unregulated indiscriminate use of fireworks by the individuals; All these draw backs can be contained by regulating the manufacture and use of Fire crackers.

1)                                    Mandatory that government formulate standard  designs of fire crackers, with quantities of materials and type of chemicals use, and the amount of heat generated, smoke generate, the amount of decibels of sound generated, the length and breadth of trajectory in case of fire crackers that goes vertical or horizontal etc, and classification of the fire crackers / grading of the fire crackers, and based on the grades, the use of fire cracker locations / territories can be specified; also based on the classification/ grading the age limit for use of the types of fire crackers should be fixed.  

2)                                    Also government set the limits for emissions of pollutant gases on account of fire crackers by improving R&D, like the vehicles emission, and every manufacturer must adopt the standards by up grading the use of less pollutant chemicals in the fire crackers.
3)                                    All the manufactures must get licence only by paying fixed deposit in the government, and all the manufacturing units should be in located in isolated locations with all safety measures in place, also all the workers working in the manufacturing of the fire crackers must be  register with government, to prevent under aged employed in the manufacturing of fire crackers; also standard uniform pay for all the employees engaged in the fire crackers manufacture, with uniform working conditions, uniform work output to pay, across the country.
4)                                    All the staff/ employees engaged in manufacture and distribution, sale of fire crackers must get training from National Civil Defence Collage – NCDC Nagpur, in Civil Defence and Disaster Relief  Management, and every worker must have adequate knowledge of safety, rescue operations in case of accidents, and every worker must become a volunteer in case of any accidents.; in addition all the apartments, gated communities, RWA security staff must be mandatory get trained in Civil Defence and Disaster Relief  Management so that causalities can be minimized to a great extent in the occurrence of any unfortunate accidents. Also all students aged above 18 years must get basic training in future in Civil Defence and Disaster Relief Management.

5)                                    All the manufacturing of fire crackers under CC cameras, all the fire crackers must be packed with bar coding in each pack; in addition  all loading, un-loading of material in boxes under cc cameras with bar-coding of the boxes, and tracking the destination of boxes of crackers; all fire crackers should be sold in boxes and not loose; All the boxes should be made of recyclable (mandatory to return by the  buyer along with security deposit for the Plastic box, non return of the box may lead to not only losing the security deposit for the box, but also fine of certain amount; this measure is necessary to reduce the use of paper  carton boxes to save water; also it is ideal to make use of alternative bio degradable material i.e. other than paper like jute threads etc to make the fire crackers to reduce the use of the papers in fire crackers.

6)                                    All the workers working in cracker manufacturing should be given training in safety / precautions needed in manufacturing process, handling of the explosive, flammable material, Also government must make standardisation of manufacturing process and equipment, and all the manufacturing units must have standard equipment, safety apparatus, all the workers/ staff involved in manufacture distribution of the fire crackers need to be provided with special medical care and periodic health checkups for ensuring they are not subjected to severe occupational health disorders due to prolonged contact with the chemical substances, ban on manufacture with bare hand, all the workers must wear safety gears , masks, gloves, apron, shoes, etc.

7)                                    Fixing the maximum percentage of wastage of raw material in the manufacturing process, all the waste raw material / processes waste should be accounted for and given back to the government explosives department for re use/ safe disposal of the material.

8)                                    Also sale of finished fire craters through government requisition by the individuals who wish to procure, only through prior online requisition from government with automatic permission number for fixed quantities after getting basic details of the purchaser like AADHAAR number, voter id card number, address, contact details, the place of use, the purpose of use, the person who uses them; all the sale from the customers to retailers to distributers to manufactures should be online real time data with government, and all sale must be mandatory quote the online government permission for that quantities of purchase by that individual in the online real time sale bill;  this measure ensures complete accountability of sale of items, also the retailers will adhere to sale within the time limit of operation of sale, also all sale must be under CC camera; complete ban on loose sale of the fire crackers/ ban on temporary outlets of fire crackers even during the Deepavali festival season; geo mapping of the fire crackers manufacturing units, retailers.

9)                                    Mandatory that all use of fireworks/crackers display on any occasion other than Deepavali festival should be only in large open sites with no habitations/ office establishments/ Godowns/ water bodies of any nature in the nearby vicinity (at least one kilometre away from the vicinity of habitations), (in the separate designated places by the government)  that too only on obtaining the prior approval from the government for display of fireworks, and each firework display should be allowed only on making fixed amount deposited in the government as a safety security deposit,   and the quantities of fireworks/crackers, type of crackers, should be restricted based on the chemicals quantities, pollution emission (air and sound) by the government, and any violation of the stipulated regulations or any accidents occurred  during that fireworks display, then the individuals/ institutions has to forego the deposit in addition to being liable for punishments for culpable homicide, and the deposited amount should vary based on the quantities and types of fireworks displayed, also depending up on the zone of the vicinity of the fireworks display.

10)                                 No permission for fire crackers storage, use in the vicinity of hospitals, nursing homes, old age homes, government welfare hostels, and in the vicinity of petroleum products store like Fuel stations, LPG Gas Godowns, also within the vicinity of fresh water bodies etc; with complete ban of use of firecrackers within 500 mt radius of hospitals even during Deepavali by the residents in that vicinity, with complete ban on use of sound generating bombs in the residential habitations even during the Deepavali occasion.

11)                                 Complete ban on fireworks use, display during the functions like birth days, weddings, or any celebrations of political party victories, sports matches victories, opening/ closing ceremonies of any events of what so ever nature (individual, local, regional, national, international events)  or any other event in the residential, commercial establishments, on the roads, near the function halls, stadiums etc in all public places, however they can display the fireworks in designated locations as specified by the government which are far away from the habitations/ industrial zones after following the standard safety norms.
12)                                 Only for Deepavali  fire crackers can be allowed to use at individual locations with stringent norms to ensure safety precautions are followed by every household and every user, in addition only such fireworks are allowed to use which do not contain explosive material/ that do not generate sound, Also government must fix the limit of quantities of fireworks/ crackers per house hold (not per person) sale & use during the festival of lights; fireworks display should not be linked to the economic status of the household, (which is otherwise prevailing at present, the more the financial wealth of the household, the more the fireworks display, the more the pollution they are causing, in addition making more risk of safety of the people in the vicinity causing the poor to suffer for the luxury/so called ego centric happiness of the elite); complete ban on sale & use of bombs/ sound producing explosives/ fire crackers of any capacity/ intensity to individual/ commercial users for Deepavali, or any event, also ban on sale & use of flower pots, rockets to individuals during Deepavali in the apartments, gated communities, RWA; however only in city out skirts, designated places government may allow the use of these kind of fire crackers including Bombs/ sound generating crackers within the permissible limits of decibels, within the permissible limit of trajectory of the rockets under separate licence/ permit to use under the supervision of government safety experts by paying additional fees.

13)                                 It should be mandatory that all fireworks/ fire crackers purchase by individuals in household/ institutions for what so ever occasion including Deepavali should be through bank payment/ mobile wallet or by cash at designated locations (cash payments should be 10% extra cost than normal cost); Also only one in a family should be eligible to purchase the fire crackers per household on any occasion including Deepavali per single location of display of fire crackers.

14)                                 All the fireworks purchased should be displayed / exhausted only on the designated date/occasion including  Deepavali day; the storage for fire crackers by the end users should not be more than 48 hours, i.e. the fire crackers should be allowed to procured by the end users only 24 hours before the use (on any day use including Deepavali occasion, since the items required are ordered online, and payments made online, the customers can visit the designated nearest store to collect the packs, so that sourcing one day before or on the day of Deepavali should not be an issue.); it should be  criminal office to sell/ procure any fire crackers without permission from government or well before the designated due date (24 hours). 

15)                                 Mandatory that all the manufacturers, suppliers, sellers. Traders, consumers must provide the daily inventory of quantities manufactured, the quantities sold, to whom they sold (by providing sale only with government approved people in approved quantities in approved method of sale) online real time.

16)                                 Complete ban on storage, use of firecrackers by the individuals/ household/ organisations at their will and wish/ whims and fancies, only for Deepavali day as a respect for tradition/ customs allowed to display fireworks symbolically in limits, without storing/stocking them after Deepavali in the event of non use/ surplus after use on Deepavali; the end users must return back the un-used stock within 24 hours of the due date of usage permit; also it should be mandatory to provide a default affidavit while getting the online permit to purchase the firecrackers that the purchaser provide an online affidavit that they will use them on the designated occasion and will mandatorily inform government online regarding any leftover/ unused fire crackers within 24 hours after the end of the designated date & time of use/permit. The online return affidavit filed soon after the expiry of the designated date and time must contain, quantities of purchased / procured by them are fully used / some stock left with them, and in case the stock left with them inventory should be made within 24 hours of the expiry of the designated date and time, and they should return back the left over/ un used fire crackers in the plastic boxes to the place/store where they procured.. and all the unused fireworks should get only 50% the value of the firework cost, as these fireworks are safely stored till they are sold to others in future; There should be designated persons from the sellers to collect the left over firecrackers from the purchasers in the territories for certain amount of additional pay;  In case of violation of this norm and store the fire woks by the individuals in their household/ habitations irrespective of quantities should attract heavy penalty; the penalty should be 10 times the cost of the items procured/ purchased by the individuals, if the quantities are beyond permitted limits should attract imprisonment; this measure ensures more safety in use of the fireworks by the individual / institutional persons.

17)                                  Also it should be the responsibility of the associations of apartments, gated communities, RWA in the cities/ towns and the gram panchayats/ gram sabhas in the villages to report to the government for any violations done by the households in that territory by holding the stock of the fire crackers or display of the fire crackers after the designated dates, or use of fire crackers by the minors without parents/ elders or minors using non permitted fire crackers; failure to inform the government for violation by members of the associations/ residents in that territory should lead to equally liable for punishments for wilful act of encouraging violation of the law, also in case of occurrence of any accident due to non preventing of display of fireworks by its members/residents other than designated permitted days, then the association management must be liable for culpable homicide charges; This measure further ensure proper storage of the fireworks by the seller, and use of the fireworks as was allowed by the law on the designated dates and permitted fireworks, will drastically reduce  the risk of accidents at the users end get reduced drastically.

18)                                 Also in case the religious festivals uses the fire crackers as tradition, only symbolically minute or miniscule non explosive fire crackers can be permitted to use, however such use should under the supervision of a government fireworks safety authority, local police, and under/by Civil Defence and Disaster Relief  Management  trained persons presence with video recording of such display, also all such places should have emergency medical facilitates, also fire dowsing mechanisms such as water tankers etc in place, and such traditions allowed should be charged heavily from the visitors of the religious place and also from the religious  trusts, the amounts collected should be heavy, per individual visitor 1000 Rs and per religious trust per single day Rs 10 Lakhs (when for darshan of religious temples the payments are several thousands in all major hill station temples, then Rs 1000 charging per visitor who wish to enjoy the fire crackers as a part of religious tradition must be prepared to pay, in addition if the religious trust wish to celebrate the fireworks, they should pay a minimum amount of Rs 10 Lakhs, from their collections); Also a written submission of affidavit online by all the trustees of the religious trust that they follow the regulations & norms and are personally liable for any accidents occurred on account of flouting the stipulated norms; all the fireworks use/ display under multiple high CC cameras monitoring real time video streaming online for public scrutiny, and all the permissions for fireworks display should be made online 24 hours before the use/ display of the fireworks.

19)                                 Government making age limits for use of different fire crackers and all fire crackers use only under the supervision of parents in case of minor children, non bail able punishments with heavy fine for parents for allowing the children to use the fire crackers without parental supervision.  In case child uses the fire crackers beyond their permitted aged / type of crackers or without supervising of parents, the child should be booked for juvenile crime and should be sent to juvenile homes, and the parents should be booked for culpable homicide. Complete ban on use of fireworks by the minor children other than Deepavali day, even for Deepavali the minimum age for use of fire crackers should be 10 years age or 5th standard onwards, this measure further ensure safety in use of fireworks, risk of accidents get reduced.

20)                                 Also all the educational institutions and media must educate the students, people few days prior to Deepavali regarding the permitted fireworks for the age groups and also the beast standard ways and means to use the fireworks, with standard safety measures and measure to take immediately in case of any unfortunate event of fire accidents occurred during fireworks display in their vicinity.
21)                                 Mandatory to wear cotton dress (ideal specific types of dress codes for men, women designs approved by the government which will ensure more safety, easy to get rid of fire in case of accidents) by the people who wish to participate in the fireworks, it should be mandatory that all those who display the fireworks during Deepavali or on any occasion must wear the standard dress, in addition all those who wish to stay within 10 mt radius of the fireworks must wear the standard dress code; this measure certainly reduces the casualties in the event of fire accidents on account of fire crackers. Failure to wear prescribed dress made of cotton should attract penalty of Rs 10,000 per person; in case of any accident occurs and the victims get burn injuries on account of wearing non cotton dress, non-specified dress the persons should be fined for 50,000 Rs.

22)                                 Also there should be mobile App to be downloaded by all sections of people, mandatory for all associations of apartments, gated communities and RWA to use the app to click the photographs of violations and the APP should automatically get up loaded to the central server of government and then to the local territory officials for necessary action based on the GPS position of the photo clicking.

23)                                 Standard uniform costs for all the fire crackers, and heavy one time environmental pollution tax on all the crackers, the cost of crackers based on the quantities of pollution it emits due to burning of the cracker.

24)                                 Also government inspect the manufacturers, retailers, homes on random bases for asserting whether they adhere to standards, the quantities and quartiles of manufacturing, storage etc each house hold who are using the crackers, stored it property, the stored quantities, and in case of violation of rules the head of the family (earning member) must be liable for punishment of illegitimately storing the dangerous substances at home/ establishment.

25)                                 Non bail able criminal offence for sale and use of fire crackers in the banned territories; Also stringent punishments for violations, in case of accidents caused due to violation of use of fire crackers/ manufacturing/ selling/ use by the individuals, the concerned violator not only faces the imprisonment, but also in the event of death caused due to fireworks use illegally/ un authorised by violating the standard norms, then the properties of the violator/ guardians of the violator (in case of minor, for allowing the minor to use the fireworks) should be confiscated by the government and government disposed off the property and the amounts generated will be deposited in the government account to provide compensation to the victim’s families.

26)                                 There should be fixed compensation for all accident victims from the government throughout India, for the accidents victims on account of fire crackers, are compensated from the corpus fund, and all the treatment for the victims for lifelong should be the responsibility of the government, all the education/ skill training for the children, un employed youth of the family of the diseased, should be the responsibility of the government, in case un married bread earner of the family lost life/ lost the capacity to do employment in all such cases  not only providing shelter, also lifelong free ration and substantial monthly fixed amount should be paid to the victim/ victims family, also free water and free electricity to a certain minimum quantities should be provided to victims who lost life or livelihood on account of fire accidents.; also government bear the minimum standard expenses for the marriage of the un married daughters of the victims of the fire accidents.

27)                                 Also ideal that government designate specific open places in each block/Mandal for display of fireworks for all occasions throughout the year.; Also government must provide crackers on concession to be displayed at a mass fire cracker display in a designated areas for the Deepavali occasion, to encourage citizens to use mass display of fireworks government must provide  20% concession on cost the actual cost of the fire crackers to be used by them at the mass fire crackers display in the specific common designated place in the block / Mandal;  and the entry for visitor should be nominal charges for those who wish to just be a spectator to the display of fireworks; This measure will of of great use for all those who are living within in the restricted firecrackers display zone i.e. living within 500 mt of hospitals, to enjoy Deepavali in the mass display ground; also this measure will be of great facility for all those who are living in apartments, gated communities with limited scope for display of fire crackers due to restrictions of use due to limited space, can enjoy a lot in the mass display of fireworks; this measure reduces the use of fireworks at the individual household in the urban areas, especially in the apartments/ high rise buildings and also in the slums where the space is a constraint, thus reduced pollution, in addition that people symbolically light the traditional oil lamps at home during the festive occasions following religious customs and then they visit the common designated place for participation in the common fireworks display. This measure will be huge success as many children, youth love to enjoy the spectacular fireworks display for hours together of different varieties, at the same time many other vendors selling eateries, sweets, some arties etc will get increased; also this measure may develop permanent visitors/ permanent business for firecrackers as well other business like eateries,  articles etc as there are marriage/ birthday occasions comes throughout the year and some or other people every day do display some or other quantities of fire work display; this measure may become some tourist attraction in some places near to tourist destinations. Government should construct several sizes of permanent structures, in addition the provision for multi cuisine traditional foods for celebrating birthday functions / marriages in these places so that many will celebrate the functions there only. This measure also provides substantial employment directly and indirectly.   Ideal that government run electric operated/ CNG / metro rail  connectivity for mass transport to these destinations in the block/ Mandal, with mandatory condition that people who wish to use the facilitates/ visit must use the multi mode transport, with entry to these designated exclusive fireworks display/ function place through reading of bar coded tickets of multimode mass transport, else pay more for entry,  so that people will avail the facility, in addition reduce the vehicular pollution drastically, as in this vicinity already pollution caused due to fireworks display, so that the reduction in vehicular pollution will certainly balance the pollution levels in the vicinity to a tolerable limits.   

Also government must ensure that fire department is having trained manpower with equipment in the safe disposal of unused explosives of various types and capacitates, and trained latest equipment and technologies, and all such trained persons must be made available in all mandal’s,/ in such locations which enables the fire / explosive disposal experts reach the site within the shortest possible time like 108, medical ambulances;  also all the mandals/ designated places of fire / explosive disposal  teams (ideally should be located in the police stations) must have equipment, which enable safe explosions within the limited covered bags that contains the intensity of heat, shock generated from the blast within that covered box, so that it marginalises the intensity of accidents, as some explosives is highly risky to carry from the place of explosives, for safe disposal in isolated locations, all such cases specialised equipment is necessary to dispose off the explosives in the location where they were found, safely.; also all the mandals /blocks have fire extinguisher equipment water tankers that source the water from the semi treated semi sewage water (i.e. water collected from the wash basins, bath rooms) in the nearby vicinity storage  of such waters to save fresh waters.  Also it should be mandatory that all house hold, apartments, gated communities, RWA, industries, commercial establishments must possess the fire extinguishers in various capacitates, and provide training for all citizens to use the fire extinguishers, also government conduct periodic audit for the functioning of the fire extinguishers in every household/ associations of apartment buildings, gated communities, RWA, industrial / commercial units.

Also government must make it mandatory that all government and private hospitals  and nursing homes must admit, treat free of cost the patents related to any accidents, especially the fire accidents, also it should be made mandatory that 50% of the experts in the burn injuries or neurological and bone experts from the neighbouring districts/ across the country should be made available within few hours after any unfortunate incidents of accidents occurred in any remote place of INDIA where the casualties are more/ mass destruction/ major accident happens. This measure ensure better, quicker treatment and recovery of the accident victims due to specialists in that particular field based on the type of the accident, especially the fire accidents, and certainly reduce the number of causalities.

Also complete cordoning if the accident site soon after the accidents, complete ban on visitors t the accidents any other persons other than the rescue and relief team members irrespective of their designation in the government or political and public life in the country, to ensure no hampering of any relief and rescue operations till the rescue and relief operations are fully over; also complete ban on relatives of the victims visiting the accident site or hospitals, including all persons in the government with any designation, all persons in political and public life, only after due first-aid and once the condition of victim patents get stabilised the relatives should be allowed to visit the hospital, this measure is necessary to reduce the risk of infections for the injured patents, also to reduce the undue pressure due to emotional outburst of the patents relatives on the doctors, medical staff who are treating the patents.  Also complete ban on coverage of the media the victims in the hospitals, also complete ban of airing the so called sound bites/ interviews of the victims families / survivors till the rescue operations are over and till treatment of the patents are taken care at least one week; Also only one media channel should be allowed to cover the accident site that too only from distance and not within the cordoned area.   

Also it should be made mandatory that the military/ air force, civil aviation helicopters, flights operate and accommodate the expert doctors and medical staff from the far away locations to ferry them to the designated location of the accident site/ hospitals where the patients are placed; also all the ambulances operated in the district by the government and 80% of the ambulances of private hospitals must be under the duty of ferrying of the accident victims in case of accidents occurred in that district by default.

The above measure ensures safety in use of explosives, fireworks, reduces the occurrence of accidents on account of explosives / fireworks thus saving lives and millions of man-hours on account of preserving health of the people and saving precious life’s of humans and animals, environment, National Security, thus enabling occurrence of more productivity, sustained development and inclusive growth in the country.



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